Mac Attack Hour 4: Kevin Donnalley discusses Bills-Panthers

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Friday, August 10th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers-Bills preseason game with Kevin Donnalley. 

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All is right with the world band when Madden on the shelves. When and football's on college football team's game camps. Under three weeks of the season starts. It's a good time a year you also while we're talking ball you'll wanna jumping in and do we can do we get Tim Donnelly at the bottom of the hour at 93 the I have waited I have to pace myself before we get incidence by the way David tepper love also Neitzel curb on this hour as well. Couple nice little tapper things I noticed last night in the broadcast. We will talk about and someone tell me it makes it. Betty and it's not possible alone mic but it's not possible to beat. Broadcasting a game. From Erie county Pennsylvania in Buffalo, New York that is how he described where he was calling the game thrown at one point plaza that is not possible I had to make it Erie Pennsylvania last night. Did you hear what Mick also in the middle just he was so casual about this still. He says AJ McCarron underserved. The Caron. Almost died when he was five years old I'd second down here's the drop back like did you did you hear that for every there's some story about that care and in some. And he he said you know I forget how was that he almost died but he disrupted and so casually moved on never explained swords area I did not hear that. Really want to make it aware mic is a treasure Davey a treasure our rights. We got to get into the defense of naysayers this happened started happening in the 7 o'clock hour as I was venting about Steve on Seymour. And panther fans are saying no defense look like garbage listen. First team defense as a whole was out there for one series a liberal. Second team defense made one big play that was when Jack Thompson had the interception Jackson like that all camp long this looks like he's ready to break out he really does even though we were given the Nichols that still to TD with the starters. Shaq looks like he's ready to go when he needs to be in those first four weeks without TV. But people started hit not a usein. And how to deal with just right now do you guys worry about the defense on the whole truly. I don't open this up I don't wanna make it be like you know mild word is DOS forever are open this up because I disagree with these folks and I'm not opposed to worrying and stressing. But to me it's about that number two quarterback spot only. Tom Bryant says Max did you see your first or second team defense could not make distinction tackle so don't tell me it's just one player that we should be worried about. Joseph says Mac first string defense got used by a bad offense we wake up Kelvin Benjamin is not a good football player. You make him look that good you've got defense of worries are multi market smacked the pass rush was nonexistent. It's not just the secondary if Clark pass rush continues to not show up. Then this defense is going to get brutalized. The reason I don't panic bone about a panthers' defense are if you wanna say offensive line you're worried about their real rough day run block and they did a pretty good job pass blocking that one Khalil play notwithstanding. But if you say you're worried about that if you say you're worried about the secondary soma somewhere about the whole secondary I guess I can get that. Assertion was a little late to get over and help out my man Seymour on the touchdown. And that's got to be concerned but to save the whole defense is something you're worried about this that's what we do with Carolina barbecue and defense that's what we do Tebow. We have been top ten in defense and a teacher and father the last six years. This defense is a consistent force it's because of Ron Rivera doesn't matter which assistant runs it because Ron Rivera such a great. Defense of mind we still have bone what I think is depressed best abreast so at the best track seven and no pain jokes I am okay B judge stop though he's now. I'm Freudian slip almost like Donnelly has. Snyder broadcast the best doesn't China say the best front seven in football is there any level of worry bones from you about the defense on the whole or should these people chill out. Little while first also you know about sir see he was clay without seems like said he sold them for the game and I UNC got to play diocese all year they're selling them. Title game plan for these things really so did the preparation for Buffalo's offense what they're gonna do is simply not there right it's demeanor regular season. These include kiwis really investigate itself it's not a summer gumbo also loved to be a little bit to see what's going on what's Heatley gets in the Selma the whole team does. It will be completely different Eva is also the first time out there in game actions for some of the rookies. So the secondary piece is a first action for a lot there's a cancer. I'm I'm pretty confident his defense and Ron Rivera but I Tommy a two week one will be just fire at the office comes on struggles with the new weapons and wouldn't or that things are working. There will be cause for concern but the offense is that that the defense I know for shore when we start the real games it's going to be. Our first team defense bone had one bad series in a pre season that's how shaking your faith is. In the Carolina Panthers defense bad defense that has carried us at times to post seasons pretty you know post season appearances for last five years. I just I can't do that with our defense man that thing has been Iraq. So I don't get why can't you you had such little leash for them. That you're going to start to be freaked out and worried about it after just one bad series in the pre season they deserve a longer leash than that. They really do. And they're you're right there will be any game plan week planning except that third game. There'll be a ticket they always say there's a little bit game plan and in that dress rehearsal game but other night you're not gonna get any of it as far as the pass rush. Pep was in and got a little frustrated with the lack a pass rush to even the second or third team defense. But I have wasn't in their first first team worse they put pressure on Peerman on that one play and somehow he made a hell we'll play out of it scrambling away. But I don't I think there were don't thanks I agree with Mike Rucker felt like moan it was more man to man coverage than they have done in the past early in the game. They're working on things why is the defense even a freaking question. I don't like offensive line question away if they have a horrendous game but I don't understand secondary as a group yeah. I could see you worried the corners Bono Brad very plant I can't point out a quarter and had a good night last night Michael lied to you about that's. But defense on the whole. We have always had secondary players bone to you look at say I don't know about them. And we still show up top ten in the defense of charts because the way we're built the front seven protects those guys we stop the run we put you in third and long and then we rush the passer third in sacks last year's sixteen pressure percentage. That's not changing as far as I'm concerned so I don't I don't get it. And I'm curious what other panther fans I don't get that. Do you also look on the bright side in saying that it appears that shack towns in based off the camp in last night's make in the league here. Yeah I think it's happened a free hand out. How do you know look at Shaq Thompson. Psyches plane -- we supposed to be a good chance there's no doubt and I still CT to get those Nickels that -- get his chance to get those in the first four weeks I think he's ready for a man I think that he is the modern day perfect modern day linebackers to run with anybody with that atlantis' does a -- we'll play he's a great last night and we needed it gazette defense was a cinema at that point in time he's going to be great long term problem but politically it appears now that we together for a while that looks like this team is their nickel package linebackers are so important the way we play those guys have to be able to cover ground it appears like we have the TD replace it really does. So once shown jumping in if there's any sort of talk about little snow but if you're out there elicited Houda. Hell can help me out and say the defense is not a worry we can't do this after one stink in pre season game or. Are you on the other side. Joseph says Mac the defense is over read a look at the way they play down the stretch last year. They strike there's no doubt they struggled down the stretch last season but I think the politician make some better I think Jack Thompson is going to be better. And help Burton Butler showed us a pulse last night I think that's a positive sign 70457096. Standard. Do you have our back about just panther defense like of all the things you're worried about the defense should not be on that list as far as I'm concerned. Do you still have this defense is back if you are panther fans 7045709. C extent. Mac and WS Lindsay does Tom is the email address if you all want to jump in and our building senate exact same number 2704. 57096. Sand if you guys wanna jump minister says Brad Barry didn't like pat didn't play this the first pre season game of the year that's from Kyle got to get into a rhythm it was one series still they never got a second series like bones if the offense didn't get a second series to comment. And prove their worse after their bad first series we'd be sitting here saying we didn't see anything from the offense. If the defense never got a second series you can't freak out because they had one series of one message even on still trying to figure out about how do you allow. The law firm. Of Peterson. And whose yellow and your man. Peter Mann now. A series. The state records can be untouchable heater amendment and using other. Okay agent gets how I feel a little allow Peter meant and McCarron to go sixteen to Swanee for 228 yards and one have a football. Is bad but come on this defense has earned more than then that they aren't that. Matt we haven't put a slight between our guy sales man in the official Twitter feeds her miracle whip. That's going on right now as we speak miracle whip is fighting sales man salesmen said last night David Mayo is playing like miracle at. They responded SA basically watcher rallies they're trying to settle it now I'll monitor this what is legal order while they're hot water a miracle whip. Let's see here this dude says Mackie did you see Johnson Jones take on Cam Newton. Guys China's got is he he was all over camp criticizing him for his role in the foot in the site on what I would go to site well. Tony verbal spat yesterday between cam and I only think Tim was doing Hispanics. I think gold KB was doing is trying to get Galloway but. John Jones thing I did see Johnson Johnson Jones take was. Then he felt the Cam Newton knew what he was doing and he was playing the fact that he knew it would be it would be on video. So that he went out there to distinguish his arms behind his back. Showing hey I'm not here to fight I'm I'm just here to talk and then he knew. How it would come loss and that he's playing the cameras at. He did that all to get that on video and to make Haiti look band makes him a bet there's a bingo if he goes out there Boehner has a conversation. And Kelvin Benjamin just talks to him and explains. Why he said what he set or how about this apologizes for what he said. There's no great play I just have a hard time believing camp planned this out Kelvin Benjamin bull walk away from any. I'll look like the good guy like. They're just seems way cynical and JJ is usually not like that somebody that is overly cynical when it comes to Cam Newton but that one that does it take I'm more likely Tsotsi bone. I would have got from. The building center text lines. Whenever the Java Joe's Sports Illustrated. MacKey makes you wonder a little bit is or more here going on than we know about these two guys. You know I don't know why I'm just saying I just makes you wonder why. But what could you would think that KB that's his friend would say you know my bad manner lies KB acting like he's also heard I was more Internet go to San KC KBC's summer and had them between the two KB seems to be. Sat by something as well how. How can Camelot said KD. And be taken away scooter someone nine I don't know. I'm sorry William Barry reverend William Perry I know I mean you were dragging death I know I should have done that was there you just made so many releases so attempting to and Mack voted to stop residency dad Tom is the email address. If you don't wanna jump in no Castro sequels are open receivers right yeah did. But do you think it seemed that tree that has had the most action defense of Lyman the last six years combined. It was thirty sacks last year is routinely in the top five in sacks is going to have a bad pass rusher share. There's I don't it's. I just linked. I don't understand how. You go to your data strand based on one series that's that's that's what I don't understand about I Mac and are you sure why it took one bad feeling you turn on our fellows. Like ice. You've got to have. Let's not just female chefs to dilute dilute if you don't just phone GI bill to see you could have hurt your wife she cooks one bad meal deals on one divorce. Like I just think everybody needs to chill out like there's some elements of the team we should free can trust the defense should be one of them and even if there's a bad piece on the defense that's why we drafted Dante Jackson in the second round he's got to get ready quicker that's all it means man but Seymour bone should not start another football game unless he plays the CSS is the second type front of lies in the last hour I generally are much I'm convinced them that I'm not trying to President Obama truck. John do that Mac it WFAZ dot com email address are we come back. We get it emails text into weeks. Kevin Donnelly the bottom of the hours well you dictate these thoughts on the game he was in buffalo on the sidelines on the TV call it is the Mac attack on SNC. Thousand dollars. We go to your chance. Your chance to when a thousand dollars right now text the word pops. POP even I just felt that one to seven to really want. Each your shot together in 1000 dollar jet until the top of the gallery text and so national contest message data rates do apply. To contest rules available at WS and C. Dot com. Bony we have our first physical threat to trapping is is the first time this is up well for us today. Now and then when yesterday to during the game. So what somebody throughout threatens you on Twitter that's put out a little judges laughing at what governments to get on the first drive and then somebody said hey preppy wanna catch these hand passes to get the last that went off as well. And this because you played the montage is who has been DJ more months session told it may when he came in here about the treason you committed. And you turn it into a Kelvin Benjamin montage. Being the smartest you'll. And this dude will be unconscious. So all I've got it prepping I have that power in my hands. But if I just say bundled with the word yes but. But if I just say the word does does is gonna floor you trap so dreamy little more respect around the world's top I think wasn't expected the rock out. Anyway if he's that salty about Kevin Benjamin coming down the to show Asia and in that he's you know he's at salty about it. These that mad about the facts of government bridges torched the panthers' second string defense and let the. I've been threatened many a times in my career I'll tell you there's only 47%. Of the time to the guys that. So you're gonna get out. So come on down I'm so used to be and threaten the guys just being all talk and just mess with us that if I actually went out sometime of some dudes like. They got any real jump ready ticker like I would be in shock at front aspects. He said he said guys I'm threatened by men women and children and that's that's a Mac at W opens it Adnan is the email address. If you don't wanna jump in I would get to tax tweets emails right now on the Mac attack emails brought to you by. Arm of a chance for G cup GT Mel sponsor I let's see what we have here shall wait. Maha exceed bony what do we have KB do I do all the KB jokes vote artillery system but the moment. So I mean we'll have an era last what we have all the names members somebody wanted to know what you name KB jumping into the stands yes of the war Grassley and this guy just says the light believed. I always another guy says the said he flops. This students accidentally say you call to crush stand. Our luck. Brush sand this guy. So as you call the bluff say ballots. Other touchdown tumbles so those are suggestions. For what she calls Katie wants to make this a regular celebration when he gets into the end zone four times this he's maybe he's thoughts on this side topic oh. I'm a dot from a I'd. I never understood don't have useless to me is great bagel red zone target but didn't do a very rarely yoga stretches of 56 games out there and touchdown. Seriously maybe this guy bigger forwards are always more Red Robin target. I hospitality I've got more than thanks KB you've been listening to show people the bus and on you to listen. They are really not I let's see here this guy's got a serious question about KB based bands from Greensboro. Us says what do I do it by one and only dancer Jersey with the last name Benjamin on the back. How do you play this loan. Hope they sides of an it management a summer thirteen guys aren't well you can do the Jerious right you can make it into a Jerious right Jersey right because under way to replace Benjamin writes. Yeah you could probably pull that all you nice 128 yarder last nice you may be having this is crazy get a New Jersey. I think he's trying to pull this off on the cheek bone that is what is giant bill. You could just put something's funny on the back there and turn it into one I'll mocking tell yet because. Or you could just get a New Jersey guy or you get a New Jersey that is an option to sir I believe. Let's see here and Joni OK here's some more tax KB's favorite actors bone your airless. If I had Kevin Bacon and John Taylor again. I TVs are banned this case apparently. Seriously. This guy says Steve automatic all you modern day because you're on a roll today thank you are you yelled you very much like people like you stat man outspent admit that I've made a career does he got a television and sat down. I was 43 towns all somehow mocking people I think just these be the end I really carried this needs to be the finish line for Kelvin bed I'll make it sound just some I guess that just dug KB what's my shirts and. What does your shirt say peace love insulting piece lemon chicken nuggets. That is like that is a good choice of love clothing and apparel right there this student as a theory bone we usually EU brought to some during the break someone text does one man and emailed us wanted. Armed that Cam Newton KB thinks Cam Newton is the reason that he was traced it. There's kids at KB thanks Campbell went to turning guy KB out of there this thing is though Campbell would have to be a serious. Like cover up artists and a like she would have had to been thinking about this so he doesn't get caught like well in advance because four days in a press covers four days for the trade he was raving about how important cal men's administers the team. And then he gets traded and then the day all the night of the trade. He went on there and did his whole tribute to tell the manager Joseph Webb about how's lost my dogs and eSATA about it. So he really went out of his way on the front end and the back and bone to suit to you know. Not have any blood on his hands or whatever right I think that's he's a little far stats here's my. Hi science here's my theory. Maybe when KB got traded they were friends and fans out there publicly talking about his stall it came reach out to Kay beauty traded. The ever reach out and order take a long time to Katie gets on he's like but her over matters that we had I needed his friend he went public and so that's my dog and he never heard during a season. Kim got dizzy never shut him personally yeah. And they sense I guess is possible or as possible he's just kind of a sensitive him a short shot to right against possible as well. Then he just was a bustier he knows he's a bust here because a team that took him in the first round traded them. And he gets asked about it and instead of looking at work he wants who just passed blame. Like it's its it and and it's very possible that he realizes he looks like he jumps when cam comes over is not man enough to stand there looking him in the eye and say man I'm sorry mentions said that. They isn't that possible to loan. I don't know what I'm like in the op X-Files site to securities expert speakers here Monica just the Arizona severe see it may have been a solid solid golf and related it and talking about it. You've got to enhance this conspiracy theories involving these two. I'm a big conspiracy theory got to seagate is your people want me to ask Don only about his little slip up last night on the broadcast stand probably decided to. He says he's trying to say success in recent sex and just mentioned here I get bringing up that. I don't frantic. Item also went on occasion I wanna KB Cantu we. I heard it mantel we've all had those bullet latex base of the local before get a break we have a thirty seconds Matt what's that I saw you ever hear the deal they you know you wish on a shooting star. There have that inner sank. I saw one last night I saw shooting stars don't go and make a wish guess what was what's that Dan air. It was an airplane not a star. I made a way Schwartz I made I made a wish I had an airplane I say does that does that mean it's gonna happen I don't know I don't does that wish all of a sudden this they sarge should never I it's a series don't. And you wish upon a plane had to undergo the same way. Comment just voice it wish Joseph says Mac I don't care that Rick Nixon thought they were in Erie county Pennsylvania last night but when he said coach Rivera has his arms folded across a substantial chest I did spit out my dear Ali uses the word supple sense thought he said substantial last night guy in the past he's used ample. I am the only area he is used for that as well come let's see here our Mac and W essence he has some of your series on on the on the unknown background. So Bob Kirby trying between JB and cam is our and believe I can you repeat Japanese Sony's series yell at coming up what I think you guys may be just blown. Yeah I think. I let's take a little breaks here when we come back we bring in Kevin Donnelly we'll wait oh about tense moments but we're not gonna go there after on the mistakes. Career mistake colder. Record record public. I just made a mistake there. I'm the career mistake record holder W have been safe we will ask JD about the good the bad and the ugly from last night what conclusions does he draw coming up next. The insults of trivia I think I think DKB jokes are outs and all I think the new trendy thing on the preppy insults based on one of sand Cumberland tax line after he shenanigans which is fails today. Paid to go to WW scoreboard pre season storm or perhaps a few eyebrows go to the the spring and its aftermath and Kevin Donnelly. He's on the sidelines last night he wants to be heard about. Although the TVC don't cancers broadcast and we definitely appreciate him commodores today because. He was slide back last night he was up late so what JD is that you're Superman and it loyal to escape it was don't own brother you know it. What sort Garrick well beyond its going to be. On pre season game clock stopped sure you spoke well. Are now that it has some good as a Nazi a little bit of everything you know I think last night and heck it had some pre game drama yes just. Take JD listen you were world grown men here right all right if you think if you say something about me. And I choose to go confront you and I'll just let you know if you do say some of them probably were not confront you did you played lied and NFL but if I did I would hope he would be man and us. It suit to hang in there. And not just walk away and ignore me like something like my kids do when I'm trying to discipline them and they just walk away from me again what did you think I want to talk bit mostly football. What do you think about that exchange last night. It was deaf player respect it is practically created recording days after. You know science so much where we sent out around the medical field that it. Comic college or are all that was. I've been approved watch. Alford are all going to be closer you'll go all about. You know yeah you gotta be manner not you know a lot of coaches serie. To the players are you guys welcome back comments for the media expects to Kmart go beer all of its like AP discover. What pretend that it happened. About the manner or emperor reduce our spots like oh whatever. Not a magic can't extends his hand right away like it took care was being a big man about it and K Beasley you're not the one they got. Trash talked about today on the football field let's enough of the DR early relationship or friendship segment of the show for engines gone bad. On the field last night I mean the number one worry if we start on that side the weeks and months Seymour play the way some of those corners played like. Brent Barry wasn't there are so obviously you know that was a factor but you know how concerned should we be about the other Warner southern and Brad burial on this team. The optic there's some concern. You know your defense in general look at. Not a lot of pressure on the order fact. They were on the ball very well and their art so back and they were complete a lot of pain. True. Quarterback was governor of 71. I've looked all world where your traders don't want either from her defense well. Com you know I think that this stream somewhere in the middle Arctic arms so that all there are great and BJ imports teacher here understand and the only defense aside he did serious you know many big plays that you really wanted to see it. So I respect for their prayers go. Very feature more or at least he's their status of open the Serbs are going to be great street ball out of work progress. A lot of movement are all on our part so. You know great just what just walked out as we record and are able able about our next week an expert sees there. And closed the gap all of our our next week I yeah. Russia series or real are. Yeah let's let's talk about some of those guys on offense I loved the way north may use. Of these of these cats like McCaffrey and Samuel Samuel is encouraging DJ Moore. And even write all these guys have this ability to make plays after the catch. And they really made an appointee use that that's that's something in the looks forward to this year because again. In the past would you look at maybe the last year's much but years passed before that late camps. Can't we get such a high percentage of his passing yards through the air right there was very little yet yardage. It seems like Jessica obvious strengths of this football team heck even CJ Anderson made a nice play out the back field turned doubled it. Yeah I think that's. What a major difference legitimacy nor are all sat. You know you ought to work on several current air group and quarterbacks crap matters be accurate. Really good series it all out here are quick. And so under orders couple errant pass like every bit by. It was or deflected stoke way to 66% of all over or perhaps they were delivered in the right spots where. There are or Africa. Could do something where rackspace Stewart aren't what kind of view nuclear strike are Eric that. Like we match about Pete Jim Moret. Are your church where I haven't really their positions cricket wrecked close after. All. You know decision making why is true. Our turnovers last I know interception. There was one close by campers could look at the quarterback group hole. Yours are on the court are Robert Guerrero especially the part of our terrico work I think those guys. Found a way to get rid of the ball a factor you know just not make any huge mistakes. They switch or being reviewed in order those are well it's order factored. We're really got a taste of what the culprits are gonna look like where. They are our order all excited I was all for DJ Moore aren't really couldn't believe. Some of the good or catches he made the move after it just got real excited about what order they are war ship. CJ Anderson like there are parents are sure they all start your o.s on the law of god. I was cranked up to I was dragged up to Katie that play that they're more made in the second half a quick little moves. And anyone down the sideline. And they never did tackle him he's under stepping on the headline it was kind of mad at himself but he is horrid. So bring down and that's smoke around I think that's smoke shrouds Bakken play wide receiver screen tunnel screen as well. Things are used to do to Steve Smith right together and out lied to him quickly that stuffs gotta be a fixture now. Yeah and I you know what you got 32 yard completion barracks trio. Of all up I actually bought my head outside. Steve Smith would catch this ball. It you know spirit be just around a guy used as air. And that would put away whatever it wants. Are worried I don't want to or RR Roberts was 1 October or. Just a little cooler yeah elsewhere that this guy. Among JD you know both of us wanna do whatever sells we DJ Moore argued. I'm going to come over you gear your house today were to start organized bus for chant we're gonna start sculpting that later today all right come on maybe. They're good looker or rumors occur are. Oh. I didn't know we are getting in bed today best looking young dancers on the Carolina Panthers. On. One column article offensively and I can't have given Donnelly on not ask about the offensive line. Did you what did you think those guys are just like Dyson were in there is you know subs like van rodent and Larsson I thought I had some good moments they're both had good blocks on the screen. The Lille had a rough moment on one pass for all but actually gave up one sack the whole game what did you think of the only blocking seem to be a problem what did you think of the O line. You know are. You know it seem likely camera shot artist I ain't got it they're there. Now that particular company extra alarm and it couldn't get. Some great push on the offensive line but overall our street is where I get. Illustrators starter out there. And had really worked a whole lot to other. Trump the first team geared up our Taylor vote in our. You know got better game we're all really comfortable. I thought he did pretty good job out there or not. You know got a lot extra reps to witchy neat so look worker step both for the group that next week well they went back Leo. Thought our good solid game that warrant was just. Just an overstep our air maybe he just went a little bit to people on that it will be inside. Too early were out like used these two Qwikster. You know a couple of jump on that get in bottle that's open a bit. It may not like he just got got the typically it was just a little bit aren't tuning technique. Are backed out of an eco ordered that sort of back up. Our ripped our show well brought him. Are you regard it occurred jar Peter C try to pressure prop one they don't want to push respect our arm. Unbelievable where arm. What are your. West Virginia department that there look at that figure that out well you know carpet. Well did pretty well it did have a hold it all blank spot well. You know that's our major concern there's look at restarting opera while they're ex guard tackle once more our goes down. I got it pretty solid votes or at least an expert show. Let me say this right now the tackled it the next guy happens to tackle discussion has led to Kevin Donnelly your name being mentioned Jeff Schwartz as tough as Schwarzenegger is any offensive linemen that lives in Charlotte has been matches it. No it we talk all about the guards lately because sold so we just went down. That backed up tackle spot although it sounds like the plan would Gerald Williams is he rehab. Is to put him on that short term mine are yet to keep them on the roster her. The original 53 man he has to make your and they can put them on short term IR bring them back in about the halfway point so. It seems like they'll be some release come in their ciller told we still don't know the back up quarterback situation like. I don't be unfair honey honey keeps played pretty darn good when he came Danny showed that scramble ability that he has CT we moved him up and down the field. Gilbert I thought struggled although we are really nice ball they're sure to touchdowns Frazier. But is a elegant it does feel like as of right now. I would rather see if a guy like Teddy Bridgewater were to get to released I'd rather try to go after someone like data veteran. Is that unfair to these guys or are we justified in feeling that way. Com I think it's unfair really this format notes are most popular assert art rock get somebody by. Arm. You carry it from a little bit part I think if you what got somebody. Argue felt like that was the situation you're reading happy go back out there still time for that so arm you know at least find out that. You know what he's got a good product for the pop a little bit beat someone you think you count all respects to her you know maybe just the next two games and after Eric go. No go to our situation where you make that decision where he wraps up. But at least ought to see you know you do have an extra spot it is our people are you period I Opel long a lot of one of these brought up. And beat that guy aren't sure Q what are marked as ought but it. You know this important this week they got real live game action. Gergen if film time or turner got error occurred at this and are there through it. Chip they may step off the spectrum that next greasy hair and oral little or are great this is where you start street. There are some good going to be a problem or the beach or are they verify. That maybe they could be that our guy. And if belittle or as strong as Kris suitable or make it a group. All right anybody we Evan mention this flash last night like I would say Jermaine Carter he was all over sealed. And that rookie linebacker. Anybody else to clutch your audit we have a mention. Oh man Syria I would say to bring Carter and there are not very quietly. I'm not sure what you got talked about a Carter street very Iraq are there aren't alas that you're pick our next governor Connally but soak our knowledge stocks are but I like. It notes and many of our Christian McCaffrey just went out they're produce like Eric yeah yeah. You know a couple runs on the inside or bury our bronze but man that's the one on the edge you're really good and I was on extra yard after gets mystic. A couple of characters and those groups took ticket open with DR pepper catch or tournament so many young guy. The traffic going to be just as valuable anybody else at all. I think he's trying to secure a lot. Yeah and I guess I was gonna ask you like it looks like they have feature back in mind with him. Like eat your that's what sort look like unless. I'd agree you know it was brought up the battle little bit but I. You know people concerned about Europe but it every other way you could use. No doubt no doubt he looked descendant of two he looked like he saw the hole and hit it last year at least early years kind of seemed to dance too much. RJD and I want you know all right despite what all the textures are saying as a man. Who knows that when your own live broadcasting your to be slips of the tongue right I am apparently according to Tebow. And the Elias Sports Bureau I am the all time career record holder of mistakes on their WS and seek. So I am not going to bring up your slip of the suns kept despite all the text or your second all right plus you could and take mean next time I saw you all right so to another worker. Do you now again people not jumped on you about your little about your slip up. Are out our our record her all her own. There's got to be some Smart Alex giving you a hard time but I'm not. I'm not there yet tech check your messages came to her bra are. Aren't there you go. Or do that do that before you check your message our Brothers thanks thanks so much away get a man named in coming on early was and he got a late year. There you go Kevin Donnelly so bones now I feel really bad he has no I had no idea was college is even though he says something on slip ups. Sony says you try number and I don't. Anyway Australia and I set out what you're gonna bring it up indirectly okay I so he was an act that's okay I'm not gonna bring it out now do it and directly at the same sadly I think that in real is ever going to be okay all right I'm given him a heads up man to be messages warm words take a break we come back Parcells Wilson we handed off what do those boys stick to the Panthers last night. Five were coming down the home stretch here on the Mac attack on S pansies. Well perhaps leave the final say this Texans and we are welcoming nick Wilson just Marcella handles those guys admit today. The Texas today has to be the guy that said the only reason they're preppy stands up for Kelvin Benjamin on the show. It's because there where there is staying the same brought sighs okay. That's a bad idea it's strictly text of the day that there's no word so that in addition there's no real prize and Oguchi tax. I know where do you buy those design I am. I'm not I'm I would I would see is a large man to show you know there's a lot of sweat tears showed might help me to you could go man zero also probably like here's an. And man easier. No I am sort of advertising the KB was doing and that is still out there I'll take them dockets. The dollars I'm not ashamed to collect dollars all my obesity. Are what did you all think first of ball and it's four hours of panic coming up personal real. It's sad. I mean yeah I mean the only sixteen birdies just following me around here is right on the hot seat that's top seed Michael. I think it's holding court I put us that is their quarterback controversy here in Charlotte I mean I don't know what happened had its re gonna there were several people who ticket weights isn't. Dozens dead. I had somebody it's been it was like. You're trying to do is against the third string. Yeah I I know my my favorite OK so he did send out a year. What what he thought was relatively innocuous tweet about DJ Moore and how good DJ Moore looked bad but because of people have a perception of him as anti candidates are. He he got a lot of hay off that you disrespect the many DJ Moore yeah. The last I treated as said after it was a video DJ Moore is nestled a catch and run and I said this DJ Moore guys gonna make him look good this year. Because of the way you can't play the right. Raised did you four set on purpose to try and now nobody out there I sense that I realized that that could be taken to mean. Negative things swords can't well. I've always saying is DJ Moore will link any quarterback look good he looked great last night but people saw that imported. Thinking of Dallas that is what drives me crazy on social media I'm such a sarcastic person actually that it least bit to do at least come up to me and understand the brand X but like people who use just like Barry Billy very straightforward tweet it it's taken so literally on social media you feel like there's this guy is really blew today in some is that it's really blew every day why are you calling out today. Get so hung up on its face it people on Twitter to be angry. Mr. white people on their refined its week that'll make you angry and dom. Josh has a way of doing now. Also thrive there. It is sarcasm at the root of sarcasm is a real just you know internal rage at some level yes and and just you know. Putting things out there the way you can praise him. I feel like we're gonna do well that's your outlet for our guys are so good that is your outlet on Mo what do you what do you all think like biggest concerns like bit I don't your tank can perform out in your block of your panic will be. I became a Seymour played the worst football game of anybody I pass I don't think you're right I think my biggest concern going forward is that there's three more these games. That's not. And and it's not this is not an exclusive to did Carolina saying I watched the game last night but it. I kinda was looking on Twitter look at on the message boards and I was just like guys I do I feel like we need to have like a saying is a station Michael in my. It's okay to look at things to say well that was a good deal on Seymour absolutely not just the end and I think it's telling that he was backed out there later in the game it's absolutely not to me was the most telling part of the game didn't BT my third stringer to fourth quarter and a but other than that. I'm I think the best thing about last night's game is that it's over and then we can move on youth to what Miami next hold on yes I gotta you're on a Miami I don't know check on Miami's umbrellas I have to I had to bring this up though Josh to nix answered let's see here how much do you value pre season. Did you watch banker may feel last night. I actually did slip back and forth that it wants to make a man Mario excited as the browns fan about maker bet that you have to be right but I got to put myself and checked. If I'm the guy coming out here say the best part about last night's pre season games and it's over it was OK that it was just like it was fun to watch a guy it was fun to watch these ball self aware which I am not Josh he is self aware he realizes that I can't do you can't go out there and go bigger mayfield crazy. And then sets help pay other fans are by each actor okay. In game it's against the back us of baker did America he didn't say hello to really get all the cliches there is one game it's against the backups it's pre season what do you want for. I got the precincts and to Tekzilla gal I really you can rant and connect glory season things if at some point you throw your disclaimer in there either before or after noting now to pre season but let me tell you like your boys how poetic. Why it is that not his does it become much I don't know I just sort of just ahead is yeah. Got a day like mr. Biden is on us but no Callaway that is that. His life right there of the leak was a microcosm in his life out of trouble all one day and his ball down as a rookie the next day what's a good thing he has just ordinary to mentor him in Cleveland that's like and think well I mean. I who among us hasn't and got a car back from another place that has in store for a long time in their drug exerts weapons. It looks at the drug version of I was back. I think we're gonna run is there really was our rights of states are boys. You've got panic you've got sarcasm we do I'm still sort of par so come and we do have to take on this this Cady cam saying because that is something I am burning on I thought that was one of the more interest in parts of that and I have things to say about tell the management that may pre season game a little more like yeah that add a little spice still perhaps a little game arts and the boys are coming up next everybody. Will talk to you on Monday. I'll go home nick and I want you should come on Alameda delve in all the DVR and if donors are season games as we get to know you have like four or five billion pages of detailed notes per game that I can make. For another 37 page box score dispatcher O four bullet police tore up pre season game in Ottawa excessive and that no actually force is about Ryan got Utley came up with for mental motels last night's game that difference out a 37 page box score in wonders why the paper that. There's I have 120 dance floor to pay doesn't why it is just try to hurt a pre season game not involving the Panthers go for apple but I do they like I think PowerPoint is the right presentation way backgrounds the colors made like a colored beads team and then it melts together in the middle are all right let's work gonna let everybody. As for meals I talked to Mickey ball game today is that it is likely that yeah on the wise Allen. Honestly been called worse dad my they called a lot worse so I Nikki ballgame that's like right in the middle of the the range of things and I just got. That's not a thing. Our Mary bullion they're coming up just it doesn't make you bowl game they're coming up next everybody pictures saarc has so much alerts going when they're on Twitter.