Mac Attack Hour 4: Jon Reep in studio & Mitch Lawerence on the Hornets

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Monday, April 16th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain has Jon Reep in studio & Mitch Lawerence discusses the Hornets. 

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We're back we got mixed awards coming up at about nine Jaycee herself. Then gave radio also and longtime NBA writer. He reported Friday afternoon that the hornets had interest in Davis is Dale Arnold get two hour and talk about that or talk about. The report Stackhouse incident interest. I'm an all this other stuff in corners trying to move slower the new head coach but we got John creeping in here Hickory zone ladies and gentlemen one of us he's a big. Painter not delays come back your play shows do a lot of different stuff he was at the mascot Olympics firms defending dreams foundation TDs event. We ran on Saturday tonight he is a headliner. For the left and son Steve Smith's. Big comedy events and nice as DNC music factory companies are re still a lot of young. And I'm gonna look reported this I have. The Mets dismissed yet so I'm eager to will you try and let you gonna call you started eating guy did when panther stands. Earlier I didn't players to avenge you've got to be gone like you did on the utility player of that alliance life net reject it. Get raped you got real delicate situation. Williams then you know. NASCAR to a right you were right NASCAR. I did or descended on Thomas Davis last year I think it was. And and do in this analogy a lot of our loved going to the games as well I'm a huge fan. I try to go to October because that's Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I'll dress up like a Pink Panther guys you're saying oh yeah. How many times you don't a Warren's blogs but I want to make illustrating your duties as they do. A celebrity mascot Olympics again and that's a mask I'm what are you it'll be and I ever visiting pastor do you will use denied a chain of breast cancer awareness I think France. Well exist for a good cause you're caught like a full burden because I'm right. Exactly how this is gone left and on some of the name comedy benefit tonight to help cease miss Stanley Foundation Steve we all noticed so much good stuff around here. Will you do jokes on ballots many are no easy maybe about like he played against LA how would you can't. I think I'll make jokes about the organization. Does that say striped like what about the anti anti OK OK yeah outside do a direct jokes about Steve Smith. You know I don't know why are gonna make him first Jeff even him he might have a short fuse and that about it don't mock his pants like Michael Irvin did Ariel is that okay object regularly more notice. On the air go to pay this live on the air they almost had to buy a satellite throat out. That definitely careless or you are yet I don't know Lance talks got it no wardrobe talks Floyd and my name come up on stage will lose some speed drills real quick and I. See as many as Michael Russell ball little comedy with a multi roles in the listing the drill the monkey rolls there and we'll do that he does have the goods like eight. CNN presents humor like he can't he's got the ability to be funny as hell. Playoffs you pretty well also I may never Tomas in a game is very intense like he's likable sweat alone than about who also win win win win the else I've never seen cut up. Notice that he did. I can joke he can definitely do it now what was. Few good friend did gentlemen jokes is obviously kind of candidate gentleman or you're Kennedy gentlemen jokers are he tribal like four. Who's got just sold the same Moses there richest scenario aren't you and him are you can hear my dad. Gee are you can do Jerry Rich's another member of the U he would like to decide did I don't know about Alan Ball early close suggest I'll. Let us all now not saying there's not material they and Gerardo. Giving you. Gotta release are rarely. At least relative to your list of people study does not lie can't. I know roses draped a desert. Aqib Talib DeAngelo Hall any cornerback okay. Probably that's good my killer he should detonate a Michael urban joke I got one not to elaborate light jacket might look try to criticize his wardrobe but did you see Michael's wardrobes are. Jewish girl and banana. Here's funniest thing about just vital way every one he's from Hickory went NC state. One last comic standing he lives out in LA but he's still he's not one of these LA geysers forgotten. The little man back here in North Carolina respect. About you. We come back cause results to Alston as I Kenya when the mayor Michael askew and his son needs his ability dog you'll ask a walk total SA and golly there do you Omaha are you still do people LA tell you though that you're like country like do they think you're like country at the Alameda so what's worried about it like you grew up here still have this access to live out there so when I mean people start Talking Heads like they can't waste me assays on the muddy water shoes or. Would you cover you slowly. I go to seal yeah I don't. There are dozens honeymoon Luciano. Let's say that look as their head below and then come back out here and again called Hollywood's Posey you know. A Hollywood strategies Mark Foley he's too good for Kohler to. I protect us against anybody salted shorts that you are wearing the other dancer. I think Thomas Davis did not call you Hollywood and interior green not outside keyboards either real down home you know. John seed collection out. Most of which saw. Now you do here's a funny thing Tebow and it was problem solved because he had a little flirty relationship with the mrs. wolf CNC state female mascot just starting this. And why we were our way to Applebee's during the during the Savannah she's looking ME RR sauter rise wait here's an apple today it. Yeah well we'll fight it out I thought you know you thought she did speak to me about slaughter of five sets there's a thing no apparent that mrs. wolf gets around a little bit though. Well look. And the mayor introduced we tiller before them the mask came off a low and I was like oh she's ruled very pretty girl you got not mask I got I got nasty. Us or we'll listen human million. Yeah I'll be back. I'm glad you don't know I found out of Georgia is a little small conversation about in that the duke is used a game one time I rode the goal post out the stadium that was fun. Guys are. Are right electable all the way out the stadium always involved in something interface does a good game duke would always play NC state well even if one team wasn't worse in the other was always a close game and that we came back from behind one rainy day Coppola scaled down. Harry adult goes out for beating duke in football he asks. You ask yeah. What is the oil that. O nine and really. But somehow play as well I'm Lee would celebrate that when it does not seem goal post scary word rebound you know only in Raleigh it is only Iran I celebrated basketball win last year I carried a global sound of the football stadium mashup. I think that's gonna today are. There's a goal posts really actually run that thing out there and tell her that story in whatever and and that's like rush to really pretty and that's hard to give a picture may it was her list that was Allison also did that took a picture on the Canadian summarize some funny on the answer Graham post I SNL is a pleasure may miss wolves today. FYI. She's are really walls she's a stone cold fox alone. Me lied key granddad an address where I live out their for a little while and and someone else could comment on and hey watch it hands also be careful. And I'm that was her boyfriend behind him. Or husband I don't know of sorts a relationship business is no matter allows Souter. I told you he told the story this morning she was rubbing his stomach government personnel but she's dancing and the guy that was next door she got a rug just always are about why it's got a weird I don't casino that guy turns out that might that was the same guy let's go so she's got they're sort would meet. We're in the cost there that's analyst Scott Walker I don't enter I don't go ought yeah. Misses are only got engaged yeah. I was so in love or so that was I saw. To a John Reid he is hosting it. I left it out Sunday night this is a benefit Kristi Smith foundation headed kid headliner John reads Obama and you can buy tickets. 9803214702. Ways to get life or see LT comedy zone dot com. What are you doing right now like I know you played what Greensboro yeah the other night like what's what do you see your act right now this kind of timely that you're having the most fun. Well just come back I'm just turned 46. So into the doctor for the first on the long time and I was nervous I had a minute ago when they re 89 years. SI feel about it into the house of last the last. This time I went the doctor goes well you got to hasek does a cycle what is that a story to exert too hot. How blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides. This lack of wound. So I get a medal solicitor has an -- don't work on the SI came back eight years later sink in its gonna be a war yeah right I've I don't go walk in here in Israel say you got three days last three he's unit came in here sooner and at constant well just test me for everything you allowing it a more here every eight years old every test you got blood and urine stool every guy and he has he ever did all that in these these tell me all these tests is the already knocked out of that dugout does when knocked out that prostate exam nieces kept goes like. Prostate exam and a bit at chow dog does don't be like a schedule like you know that's like yeah we'll schedule and now you do you go to Jews Koreans come back into the prepared enough. That today is I don't knock it out today unlike old lol okay units Dodd Bob Campbell Ashley this let's go. How did you and a never tell that girl do all everything you want to. Well you know I just wanted to know so he has dabbled knock it out today and the economic comedian I've heard all these jokes about prostate again they're out to everyone's got one he did a lot of candle there was no foreplay hell these jokes and it told us don't in my head right he has just take your clothes off live your underwear on unbelievable comeback of three minutes and I'm sitting Armando or a tornado warning. Yesterday middle order and as cinema butcher's paper this is simply. A modular look around right I don't see any gloves and here. Simulator occasion. I goes to congress do about it up and it would bring mrs. fifteen minutes there's like he's really get them ahead. Comeback kids because I'd look just not that bad karma don't just love long what you do this lean over to your side. Well your knees to your chest and employ your underwear down and walled bull market out. A mark played something you've been in over half a similar. You wanna put my knees too much hassle first of all I cannot do that physically I'm physically cannot put Monday's a 46 did you raise your. Yogi. Move because we'll just do that leaned back and then as I would you mean the fetal position she is a lot of these blue. And here's like this. Know who's in there that quick. I'm not true really blessed is in and out and videos here and I was like ha how do you know those two court. Collison is what he did only guy ever to comply. About prostate and one lineup. Hey years. Did your blood matches. All I know what's gonna happen now is to insiders in the afternoon I'll buy a video yeah we're going to debate I don't know I need I don't. The odds and prostate doctor also dated mrs. Walsh on the way so I'll. Not a guest Susan don't. My dad are Emanuel. Steve rave tonight. Actually. Charlotte Tommy's owner there and C music factory. Proceeds benefit to Steve Smith found it to be good night laughter enough sun yeah it's available CEO economic zone dot com 9803214702. The only bad thing or say about Reid as he came and said what are we talking about. I've sent us some stands one Dez Bryant and it's an Panthers Cam Newton once does bridled in Jersey cents on NC Graham and he says I think well. Digg and when I was in Mexico are dragged its ever been done before a Warner to gain Contra. About all he had important it was not Seattle before because that's our brother be good mental thank you to see yeah likewise. Tonight I don't see I read and everybody else and I didn't study tonight Atlanta dumps on. Charlotte comedy zone 9803 C 14702. CLT comedy zone dot com. When we come back there's nothing funny about to Charlotte hornets current situation are there is nothing funny we cry over that we don't laugh over that. New head coach software the organization goes from here Mitch Laurence MBA radio net. Us so thanks to Joseph Torre for joining us go check it out for a great cause and I steady series video via their last and outside. Seals economic zone dot com to find out more RI we talked pant thirst a bomb threat got me also iron about Dez Bryant went and started Greenland. But right now let's focus on this horse and we talked about 10 and 7 o'clock hour one of the first guys have a report about a potential candidate to the hornets have been checking out in an had been interest in. Was our next guest long time MBA. Rider also law works for MBA radio rights sporting news and Forbes. Mitch Laurence C joins us here on the Mac attack in Charlotte's talk about the hornets and where they goes from here Mitch it's always a pleasure man how you doing. Do agree mark Perry I'm doing good all right so on Friday you ridicule you had the first reported seeing a couple other guys kind of mention candidates at CNET. Stackhouse report on CNET. You know bomb Maceda reports. Army you talked about David C is dale I mean it. He is he is he like I have since then have you heard any other names as well does this well is still kind of seen as a front runner Ers are just kind of the first name you heard about. But the hornets have interest it. Well I heard he was and what likely it was that even before being at equal parts fire and they were looking try to get background information on itself by Deloitte. David there's you know might be more popular than anybody else but it comes out all we eat at openings and a victory just did it come off Phoenix. Definitely just sit and because he's got a relationship with James Jones. They were together Miami's LeBron era Gene Jones now former player who court with a broad. In Miami Cleveland Jane young but he but president that's cooperation we'll all be all he stopped for the studio thought about a lot of power doubt go off is still very pop well I don't know good in an interview intro I don't know where that is. You mention the other thing that I heard about Charlotte we see that the guy who has your relationship. With Mitch Kupchak wouldn't you know bear out what went between the lakers to. Eight tour will that this is under Mike Brown. So all those other names out there are back I think people are connected dot they're too because you're not a guy obvious you've North Carolina side. And I invite in our long young coaching that there's a guy a great job for the throttled and they both want to mention. Failure Julie. Are you not going to be a guy is gonna get a very serious look obviously well Orlando born in the situation where you know audio or are trying to. Well out changeover there. A lot of great laugh. But Jerry the well that it is what could really really young player that help that the bulk. Well all lawyer sharp or different because it would make up up there a lot. Well a lot of veterans want their contracts. So we'll see what direction they want to. And I wanna get into that in a minute with you about what direction to move Mitch Lawrence is willows. MBA radio sporting news for longtime NBA guy Mitch let's talk about once let's go a little more so the sack now saying because. We obviously start talking about him in the others in the 7 o'clock hour and there's a segment a lot of them to honestly do good state fans that are dead tired of all the sore heel standard and represented your front office court coaching whatever it is. And their odds are he'll overload it's just came in buzz Peterson's assistant GM and on and on and on. I want to talk about Stackhouse like honestly how he viewed around lake is my point is. But this guy is on the verge of getting a job he is extremely well thought of as an up and coming coach. And and I don't think you I get why you have editorial city around here but I don't think they should hold it against him what do you what's what's the book on him as a coach. It's well for where the ball. We at a remote situation in New York. Where parents walk it's got to be up what they want bought up these in New York. What went wrong we. For knicks hire more to hire this guy because you'd think he'd be a great fit because he think he would he would help you. Turn this thing around that you you know going in the right direction. So hold it against Harry stack outs for the error a lot about it Michael Jordan are not that would work. The book want to. Hard worker. Those who while we relate great young player hold them accountable we Bob Dole are very well for that the firm well. Development of important to wobble there at. Great bench seat belt will be your yeah a lot of them are you so yeah. Are you know it's very you know where it's not a big mentioned by. You know the people hoard it because there are a lot of guys you got what is he including him including Orlando. People have really no connection. But waited a while other connection to a jury back out while to get reported New York but he viewed upon being advised yet. He's going to be successful coach because he packed with. Criteria and that article all dictates that they can empathize you ought to basically they pitch shot and everybody's got a part of where. You know Denny is they'll. What in the sit there with Erik Spoelstra years. And you were in the Miami is of people white guy that we've got a lot of positive and they violated. It it met its import now. That's that's what it's all there were all a lot more about that well all week who never pulled before. They need to get a chance somebody up in a chance at a rate well what you hear what people probably act out what are we getting shot. Now that's that's kind of above I guess from just you reap what you guys are writing you know in terms of you know for months to one of the hot candidates and his name has been on their for a while. I'm what do you think honestly Mitch what sure opinion on on the hornets is this situation. What they have to try to do what they can do to get rid of some of these contracts like you mentioned that they're stuck west. And rebuild or is this a situation where they should try to bring in a new coach new x.s and o.s new schemes and try to make it work with this group what do you think. What I'm hearing from people. In that they're basically not going to be changes because they feel like what they can really move boats popular apple were thought about. Well Margaret Williams you'll do better off so you know I'm not respective. You're gonna basically go with what they have. Probably feel like well what problem but it's workable walker trade off it will be about well probably yeah try to pat that was always. You know navigate their contract to act which. Yet there is like a lot of what what what what what that what people want negates that are so it is to me like the upper body. With this flop there to try to work with this law are active and you make it happen operate to interpret. We're going to be directed you know what ever bought. Like the fact that yet in April that pick up truck and Alec and have somebody got a comment a bit more that they would try to be more supple he corporate law. We'll see about that if they can do. And hopefully spirit through you know where you know there were caught before well BP answers so what are what you or is built. Syria and other cruel and the true it would shut up Jack at their very being dropping out of that. They're we want to real recommend Michael Jordan Ott. How do you feel Mitch Mitch Lawrence is Willis here MBA radio sporting news source magazine NBA guy. How do you feel about the kemba situation does listen I love him as a player I love the tenacity a level he's made himself into with hard work to Belgium is. His three point game I mean the guy's class actors I can't say a bad thing about him. But you wonder. Yes in order to rebuild it might have to include letting him go. You know getting worse as a team in order to ultimately get better on down the road what do you think about this Kemba Walker dilemma they have. You mentioned re building I don't know they're water filled out there there are some are out you know some some organizations that don't wanna read bills got their team. Look a lot of what they've Kumble walker correct. I think they're all solo line out there were people wonder if you could be your lead I play off Blatche and all lights in. Contender type BP in my piece of concern about that you know you're an undersized. You know what bought the paper don't look so forward I think it's all the player like that usually as the lead player can't go there or not feel so it occurred in that format. Well right now all everything you hear about what they're both yeah added they're pretty much besides the fact that. What what they get what what is that we play and we've got to get replay and and a stereo with the premier premium position he would be a bit big for what the like Kemba Walker abilities have won court route straight for a manual movie like you know you know you know they don't have that I'd order. Well they're very hard to get our oil well I think. Well they're gonna make a move up by about double what they've got a note is that somebody. That was great ball player back helper act up there. Part due in the day that probably I probably would put up the shell out your problems become Walker's state. Okay are good deal I'm Mitch we appreciate the insight man that was great stuff. Obviously pretty locked in the nist also is great to have you on MBA radio sporting news. And check him out on Twitter gonna follow Ossetia just on a year MBA playoffs and the coaching stuff going on. As Mitch underscore Lawrence thank you so much rich. Odds are you'll Mitch Laurence NBA radio sport news aren't we come back. A couple of things we got to do. Gregg Popovich dated again and the media just continues to sit there and laughed as this this drives me crazy. Well let's hear latest problem it's audio drives me crazy next. And I will tell Michael Jordan. What he needs to do he certainly is not ask for advice what Michael Jordan needs to do here in the next few weeks we'll talk about that as well and emails and tweets. Okay what he wants. So tired of the storm. What went wrong for us they played better than we did. Did you watch again they didn't work very well. So will wolf they're married girl 45 inches by Monday night don't tell would jump higher and move quicker. And Tokyo and don't be so good. Tomorrow. Here. Years. Don't get me wrong. I see what pops anger he's got a star players he had no interest in plane coming back to Manger really know these are not collide Leonard. Matter of fact he also said recently after game one I was him after game one at the warriors turned it up to all lawyers flip the switch which is why it's. I believes that they're on do all along I just a matter of once you get some answers values are rockets. How good his status and can they win that series they deftly flipped the switch but. That's probably too angry bone he's angry letter saying he's getting drunk by the warriors so far in one game at. Any takes it out on the media whoever the poor suckers are that are asking questions. I find Popovich to be a Smart dude maybe the best coach since I've been alive bone quite honestly but I also find to be a giant ass in a giant bully. And for some reason no one calls him on it he and Belichick are allowed to be complete and save us. Are allowed to be complete jerks to the media no one cares because they win I don't see the link between your success. Andy in a jerk as a human being I just I don't understand it. One dollar one point uncle I Lenard ruled quick guy you never happen and a month ago that may be the perfect fit because like the hornets a wise also out of the playoffs right now. Hawaii coming your body. You desire don't play until April source figure out what kind of body could rest up your five a man by the way desktop can be a jerk he's also toggle between the making statements that are political he goes to be like he's all over the map. I there are times when I I might what does Tom Ridge joined. They're sideways beside issues right gonna skies a brilliant man he's all over the place be really does go back and forth and everything so I just thought he was a jerk yeah. That routine I just don't like man I don't like that part of his personnel but a lot of these great coaches do it they just act like bullies Bobby Knight used to do it as well it's almost like. I'm so gored at what I do I'm entitled to treat you lie exists. And that's just week to may I don't think. How would do well in sports talk radio what he. How could with a calls and shut up it's probably good go right to beat you with your goal involved. We like days David Doss is the former allow Europe next Rick well to I don't like the way out as far as tornadoes Amarillo but I sank our Murillo. Normally blows a city and others Amarillo all look it up these. Italy Canada are you asking me I don't but who wouldn't and traffic in a Texas cities quiz we got here. Him either this. Wearing out its egos not a bad at all Golan tread these ego has grown through the course of the show he got to call supporters in like three text. And all they needed due to all the sudden they season next great and it's Lindsay radios guarantees don't his family only a matter sides I'd take these boys getting away at you don't have a good money does discussion. Their jobs will be my W mortgage relief mom and while I've got I've got family. I let's go to the service off course here he relies exceed its own radio host has a calls a while I guess I assume emails to recent weeks. I got four of the east today what do you think about dismount probably don't like it how about we bring back Darryl Worley. It's hot I mean these cheap. But I that's where it stops like come on this students got to stop this do this stuff going on in his life. But the Panthers I guarantee you aren't surprised by anti social person report yesterday. This is why the Panthers he thought he was didn't focus was to in the tonight lies but the Panthers didn't want Darryl Worley for this reason we got to move on man draft a corner. Do you have a dum bass of the day today for your thanks not really a device it should be odd person does adjust for in their road there's all of Columbia gulf well there are jaded British ex member on the job. Thanksgiving Day games and John mad sometimes again about attorney like toward the entire offensive line are receiving go. I got this one today everyone and that group of emails gets to dress up our negatives you might also. Policy year maybe we can build a replica of the old well from the Chapel Hill campus on top of the spectrum center this is in relation to people being taller healed out. Michael does bring in Stackhouse it will be his four million steel but he is employed. I'm OK with that don't I don't cameras and receive while also in doubt ask a question to get past Mac. They're to be more deals come. On a status on the stats. Were you surprised I was joking Rasheed Wallace and -- it was just to secure control on number closing was not diligent the geely now until British home was seen in Detroit as assistant coach Agassi's Williams asked is he crazy am I wrong to say he's great he's also not a zucker well he's also brought into sharp guy he has it all series Sissy you're right he is free short basketball do not have the white together as a coaching staff and a player that can make it but had sonic that would drive seriously that would drives on their heels haters are already on edge if you brought in light Al all star he'll coaching staff to vote I think we need to do player in the draft a balanced. Arafat's hey guys just they're on the go ahead before we deck may I suggest grace in Eugene Allen. She sees no you may not be it would be a short trip to Charlotte forma net. Now aren't. Now did you yeah that's I went to dwell too many times on that I think let's see here. I want Stackhouse I want to hide to selling a springer show chanting Jerry Jerry you know I don't know about heartsick is backs. Rose textile Zack why using stacks should be stacked. Like stacks house at his house is unity oh stacks and stacks house leader in starts. Yeah. Wow until you saw his name was stacks house risen. Saying like it's his arena stash houses as a versioning is now also stacks house to be a great energy joint he team because that's. Plus a year. Oh he's this guy says I'm gonna give you a nut shot like that mascot of Yellow Sea on the NASCAR hall of fame. I was lashing out I was managing at the cheetah for throwing that ball into modules. In the dodge ball competitions and I lashed out. And so I did so I made a joke about attendance. And the natural thing I like to NASCAR all things personnel or twice I like that breaks the Brokaw and if there's one thing we don't do isn't the right each other in the and and and are you can't do that and you can't I can't imagine you don't do that kind of person are you this Texan hey Trent DA give you 200 dollars a dummy. That was a guy that you thought was gonna give you 200 dollars he apparently is not going shocker he doesn't hold onto his word I was shocked I'm popcorn your son Dallas today and Errol Brett. This sudden got loose today Osbourne junior got loose with a Dez Bryant high turn a couple of people who agree with them and now thinks he is the next radio so that's what's current. On the man is been complaining for weeks about how Cam Newton doesn't have many weapons and then Cam Newton asked for Dez Bryant maxed out on and how we don't. That's not a weapon that's like a water gun seriously what kind of weapon is Dez Bryant and display in his career that dude is monitoring what you wish for than Mac you know. Well I don't I don't Syrian anywhere in Britain don't put him on the saints are talk about eight to be the Marcus Colston put him on the same time he said he wanted to buffalo but they need more I don't how big time ball that's not an out Kim could have them this fund five people pointed out why this -- not want to die for his own football team once and for the bands like northern. Cornerback who are the bills' receivers right now we go total management in Zeta-Jones. And we just son Jeremy currently today I don't know video sinus what you have is they don't Scalia say judges also Smart is they Jones gonna playing takers feel put disclosed that golfer to get a sense and trying to figure out looks associate chair Max we need to do us here like a hair needs a tortoise. Who I don't get it. More ideals and and talented artists and Harry ever heard that. Okay and it's not the greatest long time but able to make it shots aren't the greatest. There for God's sakes aren't good students take a breather I don't know are we gonna be a hand at all bone Garcia and Baylor out there. And Joseph moss is Garcia or not they Arab. Daly not Garcia Garcia is out there he's also now OK yes so when you talk to Bailey may be elitist arrogant on today. Alien daring can't a lot of break and again so maybe we can handed off to those boys. This is Bailey's first experience of Garcia's. Golf tournament privilege ladies and gentlemen in the first of many as the back its act. But it can't. Hi we are backed by the way Panthers started the offseason workouts today bomb. Apparently Pau and pat were out working out together a little bit man all those guys a go recap because the line. Short poke at Madison. It's always gonna reach her goals are why did introduce himself the candidate has the tender side that is. So I was just a Smart ass like I have Ken was Smart ass he was. He would say. Well I thought you were the fox sports abroad can you have. You're the great broadcaster I've been here and so much about nice of you to join us I'm Gerald early release by the Eagles yesterday. That was the that was the least see Triple Crown is not a Grand Slam of things you don't do. Yeah it passes out 6 AM and a silly intersection right Yorkers found passed out. The police. Try to take human because he resists arrest he gets teased. And and they find a gun in the car and I mean that is it a laundry list of what not to use the Eagles literally. Eleven hours bone after he was found by the cops. Had released him yesterday so I guess we could score the Torrey Smith trade for the Panthers do you remember early dot B mask the asset because I got booted silly. Oh yes that that guy had a longer understood and their growing up perfect 37 days I saw the Philly paper they talent of 37 days in Philly. We've got we've got Garcia in daily from the Joseph must all terminology is good for this five minute period. Could be an utter disaster graduate anyway I hear yeah I hear teachers there's there's delay or they're honest 52 delay or 32 LA so when you talked. There might be silence and then they're gonna so it's going to be abzug right now as a guy so this for a long time were headed for an epic and Australia aboard a tried and. We're going Chara I do wanna thank Tom Steve mantra join us at 8 o'clock talk and some dram John Rigas well. And you heard from its largest RC bench goes he's gonna be a huge part to get over the Kevin why don't role in our. A draft round table which is going to be Thursday night deal or they were girl's 630 tickets are also ask Miami give up perks dot com. I mean you normal have only FNC guys out there you're gonna have former F sellers like frank. Com Dray Bly Omar Gaither Steve mention were sure ESPN's scouts think just good draft talk. So cold brew out there you get a corona you get all you can eat from the bus today for about I think it's 4999. Get luck perks dot com this is a great event every. Osborne here Iraq Dougherty right thumbs up right there. Okay that's why you gotta be on the Margaret Russell make sure that you'll now I had an idea for Osborne be out there every time your draws more. Every time Dre and Omar fight in one gets out of the chair and yells at the other one he got you to push ups. And if that should be Euro under Mack are you here this. Could you gotta get out I understand nobody out each other every time they do Osborne in the corner just as much everytime we bring up a prospect could go in the first couple rounds from Nebraska you're expert we go to. Oh god spare you let it you might as well. Also us. Just thought let's do this at these guys up in a series of these boys Jamal says his golf classic. Frank explaining that we've got Kyle Bailey out there were Darren can't do in the show. I think is it this. But is it daily Garcia and can't do we got out there what's up fellas yeah. We got the delay is what's so bad no we got Dick coming at 11 o'clock frank is gonna grace there was presents for an hour. That is so not so you that's more than used to get out of him what the old FNC golf classic and you should consider yourself lucky. Yeah you know what he is lucky his lucky and I'm out here at all he's lucky that I am you're not a leader in the entire show is still in the thunder and he's gonna have a little fun an opportunity to do that. Again that's three continued and all of a delight too much here analog auxiliary twice I hear it toys once is enough. Why son brought upon them back down to maybe try to steer this thing out here I don't think it's gonna work I talked him down they're coming up in the second plus I just wanna keep bustle on frank without him being in response to. Notice I get a lot tougher when frank is on location. Alonso had a lot easier to be this way when we're on looked at when their own location on a couple of other things are so tonight. Two NBA playoff games tonight you've got six Ers and he gained soon he'd push him for awhile and then the sixers just explode in the second half. Well reported and I like watching this sixer team and I do a process and you would like us to be able to rebuild though it's going to be harder starting next year with a new draft rules. Anti drifting tank were AF dot. Anti tanking drafting anti tank out here. But anyway but what bone about seventeen people have emailed texted saying it is ammo real. It's it's two different cities that's try to tell you. How was some guy getting through to your house there and Amarillo and or Murillo will get up Google us your Smart auto industry semite until Amarillo Texas. I was just I never heard of or Murillo I don't like guys are you so where is our merlot Texas Intel insists there's a lot of armadillos there that's she's. There are high school is the are Murillo fighting armadillos the storm is it's it it's a town. 37 miles southwest of auto. Does your own and I don't feel so good about eight years he has to adopt produces a lot of great baseball players whose daughter armor plus. So by Google guys they are making this up I'll do everything I guess if they had made a mistake got to try to set. Are your slot your wire your complete our hospital. Little higher unbelievable and I said he was almost semi convincing me for a second is a shame on me situation might just indeed went to. I'd like President Clinton I think that's because there's a saying. I doesn't mean I'm not much cut a deal with the AR racquetball spot by the way I I don't. I UNC in my excess is Stackhouse gets the job just anger all the duke fans are so bitter about the tar heel employees. I say they should always dunk against duke on Lou before every game. I'll that would yet that would be a divider that would be a problem there is no doubt I think dead dog. Single handily is a reason why do Bristol-Myers. Got envisions that wrap around dunk. Aren't we got to wrap it up here. I've done today is over there's these good now this guy says it's by the it's near Odessa Texas Amarillo disguised as armor rose by the Waffle House. I'll tell you we're gonna you're gonna take radio show tomorrow. Belliard custody of your candidates got they are three bedroom apartment overnight were adding hair Garcia Bailey took first hour our garage Garcia mayor Gibbs. And Bailey for the next three hours enjoyed everybody we will talk to you tomorrow good talks an MBA playoffs and you know we're talking Panthers draft just a week and a half away.