Mac Attack Hour 4: Jayson Stark on MLB Expansion

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Monday, June 18th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the MLB possibly expanding teams with Jayson Stark. 

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Little video of this bear thing over in Russia it makes it even more unbelievable I mean dog and objectives Zagat. Because is there is Chile and like he is your body hanging out joy ride and celebrate a 50 world golf whip. Dallas had bear that got there is somebody's sitting right next to him to bear like right next to it and you may look like to I mean they're happy as can be just two months hanging out after a big win yet they rigged him up to the back of that right matzo Russia can read a lot of things early errors that I and that is unbelievable. Unbelievable I'm mad at W Athens city. That Tom. Email address if no one is checked in your text us building center text 704. 57096. Cent I'd let's see here will we gotta wanna get in this is why I think a lot of viewers saying it. We get to go after coli lettered lot of guys interviewed a trade kemba Australia quad incidentally coli is the exact player Michael Jordan mentioned. When he said you got to get an all star caliber players you're gonna trade Kevin now localized set I wanna be traded so. It's a natural conversation Bedell wrote a piece about it in the paper today we're also going to get you know the talk so. Jayson stark. Who was with ESPN now with the athletic he wrote a piece about baseball expansion says it is coming they wanna get to 32 we lays out all the reasons why. Says he's just a matter of it of when not yes. And that mention Charlotte behind only Portland as he ranked the cities with the best shot and expansion seemed. I feel like it's going to happen Charlotte a Major League Baseball I just don't know if it's any time soon. Because the nights are you know in the situation room there but it still doesn't see it happen before we get to this kemba. Thing I just wanted to mend Campbell gets chases are closely about 918 herself on the whole concept of basically expansion and Charlotte's involvement possibly and it's. I do want to we said this earlier in the show a wanna say we're doing they showed they were heavy hearts around here not just walking around the building you can see Iran everybody spaces. I'm a guy we all work twists for the last five months was doing an amazing job. Bone we don't project was gonna come out when to be a funny video is still work on us with us in a few weeks will not get an opportunity to do with him now. Masonry she passed away this weekend. I thought it was a man has so much life to Liz. He has so many lies still sacked just do was not only so many it's banned in the broadcasting business for years around here. But also taught folks it's Carolina school brought to us so many people know him that way as mr. Ritchie. We know ms. Nader NATO around here and there was he's run his motorcycle there's a crash this weekend and took him to the hospital and he was declared dead there I mean he had a beyoncé he had kids my heart goes out to his family. And they surely enter Tom Stanley I checked can't you know we would beast duty huge injustice he don't we did this whole show talking sports and yuck it up. We can't let people Carroll knows it. This is this is unhurt now seer and there's no doubt about it and. Prepping you got a story to worry he's you think about life you say you wouldn't even you might not Indian broadcasting your work here all. You can't trim which is amazing. Yes kind of crazy TI he used to go around to businesses and my dad is insurance arm he went around in my does business and taught them about social media Linkedin and other digital stuff. And I know my dad told him I was interest and being in sports broadcasting. And now he told my doubt about their Carolina school broadcasting and which I took a tour there are gonna go to school there music teacher their forming. And then you know that come aspire to everything enemy being involves with the Israeli decision and everything like that so I got to give credit to him for for even tell my dad decided no that school existed to be honest what. You're going to be in here and I only did he taught you well yeah I this morning house talking about although the people of median sorrow that he impacted that you may not even realize. He had quite wide preppy. Are you attracted him IE I have been so far removed from. My brought Kinross Gold broadcasting I forgot they toss classes while I was there so I knew him almost forced him nor building so he he had. Yet and tacked on so many he was a leader. He was a visionary he's a person if you wanna be in this business whether it's on the are austere he's a person both think character and talent. You wanna try to beat if you wanna try to carry yourself the way he does everyday are absolutely I mean there's no doubt about it's it's. What reality of prospective slapped us hard in the states on Saturday night or so and there are you know text indicted for about so Mickelson in. How bored we are with the World Cup games ergo whatever we're talking about and all of a sudden you know you lose a coworker at a guy that we were cited that. He gets enough. Because he was just getting started here yet so many ideas. I was. Then why it is so precious that's why you've got to spend it moving slower end of living in the moment now because he can be taken any any given set. And we all just assume life's gonna dome NX amount years you know and Donald man arts arrest and tell your loved ones you awful and we are taught us that we said yesterday to have eight. Cherished time with your dad stuff forever Legos for anyone in your life yeah I goes freedom and your wife you wherever this. You know well it tells the what are you up today that maybe you don't save enough to. You know an excellent thoughts and prayers citizen Nate Sammy CR assay when Ian Stanley and I can't imagine what they're going to ride it's it's it's it's rough around your deck him maj what they're going through. On this dude says Mac it's not crazy collide here with the hornets. He is. I Jordan brand guys. But heck I read articles couple months ago how Jordan brand ankle why were at odds over and over in the new issue or whatever again they are. They were feuding so he would just seating would dispersed. He was shooting would Jordan brand here a few months back during this NBA season. So I don't know I just look at it like this this coli thing and we got a lot of people that have said go for fewer trade Tamba one guy says this is the only acceptable result in trading Campbell. He says trade this guide to a client trading for draft picks is not gonna cut it those players aren't established school Y is established. Here's the layout would put this thing T bone is. I was first gun hope for we talked about it prod months ago right the concept of it I think Rick Bedell laid out disabled trade he says. About timber and land circle why the salaries would match up. Canvas twelve million lambs seven million ankle wise twenty million be close enough where they would match ups here's the problem. Is cool Weis deal being up after this season. And then he's got a player option 21 million he's going to say. By a lot of that and he's gonna become a free agent after the season just like kemba so we could trade one guy because we're wondering if are we going to be able to keep him here are we end up losing hand and we don't get any any form we'll trade him. And then we could end up the guy we replace him which could walk. It seems like every champion insider thinks he wants to play out west he's from the West Coast every NBA insider seems to think he wants to be out there. I isn't a hard time and he's got to Jordan bring connection Shimon. I have a hard time believing he would re sign with the Charlotte hornets with where were act as a franchise I just. My cynical hornets were my cynicism towards the hornets and how things work in the NBA comes. Wall there there. Two problems so you'd have to trade somebody get him correct that you're not getting clog up Kemba Walker. A cabinet to go to our right Roy cynic asks ago yes that would be the trade so then where does the roster stay it was just can't Kauai comes that borders the roster at that. Because of the first hole we can't trade the number force that we have now basically nobody. Massive amount of us forward so we're trying to move whether Bieber tumor more menorah Kaminsky and seller in the white all the all the makes city's local Y in there. And who will be the point guard what how would that team. I bring on exciting month coming Iowa was clear but how does that team respects and if he does that haven't taken to XX I'm not saying that call wise not better than cattle but does that translate to a ton more wins it where does that put us and then he completes less around so you could literally traded for Camelot you lose Campbell and that he was why Leonard. Custom made the problem's not with Ted but all these other dudes can but you are out why it always there's kemba better player than. Why is better player than Tamba he justice. Why might be the most the best all around player in the game right he's atop he's definitely a tough fight over the last six NBA player Campbell I love you but Tim was not that. This is got a guy you stick on LeBron and to rant and a episode itself in a series but he also needs somehow he needs some help so do so which you have to work on that anyway if you keep your eleventh pick. Like although the problem would be then you wouldn't be as bad and your picks would not believe it or complete rebuild. Daniel takes to be hired you be able to draft better players to meet the biggest problem though is about like if you could be guaranteed he would resign hear about would you wanna do detract. Yet if he had dude got the war daddy's gonna resigning your daddy gotta do but I'm saying nice to see problem is that he will walk right away because wore the free to lowly. Smile might want your team up to other dudes my theory easy you'd you sacrifice a one year. Campbell I. And I don't you want to be aren't gonna get that source we C help works also join a freaking makes rape I was playing on the west where he's from. It's just I got on the bus scale I hate to be like this but just. As far as Horace we don't get nice things really in free agency like dad are we to did not give guys like dad to do so now we get it we get your Kaminsky dinners our league got to try better we got to build in the draft all right Mac until the F Lindsay got done building center text does would you go. For Campbell furcal wires are too risky it is and you could lose in 270457096. And chases are expected to join us next talk about its Arctic and talks of Charlotte a Major League Baseball. All right and as the Mac checker right here on their sins and we've talked about sort of situation that seems to really lead do you guys getting either very bummed out are angry. I get it all we can pick ourselves up for his draft week off also we talked about you know why the trade situation there. Little did a Panthers forward Dan and I according to see mom got way too worked up about Phil Mickelson on the show today as well all that was in this. Radio show plus bears on bears blowing over zealous in Russia all that was on the show. Right now don't amateur it's all built up to this conversation I'm very treat. To talk to a Jayson stark you guys known for years from ESPN you can read them as the athletic an amazing new. Sports website and he's got a piece about Major League Baseball expansion and why it is going to happen eventually the league wants to get the 32 teams. And right there as he kind of ranks these cities and have the best shots. Portland won at Charlotte to let's talk to Jayson stark about him by the way check out his piece appealing to bonus winner at. Jason with a YST. Jason Whittle YST. And Jason Starr joins us here on American tech Jason thanks for time we really appreciate how you doing. Be that kind doing well man I've actually had been really popular Portland in Charlotte where. Let consumers say does does sort of father there radio producer is doing the same thing is our guide Tebow was doing. Com this is one of these things where and we've got and I know and and I don't want boarding with our local situations because this isn't what this is about for you we've got some hang up your but I do feel like. This is bent there's been and there's a Major League Baseball smoke and Charles for years I feel like it's getting more more legit. It sounds like when I read this case it really is a matter of this not when with Major League Baseball expansion just in general right. You went out there right yeah oh yeah when 90 yeah when not if I. Can happen. I just always have got a 120. S and Cuba and Iraq may have talked. It's pretty op it was their. On an important. And he would love. To get to thirty PP. Pick a team obviously Eckstein each week or even number of teams just can't export to parity a number of people in each week. Got to eat a number of people need a division but can work so much better. And question is one hand and it has not around the war because they've got to give it the day. It opened and overstating matters resolved and that's not happening and two weeks after that are still going to be eight fairly lengthy process by. They've got to keep keep people coming up into three years. All the national TV contracts expire which I think they would blow. Part of that to be able to sell them. Totally different position for the sport and expansion make a bad apple. Don't tell us it does there's node and you write great article kind of chronicling all the things. This can happen if you do get to 32 including kind of realign those divisions and stuff when you look at Portland and Charlotte's. What what's it are you hearing this from people around baseline a man for his mention Charlotte multiple times he would do we have Ben eased recently. But hey they're really taking us seriously now finally as a city are you here and things how did you come to rank it Portland Charlotte nationals your top three. Well I had a lot of conversations with people. Of course precarious. Position in the I try to get a sense for this and then beyond that it's really kind of a guessing game because they're not ready to start taking it well. Because urgent plea on and just get yours probably going to be some. Billion dollars per picture and you go to the ballpark. Good news at PDT oak. And that's going to be part. I. When I may ask people out bout that various market. And it kind of PH heavily rumored. He's just tell by the way they talk about it accomplices vs other places what Kerry and what's not. And Charlie checks so many. It down to geography works so well it really needed another done in the Philadelphia somewhere. You know he defects such a fast growing metropolitan area. He's got. Period it just loves sports and supported. Professional. And college sports L level that we don't see everywhere. And all of that make Charlotte the perfect extra depth thank you got to audit billion dollars in the ballpark and the TV deal. Yeah it's gonna win the timing still not right for us so hopefully we're talking a little. Like what what what timeframe do you think we be looking like is I don't you mentioned the peace the Tampa and Oakland situations have to be resolved there right before they ate before they add teams essentially. Yeah. We're at 32 team in baseball. Before five years from now I'd be really surprised to go to protest on what you know what I'm hearing by. Almost anything's possible you know go to oral from our baseball official. The top of that piece they're terrible of people we need to get to 32 people are X years court what makes. I don't think they actually know what will be pure technique but I I would say minimal spot but it gives. And I just shot it certainly isn't time to focus on what it would he'd do. Yeah no desolate hoopla we're Thomas Jayson stark. Writes now for the athletic which is an amazing mom do site so many town writers write first for the athletic now you'll need to check it out and check out this article has got a link to go to Jason wood why Jason would lie and then prestige. And that's present on Twitter adjacent to YST. Jason one other thing I would ask you about this situation here is do you think like. Would days and heck I'd be international. You know there's there's the international markets too I mean do you think. How much real player or those in terms of Mexico or back up in Mexico City are backed up in Canada. Good jewel lists those I don't think hero on this list are more. West but they're. Further down I think I would've figured out. Into the last few weeks. We credit commissioners talk cup Mexico City court. During games in Mexico. Treat acute and here consistently talked up Montreal. But I try when it actually went into the process. Thinking. That Montreal. Was likely to get a T. I came out of reporting I thought it was wayward likely aren't taught. Montreal had issues to just create another team in cash. Create a lot of complications. A lot. And say you know I've got an antiquated stadium it would need to be. We priced. Right now I don't know that they had political climate that would allow that happened. Bomb that too deep deep challenges. Gain back market or the dentist. It just felt like a lot would have to happen. March relegated to you know I think it's can't yeah but they faced challenges that Charlotte does not say it is cash and Mexico City. I updated the ticket they're just obstacles to putting partying in Mexico and you could match. Premature apple might. Every possible challenge. TEK got here it is real. Yes somebody logistical issues. Now. It would just tricks are obviously walked. I carry it take huge market particularly huge kink almost nine million people who coached prior. I wonder if there's enough. Corporate money. Whether there's. TV money at work what are these union what are players. Were it. What can sign off I want to Internet to challenged a great team Mexico. And that's why knows who you got them seven that's gonna last of the teams that you ranked unit Montreal forced. Check it out everybody the athletic dot com check out the site and the check out his sweaters got a link to it's the story of what it we just got a subscription here are ridiculous art it's a it's like the Costco sports content widgets are believed tons of stuff like. Do you like did you tell us what the network sport rats they get older you can get less cost of works great so many options Jason spell his name in their nasty Jason little lie. And then ST check him out on Twitter and check out to these Jason thanks so much it's time we appreciate it. And I enjoyed it very definitely when the spelling because. Not have to and a good guy did you correct Jason spelling aren't there you go. Cnet's board could do stops are made because during the breaks a voice still remain anonymous. And apparently what are coming up ideally I don't if there are so many mistakes are scheduled for you it's hard dates are you guys this is not a battle ours is a bad ones. On the Mac scale mistakes but where does this rank trying to fight on fire right now. Now do it he's in good the next several days do lyrics because there'll never hear another magazine ever again. You could see so does strike me as egregious Selma all right I'm going to be OK if you made so many mistakes this one's not as bad as okay. This very I see here my mistake there's not as bad as all the others that's coming up next. Send your text until baseball and so it's gonna happen eventually baseball char I'm convinced of that. I just don't think we're ready just yet for but man it's gotta be here soon I'd be hearing. Seven years ten years so like that we come back we'll hit those texts emails backs mistake today could be a sponsor signaled shot. More about this Jayson stark report in Charlotte in baseball seem to gets it annual conversation this time of year. Feel like we're getting closer and closer to it. But we'll talk more about it it's it may be tomorrow on the shell talks Panthers. You don't oracle mobile some way to discuss the Carolina Panthers on his radio show as we sit here and wait for training camp. On July 26 and what we named the baseball team here. And actually attacks question are you want that to be to tax flush the Charlotte Cole Laynce should consult laying in the Charlotte for 85%. There's a the Charlotte construction. Work will work I don't know I haven't thought that I haven't thought of three shortly tube maybe I should be we got to have a Charlotte Q and you just have. Big old pulled pork play don't you know on your own baseball how many hats bode well I do the masters or Charlotte you. In a nice due to masters one time a year or something like that writer one time. Yeah in general to the problem was that that public magazine on this goes when you do nicknames or team names. Once it starts in May be good first few minutes and I get angry after a while because they never stop. In the answers get worse and worse and worse so yeah we should do. Do tomorrow for probably 45 seconds at the bottom line assessment 'cause it'll never had a great now I guarantee them a check Twitter I'm gonna have a cup or any. He got by the way I yet let's see here. Out of the Victorian bony they reported by the way what is a mistake people wanna hear the mistakes he audio audio lists of what I did today. Only just grab a folder of Mac's mistakes Alito try to find out where it is. Yet here it is. Try to figure it out for yourselves what the mistake my beer and I let's go into buildings and Tex lines and Greenspan supersede. EU brought in god you brought him a man's on the as stability senator sought and got a phone conversation on the buildings and Anna's life. Economies to slow spots are building center is the text your pick out of gas line baby technique. And you've got to best fit to make sure it did their loved it clearly senator text line you can out of a phone conversation on the text line. Even my mom knows that's not possible whatnot what's wartime who has a solid sponsor yet. You got to return pretty god. Get any doubts that audio signals allow Boston to out. Most of its I would imagine sponsors they want you to pull the audio as they can haven't pentagon this hole so I don't believe that the editor at the fifth aren't those kids do with the emails the texts. Let's leads the pageantry what Tex are they your communication ministry buildings that are tax that would be the appropriate time Mac to exit the building standards that other people are already texting and there are mostly facetious named Erin as it seems there are the Charlotte traffic jam packed app that you left the scarlet transplants. Are lit. Banker so don't just named the Charlotte seventy senators says that's better than glory survivors. Are Charlotte orange barrels lower. This could start more brush with a large barrels. God now I gotta does yoga and also could. Well let's go to the roles are the greatest fun it was silly name is suited their baseball spot and now Chad wants a semi just six axed. Debate with me his point of view all like Kemba Walker should not detract well you know what what is what is taught barrels baseball and clear that that. All better than I will say this it molded it so more later I am starting to Jones or Major League Baseball on this town. For the longest time I just say we're just kind of not equipped or it's not time yet we're. I am sorry to disappoint moan and I don't know maybe I'm just now down fourteen years worth of June base of Jews should June shows here in Charlotte. I am getting a point where our cities get bigger I can see it off in the distance like Jayson stark. A some reason ribbon because Jayson stark I guess it's 125 and then I came on and so it's seven years and they're like we're a public. I'll sort of I've been with you on the hallways throughout absorb also on your side on this point we were talking last week about. Other markets and how. Even in the doldrums although of the summer that they can always a back on baseball they have games every night they can talk baseball we could a little bit of the brace. But it's rally a team is here so. How would you sit that'd be your baseball schedule met with the head up towards barrels playing games yeah. He had Orioles idea the Braves that is a very busy summer for. A lot of games lot of games and I'd have to want educated got a Lhasa barrels he can't ignore that games I would probably say I guess I become a Charlotte stand it would be hard all jokes aside about my Orioles this year it's on hard not to watch them. But it would be hard to drop them. Armed by the way braves fans mad at Maine Tommy me. I Bryce Mac another question about our Broncos for Jason is our I'd planned on a bode interviewing the Charlotte stuff any interview went longer I got to serve showed first. Before I served braced and he was actually on soared BI didn't Charlotte based just based on let me say this not freak and braves don't three and a half game lead over the next four games over the Phillies went all you Jean Brodie says quote America vs Mac person sit and I told you before about I'll keep saying it is team is on Percival their playoff team. They've got it dude combination. Of heating. Pitching and just that at. Atmosphere and attitude that they feel like something special is happening on the curse of Bologna would get daddy amounts that we we will. Whilst people that loved all the shows and in the station. In everything that job you notice the nice thing is they tell us was got a tweet here from mocked H. Ross seven we did hit man attacked us and it into a millionaire should set. You see an idea how to fix the station. Is that what is. You put the Mac attack on sixty noon if you Percy and they away from noon to six. I don't attempt everybody around there have been very economical loosen its after the towers and they don't don't don't we appreciate it we appreciate you liking in the shop. But two extra hours a day translates into session hours a week. There's a lot more radio that maybe you imagine just. I don't think the people out there need to our lives are about four days we are now man now can you imagine the hours until two hours of this he stepped measurement mistakes that would make it next two hours of the show be tired then you get tired Mac now be so please let's not we've had made any ideas why there. Can't a guy by the way the cavalcade of man's radio all SARS continues this week. Patrick Creighton is in from Texas some believe Houston yes I'm not mistake him. So he's will be on the air I think it was will Kennedy coming up so make sure you keep lists these guys is this handoff data as good dudes get done. You know little run here on WFNC it's the handoff dating game for Sudan's red branded contestants we try to figure out who we while we don't allow it's it's crazy on this guy says if that bear if that bear stunts. In Russia is animal cruelty and all Tebow instead to Mets could be a human rights via. I want everybody to note she bone is not forced. To do that by the caballos here Adobe open seats he don't chooses to do that already edited the disclaimer in there. I NASA guys think I'm done with Abdullah tactics this morning I'm Don a new best for you find a new way. This guy says we are still manage DM BA over Nancy Davis Matt you're not winning doesn't act as some Sean. Only way we can forget about all that junk I don't blame because some pretty much hornet's angry. The only way that it that we can get rid of or more it's anger is to build a winner here are multiple TV dads bone getting some loves. Stanley ties mr. Keaton get a little bit alone here marigolds amounts arise I would agree it's easy death he was a great TV dinner there and use the data on TV I don't know necessarily if he was the right influence on the little a little one there. And I have a distance and data on the car Marty show on the promoting reality show is a great TE Antonio Nogueira suited their assets that you don't want my favorite shows ever was on the wonder years. But the data always kind of scared realize don't you start me down robot hand until they parted back back in the day owning a senior Charlotte racers. Charlotte left lane Ers Charlotte Webb's Horrow. Philly region all the easy to edit there to be stopped the lads who now to the point were not announced got let's see here now when they're not as you know today tomorrow. Our players there we go let's not throw a slight this guy said orange barrels you've got the barrel roll with every homer on I. We're all real LUS Darrell may and the Broncos. Ought to be a new barreling towards barrel. Pork barrel and media large man up put on a barge traffic rarely go out there or celebrate the new base out demons are that are free it is name you probably know the brewers have a guide it slides and a beer right. That's Sabrina stands at a guy just going to a big thing a barbecue sauce. A guy in a barrel comedic student. Their attitudes of it exists I don't like Charlotte Darrell solves. That we might talk about debt tomorrow I'd let me do this real quick right we got to. We just. It's a lot of rebounds none of these calls for me also a year always told you off here okay that's a track he said OK I won't put him on the air now on the output. So Laney on the adult might call Sean call off the air all right let's take a breather. We come back Tebow won't foremost was a lady has donors of all the large barrels of Charlotte large barrels. And you get some meets Patrick Creighton from Houston he is next up. Hit man's a rate of radio all stars next double handed off to him will Kennedy coming up next let's go barrels. Did you imagine. They show an orange barrels. Celebrate how many of those things we've got all over the city right now. And just to be the song it plays and you hit a home run I love it's a mound I love it man we need is a major leagues there's a thing. Oh billion dollars plus he's got a rules we don't believe Richard Segal argues sound like Vinnie from the Bronx and yankees game or why did I it wider idea that voice. Rules. Out out yet the level of cheese in the emails right now bottler will Kennedys ready to go 40 mid days. It would be like gay you know revealing a couple of Texas to respect your tray comes in from Houston. Announced. It's important for these do you ski. Out of the Shawn Watson dog and a little bonus should pass through all this done all I all Astros all time. Don't don't don't do it won't is that we will not do it by the way some of the seas are getting bone at the Charlotte shoot worse to be a baseball team for our tobacco love. Tobacco industry. Tom what else we it's got. Rules what do you think it is one vote. About trading other Charlotte traders if you're not it's so silly here TR a DE RS or treat tours traders. Can make certain they can serve it says kemba trade talk gives new meaning to little silly slogan if you're not trade in you ain't trying to. I never expect. I think that's. It's getting it's easy in this joy can we stop do we stop sending in Charlotte race Ers for every night that you hate race have weasel what does one. Either Charlotte or Carolina so why don't we talk about that once for every named Java. Iraq is a good one that's a guy that's actually I'd actual one they should use. Any Carolina's likable person flight ball take flight data that's so bad alike don't wanna boys let's. Rules. In Tucson June saw a man are right let's see each year. Joseph says it wears a guy that was possible an Orioles ransom to get any cheap shot at least some density is stacked up. Why they try to bring you girls here are you guys won a Major League Baseball together I wanted so he has a Jayson stark on and I saw there was a tweet that he put out last night's city or has won her twentieth game yesterday. Meanwhile the Red Sox won her twentieth game I think on lake. April 26 or they say is it was 49 days and I saw its weekly retreat it's just depressing I don't you get. And when people attract Orioles jokes like that guy or team and I'm just didn't side you know to Iraq this latest just only a let's say bizarre. Jeffrey thought of what did you think your best playing that audio there reminded me what did you think of the Mickelson thing like did he deserve to get rid of the way he did or know. I frankly just love the speed with which he ran down the side of the green to get tonight. If as you could clearly see like in an. They did like it on the broadcast the John Daly should use ice it was exactly like dead just without the Berman and the weird pants that Daley was wearing. Just instills dot MEN and I I'm kind of impressed he finished around because frankly I kind of didn't think that he might really an annulment the some walking off forget this thing it means so much them but can't. Yeah the whole golf as a sanctity kind of thing like well I just think you know. We're talking about it they were talking about it all we did it it's actually in a weird way cutting good for the game that that was a discussion point because this. My wife was like they're pansies you know they get a cut stop complaining about the course you know and granted yeah daddy did you win the US open in two million dollars plus to win it Brooks kept going to assess nice check to walk away from. I wanna see him tested I I kind of like seeing them look like we do when we go play. Caller is one turning a year where you guys struggle like this all right just deal with it every deserving to be back to lighten up. The scoreboard I mean I just and I actually thought Saturday was entertaining as all hell like who can survive it who can hang in there. Armed so brutal whining kind of bothered me. The Mickelson bashing was over the top. Light from the guys talk like when they started saying it you've got to disqualify yourself. Like I thought I was already now will say this. The rules should be a bit more harsh but you can do that cheap stuff and only get a two stroke penalty when it seems a little rickety. It was but it sure does it totally felt like you we were all playing around you know it's one of those things like this that buzz but MS best get them to give it to you as youth you kind of walk over to him you mean they just had that. It had that Sunday foursome you and your buddies so is it like notes Phil was probably eight or nine Beers and at that point and just like a family that he traumatized. Traumatized trillions of kids or Andy North as well allow Andy North and do you feel for the kids early yeah I do it. The children are the future and apparently their room. And you know millions of cans are rooting golf courses this morning I think it was Ian O'Connor from his be hands and he's had withdrawn on Santa Paula got. It goes too far which shouldn't. All make gave me you know work this rule book in a fashion so that someone can't do that again and all I I feel like you probably should get disqualified for doing that bush league crabs. But I don't feel like play does that's all the rule that's on the rules. And they love the rules committee US GA how they ruled it SI don't Phil Mickelson I don't believe this thing and it golfer. It's those us so much integrity more than any other athlete that they should cost themselves on file. Sore I don't believe that Harry terrier and on the. The course I don't fourteenth green because you've dishonored the game of god come on out that. What was amazing media people love Phil I think he's one of those guys where there are those people wait to snipe on him as soon as he did something wrong but. I was impressed by the way he came I guess I should play pretty darn well considering. All the he took after the round and even on in the Sunday they went back out there you had a smile on his face I don't know if it's genuine or not but it may have been in the you know what kind of smile to everybody else around on the course still played pretty well it was it was actually entertaining to watch down the stretch even without tiger you YouTube Dustin Johnson kind of falls apart and yet. It holds it together I love Tommy flee when there are you kidding me to do is got a great day mullets from England and these rocket delegates Def Leppard 1983. Did you hear did you get the story. I'll have all anti bullying as a reaction to ask Clinton territory he does that look like your normal go for ransom who. But did you hear it is about Paulina there was a there was a Wimbledon blogs is talking about this. But she was right along the eighteenth green and she thought Dustin won the tournament when he hit his putt on eighteen for mouse. I stressed my. Heard it in court decides she was right next to Canada gazette. Ted Kennedy is that is like rallies dated she and yeah. It's frustrating well as a sellout I saw look at because that was Vegas he's so it. Why does embarrass this morning Nestle now. Odyssey mile and tiger tiger had the hot out there matches we ended Tommy's plea would have a net flat out there this weekend. Let math lab on boards I've already started the rumor that Tommy's plea was Mick Fleetwood son. I have to kind of put inserts and sister. Who's gonna say noted that there's just too good of a story man made up or not our worry out of here. Will candidate that's crazy is on his knees in route planes trains automobiles he'll be here at some point are very good. I don't know that works out. But it's. Pelosi is against you get every stray bullet or a live radio our rights I will Kennedy Patrick coming up everybody enjoy it will haunt you tomorrow on the Mac attack on SNC. That's got. Rules.