Mac Attack Hour 4: James Bates & Danny Kanell

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Thursday, July 19th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the upcoming College Football season with James Bates & Larry Fedora. 

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Back and is about to take their fancy data can now do we are balancing it out right now we got AA. Gator coming on first. And a seven all set to sell those in Rio and I know we got to. Of a handful. Here in Charlotte wage should be about why senator gators in and no guys we've got equal time for boasts a Danny kanell coming up. He is probably dogs are Jersey what he says about what is the Norris comments on Twitter. He deftly put up a war on football on Twitter in response to Larry Fedora going off on the attack once football so we'll get into that situation. I think I'm gonna make an executive decision and go all football would Casey James Bates. I don't you know I may have to take a break from the door situation presented to know later you'll be all about that pretty much Campbell just talk about ACC football Clemson. We'll talk about Miami and who's a hatch. Can knock those teams also as anybody who get into it right now James page you see him on that. National TV game or fox a sports net's. Every Saturday James Bates. Analyzing those games Lorena joins us here to talk a little bit of ACC football on the Mac attack finance and CJ. Is going on brother you do it. And I don't regret what created earth says they care and is. She Eli dad yeah look I do I'm glad you liked general order one from Alex. I don't like that I don't like the fact we get equal time I'm gonna go electorate area. There's still debate when to Knowles I love it comes what do you think about when you look at this Clemson team. And I and we got a bunch I guess who said this event a bunch of guessing go the other way. I just look at their roster into hole and I feel like that's I feel like this is the best team in the country. Even over Alabama even if it slightly do you still would you go that far how good this Clemson. I would absolutely go to our and I remain aren't accurate perspective. I can't even imagine what would you like to play behind that eat at apply. It piece you know it's you've got is you've got to. Two that are really good it is it is before our Payer. Then I mean it's it's it's just a nightmare for these thought that the that you go up yet but when you got four. And I think on top of it all in the fact that. You know I mean you never know. What your etiquette. Personality what you never know what's you know you've got to start and it. Human nature that they get little or themselves. You work your way up you've got a junior that's a world leader and he knows it you know going to the NFL. Only other player and tied a team player. But he's got a common. And welcome comments that be part of this sit. You know panic talk about the gators but I don't much of the bats well you know they're the classic came in and 04. You know Joakim Noah now well you know that it came when a step in the right so so and that's all we Billy Donovan in just. Just an experience that just be a part of something special that I took from me it's kind of but don't want been that people are talking about it you know you look occurred. Good number of what they are out here if you look at the strength much stronger they are not there. But the one thing that locker room is really got to be special and or Clinton has global leaders want to happen out more out. Now it's a good point and I keep here in this whole thing about like seeks this seems to be then not from all the interviews that there were doing went to college football media it's folks. The one not with Clemson as well they take her out the prize they get a little distracted Dave had you don't take game two years ago the Syracuse game last year and and I did it I just have a hard time seeing in this team messing. Messing up their chances up and not getting to play off because as you said they all came back with this in mind able sacrifice something with this in mind. All right right into you know it's. Suited its stock to win not football games and our our go to you and it. Just being around that program and in the leader the past couple years he looked like Specter. Then all we're paid in you know I think that. There at apple and his staff they do really good job of making sure they've they've got good leadership good people on that team. And you know it it's happened it happened to about and and you know you eat them and I think that it's more so this year and it it can happen. It has been years perhaps when you look at the leader of a hole the ACC. Shoot there there's not really one that you look at they'll. Not you know the record but I think there's a lot about the deputy. The team in the past would have been a little bit lower. Creepy. And it ought to college in the they're going to be I think order. A better. Watch it packed that there are wary of the great ones up top and they can beat anybody really expected just yoga this trial in that you know. Radar at the odd that people aren't. When our mentality quote we get up career because. Art department of about all that and that they he got a lot. As will be nice matchup and a trench is no doubt about what I would change states fox sports. I can be called the ACC games again this year we're talking ACC football I don't are right now. This is where you got to show basic health professional use truly become. Because you've got to you've got to called the way you truly see and on the dolce or forming do you look at them really two part question. Under Willie Taggart like do they have any thing for Clemson this year. And and it's not and I can't think it's not part B is. Do you think bully tigers got to get them back to the point where they're on even ground with clubs and what do you think. I think so it and I right now I don't apple I don't have a global profit up there you'll set oh it's it's all part of our. All about like I don't. I don't know well I talk about it. Not I would it's a part of it or he could be Gator quote I don't know why they make everybody but I I sit down with. Illegal liquor I don't. Other or you know. Like throughout the MacBook era I don't think we're gonna. Get even. I guess I think there's practically no better in power at. Its what they quite out because they're so it should not go on either side well. Actually. It's been like that awhile in Canada took it all what's gonna gripping it was we were not on the because our our. I think it's I think why are well. That it that you there right note that there -- that all. And you know it an offensively. We ought to do. What he wants he we. The main man and I. Got she's got to be chomping at the tournament even the day in and see what other. Down what now let's go over to the let's go to the coastal side of things that one that that division is always seemed a little crazier little more unpredictable. Going in with Virginia Tech in the losses they've had a defensive backfield. Going in it kind of feels like it's it there's a gap between Miami and everybody else is that and Tyrone muscled somebody short to say that. Now I don't think so are you opt. You got the crowd out but cooks he went nuts are Syria in. He'll have got to get ready to go. Attica Attica with with the Virginia Tech guy yesterday I mean but now dot Jack. It just got a you know it's a good look to me eat eat eat we've got good energy and you know what I mean the only matchup that you know. No matter what you come up out of the book welcome you spilled out in the first. Want to run a show like that when enemy sort of like that it. It makes them stop all that he had the offense and the apathy around went off and we. But there was although got on the heat and all of those and sucking air. When you know in. When you got we got out of your truck there at the quarterback that this. I mean it opens up you can do pretty much anything you want when you can go to parliament while apple is open now. When he can when he came out permanent demand you know. Beyond standard base in North Miami got a couple of those guys. He bet they've they've got the diet can really outward so. They don't need to step up and grow up and hurry. But spot there. He wants to be able to use full arsenal but that anybody get ready you know. Some unknowns about the so that's that's like Aaron right there at the guys that are expected to go elsewhere and you know they feel like they're home they want you there. It's not the end of the day you know people are really until you appreciate where they are. But our guys that would play well that's there. What are you here's here's a question convey a labs I've got to talk to couple little bit this year with what they have coming back on defense and Daniel Jones is a veteran QB. You know does it does Virginia Tech. Or duke or anybody in this in this in this division. I mean do they have to do they have anything for Miami and and take a look at Miami. Does Miami have anything for Clemson is much is Karzai would give Miami the title it still doesn't feel like I saw them play last year doesn't Selig could be just different this year. Right well ironic with you here in Newton is not subtle and not just sit there are. You know what these the end of July and if I had been you know. Dick championship matchup and it happened to check and I I quit with to a but I also agree with you I. So we just don't mean that they're making nobody is talking about right now in my what do you that they shouldn't and I think biko cut coast in. They've got to say they'll be on the offensive line they got it back to new tackles. That bad. There are good no not that that that that oral but there. But they can patent. Could cut that don't belong about what about it he's grown up here are Arthur Davis a quick look at. The quarterback. Want to technique that when they return any order it and it's been. They lost no it is that the coordinators gong to Oklahoma State but it turns in them and into co coordinators now that I don't know if them forever you know. But just markets in there and know where they belong no where they. You know pay this guy at the limit when when you look at who they can they help on upon the topic but you know he. He doesn't from what are you know that there and I got a problem in the yeah not out that the client and a you know you can't make it in neutral on the hunt and eat and you'll know I think they need to keep them. Off the ground and let him do well in that he could really use special quarterback. Each and man no doubt about Beijing's good talking you by the way I would just say. But I don't necessarily agree with seminal Brian who hit me up and said the way it should be is the Gator as the opening act for the Seminole I don't necessarily. Dream dad if you hit the well you know I've got a book one of my ten minute edit brilliance that story cut. When you're cryptic note. Try to hijack he's trying to hijack canal a canal zone. Are they see you are the man brother we appreciate it we'll talk she would down a row once and actually kick this thing office. Are there are out. There there you go James bass the man has these very easy gal basic. Basic house beautiful match I guess he was sort of hard and sold a defense that 96 team that beat the Knowles seminal Bryant for a national championship if you'll remember that my favorite teams that are managing a white man or. Pop ACC coaching news that act once. Reverend Al gets a contract extension through 202320446. Years at fifty million dollars a year. So first venables now Brownell there handed out to contract extensions they're Clemson. All right we have done it Larry Fedora has not gotten extension if he does we'll let you know all we will be on top of that story. Let's take a break here we come back Danny kanell joins us he's gone to war on football what's going on with all these studies and all this talk. About CTE in the future of the NFL so we're very serious it is also what Larry Fedora said yesterday when Larry called the tackle football it's coming up next I'll. Tied to big he's a big push here's the kick golf ball kick off giveaway continues. WB. Descent into any one of your shot to win a thousand dollar jam until the top of the hour go to Texas Dan Webb with 27281. It's a national contest message and data rates do apply some good luck good luck and maybe you'll finally earn money. It aid if for listening to speech you know some of the you know there have been badly today I believe have this feeling that you deserved day I got caught and others you -- got caught up a mistake Charlie doesn't write me about all my mistakes and die yea he had a swing and MS DOS a cautious and that was during the taping you're gonna see what happened we don't know we're gonna go to the audio on this one but what made him probably old news dug it up to just point out or let's bring in the Danny kanell right now all former we just had James Bates on. Former Gator and we now do equal time we go to the former Knoll. Danny kanell former great quarterback there that's an issue and you hear him all mad dog radio you can watch him on not on the CBS. HQ dot com lot of great video content there. And he joins us here from sunny South Florida Danny kanell what's going on now welcome to show how you doing. Whoa whoa whoa whoa I don't Wear off they'd like you don't debate the be all for being like a contractual opt out bottled up at bat. You've got back from there it but I thought the Beers. There are a lot of ink accurate are they about oh yeah. My other bad we don't know that there's a yeah I bought it in about let's go look forward to our talk a little strap. In does well I'll tell you what happened you'll love what happened was one of our seminal guys in the audience we got a fair amount they get like Steve Willis here in Charlotte. But dumb they see of course tries to spin it as. Well least you had to Gator on first you know you indicator on first for the seminoles. And then my man Bryant who's a seminal guy lives here in Charlotte said. So Bates is that the as always the Gator is the opening act for the future acts the seminal solve that don't even. Oh it. I doesn't just got I'm very curious to hear your opinions that we may disagree on some of the stuff but I know you're passionate about it. Larry some doors made some waves here and I think naturally it's called on a bit too but certainly here in the region and the state right here in Charlotte NA CC media days. His comments about football being under attack. And now he still doesn't believe that. That it has been proven that there is a link between CT in football even though the NFL two years ago did basically amenities or is there is a link there and we're working on it. What did you think and you sent out a couple of tweets kind of in reference to it what did you think about Larry Norris comments because they upset a lot of us what did you think up. So I. Like top of that. Guys thank you. I think you bet a lot of groups like I. Agree with them that became a football under attack I think you'd speed. A lot of you know what you law that are proposed from different states across the country. They're gonna try to make it illegal to play tackle well all that's that's great. Yeah that's craze well. But when you do. When our country are all part or what you completely deny any like what the last eight he became. Bob you know about it and it did that then you lose either but it got he reasonable with a cup page. Well what bothered me you'd been more than Larry or comment our that we thought well I think. You'd be like there. The battle they like like what gamble in a column that about it today that he should be hired back like a lot like it that quick they are there. Not us for that that's crazy to me you know what so you know. You know what did you think about that it's it you can't you can't go NASCAR on this I think we both agree on that. But not that angle where I feel like he gave barbaric act what people are making quite like that because you will are being built by the quiet. If they coach did not. You know refute the apple app you know all. Or. The school concussion protocol you're gonna be cultured they're going to be called the get fired adult and all the way he. People want to handle it if you are it's been very forward I think you'll. And I think it. Basically the way out all that up in a nutshell is that the beer is out taping but. And there's no question about it you have parents that are terrified of what their children Whipple ball. I think there should be a parent but not not all out here because we do need to do more restarts but it. We don't now. Now you're right Danny can knows what else we're talking a bounce you know safety of football players to Norris comments kanell already becoming popular it to guys that were angry and art take all day long Jessica that's that's why this works and bring you on here we do you win over. Well. We're okay obviously. Allos football I mean like we do we live for football it was Al football Danny. As well as you onshore our jobs not going to be the same is probably not going to be as lucrative you know and remained there won't be as many available in Charlotte is football becomes a shell of itself so. I just have fear that that's where we're headed and whether it is. And we do have to keep doing research I just thought Larry Fedora came across as somebody that wanted to be in denial. Put his head in the say and over the east studies have been done like some me. We need to be proactive as a football community let's play like tech to make it safer. But yet signed a sweet spot where we don't have to compromise too much of the game. But we can't like I don't like the sentiment for serious couple years ago came out attacked the moms. That were afraid of this and we got to talk to it as a moms the tools traders like but there's legitimate concern as a parent I got concerned health. NFL players constantly just come out former NFL players said they did they would want their kids playing it. I do is sync yet to be proactive instead of being in denial likes Dora sound. You're a couple you know that's worked that's where the Coker ever thought out well older. There have been really. And all that from a PR standpoint right because there are a big current crop at. If you count in that yes yes you know and what you put pork expo but the comment but what he'd that the paper at that he brought us yes a bit. But the thing I would you. You'd think the game will ever be states. It became eighteen my nature by nature right. Out Hulu yeah. But like that's where our year that they're all you people are home. You know opinion pretty elbow right. To make big game they. Thank you just can't let you go all black football but even that might. The nature or they're gonna there's rip and everything you do and I think we we've come pretty close to eliminating sure about it but it became a game. I don't want we thought okay we look forward and well I hurt everybody you know there but why are people. Already yet by away respect we don't yet. I don't waiver and I'm probable that that's what it's about points or rather than later. And you know up we can do a better job which are you're going to get fired off the field they're thought. You know there's only what it looked better job of perfecting the player on the belt or yet although they doubt that. But at some point we all got to come out wobble but not that there right. It's papers or there are. Not. Are on proper. A law firm grip that are educated on but it don't like we all like agree got into they are what. Try to do our but it. Never going to be a and that's why not what your it's yeah a lot that he. It's going to be yet you can make it safer but there's probably right and there's sites or their own house clock. You know remain on and how much you can you can go with the game of football it's a nasty game you know better and make mom did you notice here. Irony and all this part are not gonna hire all like I would dapper credit but the Eric we're going to keep search it out before you know why he I. Out what football with the Senior Bowl and what the because he's confident it would cut I that the bulk of the great what light downtown are by no I don't want to eat more typically made all that Angel but the beating Becker. When it starts hadn't yet and that's another thing too with kids Danny that's nothing to like. There have been plenty of people play the game of football Drew Brees are saying this that you can get you can you can play in you know guys don't have to play tackle football until high school. Why do you agree with that digital YouTube live that like it's not necessary for kids before their brains develop further hasn't taken a speeding that's reasonable right. Read more apparent ought to make that they're in here I think I don't want. The government but for so you don't want it to be that it's all slides onto your high school you've diesel from Zell. And quite look I want my daughter with Michael bought one of our club at a or what or why are well well well. A lot of bike and that'll cot back there which you get them because our help but not like what you get a pan out but. I. Well. You know like it would follow what my colleague idiots yes well I. But they're not that big enough that when he dammit equipment that they out art file edit anything near what you're gonna be later and he backed I want my children how to. Apple correctly and properly with Wright he. So that they don't opt for that injury what are later other. There are well. Or not but I think it should be up there individual and for the but that's not and the fact he BO. Product will be the other it's game now could be in trouble. And I think it's I think it I don't like the fact you're out you know the government prominent thing you can't stop. Yeah yeah okay I know what are you got this is this is electricity bona Gator man by the way are I'll I'm coming to increase the kind of getting ready to ask how's the war on turtle necks going right now. But I'll walk out but here the thing but Webb and approve of the turtle back in at all now like all the separate it for the circle back. And the budget there at all like what happened quite eager. That there are so overweight like watts and hate not meet the girl is well how did you know that Arnold. You just describe me I see it come on TV and a turtleneck I hate on you but I'm sitting there in our battle it was announced that is out also left the Janelle you don't want. On hard to go let's just how. How about from this standpoint. On wired to Doran and we you sit me did you agree on the American decline and footballs and call that stuff. But just it was standpoint of okay yet tar heel fans listening. I would ask Danny did he not heard this program in away from a recruiting standpoint tell. Because he's headlines get out parents already you know our our little concerned about you know Johnny played football styles. Does does this hurt his ability to go in the living rooms or take it in and maybe have parents believe that he's 100%. There to protect Egypt's. I've got our political I think it will in. Oh it and it will make it a little bit short of the call to recruit certain player they're gonna be a lot of parent because they've been reading all the article that aren't that we have. They're gonna wanna know where I am not that are going to. My child when it comes the play well well well why do you think there ought to be up my local damage control where the door in out there. We want our number current trial are to ensure that hey we are the important thing about it like part a lot of I am pretty you know I wore Prada. That there might try to study impact study about what's there. Yet that's for the drop lawsuit Danny does sort of problem sue right to can't make his boss is happy is right there on campus. They have one of the foremost authorities on this and he is they're trying to deny the science or. That's got to be awkward too right. Absolutely yeah well. That's what I would expect him argue art book vocal start back Pollack director while out at these things I do think Joey caught up to what he again and up at some point I think you. Apoplectic out of date and bet that that there are no. Doubt have helped our players will be my first priority yet apple. Yes he's. He's got a stress that unfortunately we do real and I thought we just we sit ears you know yelled at each other we agree on some things other things a little different on. I was a great conversation. Danny kanell US demand that I think you were worthy of being the feature acts others over base I don't I do. I'm proud of being good mammal talk she may want to games star we'll give you collection starts almost a real football. Rock barn because there you'd NHL mad dog radio and at CBS sports page view dot com was due to assist take a little breather we come back to get a bunch emails text Wade's. I think Danny kanell one back all the guys are mad at us Boni a balanced interview with canal Danny can Al's got really good. Spyware back and as the Mac attacks on us and say thanks to Danny can Nelson join us James bass a little Gator Seminole back to back there also thanks to David Glasser David Glenn radio network he's in Charlotte for the ACC media days. And also to frank Schwab. Who did a great interview. Talking great stuff about how cam in north could be a perfect marriage. How Ron Rivera's or five best coaches in football and then francs while from Yahoo! Sports ruined it by telling me that they're not a playoff scene at the end of the interview. How dare you do that. Philly Charlie Brown with a football being pulled out from guys come on back entirely to the side effects are anyway. And the sounds Edward of that you know where that August here here's I don't. Of a thank. You believe they go back to the playoffs this year I don't these volleys and I brought it always that I. Honestly you're right yeah here's the thing it's annoying he's on a video on Yahoo! there's embedded in his story their hero preview the Panthers saying that he thinks of their playoff football team. But then I asked him on the inner real. And he says no other not a playoff football team like cabs most people come on our local market and change their story to be good for the home safe. You remember that when Ditka got caught doing that that would just it was almost like yours that there about his neck together and he made predictions of cancers are gonna win a game. And then some listeners somehow found out that in the other city of the other receiving TP them to win the very same game that Friday remember you can hilarious man remember our guy back today Sean Salisbury to design thing oh Salzburg a coherent and he'd dig deeper predictions on our show how. Video on ESPN in yeah how that was our own guy deduce that did get that a third Salisbury that could be. ESP and telling you to pick so maybe artist and on the air that's the thought that big audience piano player raw Salisbury also shut about half hour late for every segment we're paying you know levels and we are situations are -- by the way for a consider its next weeks and all that stuff. But only do you have the audio. People say the US people say you made a mistake you said that Brad Brownell signed a deal six years fifteen million topics a year while W was able. Run Al gets a contract extension through 2023. For six years absentee million dollars a year. That is the contracts. That's the contract he signed for ninety million dollars and I just can't make it modelled very buoyant as mass cal Perry today everybody is bailing out of one bad mistake RI. Well why why it is just mr. mistake tracker and Mac is about the sub station mistake record shouldn't you not make mistakes in your question you deal cleaner over there on your side of things that's what do we track mistakes on the show this is ridiculous I don't for every day when an idol I trapeze the last delegates up over here. The biggest mistake that this show is made it's hire this guy. I'm man. However let me give you some on the gets some emails and then we ask a cam Newton's grandma date there's a middle. In Syria impose there's a new it's a rim video as well and we also have. I am on the grand re mix that I don't ask going to be daddy I need to be box and again in recent example is up for sisters says I deathly once the door to keep go to meals a body says different is an idiot sincerely a look back saying it. This guy says Dan McEnroe sort coaching UNC but it sounds like he's been taken classes there till. No this man says I Macs are God's sakes why don't you gonna they want Jim gone Schwab at the end of that interview I don't think we've gone to guessed yet. I'm not to try not to get the business bottom gong in gas is our way and just try to committed and everything Adam Schein comes on after all his campaign afraid I might do that's where would happen in the first debate over Rihanna Adam shot hello. I gotta check dog and sear this but there's one there's a Dora saves the decline of football would be decline of our country or wouldn't be a top. That's an old lawyers in the Florio line Donald Trump humor. Money that year about this takes a door you're all over it. Just some concussion water with some nano bubbles and you'll be fine no CT sincerely Russell Wilson thanks. Russell Wilson's new sue debuted last NB SP somebody's asking us to review the shoe what do you think fire what do you all think of the new dangerous one issue Mac I know you're gonna buy it. Today he can't. There are like the the blacks you version of Seth Curry's White Sox are critical to get it's let's get there's something else going on there's a straight blacks you're almost looks like a brute. He's got some sort of boosted some God's individual districts or eight saves very boring very safe she you. Which is perfect for a very boring safe manner it is it is our analysts see year Mac don't swept a knuckle drag your crowd you're on the right side and as a thank you sir can. It never dogs described as not to drag her crown. Arm and multiple people making a point that we the Daytona both agreed on which was. This is a rough spot for him doing this because you have the doctor there that is so great I think he you know one of the top two I think. In the industry of studying brain trauma NCTA. That's why it looks tone deaf also you're basically. Downplaying the importance of your academics at UNC the same thing. They got you into trouble with the scandals is is just not a good look in my opinion for what Larry Fedora said but anyway armed he did give a show material. What do you have over their bonus Cam Newton is X ray Max. He got beat Boston I you do about it can't cause a great chance to grant him how to say what else. I'm not going to get a little taste in my favorite what does that boys there that those shorts or short remixed version I. Rapist so what does cam Lindsay Graham developments while he posted. Not just the story we problem pub every deleted all the posts last year camps got an IG post back up and you'll never guess what it's all Mac. The acts can't let that also this camel laws themselves. The damn maps to see now he's proud of those things but if I had those ads I'd be pretty proud of those bad boys to see you go and post and camp. It would she got ideally we call those walks more active and there was no doubt there's no doubt the opposite of what I have under my shirt is what tam has. And a video what's oil now second post for every second post got as close and 32 minutes washed out he's gone crazy and what was the video the video was ultimately show that those when he showed to me these aren't enough bombs didn't work out he drops another mother believer launch and Latino study a wash out your mouth with soap could put my mother did to me went out again. All in Tammy kids are watching you on to grant wait a second car stuff. Oh he's as laying in a field in the caption says serenity. When you use is the calm before the storm blows worst season relaxing before the stress of the football season you don't camp or seeing Doug again at a camp near his hands drop sides accuse drumming up involves working out negatives have that was in a field laid out. That dude looks ridiculous man seriously ridiculously good shape he is ready to take some hits ma'am I we're gonna take a breather we come back we'll set you up to the midday show it appears in midday show's in studio and not all location and it appears the hosts are different than the ones that I said we're coming up with other. Other than that I'm very well in tune with what's coming up on this station it's the Mac attack. All right so we've got a British Open going on here ladies and gentlemen and right now in the clubhouse. I Kevin this is in changing by the way he's going to be in the clubhouse all day at five under 66. At Carnoustie today. Carries and ruins from South Africa four under 67 Tony seen how who's made a little bit of noise at times in majors this year is at four under through fifteen. Let's see here another cut meant to more south African Zander Lombard and Brandon stone at four under and three under respectively right now. And where they love mask please go this time though he really did drop out ditty. We're going to speak on this leaderboard. Saying good bonus you radio you're back yeah like sky and scrolling union don't you scroll that we sounds camera Lamar and all accounts dude where's. Heck George because one over how to. That happens is that an architect curse I talked about good Israel was daunting was three under tied for third and within literally a half hour due to lost four shots. Ke ha. He's finished up now one over so he plays like the first fifteen. First fourteen in three under he played the last four in forums. PM thoughts pieces of themselves a good day anyway tiger great deals look at Carnoustie was maybe even pull our early in his round through six. The way this the stairways that parties that look like your backyard as aren't just a while while the open championship it's. Clearly it is right or has your back yard in the summertime I am not backyard and let me get a bad right now in the summertime brown is audio because you're the man of the house taking care that you are right I do that is my responsibility one of my CU manly responsibilities. Rickie Fowler us trying to save for a brutally interrupts our Tebow is an even par through seventeen right now. But yet and anyway top five list. Postponed to tomorrow we went for door crazy we talk answers we talked football. One story I didn't bring up Tebow to reiterate handed off Tim Murray who is host and today midday zero net and see Garcia nearly will be live from ACC media days over there at the West End and they will have dabble in the shuttle rides Italy in many more on the show today. And we'll see you'll any coach today doubled Allen's an oral they when they goes to door today we will find out. But T bone I wanted to. Oh I want to tell the stories from SEC immediate and someone makes a very good point on attacks. They said gives a door some credit he completely took the shine away from SEC media days and it's true. Nobody's talking about anything in college football from the SEC media days near as much as the door to save a Sega how. And when CT on the stairs Saban talking quarterback situation schedule not near as does the buzz is this. But I do wanna I do to jump this one in from SEC media days easier about the whole hub bub with former Georgia players and new Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt. Now you hear about disk Aaron Murray are now works CBS. Said that he does not think Pruitt is head coach with serial. Doesn't think he has the ability to B to CEO. That head coaches. Says he does not have the temperament to be a head coach. And then David Pollack jumped in Emery was there when Pruitt wasn't was one of Marc Rich assistance coordinator. Tom Pollock jumped in and says. He has to be honest what he has heard about the way that Jeremy triggered Pruitt treated Mark Richt. And he says the stuff that he did towards Mark Richt he says most coaches around the country agreed that it was completely disrespectful and despicable. The stuff that he did the Mark Richt when he was assistant at George I have no idea most of us have no idea what those are. And after Pollack said that he did an interview would germ intrude on ESPN on cows a ball alive did not bring it up at all during the whole interview. You do that. Do you regret to shreds like it has not even give him a chance. To defend himself what was it Tennessee's guards are coaching search is seriously like Tennessee fans you know ray Seattle well you know once Schiavo all that stuff cowards and people. But this guy is you know does this guy is a question mark by the way this student says. I'll run new Russell Wilson cheerleaders some other guy Wear out first and then you have to put on a shelf for a couple of years before he can have a good weeks such cuts and I'll call. All are also Wilson put down and I'm here for ladies and gentlemen. I real quick before we wrap this baby up. Let's check in we Tim Murray who is posted on the mid days here and it's Lindsay today see he's got coming up to what's going on man you don't. What's going on fellas we got a lot to get into its slowest day of the sports here's what I heard bill which we pundits talk about. Apparently the UNC coach. It's interesting comments there will talk to Mike Adams Dan Walcott who is obliterate heated. Larry Fedora he's gonna join us at 1130 Tom Logan bill on the 12 o'clock hour and little Marvin Williams in the 1 o'clock hour so a lot to get into so looking forward to it amid days here at W offensive. They will be live from ACC media days here in Charlotte by the way George saenz now telling me that Marion Pruitt did not overlap. So I just wrote that in there but Marie I guess and you know ice Mario has his opinions policies or through the grapevine. The stuff that he is alleged to have done their Georgia's old they didn't overlap but Murray certainly knows what's going all out exactly bad but but I did I misspoke don't Lisa do you I don't know if you wanna put that on my oh no mistake tally over the Maurizio it could kind of zero Vista says I don't know George alumni don't like you'd sees no coach new coach what will we do we'll see we'll see if it's that well or if there's some substance in there some sort of terror watch a loyalty it was a lot of gains probably. Oh. Yeah. Boy jumped in went after the vols got it went into a Georgia guy can you tell golf balls don't look back below the how bulls say it again maybe this stuff that he did make this stuff has no baron I just think he's got a very hard job to do a Tennessee I think must champ stood a good job and I think moans could do a great job and obviously Kirby Smart is an hell even Stoops six Kentucky. You know is doing is is make inept program better so we will see what happens at Tennessee we get around this baby up good work got a bone. Good work at a prep me we'll talk to tomorrow's football Friday we will the top five list tomorrow on the show we will dig up people other than alert for door to discuss some more Mac attack.