Mac Attack Hour 4: Greg Valentine & Mike Florio

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Wednesday, July 11th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Greg Valentine & Mike Florio. 

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Our earlier mechanism Mac it's actually a frenzy Mike Florio we'll ask him about David several ask him a bounce. The Jerry Richardson contract staff. It is statue contract situation as well. And go around the NFL this Shawn McCoy situation is another one. And delete Hester tried to handle the right latter I don't low combat on Manhattan and but right now wrestling stands blasts in the past you we get a chance now he's got. Some cool stuff to promote we had a great chance of Maryland do that we also got a reminisced about some good days of wrestling a lot of out of his great days by the way happened here in Charlotte. Which you guys know huge wrestling town for years. And we're talking about WW hall Stamer had so many great moments to mid Atlantic wrestling and WA eight. Greg and hammer Valentine joins us here on the Mac it's Greg it is a pleasure how you doing. Undergrad. Or pay a treat up to your usual route nine years old joke I yell what are you guys did it was kind of the base obviously back then first. For so many of the wrestlers. You know and Ric Flair we think Charlotte we think of Rick flair. What are your thoughts over a click each US so many moments as tag team partner unit moments then were you guys were on opposite sides pledged. You guys did a lot of wrestling together com. What was he like to wrestle with as a person like what are your memories of richt. It was a nice guy and torment reporter. All here for. You is you're crazier and a and he made me crazy but those are good Craig's sizes. We're better a lot of trips together we were in the world strategy jump through three different times. That I broke his nose and our Russell reduce them all reporters. Well it was full involvement. It was Phnom. Daddy was let me tell us about this because I heard I was watching that Ric Flair and don't want me to show us now wreck and ask your general question now from your career like. I was watching in the you know thirty for thirty was our Rick flair people were talking about how he made you better he enjoyed like making new battery is arrests are wanna make you look good it's not just all about me. Was Rick is clearly answers or someone else who is a guy that when you wrestle with him he brought out the best in you as just. In terms of just performers they just put on a show and helps you put on that shows or someone in particular. Also. Started me to Ronaldo was also bruised the other very that you got to make your opponent look good. And an outrage you look good review beatle yeah. Look good that's a good boy he looks so good and you sit schmaltz. I think that you know I mean I used to do or die. So creative preserve of the match and they're about Peter. You've got to you've got leash or beaten somebody you're not born out there and just taken not to preserve about a new beer don't know at all about making your poll worker. Was there somebody do you feel like was especially good at doing that for you. Well there are I wrote slows art person or Brussels so money does and I Russell forty some years and you know I've got a double dip. Props should June also and turmoil were also a lot of peer. Ball movement Daniel donors Charlotte. An Iraqi fire in overweight they're probably wrote part of the wee bit today. All caller imagine Brees broke very first paper your first ever start treaty lose. That's a that's saying US so many memories you'll so many memories from this Charlotte also this state. In general well we're talking with Greg the hammer Valentine talking about his career lies in wrestling it. I was reading over your bio and I let her watch I didn't I Duma or watches a kid Emery noted the buyer and there are some days you know where I was pretty young styles. A lot of your your days in the seventies. Man you like water only Daniel I think you broke his leg right. Jean Anderson you broke his nose like you are or you is is wrestling that vicious or you particularly vicious Gregg to wrestle against which was. I was what to call stood up athletic called media cameras or this is petroleum merit and it all wasn't there about. There was a reasonable doubt that there because I build people's doors are pure. And Sobel smash but army document very inaudible pull my archers and Ruslan was much more real but they don't. Editors now and that's lets users can also 300. Sort of three interpret in state sponsor of about who's we're on the road all the time in them. We were in the ring and we are proud cheer him beat future of Europe through this fall will be very very tough. The answer in just two days by the way is not come and hundreds of movie theaters Thursday July 12 at 7 PM it's a behind the scenes look. And the world are Breslin and Greg get the word out about that will will continue to by the way tickets. Tickets and information. At www. Stab them a sense dot com slash 350 days and I want to ask you about that Greg. Your comparison is wrestling today like can you kind of took us theirs start I want you let's expand on this. Do you watch wrestling nowadays it kind of shake their headaches but so much money for these guys and look how easy it is for them do you you kind of. You looked at what age you almost lacked respect for the current wrestlers how do you view it. It'll produce respect them and our respect there're there're there are great out waits for the fact every generation. Via outflows so zoomed out which could get better and better and better. So these brokers are great but very you know what they need to do a slow down. I grumble all because it is grossly overheated abroad from rope broke the back jump out. Traders saw the opera opened me nonstop grossly you need to get down. And do we use a Paul Brown now. And go and throw some good shots and some departures here all layer. I also do. Greg your wit the hockey Tom and I believe from 1990 to 92 as a taxi call rhythm and blues. In your notes for yearlong slowing Vaughn here's what I think Greg downtime and get up blond hair for a period that and that's stretched in a jet black hair. How did they talk to you and I do and that's. Well as followed Miro and you're out foreigners and media and all were already here but I of the blogger end. They do about it is. Verisign idea I didn't quite hear it. Refinery are JPM with Jimmy Carter turned them black daughter. Durham and brochure and I went out. You ought to put everything behind. In all of the blogger went behind me about where everything into this new gimmick. But you know there there were spokes we were lined up to be the world future because it would never happen. I couldn't wait to hear about her blog the yeah the only church months so my career applied. I had I barely remember boast only about barely really remember that even happened. Before we let you go a wanna ask you this that we always hear the stories about slayer what health Claire tells most Lamotte his partying. We hear the Andre the Giant stuff about the ridiculous like a case of beer plus that he would throw down. Like who what was it who was your favorite guy to party with did you have a particular guy or two where your life. I go out this cat or have a blast. Well it for a course there are yeah yeah I am glad you're open. The Raleigh hill to America we used to be PP that there will be Dario shuttle was there every true street nodded and then at the beach music on on. And though all my daughter was just I just simply be Rick ware was Smart server or. That's an answer recyclers shock any of this man of our two guys check out here you're an old school wrestling dancer in a fifty days it's in movie theaters on July. Well special night. Greg's in their Tito Santana Paul lord north's Abdul butcher I mean all these names to global call all these names in the past Lex Lou there. It Lugar it is. A look at sure look inside the world of wrestling. So Adam events dot com slash or in fifty days to buy tickets did you see where it's available here in the Charlotte area. I'm Greg thank you so much a cup and all manner had a blast. Thank you very much and that's all we won not only get out there watching the goal of. And if you don't Greg's gold finds you and if you don't racial tortured figure for right you'll find an unfortunate right. Here in New York government bear the premiere her New York through so we don't. Don't sure orbiter ought to move real perpetrator or. That say no more Barbara would be good thanks for coming on. I do agree that hammered down outside seen Howard some guys phony somebody's wrestler guys get on you that morning Anderson on as well guys it actually wrestled but when I watch wrestling he did that you're getting into a more enjoyable. Pair of wrestling talked rather than their guys loudly Nazi in it there's a lot of new guys and it just talked to the older guys or anti about stores magnate in your guys. They're finding your views but I like to talk to the older guys are gone and it's bad story I will sit is seen as a cool dude man and I just not trying to paint job like we're best buddies are suddenly he's blown up since then. But I remember like it was very early and can or both bartenders here enough there's eight and he came in studio he wasn't as big then you did you see the dudes gotta. He was he was growing is not he was going into the god I was gonna carry the company I'll never forget it was Sina. If he had the biggest. Strongest hands I've ever seen a man have a legitimately. It was ridiculous. To let his hands gorgeous office. And his hands were so it big the biggest thing is that I agree with uses like eight candidate that's what we know he should I have any goals my whole my whole aura it is. That that is what we noticed our Macs are all close the picture there's pitcher you're gonna get us back government it was back to WF Lindsay does Tom. Email address can I say this is as nothing you do it any thing. Which could really be the title they show this has nothing to do any thing. We asked Gloria come in the bottom of the double duty email text and week's segment next to send those babies and only fired up what everyone ascendant. But I just have to point this out last night's Tito French. He coda Tito Santana Tito Francona was our manager for the Indians was trying to make a pitching change bump. He said give me OT. OT is a nickname of ethical Tara. Yes mama but it's she or he really wanted to of someone else out of the bullpen and who was OP. And I forget his name I forget the name young pitcher. He'd say they misheard what he was saying over the phone to the bullpen. They warmed up and sent in the wrong geared and their bold plan you're telling me well Bennett was they blew a seven run leave it there to get up seven runs with two out. It's four therefore nothing on the reds two outs at home. Probably denied dating to a loss. It'll seven runs in Clark with two outs because Francona has for another guy and their nicknames were so close to each other they sent the wrong guy in the again this is a problem baseball today they all use nicknames are both of players you wanna just to be clear when you say you got to give their full birth name date of birth and Social Security to get got to get that right you can't see. Here's my question though and not see the wrong guy warming up. I don't know we've got monitors in the dugout start I guess Francona didn't pay attention. And then once he came in I guess he's got to face a batter I guess right Oz yes on my guys aren't the only hassle me now visits to argued her I don't know what that situation Mac get W and Z dot com all right. We come back from Florida to Florio that a bottom of the hour we'll talk to separate we'll talk Richardson statue we will talk around the NFL. But when we come back we'll get to its next week's and the emails it is our young guys and good work you've got to hear this one it is a Mac attack on SNC. You actually blessed it was a pretty good. From all sides here. Head coaches and understands. And understands himself. I appreciate some the changes were made on that on the staff side in my view. Nothing to do with that but just I appreciate it when I'm. That's a pretty good addition in my. The national defense his guy OK just natural for me nationally walking on the street entering the water natural. So I think you appreciate you getting. Understands he wants out strictly organizations and bring good people can do that's important so I think that's kind of the things like to see. So listen how much he will continue to Muster I think we got some good folks there. Oh people always want hears things that are bad. And I'm sorry can do it. So that is what is. Your bag it's a magnitude I don't have benzene Mike Florio bottom of the hour ten minutes away a lead his thoughts on what's going on your temper and that. The bombshell of this issue is contractually obligated to remain as is that is the way David tepper phrase didn't you know Rappaport has reported. That that was something Jerry Richardson's attorney. Presented to everybody that was up for potentially buying. The team it just seemed sneaky and we easily. And then on the flip side of that. It seems awful awful narcissistic and eagle and tackle it really does god tapped piece of advice here we don't status in the city anymore. So this in his voice and he did drop its first it is bloody Weis had flashbacks we did to reunite. So there isn't the easiest slice he did soon those babies by the way I love the way though he says. And we get a good football operation here. I'm not doing anything. He would be a full mess with this even in a year ago I don't even think any year you should mess with this thing I'd even back all morning Ernie man I didn't initially didn't like the thought of just grabbing Jerry Richards his body to combat didn't do this. Felix had a good all season I'm not really in a hurried. To get rid of her you know I'm saying neither I just think we've got a good football operation don't. Go crazy a lot of hours come and start making power moves early on he doesn't seem like it's I wanna do that so he also said this talking coaches in his in his audience realizes he wants John Foster. Promotional announcements. We will do FaceBook live on the WFNC Facebook's of teen age what is called. HA so patients FaceBook page FaceBook page today just some guys that add some 11 o'clock today so and in our history and our little whose weight. Mean you and Marshall guest don't I'm not in this wondered but remember you made of that would mark from Estonia and he's paying it off today you have to be their fourth album I guess it Daryn that's him as a cheerleader you sit there with the adult mice and that she got to calm meanwhile he's paying off the Bethel at first at least LB differ fifteen seconds the last great okay marching gusto he's paying all the Betty lost in about the NBA finals to T bone. He has he should be public is aware cheerleading outfit so. If you're in the looking at mark on video to cheerleading outfit. WFANC. FaceBook page today we're going live at 11 AM not all of you guys might be in the that's absolutely I think you maybe under that. That is a go ahead I don't I'd say there's some darkness that it was your best so why should I. I thought he's got this thing I know throughout his inaugural FaceBook live to see you get a basketball game as a cheerleader Richard god he's funny till I'm talking Auburn that was him do that on to heal graduating get attention and he's seen his videos it's God's bro bro was thirsty so doing thirsty for your attention so does Florida guys are crawling through argued receipt thirst. I would CEO we have astute most good emails text three sisters says it landamerica Roger braves funny how the bandwagon has a broken wheel. Yeah let's get a little squirrelly right there would embrace bomb or even a wild card lead right now is only game and hassle the Dodgers the second card. They've lost six to seven faulty and I don't both he has to stop. He is a type of guy that is gonna stop this sort of street you know he has lost incense Sri himself. But he will stop the streak tonight -- that's what happens in Iraq and such yankees either walk but shot every time at this point study pre 78 against initiative one which I don't portrayed form four nights you guys -- I think you're gonna pay him so much money this offseason so I think he's really don't random or do you think they're gonna one hour or do both well I think if they trade -- organs aren't as he makes there and they're not gonna -- formula just let -- more he had not audited in -- item let's see here on the back to contract when Jerry says attorneys should be a -- -- statuary ZoneAlarm or next to -- there fact that. That's just what they imagine if you guys wanna put address on the statue you would go to WNBA draft shall come. Well there are thirteen women and the WM yeah they're tall that is what is the Jerry said she was thirteen seed isn't search it looks like one it's a size of one of those blimps at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade you don't like it is. Ridiculously large but of course Jerry annoying thing. Got a Tebow it was the minority owners doing afford it annoying about until the last minute. Didn't know anything about it that back in your us back in your browsing and signed it back in your women browsing Dix. If you prefer the taller women or the short one. Was your goatee I guess for a minute or about 5958. I don't like PayPal like the tall women taller than me 60 you don't look at battle. I just had to say the exact title my watch us. Perfect during your shopping explode it on now I'm I was always looking for a woman like my wife Tebow I was just brown. Losing the rest of the time PC don't Internet you keep on driver Caroline Kennedy you. This PC culture rest etc. and see what else is going on here on. That Curtis who we found as a family friend preppy Stanley Cup. Says Derek Freddy's mom could back into the statue and knock it down preppy Diem story of one share of the class because this is kind of interest saying. Yeah rom I live on lake Norman in my mom might have backed and my girlfriend's car and Austin as a lake at one point six. We're not talking like dislike a couple like a tire in the water we're talking about all full slide all the water at some data loss sunk in yet asset said he was out there with a tire act trying to grab stuff out. Out to call our there's water getting inside bizarre yet there was blue cheer them. Remote down half. The lake shoes and stuff were flying down just float in the waters I got the kayaking. Jack. They criticize fellas here's how little that paid attention to preppy story during the great match says all your girlfriend that I see that I wasn't in the continent are. I'm not a knock sir and there are many out. All the attention are now I know we got a good story on our hands are wondering preppy do you have a situation where your mom does all the driving like in my house owners are different is she my. When you know there's there's Johnson or by herself and late. Where my girl for cars Porsche is a backside because our car was pretty big. Decision backs have been there in them pulls out that's crazy and forgot the car was at least dies ball the car got efforts. This has Max singing Kenny Chesney was worsened when he sings at Schering. Was it that bad I just burnout literally I think you are you doing again to get those scenarios are no sir. Who's no sir risk goes up services file problem. It's a problem alert out for us not any worse in my head share is probably get underneath that place I gotcha I see here what else would you set me up opinion whoever I'm not a blazer. I let's see here are this country music fans angry at me. He says come on Mac Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney stopped playing country music decades ago they are now. Now. The leaks. Up with a southern accent don't call Red Bull bleep country musician he satellite satellite immigrant Kyle Bailey sending anybody. Celtics opened the real man countries and Kyle Bailey would send noticeably Tim McGraw once went two point seven seconds on a bull named to mention I'd olds is that an assault. We like your diet Manilow. OK I do like the fact he can he says he's accountable not I do like that I don't. Don't know his songs totally knows no shirt no shoes but I don't easily it is Tim McGraw and I Chesney might not let's see here let's see no that's not the same guys are two different people hide what it's not midnight run was organized a mysteriously the statue is removed and put on the interstates we would talk about it tomorrow Max Talbot can't clog up the inner stairway to work but see your bones gonna hit taxi on the way did you realize the damage we've done your garlic look at the damage to Deere does. And imagine your run right into thirteen. So Jerry Richardson. Why would do this football has to have a football we have stuff to write your windshield. A you take is damn football. Others stood says I hate to statue to grow but instead of indirectly. Calling on your minions to vandalized it why don't you put up you're putting your own work homey. This guy's telling me I should get out there and do some like this may listen my wife does as strict rules. I cannot grill I cannot drive and I cannot vandalized statutes in the middle of night OK those are just those are three year old Shasta I believe they're tearing down of things ability sub go to the Garcia Daley show yeah Garcia got quality equipment that. Somebody said Garcia would polish is that's about it I. Garcia's quite as angry as we are Jerry I think he's kind of in a different you know watch or area wash your hands Garcia anomalous. See here came back. If I was a CM PDL and arrest you win the stat if the statue is vandalized. You're basically told folks to do it today you've done everything but put up a bounty C -- how are you talking about we just had some thought about it listen if you don't think it's very possible someone messes with it's somehow different crazy goalies have some over the possibility that this thing is hated by many of us and somebody might add too much drinker summit might do something goofy does and your talent to do so but if they do is only crime for today and thirteen foot statue so much. It's all right so what's needed in the statue is tall of a white man Michael Jordan's get a sign it and 64 million dollar. Is going to be next L I thought they are decides to build statues but this would take to take Ambon away Bo what do you think not many people got involved. In the name David tempers Charlotte MLS team not allowed people got involved in that craze but they but this guy did good man known as captain complain or on the text line what do you think about these ideas the Charlotte button downers. The Charlotte statues. The Charlotte billions. The Charlotte contracts jewels. And the Charlotte shapers do you think any of those days of work well we go to break. Tech we're gonna mad about the Charlotte go to breaks and about Mike Florio coming up next. Back on a Mac. Racing in fact it was. It carries didn't animals like Perry's. There's only. Just the thing you know there's been around the league sucks. Damon standing plus it was unclear on everything enemy must thanks so I know. Ever got to be honest. It's a factory employs times today in an embryo. And an a plus Oscar award. And you never. So it's two tablets. Mr. re okay this time. Greens are slower you only see. That's right buried there you go houses back he has been. Within intro song for Mike Florio pro football talk dot com and NBC make sure you check out the best of Florio's radio shows from NBC Sports Radio. Sunday morning 7298. Animals Laurie show us came back for you brother. I appreciate it's about time and I hope that we can have one that becomes the theme song. Like the one that you guys used to use from me way back when you use that stupid Rockwell and has some designed ones watching me my good side that was horrible. We should bring them back you saw god does some are going to recreate I got it somewhere bring that may be back form for one week only yellow stylistic cringe every whatever it was whenever he used to be was it Wednesday afternoons the mornings yawning afternoon's afternoon Missouri originally when you joined us it was mid days. And then we just rose to prominence here in the mornings Florida Charlie and I are gonna reform what I mean he said don't ever do that again. Yes and don't ever do it again. A note to selves do it next week all right Florio we've got a situation here. It was a great day in the press coverage is going great LO so much of what David Samper was saying yesterday com about taken this team over. And then the final question the press conference got value observer asked the question that didn't that need to be asked. What are you doing with this statue and quick answer David tepper says it is contractually contractually obligated to keep it as it is. Com. 56 o'clock. It's horrible god it's like. I've contractually obligated to eat my Brussels sprouts you yea did I it was kind of wade delivered it he was not he wanted to make it don't really happy about this. What do you think of this Ian Rapoport reported that it was Jerry's lawyer you're was presenting this to all the perspectives. Buyers you know he by the team this is going to be in there. Come what do you think of this this just seems so egotistical that. We can't get an apology out to guide to the stuff he did what we can get him trying to save his own statue. Man wants to find a way to live beyond his natural. Life cycle right and one way to do that is to be immortalized with stature so I can understand why Jerry Richardson. Gave up some money I mean let's let's let's be realistic about it. You probably could got a little bit more money for the team if one of the requirements wasn't the thou shalt keep the statue of me wearing a suit and holding a football out there up right so. I mean look temper knew going in. If you want the team. That's that's part of the gig you that's part of what goes along with that so. The statue stays up and you know years from now little kids walking into the stadium will be asking their mom and dad who's the guy in the suit holding the football and mom and dad will be saying that's a good question I really don't now. Yeah and I it's yeah that's true who is he which once version Izzy. We've got a little bit of this peoples I mean I mean literally they'll be a time it was actually stays up for women parents actually will not know I'll look at I thought you were like being not what's being existential philosophical lives are being sarcastic oh my bad I thought you were not thought philosophical stuff their new what do you do what do you think about this this seems unfair remains a blind people are saying it. If David's numbers such a man of morals summary from one of the there's few emails I got. And tax if he's such Amanda morals why would he agreed that why would he say no dice if you're gonna make me keep dancing around like he he can't be criticized it as if he wants to purchase the team. I don't have any prominent sucking an outbreak. What if if that's if that's the price of admission. And others are willing to agree death. Right then then what what do you what do you do if you wanna team. You have to agree to the terms and social. Absolutely now you've let me ask your guests like this is kind of to conspiracy theories for me. But somebody who people are suggesting you think David tepper wanted to do in their because now he does not have to be the bad guys any settlements he doesn't have to say. You know take statue down anger some fancy unnecessary leave it up and anger some stands. I think maybe that's a small benefit of Jerry being so narcissistic. But I can't imagine that David tepper liked was gung ho about it. It's wild pitch you know you make a good point for the first time in years. That the idea that that David tapper can say. I guess I am. Incapable of making the decision there's nothing I can do about it so don't pressure me to say get down. I can't. That that. Isn't acceptable middle ground from the standpoint of avoiding whatever criticism there would pay and we know in this day and age anything you'd do someone's gonna find a way to criticize you for. Now absolutely it does it it would be like his first day on the job like you disallow Cindy easily without you was just making people happy further for the most part. Now let's go around the league in doubly damned if there's way too often around the league doesn't. Involve bad situations take you got Brandon Browner and attempted murder charge what in the world I mean that's unbelievable on an after after a woman he knows. And then the LeSean McCoy thing too which. I mean there's only so much to say I guess Florio because he is denying that he's ever does he said contact in months with a woman. Armed there was an incident at his home that she was living down there was someone come in and the and taken the jewelry there are horrible pictures of her friends we did sir put on instead Graham I mean it. There's a lots there's a lot Shearson to really goes through my guest. And everytime the NFL starts investigate so must our shake my head wondering what what the next lap the net. Wide and let's summarize. How we got to this point it was yesterday around 10 AM eastern that the photos emerged on minster Graham with the allegation that LeSean McCoy. Actually assaulted deletion cordon his current or former or on and off girlfriend who happens to be living in his house. In Georgia. So. He denies it and he has this very broad denial any says I haven't had any direct contact with any of these individuals in months okay he hasn't. Had any direct contact so he didn't do it and I'm assuming that he's digital footprint the one we all make one we use the ATM when we get gasoline. It will show that there was no overlap between his. Circle of movement in her circle of movement fine. As the day progressed. It became clear that her lawyers believe committing come out say it but it screams from between the lines of the statement that was issued last night. They believe. Bit LeSean McCoy arranged for someone great core roots just the Luis style to go to the house. To retrieve specific pieces of jewelry that McCoy bought for cordon and along the way. Cordon was viciously assaulted and I'm not ruling out any type of Fargo. This sort of scenario here where that wasn't part of the plan that everything goes haywire when it's time to implement the plan and she ends up being viciously assaulted may be because she bit the guy or something you know I mean like she and maybe god is is supposed to go inning get the jury wasn't supposed to Peter opera and Peter op if if that's where the evidence goes you know. But this is all kind of speculative but it's kind of framed by the accusation in the accusation seems to be. Whoever showed up at the house owned by LeSean McCoy and entered the house owned by LeSean McCoy and retrieved jewelry purchased by LeSean McCoy idea was doing the bidding of LeSean McCoy. And if it turns out that was the case the Sharma always done. In the NFL. Moon man advantage and any probably should be was some delight at being done on just gonna saw the photos were I mean oh or are terrific now absolutely horrifying if you see those photos. We're summer Mike Florio pro football talk dot com. And NBC. Florio I you got a piece up about Ron your beliefs and I know I think others have senate so. That hey let's not close the book on ground being traded this off season. Would you still it why why do you believe that and would you would you put a higher percentage on it low percentage because. I would still icy and you like things kind of settle their romance front what do you what do you think about all the. Well it won't be settled until he has a new contract and I think that's been the reason why there are people around the league who reportedly believe they crawled is still available and I mean the easy answer the question is he available is yes every players avail right. Unless a guy is truly untouchable. You show up with enough of a draft for our trade off for rather draft picks or players or whatever you're gonna get that got so somebody really wants Robert accounts do you they're gonna get it. And the reason that people think that maybe the patriots are open to the idea of maybe even aggressively trying to do something is training camp approaches they don't have this new deal in place and you know last year gronkowski picked up another five and a half million in incentives I think this year he wants something that he doesn't have to go out and earn over and above his mere presence on the team. He's making a million dollars this year Trey Burton who was the third string tight end in Philly. Is getting eight million a year from the pair's Jimmy Graham who was a disappointment for the most part the Seahawks are getting ten million year. Gronkowski is better than both of them and he should be making. 8 figures per year and I think that's where the push and pull is and I was told back in June. That a new deal is an imminent but it's still likely for brought them once it's done that when the talk but until that deals done you're gonna have this possibility that the duct. You know grown could be could be a former patriot it would be stunning if that happens. But with with Bill Belichick he can't rely on anything he has traded players like Richard Seymour out of the blue you know they may. For everyone except Tom Brady there where the name off the back through Jersey you know they'll make an an assessment now move the guy if they think it's in their best interest. No doubt I'd lasting real quick we about a minute there I want you to use your lawyerly skills on this one the grievance filed by the NFL PA. Is I think the ground June you correct and clean was the estimate seems like the grounds are you did this without consulting us as the players union AVG. You win against a collective bargaining agreement is that what they're getting ads they have any case and what they are by the way filing the grievance for any drug that I. And is the new N. The policy what do you do and and answer to chase. Here's the argument is the case I've been making. From the moment the NFL changed the policy remember when there were some of the reporters who work for the NFL saying it was a compromise reached on the income policy and the F up here is that what the hell you talking about where our week with this the tipping a compromise without us. And here's how it works in any union shop where you have a union that represents the rank and file. The employer can't make major changes right can't make material changes to the work rules without bargaining it's called mandatory duty to bargain meaning you have to sit down across the table. And you Sadie union. Okay this occur more coral in place that we created that let you guys protest during the National Anthem. We would like to change that. What is your position well we are willing to consider a change in that policy. If you would consider a change in some other policy you had to make a concession is a back and forth. That's how it works the NFL just wanted to ram this thing through because they don't wanna make a concession and I think they don't want to make concession Mac because. They made this mass nine years ago when they decide it. To bring the players out of the locker room and make the players' part of the effort to wrap the NFL shield in the American flag. They created a defects they had a loophole they had what is it the exhaust port on the death star so the photon torpedo could go when it. You know I'm not a Star Wars are completely but I think I got it close. They allow that by the way they wrote the policy they said in the policy the players must be on the sideline and they should stand all it do was put must stay in there. It done this nine years ago. What is said Lou. That would have been any issue the NFL PA what a lost their minds and said oh you can't do that you can't force these guys to stand for the anthem but now that it's an issue. And now that the NFL didn't swooping in back in August Tony 16 am going to Africa was first spotted sitting during the anthem. It's a bigger deal now so what ever it would take now to clean up the mess the NFL made it's going to be a lot more expensive at the bargaining table. Then it would have been two years ago the NFL's try to avoid that. Plain and simple. They don't they they watt what they want without giving anything up and they're trying to ram it through one of those pretense is. That's why we are where we are and the grievance goes forward I think the NFL PA is a good chance to win. You kind of want the other way you did you kind of won me over you still have the lol you're live in the Loy your skills Florio you still do man but maybe maybe I should. Maybe I should go back to that way if I'm sure plenty of people wish I was. Other than my future clients Loria people told me that I will be arrested because I've been joking around the day about vandalizing people go you know what do people vandalizing Jerry Rich's statue and they say. I will be I'm planning to seed basically asking people to do it so I should be arrested so we are inciting so. And citing the public disturbance MI okay so I'll have you defended you or aiding and abetting I'm not I'm not generally takes on winning cases I. What we gauged the the radio making jokes man well Jill our entertainment purposes yeah but I have I have a feeling you wouldn't hold up well under questioning. A guy starts Latin. I that it did not put you understand Gloria we're not put me on there aren't colonel Nathan just Q you worked cracked after twenty minutes to cross examination you cracked after 22. It. On the I've Florio. Despite the comments we still think your man we will talk to next week rather by our Mike Florio pro football talk dot com and and you see. I thought I was gonna require defense started bill still bill do you out there are we come back we handed off to Kennedy in power coming up. We're back in his Mac attacks on ads and zinni coming out on strategies handoff time thanks to Florio. Thanks to George reverie for joining us as well. And Greg hammer Valentine can't regret gamma delta who joined us on the program also on the show tonight. Market down hornet's summer league. Herman czar to sixteen team tournament in Vegas starts against the warriors at 1030 that I. All right big break down tomorrow on the show what's although lol what what time 1030 and Joseph looked at during the morning of these games here these summer league games this is not a one is that this this is not much faster eleven for me well candidate yeah you need a nap in the afternoon to stand to watch that that's just the NBA finals bumper summer league game or another they're starting the blue. You know the night her as the NBA finals. Joy in a way a guy and candidly I don't really lets you watch your game why not a real hornet's sailor she watched summer league ball 1030 chock full they want to. The pilot Sarah I don't. I don't know I'm a medal will break it down or if anyone wants is ultimately you have to decide to press you got Dan Simon on our show all right some early break down tomorrow. It really did these aren't easily drink it's in car satellite and you preferably you know after it does chuck you know every shot charted learning. I got hurt and Gomez love seventeen and eight. Bridges low of eighteen points it's 33 pointers and Dwyane earned Dovonte Graham we'll have sources and wow and all that will mean hardly any trial I said he. I thought Rick Bedell some the best when he said. Max I hear every year you didn't sue how much should we care about just pre season football of course I try fairway too much about it. But he said just think of this this is like a fraction of the meaning. 03 season. At least a pre season football you are getting in games two and three a decent sample of starters this there are no I think there are no good players. I just in a good players there are no veteran players hole I don't agree that I just to be one most important ways in Charlotte sports history tonight a contradict. Well I. When you're sitting devoid of many championship so let's take you're Lleyton you don't want to play you know the lawyers greatest team of all time. Scissors as soon they'll miss her pseudo world championship as a foot of a different level go to the sees how you do or die aren't as if there's any doubt as to say boy your team you'll see inaudible don't go. Wells dug well about it and one of our shows earlier in the week or last week weeks early together like. This is yelled as well known bit in town a hundred years this is the most. Attention a summer league team has got not Arnold's it's because it's there's more exposure. And ESPN on the web or are we paying more attention to it because. Our team is not that good do they give a dang out of Oakland about the war your summer. It's a different grown up playing or where a player Orlando this year and that dinky jammed at where the games are on Ellie 11 in the morning are currently more than once the main one now remember I want you are right about ESPN once ESPN got ahold of some of these games. They start tree in this thing because it was really special. On my spent a lot of scratch so a lot of tasks on the MBAs and they're trying to maximize that other also this it's not like to check out like a badly I mean I don't I don't want to talk about it. But it's something that I might watch for a couple of minutes staring squat going on right now in sports NHL network has a rookie can't tonight. I don't honest sounds. No that's your side and additional slap Paul I thought I'd rather be hit in the head or the man parts for the hockey stick for two straight hour. Now we're gonna call the checkers is set that up right now. Yeah I mean I greatly assist. Local radio does the future takes a lot of stick right in my talks by the way I don't wanna take too much of your audience away from FaceBook like you guys can go back and watch her FaceBook lives like and any time like when chuck and he's multitask would let me just say we have a big event occurring that may take a lot of blisters when I apologize. That's Arnold it's your best of march expenses are no really they go to my early early too early on given DM. That's at 650 just a little over Delaware it was earlier today I'm gonna dig yourself out attractive Jessica. That is true and I don't FaceBook live at 11 AM marks from Estonia will be wearing a cheerleading outfit title. Oh yeah. Apologize in advance for taking everybody where it's going to draw people. And I see his good uses that isn't how you guys are you gonna have him put his clothes at a window or nearly guys are talking. Don't like it when people are going to. Yeah same exact show you guys did sands Florio. A guy I thank you for the blooper now sells good I still think did discussion is out there in regard to. Two statue gate if you will. Am I come from the school of Jesus is our focus and you kind of got to there's like I didn't yesterday said please let's not make this the focus of a very exciting day but it has become. Story EDS is just a little free can sneak. He and I just I don't know articles. Never thought it was I every thought of the possibility of an interesting take on that yeah tennis when you get a you know it won't stay right here also right now though. The idea and I can talk to manage cheerleading is also we've got to Katie Carlton coming up from the Charlotte Observer. You know something this kind of follow through the cracks CIA double A tournament. Is not coming back after two thousand twenties so she had an article that you the other day in regard to that Marcus Smith is Charlotte motor speedway president CEO of Speedway Motorsports. Georgia's at 1215 to talk about the rules also. Rolled illusion. It's so different you ask him a question about David tepper trying to steal his MLA time your Charlotte of course I would yet because David tempers making money but how about this may be the two powerhouses joined forced test and markets together. Winning isn't it I don't throw that out my mental breaking news I certainly isn't the wind has been broken in here the last war out another. That's the only break in New York so bill both hooked it does not come and give his state gun. What's going down the mayor street very cool by the way tepper Bruton Smith saying Barbara yeah I I I've actually seen Bruce Smith where his shirt similar. But it doesn't tell tell it was doing to tamp down the tab for buttons down maybe should've just an opera. And that pass southerly to wash after the show today asset or the audio or on the air but this is that we SE. Must see Fred's Jesse McMurray and Matt Malone somehow get mixed statements personal cellphone number there's Franken as a recruits saw there. O Paulo is is going to be you know maybe. You guys still do and then this is a radio guy just as regular dudes who ran the fans did this. Guy. All the fans guessing all of this is going to be freaking break man I cannot wait to watch Nick Saban just feel uncomfortable on navy may be angry at the end are you wearing your good work out pretty calm and keep imam from back in the car so preppy around the lake good work got a bonus well also look you guys tomorrow on the show. I want to go hang out at eleven with MS GE NH cheerleading scar why not why not everybody.