Mac Attack Hour 4: Dick Vitale on the NBa Draft

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Tuesday, June 19th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the NBA Draft with ESPN's Dick Vitale. 

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Our were back this maggot speculative frenzy a Trevor he's so many comments from preppy they're just cheesy jokes I don't think preppy is stopped talking during the breaks it all the entire shoppers on a -- is his own show going on off the air maybe he's update soccer won one by the way Colombia and Japan's key is telling dad jokes and he's nowhere near being a dad. Like tribute to integrate easily just an old soul metadata greatest dad Joseph can dad ever when you I got so many what's up Tony matter but if you don't mind the Charlotte come vs a seventh sure right now it's 81 degrees 81. Just 9 AM 81. Charlotte cover says is never sends a commission to add to your home it was hot out and muggy acts 4:55 this morning. As a bats and you see is brutal assuming neither am talking 97 today say sales are going to be the peak of the week although. You tell between 949597. Is just flat out how to the only else. If the temperature of the week is got an argument around Saturn Ozzie says pretty impressive it gets a visit that might go and there's a break can I hear somebody saw something is gonna happen gone something's gonna happen to preppy right now before bill's comment terrorists are by the way did you remorse and and the fans DJ Moore signed all the draft picks assigned. Steals a game was rained out last night heels Mississippi State in the winner's bracket in Omagh today at eleven that's coming up in a couple of hours. And let's see here did incident the coolest things gonna happen this hour as well and we got to play this audio before get out here of the Zach Lowe podcast. I hate to do distorted stance but it depress Shia exact low and ESPN's draft guide John Zynga phony talking about the scene. In the Panthers. Or court it's war room last year during the draft so we will play that for you. Let's look this canvassing though because since we last left to tell the subject to those images joining us. There's an actual reasons you know there's there's actual you know scuttle not to talk about this kemba trade possibility today. Because the Cleveland dot com Cleveland plain dealer he is reporting that the cavaliers are interested in Kemba Walker have also shown some interest in Hawaii Leonard. And the Saudi is a Kemba Walker might be guided to the choir on Thursday as a means of showing LeBron hey this is what we're doing. Good faith we know you haven't you don't told us which way you're lien and but. You can come back and we knew we went and got a guy like Kemba Walker Tebow and the DR arrests. Of C stole trade Campbell one guy literally sent over my dead body at one point in here in the sex and emails. This is from Brian I know you guys just absolutely. And are dying end. Are dying to get rid of Campbell walker I on the other hand I don't think any of these may be draft picks are worse it in him. Matter of fact I'm Donna what hornet's Mitch you can trade him over my dead hornets antibiotics. What is Evian and the usual diet sort of sand if I have what Terry you know pretty more seasons way I saw last year my body will be dead. Let's say and like jump was Craig don't don't you wanna win. Like way it is hard to win when Kemba Walker is your best player it's just hard to do that. And he's good as he is on a real good team he's got to be your second maybe even third option right. So if you if you keep him this guy says take Campbell what he wants he's a hard sold the team he's the reason I had season tickets. Here's the problem well you'd a lot of season ticket holders say I don't wanna go we don't have Campbell the problem is we're already 2640 sevens. In terms of percentage most of arena filled anyway. But it's not like our our art. We need to sell more tickets which is because we need to win it's not a reflection on Campbell yeah he's been the one reason you guys have kept coming back as customers. But isn't the thought. A terror in this down. And trying to start something new by acquiring may be a second lottery pick this year to see at two young guys this year rookie contracts to go with smog can bacon from last year's draft. That to me is what excites me. Is it going to be rough yes but like Tebow just said how much joy is everybody have been watching this team gets stuck an MBA purgatory every year. Are you guys not tired of that is well this core has maxed out on what they can do together T bone has war. And if you do take Campbell the money next offseason. You're gonna be stuck with a lot of same contracts and Campbell in the same group of guys. But if you used only desirable asset we have been Campbell I'd say Cleveland. You really wanna want LeBron to come back here's Campbell but I need an ace pitch and I cannot give up below. I want and we wanna have to do building blocks a future in this lottery then all the sudden. Loads last night on ESPN mocked him Michael Porter junior lesson faced a lot just about everybody has Wendell Carter available dates. Or as Steve pointed out UN dump with eight and eleven to try to packaging entice somebody in the top five. That is what is best for this organization long term and I don't know why. Hornets fans take it as such in a sense. That we want trade our top guys somebody said Max. You wanna trade Campbell but should never trade wanna trade Cam Newton kemba gets no respect from you don't trade free today it's night and day is night and day like Indiana asked at all you can get rid of the bad contracts. In the NBA bone you're stuck within unless you can unload them on somebody you can cut guys very easily in the NFL. And build around the desirable contracts unfortunately Campbell let's collateral damage because we signed. A bunch of dudes as he deals in franchise quarterback so betrayed. How many examples we have an act. By Drew Brees was was he trade at thirty side with Carson Palmer because he played hardball. But I cried every time earlier literally was gonna retire you can name one or two examples of actual franchise quarterbacks on the move. You got to trade a player. While as value is still hide other teams if you wait too long. And say you try to to trade deadline to be if you got wind that hey kemba may not resigning here if you try did eighty try to deadline. Then the other team's happy. Right now you have other teams or you want them because at a least a full year in a Chancery signed a Mac for example this is not a knock on your team just an example when was the best time for or else it's very many Muqtada. Not now I have. It'll be released last all season right there either to give somebody a full year of all just so I can handle full year and I get Max value former they're gonna it was a completely for nothing. So many of its shots have been traded last year. Our Kemba Walker should be traded before the value debt. Since our last offseason Carlos did not reduce trade deadline last year. Now you know give steam a full year it is that you already know and then you have these other guys assay can push should not be traded for anything money talks three peck. Well because teams. 'cause the guys is atop the draft have such upside and they're gonna be on cheap rookie deals. And because Campbell walker is no guarantee assign would you team after the season. I'd say he's not that's not his valuing the trade market but moving out getting you know keeping eleven getting eight. Trading Kemba Walker and lay them for example to make a salary match would like to George Hill. Some don't like that to make the salaries match. I would do that DOT bone and outlook to draft a guy like Porter junior. Or draft a guy like Wendell Carter. Or even trade young who some people have now dropping down into that date range if you did one of those things hell I take money walker they personally because I just love the guy I don't know you have so. But two lottery picks out of this draft would be free can also if we could somehow get Porter junior dropped to his and then get Wally walker. I would be over the moon don't it would be freaking cabbage patch panel. Around us we would break their tab go back out now named Joann I dual shot. Harbaugh no matter what into the shop are all right guys a senior odd pennies are building a Cold War. He's got to. Don't let let me dancing was no benefit anybody no sir you realize ticker. Building a car or if you got two lottery picks this year. And you have more last year. All the Sunday if you double mock importer and car. Whatever accommodation would be then you get something you've got a young core that hey let's see who emerges as you let those guys grow and you go to the growing pains I Minnesota did. With Wiggins in towns and all of a sudden. The situation arises were timid I was there Jimmy Butler goes you know what I'm going there. Minnesota top five team and is one healthy let these guys grow together in other players on notice that guy you don't want. I wanna play with those two guys are three guys I did you part of this he says really stray young he's the same as mark actually you know what I'll go back to a bone so a very small backcourt maybe that's not the best idea but Michael Porter junior Wendell Carter how would love to have that date at a Lonnie walker at eleven I think you start to build something there to delegate decision I think you have to guy. Guys an all star potential on this basketball team if they available Wendell Carter junior I eat there I'd I'm not even jogging I may not Wear pants were we to war. Mean I may I may just go to the second set up a little studio my home so don't come any. Did you this time out try to take off on the board of I don't want I want it to the building now but gets up when the show there. Probably 9 o'clock hornets fans are you with us on this when new year. But Cleveland may be already piece today Cleveland dot com they might try to entice LeBron with any deal for Kemba Walker do you think I'd love to have 811 do you have a player in minding your salivating over getting. In this trade at number eight. What are you guys stink or do you wanna play the way the resistance the tumbled resistance the tells us you can't trade one guy literally that somebody's dead bodies some. 7045709. C still talk about don't want to jump into it and we did some wanna beat GMs and feel like hey this move would be in good rebuilds arteries still holed out we got Dick finds out coming up hopefully in the next. Eight minutes is always well it's the Mac attack. We're back Mac attack on the air here in Charlotte psalm we a little bit we aluminum unrest there's a FEMA. Some. Good to soccer crowd is asking for Timonen just comes down to you this comes down to young. Seemed on the producer of the show we'll get into that in the job billing center Michael John email segment coming up my still a young girl is going to be young to make he's gotten about ten years in how secure are always going to be young to me when you elect. 74 nominees for were still working together maybe. Now probably not that I did like how lot acts younger than I do have a good life. I'm more a good idea he's just so much feared man aged just a number our next guest proves it every time he calls a basketball game. We want to see what he thinks about some of these prospects and address some of the top some may be in a hornet's range. You know we soul so many of these covered them so in college ranks to clutch out ESPN joins us. All of the Mac attack did give me always a pleasure how you don't want. I'm a great map trial this week that actually spoken to about it. National. And global dealers could trigger Portland so we could be hurt group. Go to Costa Rica is particularly true it is corporation so really busy week looks good but also hopes the acting out what. This year and your natural your work you'll feel like Moby DB of old critical people tribal border period are. And you're worth all the dollars you gifts for dad you are natural dad there's no doubt about it Dickie V let's just ask you this you know god is as a warning us about some of the players were talking about with the hornets but when you look at the top of the draft. Is there any debate for you see it is eight and the best player in this drafting your opinion or or would you say no. Why what are they don't look at Phoenix where you don't get the times double speed good plate to pull all of that people would want but he. I simply born to play post. Eight people want Ali Zardari doubt about it a weapon it would not be surprised it took like Bakley object is most news. Really country can push well. I think that if your level like now dropped a pretty picture put it all out battle with Terry doctrine is a player in world. Third place. All well true don't have good out well so look these bombs she. But until chuck battle to expect Atlanta would joke good choice to give back we are about. I'm not true or stuck about a walk out about. He has gone Beatrice see how it shakes out there at the top you have the Michael Porter junior situation to Dick lake. I look at him. And that's that's a number one it you know while overall pick skill set that he has at his size. But to health questions like how far do you think he he ends up dropping in and would you pass on them because it's a that's a big risk reward decision. Doug and not to be here I really be skip no question that these palace. The source of Detroit at the characters litre to Jewish community it has got loaded tell. Good rule but died a little bit. But many will coordinate. What about the real risk to take I really believe anybody who talent the player. So what is the role that I should are obese shortly pop I think that there are only used their double. Well. There's it would have been right up there in composition. Directly in those guys that he thought that that injury but took a major retreat just think or act out. Josh don't doubt that that's just not a little simpler scenario that you bring wrist and ankle. Now know the dead back those things linger they lead to other injuries and he'd had a back problem vote soon dropped a couple of spots. Has worked out good for Phillies just is just a matter of at what pick in the draft Dickie does the risk become greater than the reward. You know I guess. Would you bet are really try to do our European outlook dip we're a bit. I think maybe you'll without socialist shop to. Jan expert. Urbina zebras are. Lot of that. Out loud out historically so you reported on its that you don't score chapter. Couple quick just do about the do want to put it took a look at trapped now it's a drum up. Accompanying at BP is a well I want to know what to tell you how is gonna be just or other case. I thought I'd be cyclical as Japanese. But he equal all optics don't try to be up at blocking his badge. And Orlando Magic numbers. Are gonna rule applies it to you know they record deal and help quick court. Yours so I'll let. Yet what other school letters where it gets pretty operate. All ought to go out there what that has this magical white. It you know in Europe he did function in our special treatments don't you love Russia on a. It was great and he's Tony there's going to be way less burden in the NBA when he gets around MBA town stuff like that we're talking we didn't bite Dow draft coming up on ESPN Thursday night. Dickie V a couple other point guards that the hornets star mentioned whisk. Collins sexton Shea guilders Alexandra do you have strong feelings about either of those two guys. I really do our low. Out such that it sucks it right our trio of our our other securities went thirty every right. Company that got a four point oh which are out there. And I'd go to the trip which don't it's like it to Bob but he's got the order is. Chipped it really tidbit to competitor. He wants to win it the worst oil the popped a look at the court I don't shake all I really do. What you were talking. Shaquille dispel that I would close. It's great to worry auction he makes shots were loyal to these so it was really a book about it. A Kentucky. A couple of Paoli and all we really got a chuckle. I will heritage scores here you know our display adult. But job developers got to be applied to apply well cagey on how AD group there the I should be quite. There have been people what it is but at least look at the Apollo has not yet dot brilliant kid just. Well it happened yup better a better example but it. Now he is he a great luck. I Gallo Dickey mean I don't really inspired me. Okay you're you're darn all of favor you'll you'll need to you don't need to appease me I'm just curious I know you called at least a day or two assists. Lonnie walker just seems to have upside. And seems to have that potential but do people love what you and I do too what do you think about him out of Miami. Well I you know I am adamant. A public gives a real political unity mr. recruit you burn out politically explosive. Future to meet you worry about guys make shots a regular basis to be I'd love diet can be shots early trigger a pretty legitimate shot at. There's but like dodge or Carly what is DG. I don't substitute but try to model a lot of regular the only question. A question and it is scary they keep shot but a consistent basis he's going to be a perimeter caterpillar. These explosively Q what did you do when Trent social player so that's been supported were shocked a lot. And your first daughters both. Are not so sure about this store and why I'm not sure about being pushed or. Okay less gal ask you about grace and Allen he's getting a lot of first round was you saw a lot of him we all saw a lot of him ups and downs. What do you think of him in this draft what do you think of him in the pros. Well I against the war anybody trying to do it. Out. Is it regret about it. Up to write out a winner Taylor and Richard we all the that we all. Joke about it yet but he's pretty sure beware of what about. Crucial blow all types of all the parents were too literal hole. But total job but not a it is just triple what I put up or senior year I really believe we do want to troop tours to dabble ball really outside. Like competition. Until it yeah. To be a better player that people bully. I think you get to the world generation one and I think he becomes a back there. I think you're part take up the truck will be back rent them. Number well there like what do what he's against that attack that went spat with a whole lot about it but she complexion. Of I really feel. Don't really well it worked out a lot of short track it is true. What would come by and pitiful little children out what to say he drought that when he you better take that cute you regret. I think he's also a great role to for somebody. Modes are Dick we love having you on you are awesome your institution thank you for your kindness with the G Charlotte we always appreciate it. Well back and you'll. Are being bought it anybody accused apparently at. All. We re so billion dollars it was out but what nobody elaborate what are goal or. People that you were moderate Apple's sweetie or all of our equipment truck. We court so how row. Now. My goal is to bridge. And it's people. Why people shall we but they do go there. People don't go. Out on top twelve. Every time I don't talk should be choice or is it that you are well as rules were skeptical. A couple of bulk. That. Up I watched pirates of the people. Two people were at issue is oh what their real truck it is my. Keep up the great work TVs and all unbelievable noble cause you're one of the best that is Danks is always talking to a slowness. Overly proud of our corporate require. You have spotted out. We deep or actual people please go to. A cup. What are what. QL I'm following you may know make a mistake out you're what are the wrong way to turn up followed Dickey did you did so what's ordered hoops. Did he might be at a concert might be at a restaurant sticky he might be talking baseball right by people. Deal. So. My element. I did you talk together a pretty good. Help. They're good aren't there you go oh yeah also have Michael Jordan last time he's got compliments manulife they get our relationship is is growing strong body really is I lost one of his. His periscope videos the other night it was just an eating dinner last. I don't know what I did so and he puts it like real life I think we all of this flooding. An interesting. When he gets mad about the gets worked up about things are non sports. She we will see you Shaq keep dissect the gold all should do here battle. I don't mean to be bones read subsidies I'm paying attention to me now I really like Rick MacArthur will go to segment on your first few minutes in length. We receive around I guess we can't our strategy just gone but it's got a load of some stellar Jacki just say we don't hear for a few minutes Japan just stored on a header. 75. Minute or so what is those seven. He third minute. So yeah I try to sound official soccer announcer so they now lead 21 right now. In that World Cup game and dust or keep you up to date on that maybe you can give you good goal call go as well I here's what we do. We got to do rule we have in place of audio from Zach lows podcast and we got to get to building senator texts and tweets also wanted to say this. We re I was reading an article Tebow was sought about or set Davis talks all these scouts in the UMB yanked. And that you know together he combined to make this fictitious scalp flames inch. Well one of the lines from these fictitious scout named basic came from one of the five scouts he talked about grace and Allen was. He is. He he is surprisingly. Athletic. I mean even scales fall for this crap can we stop saying just because a dude is white but he is surprisingly athletic. Anybody who watched grace and Allen for his whole college ten year knows who thinks. One is that he had a little bit of a tripping addiction and number two is Tebow that he's athletic like you don't want it was surprisingly athletic to meet mound. When he won the dunk contest a demand to McDonald's all American game. That's what I was like the white boys got some cops. I'd so employees can scalp sort of watched him first first for multiple years. Not fall into the same stereotype and say the guy is to set to annually or surprisingly athletic it's not a surprise anymore was a surprise at first it's not anymore but just drives me Craig I don't watch his dog against UNLV in December Blassie's not this past season two seasons ago. Ever that's throw dowdy at forty and. Games as a listening at that you don't ask I'm Darryl like she's an athletic white dude I understand it. But I do we get your point or not normally bet that's low I think I am unsurprisingly. Not athletic okay. Records and Ellen we know that's sort of distress of the TV talk about it there's a player. Get out today that we haven't talked about at all what I need to ask you chat me up near Jerome Robbins in Boston College there's some speculation he won't get out of the twenties. Scorer. Widow Virginia Notre Dame last year we saw play the ACC number of times these they go whether it is too high for drummer who lives for my liking. But it's he's a good liar like I could see him coming off the bench and kind of light it up for to. In the instead he's Riley gets thirty app he had thirty at Virginia 45 that Notre Dame. Un convention at Saint Joseph Davis is on and you're like solidly like some I was five spots lower. Yeah I would say they're young men with him more this some are those played Issac little podcasts and again this is there like happy talk about the Panthers are the hornets. But it's real talk exactly those locked in around league is wells anybody. Keyes has on his podcast shouting to Vallone who is the now move from draft expressed ESP as a draft diagnosis south. And they're having a conversation about basically leads to rule what the hornets. Draft room was like last year. I heard that Clifford whereas on the table in the war room saying we needed draft Donovan Mitchell and he was overruled on that and they took Emily monk instead it's and his interest in how that played out in hindsight. Cliff was a 100% trying to get them to take Donovan Mitchell also that is violate the seventh worst story about the Charlotte draft room process from the last five years. Complete but I saw the Moly mongers Indian decent in the ambient. I I could go the flashy she showed at the end of the season were were I'm intrigued I'm uninterested in Moly monkey suit. I'm for he's not going to be diamond missile for them. No. But they're one of many I mean Don Mitchell is so you know I am so they're they're one of twelve. Come on guys give resume let's get something on Donna Mitchell anyway the line it stays in there because we have gone over most of this we know cliff was stump informed we know cliff's got ignored it. There are different stories you know on what really happened I have heard literally they gave show days Asian they defer to Joseph on that one Jordan like Donna Mitchell and it was kind of shows term which is a weird way just a dysfunctional weird way of doing it. But some don't apply this girl. Does longest things in there is when Zach Lowe says and that's about the seventh. You know well he you know well worse story from the hornets war room the last five years we've been dysfunctional we got a lot of cooks in the kitchen. And my hope is instead of dwelling on that get angry about that right there. The hope is that Mitch Kupchak is allowed to body groceries and cook. And do everything or at least by the groceries and I guess Marie go would you to cook and whatever you know I'm saying that Michael kind of lays off a little bit. It makes you wonder what how bad stories really are. I don't makes you wonder exactly low what are the stories like nobody really did happen like it played Italy winks to figure out a draft pick one year like one or debate ideas is just pure speculation but it makes you wonder was there are golf outing where the winner got to make it draft pick that year. And that's how we got Kamensky after some. I started out there right how is it how decision to wait that's the question now like if we played along for the sake of laughing so we don't cry about that Zach to comment. What would be the weirdest way most dysfunctional and awards could settle a drastic. Because toward public golf course is not a bad idea. What else could they do Tivoli winks. Umbrella of Gaza pursues these things ever want rock paper scissors and figure out of their ticket in the first round. I don't know why can't I get this done anything orders are close stories that are worse than that one where the coach is demanding a player I. I feel like email exactly while I just asking him I know you don't wanna do interviews. He's just always give us more stories is give those walls you know and so we want is one of those weird we don't want Hillary exactly do you can do interviews and let's just please just give us. Just give us a story and we make it scam betray get up to eight to 811 bone things could change got Mitch Kupchak do with the picking things can change hopefully and that's how you changes toward us I'm here Lucille we have here amount. Let's see Mac men's sucks this year it's a first year since 0:3 am not buying it my son loves Madden so I had to buy it. And I wanna play too much getting it's I think that's the easiest way by the way if you if you like my I was retired bone from video games it was over. I was done. Married man video games out of my life. And then my boy grew up and wanted to add Xbox man and it has been blissful since that. Piazza mere how many times you gonna play Panthers cowboys are mad dog groups like I should play it well played and every nationally every once a day until he saw showed what I should do on this guy says are you guys miss somebody on the all North Carolina all NBA team. The one tall guy who lived across all for me Gardner-Webb was really good. That's well. Ali job once all of guy yet had their Gardner-Webb. On this guy says Aurora a roaring right ticket exchange programs suck you all just send those sticks to me I'll work magic sincerely painter Corel. Can't the Carl make an appearance August. By the way I did the roaring right ticket exchange Roy ride dot com opens at ten names of very cool idea to try to have to understand share tickets with panther fans so we don't give them to. Falcons fans are even worse cowgirls fans early in the season. On this dude says Mac the reason why. Mom mom does the reason why Roy Williams won national titles would not MBA players it's a lot easier to focus on basketball when you don't have to study can't go to class. And sit out Colin Powell I didn't know that was culmination of that and I set up the ABC years of that one. Sister says now we Kroger on Mac is easily the biggest panther homered to station. You mean I wasn't before. Yeah our. I'd shocking to me this didn't change the rankings at all this it says it mass sixth student teacher didn't match just ask museum to answer homer does Pinocchio have wooden balls. Excuse me righty then I don't know we have those that he had the he had someone wants its three day in day job a barrels update in order to add to the barrels they'll have them this it's was just ask for July 20 toys for your Matt Kirk. Bob that the barrels big win last night they beat the pirates five for about that could collect. Kennedy wrote back. Roll I'll see bone the national media don't know squat about the Panthers ignore them they know as much about the Panthers is Michael Jordan does about taking good MBA blank now. I didn't tell any now I thought that email is a nice that's out there there's an Obama man and his student says kids says Mac if your mayor the Panthers are hourly rate is seventeen best team on Madden this year download our panthers' roster trade about cancer stand. And you get the ratings you desire. I do any of that stuff and it's the only thing I I just got on line don't last year. I didn't even I need to know how to play video games online until last year so I'm I'm I'm new. Cologne slow you don't wanna be what they call I knew the access fresh out of room common Dubin a group I think it comes to video game zero Rubin may have missed. Has got a audience comes on I we're gonna take any quick breather here we come back. Let's hand it all stature greatly from Houston for another day were handed off to Hamels said he sent jumped in the mid day show next. I tell it. All the stress vote is dedicated this Taxol Stephen a man who has just received a nickname and it's gonna stick and it's not going anywhere access and I believe BC carried two by four game soup at the station every day. Believe that should happen. That aren't auto executives myself to join us crystal also from ESP NN exactly Ralph Lauren rice ticket exchange try to keep a lot of enemies fans away like does no good cowboys and sell to other bands or fans. It's going live today in about nine minutes. At the top of the hour 10 AM. I we're joined in studio where handers Ross to a guy we needed to handed off to yesterday because like many people that are trying to fly in Charlotte that was Charl whatever I mean this has been a mask. Patrick Creighton from Houston joins us not the former cowboy wide receiver. Zelaya a better chance. Company reported might not be as famous as they united and oh yeah here's what vertical crack. So what's up brother what are you thinking and I'm draft coming up all on Thursday to desist drafting you're coming in from Houston where. Okay the rockets were actually in play all sweet and experience that inventory towards a draft for a little while here what do you does your what's your perspective you do national shows still. Do you find this draft having any sizzle this. Here in Charlotte I think other even attempt to trade angle I think just the eleventh pick hasn't had a lot of sizzle for sports thing so yeah his draft has been looked down. As very top as the you know what you get outside the top five or six guys that okay will now you now you lose some of the sizzle. But syllables and always translate to best player. And a lot of times you get a guy who is a little bit later on madrassa costly risk while under contract and tell you Apple's top fives you know you can get really good players later on the draft. This is an eleven. It's hard to project OK who's who's gonna according to take legal limit we're gonna get this guy gonna get that guy because. So much is predicated on any on. Who else gets picked who falls who's gonna roll the dice on dungeons and ends not that. He's not looked at as a as a great hi Ian prospect it's. Who thinks he's come in and who thinks is coming this year. You know who wants to spend that pick who's if you spend that pick high and then he says well you know I think and abstain year for one more year BAA value that that hurts too. In incredible degree for a team like that who's taking him that early in the stacked. A draft and stash you would take later on not that area no there there are serious administrators have been trained up there what do you think about the horn. It's dilemma and I do your panel accepted into this annual Kemba Walker dilemma on the guy there's the one guy as a covers the cavs are in Cleveland report. In the plain dealer Cleveland dot com then they're they're kind they don't know LeBron is gonna do and may take the approach just. Let's try to go get someone may have interest in Campbell let's try to go to somebody on Thursday night like kemba. And maybe convinces the king to come back and play. The hornets then you know we get a they had to make the salaries match that's takes a back George yourself like set back what do you think about that angle from cover where you are you know were right to medalist forests what do you think about that concept of the hornets. Trading kemba trying to get a second lottery pick. It's tough to me it's tough if you're if you're standalone hornets. You the one guy you've drafted recently that the war has panned out who has been as advertised. Okay now we're gonna deal him and we're gonna perpetuate this cycle of mediocre basketball or how much longer the problem isn't kemba. The problems the other bad contracts on the team in the island of misfit toys everybody on this team none of these guys enemy sit and symmetry get your guys who play Davis can't shoot. You guys you sure can't play defense our era you've got to like who is a misnomer in his own mind let alone on the court and he's still a guy who can be very productive. He's Macon Tony someone in dollars so you you've got in on that the Batum contractors to giant albatross around their neck and while I understand hornets fans all make we just get this contract. Almost every team has a summer Tony sixteen albatross contracts to know that they just can't. Seems to get rid Holland expand their dollar a year Linux Unix guys and thanks don't miss the artists and here's I forgot about using considers him whine about the mixed together is fuel or payment is. I know paying. We we don't train Patrick. Including you're gonna give me your other teams unit is an all New York teams for you is more towards the list on the list is due this Mets team. The Yankees over here islanders. Pain bringing us raiders ever hear mix the pain. When your jazz giants coach John so at least celluloid teen years I did something happen OK let me ask you this question Keolalai. Do you go to and ask him don't you do this for every did you say to ward New York I get questions about favorite thing any guy gets it. Your enemy I got asked this question that I have to explain it Steve Mona is a jets last giants fans. Does that upset she was in New York sports is out of cash or is that wrong it's unusual. Guy I will tell you that. How your first how old are you 34. So the jets have had a very good years of my wife who had the crew. What do you remember of the cross over you mean you remember when Bill Parcells used to jets yes a lot of guys who were giants fans. Started to pay attention to the jets when Parcells. Took over the jets. So late you can be a giants fan and jets MB usually you have one team. They're your AE and the guys are scholar all right you know like I will not contest against the other team it's not like the islanders in the rangers' first blood red area you know I I will sacrifice my children before best Yankee you can't go Mets and yankees right and you can't know if it's your Mets are not yankees but at the same time you play in. Only with the advent of interleague play do you even play each other yet. So you play six games a year against the Yankees therein you know the game the Yankees are almost always good demands almost always sucked. The Mets have two more in the worst ownership groups in baseball to paint there Vista I think. I think she I think she said you might be okay there. Bo did they try to put quite the carrier. Both of you suffering. In New York Knicks fans and some other suffering going on their stature sufferings a good term for what he'll think can tend to be cool again now if it ever was maybe consumer recall for the first time. Patent signs it on Bagley signs of Adam and Jay-Z is run their basketball ops now at puma. 1010 Jaycee made puma cool or is it never gonna vehicles should Jay-Z is basically whole cocaine joining me NW. Good analogy. That's get a balance now they're over yes no matter how old are. So do you do here or go get it make I don't see JC could make Skechers local. Am wearing sketches right now. Well I did you know about now. Is not. 82 dollars. And and yeah Qaeda guided I didn't talk show before him avenue dad's your champion of the studio we may actually be in the dead shoot the volume wants them away from velcro yourself man. Oh I have had a dad chewed and views on visas regular black also bonds got a slow because. Let's just look at a White Sox to. Used to run that combo but now I have great ones no man's eyes and followed bracelet on sides of my. Almost match what did you wife say about those shoes are uniting care anymore you know what shall see us your wrestling all white is once you have kids I'm telling guys out there what should kiss the wife on the lord give a damn what you look like what you Wear any egg producers like conversational my last this morning. Hey honey can you send me a little little money I send motor size box there. That was a little bit until the right there aren't we. At a Ed Asner symbiotic that's a great domino bliss is home everybody right here another though the town we can hit man brought in here on deal parade of radio all star so they should get Patrick to listen today. I do work out a press today good work antsy about the talks Umar some draft really dissipate there's gonna march you'll want to show.