Mac Attack Hour 4: Chip Caray on Braves hot start

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Thursday, May 17th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Atlanta Braves Broadcaster Chip Caray about the Braves hot start. 

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Chambliss dragon last night down there and Atlanta as the Braves put up three in the eighth took to leave it this time held onto it. And dumb and best record at. At least let's see your best record in the National League right now. I'm in terms of win percentage. Most wins in the National League obviously they're for first place in the division. It really has banned and exciting starts of the season for braves fans I know. Our listeners the you know there's a group of race fans we have here and Carolinas are into it when one to give you some so I'm sure you're gonna enjoy which shares a great. Jim Carrey voice of the Braves on TV talk to us about this young upstart team ship it is a pleasure how you doing. Great border and we appreciate you coming on and on these late nights for you when you're working in Europe to park but. On this team so on and and people around you that are braves fans you know they've been pretty quiet lately but there's a lot of them and they're really starting to chirp. I mean did you did you see anything like this coming how surprised are you by the start chip. I I guess I'm a little surprised because I think it's just crush our head up this he was out that the weather the young players wouldn't play well or because them when you're picking that I have a draft. And baseball America says your prospects are you know the number one but he's also like that you figure that. Balkans where you're gonna you're going to be good grief for in the so much time question here is the that was going to be a big lift between. Oh my question was how well between rich really you think about that the transit the graves what a wonderful tradition championships they had. Are tremendous starting pitcher el pitched a lot of innings. Very solid all over the reliable closer and up by and large I think we can with a decision not really don't. Julio without pitched well suntrust park last year the experiment of Dickey in Cologne was so you know about mixed bag I think. Well we saw flashes from Michael Savage but still supported consistent and John Newcombe got a first street the big leagues and go to pitch pitcher but all those things. They're really manifest themselves into out. A fantastic start Brandon McCarthy's got no Orleans all that which is in the greater chance to win virtually every start who Leo's figured out especially. I've suntrust are. John Newcombe turnout mediation the staff right now and the bullpen despite pick up the other night has been really really solid here on AM. The Braves have two or three guys that can close teams out so well I think all of us are are pleasantly surprised at the record. But not at all surprised that a talent the organization hasn't knowing the most common and could get a better. How much are folks there and Atlanta enjoying this team I mean because here's the thing ship. You wiggle and audits and a question you know is coming about the staying power this team you know everybody's wondering that but even before we get to bat like sales just have to love the fact it's this is this. I guess it's not the start of something I guess the process you know the whole process was kind of the sort of this right. But it's I mean this is the start of the success. It would feel like it's only gonna get better from their help and dump for the fans about not just the president but the future disorganization. Well you quote Winston Churchill this is not the beginning to the end but I'd be at the beginning yeah. That you know that's kind of what's so exciting you know look and this organization and I still losing baseball and nobody likes it nobody enjoyed it it was oral. But you know there's three really really bad years here. We've gone through won't do now on our third base all the frustration. In the last you know 45% of that kind of turmoil in changes is is a testament to what the lepers were all well. Manso. You know fans should be excited because there's so much talent in this what comic can now look there's no guarantee that these guys woke up and out. But would you consider where the Braves are now. To where they were just a couple of years ago I mean we are talking a sea change. In talent the Major League level. Policy change at the upper levels of the organization a sea change in the environment a lot of ballclub. Opposite and certainly get its trust spark which in and of itself is at what it really doesn't do error. This organization and you know let's assess computer last night. Plenty room on the bandwagon and you know he's been saying they're first got going because it's only good bit better thought out by it. We're to outsized I think so to a reduction Cary are on the TV voice. Of the Atlanta Braves set theirs first place matter of fact best record in the whole NL at this point in time about a quarter of the way through season. Chip OK let's get into the staying power questions for this season because I still believer Garza what happens this year man their future like you're talking about a so bright. But staying power for this year it just feels to me. It's inevitable that net nationals run. But even as a nest -- just division I still see the brace fight for a wild card spot down to the finish what what do you think about the staying power this season for the squad. Well number one I want if you look at what the Braves already accomplished in the first of several which signature remarkable that it played more games than anybody else in our league if not more right out there the that the most number of road games. We played 32 games against teams about 500 they've won nineteen more votes. That Scioscia all you need to know at this point about. Old what kind of competition the Braves play the schedule is going to go at some point and hopefully they take advantage. They're going to be playing a lot of home games of if the next I think it'd next he's 28 or so or our own sort of got a chance to really. Makes them pay your home. It's a mistake boat it's too early and see attitude to help figure that out right the national Arabic they're brought back haven't achieved other most time they're playing very very well. But still he's very legitimate seat they are good they are really good. July talked about that spring training we like their team last year we bought some cases if I feel that at the where. Yeah I think right now. As well as you know division titles way to early to talk about if you think about while coached think about this this all of these guys that crazy about inherently politically we do it. Very disciplined the American League east this year the Phillies are playing the American League east this year. To use of the great might be competing with oil wild card spot Mike Cannata the National League central these cops. The pirates. The brewers. The cardinals. They could play the American League central and the American socialism Lester or didn't have a single people 500 so that you. Is flawed system that could cause problems in September well. You know the great sound so back to back solo central division chief so. One great thing about brides to go out there don't too far at this certain double BI. They are focused on Chicago Cubs stay in that series total focus on the Marlins beginning Friday night. And I think that serve them well these young excitable kids invited speakers and our basic job keeping everybody grounded. And they get ready to understand what the plan as well don't want. Good out what he's been able approach to. When you look at some of these young players I mean obviously. Acuna comes with stats you know just it's just a hype and the knowledge. Arm LB's isn't clear that it is just unbelievable. Already at this point in time I mean how. How much and I be room for growth are there is he junk players I mean it's just the sky's the limit for some of these kids and they're already big time players. What players have for the five youngest players Major League Baseball on the 25 man roster and about. I've got just what game are playing in Atlanta right now all these Acuna bikes or broker which is nice to go our. There's more notable that. And that they have this he says he's the best record initially I was when search all of that what is adjustment to their two college adjustment scouting and development that suggestion to look guys in minor leagues have done to get ready to get to this couple but yes just are described on that that's such. Well be an accurate way of describing it this is absurd. Gave Arafat I usually don't come up and do what they do our special indicates all of these. You're talking about you know Mike Trout you greatest player in my house everybody says well aren't you all these doing the same kind of stopped my truck doing here urged. Arm pretty impressive. Egypt twenty a comedian is feeling his way starting to figure out like Ozzy bit last year to about. Arguing that to each stretch to stretch where you know we just gave it a challenge to war. But the really good players learn how to adjust to more adamant that they figured out between certain students to so you're right sky's the limit in the most absurd things. First is. Are there ought to be a gigantic wave tidal wave of talent. Coming up through this system bit more coming you. At all it's been coming for a long time but I think that you be excited not just that great student 2018 at the possibilities to be area. I dynastic kind of got home ballclub but one. Anderson held a rebuild really helped rebuild details on there are among Iowa I chipped it was fun talking yeah I enjoyed. You're working in and watching these games given us one seems this year and do you know you're not gonna. You're not gonna hear us say to Maine nice things about the sound sincere in Carolina but there are plenty there are plenty of folks that are gonna say really nice things about the Braves you got a lot of fans watching you hearing in North Carolina they're eleven to seemed. Thanks for coming on chip big man we appreciate it. Okay yeah yeah club recently EO Jim Carrey's voice of the Braves do we have to tell on trapping now T bone. Or do I do when I come back. I think I gotta do it now I don't think I. No way to do it now because I don't think I can wait any longer for this country want us to pull audio and we mess up gas has happened during the break this has happened on the air this isn't an old timer this was amazing and I make a mistake so live crabby but this was funny. During the break one of the breaks preppy talked about calling up chipped correct. What I like calling up should correct a tubby messes around a loss like dog he's a graduate to our bodies just saying or on purpose but then does Eddie goes dice. When do like call chip correct it will happen again it's all know that Matt says. It's Kerry do you know who carry serious about Gary array. Harry Carey prep goes I'm young now. How do you not know Larry Kerry is almost legendary broadcast and his history of sports. And now I don't know ma'am hi there is the top. I O'Neal's free millennial don't care so into themselves don't care about. That's not true here because I didn't know with the Braves announcer loads of stories that cut as the cubs and cardinals announcers on the genre are. Sorry I'm talk much impact of tax parent also scary eligible bald guy inside you also look for how could that throw. How dare you don't know about the sting and all hang up I need that audio link how will be don't know. Everybody can care yeah the pop up desired. Debbie homer off first week find out yesterday colonials don't like six lag you're only a final don't know about. Mary Carey's ridiculously also found out massive braves I. Does it get carried everybody out right away and braves players. Stay tuned for more Mac attack after the break after hearing this braves post interview show coming up next everybody hears praise right down. Or try this bone says this will not work. Because braves fans don't wanna hang out with me they don't think I'm good luck I just simply want to give you also maritime because this is a hell of a story. Braves fans call up did the phone lines are you excited about his squad talk of the young bats do the pictures. Police are focused on running New Orleans or carry on at least one Lisa let me first round and I called volt. That's what they calling gaming guys notice they have day and that's gonna salty when we come back bone says we can't do it was due. A brace breakdown we come back brace fancy pumped up about disdain. Closer to access a number to get in 704. 57096. Stand do you think Justine stays around this year and how damn good is this team over slower plus Jesse 1000 dollars but is braced talks on the hot yelled jumping in here he was. First ever braves break down segment on the back to Jack I can see all the excitement Davey activists feel the excitement at the calls not really no one call but we're gonna go to it in the second here. Oh yeah do distinguished a giveaway had a limited giveaway first what you were. Good shot on the Gaza war also cited as brave segment mail to save it works or doesn't work. I'm checks were low right now LOW seven sue may date on your chance it would be a thousand dollars yemen's own top of the hour detects stand. National contest message to generate supply. Full contest rules available at WS NZ dot com text the word low to 70881. Ariza here's the deal. My Orioles stinks I don't watch a lot more than braves lately they're fun team I've noticed a lot of listeners texting about them. So I'm getting into their mom enjoying this I feel like it's relayed ability with a segment of our audience so I want to give them a little air time bone. What's happening is I'm having a hard time generating the calls that may come here and second. Like I need some call say if you want me to keep doing this given these baby grace and love and air time you've got to respond during the big braves breakdown segment. I'm also angering some in my base real people are angry hello Mac they're about to puke was only Atlanta Braves love mostly listening to Atlanta station. Poll how much does that did talk about the North Carolina professional business ethics above pretty sure I see a lot of people through social media just feel that I know I do know a couple people. There's a lot of braced and they're always finds actually that that's the price at your pet a sand I would say the highest percentage of debased looked eager for his right. Now it is it is now suing reasonably Dublin means like when the Astros and cubs got hot eating seal MacKey plus yours to try good back at those years but. You can see me get on you don't know this is a brave staying our local Sammy is a segment of our local fan base that has to be excited lake and I used hornet's comparison. Like I want the horse to rebuild I know it's apples and oranges but I would love it if the hornets came out Bono on the other side of a rebuild like this. Like to cubs did like the Astros didn't know the Braves appear to be doing. Like that's the energy I want bone and I realize you got to sacrifice a few years like the Braves dead. Like the cubs elected like. In the MBA but I want to hornets want the baby hornets at some point mount. They BBs whenever baby buzz every call I want him to kind of the same thing I'm afraid I'm not going to get that attempt at least right now so I just outside it would abrasives. I think this is fun. I didn't L'Oreal sand Jerry says Mac you're dead to me. I'm a felon Orioles fan all the freaking years or more horrible from 83. Up to the last seven years and one bad start ditch Judeo. I'm not Dan. Don't mean I was getting down when he or real stink which happened for about you know like you said about thirty years in a row but no I'm just. I can't watch exclusively Orioles game at the launch raids in Portland I can't say about the Orioles game doing for me I just a terror watch. I need something else baseball related the Braves are fun band all right that's all I'm saying I'm enjoying it all don't make it out to be something evil like to walk. In the united on this earlier think about how soar ahead of schedule the Astros were the one attribute there was those who won a World Series don't 78 the cubs. Yet they got Joseph Maddon that horse was what did you 226 that was. Well ahead of schedule even yankees last year they were supposed to go to ALCS that young baseball team got the Yankees are the most once in baseball three teams right now. Examples over a recent teams right ahead of schedule works and you can't do it quickly and there are good they're not going away the Braves are going to. I don't know when they're gonna get to a World Series might not be as quick as the Astros in the cubs braves or not they're not there they're common men and they're not going away Fraser. Had a specialist I says how can the Panthers stand root for the happiness of falcon fans. That's your problem I have with yes it makes you feel dirty air China to focus on that part of that you know saying China focus on the fellow cancer stands. There had to get out of a different sports and go to teach today who's up next did you how did to you about his squad brother. About eight out it's more about it Tenet opt out what they see pat and keep Diop the not all get up pep band and a break stay at the College Soccer. College top aerial upgrade to act now on outlet opt out. Eight bit and a ban crap they shut set up bout that. And they'd understand that the great that it occurred on vacation or a little bit bad. So. Yeah I get out I just feel like the Mets had a lasting Albemarle to be lasting the could talk trash but the matzo the last Timonen could talk trash right now like I just. I know they've got good pitching but those bats that line up it just feels like that people are predicting the Braves to say aid. I don't Mets thing in new eating where's he at New York nick likes the knicks and the Mets bow. Annie says okay. So as the Braves are about to state and it's like do I think you are fading actually right now I should use the Braves are being a team that say. And chip brought up a great point there schedules been very tough they say east. I won't say the most in the second most winning teams so far this season 32 games. But there are scheduled it's easier to take advantage of that there won't be any sort of stayed in my guaranteed a division bona wouldn't do that the race fans and asked would still be my favorite for the division but senate race gave you want to get a wild card debt that's not fair disgrace. Good the Mets are I think eleven in 220. In nineteen their tomboy in that as an as a nationals rise up. That's a problem with the Mets this year they had they had that division is seen on the walk early in the season like that seemed like one of their years. The praises Phillies got to be better but not this good. The nationals were down early in the year. The Mets board I would say there's holes along here. Well the Mets had opportunity to get to get a had a little bit early in the season the deportable it's true I let's go to Joshua is up next Josh are you talked about this squad. I am guys Gallic you can't be favorable Olympic great setback back into it out and do my dad my brother broke out opening day. But Charlotte than anyone thought in metro back Atlanta at the yacht that well. And it's it it's great to be out a riveting stroke for so many years and especially up all. GM it and now banned for life called the actual us do that well hey. Dark moment for the French side but I got to get them good really good young talent. I think there and you really well the economic side that it's on the integrated relevant. Oh that's cool and how to go and I'm glad it good history story too when you root for both teams this war memorials ago this I want to euros to make the trades. Trade Manny trade Britain's trade Adam Jones all these dues I want to see them start this again that's how they got good in the first place. You've got to just commit to an hour on C don't hornet's commit to it as well the problem don't people have is the Braves. Falcons your rooting for Atlanta thing. Tommy says I don't understand I hear all these stories how do you keep burning for the Braves once you realize you're teaming up with south constraints. Ronnie says there's no way Ambien a braves fan dirty birds fans are complete losers I'm not. Join forces with them I think what you have to do is hear these people loud they were braves fans many of them bone before there were the Carolina Panthers. And there's no team moving in here to Charlotte at least not right now I think the future but maybe not any time soon. Like they're sticking with the team the favorite of foreign before the Panthers I think it is kind of weird you're teaming up with rival fans. And high five them you know when you're at a ball gently at the ballpark in Atlanta. I just think it's one of those weird dynamic state are geographically the closest team for this city and they always have meant. About brace president wash their team played historic 1991 World Series against the twins. And that should have played a blue jays in a World Series they wanna was series in 95 right when the tenders are starting their thereon. There's a lot of history of brace and the way before the Panthers now so you got the delta and these people were talking to right now were braced fans. Before their defense up while they dropped a baseball team to the football team can attack. Now into a database LTR resides not I don't think you can I don't think there's any real woman say they drop their team or sun had just. I don't know I think it's one of those quirky weird things it because of the baseball geography it's natural seemed a lot of people root for here. They just so happened to be a gamble on rival on those four I'd I don't think that has to be like taboo though they. We come back what do you think about the Matt Ryan dear god gave you behind Matt Ryan O'Neal gives golf and what's wrong with Julio I don't look at the com lets see here oh what's wrong with holy ghost pinky tell lies and always get injured new Costco joy tears coming up next here is Robin the dude sing and he has been preaching that gray is no joke for years Robin will you welcome me as a temporary band wagon member we welcome me. Yes I know all our old body. About it. It's like you did two baseball squad right now due to raise broiler parabolic. It's. They. You know they're well liked there so we won't be black. I hope the body where where all beverage that would. Three of them are out there why. I have been a regular is the man. Oh. These are back in that regard it's this year but I'll tell all that bad break. Bob Bob but other that the bout but I think a lot. They didn't they break in the then not let them all or that emirate belt while collar or would be up. You know I bet they. I think it I think at least a wild card I think they can be in that mix a mean I know people I'm trying to get read the Braves haters guys are saying enables full because a young arms won't hold up. The bull pens and note. The bullpen is where they're gonna make their trade deadline. I don't think tank he was this guy and I mean to get to induct Iran and I like to adapt premier for a second I need now start to wonder. But life is I think you could be a trade for a firm that her clothes her. Bull pen deal may be difficult global and deals with soap and is up for the most part real quick I have a counter to your point about the rivals say anti five and during the Reagan sat. Think about duke Carolina cents. There are plenty of the become apparent as as we saw on Sunday they go to a game their best spot as a dude just Texan that does a great point by both the although it's true it's like. These things happen in sports special Randy were all the college stuff you know hornets as well we team up refer hornet's. All right let's take a little breeders who got says can you please stop this stupid Atlanta slow or fast Atlanta slaughter fest is deactivated. I wanted to give a little and air time. This remark like in just allow early co hosting in studio tomorrow low IQ and I. When we come back we got to get the emails texts and sweets. I'm braves breakdown successful but polarizing it's the Mac it's act. He Tivo and trying to achieve those trying to counter braves' Greg down the wind hit man coming in here all salty. But I'm supporting the Braves now hit it was so earth to me earlier. Happy because of course is columns have lost to a strained. So far including. Chicago the tune in Atlanta they got one a tonight so he's a little on edge about the Braves right now as it is. I got a ton of building senate's accident did not show up snowbound tried to schedule on it remaining year. To fire back at me. He is not shown up so busy he's got he's got a lot of people in the building today so he might yield is okay now let's talk about my dead body that the bottom bossier articles do bill now only Marshall Estonia does that do you bony. Mom I was. It's funny. What I got anyway lake can I do it's actually so attacks elsewhere on that stuff you want to try to see what we have here. Emails also also a new dimension Roger the chance for Jeep. RNC will we have. Mac John Casey needs to go incident patriots ring of honor her heart. They right now our sisters our I would have the ring of honor statue discussion. Bomb earlier on in the show a CD act pointed out. Stuart Lee are this week there's no guarantees or what. They get twenty yards probably all that out about candidate Tom Brady has received now since that could probably make that up or on the way to get the win any. Brady was set not. I'm let's see Britain Burson. Deserves a statue it'll be Jerry's final acts are now on leave here I'm Brett Maas and Sonia. A statue. Is that how Holbrooke and allows my Gerri it's going to be for adverse with a lawnmower is my Jerry Rich's and a very I don't know what that was pull these columns arable. You don't want to do this guy is now mocking hairy carry it I would and he can do Jerry Richardson and at all but it also is my. Owner Los Angeles now that's awful as it sounds that you get a for the ball. You are gonna beef with you man this is ridiculously. Tight community segment braves right it was a great segment people weren't so I don't want rising one tall well. Holes and there's a bunch to actually dogma that no it was on line more right ever has gone away you know a lot of goals we rent an easy Orioles have sucked out loud for the first of march and have you Michelle's Oriole Brian tells Orioles this until the last two months. And elves are not on the rays bandwagon it's just a temporary thing is just some temporary Ryan Ryan is very upset when they loaded them right now. So you're. Yeah you're Patrick Garcia Garcia doesn't it the dogs his whole life and the cubs have two or three bad years right the net before Madison area it also orders they stink it up many columns and they don't go toward legal analyst CS they lose it becomes a yankees fan. Now is an easy it is fan and it goes don't worry there's no World Series of any Easter. And. It is annoying ads on China don't not trying to explain to be like eight full blown braves fans but I think for the sake of the show about his boss while racing in sooner pumped up. I'm relating to only Tony radios about related quality now I can relate. The Braves fans off the Oregon every night because those it was a towards me not only doesn't listen we're seeing only what they are fun to do it kind of looks. Are you watching every close game due to I can't watch these games may have only a small doses is so frustrating so my parents actually offered to pay for MLB TV so I can watch horror games like I watched I watched a couple warmly Twitter in legal sites in the you'll get you'll get massive. But I found him masks are a direct TV so we get him and I had little to warm my parents and like spend your mind's a mouse see you don't want a lot to me to which you wouldn't likes latch on to another team all like I'm I'm going home next week and I am going to Dora game aka. I got I do find it disgraceful despicable. Box. An uncanny left oval it's it's a very it's a bit and it's nice it's just he's he's free to say there's a deal on goodies for later avoid an easy one. Her job because he's plus ago. The Braves should take it you know where your surroundings which I appreciate all I want to however is discussing what you're doing because you just hope that a team I don't regulate a limited and the playoffs by. I don't know. And the east Intermune to sustain that success we won't even on an even if you don't sustain it this year you notice futures brought totally agreed if you were a few years. But on now seated along when you can be present to Minnesota and it's exciting because I think you'll be good to talk about on a show the Braves breakdown segment pulled a meter numbers on the bridge breakdown segment next we've all got comes out a good can I do my final what I remembered I was limited edition. If I lost people were screwed on this phrase break adds one don't know this is a slap in the face so on us long suffering baseball fans like myself. I've only had five World Series in my lifetime wizard recognizes our current Yankee I want to get an. I don't think about Tony the due to the what do chip just a toy sixteenth here's a public event and I implement I want gives it to your ride out here's the deal. Man let me put it this way. All I need is an and the hang in there may get interesting let's have fun talking about him until late July and then they either can't starts only mentality that well what do you are now they're in the playoffs a product that you put anyway. I mean methods of down time I think is a fun look. I appreciate your own usually does it's I appreciate the topic I'd appreciate the awareness. But I can't and I cannot stand should carry no Jim Carrey. It was a club broadcaster pusher the name it was just nice to come on your sixty. Onstage and said oh this off as the cubs fired unlike years ago at an athletic contest a it goes against the Braves is a raw deal is the wrong job like what they did it screw the other night on those replays yeah. In the fifth inning on strike out east European. What expired whoever. Bodies nauseating. The volume down yesterday you were here trapeze mistake today did you did you talk about disrespect my job to us. We got Gary he saw his name was historic drag her and then I SM sounds looks don't. The neighbor isn't an inch Corel you don't know about the legendary Harry Carrey goes who's that. I've never say no no no I don't believe everything you knew what does it seem at this stage are thugs I'm not gonna you. I'll come together and I'm my father Harry are my side scamper around Hamas get arms it made my son chatter about Moscow carriage of these everybody's it comes wins plus Linux. I don't ever do it again breaks a wedge five forest dated for Firestone's Howie Long after the exists is the US do things the Boston. Two things a bus they want axed a brazen break down segment. Mean actually like abrasive and the do you carry Jerry's also all day the whole last hour may be axed from the shelf to we can we go to break escape in DOS given Harry please I doubt you'll think of doing this are good we got Darren yet here. The studio is there's gotta go to college man. Are we did take a break we come back. What the hell are we talking about Charlotte sports we're coming back to listen you show we come back. Daring dance just our seller handed off these boys on the Mac attack. We are taxpayer can't see where his steamy music it's in the contract Josh Marcellus theme music most life. When he tells boasts low common man do I get paid extra finance. Us. These huge mats. Getting your Macs does zeros impression every time you come on now. I'm waiting outside chance of Kansas does argue in fact the son of a plumber looks at Christmas. Do you have a dusty rose. I everybody's got to the Eagles got a straight day really wanna do that line's terrible. It's now I actually don't wanna do my dusty Rhodes is matter of fact I already have my Harry can't damage and Minnesota looked somewhat daily get buddy get like a month gain on the Mac he has done. As a good dozen studies are really the dusty Ras funky you know did I thought I was constantly and yet they think you know yeah. You don't hold showed how I wonder. This comes as the deficit that is 69 degrees back the medalist or June that's the NBA finals on delta and will it mean to you could do a dramatic reading of the old hard times bit. Good that would be special that was one of the greatest Promos and wrestling we got. And insults don't get today the bill but to stop me like a mud hole. I do that you're gonna give we won't get better I can't I guess I just can't stop our readjust ourselves here again are here are coming up. On drugs here in the mid day we were talking in you know during the break. I'll see you both you guys think on this DG we were talking about DeDe David tepper swagger right out my existence seems dammit he's got dissed and she's got disliked by the reds I called the revenge house right now I. Ex wife of my arrival about a home terror analyst what do you think we talk about the holy symbol of the polls. Like what he's using his swagger is good it's different so to me it's excite. Your chart 'cause it's different turnout. It's different for Charlotte death I mean let's be honest I think a if the personality. Of somebody within a few money. Walking in the door here in the place down binary digit you know buying the revenge Hal stared it down building something even bigger or more ostentatious. Almost already a mansion. That's not a very Charlotte way of doing business chart it's always been very polite to veer in each accommodating city a city that goes out of its way to not to be. That kind of ostentatious deck and a new money AA in its torch I think one of the things we gotta be careful with over the next couple weeks until we actually see that guy here from the guy. Hear him answer questions is being careful about making him a cartoon character of what a rich guy might be I mean we know the brass false story. You know we've seen the pictures. We know he's got a big attitude but he there's also a part of the lands it back story as told by other people that. He isn't very forward public facing you know that he wants to kind of blend into the background sometimes. Business wise so I don't know. And a week it we're just gonna have to wait and see what he does I think the idea that he's come from the Steelers background and wants to do business like to Rooney's it probably should sound very familiar because that's when Terry Richardson offense wanted to do so if he does business Roni style. We may not get all the entertainment value from this guy that some people might be anticipating five. I believe that based on those stories we've heard may be some Amare apocryphal. And some of them are true. I think we're gonna kid somebody that's elect closer to Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson do you think I don't know if that's good or bad do you have an opinion Joshua go. Story you hear and read Derek I mean they're entertaining they're difference. Jerry Richardson was until a star scandals very or let's keep things quiet and stop. Do you like this would you think this is good or bad for the Panthers were or are we just have no idea how it plays out I don't think we have an idea yet like today aaron's question we have to hear him speak and see kind of what what Tony sets here in the in the coming weeks and months when he takes over but look I think for the most part it's best in pro sports when the owner doesn't become the story I think that when the owner starts to it to be. Kind of the in the overwhelming figure in the franchise you look at guys like mark Q banner Jerry Jones and ironically both from Dallas but. You know in those situations typically don't end with a lot of success there. There are some cases where does it mean if you remember a couple of years ago. Joseph lake of the warriors make in the comments that they were revolutionizing that was they were revolutionizing basketball ever made as of another quote on the desk you're only now did that a lot of people really glass onto and in life there who'd come. You know breed they are against and you know the the borders and I'm going on went into the next three titles anyway so I. I think you see the success on both ends of the spectrum both owners who have stayed in the background and owners have been a little bit more forthright and more outgoing now obviously it sounds like you're going to get a little bit more of that it with tapper from like my parents and closer to Jerry Jones then than Jerry Richardson but. I think he can work either way as long as he doesn't I think men old yeah I had. I mean does he want to on the Pittsburgh background I expect him to be too bad. Does he wanna be the star of the ship and that's the problem when Jerry Jones in Dallas Jerry Jones and in my prince who covers the cowboys in the papers down their web sites on the air. You know it's kind of nightmare because instead of going to the quarterback after the game you've got to make sure you're the only Hearst press conference after each individual football guest and that's one finger I don't. What do you like him or don't I definitely don't want that Jerry Richardson has flat out said in the past I don't want to be like Jerry Jones I don't want to talk after every game. Or that Austin or even you know. More than a couple times a year when we saw him a lot you know that was the way did business so I don't know. It's gonna be something they're metal so it's very. And that's what Jerry Richardson values and he's he had a huge role in this process about who he's gonna sell the team to delete fan to a certain degree do you volunteer day did I understand do you think that if he was truly worried that temper was gonna come in radically. Change the way the ownership role was in Charlotte that. That he wouldn't. That he was an awful well he didn't have much of a choice or did the owners kind of push him so you know attacks from Massa thing. A feelings and owners pushed it right Margie. I think there's Andre say yeah hello Soledad thanks okay all right I didn't put it that way do you think the other owners won another Jerry Jones. I don't think they. I think they want a guy who's got almost as much money as Paul Allen had to say one another really rich guy who's good at doing business because there are about to do another round of business yes we have players with broadcast contracts. He you know the league wanted David tepper. As an owner and and I think there probably was some pressure nudging it that direction the whole time. The did you do this is a guy that could be a hall arts healthful whole Denise negotiate your right leg demeans you don't make a billion dollars without. Offending someone and being willing to push back of the abyss and you know I think it's a fascinating career RT had a mean he's basically made all his money by buying distressed properties. Did it to boil it down and oversimplify it and now the distressed property bought was a Carolina Panthers I mean their value was lower than it was. You know and we were talking about 2526. May be pushing three when this process started now to like close to two to three. And I think part of that's got to do would Jerry Richardson in the probably create difference. There are reimbursed report today on dollar principal target would there again outside as a point yet. Crawling the stadium in LA is going to cost four billion dollars or big wool is their clock he's putting up one billion tilt of his own money he's paying more for his. Is they boarded the stadium. It would cool straight for the bills franchise while stadiums or more than the bill just trying to stretch. Well yeah I mean the end of bars the most valuable property in buffalo right trap. It's gone back to my dream come and that brings a drugs from Charlotte back. My friends take abided shall we don't remember who your who your brand the ball and I cited also Slough. And it's not good is it their own one negative in hindsight I know to self don't do that again I think I know it's hard selling their third coming next everybody enjoyable talk to you tomorrow Mike Florio is on tomorrow kind of make up days this week form on the Mac it's.