Mac Attack Hour 4: Bill Bender on upcoming College Football season

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Monday, May 21st
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks withBill Bender regarding the upcoming College Football season. 

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On the today we. We talked about David Jeffers commencement speech at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh which was amazing. Bomb we talked about the awards and a draft man this is an opportunity I think to Trace Campbell. To try to pop up maybe an address a little bit maybe get into that top six work looks like the potential these players is also charts. As like Obama Porter junior. And also omelet for NASCAR love and braves level sort of you guys that were at the all star race and the ones over there are saying it was ridiculous people could not even sit down. I'm telling you it's NASCAR. Analysts say saves itself it is NASCAR takes itself back up a couple of notches this could be the night Saturday night's all star race and that rules package. If they implement it more moving forward to it could be the key night that and the gambling. Being sports gambling being legal in the country those are the things that could propel NASCAR back to relevance and I hope it has a lot of you hope it doesn't have a global sequels. In meets an old obsess over for those who don't wanna hear about. But for today I wanted him lol love my let's go song 704570. Nice he sent Carolina man is weighted draw my hot air I think you wanna talk Panthers. There was don't know. But it's okay. And out into it and I'm glad I probably would not open its bird got and I know. You don't some ambition we want that. To. Yeah the all black. Metropolitan. Art and I do not like I do. Under every. All right bad analogy I like about every. Should Carolina man there you go bombs I just feel like Cheryl I'm and it man and I give each other. I just feel like we do Boehner I feel like a lot of you guys don't get either one of us but I feel like she and I get each other. Arm I should we speak the same language meet him and Dick by tells me the same language a lot of babies. Lot of babies Justin Bieber also speaks same language Lotta babies in their Tebow right now has no idea what is going on his radio show because of having a board issue right now trying to fix it so you have probably talked to one another is still more. Now I'm I have a massive war. I'm assuming you're bored easily to show was IM RI I. I have multiple tasks on this show and one of them right now since my attention whereas I need do I need to step when I was on a roll their thought I was on a roll would mean Carolina man. Our Mac ads WS NZ dot com I love David separate you know let's say this just having an owner comes in a disparate Steelers doesn't guarantee success as the browns about that. But I do like an idea that hey he has learned under very well structured trade organization I do like set a lots. Tom art match and WS Lindsay dot com that's another thing on palm dividing jumping and as well if you're so I don't know David separate you saw the speech he gave howdy is he if you saw all the speech he gave you gotta sink. You've got to be more excited about him as an owner if you saw all the way he spoke just the way he handled himself it makes you just really crave. A press conference from from this cat later in the week and hopefully we'll get it did indeed vote go down tomorrow and Atlanta. I was go back to the zones look at sports site and donate these sayings braves baseball that is the kind of win. They're just I mean defines a season. And just shows you that something special is going on and his team is not going to be denied and not even a dumb act first and I believe that. 70457096. And let's go back sort of sewn silly Nate wants a brain on this braves parade unbelievable filling Nate what's going wrong. Oh are all sure. Appetite you probably are all I. Really come up is all that is culturally. I got out but it really went up that way. That cart yet but it's just don't app guys like you don't intimidate or you don't I don't bite bite. And and you're a spot so don't matter what we there yet but it out but it. Back to keep yourself what about the prop up Yassin newsreels that ignited. Our art. Our op. You are to be a bit why I'd better I got it to. The village of what you're right. More pitcher. Are up eighteen but just the right to score rock. Part. I. And had enough bad news write it down well though but I guess are you saying no one wants to hear that breakdown I think we we can break down the brace because a local interest. Are now tomahawk Mac thank god we're not doing data were not a word operated on the silly is all white appear holidays all god I think durst on storage of their daughter thereof. Coming back from the dead basically more or not we're not doing that season I don't know suing deaths though I would rather kiss the back end of a horse and hasn't talked silly. Then got a little you little little to a double disagrees is going to be given out one of a broken it down there are sorting callers. That if I don't calling them right away I get a lot of backlash on Twitter Philly it's one of those guys right now yeah I realize it's better just again and out of there quickly. Still you know I yelled out this guy says eighteen plate races a year let's do what you gotta. That you got to implement that other tracks Doug rice is right they would be morons to be struggling so badly and ignore the success. Of that race with that rules package is soars braves fans don't moan how much doing today get to brace on his job and on right I don't. Other jobs Ogg O it's not go well at all today I want to go to the Chop Shop advisors. I thought this would be a big one I thought that I'd love NASCAR fans of colon. And I thought brace fans would call him most excited I've got a squad Lucia I got an eagle guys and Carolina man love loves. It's fired up about David tapper but what's a hack bone is going on here how do people not watch still embrace the game and get all cranked up like me activity only along with this level of Frank Rich practice eat a personal not gonna discuss your rankings etc. That's a personal issue with you when I missed his second of all I'm their written that rove matter now. It's your right now as I said eighty cents. Talk nobody right now I could light up based on what the Yankees got only annoying no be so annoying so seminoles four or 5796. And you don't hear Yankee said it would be ashamed for just that never enough time to get the Yankee fans in to talk about the start. Be damned Shane start spreading good news if you don't I'll go back to zones Jackson wants to get in here next Jack central mail us don't know. I look at least think I get an perpetrated this I'm not gonna regret but for now. Say quite matter for the breaks choke a billion. No we get a yankees and waiting bone did you know that. Just what I swore I everything guy and I am excited about no one yards and a source Campbell got us. Yet no real quick match I'm all for. Lou we can look come. You can 200 you know. Or that break your problem. Come back why. And them eleventh pick him but it has been great but you've got to look at what broke they're all holder ballot in Orlando where you are there. They're not eight Campbell walker away from being in a playoff or Earl walker away and be a contender so. Why would they hey there Rick and pop went walking in one. Year death now I don't forget. Don't forget sorted out you Mark Cuban wants to win badly he's not gonna put out very long would be in the water or this he's gonna wanna get like spanking to get our players tied all right. It apart you can what are we don't want it put him well. Can walk factor here not doubt that there there. Now best road and that's and that's why I said like. G Jack's it's a great call it's a great point he really is and that's the rubble why I think you at least got to offer it. I definitely see your side it's very possible team on the day don't want anything to do with it. Orlando I kind of suggestion because I feel like Orlando's team its Kindle out lottery every year and they never. Get players that they dressed in a lottery on forcing kind of like us to be worth a lick so I kind of thought you could attempt to Orlando player they know well in the division I see a lot. I thought like maybe you could send to Orlando to be I can let's give this shots right let's give this a shot and see if we can keep them around here we got a full year. But here's the rub to this Campbell wanna play for a team that is drafting sexed. Right it's coming from a team is stressing elevenths as you imply his team is drifting six he just told everybody a few weeks back. I wanna win I'm tired of missing the playoffs so there's a lot of robes with that potential deal I would at least try to richter now brought up the paper. How would at least try that Ben Nelson brought it up Bobby Morse try to open the peace idea of the year about the future of the whores are brought up multiple times the number of picks them besides I think about this. Besides that story takes a top seventeen they've got Booker they've got vendor they've got Josh Jackson they got mark cease Chris and got TJ Warren. All that they have what's missing from Phoenix. Point guard you don't think they'd like to terror Campbell Devin Booker but they can't give up number one for kemba. Tim is not a title player you about number one for Andre Dayton is being retired David Stringer Robinson Idaho. I decided to take it to date could vote if they could care Campbell Devin Booker. Yes you can go to run aperture yes it was special to disseminate in Booker you can answer something really special salute evident that that brings in the Sadr City says three lottery picks. Is there are deal or he can get to know their 1617 all three lottery well you know all out and media ordinarily there. Sort of sixteen or says he's an ACC is 72 after the watery but you don't have to have three takes the first seventeen. Could you keep your tech staff keep Q could you get 1116. And seventeen. I don't know I hope we get up into the top five I don't know if it is going to actually happen though bound by the look at. Now people are mad at bone because he invited in Yankee fans and they we already had one on line though did not bring ID you aren't and one on the line inside here as always I can't see the phone screener and not knowing gone up hasn't lost. I lost a smokescreen as much as he is on why you got there yet he says I don't know brace residents more it is a NASCAR bucks. We got to come back to talk about something 99.9. Percent of you all last. The sporting news college football preview magazine is out in all its glory that is a sign that we're making progress in reading Tyler dot com. We're gonna talk to sporting news writer bill Bender will tell you all about the magazine pompano Florida we'll talk some college football. When bill Bender sporting news next. Thousand dollars. Are any death morning Susan do it adds if you wanna try to get death Bonnie text the word on morale like UMBRELL. Any text it to seven serial. Kate Kate on your shot at a thousand dollars. To national contests message and data rates apply contest rules available. At WS NZ. Dot com all right suits he voted for me this weekend then he had purchased C at what is now builds cool sporting news god is now. These streets and Smith's college football preview magazines it's already out there were a week away for Memorial Day it's already out there baby. So go grab your counsel balls they wanted to trivia writers in the magazine is still vendors in the sporting news. Always gold come on more war we ask you talks in college football so let's do it bill what's going umbrella you don't man. America recruit more power doing good man it has been awhile since we talked you. It's also been waits too long for Kallis put off we trusted we got to do is a football back in our lives. I started to cell tier where do you lean because it feels like everybody's got to answer the question who do you choose pre season. Clemson Alabama which way do you lean here at this point in time. We've put Alabama number one currently I would do well been a one I think. There are the defending national champion but the offense will be different wind to a public vote or pledged they win because they think you'll be. Children so the starting quarterback job. Allen on the defense side to but I mean quote from it's a one it won't be which which man who. Clinton and I've got to go back and look at that. This. Find it but it. I don't know but ever heard between heaven for potential stroke on the defense what Beckett on the. Now no help at defensive line is probably one of the best we have ever seen. In the sport it's going to be amazing and then you have the quarterbacks factor with Clemson like there's note no doubts. They had two U solo and in the championship game I don't I don't even think say they win the championship game without him in there and and and the downfield passing game. Clemson sue me has a similar situation where Kelly Brian it's nice you make it's that a play elsewhere than you might be a make it to the title game against Samar. But do you feel like I do better do you think Trevor Lawrence has to at some point. Beat the quarterback down the stretch because he can throw it downfield and Bryant's struggles with that or do you disagree with that. I think dep oh well probably hopefully teller I can wait until Trevor lord is ready and other members wish well and Barrick would cool down the Charles Watson but it was too. Remember what that would it would somewhat the most ready and we don't order and put a Georgia the bill yet that there and quite. So I think it'll be interest they did it depth look at who wait till a bright you know we've been back the playoff and do all these things. But I think Trevor warrants in the hype surrounding him going to be really horror and pain. And that at the same thing in Alabama it's the same thing at Georgia which up until we do it well. And it's the same thing kind of at Ohio State. Even though borrowed dollar and there's still a battle between Kuwait Arab and who Goran distort and trademark so we got it buddy turned to Tony meant that'll be it. Unscrew manners and loaded up situations out there are no doubt about by the way I hit it in news just coming out here recently to about hundred Johnson. He's a good quarterback but there's no room form looks like he's gonna transfer strokes from Clemson we're talking bill Bender from the sporting news OK so. Is there is they're huge gap is seals like you bill is there a huge gaps from the Clemson demand mark. To the next teams for you guys in this magazine streets is this preview it's Ohio State. Is there a huge gaps or should we not write off some other teams which teams can be threats. Well I think there's a third one Payton and have been told people who all the better. I think the list of rules national chip BP but it I can picture or not the trophy probably don't want and that. Alabama court but no I don't they Georgia. And Oklahoma and if you wanna go to the second hand washing and that you dinner or whoever you're Penn State every Obama effect in the audit. But but what you remembered but at about getting into the playoffs you have ever seen and not go out. Win two playoff game. Against about the bout but I really think that per standard team but it did get I mean would it if you're gonna say audio gonna make it you've got to give me how it well. Yeah oh there's no doubt I. I don't put it this way I do is similar offer me Clemson and Alabama border sealed I'm taking some down taken Clemson Alabama combo right I mean I'd be shocked. If one of them didn't win that you cannot say they're both definitely gonna gets in the game but I'd be floored if it wasn't one of them that won it is that G would you agree with that. My opponent sit back but it used to do Alabama tell they. Is that and now I think that would fuel. If you give me Alabama clump in the field I would probably take that is if I can get some sort of way. Law if I get Ohio State to. You wanna be like. I don't want my money people aren't they went there but boot I really think don't worry. And everybody yell and bank of Urban Meyer a apparel they've got a bit wide. No a couple of portrayal pick and nick both presentation along they're going to be good as usual plot it I don't vote bracket potentially give their though it. Aren't they just like last year they heard about opera that that that would about copper but it's not not that open necessarily mean you could make well. What do you think of the overall strengths of the ACC this year I just look at that picture preview magazine. You obviously at Clemson to know Miami. Is in the south says decades Virginia Tech at sixteen knows that the ACC seems. You know our dolls are Florida State also eighteenth. What do you think about the strength of the ACC this year like his Miami team it's a playoff contender this year to more or is it not at that point yet. By anyone below like Auburn latched they were so fun to watch all are very go to home. And I think that late fees until then it started at Pitt and then continued when Clinton beat him by five touchdown in the way they work. We're confident beat them. Badly and were much better than them at the skill positions that would most shot in corporate me com. Miami you're not in a bit more on the Mark Richt I think Virginia Tech will compete in that division is well. And you mentioned ordered State Department today. Other transitional noble we always know the order stated well worn by our guys so if Willie Taggart depict quarterback situation took it out. They can be pretty good too I think took a look at a with a weapon and or. I always did yelled out for not including and feet state. I think reptile we've been very good the but it you know they law they do an awful lot of bit of help hell no come down there how they were well that they had agree detailed draft. I didn't exist national questions for egos to Bonior about oil are doing well. What coach nationally do you taken out the biggest impact right away is a gym though added and visit Chip Kelly. I UCLA is Eric Karros are you stealing your number one can get that program going in the right direction right. I think those two are very interesting you know Jumbo obviously you've got a lot of battle it. More lucrative that a utility per game which. Number one everybody should attend utility. Group like the right here at home you know but. And it would do well there in. But I think it's up prop I think he's the guy authority and the community impact. Kind of Jordan nix statement that offered better and you know they're burning that up by but the compare and I would make there. Very similar to horrible Michigan and that everybody feels great now but you have to allow that transition to happen I think one of the worst things that happen to import all. We want to end game in its spokespeople and step up for a little too hard and now we don't and it this year where in other aspect in a lot of damage in and they should the but I think the same thing applies to the prospect of coming your Cuban I think a little bit well. Watch out for Mississippi State too because morehead has Mick FitzGerald in place already so he deduced that you're saying he runs what I saw the magazine he runs what he calls a triple play offense. But he he adds different ingredients all at odds on got a I've got it geared bills for the DePaul offense. You know I think that promote interest been higher in terms of how a bit down there and have Jim Moore could really play caller all that trick or was there. At Penn State thanks so like I'm gonna help helping me bitch girl bit but that. That might be between. You know they were close watch here in Alabama that might be the movement in that division that the challenger Alabama. You're baton that they got to go to Pope who would look so I do like higher though I think so interest in agree in a bit of play caller. Put on the flip I don't think treatment for early considered gonna take this huge step back and everybody had to back in just because you know he's gone and they all book was well. I like the way you think general Penn State fan like satellite siren that I get a let's say it was some of the gamecocks for let you go the magazine and you don't talk magistrates dismiss. College football preview magazine die you guys have South Carolina 24. You mentioned Mississippi State could dale put themselves in a position where did the best equipped to make trying to push grandma. In the east. Those mushy and have these guy mace and at least for the time being where they or the team with the best chance to push Georgia and you give them any chance. To push George. I think the most logical to a pushed sort of give them a supporter and senate you're gonna be unpredictable this year you can't just today. Or no intended to of them all of going to be there. A lot of experience. Jerry apparently quarterback. Oh win against Michigan the way they did that the compact should give that they're incompetent that they will not ship. Good system in place now and I don't know they can beat Georgia but I know I I'm pretty sure they're going to be the best rep could do that in the division so. Going to be a good year for the game caught. And all well I mean with Bentley become barreled through. You gonna do it looked good for political future but it's gonna come down who will open it out but what work that went well benched or bogey at Logan caught them. In the big spot. You have to play well for them to win. I do you. Man. Let anybody know where you add on Twitter for some good comfortable sought and folks if you wanted to an early samples are you got to college football Jones read just magazines. This Reese is this college football preview where yen on Twitter belt. Yeah that's got that's what long Rick good to great doubled magazine I have to mention them. I'm bill under 92 albeit the have been denied ever brought the united here you don't want it. They have been checked yet. 1006. Untreated cows in doc cows are not seven Mary. That's don't you know I would help people book that pact goes. In it long both on feet deep women at the end you're gonna you could be patent on bought an overly broad and and I know which way are you there. It doesn't thing is that thing gives big man also you've got a young team trying to go against the king. I tonight's huge tonight's huge in that series RH well La bill we appreciate check and all this stuff on sporting as well build under your demand thanks for chatting with us. I don't know no problem got rid talk beat you look at him. By the way bill Bender also vote when you revealed to the world you're like my publicist right like there is a deer moment like you're you're my wife for my publicist. My wife's. Was shooting video of me playing barbies course I had and restricting the nearest Friday night after all. But I was drinking a beer playing barbies with my daughter we had a dream house and everything I saw this this is a hilarious and edit my wife took the video rights or she's one of my PR people she sends its a year and then you weeded out. And bill Bender is one of the guys that sells for that heartwarming moment where I'm sitting there are now keep in mind we're talking about Islam gas. Because everything when might play barbies when my daughter is about tuning. Or putting. I've got my daughter is at that point in her life had five years old where I need to get her to get out of that mode even Steven I don't wanna be in that vote. But not so anyway bongo band to like him all I thank you as one of my publicist you're giving them moment out to be at a. Respect Alan just posts down without asking me how can I oppose I didn't know send to be justice shall meet class has taken out process there's actually really funny one. Well you're really into. But you're really real ID was more humor in anything that she said the room was too dirty. There's a 71 that was more hard sell part that but I just permit cited the post and I have my daughters it bottler yet but you're Christina signal both to sort it. You all wanted to help or manually surely he's human side of Mac by the way I thought it was orchestrated what Obama. That's why it's a high tension running for us but that was a real moment I mean there's you shoot video my daughter wanted to play barbies. And I do I get so into it at a truce for tense ride and they were headed over to hang out when all our barbies or girls dolls but if I'm party de worm grosses. Six back to his six back at the other guy was gonna show because he shows all his guns. And then the other dude laws all the zeal to do not terribly amusing but I had a whole lot of places lasagna and now they don't know you -- Charlotte is dying in a minute but anyway it was kind of fun the problem is she came back in the next they wanted to do it again after awhile I just burn out on barbies are always want your sabre one for a Sussex tracker gunshot my man is gonzo Gonzalez against a gross of Galilee I can't get the ladies love gunshot. I learned take a break is also a little notes that there also they call me now I think you can relate to thank god. I'll try to think they can name when we come back I know America wants to know Charlotte was no babies in his hand when we say no I didn't get those series he's a bar when we come back. We gotta get focused we got emails we got sacks. We get suites all those things to get seal on the show and maybe a royal wedding rant I. Agassi and he gets in me somewhere it's an act its act. Attack against a good emails. Funny though some people upset when they. Some people are upset with other callers I mean it's a day on the today in the likes the Mac attack on the text line. The recent tech side and the energy females into a meta needed they're gonna make it terrorist action and Larry learning a little early in the show people were not liking your Warner in nature but you've got a lot more cheerful bone as the show went all. Why did he really did try to think outside backers are the show was a bad that the 5 o'clock hour this morning so our. Now five or six us because we both of them all our your man what are you wanna kill a computer over there and then on the tenth to get on the air. I set the author or record for FR in the product like our previously held by insulating. I want to 47 and her out thank you bill Bender Doug rice and Jay those of you mr. bill soon go up in podcast form later today are ready and so are our country does a baby on the front page do your good bands on the front page W vacancy dot com. Players will be talking about with the hornets. And the draft but let's go to the email section tweets it will we have here on Mac of them the beast for Mac used to be mere Beavis and Butthead. Now the bees are baldness by a focal bulges and onions just racing there you go embraced or been in there. Tom let's see here on brazen bandwagon is also on my lessons and our. Yeah bone you do understand I can't sit there watch every Orioles game I need something else to do with my time and I know I got I just I cannot watch this team dude full homeless and boast is what's most lethal reels easier. For a cease. 10 almighty judge. Got really judge. 78 teams in every sport you all talk that. I'll try to support he'd rather not be down here are your only brother are here a gotcha see here based bought on the whereabouts of Tebow and gong is a guy from Philly that advice in Yankee fans shameful. And he Shane blog or they didn't show up for all the fans are much more likable and Eagles fans there's no doubt about it too old. To stretch their right as a matter finally Onebox in my experience Yankee fans as the most likeable all sports are easy I wonder why you think that. Let's see here Mac did you see it away KG did Bartley dirty last night yet people are really talking about just a lot bomb Barkley and post game. Said to. KD is drain Mon warehousing put. Says his trim isn't going on the court as he isn't relayed in real life like his dream on really that annoying as he seems on the court and Cady says families downstairs while you go askew of basically calling the jumps around that you are ATV south guy and there is no way you're going down their dude. What chuck got caught out twice last night you see the other question that they ask about the shadow cast CDU's like men you're six elevenths so 41 of the like you play guarded and Isaac I wanted to play guard orders shoot the ball and chug goes we'll check your two big employee garden music. Easy you couldn't move and Irish echos among drug test you on all the less just. Google made the secrets or another dose. Do these stimulant he's good trademark that is an aide Ali let's see yes emailing Dave is such an arrogant blades talking out of his believe. The Eagles finally win a super ball and he wears a crown Phillies. Have they a better chance. Of hitting the wall and finishing the season out there you know there's some silly made hatred that's guaranteed at least a couple of those every time he calls. Anomalous C Mac on the Braves last Clemson fan I know you mean well but just leave my teams alone. Emma boards of both of those maybe this year matter I I I don't birds did you southern just tell you the truth Mac. I have a special treat for the ninth forty crowd a success this is a very rare treat. These Charlotte copper systems temperature right now 71 degrees ten years apart and they were covered available for free. But Charlotte cover system well that a little bit slowly it's that little white temple ruefully I was awake for. Very big right there mine are let's see here Maxey junior Jeff stand Gandhi I almost fell down apparently UNC evil aren't the only ones and haven't seen a Star Wars movie. Yeah Jeff Van Gundy in the middle of the game trapping two bodily were all three have never seen a Star Wars movie and never well and never will we're strong in this reunited. And Jess and Dundee unveiled at a Mark Jackson got all worked up about a mile mothers. Mama how did he do does Mala common but so anyway Jeff Van Gundy is in the club embodied here by tendered Perkins is sophomore year although I did not sides of Kevin Love you know Schumacher was at the game. These these Celtics. Cavs game I front row I. I was out with no sound in Gaza the group much friends all of a sudden we look up and shabbat is it would know we don't know what's going on gas you've got to sit in the front row clearly is just. It's shameless promotion for solo the movie right about Hans solo and and she knocked in their so anyway so it was also about my dating like. It's not against his soul up so good. You so yeah that apple also as a reason. Oh series now oh OK I think so. After the game and Kevin Love is talking to an immediate tendered Perkins I guess it's right by tell love in the locker room. And love says JC Bogle is there Kendrick would you hang out would you bucket is that if you want until and he says it. I don't know about all that news stops man he's not because it's in a movie called solo he thought this was a new concept of shoe box. It's your body always a terror today had just been created. So I had intended target Citigroup he's more clueless on store or is there we are about. A moment ago that you bucket a man and last but not least Trevor says Mac. What did you think of the royal wedding I actually thought there were some tender moments in there. This a grown man talking about tender moments and somebody else's wedding bone I was so angry I was so angered on Saturday about to us. The way women were acting about this wedding on on Twitter you would think it was their own wedding. I mean did you see. Either way he looked at her oh my god look at that look oh my god look at he's rubbing her knee and right now with the slump. Almighty god did you see the way she looked in that dress. Hell I. Out here seriously why. Why are women living vicariously through that wedding you any get the friends I hate to break it all the women out there. You Reagan apprentice the clothes issue again is some aging fat dude like me. Okay maybe it'll be a ridge version remain. But you're not getting alleged take them back actually on my delight us I'm the worst you can get the best you can get is an actual rich good looking kind man in America. Getting princes it drives me crazy man personal why does it body LA it's like Aslan and do more and we should not care so much about a royal wedding why do we give a damn about their friends their queen their king it's annoying as hell ball but didn't about a rate of sodomy here's why what time was the wedding yet. 6 in the morning. Guard in world what I every scene obviously thrown at 6:37. O'clock on Saturday morning yes you could just avoided all that. I want to watch Netflix and just hung out of my wife was want to share it on TV I can't avoid it man. You avoid all the sides what are your I. That's stripes and then you're releasing you wanna you. And a menace to be disrespectful you like to do your radio host. You like to get all angry sometimes it ideal for a guy sought it out and seek it out it was there right front in my face you could nobody every when you you you could. Avoided Slater asset could morning what do you do in des arts footer on Saturday at 6 in the morning and what are all the time mom why don't we all are just shut it down and then Rachel Rhodes a BC and C. I'll break minus Rachel roller but she says she walked in there. As mega Markel. She will walk out as a duchess of some six sacks is amazing. Suzanne it's not that amazing to me it's really not too much while married I don't really care as she's America I just don't match like it's kind of like people who don't get into sports think about like away were crazy about sports I dissing people. Lost their minds bone that we're post wedding shows on their dearly post game shows. CNN was on. And I and I walked NASA TV. They're breaking down what they liked and didn't like really loved the preacher but acquired just didn't used on the night acquire really think he's done that was not a there was not a good move and that was Megan's idea that was not a good note they're analyzing it like it was a playoff football game man I couldn't stand it I know I shouldn't be this angry shouldn't but I can't help it I'm angry -- I'm very I'm sure total like my wrestle mania tweets we lost these weeks as I was sort of an English muffins like a week you know dreaded. Your agent or call me let's go to all year. A caller two it is just a regular girl that sound like to watch a DVR is just a regular girl that's valid or tried Starr breaks. I think that's a little bit much players and. Aren't all women. In some my five year old daughter there locals in their concept of wanting to be a princess like all women went back to when they were five and imagine themselves is that Francis Maggie and I guess that's what happened Mandy was just an odd moment and then the fellas we're getting into it. Fellows start breaking it down on Twitter unlike what is happening in America and and certainly if you. Freedom that could just say don't put it for a couple. I mean yes but at the same time. You're not like you're that was like surrounding everybody did get really annoying in I don't even follow anything remotely close to anything. Royal wedding wise so it was kind of hard enough. Topic how are you the only person just radio station has not annoyed as head highway Basra so I went to to jam I got breakfast I watch Netflix I was I was just I had a stroke when you're the GM how was not on every TV did you. Exports are was. You must have a loan TV that was on sports center. Let's name and I listened to bring it back I don't match because I just avoided the whole thing I. Quitting radio the royal wedding because nobody gave two craps about yours we had a great group of friends and family at that wedding but now watch reality I will be live tweeting just John seen America's need to balance out yeah away. I listen take a break now I'll calm down and we will move all of our lives. It is the Mac attack right here on their transit. This goes that's just two crazy kids carrying bag around bullet form hey I wish him success. I just didn't wanna keep here. About stupid wedding the other day in dealer who has my back. Feel I am a backseat goatee bounty little comes to a dealer dealers got my back on mistakenly not recognize this song files. Guys and Osama. Whaley Golding this is the fifty shades are thieves are. It's been pets are up some I didn't. Acquitted of 56% of dads are you might as I grew up these are not answering an area. You remember he went to the fifty shades of gray I think it was the premier Nye EXP didn't need this at weekly with another couple. He's one of those theaters that lineup and I think decliners. And there's this there's this couple in their. Could you imagine so yeah just decent it's a great first of all talk and then kind of being a third wheel so long or oils that would all within after pro does that sort of anger at BR David Johnson hit man crows I saw I saw all three in the theater for crying out tools site. So I don't know we're not know now I had yeah company had a tidy and why you left and I'm. So glad I can't tell you right after EC one of those historic wind bass that you've got to keep you go. Since he's gotten what what bells go ahead after the second one myself I how can I turn away now joins the it's like being there. Grassy park US assets on its way to greatness and I believe they have a dinosaur position you also don't. But you know what is there. This could. I believe I believe Lewis called the wrapped her and our. In droves all that's where you don't see that as early in the Muslim men and I yeah. We did we did notice Russell here is that the shelf and all of those lower courts translated Johnson and those people who get down early in a month Amanda playoffs god bless our I don't anyway. Does anyone know that's not going to be a play off gently and excellent that's what I meant to get out early miles an hourglass figure and let me get here how do we get our. Now anyway crows welcome back UN CS you went to Mexico without participating in so Marty's like hit man and without. Getting what do you think coalescing he got. We come back sick from Mexico a we among consumers are gonna yeah yeah little Montezuma is revenge he's. Okay good hotel that she stayed equality resort or hotel staff they've got filtered water and got bottled water. You're sitting at a resort like dagger just to admit that's normal water sure he was claiming on the pseudo I guess I guess it was a verify her donation a little something you're good don't you look at not only are coming back and a lot of tequila Lotta sun makes a lot of Reading a lot of relaxing and then I come back in a little birdie tells me you're trying to trade kemba first day back on the job and you're trying to. So now I'm sorry if I saw her she also angered voters. Come on man you sir you are not on board with an idea to rent and health floater which is Campbell and eleven and trying to move up in the dragon they get honestly. Like I could order junior could be extremely. Serious policy analyst I mean there's a lot yes there but don't you think Campbell can't be every sign that we can't give chemist 35 million each 37 million or whatnot. 'cause that it would be Campbell in the same dudes and we saw the result of that but we can't build a team around to a morning twelve million a year we wanna given 25 million. I mean and that's the game right now is I think you've got to find a way and I think that's why I hired James parade are gonna find a way do. Images jobs could be to make some trades he's gonna ask dispute is gonna slip some guys in this roster and KGB is at the top of the top of the list so you think dudes are slip Obama almost no talent now they are our guys I think that's what Mitch was tired you know Mitch is a guy who can pick up the phone and he's got both sides in the NBA he's got respects so. T going see how they harass us or them it was a rally tallies the rabbits now Jacqui. I know you were to throw parties. Last week this is how I guess that's attention as very good look at it gets off on gives public hasn't achieved all. It was always did did just say Meghann I like breaks that. By the way how about the amateur racing on Saturday night I was all right so yes I was trying to say man people or like John NASCAR's dead not if they bring up. Actually sent yet he raced like down on a regular basis I was amazed. Governor dealer coming off. The U the mills going to call for well what Burnett's army are generally ask okay. I drove it. You know are coming up this everybody at work at a preppie good work out a bone we'll talk to you guys tomorrow right here and that's NC.