Mac Attack Hour 4: Are Panther fans excited for the Draft?

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Thursday, April 26th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses with Panthers fans about whether or not they are excited for tonight's Draft. 


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Dates are shown up now though my dates are taxed income. Well and we love you I can't deal also whoa whoa my dates or call. Now they think you said column but you're not fired up as well we sure these guys are actually on your side no I'm just assuming there'll my son does he called us about just trying to be seated figures showed up was always are on trauma it's no can you get out hustle 150 pound lady I'll roll to the door to dig their. Now in college at disguising cows armed but in fact I'd be preserved if people call in and say the draft sucks but it's. Kyle Bailey is on your side cal Bailey on on Twitter says the radio lumberjack he apparently the radio lumberjacks said they that the interest is Al Bashir and I don't think we can do it but it but they had of course is going to be down from eight. We're running back was a key debate for an adverse McCaffrey and let's face it that was just huge man that was one of the biggest ray asked you know old. Leads we've ever had. So I see why it's down from that just were on address station people be cranked double resigned out of people cranked up to say they will they're fired up about the draft. And they love this clarinet player or they Cohen in the same distressed sucks to find out the sex club fired up there's the cold about LeBron all fired up for the Charlotte cover system's temperature Mack sixty degrees. Ten years of parts and labor coverage available for free. With Charlotte comforting to you about that did it without copy this time students tomorrow what an absolute pro I am let's see let's give says authorities a bat does Obama back. Skip does anybody in this trailer fire you up or do you agree with Tebow. What. I got to buy it art about. That's great buddy up it back up I don't air but under. My buddy. One you know my. Comic but not a man deserves need to go out paper. OCU like why receive well from what I've been told from someone pretty connected to both those receivers they do like more and and Ridley do you have a favorite of the wide receivers. Well I mean obviously we we've we've seen more really go you know Alabama or national comfort to hurt you know. East EC more imminent and well so I don't care to bet on but. One thing until the outlook number. Also 888 almost don't. I mean edit it appear or they know he's probably pretty good to have a lot of people and I think it got our. Yeah that's that's you bought a seat that's it that's the question is this why is your class is a good these are the two best. Wide receiver is been a Dicey proposition at draft in the first round lately so the question is are you getting any truth number one receiver. I just don't think Ridley looks spectacular in the NFL I think more has more upside. As a chance bone to really be special spectacular. A tick quicker better after the catch more dynamic in my opinion. Goes up to catch poignancy or other religious looks solid to me. And I'm not trying to draft solid in the first round trying to address special tire tireless and her eye and say is maybe getting emotional special and Josh Jackson I truly think has some Richard Sherman in a man. Big zone corner so I think those guys can be special. A year from now. We may talk differently about the slot receiver position because we will have another year Samuel. Am bird we can evaluate further what they need is there. Right now I'm not bring in another guy. To compete with sandy over that we're getting to the point getting a lot of bodies out there wait yes counting the bats in a tight ends were getting a lot of bodies out there here's the deal is always open easily talk about how many footballs to -- blessed thing is how big of a neat is wide receiver. I understand it's an exciting position what does it really that big of a need. Words seem it doesn't throw it that much anyway is over run first team you're in a decision with Mike Evans in Julio Jones. And Michael Thomas and to be in the great saints offense. I think DB is probably the way to go don't stop the pass man. And for once we got to invest in the secondary haven't picked a quarter first round since Chris Gamble. Haven't picked a safety in the first three rounds in eleven years. We've got to treat secondary like it matters in the passing league this is in the passing division or. I let me go to sounds violates first guy calls Susie he's excited position I don't want mounted the first rep I almost feel like Anthony Miller is better than most of those cats. DJ Moore and Calvin Ridley can you give him in the second round. I was ghost own 70457096. Standard. I believe there's excited panther fans Tebow Kyle Bailey in the whole free world is saying it's not that exciting where US and the fans are you pumped. At any aspect any players for so I want smiles bridges out they were having a discussion. Drafts. And that that does a draft comes as in my Mormon which of the two bridges do you prefer I don't know which guy I want to score eight points and 44 boards and a first career either a great chance who's up next grant what do you say. I traded we have a stalemate split their radio program go to. All own draft they did you know we sale I agree I agree thank you. I'd like to date. It was not gateway they're approaching this week it would call a position in question wording that Heidi and treat the quarterback. If they draft they could very well why is he the next decade and I honestly what. I'm very glad that Marty but he'll look at that don't like you know I I don't like it out very much for the future what about that are down a flight. You're just a great point Franklin if you were mean we gave him the hog father nickname like we have a reference for Dave again and we talked football with him when he would make that one appearance are showing can't. And we just loved the dude but when you start to get down to what he didn't address that margin in the draft. My opinion has changed man I think you have to be honest about devaluations thanks for example bomb. If Marty Marty Ernie speak pro bowlers out of ten players picked in the draft he also picked a great core Chris Gamble in the twenties. And he picked Jeff votes are which obviously got hurt and it didn't go well I went badly houses one mess in the first round. David gentlemen bounce as she got the guy that is achieved what we think he should have achieved yet. An anchor blue Trish McCaffrey just point McCaffery Vernon Butler. Jack Thompson Kelvin Benjamin is not on the team anymore. And starlets you'll learn it. You could argue that every one of those guys has done less than we expected them to do indeed gentlemen expected under when he drafted so. That's my point both people should be excited that more dog is back. They are the first round and I used to be excited to Marty stripped down tomorrow I'd get the gangs are definitely get. That call is taking place and every NFL city in America today at let's quote this tape could divide us for the next decade. Please Eveready data the first track tomorrow is a nice man that really is crucial he's got hit at least two of those three picks tomorrow may at last year's draft class and get in the worst way to do something I totally lost my job what job myself my saw Justin's call this draft what's the authors actually. It is probably get an up or at some point let's keep it I don't have much he would do you tell night I don't have much. Juice right now for the Jack I guess that's my time now maybe that's what's killing your draft June I guess three teams like it may work Bobbie Jo emails and Bob a man Bobbie Jo Bobbie Jo says Mac that caller said that we as a fan base of failed Mack talks MBA nomad is a hostess failed. I don't care if it their fans fall asleep while you're talking draft. You better not talk basketball net as some point don't have to go back in the LeBron is ridiculous finish last night I mean if we can't mention LeBron james' shot and what we do any sorts of Bruins basketball for the whole state I'm telling him and I at least they MBS it was can't just let me do it it's PGA who's up next TJ does what excites you and distressed anything. What are. Why is this sorry it's a little broad fast. That's funny I go can't go play there Charlie played harder than I did it at yeah I've got that isn't the only thing he'd do you think you can write. Thanks to dedicate it until all you let us six. I you're at how bad wire aspect acquired dike. That's good. You got me Bobbitt did well you keep up but not that you know they are all bad about eight bet he'd done all at the our vision you hate it he got me to add their ebit Billy right at what you. Now I'm like yeah right ally against a clear and cleared for two or can't get everybody SN all the insiders are saying there is no concern about the injury keeps him out of training takes. But he's gonna be ready to rock and roll that there's no injury problems. Meanwhile we're learning a new promise Sony Michelle who the hell would anyone need a Bosnia on the bone on pony journal on line. Bone on bone on bone knee injury and they interview show I have coming up. I talked myself bonobos sells like your love life when you're single you know. I don't cook soul I say I. I don't that's got to send and he just said well you're implied nets that's I easiest thing I know I sit descended on the back but I believe here as a means fruit. So tonight I believe your story that may be out I thought I was outside game because right now. Wow I don't know what is I'm walking out. Hamas I was that was even worse then went I've ripped to take a ten year old girl alive on today's radio show that this was a worse both Formula One is leaving the studio. Take a break I'm telling you although seriously peaks but LaBroque hunted this week was unbelievable how what are your adult and talk about a way because there was a play we're gonna screw around the ball possession succeeds Kerry is guys may have made up stuff that he had to answer questions about in the in the draft that guy right there analog radio do you do you questioned me about something much. By the way to go icing down refocusing don't wanna hear about the drama did you wanna hear about dice. He got me alone and as I said I wanna get a difference maker I wanna try to get a guy to Pro Bowl type player. And diced does have that talent it's just that I'm sorry ma'am we used a first round pick last year we can't do it again not in a draft and has backs power backs just oozing. From every round on the secondary we've got to hates. I its arms 70457096. To add my draft and Panthers Levin Brothers proved it's a bone. And how Bailey and the doubters you're in the distressed it is the Mac attack on SNC. Guys we count down to the NFL draft we need to pause in share a memory lit stopping. Classic NFL draft picks and by classic we mean really. Oh yeah. Can I think people aren't paying your parents aren't paying. Number it's happening now yeah. Yeah oh yeah. Yeah. Tune in each day for another. There classic trap take on the Mac attack. Like six. Well coming by the windows. This is a bone up loses it's hard to make this clearly people are jacked up about distress well. People don't crazy at last CD you bag did you plead on their doorstep I sit here you were still eraser you are sister ANC would pump about drug user rock set their windows you're singing a song is now. So that's frat so they're both placed thirty pulled plays I think right there are like that involved a lack. I don't want to bet if you don't know what that wise that was maxed that out that was back in 2011 not wanting your quarterback Alexander and I totaled for months this is the dude this is a guy you're wrong Mac. This is a guy you want needed Allison might actually wanna buy government. I wanna point out but Ed the why did that isn't what they do in the way and good dram memory but I brought a salute weekly the next year and then you've got to speed it up didn't makes he Sammy more Renault didn't touch that was actually your voice at a golf. Then it did sound bad listening back I'm like a case like anyone can cause I thought it was risky. OK I want these other players nick fairly impressionable involved in that but come oh no I actually said did you don't give up on Jimmy Claussen like that that was just. Does does not bad kids should've taken more so there I'm on it today may be just in read Alexander Jackson. Daniels rag now come all these in my fab five Marty take any of these stab fibers. And you are going to be easy target a group called so early salas I do I mean I did what we do how did we just had a week how we still here today Metzger I had tablets guys how many members of the media group I think. All right much better insulate your former coast is all over now on I let's go to zones title was to talk about the dressed cowboy who gets you most excited about dis district tonight. Our peril where there are. Always just tell you are you don't wanna text me. Her comment this guy is is into the draft man this guy he's fired up so you think lately. Let me ask you this is weird cosell on any brought us and we talked about Landry. He thinks Landry is just a situation guy you bring him in on pass downs do you are you saying you think he's more than that. I eat it gore made experts are here I assure you it is Al Lerner Hamm played many capital couple odd couple paranoid about it's been a big big big big big. They're big B. I a blurb about pepper of the deep pepper spray this year as well. The god of your most important to pick up a quarterback on the same deep into the. Always up there is defensive end or maybe tackle or in any corner that's it probably is I just. I fear that he's just a 34 edge rushing you do know that there's a lot of of a draft guys that are pigeonholed him insane he's just gone BS 34. Not just going to be but does he doesn't get fourth race. All he ever did it you'd be ready to open a couple more balance if Barry get a gap arrived. I think that we you know we don't part of lover. It's interesting it's interesting it's a different name username and Osama thanks brother thank you lead into the draft man calling and texting and this dudes got distant as no license and he's and I mean a good way but she's all that all about to draft last couple weeks text isn't all it's. Like your spirit animal has just like you can imagine herald Landry edema general Andrew intensity science has might may on the gym last. I said he's the bass this guy I did you dip we dip. Maalox attract new mantra what you would do more he does one mock galaxy not they're more during the processors is not sure who Mack wants more just and reader Turkey sandwich just dial army in Saint Paul on man it's so we don't get personal attacks here. I did one on you last segment yeah Buick city insinuated that maybe perhaps that I had to appeared row like manned by having get. That's just a personal whatsoever Jerry is on the right side of this says he's fired up by the draft what's up Jerry. They let you know I'm part of the bat. And probably you are so let there be if we we the first round trip to. Probably you know albeit it's it's a cornerback or. You know I'm I'm impressed distort just. Oh you love you got dates and he has good hands out of Florida State. That your man is not easy to solve these front runner to the calls that got to get the next you don't like Jerry did you get probably chair you two fought a series ago Jerry makes it personal he attacks me all the time I'm just tired but he did take a shot he did find a way like say I'm on your side all the way let's keep gadget or something to him to go against you that's coach drum anti bonus what that means. She you guys have they duke wake rivalries add. It's kind of amusing to me well rivalry strong term I don't know if that's they'd be do they beat you gets the ball a couple years ago I don't like that when he or. It wasn't really hundred kids recited earlier vascular rivalries. Now god and I understand how long is very mitigating get dirty thing another year another year sector got a title dates on her you're Jalen afford to scamming big time recruit coming up hope he turns around and how would be too optimistic what issued a doghouse or does not only should be employed in the second round in the second round. A high marks from Estonia is next and then Jane who is to pick in the draft that the Panthers will thrive with you gotta give it to is maybe. I've been studying that Brad and I broke it data all right. I don't Billy writes we did our little parliament. It's not a bad call man is not a bad call girl he saw me. Coding Adam chapters to read about it yesterday there's no way that before that he knew about Billy price. Yeah I think. So yeah what position does Billy price. But it. And. I regard it. Now senator Cardin senator combo like you can the thing what is it can play him for nor well this year and slide nickel he'll spot next year that's the appeal of Billy price no more I'm glad you called because you did what I think might be the worst thing and move in the history WS and zero CU let me ask just cause we kind of wanted to do an intervention at some point yes mark. Do you think your problem. Wisdom is that stand thing I got a personal problem wallets on that can be at least he's going to abilities that we get to suffer suggest the Eagles are sergeant mark a tax the problem. I have remark you know we love you but you also look at you call T don't you daddy. Like you look up to us this copy it you just weird sometimes July you look to us refer refer leadership and advice came we relish that role. Would she you have your mom duty team until the story that your mom. It gives you money to go to strip club is that true. Yeah we're out of but I say it. In order I think it would deter it. So soon lately and she goes there to save the strippers try to get them to stop stripping. And meanwhile you're back in the VIP room trying to get him to keep doing it. Ironic you know but I. Actually it and I think it. Might not run it but in May that don't look what you don't. What is is key you can't see is a violation and a son in law violation you can now. I ask your mom you can ask your mom your damn near fifty Amish NASA training which you can answer Monahan I want to go get a bite my he got what you can't ask your mom. As almost a fifty year old man gimme money go to strip club like that's. A nice good to break it a subtle. You lucky he is that money to pay for my Gator anyway borrow their guy took the day Steve Mona mark my problem with few days. This Philadelphia 76 sisters have suffered their one of the worst stretches of sports history for losses in what 56 year period the sense of suffer. In now they're starting to see the light got a sixers are going to be contenders right on time because of Simmons and indeed. On your Twitter bio you list off all the teams your report Orioles Davidson Panthers among others you've now added to your Twitter bio. The Philadelphia 76 Ers. This is the worst movie I've ever sick they would do the entire process as she knew what jumped on the process when they were done with the process basic. How do you feel about all ID go about your daily life doing things like this. Whatever it is not that the the Braves a very that's yeah braves fans. Are you bracing yet so it. Never mentioned race one time or gore three players on the brain you do do you like. And you brace failed and all of what is. Who is not yet again I was gonna ask you lose six or starting lineup it seems kinda knows us. Now now you can't get into the starting out if Daschle on his guitar player got a brace marchers had eight. But a segment Greg goes Elvis because that was the intervention I apologize to keep him on too long there might be too much more people like a little quick dose of mark and and they liked him for getting exist. But I felt like we both had things to intervene west because he's a masked man as a train wreck and I do wanna try to helpful the only calls it once a week it's on asking in his mind. For money for strip club and she gives its own a shameless and Matt mark ask her for more go to outback on Saturday night. Oh my no my parents listen to this back up to Pennsylvania on streaming mom would you come visit our needs money toward uptown cattle raying her even ask your gonna ask mark to market. Sure okay. Aren't we come back we're gonna get focus we got checks we got emails we need to read and we must talk about this scenario people keep asking about. What if they trade back tonight Mac tower stands supposed to feel we'll talk about that boot all the. Little kids my brand is. There thinking yeah. Yeah. I. The economy. I can't imagine. As Mac game all you want. Plus people Cano in the last hour man they showed up they showed up in droves. Ma literally we had a sponsor from pinnacle golf they showed up and drowned on the just Ross thirty guys in the studio and hang out with us my ducks colors. Listen there's no doubt it's down from last year and it's down from most drafts. But that doesn't mean Marty can't go out there get a player like he usually does tonight. I'm looking forward to its here's the interesting thing because most guys in one room without a female cents per piece from. Rule that's pretty funny man over come on now amount that is pretty good accuracy mega Maggie magnets can be dobbs up to protect our house and I was well play it back in the same page now here's what I was gears when I was gonna bring up multiple people are saying including one got a thinks of these funny this guy says Mac you're so cranked up about the draft I think you'll be hilarious he just stayed up late night and Roger Goodell comes to the podium and announces the Panthers have traded out of the first round. What do we do if they trade out the first round are we supposed to Shearer. Our system are supposed to seal all. Upset. Because it'll be a buzz kill we stay up to 1045%. Of your whenever the picks going to be. And we had no tickets and until filling night of television. It's like when her role though was open and Capone vault they got limited dancing two hours later and there was nothing in the darn thing. Well I can that would be a buzz a television buzz kill. If you give us and not a day of reaction to mark's not in a Friday show is sort of wanted to draft Friday. It's reaction and preview of may do what's come to an ice yet if we did just preview another night. As a set and a terrible I want stays a live tomorrow might myself once I am talking LeBron Dumars we trade we trade out and we'd do another night of preview and almost lose my mind. It's a hard but here's the thing though. It could be a very prudent Smart move. If so restaurants if so tell us for our purpose is no we need a new take new players talk about it argue about all that. But is Mardy does this and the talent is in the second third rounds leahey says and the waste a skeletal Peter King this week. It could be removed all's well then second round Marty's got more work to handle first round Mardy and do many things con is that the way we want. What get mad do you think will cool cause the most discussion tomorrow on what parents are selection do you think would get people. I think it went the other way derived pain we get people call people freaked out to get defensive tackle definitely. On the wire but doesn't I think if they take Ridley were arguing it's a mysterious guy some losing my mind. Like I'm gonna be so angry. On this that happens that could be good for people like little S general MO Dhahran around here you know losing your mind not at all you know why for for our whole inside here for us we don't want met. I think trading. To the second round got a Mandy Clark did just about us it's just got to make it a team better this is about the Mac attack on Friday now that we do the best radio shot of the Marty radio guy knows. If he said he really cares what can we get America back to tax starter in this thing is if they take one of those guards center types. I think it's going to bore people. Defensive backs. Good deal all rights of its dye era coming about my pants on mark is each I hear I just don't know the assault last man that's the thing I was tolls business climate orbiters and then it does feel that way in May after the fourteenth last night at his mark. From what I'm here over there. They like him a lot but they're starting almost can see he's not going to be able we'll see you never know how these things go man you don't know what's gonna happen what do you think the most obvious pick of the first Raddatz to that seems to me that. Derwin James can just go ahead and just start by your house in Tampa damn I just see and I don't obviously want Chicago I think Chicago where yes mom is one country and Illinois senate. Well the center yet. They I can't Brooke wall Spitzer what's your name to adorn senators as stunt man. From wells and right now he's our listeners guard Clinton are now that's like yelled and rust on them as well noted he had a daughter said Marvin bag might not make bill. Luke Harangody got mega ball hard man Luca. Marvin Bagger go to Chicago dissent a few pleasant Nelson's position coach offensive line coach at Notre Dame is now the O line coach repairs it just feels like he's gonna drop down there isn't quarterbacks. A couple defense players and Barkley and then bang they're gonna take some whose most likely to had a gas mask. Video appear as it was Josh Allen with most of the c'mon you all just jealous tweets yesterday and I don't see don't I know you're in high school but you are disorganized and it -- I missed out there like charity and you know about I got you there tonight and I just after they graduate from Villanova cup points yes yeah it's I don't think it's gonna sacked him anymore than his 56% completion percentage is already infected don't usually say you should see my tweets and our younger as in like when I was 31 years. Let me see this guy says MacKey means that white guys are sexy this destroyed my entire world view and I need therapy now for consumers and audio line guys wouldn't be sexy pics. On the polian says Mac 2004 once they're hip hop slang back. Ups I said don't get it twisted they said that's 2004 hip hop slang is it. I'd ever do that was even involved in hip hop I thought it was like some lane saying I don't know but I say it. Are guided I decide it was a phrase at a knows tipoff for this dude says let's see here. Met a disguise as Mac which quote from Max. I would rather have a great trip tonight to be given a free labor gaining. Further proof that magazine dumbest man in the history of radio talk argue real you know I seriously mean that you don't what else is like this you would tell you what it would take a free labor Haiti over the draft no I would rather have like let's get this straight. If you you can get a guy tonight the toasters seven troubles or you're gonna die tonight noun it's a complete bust in the first round. But generally agree it is a bus like you have a free Lamborghini but what are you guys and their. No lying in your Liberty Media about him being a bust I delivered eighty man I got loud I got so not a good man I. About flashy cars out of the players the are you guys notice that there were no. Followed you realize that you could sell your Webber eighty can be said for a very long time in watched as compared true and thought about that. Yeah I don't do it. Yeah golf back brace face and tell your wife and I I was offered to suit our freeway average eighty or what do you can't sell the Lambert. Because you're right positive change in my life would died because I never thought that these are my rules originally a so dumb I didn't think about that. But it wouldn't cheer you up with the tethers draft pick was a bust till I got houses go drama liberty you know in Syria but I wouldn't be nice nice and I'm telling you right now bones. What are my priorities in a free minivan at this point are there. My priorities of life appear there's a very hot you know I mean he kind of got like family comes just a general idea and then it's kind of like right there if they said that a jets it's going to be Abbas but if it's a glossy get an Applebee's gift card out to say to give Carly a yes I guess the reason I reasonable exit points and anyway so. I thought there at the series got back on that you'd rather are. That's good hitters. It NATO's not a single drive a free land. And limit any not a single person does not know exactly line is not agreeing this guy says I drive a Sonata two I'll take a Lambeau burrow your trip and this guy says I take all bus in the next three Dresser Lamborghini all paid average real pay the transit arrives guys that are gonna look really cool and nearly every digital last. All right that's what matters to yield I had a problem with that I get a real serious problem centered nation right well what year would win on my drive to the game. If you're on the side of the road with gas and try to cheer us on your car. I'm gonna drive by a mile and knowledge our senior writer not a and we'll see how you feel O Abiola there. I just went to his first Pro Bowl his rookie year I'll walk thank you know he's walking out walk past week. I'm distant says any time the majority of stands have to Google the name of the draft text get ready for a long day tomorrow on WF Lindsay. That's on the spotlight was that example. No bond like as we we expect and maybe there we didn't talk with we did mention one time in the whole process nobody is we didn't think he goes there man's. But with the hordes you gotta trust the trust was sort of Boller now nicely don't like what sort of volatile wait till that we did talk time and it down that's a much. Hardy not that much Jack Thompson we talked some about but it seemed ridiculous because we already had linebackers. And right now I gotta be honest I'm trying to figure out it's ridiculous or not. Why did get a draft picks need to step their game not the ones that are still remain in just two of cyber gone. Mom but it's guys like Thompson and Butler even maccast real album I think he will step it up I think he will be more involved in the run game. But those guys need to step their game up man the hogs father's first round draft are nowhere near her east nowhere near. Didn't Aggies appeal to get my back on Twitter and I'm sort of by the Antarctica into trans man my ridiculous that we got to teach are my Hannam artists are supporting the cause. They're all market where might he states one team that they're all the others had sucks they're jerks I'll say this the blue hat the blue version looks cool. But it still says two states one saint. He can't get that all there which gym this ridiculous yeah right and I bought that forty. You say it's one hell no I don't know where that which you drive a labor DD about a forty. Yes but is only it'll just take draft bust section here on this guy seselj cease year you get consecutive top ten picks are Lamborghini. Like two consecutive top ten picks which is no guarantee either going to be do it. I don't know. Are we talking about this anyway aren't what we talk about us all right let's see here let's listen to this guy says no one ever got action. Because a girl like the pro ball player on his favorite football team I. I'm not trying to get action that's why got married you think I got scared I didn't actually got married yeah I don't know what I had a car wasn't like some hero left Derek Jeter at. Sure it's all about where you I'd like to hear a single guy of course you don't care if you're married dad has conceded the mood war will be exclusively. For sleeping. Well just take the football player move on what's up shorting let Kyle Singler help. Work that went Natalie that would definitely not work I really take a break said he would declare that's a ridiculous hypothetical and now you can not get those Foreman has your life back when we come back we bringing groves we handed off to crow stalk a little draft talk about some it is other stuff going on. It's the Mac attack on a frenzy. A. You can. Did you. This is T official theme song for Darren and their dad is in the building up which grows. Here in the mid day soon gather by now don't know where you ban if you're not listening SNC the last three days you are probably take a three straight days Ellison who has. Drugs here intimidation got Garcia and barely in the afternoons. Crows AJ what's going on. Seles is not much what exactly was that what did you display that was dusty roads American dream WWS theme song I felt that does that not distract us. I I do it for the people. Consider the words. Robin Zander worked harvest and I felt I saw more rambling man for Darren hasn't. Yeah I spoke to Kandahar to ramble right now I'm rambling a little more slowly than normal. Where his power by ortho Carolina and on that outing that powered by north and I know you're in good hands maybe I'll hook me up with some good advice to keep me from hurting myself further the other day and you know you wanna push yourself I was ready to go in and when I got X ray the first day when they put me in the boot. I said. You know wing can I actually do some Carty know when can actually move my big fat but and he was like well eventually you'll be able to get on stationary bike whatever mobilize its Camille wild free round I took that to mean I can do that now. And I called an anchor is ever steal a little antsy the other day and I called just to make sure in the nurse called black in my prime and it's like no no no no he men in four weeks after he X rays that again then maybe you know but not today. Here's my satellite data they gave you had become Dole's wife used to ride back trading tennis DG have you seen a guy that you got into it went over to dogs at his dog would have do you have you saw you see that. To beat by a ways not just a dog it's mister ansari mr. green and 20. OAA and mr. Baines recover and well thank you let's go to sky he's a pro he's a much better shape tonight but yeah. Have seen the guy we referred to ms. mister you for awhile because at the time of the incident and I asked him what his name wasn't he said if you do you wanna fight about it. I had seen him around in the neighborhood made a little eye contact amazingly is dogs are leash is now on which is good how about. Maybe he's turning into responsible pet owner for a second but we have given him an opportunity and a polite way to bomb make this thing right and take a little financial accountability for this issue and what is he doing with easy easy easy opportunity that he is yet to take advantage of the I can win at all or discussion by two days ago I this is ours has got has that magic did arrogant could cite a scrap. And that's I don't know how now you can't we debate and get it gives it got northwest there's a nasty side and I got so although I'm more Glover a unified. You guys don't know about the mean streets of balance I think you're against the biggest ABC this video that got out from TM GM Marvin Harrison. No I don't you say his name up and I can't talk I. Dudley Hart and mirrors and guided for the Hercules he's a lay and lord in Philly. And somebody I guess owed him some Brett. He's out on the streets with a baseball bat app that I was an idea for mr. bean was going to be try to avenge the honor in the loyalty and a financial financial needs secret style. There's already there shooting stuff and Mark Danner as we aren't any species are party. So I knew that I can at least devalues downgrade isn't done to baseball bat now as you all can make jokes about carbon Maris and all you want Chinese say in the man's name Interbank. I'd like my life knew that that quiet wideout I'd never spoke I don't see us. I had to let any idea was crazy when he got elected into the hall of fame we heard press conference in Dave Baker the president of the hall and David Akers a big physically imposing guy he goes about 684 bills. And he calls. Harmon on the phone it's a safe and side. Our main. It's not actually what he said this is Dave Baker from the whole claim congratulations. And and our Ben said. Who do say this goes. Got a month's speaker he wanted to make a big production about in Harmon was like. Yeah ansari who loses every other guys every guy is downright giddy when they got. They're waiting by the soul and an Hartmann didn't know if there was a parole off sir some IU owed him money your. I don't hey you know like if you know a man money paid a man is money. Well she don't know what's gonna happen. Listen what bank can't play. By the way do you have any. I know crow is coach is preaching this will Hernandez stops and I and I did because just a nasty so give it a big guys I want the big guy you need a mobile. Are you Kevin hall Molly withdrawal. Do you do you have a favorite for the Panthers armed did not necessarily a favorite acting odd James Daniels who make a lot of sense in that to me complain left guard for a year and senator after that I think that's a reasonable. Our pick but it's so hard because you're sitting in a range don't know what's gonna happen in the 1012 picks ahead a view to know what's available but I think if they get out of here tonight winds. Somebody who can start that cornerback champ left guard. You know they'll be pretty content with that. Do they not disarmed rallies like this against the. The lakers don't look at drug sirens and will hurting us right now I'm a loyal. And some people like some big what size of the shoulder. Those are shoulder bad. Arlington is again on her mouth I. I I it's my ball really got to fight song it's early and and a place to stay I can't remember this is this is a yacht children's portion of the show this is not at 3 o'clock hour. That's right yeah don't get too crazy to now since the kids were all in school right now we are saying let's get the David say in his own zone what are you guys got coming up drug Darren wants to spend I think four hours tearing down the construct that is the NFL draft bowed out. Bullet unconstitutional. Okay all right so that's that's killing its daily good team it's. Or are we watching tonight he's doing all these new ways to watch the draft arena takes fox instead the NFL network look at a club networking is fox it's the same thing really doesn't count. Well don't difference in that adage treatment for the quarterbacks discussions that's the only difference join us for the court and it's Arnold Dassault file system watching ESP NS. Did you hear the guy I'm sure you can't hurt us a read this on your side principles talks. I represent real click the NFL having interest. DG in light a couple other networks doing it. But they wanna have a CBS and NBC potentially in the future for free networks calling grabs at the same time it looks we went and I recall that Phil deal Lou Kerner is what we. He's from an insatiable greed it's somebody that's what it is somebody's making a nickel they are not getting their hands on their pit stop now your Ryan it's like YouTube you can both contestant that's Rebecca that's over so do it for four hours of this today Jake DelHomme and eleven if you miss Marty Ernie 1130 for that and don't vote to join us at 1230 I had to do it there's a good line a good lineup enjoy it everybody. We will talk Jim tomorrow hopefully we'll have a pick but I don't know that straight down the trail that happens I will. Are a hero in the snack attacks.