Mac Attack Hour 3: What to love & hate about Panthers game

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Friday, August 10th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers game what there is to love or hate. 

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It's my. I mean for the full. And I kid brother and celebrate I'll be playing my son in Madden tonight to celebrate Madden is out maybe it is almost like a pot a neck boasted that it. Instead game going into household. We got three c.'s I guess so many DVR pre season games just blatant form demands a beautiful thing we're touch on some of the activity around the league yes six were twelve. Total games but we gotta get some takeaways from panther nation here alright I don't try to refocus on the football. And not the soap opera it is camp and Casey. Chairman JB as a hamburger a cheeseburger turn slow launch it as as our next a next creative topic what is the name of the candidate be so I mean you. You can. As the as the burger celeb is hey you does better. All right let's get into this takeaways of your tea they're saying you're an 8 o'clock or you're in your car on the way to work or or you're you're you're hanging out listening to us let's do this now. Building senator gut check summer color number same number wanna hear from you guys what is your strongest take away from last night. Keep on Seymour can't be trusted to start is probably mine and George Rodrigue set of jumping to conclusions but we had a whole year watches duke last year he didn't look like solar. Dante Jackson's a starter just a matter of eating experience and I would just say what the hell was put to talent let's say he was great last night some dude named Riley data Dave. And the ball was overthrown that's got to be a take away we have a bunch of duty to do damage after the catch. And Norv Turner is willing to get in their hands quickly that's another take away from me that's freaking cool. Army you look at where looking toward sharp break it down cams night. Eight set was a seven yards after the catch only fourteen area arts camp that's the complete opposite of what we used to do. Jim used to get like 80% of the passing yards through the year that's too much burden put on your quarterback. Get the ball in these playmakers and you still go deep but given these playmakers hands and keep it easy on your offensive line. Armisen has definitely take away from last night. I think our special teams is gonna be freaking great I mean that's something I believe coming in but I thought that was reaffirmed last night bar or nineteen yard kick up our return I thought barter and the near Byrd had nice kick returns. And our coverage units shut them the heck down on cloning in take small sample but I expect those guys to be great on special teams I think it's some of the best special teams. We have had since I've been in Charlotte you know we're going on football season fifteenth forgo the phones bone what would you say is it take a way good or bad but something you Selig hey we can take a wave believe after last night's game. They want to could take away either lord doesn't matter I give you one of each yet. We mentioned DJ Moore. That's a that's activate our first first outing for no doubt we'll do what's lie what's sad is going to be like months from now to Dallas and remotes ABC this guy and why. They'll like him so much in the draft Curtis Samuel to make is also a saying that we talk about adult onset because. I wasn't counting on him necessarily to be a big factor cold gravy gravy Santa dad tells I got that they get made up Collin Benjamin. Name but it's not good O'Grady said earlier wherever he gives you met and for this particular year is a bonus to meet these I didn't have him as a main got. But he contributes. This offense goes from I think pretty good to perhaps really gut in a hurry to courtesy absolutely just. Icing on that cake man so many weapons serious writes another icing on the cake guy a guy we're not counting on but duty made a great running catch. I'm getting the ball in the cap resist using a pull back. In the passing game I guess revolutionary about that does something nor did last night with our mom who knew what to do with it when he got it so. There's a lot of good things are so I also think it take away and I don't know how you'll feel about this. Is that I think McCaffrey is a true lead back for at least they're gonna try to make a mature read lead back so way they've been using a volcano. It's the way they used them last night. He did have a nice touchdown run up the gun grant over and through Mike hi don't have play. So I'm very curious to see Ellis works out I personally want CJ Anderson to get ten plus Kerry still. But it looks like their intent bone on using Christian McCaffery atomic I don't think. The north turner and Ron Rivera 25 touched off his lip service anymore I think that's the way they intend to use them and I just hope he can hold up that way you know I really do. A couple of negatives one would be the backup quarterbacks not that they had bad nights necessarily Heidi key. His number Hillis had a perfect quarterback rating game it looks fine. Caregiver had a great throw it Frazier has throw was right on the money but do you trust so you wanna trust the backup quarterback though in the regular season. Right now it's some Japanese camp. In what these two had to start we number one or during this season and had to sort a couple of games do you trust these guys you'll carry that in at least manage the game for a bit I don't trust them yet. So they're they they seemed OK last night by trust factor there is not is not. With that around with you if you let your choice of Teddy Bridgewater or those two cats right now rich or you're not taken Teddy Bridgeport were already knows nor. Our sense. I listen to actually go again they dot mitts and highlights of the guys ran right by and the young nice welcome to touchdown run though he shot to do back about four yards on the touched I just boring though in a regular season one of these guys glows bright buy a Mac cams aren't gonna see a common male all of a sudden we're talking about backup quarterbacks or reason they may play this year is Tuesday Dodd. What's say about Mack who Lille say your freaking prayers man young go to church like twice on Sundays turned football season 'cause he is bloody years. It was one moment but some I defended him by saying it was one bad place but someone pointed out to do played like two series. So if you play a full game that the is that for miss like just a thank you name be serviceable kitty just beat Jack just be what might we can't at times he would Michael or was in the stinking Super Bowl year although we need a solid middle of the road that's all we need. I let's go to song 704570. Nice extent you're listen list you all watch last night what is the take away were not mentioned something you wanted to add to papers and how well here I love reviewing football Malamud beautiful idols go to David in Cincinnati David it's go time to get into baby. Learned an important to an all out aren't. Even our. How my father I don't know who. By. I'd opt out I don't think you you better know what are some aren't it. Well I don't believe what I'm that they bought. Complete every day I don't spare our Internet got so there are. Any prayer. Well they're out. Our. History so the only way to help. But you're not take away. Aren't aren't. It. Out when it went back everybody you know we don't. Companies that trailer I don't I don't doubt. The outcome would not all of our Nomar actually a bit all right. Not hold up about it directly to up that day I think there ever been more would not be ordered the bought these are what is that I. Like rebel it going now it patent patent don't do that thing I know you thought you are now I'll. Barbara you demand good to have you back caller and that's that this is all about maybe ditch your football calls India viewer if you if you average out it was also while we'd love to hear from fans a nation on what you saw in this game I don't think Seymour gets cut to Obama. I don't think we're a luxury Marie can afford economies. I'm not because I don't know like it's Darius Gunter is the next guy up after Jackson. Man he was brutal Cornell hasn't had a great camp as they try to sit him on the outside he made a nice place from the slot though stuff and the quarterback Russian. On third down in the red zone. But I just you know without the with a loss Araskog growth. T bone I know I told you not to worry about that but he would come in really handy right now with the way Seymour is struggling because it Dante Jackson isn't ready. Russ Cochran is a guy you know can be solid out there are so I'm not completely backing down bones from when I told you that we don't need to worry. Bugs or Contra would be a nice guy to have on the squawk that's all I'm saying. I got your guy Brandon mandating breakdown on him last night to guide touted for days how does he -- the third left guard and but I talked about him like he might be the next nor well Iran puts him in third probably why are all getting. And CJ Anderson get into a third behind tapped like that. There are some very interesting stuff and some guys are complain about the DJ Moore was out there until the fourth quarter. On this guy says bill both pointed out last night what's next your first round pick DJ Moore during their fourth quarter didn't freak and wraps right. Like listen. And I both limbo and another B hypocrite about this a DJ Moore plays in the fourth quarter next week and gets hurt. I'm not I'm not gold bedecked died it turns around on around. I think it's good you get disk dude the wraps are really neck where it was a demeanor bird last night he was listed on the unofficial depth chart as the main kick in part returner Yangon have one kick return no punt returns and he has nothing in the receiving ups are what's he do I think discussing captain Samuel he had once you get once sevens are ones for seven and Samuel Moore and so Long Island to go to the songs here Brosius will take a break are real close look. Jammed up so we come back where the roads are your calls we come back everybody hang tight here are more try to shut up we're going to panther nation. And we want your we got 70457096. And a what are your takeaways from last night what do we not mention it needs to be on the official record it's a Mac attack. Thousand dollars. Our eyes as compensation for dealing with trapeze are periodic Kelvin Benjamin scored a touchdown against our secondary remarks. This would be worse it doesn't make it worse you wanna thousand dollars at stake. Text the word hope HOP. To 72881. Your shot at a thousand dollars gentility top of the hour texting it's a national contest. And message in data rates apply are so we're less last year. Are we gonna we got a bunch of fans want to jump in here talk about the Panthers what is the take away for better or worse. When you heard what we already do water cooled a much more when Europe conversing wherever your conversing. With the folks who work what is the thing you wanna make a point to talk there about DJ Moore performers just be up there. What is the take away good or bad team on Seymour a bad note passed to B 704570. Nice extent. Packer Lewis has joined us for the first time packer Lewis. The Mario or a man what's happening. I do what they do your quick. A little bit and Ali neutrality every bit bitter about can't. He probably got an accurate all want the new career and they would help it is not a crime you already to be. I'll get to Hank Danny I saw him. I saw him drop a tar balls and hit him in the numbers the craziest thing about him is. His specialty is catching passes Packard Lewis that are way up in the air and uses his catch radiant only if that's like Enron and early drops. To bear. A slightly McIlroy it's his catch phrase is brought in here to catch those sort of ball actually I was how many wins attacker coming was. Well more well Mickey art so competent and to beat the oil and accommodated. Wolves probably admit at least I. Yeah it's. Was to cool. And if he's not gonna listen to the people talking to him that I've got nothing more care what what did the Packers have to do with anything happened last night during the Panthers bills get. When you what breed it was you bring up the Packers. Don't want. Why he's saying Kelvin Benjamin validated this point because he played one dollar in different series of pre season football the point is why is trackerless caring about the Panthers in the bill gets he's a gigantic free control and that's what he has he has just troll and trolling trolling down the Mac attack river and it's annoying it's annoying and I know I can't help myself I should just move on and I can't help myself Tobin management we all know what he's going to do he's gonna drop balls he's gonna run bad routes he will have high moments he would have a lot of moments where you don't even know he's on a field. That's what he's going to freak in duke and don't tell me that they can Peterman is the accurate quarterback he's been waiting for his whole life get the heck out of here with that narrative that's predict he'll be want to strangle his quarterbacks. In a matter of weeks how bad did not matter how bad did you do on the phone lines in my question now I would actually a lot in the phone's got right by it. Ultra we'll sign you up if you got. Got out another team's name in -- a year handle when you -- the show about -- we've put you to throw line and god forbid if Buffalo Bill calls up with a treasury would get -- we will have them on those -- a post on the show I just put the caller is on hold maggert won the puts the buzz in the bottom on the -- personality you're -- is -- mono that's OK good point -- America WA AF Lindsay not -- do we get to pay at their fans takeaways from last night that's what I'm looking for panther fans into it now if you wanna say that we should feel bad of ballots you know the way Seymour did covering him -- got beat once somebody -- kill the amendment hell yeah we should resulting is that good of a dollar -- to get beat -- I do and it doesn't really run yeah that in that that frustrates and worst enemy if we've got to start -- we have solid Willamette solitary for exactly trouble writing that. The Panthers improved their record last night with Calvin back on the field. That is true I was gonna polls do who's up next Boesky was going wrong. They would start merit what's up man I want people and yeah. Chick lit it well dual wanted to know what book giant step outsider ready to report relaxed by a man. My had to take a shower dress on the highlight the. College. Crisis first touch forty yards but may I am I am about the Packers. Eric broker agent wide receiver core CC that he went awesome and so did it he got a little bit more don't worry about that can't. Aren't as ours are opened it up baby back bitch Cam Newton went straight to a great secret is when you look at who they are. I noted that it and that's the thing I'm gonna read about polls just a bad call from giants fan policy his pulse control us every now and then bound the troll you mess would you. It was a bad call and got our back a little bit there on that went out to be serious Rogers I believe bony was going after the scout team wide receivers. He was running scout team because he wasn't playing early this week. So bomb I believe that that's who he was bitching about it these young guys on scout team I don't think it was the starters but somebody made a point this week if Cam Newton went off on a diatribe about as receivers guarantee there'd be a bigger deal made of it I tend to agree with that. And what was she'll think all the Benjamin thinks somebody asked me moan. So we'll see here's somebody says Mac. Just like KB you talk trash all the time we talked thresholds on about other players. About players if they confront show bet you'll walk away a matter of fact about your run away like. KB did. Here's the deal I had been confronted before it's not fun to have those they confront an IC does their freedom walk away and I dismissed that day I did a walkway I stood there like command and pee down my leg but I sat there like demanded again because of I moved it to probably wouldn't talk probably would have got me I mean all you'll see these guys out about you wonder if their man like Tim Carter a liberal Melamine Jack's real time. I'm Gary walker was a defensive tackle got a little upset with me like you've just got to sit there and hear them out man like you don't want to you don't want to have a defensive tackle angry and she'll. But I would never just walk away from somebody that's talking to me that his concern was something I said that they feel insulted by continuous road win the sag bone that they were bunnies they were good friends when KB taint here Taylor took them under his wing man. It was benzene can email is like an American. A story of friendship and to have a government disbelief and GM can't get a face to face answers. That's just I have no respect for bench. Just no respect whatsoever forty stance war's human being if you can't just sit there and had that conversation after all you'll beds are and what you said about him public. Did you ever run in a good time with legendary wrestling announcer means you know when I was on the air that was on the radio mean gene got upset because I asked them I said. Mean change to get mad at me to go on now I said ranging. We all know wrestling state Michigan State actually anti as explain to us how it goes down we all know it's fake. And there was a pause costs for about 152 half and I said mean gene. Mean seeing snow there. And that the interview was pretty much over that point and I got to go against one of the great voices of all time when you're showed each in my that. I know it for you mean Jeanne good for you meet you know early and then I see I didn't know like you're not supposed to talk about that stuff they don't throw all of that stuff I thought hey we're real interviewer tell me how it's also not how it goes to hell. I didn't realize. That everybody steadily day don't talk about that they gauges. Act like it's not fake even though the whole world knows it as you may just actually about Kevin James the actor onetime we imagine is on our show those on the Mac attack boning member. How little talk in Florida yes OK that was in Jacksonville yeah he was hosting an award ceremony. And I just made a joke he made bad jokes about himself so then I tried to jump to make one he met and didn't got good. Kinda given up on a phone line 70457096. Stand Mac at W doesn't he doesn't come I guess we just pointed out I'm an expert in upsetting people just like Kelvin Benjamin and on March 30 tore apart Martha Burke's only study Elena. I would go to Cory who's up next now we got all cancer fans on the phone lines bone the way it should be stopped. And hang out what's up Cory Cory what's your take away from last night. Oh man. I don't preach these out there Arctic piety and they rarely edit it very well well well but it was our pressing is being speaker at the all very. What we've group order. They are. It. It looks more like you know at a pat creepy part by eager to follow what they can stated that it route cop. Night in his dues or be receivers can't all were the work is goes straight prep the bigger. Not us a great point way up until last year when they tried to use McCaffery that way Samuel when he was healthy this had been a team that was down the field passing game. And this did not many to submit a team that has had some of the lowest yards after catch numbers that you will find. So it's kind of nice to see the way they've drafted you George after the catch players Norv Turner is implementing them right off the bat. It's beautiful and by the way didn't feel forced to McCaffery last year bone and often don't forced to McCaffery right. I called they're just trying to force feed them and stuff they're trying to justify the draft pick insult like that. Last night if they'll use in the flow. They called on bootleg opening game now champ on that bootlegs through a horrendous. Hi past also and and he threw a couple of them last night I'm sure bedrooms over there in England but the fact is bound but he called a bootleg of always wondered why we don't boot him out more they called us all back pass awful play got you know McCaffery that's different so I know nor is not showing us. The full normal yet bony. But I like a little bit of what we're seeing in there are really do animals I wanna see beautiful more. Lipped out I now we've got I liked this week we've heard from Packard giants fans now we've got all they have their fans hang on there guys. Jermaine Criss Angel reruns or your calls next if your pay if they're saying it wants to talk ball what is your take away from last night 704. 57096. Dead and we come back commentary how I can win tickets to see the big. High school football tick off those and we got two pairs of tickets that it's football time on the Mac attack. It is the Mac attack on SNC yards here's the deal man you wanna go see some. Many is this is crystal ball to these games are good good match up to memorial stadium. Six annual Charlotte tickles my power my ortho Carolina. High school kick off event Friday August 18 as next Friday weeks from today. Butler vs Scotland high 5 PM and how about Mallard creek vs Tommy not school Dutch fork down there in south Carolina at 8 o'clock. It's set up two pairs of tickets through that double header. Will be given away right now to the fourth and fifth email or just email me. Mac OWS and C dot com say I want to take its. Fourth and fifth emailers are going compliments of North Carolina and SNC and the Mac attack we got an elite player Dutch fork and punch. I'll knock on those high schools and I thought I'd be Dutch fork Joey Jim Roney said MacKey UNT bones jokes about. About Kelvin Benjamin. Our older. Older than Tom Brady given a rest already they weren't funny three years ago being able to talk radio pulled the global is a little greedy fool. Are they old jokes yes but I pursuing this could be the final go round of the KB two I felt like we will be parting ways there. I shall we took the pirate all week. I just don't know what. Well when we went high that's the way I see ya my question is how we mortal avalanche didn't industry. Can attest to. Our I have to go I'm running out of steam here I used 74000. Actually want what we can shows studios let's run through the calls I got it but there's still playing more people that are getting mentioned target globe are boxing does it did good last night and there's a handful of dudes that need to be questioned the backup quarterbacks he gonna get played well need to be question. Well you all would not rather have a Teddy Bridgewater. I'd rather have don't have. Are they can hear but that seems agreeing non starter at just don't. Let's go to a stones fans are nations what nation what is your take away what are what do you need to say. About last night's game 70457096. And Jermaine is up next say Jermaine what do you think it. I don't say that OK thank you. But well it is little Glaxo article that if Opel and compete you are now at the that they. They're gonna look there's been and it is even more. Secretary of the wasn't so well anymore. I think it great on the political movement hypocrisy targeted. It would they might have been a week Italy to the capital limited. I don't believe are important isn't an overstatement. And they're promoter Lou didn't go over it. And it but it caught the ball got there are a formula it would independent yes earning home all NBA players. I'm content and without that this book about it that. Know you're you learned in the course even Dante Jackson and an idol and I don't even know -- through your receiver Riley years but this is first same prayer rally round and I was about what's in a brass are struggling so there are you tell me two hours ago and I've already forgotten as they know he got behind Dante Jackson and Dante Jackson didn't catch on the ball's overthrown he's right about Josh down there is a guy or to open that he missed the one was the catch it was out of bounds another warning miss downfield like so there's no doubt that the corner depth on the whole did not have a good night that we can never best corner in their my hope is. But Dante Jackson's rented his second tour I think Motorola was solid when he was in their slot snaps. But I'm just then number two corner spot again this is where you miss Cox pearl who like keep call was sustained Ross. I keep calling him Ross is Ross is where I know what is it you you've got need to the point where I'm Susan Ross another former Buffalo Bills. Loss column rocks us on it yes the problem I'm now can see. You're assays have now got me got a backpack we could use them but again it's not devastating I'm not adding we could use them listen the Soledad Barry you're gonna have a couple at least a couple of weaknesses on your squad. But but the question and he's been talked about in the coming days is. What is the position you look at and say if we acquire one veteran at one position what does it need to make as you can make them that you could make an argument for quarter you can make an argument for dark you can make an argument for backup quarterback that has to be the discussion Mac guy had a Kyle Allen get a 39 rating when he was also want a say in how do you get points for like you get for just getting the snap and not fumbling the ball he ran and provide a slower. His passer rating how was he or I don't understand that passer rating so scurry had led zero point zero you didn't complete a pass you did nothing good in your game and almost. Hello Lucy still -- so that's my DDoS my dog let's go saxophones can't I'll Allenby at their fans jump in here what is your take away you have a good positive take away something you like someone you like do you have a crappy take away. And it seems to be Seymour is a number one on that side 70457092. San Angelo is up next say Angelo what's going on. You know. You know governor definition of a stretch or. We are astrologers. Would know about you guys think that you know that's yeah yeah yeah it revoked when. I think gives me no we got nuclear we know we got people so my really shot our former normally would see more clearly she logo spectrum last year got. I think your I think got achieve the terps must. Acute there could be Kagan never got to that particular election watcher it's fairly well we've got started back to I don't know what the department to back. The trust dedicate beat what their issue so out of respect oldest early on appeal. So. Even more TV at a more true you were unbeaten but I think a little bit of you don't there are real are really wasn't for our core. At rob at all desolate that's merit and it got a player next year. Arm above achieve our express our our address our record Margaret protection for our district state park here. How big a back market panic it would got a pretty good note the mayor. Our main income got into our blocks totals are a paper or look for former player and coach sends a signal to cheers there certainly are very much of a bank shares were going to be a deal. The end he looks like early absolve you play less I give him credit for his bad back shoulder neck back shoulders throws one that with cam has frustrated me feel like. He has struggled to kind of pick up that road and do that consistently. And he nailed as saying Manny hit one encamped at one point two DJ Moore that I remember seeing how lineup against Dante Jackson and he hit that one perfectly and got yards after the catch. But yet did that I'm glad he said Carter lot deeper checks in about Jermaine Carter bone. This dude slash Damane. He looks like today and I can't be honest the way Mayo played probably forcing this and I know Ron likes as veterans is all coach is still. But the way Carter looked I started thinking this room. David mail really struggled last night out space missing tackles in coverage. And Eric Carter looked amazing. In the first four games and LT Dade doesn't have to be David male or is that back up middle linebacker spot up there a backup linebacker spot up for grabs Chris Porter was all over the place blitzes run games and coverage get. That we have breaking NFL news is not to interrelated I don't know if you're gonna smile I guess he will look at the team involved here but the actual stuff go law is not. The NFL apparently investigating the slight gate parts you don't notice Pittsburg Steelers apparently laughs and a third quarter. They had been called deflated football's power Escude WIT says he was there he saw the discussions going on and they're basically playing with a deflated marshmallow one point. That's why the hell are you deflating for balls in the pre season. You don't have four in the day embrace league is always donated huge deal out it's funny on the surface. God no place free season deflate gate would be hilarious though I mean Elaine it was Landry Jones on road by Joseph like this is my shot maybe this is my shot that Mazen or arbitrary date Bob pushing back of job I got to the slowly before his death bed saying I'll show does not parks. I I it's it was quite a third corps he would play in all I don't think you are not only mistake and yes so I think that is a new one even the patriots know the you don't cheat the pre season you don't use all your good tricks in advance pre season IDC the pitcher Kelvin Benjamin the ball against Toronto but as a cheeseburger not a -- now I need to see that I knew that my life I mean how many believes in jokes. It is not like were obstacle specimen to notice or a daughter I've lost 43 pounds a Mac and I come watch accolade your dogs or somebody. Pointed that out who lost that or to me. Mack I saw your status gotten Saturday as weird belly button and you wanna rip somebody's physique yeah that's what it's only about it right. I'm not saying that I must say I look like mr. Olympia I'm just citing somebody else likes eating like I do. Our let me go to songs here 704 or 57096. Stand Jimmy Carter's a great call. And their fans what do you look at from last night and say that is a take away from a good. Point of view what are you look at and say that was take away from a bad point of view blitz is Morgan home last night I will point that out. Although Bernard Butler slash tried that was on a blitz Colin Jones bliss. Bernard Butler and W sacks and that's certainly something has got to be mentioned were watching him he's under a microscope let me go to Chris. Who is up next thing Chris what do you think it. The first got mad at bat bat belt back. The legal we encourage. All it be great. But much liquid glass I love the fact that we need to send a so much he would go to it last night I doubt that's space. I don't think anybody gets that second period and parent you know but wait I'm gonna have patient with that but my biggest big oil that. We got down to Buffalo Bill fans are yup but don't let the the majority. In order to spell and you went there he apparently it would that we are not salt. Everywhere out in my life. So no not scream illegally enjoyed. To a screaming at heart the seal off all the little white what I'm. Right. Well. Well it's funny by the way both point out to me I didn't realize there's so is this true roaring ride is giving a woman a membership because she like blue loss came me he dove in there and she was sitting right next film as I understand it correctly it was up there a moment. Pant or shirt. I Butler whatever side that is what he was in the and the crowd as he did even acknowledged she was like an eyesore she gave deal I know what you. That's a much miners and a copper circuit. As they see they gotta step should I go there you go in 08 way tried to ignore Campbell's boarded a lesson they orgy or you just ignore people we go along way in life. Sister says baca. Actually got obliterated together as a group they were just brutal gone too was brutal Mayo was brutally. Someone said this years ago are so crystal ball says Jersey up the good news about when your valuing the whole back up unit known in the pre season game is they will never all be on the field together. It'll be like one guy here called up to work with the starters in the game. Another guy called it'll never believes that unit playing together and that's a good thing our third stringers bow our own point maybe we actually like champs and I acted no no no response yet from the Panthers on my DJ bass more idea games CJ in the DJ Morse Morse I will see how that works out seems like a marketing bonanza David tapper you wanna make money bad I'm also trying to get admit I'll also ask supporters to sell politicos call Tony Parker -- -- -- -- are right it is didn't cesium here yell 70457096. Cent what should we be fired up about what should we be worried about and the defense panic that's got to be addressed to come and out it is the Mac attack dog yes and zinc. Nearsightedness. Plus addict I. Life troll seriously. I want to apologize to all of its cancer nation had to sit through that. Remembering tilt the screen touching or Baz is in one Syria ascended to a DJ Moore won and that's what he did and we wanted to DJ Moore all four catches. Did you tell you know you telling you did DJ Moore and you did too or you don't want DJ Moore one right there. So I didn't hear his name in their pro. And WFNC probation hit man seriously there's I don't attendants got them into a double secret code probation ran miles. But something needs to happen you there needs to be a penalty for trendy right now. Because that is just that is a treason. That is mega tax reasons we're trying to get our DJ Moore love gone and you're playing bad news highlights noses and you'll do by Jovan unbelievable lowered. Bust the warlords go yellow we did billion dollars 23 you know we still intact you all sort of answers when you think about a priest like not that he's always again my present Seacrest. Visited says way the bills took Bill Bradley that is true. Ian Thomas looks to be a good replacements a great calling before looking for. Like LSU right now we've been taught my takeaways if we look strictly at positive takeaways and I'm an Egyptian defense has struggles at 9 o'clock brilliance of that because there are some people panic and about the defense but if we talk just for this segment. About positive things Ian Thomas is one Samuel Wright and more all are just guys are pass catchers for cam. Showed out last night and that's a good free can deal. Because we've been preaching all summer bona Marty Murray wood out there and finally the weaponry is the best chance ever had. And you know all the religions is bad debate about it loudly bonnet and Andy's lenders aren't any good they went out there had a good starts one pre season game. But they went out there and had a really good start CJ Anderson I still snowball why did not caring so circle order. But the fact is he looks real real good though he was going against dudes. That might be working and as gas station attendants what the future talents I don't want to observing you wings have to stack is serving KB wings. The review any success or Miami took the sack did it's that's arm he looked apartment and ran hard we finished twice got the ball down there in the red zone twice and finished with authority by jamming the ball down their throat once with McCaffery it was a good sign. And once was with CJ Anderson very good signs short yardage run game Guinea Matthews cam and it leaves her Maggie figgins NATO would have confronted KBS midfield he would along collect. Can we ever do. I am William the reverend William Perry said of the DKB jokes are dragging us down today about that we should flurry ourselves I kid dragon city lower I. I'd hate 5814. This could have tried to push myself who finished by the Aggies a male one yet nail the linebacker drag someone down when they're already down I let me go to the phones on Cyrus says that phrase fire all sides 7096. And Keith is up next cage was going wrong. But sub Mecca you don't maybe that would isn't it taped it for economic compact though. See more we got it about their back and that's they look first artist paint the B word is certainly take big gat job made it look good I know what the business. Bombs but he looked better and artist paint look to get bombs so I can't thank you waited out capital. Can't do contemplate do we get to talk about the playoffs right debate rented sharp. Channel tortured am deeply into their Bert made it deep it's a bit last year. Remember that so you worry about. And we know quarterback is brought to the stuff pop Lessig got packed the Louis and you decrypt and dump paper got more holders Swiss cheese like it's they can match up at the end. Wisconsin's so where us and at that they don't worry about I'll say it about. He's that is beautiful case you're assigned man I'll sign panther nation remember his strong right there packer Lewis. You enjoy that call us or get a text about it here at some point. Let's see here this to says CJ Anderson seem a little annoyed after the game just it's just been anybody CCJ Anderson lay out a DNA bloc has to do that is one of his true stress. Number one accord a pro football focus. If Roy it's worth in pass protection as a running back last year he showed that showed an ability to catch balls out of the backfield which people under rated Matt and he shall be really put to head down assigned to pay dirt to. He had a good all around game out of those he's annoyed what is roller I think it does seem like they're trying to. To make McCaffery that lead back and they did put in there is no way boom camera or Spain to play overs Anderson hey Donald there's no way they can. I think they know what they haven't CJ Anderson they wanna get us a run at the end I think they're trying to figure out Florida status they wanna put a bit earlier against better competition. And then Anderson saw late. They don't truly know what artist paint is. They threw about their beforehand not as a rotational thing but just to see if he's worth keeping my eyes yeah that's Lesnar won the sassy if he's even worse to come on artist plays running what what Tedisco in the fourth quarter. Was second tele get this earlier it's better competition is suing. Putting isn't enticing option I get a feeling it's practice squad for him this year but he isn't enticing option to me as depth at running back and I didn't know we can run around like that Larry Fedora had no idea you could use of that what but then again I had no idea you can actually use it near the end zone Larry I didn't know that was legal. I'm a go back in a phone Stanton nation what are we miss and positive stuff from last night 704. 5709. Season Carolina man is up next what's up Carolina man. You're damn right I go out there. It's no time did. The drug addict. Yeah you know it's out there. It's. About managing a game. I am now that we got back we don't get a blip there. Our you're got where they're they're gonna go out there. And they'll have a certain. I don't know where you are human progress at all that I know all about it. That's right back there that's better I just realized only hit is that he had to Carolina met wall. Obama once he gets to the Carolina man wall and you just gotta you gotta yell baby ya let go like imovie I don't I don't really know what just happened you've been trying for fifteen years now. The maker this man. A lengthy caller I need to try and tried and it goes now it is all he would be a good thirty seconds Boris bone and any it is all you think he gives a good thirty say 32 you on your honeymoon you think he gave was a good thirty seconds old shells sparked a cameo my honeymoon and also what could happen. It was a good thirty seconds man Mac OWS Lindsay got Donovan mud and high points in his state he caught. His email address. If you wanna jump to jump in here your observations of the game. We gotta talk about this whole defense thing do we look at it they should we be worried about the defense can we not just say we're worried about second corner. Like who's that second quarters Dante Jackson ready can we please I'll play Seymour does spot. That doesn't mean we have to be worried about the whole freaking defense we're gonna talk about that a little bit of panic crowd. It is the Mac tech TD emails texts tweets coming in we'll do a segment was set at nine Swanee and then Kevin Donnelly joins us fresh off the broadcast last night to sidelines. A the Panthers network broadcast. Do you sense of panic or concern should we be ceiling it will deal was that will we come back on the Mac attack.