Mac Attack Hour 3: Sleepy Floyd on NBA Playoffs

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Thursday, May 17th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Sleepy Floyd on the NBA Playoffs.

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Deep bone doesn't know much. But he knows sports. Do you think you know more. Imagine he's only here. Prizes and bragging rights are on the line she'll call in now if you think you can dethrone. Hi there as soon as everybody in the pageantry this is our royal wedding right here this is our moment all rise so important. Dethrone bone we've done it for five straight weeks he belonged. Has beaten all comers every week he is getting so cocky UG people like David tempers arrogant. You should get a loan Tebow right now and it's crazy just his this has gone on for so long we lost a concert we did the white concert James Taylor Taylor he's already bet your last night. So we're now down the scorched concert. For concerts a pair of tickets to each Dave Matthew's journey Def Leppard Leonard Skinner hole votes plus the prestige of being the first person ever to dethrone bone. All the questions whether supposedly sometimes I'll mess up what they're supposed to be. Trivia from the last thirty years in sports that Steve owns wheel house they saw as agent everything like that. Useless coming Tebow is what allows him beat them on to straight questions we make it to us right to question in a row. Armed if you want to get a chance answering your browser is just saying your next to say your name will call on you. If you don't get it right in the next person until we get a chance to try to steal the question right to question. And it bone gets one up right against you before you get to right. You are gone so and you'll add to bones giant ego please don't do that it's getting a little annoying. You see a light of the seventies the UConn women the patriots are they're undefeated run. They all came to a head at some point but this guy right last year owing their. This guy right here still sand and there's my date on apple might Joseph DiMaggio straight this might be the greatest raw and exports is. All right let's do it on that note please tell me you don't wanna be the one to beat his dude I'd assume assume those are. And try to dethrone Mona Spencer was trying to get it on the panther discussion probably argue with me. He now wants a strategy trombone Spencer you and I have our differences I'm rooting for you right now though may be all right you ready. Are you say your name to jump in here. In what year did Tiger Woods win his last professional tournaments. Tournament a major tournaments. Tarmac Tebow Tebow 2013. That is correct Bridgestone invitational Spanish Spencer Levin because major was 2008. Websense stats are. Oh well. I'll get it back -- -- series yeah yeah I think I could again get our country when I got out why would I cheat so I got to hear another week it Tebow it's a matter how great he is that your Mac you wonder who could do game I just couldn't do dethrone Max could reduce road Mac now backs couldn't do any of these games I've heard it all he thought I was amazed at trivia master I was actually clipping a fingernail or not phone call that's out that's how easy out. A two dolls and it was the major. I knew about five years ago was the last win site titled together let's do this about to browse to Meghann she's on Bravo she's on you know she's won doubles peoples of negatives almost beat UC is coming after you again dude maggot you ready to do this. Are are gray did mega getting to say to brace Maggie oh Egypt he joined the bandwagon on this week. There's so welcoming duke Maggie and so welcoming and I've got to rattles titles to get your best and whether I hear us say your name a few again. I was a Dalton's next head coach after Don Shula. Nagging go ahead. It not what I know I. So you say you can't say that word to us to hang out our share of damage done just toss it out or not she's gadgets are just a custody marketplace. I. What is she talking to city saw sip go biology portion and a good bottle I know the answer if you wanna give to try to I know audience imagine what's your answer. That is geared. As incorrect as good try though Jimmie Johnson Jimmy Johnson is the answer to existing regulating our second item may have cost susser SEC license to cover ups well I was on the ships that just went by according to Liz had a decent maybe a ship hit. If you'll find meg did you bad heroin and filthy mouth demand bad Carolina listeners are against it. Negative reaction I don't energy Drobo 70457096. Day until we listeners know of two and one of them had to be dumped on us because of cussing. And it's also great start Simon is up next Simon are you ready strategies Rahm Bo. Aside dismiss this well at the questions that BRB tech trivia. I'll tell you are it's funny bring down up does that got to pay at the clashing coming up next here how about that a lot well what a coincidence. Good is the only say your name your answer who is the only Carolina at the quarterback to lead the league in passing yards for a season. Tebow Bob Steve Barr line. That is correct and at least that's up. Counteract sudden exotic gold colored socks I literally game a bit there questioned and then vote against it Simon Says tell your story walking talking. Co dethrone voters come on May out of here please don't call an hour. Indeed a Channel Islands it's. But I don't imagine that. I'd sounded weird and an idol LP on I'll feel pretty good today eulogies in the legacy last week your get a bowl and their habitats good member had a new computer system last heroes as India James is up next James you ready trying to dethrone bone. All right here we go which two players are tied with 24 assists which is the most ever in an MBA playoffs game two players. Shapes. James what does it. That is incorrect bones you know the answer I know Rondo is one of that. Right is incorrect and using Kregg magic and Stockton. Never heard of magic and Stockton area as well you're still alive you still odd man out. Our daughter twenty assists cancel more on when the boys only four assesses the number. I was saying Roger did have one tell us he had won this year we're 21 assists and around the same and that was it on here we go since 2000 who's the youngest quarterback to lead the league in passing yards. Go and what does it. Incorrect bone you have an answer. Youngest to lead the weakened passing yards. Since 2000. Enjoy incorrect Peyton Manning was the answer our let's keep going you're still a bottle is a James or chase. They have more time. JJ RJJ and as secretly tied up the wrong name all the time president. There would consider. Dethrone scrappy deep throat grabbing dinner that got thrown reading. Let the league in touchdown passes in the regular season last year in a cell. Jason is it. Incorrect Bono isn't. Last year. Last year. Is going badly this radical and I answer this is not a good one. What does apprentice you know Lance Russell Wilson that is it Russell a six. Are you the question and I won is that what he wrote the question is little listener just Russell Wilson accounted for a light. 3435. Touched are some ridiculous armor has idols he does I don't want to say is they don't find an answer that you guys can get for God's sake I saw. I was doing good like 2 o'clock and again all of its leads all active NBA coaches will eleven or 97 wins one active coach is second in wins all time. No he's second and active coaches. What active coach is second behind top of it took. To race. As in two arrests team around is it Doc Rivers has certainly get out there you know your stuff got a battle for awhile that. I tell. Did you pitch at bat what happened you know those conversations with your mom or your grandparents alas an hour until IJ just like my grandmother yeah he noticed what I call him sort of names he was -- for so long to -- to happen again now I yelled at him box to box what you've got to the great eventually could win no what does he got a question over you right now the deck somebody deeds from bone to dude thinks he is some sort of trivia sensational I should just and Jennings are so I should just retire and just take two to concerts this. That's teacher's gone there Brian is up next. Brian are you ready to go. All right let's student writer Brian Bryant doesn't matter let's see if he shouldn't dethrone bound. Who's the last corner report. You'll be Trevor but evidence like let me Judas when he whose oldest running back to reach 2000 yards rushing in a season. Bryant who has it. A incorrect bone was only like five or six guys that did so. Oldest. Jamal Lewis incorrect sacked Barry Sanders are very nurses and you don't like fires it's edited our our analyst Jamal Lewis Chris Johnson I'm trusting these answers as analysts are sending a bunch of questions to try to beat Vijay Tebow on and so I'm sure seems like you're either write these questions now I didn't. Rel lazier you. Lays much of bread and quietly the Braves get a basketball game I saw. Also another thing about a guy he made a way to you do get the email address Saudi classes he's gone good for three weeks you can't even this early era. Don't hide anyway let's see keeps focused you're still gonna Brian. Mariah all right let's see each year. Who's the last quarterback to lead the league in touchdown passes with less. Then starting. Let's go now to not Tom Brady that is correct summary it's one meet gates. One year led the league can touch their differences that question we're all sales just say Tom Brady AS not a bad thing to do it all here on this is. On this thing going anywhere but once beat you do to change the rules so that it's the only answer one question again shoot what I ask the questions next week. What do Detroit Nancy's me asking questions excellent and they didn't he traveled some of the dethrone zombie like you all your freedom thrown I want to hurt they changed the rules forced forcible chamber yeah they're gonna decision roles for Bonior I like the city of right and I'm like bush same without the women afterwards let me go to Matt Matt's do you wanna give this a shot. Nine let's see if you can dethrone bone here let me see what we have going on here. How about just what is a multiple choice multiple choice of these two players had more receptions. Last year in the regular season McCaffrey or Camara. That is incorrect bound you know by any chance in the cattle car. I Camara and one more I don't Campbell what choice is gonna work for next one more than McCaffery I just about we're about done battle. Why why are we don't got it up and a so I don't. Adorned into another segment I don't quit this won't forget Boehner be dethroned man what do we do want more segment and this week when we'll say we'll take dogs would be Floyd this by not this guy says don't just answer two questions also are ladies first got a one question. I think I mean how can answer your questions. Some problem on the Mississippi I can take a break judges is really bothered me man people who are not deep drilling bone and it's driving me crazy so much ride. On this assist guy says this is bad no competition Macs should go after bonus. I don't know these big I don't know MacKey duty there is this isn't an easy day I get my shot what do woody getting go to a concert by yourself no good to see if I could do itself. I don't think you can bet that next have a next time next segment we get more listeners a chance because this does suck I feel your pain Charlotte. Ponies to lose this is Jimmie Johnson NASCAR and then it got next on me that good. What about next week just like wrestling next week in this very ring. You and I one on one. And it's you win. You take Egypt's you can give the concerts every wanna game so I'm competing for analysts are actually yes our but it but that doesn't happen if a Lister can beat you right now is that we don't need to worry about it OK I only comment. And end up like the wolf form pulp fiction you not call me and when stuff it's the same. All right so they can't do it in C in a six time. But I'm gonna now coming in next week. I feel I'm going to be a tummy to tummy tuck was a Jimmie Johnson at NASA except and there's there's a W Jimmie Johnson I Ganassi extend it once we come back. Let's Rhonda. You always go back let's run through some more I'm trying to see bear with me I'm trying to get bone. And at age thirty Estonia alleged sleepy Floyd join us talk about those lawyers in the rockets in the NBA playoffs. Just got into a shouting match back in Portland Atlanta and the cubs and braves save. Greg and you want me on your side that is he came in here talking about the lucky braves and the Braves are lucky 'cause he got screwed by every played only game they lost this week of the three. It is because they got they got screwed plates absolutely ridiculous series but I Dolores Sandoval. Not a brace failed I'm just enjoying watching this team own are adopted them temporarily. Outright getting some reaction to do this I'll start with the Panthers to Mac. I just enjoy watching no I just die hard all I supported it just does is good for the show and then eventually came to the point where I didn't care about the ravens they were dead to me it was all about if their loved talking to happen might do so you'll need some reaction during the break that. Did you mega reaction during the brown area use the fouled up girl single things. Well bud I get a UNC's Diane says I was duke girls are real classics. There you go from I don't know Malaga feisty woman it's her little four letter word out there are denied rights but we we got the world theater as a matter it's my wife uses those words only directed it means that's the only time he uses those marks are let's do this we're given a shot some people are mad that the game is unfair to listeners. Some people are mad because a listeners are dumb. And some people are mad as a given him another chance. But understood immoral segment if you can't do it I'm coming in next week out and I'm coming down bullpen Bono now Dario on a Mac limits credit Coleman and it. Who is up next on dethrone mount Coleman are you ready to go. There I'm ready already being part of it in the class who look like this quick jealous Quigley us orders to us. Coleman. Metro wanna Christian to our community in Israel. Ice high school right now yes I like this is it again but I can get used to I was it'll broad James that the sperm donor here we go who made the most three pointers ever in a playoff game with eleven. There. Called JoAnne. Eric that is incorrect incorrect. Bony TV Floyd. Incorrect strike team though clay Toms yeah as a those on the right franchise. I Coleman you know finger crossing mislead these ridiculous tax Coleman gets another chance who was the last non quarterbacks selected number one overall in the NFL draft. Coleman. Be our crowd that is incorrect vote. Last number one overall pick that wasn't a quarterback. The offensive line and wasn't. Was a Fisher. Every pitcher knows miles there last year how how. The only seen here's the problem Comaneci with a problem I had here was. I've forgotten in the NFL the ground is so good everybody Brothers Romo back for another segment here bony I've never done to it this is like bringing a pitcher operate wireless. The I at least cheesy I'm not he's I don't think it was gonna beat me some losing focus getting bored I have about this. There's more answers this question you only need one odds guard but size Belichick name enacted NFL coach. Which at least ten playoff points. Tebow Tebow got Andy Reid. That is correct that is correct Coleman did you make it in a homer a human head on and to Mets electricity no room maybe but good effort good effort and a lot of sadness Ellison he's formula you want Beckett or the walk ashamed. Andy Reid Mike McCarthy Pete Carroll John hardball all ten playoff wins Ron Rivera all sides my right about. I'm wrong Andy Reid the most without a war. Four for a as mourn for four playoff wins I think more not Danny Bonaduce one on one and each year and into an AAF army Jiri the most without a Super Bowl west. Yeah I know that look at let's go to Charlie and I desperately just panic and you're trying to get a I'm not sure what's this guy I. One player what legendary. Layoffs player. May die most stories in an MBA playoffs game without a miss seven without a miss one year. Our team on Charlie go ahead. That is incorrect incorrect. Robert or that is rise license legendary play office that was a war that was so easy for because they say about. The I don't think he yeah he can lead became imported that wanted to point right I knew I tried to make that easier mantra people trying to you guys answer questions right you could say Charlie say your own name in UN and Charlie might struggle and he was just. Do about it not her. Yeah SATA there's a good get let's go to Johnston who is up next Justin are you ready to play. But not a team or on down I hear ya start reinforce our city and says it owns going to get off it when you know one damn allergies act like Cleveland brands are down by here we go out. The before tiring your mate who was among the next most recent number one overall pick in the NBA draft out of duke. Yup and just to go ahead. What it took acquittal that is incorrect incorrect bone number one out of duke so yeah before earning. Danny Ferry. Now rising trend don't bring him to tell answering that thought it was indiscernible and overall it I just wish urine I guess I should essay question to dukes and now you know yeah. I like you written media had been beaten six weeks ago you have been you have got to miss some more on the wide lead did did promise the competition just like you Zagat. Much else I got a bad game I'm so gonna win the whack here's your chance just in here is your chance our rights. So I'm not the whack where does that he acts four players the Al West Coast southwest just cops more players have at least 101000 career rushing yards for one team name one album. Tebow just to go ahead. It is say his name who exact. That is that is incorrect auditor ya I hear you say his name's Tony you just say isn't the only what is the answer and it's miss. That is incorrect studies and I got a question grounds not read question again tells us this preseason was questioned again. Four players have at least 101000 career rushing yards or one team okay yah he's definitely a hot outside and Elsa. Any rusher media to get all the guests are deliberately or movies on their displays like Arnold for one year this is not quite yes there's going to be on and I got rid of just that's just how ready your question as just just why is Emma Smith not involving your answer here. All right sue we do one more Red Sox are about one Morey knew I would give up on the listen I'm so angry to listeners right now I need to give them I'm Mike Ditka. Bobby Knight hybrid screaming spitting up talk usually go blow usually so annoying when the surge is going on your team that just emailed a sort of realized there's some sexual on in our mind about siren like group B I'll get to had to adhere I've Bobby you could delay a shot are you ready. Yes sir lash out Bohn who was the last running back selected number one overall the NFL draft. Lottery. That is incorrect he bought Egypt's. He can't say the answer and they say you're right you know say your name percent as he remembered today is number two bone you know the answer number one running back number one overall. Last won't. It's not Reggie Bush casino number one. And running back number one overall I actually don't know the answer. Tonight you know Brett is it to John Carter yes yes right schools Penn State but it's to John Karr twenties two years ago to bring your how that worked out. I do what workouts you well but I think I've said that guy said is they've second to. Are we don't want a chance on the Linus or all of it and yet here we go doesn't go well. This since 2009. Different quarterbacks have had six. Or more touchdown passes in the game named to global. Tebow. T logo that Ben Roethlisberger. Correct. And the second one. Is it match shot. That is incorrect that is incorrect I'll probably darkening your steel body give me two guys seniority no one of the answers. Right at burger and Iqbal. The other is correct that we've got. Ourselves we'd have ourselves a decisive for a bad here's a deal that I was well here's a deal about this sort this is a problem why I gave him. Death and not one where it was multiple choice last. My now but don't don't answer first let him answer he may be a heavy one then maybe I got indicted so that was a go to the go to it's a caucus and replace here we go we just went there to prove something else. All right here we go are you ready bubbly big Bob it. But liberal other bad Leroy Brown you ready this is your chance to dethrone the first time ever. All right here we go what's the only college. That can boast a player in the. Up five in career passing yards. Rushing yards and receiving yards they are an ACC school. The only college was just outside career rusher in the NFL receiver. And pass sir Derek ACC school. Tebow Tebow Pittsburgh you've got a team. Don't guys hey the yeah. Bobby you where you gonna gas guzzling money and now. Carbon dioxide courage and our own Dan Marino and Larry FitzGerald is that only endorse senator Tony door sad note on the current mourns of their two out. I was one of those who I am I gonna break early mornings I find this stupid game man deep bone he's beaten everybody is aren't. Top five rusher multitask in his first born he's right our let's take a break so you can't pay it there's prepping got in you know Angela is not about if you weren't impressed and alas answer I got nothing now back to pull back on the line that's against the and all our only shot so don't command those good those guys are all right let's do this because this Glenn says 86 there's bad. That's why I'm coming on next week man people indeed don't. I'm coming on nicely Yemen dethrone bone and magic closed or hand out the concert tickets to the less fortunate that's what I'm going to do. All right when we could actually sleepy Floyd Estonia zone NBA legend he had some playoff records with lawyers in his day. Can the lawyers say people out of rockets in the series and is LeBron done we'll talk hoops talk hornets still sleepy Floyd next is so. I thought oh. Sounds. Do you. CEO Doug some of the earlier where else. Everybody knows it might be the ring tone for sleepy Floyd he's a whole oil Walhalla. Always a loyal I didn't know what that fight song was before I've played it I apologize irony he got stuck up not these kid Estonia's own and an MBA player I remember those days with the lawyers man. And he was a hell of smaller and sleepy Floyd joy held a nice guy too sleepy Floyd joins us on American tech talks and ball sleeping how you bend. Or we're doing good band last night was fun and I let me say this. I Murton for the warriors we talk about this every year Bonaduce on like allied staff alone staff all of the curry family soak. You don't pull for the lawyers but it was kind of fun last night to see Houston kind of punch back men they move the ball they shot it. Do you look at this you can listen ice development to say and Houston's got a shot this series or or you not gone that far. Always start they have a shot I mean they had the best record and NBA throughout this year they approve it know which are. That there have been a better team in the league. Prevent parties of the season so. Until they would have a shot they've got great player emerged and Chris Paul and James Harden. There has some decent role players do play well the first game. They go column PJ Tucker hit nineteen last night and I resent it might change so that they can get some help on the bench and accurate that they may be competitive in there which they did that Smart so most typical BO series. I think last night it was important. Took a rocket that they would allow less Smart than I think there didn't do and everyone else know that there will be very typical remember when mr. No they claim so there season and they came out with an urgency. I did issue a James Harden game and as pets came as unique. It's so herky jerky it's so much ice so the step back shot is just insane that he has he has this knack for getting in the lane when he does. He can finish her draw fouls like. Is there anybody backing your day that you played with or against that you think is games like because I have a hard time big game is very unique. We got out when I first came in delete cubic about remember world B free yeah I moderate my hectic trying to hurt Turkish belly at this step back even back in eighty. So in order to quote to guard power play don't want don't want what were eventually develop on ashamed came in. And it will play wanna want to practice not just not could not stop that so reject or argue. Unbelievable talent he's about 67. They can go either way you draw file off. You know at a rapid pace you know he's a good pre built shooter. Predictable I so look a bit too much out there and as we saw on the first day sort of have a little more movement lagged it. I doubt in my match up nightmare. Now no doubt the movement of players and the ball works for them last night sleepy Floyd is witnessed sleep eat one more thing about this series. It's just do you think staff Curry's still labor from the knee injuries to a thirteen on threes. I know he's not necessarily as an on ball defender and a summer's biggest stress. But he's really getting attacked and it seems like the lateral quickness is is something that deadly struggle what do you think he's do you think he injury still bothered them. And if so is that how much trouble xetra Golden State. Without a doubt I think it'd bother I think children shot you know when you have any problems relate problem. Of course Spain and if that is just shot and also doing lateral movement so. Are you know I'm really go to state won't admit it but we're sure that the formal Wear a watch him play you know we are able or. There's just not the same so all they want it back Bay Area. Well I think they may help what the rebate call Britain and it gets arrested in rehab. And played like the guy that we noted the play by. No doubt I hope he does to men like to see that on the sleepy Floyd when assaulted hoops what do you think over on the other side like. I can't allow my sits Salem bronze Don I don't know about you it looks pretty daunting. Do you think the cavaliers are done he's not get much help sleeping outside a cantaloupe what are you saying. And loudly what but no you can never count out upon giant comedy came down came back from prewar. But just their orders or not look at that and in the now well. And you know and so is our award show. You know there's still it's still serve at home and are there only are they going to be difficult but they'll struggle we're in agreement Cleveland went abroad at a later why aren't yet I've made a play are on the wrong way. A role player you better call. And not so we'll sit very competitive game I don't think. Those are the cavaliers were bloated now but nobody waited in Toronto. Well I think they were aware of connector there. Sleeping I want to. O'Neal LSU question I want ask you LeBron vs Jordan I'll I'll I'll ask you about couple of other guys you played against. Magic Johnson Larry Bird you know I outsmart dark eyes yeah I don't rides atop peer. I assume fiercely you know watch you guys all play when I was young and so I've got some perspective you've got to win a better perspective I sit here and say because LeBron is such a great two way player I think he's better than most of those guys. Am I wrong to say that you played against those cats. My name is so typical Mac desperate hope in magic what do abilities that you brought pretty MBA at the or are. They develop outside shot in overtime. The depleted polls that replaced then our couldn't pass the ball like no other. Are you talking about the great Larry Bird outstanding shooter. A move rule number without the ball. Addition to any better and the best trash talk or in this case is just local. Duck the hard call went abroad to pick prosecute they're Harper's. Are all the different abilities that they got though I mean I had about age just call man investors really. Typical. Out I I would do what motivated maybe to a Bravo. Our current field by the way bird what is like what could trash did you talk wasn't funny. Once it means spirit and what what was it closes trash talk like. No it was over me about marijuana while rookie you know lead. Mostly I would go to state we weren't very good that we in the dark. And where we're sticker shock on the corner. And you know albeit from Georgetown and you'd never give up all the way. Don't run I ran out and try to block this shot caller a lot of followed and apparently they don't look good clear when they thought. Yeah. And it went and I'm guessing right. I yeah it's that's what it seems like he seemed like he was he'd get a lot of trash talk go on the balls in the air like I never forget the three point contest when he sealed it. And he shot the last shot his fingers in the air walking away and it was in the ball will still be here in our our order great. He's fun to watch all you guys respond hey man we appreciate it left to one plus the files you don't want to bring you back man sleeping you're always good bureau is gonna dust thanks for coming on brother. Portrait. Aren't vigorously disloyal. Held a player an MBA and a towel to Georgetown. On the losing those I don't bring us a buzz on the air on the losing end of that great final against Michael Jordan and UNC was damn those Georgetown teams are good. My favorite Larry Bird story recently was like three or four years ago Paula source said he is warming up before game by himself or Madrid in the somewhere report George's plane by himself and jam. The ball boy or walks and innocent to seal the ball bounces to Larry like forty feel like innocent is as well this couple years ago worked for forty feet away. Throws up a story and it goes it. It was a Sager an air dislodge. This is like 86 yeah I heard today was bad manual also a member of the 1986 Celtics to ugly steamed ever so. All you can't find in regular group do you. I would say get described the man ever satellite earlier although I don't know W Lindsey might give them around to their money but it was bad animals as pitchers so Max Quenneville wallets like fourth on your oddly roster you got a problem going on there I listen to us let's take a little we can materials materials hangar where I tend to agree I did agree that lets some. Are we come back. Were shot Braylon news us what is sealed two teams are asked drum are we given us another shot will tell you when we come back it's the Mac does that. Thousand dollars. Diarrhea or did you just one employee hours als we had a little an oldie from don't think threw me off its its teeth. He threw the shell now that's right our seals text the word steals Christmas aboard now that's an Orioles try to make some marketer didn't. Text towards fields is 72881. Sealed F I ELD. This is your shot a thousand dollar genital top of the hour so you really know much time Texas Stadium right now. It's a national contests message and data rates apply. Contest rules available at WF and C. Dot com we've got Jim Carrey braves broadcast her on the TV side coming up next top of the hour. Baby braves won again last night they continue to be tied for the most wins in the National League they're in first place. In the National League east they're one of the best stories of baseball. This year I cannot wait to talk about them and for the last week and change. I have so early Bennett join this team I said hello watch an Orioles skulls are so brutal and I am enjoying watching this team so and after that segment on which you carry. It's going to be. It's going to be braves breakdown that is it out once again a lot of grace saenz call me up let's talk about this team this seems fond race fans deserve an outlet to talk about this team. In the month of may with nothing else going on they deserve it and it's two days go on your number one. I read more from Estonia two weeks ago that led to those to the beat out of me up allegedly. For jumping on the sixers bandwagon when the process was nearly completed. What is the difference did you mark right now. The bracelet due process they're getting a lot better now you destroyed here. But now that was so locked the door unlocked and there comes back out just how susceptible I'm not done the same exams are going up by all night and dad no doubt it'll tell you I had. The I know you I know how you operate you'll be by the all star break you'll be so into this team. That you it'll be like you were there for year. Did he just he just always knew if you let her room and to try to act like Noah can noticing there but by July you'll be tomahawk chop but every in his radio I. What people notice me I want to be here given the Braves love Justine Saunders seems a blast if you're in these. These guys don't know what's so NBA playoff sense and USC he saw the watch. You've got to the next the next best thing bachelor paradise is going to be a brazen baby braves are a fine young team this once is gonna forget and its want to Hartley tells once it goes back lineup gets even better and younger and more dynamic boat the pitching has been so went through big. Hitting is the best to the National League roach who. Rose wise this is a fun team I'm just trying I know we got blisters that are into it I want to be into it so we can talk about a bone they're good topic. I saw this man and what we are an insult your dog sat. You know what we just another thing that we need to we need to T Donald when he's gonna do this but I I've never been more excited for this. Can we talk about what happened. With preppy. During the ammonia trapped on your life perhaps but this is August is. Maybe the vessel of allies have proudly made a young guy that doesn't you're not even gonna to my Mike on knows something in sports mistakes and Dan and his tie Larry Mahan I. Yeah or else I thought he was kidding. But he went back kidding he went back for more this. I got tired I don't have many hot most in my life right now this one right here this is the greatest ever been involved if you ever are bitter because your old and sad and aging balding right. But you lancet two young folks when they just all those things because they're young and they can't help it that's the kind of humor this is coming up later Scott this is good Bradley he's I don't know I still claps and does that it is still not actually is the upper Gabriela in real quick are much. Were shot very limit of the Carolina Panthers for about two would have days is some senate and then they Vizio the physical. Because of the become on the sword from a vacation trip. So anyway he now bonus Chelsea want to take others didn't wait around they didn't save any salary cap money that went out they got us. Mom my. They bring it. Well I'd like Ross gawker LD brought him and and they kind of moved all right obviously Dante Jackson they drafted so there's no need for him. Panthers don't have to cap money there's no need there the colts and the cardinals are the first two visits he has sent out so he's still gonna get a payday but I don't. So it's going to be as big as a seven million a year and he's gonna get here from Carolina. It but you know what I think this worked out for the best. Because I don't think we gets on Terry OT bonus we have Greenland. So in hindsight I think it all worked out for us we get Pau cock curl and Donte' action Jackson I think dad played better. Then getting Korea land and adding other things on to that personally yet. At the tollbooth to tollbooth. No size does debris when I also considerable debris when sited and then I'd. Much rather have poet is valued and embryo what do you can you could find. Other free ones out there trying to find what Polk and did not only studies. There's a good chance Jackson's a better player than Braylon eventually. There's a good chance we cut pro amazed very solid golf the best year. In least advanced stats wise on his career. Armed and not to mention. 2008 seem to pass game but. Mac it WS NC dot com email address it nice braves you'll fans checking it would make this guy says ask the Braves let's go Mets interim. Well one down the elevator right now is not that stepped right up then drink the Matt says they troubled on a second. I lose a good break we come back chip Carey joins us talk about just fun and exciting upstart rays team that. Is it time is it time for the playoffs. And they do to have staying power all those things in a BS next.