Mac Attack Hour 3: Positives from Tepper

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Wednesday, July 11th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses what he liked about the David Tepper Press Conference.

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We're back to this is. The Mac's success here and have fancy people are asking to temper saying anything about putting the paint a symbol in the middle of the field below go. That was not asked how was it about asking that question because I know it means so much and a sands. And it's kind of annoying like you we stopped case in the NFL's ass already we've had a franchise record twenty years like why do we have to keep thanking them with us with their damn logo when no one else does it. But on the question they come up lesson about asking that date said to questions left at that point. The press conference essentially done. But so we get an answer on that at some point out competed I'm hoping he's more accessible to media. To talk to his stance through the media then Jerry Richardson Ellen wouldn't be hard to do to press conferences in ten years to be the most accessible altering Charlotte by far I could just call it what it is but anyway all right Tom by the way. Belief among some is not broke. The doctors that you and Holtz speech. Deemed a broken it is not broken get a second opinion on it so it's not like he's gonna go suit up for the summer league game the night against Golden State. But it's it's you know it's it's kudos aside there's not a break up the thumb so anyway we've got that out there as well I wanna see if I can get to positively about. Tapper slow and here act on the Mac attack Tebow does not think I'd get that flow. Matt did Charlotte cover says assemblage right now 75 degrees Charlotte cover systems ever sends a commission tech Curome. It holy month go to an urgent care next NYC just thousands of anger and rosy after this. Total witch doctor gruden that's how is going on out there okay you're obese medical guys I think it was. All right so let's talk about this and already T bone is still make this won't not go well that we will not really get any calls but I believe in people well. I believe in people and I believe people will jump in on our positives can't their conversation. First two hours or show was almost exclusively all about the statue comments from tapper. And the fact did Jerry you know corny and Rappaport Jerry's lawyer put it there anybody steamy glad to keep that statue their as is. But it and a a lot of people said let's stop with the negativity let's focus on the positives are so many great things senate yesterday's press dollars. So this segment right here in these you know these first few minutes of 8 o'clock this Tebow and around let's do this a lot of people want positive ID they say they want. I'm going to try along with your help to give positive that he. I want everybody call up right now you listen to a press conference. Once was a positive you heard him say elect that's pretty freaking cool or that makes me feel good about an eight to be something as simple as. They detonated Spiderman reference he's down to earth that's pretty cool. It could be something about how he answered the questions about players and social justice a lot of people have texted me and hit me up on that as well daylight. The fact that he seems to really be pro player on player side so I would ask a question Simoni and you're saying people will not call him on this why doesn't exactly sensational some thin. Negativity feeds the phone lines that's why earlier today as a solemn eyes were still because it Jerry sub as a very negative steel to obviously. I don't think this discussion right here is going to be nearly what you think it is you all the sudden docile ones they drive the Pleasantville I don't think you're gonna see very good. I can answer Pleasantville let's take it right now cancer Pleasant Hill and I want people meet me there and then we'll talk to you and you're gonna tell me what was so cool about David temper I mean other. Feierabend outcome and it's out of anarchy right now trying to see what the we're all the negative people are. Got a I don't the first two hours negativity leads to more phone calls like teachers we we've learned over the years even Eric Cantor season. After a loss you get more calls you can still get a lot of calls it right he's a little articles after wins. But the calls will be more after lost what I am hoping is just to change it up that we might get less calls but there's got to be something other bands that are thinking themselves you know what. I'd rather focus on the good list what Jerry behind us even though he's not let us what is stupid contract. What did you hear yes they from David zapper but you think is a positive for this team restored call us up improve be cynical. Negative T don't wrong and does gentleman at the 7045709. Sorry brings up the separate note that Marty party exists completed our mission Mario did not know that was interesting he got the backs of football operation even mention Nordson add an undesirable element. Ron he really praised Ryan. Marty didn't get one although I will citizen reports a couple months ago loan did so I but he has talked to the Steelers brass out there. And they really respect morning Ernie he's got these are good things from people out there about Mardy but you're right do we read anything into the tax authority did not give mention my house. Tech blog I have iCombi today's data to show he's out. Why why they're wise Eminem why Ernie desperate I don't know is that feeling good and I never saw him play in the background Soledad that's got that's going to be after the eyes and that's going to be go to al-Qaeda to slow Zamboni seven really helped set up it's a button you know budget how to trying to help you stalled yet phone call so we have clinical what do you talk about why you can see calls a guy like Lawrence I don't know if they're positive or not I was goes for some pay if they're positive indeed just Joan leads assault. Joan what did you like yesterday. I'm not opt that arm that you have talked about what that guy we have a greater. And that they were good men and that. They are needed to be much worse story about the good thing. And not yet been negative thing they'll take that. As the guest gin and just ignore it and negative and you know I'm past tag collapse at all. And subverted it there on and it is today. I'd like not like what you say and here's a thing in David shepherd did suggest right to our faces that you guys don't focus on this enough. The good that they do help Chris Long was doing so the other day and every tweet today. And here's the thing to you see it on Twitter Tebow if I reach wage so this controversy has a negative slant to it get a ton of reaction. If I tweet something about Chris Long at. Our findings folks Timonen don't have much money and are trying to get jobs and he's out there getting them fitted for soups which is what he was doing the other day. And I actually you know menace is great. Hardly anyone seems to care and it's just it's. It's unfortunate but the sensational and negative does keep people's attention it gets us talking and that's why I think at the very least 10% let's be positive. Couple caller said it earlier I'm trying to police let's give you get thirty minutes. A positive video about what is good right now with this team is I think glass is is is completely filled. But Jerry Rich's and he's still an acolytes like I think if we can just move on from the Jerry Terrell like we all one till this tempered glass is just it's losing. Ali what bony out of the top of it. But Jerry keeps building he keeps doing things like the contract to draw us back into that are gonna go back to solve 704. 57096. Dead what. Was positive from yesterday Joe's got a great point Mandy is we don't talk enough about how good of dudes we have over here. Instead we got to listen to people like Torrey Smith character assassinated. Just because they have a pause and and and they they stand up for cost. Let me go to Bobby who is up next Bobby what is positive right now. Well I couldn't do it. Oh that's a you know the last couple. Epic that's great. But the outlook. I. Do this seems like. He's won a did you sit around the law or. Here in popped in different. I don't want. Or I feel the same way Bobby I read an email account or what worse say as someone disagrees it but I feel the same way as you like. I would I never really thought man I love them dear Jerry Richardson. You know I I I've always thought many brought this football team to us. You know what would you station be without that don't I mean I've always thought about that. But I never really thought he'd be a great guy to have a beer with would I always thought it feels like I wanna on buttons for buttons bold and just hang with demand. I always thought may Jerry's a cool gotta have a team west. Schools ads don't have a this why is ice hockey playing bowed out but how about this your struggle and over there big time about this one right here from Marcus. Mac you guys are complete rooms and you guys are complete puppets Dave tepper already. Is the puppet master he is full of it he says all these things an ax down to earth to hook it in. He's got that Sarah Palin equality where you act real folksy but you're really deep down inside figure above everybody is also a saucer where Williams so there. How dare you bar a lot of guys that you do what I say overall I I does that guy that would add jobs Dolly diagonal measurement. To tell. He's got he's got some agency got a lot more folksy when he came back in the two Carolinas. And our members can destroy being on our folks you Ozzie. When you're round that you start talking that way again you don't say like what New Yorkers go back to New York. Yeah just south kind of accident due to New York to start talking you go remembered whenever folks your right Kansas I saw this guy hijacked our positives half hour special do you apple usually positive and these guys like don't be my husband data breach of faith. You want nose of state is stinking Jerry Richardson let's call him out he's positive candidate you tepper has not been exposed as anything yet come on cynical folks. You can't see it Pleasantville meet CNBC now I gotta wagon we gonna stay positive I here's a challenge everybody. It's hard on talk radio and 2018. But let's be positive ones here yesterday from zapper. Then how do you say this is great 704570960. And we want jury answers positive ID from panther nation. Our back it is a Mac attack on Athens they are we got the last. I loaded bone has doubted the positive and be a positive force of people in 2018. Lines are loaded up period their fans wanting to talk positively. I think they're just all don't want us to go back to the Jerry Rich's situations or like a week and chimneys lined up Mac can't start Bijan anymore about the stats you have these guys are 70457096. Stand by the way. I'm asking for friends. What type of vehicle would it take for someone to hook up a rope and pulled I think damn I'm asking for a friend I'm going to be involved in this at all. All right this just kind of curious. She's she's freaked out Danica Patrick and Connecticut just drive around and eventually some. I'll end up and again the boat on Brothers racing around Charlotte Wright does and next thing you know there's a big crash right into the statue. I left. So it's 070457096. Stand what positive you take away from yesterday that you want to say. To be positive about the page were turned you're seeing nice. Is up next seen ice what what did you like from yesterday. But I am and I like the fact that the terror. Just like itself looked like you read the goat close. Thumbs up from me. About law speculate. That without the card you need to pull out that you don't verbal crypto breaking up before. The stick. It'll pulled back since. I didn't know they make it convertible detail is amazing guys yesterday as I don't. It's. And right that we got out it was happening Mandy first ball one thing that's exact newsstands or start to be like OK I was on summer vacation. I might have forgot about my boys both football talks back to talking Panthers are talking tapper least now we are of their purchasing statute. You know debate the first couple hours and I think so I think we're get a lot of new people coming and aggregate people come back to a so. That's exciting man I just love when we start getting all the the football fanatics don't want again Mac. And WFANC. Dot com he talked more on the sausage over here on so good Jack in the Box brought in these up platters breakfast platter so good. By the way this dude says get it trending salt and pepper. We don't get a trend. How about pop sir or ma'am. You get that training low hopping on the Levin and other guys trying to name the statue wants us to name the statue of lord just predominantly really. Can you name it something without being dirty that we get suicide Madonna Terry talk and try to double the tattoo not make light to go see him make light of the city is all. Vowel positive this is all about the new order just the tampering and try it was just a sad sack sir mr. Tyler got maximum zones. Eric wants to jump in here Eric what was a positive from yesterday. Alternate their summer partner get what their particular click there are a little bit. Major repeat everyone's favorite here Internet question I think some excerpts. And topic he's got to you know well his. Timing move toward papers could be anything well except all. I think you can back off you know well well well Kyra handle it which is. Ultimate jury our topic ever did. And I I don't think it would probably have been at their captors brickyard. Maybe that's been created. Yeah now let's say they're strong and I got we've got a topic I need to get into a bounce. You know is this one is this surely you'll look back at this as one of those truly top few moments and banter history I think temper could be that good of an owner that we do. And it's interesting what he said there about Jerry would never. Stay away let the football guys do your job I don't wanna say never. But one of the things that stuck in my crawl about Jerry cereal and out of the risk of going negative on on positive segment vowed. But that that blocked out cease. That's season where in 2000. Ten. They just gave no effort whatsoever didn't sign guys didn't spend any money John Fox a lame duck coach Jerry Richardson admitted basically added one Payer money to get them out here. That's date to coach is the same time and then after I thought Jerry Richardson compounded that mistake. By basically according to many sources giving Marty during the Kerney and edict to to reassign all these guys to big money deals offered to win football team. But I just the way he handled that whole situation I thought was very bad it really well. Let's use that phrase stuck in my what would you call. Crawl stuck in my crawl out of basic Cole I don't know what it means it's crawl but yeah it would be insurance and nature what is it. But those crawl its broadest yet as I tell you got it right I got Kansas spelled CR RC RAW. Oddly similar poll likely always talk to Michael in my adolescent and I don't really I don't know I don't know what cause either buddy your your your your center rice objects are stuck in your crawl okay. Our Mac at WS Lindsay does come. Hash tag to brass balls one scene. That's got to ask her out thereafter we aren't as funny two balls larvae knowledge. Cubans keep this going com what is this guy said Kyle Bailey's new truck and pulled down this hot date U. I got today does tread on my friend doctor Bailey daily Kay Bailey Keddric summed it up to get I think I don't there's no doesn't call Abbas more see some more so there's little boy Virginia tricks our remaining learn. I'm I'm gonna go back to follow we're looking for positive phone calls can we keep just don't do we keep the fans are positively going to yes sir it was a good day. Let's not let it be ruined like maybe we did the first two hours. By the blockbuster comment about Jerry in the contract in the statute. What do you wanna add to mix that was a positive from yesterday 704570. Nice extent glory is up next here on a Mac attack Cory was going wrong. Eight. You know I really. Really like out and argue about you know bring in our utility into to the new age if you will. I'm up high school football coach and we go to clinics all across the country and voters seem important to order good exit but has. Now own. Indoor practice facilities and their high school. Knocking him back in Vienna. It's you're coming from Alabama or some like they've got all got million dollar locker room the ability. And I don't really tore that led America it's still old. You know really really does it mean it's not a suspect not believe they'll all the other content articles are they would without goes to special thing. And I can tell you Barry you're making a great point about that I heard chuck Howard mentioned this the other trucks. And I didn't remember this part from the article Steve Harrison article bone any observer where Stephen and a couple of colleagues went up there is Saul. What they're facilities are like Minnesota how can we mirror that here and dumb but apparently don't stay in the article and I remember is when the chuck brought up the sets. There were vikings players is said part of the reason why they wanted to come here they signed as free agencies particular players is because look at these facilities. And you think of facilities as a college drawl for recruits. But in the NFL though I think it does ring true like he's saying. And 10% yesterday. And this practice facility is behind pretty much the whole league where we're at right now we don't have a practice so we of these deals out there and I love the fact he is recognized we can't be behind because it hurts us it will hurt you. With green if freeagent keeping your own players and just creating an environment that we are world class football team so. I love it in the stadium til he said garrido. He didn't say payable major tax money we go to the stadium right now but he is acknowledged we need to reduce some things about this stadium and I think that will help as well. Do you do the browns have a practice facility. These awful things some of viewing I'm not sure that bracket is there but they don't use a damn thing I keep deposits ebony float can leader Tebow. A third segment of paying their fair positive view about David tapper whereas organizations that. We get to Loni I we will attempt we'll try to do the unthinkable. And and January 3 segment of cancer positively David tepper shouldn't be the story we shouldn't let Jerry steal it from him. Your thoughts on what yesterday major smile a major positive as a painter and he's I don't tinker. I do that right there is a good thing don't give metal some owner right away know when you made the playoffs four out of five years what else goes on this list 704. 57096. Cent and speaking of lists Tebow and I shouldn't do this I shouldn't care. There's an Adam Schein lists out there are got a problem Wesleyan talk how soon it's a Mac attack on a frenzy. Us. The. I guess some dirt on trapeze family that's coming up later in the email segment. It is he never got listeners and inside Intel on Freddy's family we can use it against him because of course that's the type of people we all. Got to tell you. Probably tells a lot of stories he tells all a lot of that was a good one man out as a general and others was actually legitimately won browse laughing during that has a definite good one I get a get a couple of college football tidbits in here before this hour's out. And I got to get to this Adam Schein lists. You rank the divisions by other quarterbacks. And Adam Schein is once again out to launch a we will talk about that seat which you'll think about that's. But I haven't obsessed don't listen why else. But right now let's keep going we got a bunch you guys called me and positive things you can take from David tepper yesterday all because because I personally thought the biggest take away was the blockbuster about Terry. And the fact that he would do that he's that narcissistic. And he needs a statue stands at all costs by its I think I think you also is a panda fan. We do a disservice if we went for four straight hours about that we've got to talk about the fact. This guy is array of lights this franchise just listen the way he talks about the new open in the organization it's going to be. And if I do something stupid there'll be talking about me here don't be afraid to take things to people of authority even if it's about people of authority and clearly. That was lacking in the previous organization out of fear of Jerry I'm guessing no and set a dollar word about any of that stuff. I let's go to the song 70457096. Stand for wrestling fans Greg the hammer Valentine an all time legend. WWD hall of Famer joins us at 9 o'clock but let's go to David was up next hey David what what's positive from yesterday. A while and I got without the proper. It's sounded like he really didn't bring community to back can't cut that Jerry. Want negative I enact a statute the guy. In light. Blackberry stuff and out you know a soccer well. I hate to call cigarettes a day well if you if you don't care about soccer UK you could care less. What is your expand that once soccer here that was his second MLS reference in to press conferences since he agreed to purchase the team. This is there's not just smoke there's there's there's little fire started closed fires a star survivor bone rubbing sticks together. Like there's something going on there or did you ever does not a coincidence. David Samper is thinking about the MLS and it's interesting when he brought it up Tebow is when he talked about if we need. Get a new practice facility away from here which seems like it's going to be done deals this matter where it is. And if they do that he says I am new lay and zero opened up from the old practice fields to develop. And he mentioned the MLS and I think this is truly. The number one reason why he does not want to have the minority partners why he bought all of them out. And I think that is because if you want to do some like MLS he's got the money to do it I don't think you needless worry about any red tape I think he wants to just do it and listen. God bless you if you get to that point in life where you this country you just have the ability to do all that stuff on your own. God bless you Jerry on the other hand needed the minority partners he mentioned MLS more than one trust that we haven't the last fourteen under after. He's not to what Marcus Smith tried to get that thing go and I was very pro Arab MLS. I thought it could have been a nice addition to the spring months in our sports countered how many of you said that stupid. But I did say that Tebow and it's up for dinner I would feel even better about David tapper run in the show want something. He got audio problems and soccer socks like eighties at the future what's our what's our name don't be pans out papers united. FC united early united Charlotte city has seen Charlie guided SE a messy and that's why you know like soccer team is very odd Dario I think a teenager general good one Daria I'll show our laps he will donate what would you do year you started it. You can't stop this now does it come detects an email I really wanna know odd Todd I don't. It's my hope what would our soccer CEO and David's ever brings the MLS air though yeah. I 704. Fives you know 96 dead are let's go to C barbecue pits. Well we're Q okay KFC is that now a sanitation can hungry again let's go to Wales who is up next will what what did you find positive yesterday. More than any surprise about Jerry in the statute thing to do it and his resignation where it is like. True multiple times in that letter I was a little miffed about our. Not a decent G-20 summit in order to. It's very did you say no often response. Well done and I love love helped several Syrian. You know this is a new day in it and if I want to pay this player I think ours are well 'cause he does not. He wants the condition had every bit attitude at a quarter to be a disadvantage and Alex just about this talks about the stadium and it Charlotte decides this puppy coming in city let's bust you with the turn to much. But built around the stadium and terrible practice field other side art. I think a lot of this stuff is positive right there's a couple of things here for all the Jerry Richardson did it was positive listened. I don't have I didn't have too many issues with him as an owner per saying I said that one year bone around blocked out stuff. But he would usually right to check right he would use your right to check it would like they would look there's a salary cap and there we are right there by the salary cap floor all that stuff. No he would spend money on this team he wanted to win I truly believe that its competitor he played in the NFL all that stuff. But you look at something like the practice field. Don't do is again text your Macy says he says it's like a high school team to have to move inside to the convention center to hold a walks through when it rains outside. Why did it he's so right like how would Jerry Richardson leave that as a glaring thing that was missing and from a competitive standpoint purge you. How did he do that for so long David ever comes in day one he says is a top priority this is ridiculous we're going to be better off under David separate in many ways I believe that. It's my gotta wanna go back to statute earlier breast C a tweet that's worth match own. If there's a Jorge since statue up they say today we're gonna honored George shed as he brought basketball here originally a day would be cool to George and sat. No one would say yes we need Georgian section. Don't want to but because it's already up. People want to fight take you to death I also think and I don't wanna not trying to make this political some people tried to make this political and set all your liberals he think this I touched I'd like to think we're more independent and not every Claude. It comes down to what side were on her all that stuff and I hate the way were sides to in this country is a dad I. I could see up with all that said I'd like political there is such angst towards things that the PC movement. Rice from a lot of people and I feel good sized people feel way more than me. And I just think this is part of it like. You're trying to take down those civil war statues you can't or someone says you can't erase history you know it's like we're not trying erase history but in the present or just not trying to celebrate a man. Hoot who did some things that were no longer proud of and we don't think we wanna used advertisers organization. But I just think there's such a backlash against PC. And now days that I feel like people put this in the two PC area when I just think the Panthers. I don't know I'd like to think David tepper doesn't want the statue out their old boy do acknowledge. That it does take the decision out of his hands he doesn't have to be the one to say take a statute and a makes some fans mad you don't run to be the ones they keep it up and advancement. I was go back to phone 7045709. Success he wants about statue thing we can we're trying to move along to the positive but he. It is David Samper mean we don't let the other you know one tax I don't find anybody say a bad thing about David tepper. Chuck is up next shock what did you think was good from yesterday. I've really think that was really good about yesterday that they attacker is committed to. Everything and think about and I'll guard noted the World Cup coming into one equally sick strike. Yes and US is that it would Charlotte is not involved in that does the cities are already out charles' son and all the Nat fortune. But still that go to the city everything after awoke up everything goes up and more people want more Arctic after what just a quiet. Is perhaps the move so people gore or Clinton oh yeah and I are so in the papers. The bad thing about is that you are what we think reduced their. Look I'm not taken a statue down. If you ordered expelled those old video I don't think that you about what is it that you are the Turkey put so much money in that stadium court. People marry you remain. It's say that stadium doubt it's not think that they are now. In jeopardy I have to build that stadium and that more talent out our region. What are tortured out well there are a local just basic and heroin that probably. Say. It. Suitors want to land there until he's here damning things dollars a month to land there I would like it to still staying uptown Charlotte I think that is the modern. Base. Don't cause a big city but I mean we are grown up there around you'll close the number one thing in time it turned the market size. What's that is to me the best layouts of these cities Baltimore has done that to where both stadiums are there. Restaurants bars everything's around Detroit solitude for sealed in dollar whatever the then let's Comerica whatever it I don't exist they're touching each other that's the best full experience that you can have writers have everything together so. I do hope that doesn't shake I don't think it has anything to do with you go spend your own money bill stating you don't want statute. I think it's just simply like OK I'm losing my power here of already given up and I'm selling the team was the one bit of power I have left to send a message one final message right. It's to make these owners. Cal town a Midas are you sign this right here and say where if you own a team that you're keeping that statue up to what honor me. Like I just think it's one more kind of giant middle finger. You know it's his last little thing Jiri has stopped harassing at least imagine 226 in the World Cup. What will Jerry statue look like it's one Torre says if it stays out they're just yet had to football around and actually I think about that what does that you know it'd be doubled magnate tubby Jeff Lindsay dad Tom little bit of a bandage on inside us late this week I did our. This guy says. His dad's got a tow truck and we could use its two nights is we wanted to drive around town and -- the statue now listen I asked for my friends I miss you my friends okay with this. I am not I don't want you to implicate me in this crime are what's better than it well every now says have my husband just drive around all that eventually certainly casino McCaw I. Let's go that is go all right I read impala that was satellite that bad driver yell I'm really MRI yesterday and acted WS since it can't we come back until what did you talk about tempering the positive and aid the Jerry stats still cannot believe how else slowed the names for the Charlotte MLS team topic is coming all of that what I what a shame I did get FC Charlotte brass balls I don't know if we can use that. What do we. Fact we got to keep our mothers we also have to mention of the divisional quarterbacks list Adam Schein again find a way to get jammed you can count on a list we'll talk about that. And wrestling legend Greg the hammer Valentine hasn't -- us at 9 o'clock Mike Florio not thirty also. Your bank it is the maggots act on their fans say kudos to Dave sort of forced our earth our recruiters on a safety and defensive backfield for 2019 committed yesterday. Dave Warren is in Fuego. I mean this dude bookcase was to a summer curtain there in rally David Doran is absolutely. Killing it right now state fans should be so thrilled again. I think there's probably a step back a little bit this year though I think either win and release date games on the arm of Findlay. But it's the future of this things are gonna drop off I asked a question last year Tebow is this NC state thing would Dave torrent can they grow from this build off this. Or is this a one time saying you know and it seems like the momentum they got from last year. Haven't held the season put guys in the NFL is really paying off when it comes recruiting and how about the Alabama news now I'm not going to sit here be dumb enough. To suggest. That this is going to really affect them seriously but they just lost their second linebacker in two days yesterday. Remember calendar for star recruit young was. Dismissed for violating team rules and bad team that album and apparently they screwed and it's a nice but such drill Lewis who's held flatter. Still linebacker forum. He tore resign ACL working out so he's out for the season. Now with them I don't think it matters they've got so many other good ones there you know. But it's it's as those two linebackers lost here and it was a big thing last year meant that both why beggars can't get hurt. They weren't quite the same. And all were exposed to but then they got healthier. For the playoffs and they just took off so it's at least something to note I'm not gonna really make big deal because Alabama any other team loses two linebackers are four star recruits. And you could be screw magazine had to write the date the triangle football coach is two or three years ago for doors probably number one death off that season that he had when he got the EC championship game. Probably number one adorns probably got were going to go watch her wants and now some Doris dead last right now dad Alaska's got a look at the big four coaches writes yep. Tart in a row I just got Saddam Hussein is it just slipped around doors dude don't held a job cut is doing he does in even close and your calls is doing great thanks it's amazing. Look at those coaches all three of those guys look really good right now and Fedora like we bring up a foot short conversation here in the next few weeks leading up to see it. It that would be that would not be a positive segment bounded temper stuffs been positive. That will not be positive talk in words he rake in the state has Satterfield good to get a job sometimes say this he ranks above on man's gotta meld. A those got to go personally personality wise he's got a problem on his hands and EC and I hope. He can hang in their build some. Com argument let's children public calls and don't mention this and shine list Greg hammer Valentine at 9 o'clock let's go to Mac hey Matt would you say about David center. You know. Excited about what could you not think our order that. Push their upper management at the mood will be set up a very short book broker. I think I regret there or. Not are. I'm excited that bound by TX you ought to court. Bank America stadium you first look at our football yet been like that they that they are so much either. I'll outlook on the earlier for twenty years old people all sucker upper street there brought golf. Concert about twice a year ago. Well that we ever had Breeders' Cup certain regard comics but about putting that you used mortar and. I know and I'm glad you several so I was trying to think of yesterday like what concert they had held the YouTube played the stadium. Are my completely just come rubble some that didn't happen. I mean a stone is before I got here but like I think you literally bones. I think it's two or three concerts right to debuts this stay informed jury saw the look down up and lets anybody knows and can help bail brother out here at the moment of not knowing. But it's what I don't know I don't remember just literally bent to a three contradicts all the news at four then you get your token international soccer games I would consists of about. A some guys Richardson and all you guys have tickets to avoid international soccer you couldn't sell out and MLS stadiums MLS stadiums are about a third of the cy case. I'll bet Panthers stadium are you freaking kidding me. Bet you that you cannot draw a comparison plus these are two international teams. A lot of the top players will not make a trip for this still be getting ready for. You know they're seasons which will start soon after the so that you can't compare those two things by the way the crowds for the soccer games bone and I'm pretty damn good every time they Donna. Let's go to David who is up next say David what do you think. While I don't man's. Question where does he can't remove dispatcher. Did it that you can't Alter the way our electric generation by. What we. Are now. I. I'd see us. Like your creativity out we could do we can literally a sign it don't say today's your day don't go out there dress up Jerry you know what Jerry is Jerry and dragged to death. Jerry's just as mrs. doubtfire does that affect us this is that how do you. And ice and cut his. How do you get addressed though did say it's a sort of a thirteen foot plan how hard you go to India -- all ladies and you get a thirteen voter dressed out. I do that but I here's a thing that you could try to do that. On the that would be funny but it's that second ago this guy says Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney played there I have the list -- the four of the four events and about -- besides says YouTube was Rowley -- should've been Charlotte while they get that I have the formats are under the Clinton is -- and one of events for -- football games 1997 Raleigh -- Blues Traveler and a bomb 1996 Billy Graham crusade was there oh yes forgot about don't want it twelve was Kenny Chesney Tim McGraw. 2012 was the DNC closing night. This rock that's like Oklahoma slowed more things in that that time period so the only countries are only two concerts McGraw on Chesney was no Nissan now know how forgot about that that's not even like I don't even think about going to act out I'm not a you know and I don't dig on the country music though they are. I don't I don't need about the demographic feel like Tim McGraw Tim McGraw are Mike's thumb our members dad told the girl. Pitched against my Orioles in a World Series the last double Orioles won the World Series Tebow that was like your diet saw his tremendous you like download that song but it's a legacy. Like the ones Kenny says he's doled out no shoes no service somewhat Cecil no problem some as someone attacks. I don't whining about it as far as I know she's used to listen to get a check no shoes no idea what you're talking to are associated. There is no shirt no service no problems no shoes no shirt or. From the guys are better. Israel has used a certain services like play in the they hang up outside the 7-Eleven. Did you sees how the bad moment to take a gradual doling out of country music as I try to participate the conversation and it went badly. All right we're gonna say she knowingly and humpback. Mac at W Lindsey Doug Duncan the gentlemen 70457096. Stan and Mike Florio at 930 talked about David separate talk about the Richardson statue contract and go around the NFL we come back no grassland fans unite WW hall of Famer Greg and hammer Valentine coming up.