Mac Attack Hour 3: Matt Carroll on Hornets Drafting 11th

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Wednesday, May 16th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Matt Carroll regarding the Hornets Drafting 11th in the Lottery. 

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Our I would literally halfway done we've accomplished so much I've defended the bronze honor. We talked all about David's ever reads on the will always be hornets fan we're picking eleven through team we didn't get lucky and lottery we're seeing it. Hobbled talks Lawrence this salary thirty. Will talk with Matt Carroll of all portrayed yours TV we'll talk about greater coming on board. No lottery lock anymore they just send Mac Carol let's say doesn't Matty buckets. It will bring home some lottery low probably wouldn't but. Might be worth a try at some point. And we a lot of other stuff to get into as well on this radio show. On so stay tuned hang tight windows airline plans to talk along the way right now I want talks and painters or talk about David tepper and the future. And I tweeted this I yes there I think Tebow you've noticed that as well. There there isn't so some some panther fans that we really want to pressure to be on Mardy Ternium Ron Rivera this year. And I even got it from multiple people this morning that said Max age should be playoffs or bust for hernia Rivera no longer leash this guy says to these guys. Did and I don't really understand this I definitely don't understand it was Ron Rivera and what I have this conversation with you okay because. Were cheering did David tepper. Has heard great things about Rhonda mourning the anti Israel comfortable with salmon of course he's not gonna coming hearing shake it up with two months still can't. But my question is moving forward what should it. The expectations be how should David tret temper treat Ron Rivera morning Ernie he may have a list of guys that hey if I ever own my own team. I've been in the NFL's minority owner these are guys I'd like to employ coaches and GMs and stuff like that. What sort of a leash should they get and shouldn't really be playoffs or bust like people are telling me. I believe Tebow one of the key base of information we have gotten about David tepper recently. Is this it's a surprising ones is this notion that he wants to emulate to Pittsburgh Steelers. I think that is one of the key things is we try to figure out what David tempers gonna be like I hate to Pittsburgh Steelers and a passion. But I respect he ever loved and had capital I would like to beat Pittsburgh steelers' south. I would like to be modeled like to Pittsburgh Steelers because today are consistent organization. Twelve of the last fourteen are so last seventeen years they've been in the playoffs. Fourteen straight years they have not had a losing record they've won two Super Bowls in those fourteen years of the finish the deal so that we were still trying to do. And if you wanna be like to Steelers who have had three coaches in fifty years and Kevin Colbert they're GM has banned in the organization. For like eighteen years now. I don't think you can come in here and one year missing the playoffs. In a tough tough division I'm not saying I think we make the playoffs but I don't think it would be a good move for a new owner T bone. Men who doesn't mind coming here and saying. It is mind if they don't make the playoffs. I know who I'm gonna after replace these guys I do not want it to the playoffs or boss and I sense I don't sense I've read my text messages and emails. But I feel like their opinions are fans in Harlem they'd like to sack today. It's good put Rivera and Mardy east let's and he don't understand east they've got to produce again this year. A coach like Ron Rivera who's giving you foreplay also the last five years should not be under a play Elsa bust edict don't turf your renewal order not. The front office in the coaches they got rave reviews from the Steelers. Organization. So he's already going gig with a positive mindset. It was a might Maureen Rivera got ripped by somebody who is coming in here why don't I got a command here and figure out the problem though he's guilty or the positive outlook like I'm go to near. A little with the GM doing the right stuff and a head coach that's got a team in the playoffs four to five years so he's not coming into your head from what we read. Is that coming here with a negative mindset. Is winning here the rights organization whether act they can win now that includes a redirect our death I think. I just I just think you passed soon. Consortium of four playoffs in six years of Rivera's honorable. Like I don't think it's it was fourteen is a disaster one and discussion happened back and I just I can't foresee something. I was the only double team getting injured and and that's another thing to take a tour fourteen Gaza like the most injury real team and if franchise history disease or because fire. Like if you wanna truly run this like the Pittsburgh Steelers you can't be knee jerk. The Steelers are amazing in that respect they stay the course they stayed patient and you have stability in your continuity and it shows. Look over the way a Cleveland. Travel a little bit overblown from Pittsburgh Cleveland have to look and find an organization this had six coaches in the last ten years. The lack of consistency consistency instabilities a bad thing. You have a great thing going with Ron Rivera police do not make it eight playoffs or bust situation David tapper I am begging you not to. And I'm very curious why fans would say that I just sitting here talking Boehner got two more emails. Troy says Mac if you don't think the pressure needs to be on hernia Rivera to win now thing your crazy new owner I guarantee you can make better hires a net. We know how do you are. I didn't get to some more settled last week but we don't how load the NSC earliest. So hopefully I mean to say playoffs or bust we aren't they go to edit six I missed the playoffs is that general possibly did they do that and so we a look at the let's give the and a at a C right now is his team and I have ever seen before. Top bot. It's brutal though stocks it is absolutely stocks I think that's a good point too. Tom Joseph says smack on the U praised David tepper because one of the article said. He's a crazy man who throws stuff around because he demands perfection from his employees. If you miss the playoffs was the most offensive talent we've never had. Then maybe get the step then is not a bad call for a Boston holds his employees to perfection. I just don't think it's the right way to run a football team I think the right way to run a football teams like to Pittsburgh Steelers I really do. I know that might bother some people some people might you don't. You don't like Steelers and you don't wanna hear me keep repeating to David tepper would be doing the right thing. To do people says he'd say he's gonna do an emulate the Steelers but I think consistent season way to do it here's another thing to. What happened though Kyle Shanahan went in and worked his first year with Matt Ryan. It was a debacle it was Matt Ryan's worst year of of of quarterback play ever. What happened the second year that Ryan's MVP season right if you bring Norv Turner into work with Cam Newton and fired all coaching staffs. Campbell wants recorders in three years and you'll be missing a chance to see a veteran coach groh. With Cam Newton and Cam Newton grow within veteran coach you cannot do that Mardi attorney I. The Mardi attorney stuff I treat it a little differently Ron Rivera because to me Ron Rivera's resonates better to Margaret. Marty her niece got. A lot of flaws in the resonate but I think he had a really good all cease. But what Ron Rivera's things for you all talk and play also buster that he'd better be on Ron Rivera won the guide says we're deathly gonna get something better than Ron Rivera. David Jefferson you know there's never been a full time owner earnestly before there's no guarantee bound at the first tire he makes as a coach in the NFL. Or GM in the NFL's slam dunk. Like Ron Rivera hate you could say he's not a slam dunk around Rivera is a nice strong take to the basket put a pretty lay in it and I want. Rights community I'm coaching year. He's a jelly roll was it's college campus mad at a guy to be yesterday I was asking why why I never get definitive answers that are really quality and why you don't like Rivera it's always. The emotions on the sidelines at a new one yesterday other guides we'd made said. Rivera simply doesn't play rookies. We are now just getting our coastal. Our Clifford hate now mixed up with the Rivera doesn't play rookies in camp player as a rookie. Chatted when what as a rookie in two years ago two quarters were rookies are pretty sure the tenure here you go back to Jack that a lot of work he's the. Could tell Zach now not a lot of rookies played last year but that I think it's because they've got a madrassa guys it might now they're ready to tribute to our football and to erase you're gonna send a charter flight got injured Crowder got injured so as a weird one ever got set set back at best guess Leo we're one Joseph says I'm not just easier earlier county district Steve I hate our fans Mac. Ron Rivera should have a lifetime deal with Carolina Panthers now hold on now I will say this. How lover Meryl lifetime in the NFL coaching bound. Cooler masters can get old saying that that's a little too far but I like to effectively standing up for Ron Rivera and saying new owner David tepper give him some leash you know so leash to work with here at the great public Jerry Glanville once that continuity NFL's saints are not strong no doubt no doubt about it art and that's a very ports Turkey creek don't represent an impressed I don't know what's going to I don't know it's got a catering guy that talk like. Like this now. Given while giving dirt dirt I am really stuck like this didn't get enough better than mine I don't it might not talk like Dallas and how we brought the holes. Jerry Doyle I can't really remember his voice I don't say what the nationals always says more not fraud mega I don't make those calls around here southern and how to. I can't do it he said his voice airborne I was does M I wanna hear from panther nation on there's anything yet to say. But David separate being the new owner of this squad always got to do is Seles 5% Pittsburgh. And get the approval next week which will be easy from the owners but I want shores loss where do you stand as a fan do you want he'd applied from the new owner to Marty Enron you wanted to be play also bus winning somebody says winning record. Or or bust. Or do you think we need to ride this out consistently impeach truly like to Steelers. We're David tepper scum of front 70457096. Stan we want your thoughts panther nation. It's the Mac attack on their frenzy it's getting. He Mack gets action unbelievable man I'm just trying to talk about late beatle a broad point during the break we're sitting here talking and and I said you know another reason they didn't separate camps like apply pressures can't even say to the guys they don't watch your. Make him feel like they're jobs unlikely she'll want Ron Rivera you want coaching like a coach was security you don't want him putting pressure on himself. And then all of a sudden I argue with myself as often do in certain well. Last time you felt like his jobs on line 2013. Riverboat run was born. So it's never told him his job was on liable to get riverboat Rondo will be go off. And what is tragic turn that into it. And a member of the team that reached on a late touchdown pass early dancing yeah. Yeah I want to ask and you remember I was disaster and everything has to come back so the bills unbelievable it's like you what's at game six degrees of Kevin Bacon or never. It's like one degree a Buffalo Bills crap. The everything can be brought back to the bills it's annoying can someone please take crappy and drop them off in buffalo this weekend someone please secretly love that's it that's gonna drop them off what's up but we can't. Late dodge dodge I'm not being funny or we can relate to an ownership change situation because we would do this last year got a new one or near. We didn't know what was Roy gonna have a necessarily they did invite the shall we did know. But they gave us time. That what is establish ourselves with new ownership so they can figure out what they wanted to dale eventually we assume that like to show we're still here they just come in their employer adding up right away with our show now yeah so what is breathe a little bit what is gonna see wet. And if I went there. These guys about and then make changes here they did and that's the thing is there will be changes Charlotte on the show and and put the Panthers on the show. So there will be changes might also mark now known. I don't they need something new owner will make some exit for example can we get a president somebody's on mentions Ozzie Newsom is a present some bad idea. But yeah I think it should be president what will they do we Tina Becker there's a lot of questions there but to me yet you've got to let them have a season. And to me you got to give run a couple of seasons he has burned out in my opinion. What do you think David tepper should do with deletion the coach I know several pirates president who's and yeah. I thought the actual president yes OK I was still the songs. Pat in Cornelius once the way impact how you feel about tempers should handle Rivera and Marty. I used to start at the side. I think he's got to look at that our crop that's and that includes more so Marty and you could say what has been going on the last couple years with their previous regime. And figure out what kind of functional. Just since got to put it there what you want this you want this stability it's you know it we have that with my web year. And we gave way out and it. You do more accountability balance with some stability. So as it quite well in Marty. Cigarettes that are our stats but. You know how it is the apron and yeah next year. I wanted a guy yes. But that's exactly uncle as right as you're talking us again just what you're ready say is. You know I agree and other people are saying that Marty should not have the same leashes Ron but Ron should have a longer leash. But ultimately if you would make it change at some point you're two down the road a GM. You would then might you might be dealing with a guy who has an opinion like I want this got to be my coach I don't want Ron Rivera to be my coach he would have that situation to deal west. It's definitely ride I just it just upsets me even when stands insinuated she be play offer bust about Ron I just stink. We have some fans are sand base they're taking the success for granted by the way he said we had the stability of the Steelers have what Mardi hernia although jeers. We didn't have the consistency. They were can stay were consistent don't they are 79 Nate Nate. About two out of every three seasons. I mean that was that we need that was that they didn't have back to back we have back to back playoff seasons until Ron Rivera we're still searching for back to back winning seasons so we have never had that stealer like consistency of. Record we have a statement from the tap out we are reducing their what do you joked persons were defeat quote. I want to say Jerry Richardson and other cancers partners for all they have done to establish and develop the NFL and the Carolinas. Is that a remarkable point five your journey and I promised to build upon the tent to success on the field. And in the community party in my house 7 o'clock at night about. Echo what uncommitted at this thing out another attack Iraq meet me in the Hamptons party at the revenge now so everybody's just. Thank you just said Morton was David Jerry has lasted a year of unprecedented. Jerry Jerry also released a statement air Niro yeah chariot. Daschle said yes they're joking tells us there's no serious. No this is a really don't analysts say that bringing the Panthers and Indiana thoughts of the Carolinas and 93 was an enormously fulfilling for Rosalind in me and all of our partners. We are deeply grateful for the outpouring of support or lost or five years shooting apparently isn't your hearts and made them part of this warm support community. Because I look forward to turning the stewardship of the others over to David tepper I've enjoyed getting to know him. In this process and I am confident he will provide the organization was great leadership in both his football and community initiatives. It was David and his family the very best as they enter this exciting new phase of their lives. Yes of Augusta as a midfielder. I'll please give us a panther logo please it was a what was tempers brass balls and it feels. That would be better kiss in the NFL's booty for twentysomething years ago I get a for the first ten years or so. After that put that 125 yard line just south of Condo building senate text guy says matched the new owners hedge fund noon time is money he will act. That is from hairy armed PS please also a guy that speaks to get all we know Tim is what we hear what we read in the very few profile pieces about a mouth there. And one of the things he said all those profile pieces is you can't make emotional decision. But he talks about the data going through the data and not making emotional decisions making prudent decisions. I believe a prudent decision would be if Ron Rivera goes 79 this year for some reason it. Not too old to get rid of him all right we can talk about Marty but Ron Rivera that's not prudent that's emotional just getting rid of him after. After one season of ownership Christ and so steady what's on our. Enough that's enough all right stops NBC Jerry statements are writers and evidence. And I can read is on the air please do not raise my god I can't read these men our identity did say that where you just way to meet he hit. It zen master man Lehman to a cease about it. How about this building senate tax noted the fire that Tina person to the front Elvis I don't think she really exist hash tag bigfoot. I was we were joking about this off here the other day he's he's a banker real person. That's okay though I did of course but they have not she has not done any. Independent inner result it was like cancer dot com has not done any interviews. Any media we'd all requests to her because we're curious we think it's a good story just rise of this female employee. And I should just can't. You made your. Literally there's only like literate as your color there's a tool available pictures of her online. I think it's really. It doesn't make me wonder have they created a state person to take over after the Jerry scandal I'm a guy. I don't know I'll start to question it myself saarc what do we did a solid at every judge is our guys are having gotten my. Game I'm not Mario data market. All of our. Marty dresses up like mrs. doubtfire and he gives it good to get back promoter and the others are guys having an improper. All right we get we did but dad we have named got a dollar Panthers aren't. When we come back I get people wanna talk about getting this eleventh pick to get you wanna get me to my sad place again hornet's nation. But we're well we'll talk about it we'll also talk to Matt Carroll about it he joins us next. From all orders radio worn Stevie we'll see what he thinks about the break Ohio or does he remember James pareto. He was what dispersed for three years. When James beret goes in his second year with the San Antonio or three games of cite three names when James for Reagan was in year 20 with the San Antonio Spurs in 2004 does he remember the mammal find out. Thousand dollars. Four years saw supporters would mat chair old Lola study right now that if you text the word Valerie. You got to show a shot here in Grand Slam giveaway to win a thousand dollars tax valley DEA LL you lie to 70881. You're shot to win thousand dollars you have and so the top of the hour attacks in a national contest message and data rates apply. Everytime I read the word that's it's nice I misspelled quick twice the other day true story and sad story. I watched preppy here's watching me like a hawk and listening. Every once we catch me in another spelling snapped like when you mess up I'm sorry if you don't you do idols go Obama our next guests never messed up Manny was money shoot the rock. These money on the radio on CD with the Charlotte hornets radio and TV seems. Any joins us here on the back it's back to talk about a new coach. And a that would not a new draft spot picking elevenths for the second year row Matt Carroll joins us on the Mac attack Matty how was your vacation man you don't. Are what you are so nice not having it talk beat Hewitt please go away. Right and readies ago. Well I don't like your dad Cadillac how can I do better out here did talk to you sue. What a way to come on and say hello Matty Carol committing guns blazing and I just got a body bag by Matt Carroll unless. So I cannot I WDT shirts and this one don't you think. Aren't met I got to ask you do you know you were whisked. James Gray ghost my research is correct in San Antonio do you remember him. I do. But when you when you're rookie. You wanna get to know everybody here and obviously color then there at the young guy and a total for the player. Anyway there are days of video coordinator we got a committed together so. It's been a few years but there are you I don't we remember him door in my apartment there Antonio. And I got them excited about him being an order. What do you like numb you know more you do you usually spend Santo Nino you know the culture there. You know more being inside the NBA then we do one other thing stands are gonna like about James beret goes head coach. Well I think of birth being is Mac emit less than everybody want to know what is speaker considered don't get her period don't want all the go to on the respective jobs. Every year when her tech jobs open a book in the spirit Soviet Boehner bench it is sister go to there are. And I wanted to stick there and I think everybody who's been around. An apartment like spirit Sony are going there are proper gear but I tell you what. There's something special there the other way they do they go spot. A system that plays or not. Level respect that they after that separate this most by the organization in the reap what they way and they create a culture. Edited culture is what sets them apart to the adult organization them and they do it then. They just subset of first class way they do the right way and a spark to the leadership that they appear around Greg Popovich. Here are great player bit in leader like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and monitor notably. That's the way to do and that's why they went championships so I think he's been around so long. Then he noted as well that anybody. They met one Alyssa was the key phrase for him for Kupchak. You know sore all the articles written about you know once. And the key is tasked with is player development. You know they've had to develop some of these players when you look at this roster I mean I think there are some guys are look at and say OK that's kind of who that player risk. But there are some young guys and when. When you hear player development would this roster who are the guys that you look at and say man there's potential there we've got it to be to be really good and there really improves. We've got a coach guys to get it out of the lure those guys for you. Why are they built per unit on the mine number one Moly mark you know we know he had the ability we sought lately he's been. Greeted the first I think he can really be a special player in the league in ability to score is not what it is the bit about. But it kind of like we saw double walk and being just slowing down for them. You know peaking bedecked where they come Vick simply backup point guard. Or can dispute that sport any point in the game that we want from them. And I think if you have a coach I already knew that the history of player development you see what is happening and it's Odeo all the players that are there that. But what are the ever learn about it touted big guy like holy month well it's come in there and do look like all sport but it seemed like that. Your ability do not expect require probably they you know I think they did. The more you watch him you've been NBA player what do mean by that is he's got the body you've got this side is so flat to this deal. He already had been speaking keep expanding on that now about getting opportunity. Units numbers really important for all the players. Overly developing still just learning the game. And the more time to put it in the video room in the weight room on the court it's good trait they the next Steven. I go to the first regard I think quite commit another dark you know quite gotten better. Each year already spent near his shooting has improved but it's got to continue to approve but I think it is still look continue to get better he'll learn to spot. You know he's gonna group also are very urban go I think you know Billy boat Derek you're you know he's so quiet lady met. And this is Doherty can really get the job done it depicts our rebounder. You know that they that this bill level grow that would try to do they are you've been approved or skill level that they can be another guy that did we really focused until. It got art that I hate us the other three the young ones we saw Bob bacon Monty and and hurting Gomez. I'm with you on that frank Kaminsky. And I don't know zombie in fair or not Matt. But I just he has you know as a fan I've been very frustrated by him he's shown flashes he said some nice stretches. And then it seems like there's always a regression you know back to a bit. And I don't know how much he can improve there and can also feels like mentally there's a problem mentally frame of staying confidence. What MI and what what would you argue with me on and say this ranked. Can improve that because I kind of feel like man frank is what he is we know what he's going to be inconsistent on offense. And on defense a liability is that is an unfair. You know our lives but I hope they do it but bear book with your birth rate in approve you know. I think. In a paper wrapper spirit photo every thing but I think we have to do right now but. When you look at the guidance there or so audio that have a lot of except there are somewhat what they average going to be where it is a guy like Danny Green. You know when you're and it's this film like this how this spur. You have so that they be defined role like you know bought at their regain your level of competence grows these you know exactly what you have to do. You know it's got to ensure it's not doubt breathing space the court. But if frank can really just gonna. Limit what he's speaking what's going through hit edit dispute defined and well good on a certain couple things could go to Watson did do. That's what we've got to that I think great struggle what his in my group all over the plate and he's trying to do too much. You know what we try to get more open up and maybe we need him to do I think premiere this struggle so I'm going to be but yet. What can he get better apple look we I think they're reader you're gonna prove you're better that would be upbeat and a sport that's what great go to the order brigade out of you but. I think for him just got a really focusing on what can he do satellite simple bottom my game. That I can use this deal but I doubt if that's my abilities. I think that were right he did better. Hi Matt Carroll's what does portray your network hornets. Post game on the TV side. Our rates here's format you might need to pump me up a little bit man I just. I just have this in this draft lottery depression today again just stinks man I don't mean to deal whoa is me tights and but do AM here we are we don't get any luck in the lottery again. Tom ever since good all the way back to be giddy Baron Davis draft. He signed a spot or the hornets jumped on ever since Steve to a NBA basketball began here in 0405. We have never moved up in this lottery at all we have drastic between eight and eleven now are 812 and eight the last eleven years. I mean do you feel somewhat as Matty like damn can we get a break in this franchise you've got to feel some of that right. I do that I've had a lot of great but I do believe we have not had a lot of great bitter comment. They app to become. Their own forum don't sleep. Well I do they give it back I feel like. At the end of the day it's about making the right there you know you can't really focus on what did we app yet give it up or you're up by that. Ideal and perfect in your ideally what we've got stopped by six. And they have worked out great so about eight being the right pit. That rap I mean you could have a particular aspect erratic deterrent to a story late Kirk brown so. I really put all the well he's now with the new front off this tier with everything we have come in the Charlotte. A new coaching that the a lot of newness out there so it's about making their correct in the right decision. And they're developing new player bum hole all. There will make the right now. Airport though that that's see that's a silver lining in the hope is that if we allow ourselves the thing is we get so. Or obviously too emotional loss in the stands and we just feel like that we can't get a lot of choice spots and we can't we haven't picked the right guy. But com is a new front office NC you know it's Mitch Kupchak and I think that's the one thing if you allow yourself to steal some hope. I think that would be the hope and hope to do work it does work out all right. Armed good good soccer judo Brit I enjoyed the conversation even though you came in the would like us 888 flying elbow off the top broke to start this interview. I still enjoyed the conversation. I do what Marc Boyd admits yeah a little bit. Static up and wait weeks off. We did but it definitely is sounds like you did not miss suspects you are doing daddy dude you how much my kids stress me out and you still said that was better than hanging out with us Matt Carroll has hurt and it hurt. I. Our brother be good we'll talk to down the road man thanks. I deal mass care Seth Terrell and yet you come back to Stanley vacation I notice out is when you have multiple young kids you all half to anfield this a lot of field. And you are more stressed out there when you went on the vacation like Bono I come back to work would you guys them like all things tell. I come back at work like it's so weird when your kids are young it's just a different mindset. He really likes us preppy doesn't think that he likes us he really got you think so nasty little love he came on taken out shot though he had. I I wrestled in the preppy during a break that thought it was creepy what I did yesterday preppy goes I died before tip. We're committed to discuss just some to some odd behavior that prepping I've been involved in the past some wears off. On our own cease I don't this is all brass balls are no no no got a we got our economies are already breast implants around Lola. God I will get to take a break and I remember so clearly that's going on would Simoni and crappy. We must have this conversation reported stand some of you might need to pick me up on this one. I shields are seated and seal like we're probably not get a smaller. And to number eleven tech does anybody have. Hope is there a player there that is special orders of role players central gamble talk about it. Died we're back it is the Mac it's act right here on SNC. Com coming down the homestretch towered over three or get an hour to go no Florio and I Florio's re located to Friday's. Mac attack radio show. On the Florio today armed by its. I've got with gusts of stuff we got to get into in the last hour cut off beat stuff including. 82 and a half minute video of various millennia also. Having chick filet for the first time. This isn't like the audio obviously to video against the video this is the strangest things I've ever seen in my life. They're acting like the chicken sandwich is some concept they've never just very bizarre the way. Like our millennial this weird Tebow yes holy cow. It's like they're not even you wouldn't. Flights are aliens a just arrived dear I don't one girl has said that the odd. The French Fries or two potato weeks. Clinton left that's a more deals Davis ever rom or and the chicken sandwich is probably too chicken he also as well so we play that and I just need your reaction to should play in these parts. Is a day and god said. And these folks are acting like etc. they could not worth all the hype and people like you actually it's it's just we hear is really bizarre today. Starting to sink preppy your generation is even Wheeler. Oh we're. Saw the race I have a relative flat what is your excuse to this group of twenty something man I don't know there wizard best bizarre so we went all that's coming up down the pike here but I want sue. Tom just talked about this getting the number eleven pick IR yelled the press sticker. A legit place in your largest fast who got our company you know in the world right now and they're acting like it's something that was taken from another planet or something it's in New York City now thanks to you notice it during a rock a sandwich all smaller I just its weakest at but anyway. Are you all depressed about disordered situation Tebow is their potentials stars of the hornets can get it number Leno. Are you depressed about just ask you are I mean I'm not I'm not surprised I only got it going expected in the have a the chance to get up there are new weapon was going to be the pick. And they get a guy that can contribute but again with the hornets and bobcats like for the most part. Of course we could number like this is that more sort of nomads. And yet again and gonna happen every year the guy say here's how you figure out how deep the draft is was stunned players you take the hornets picks attract one. And that's how you get the number of quality kickers not players in the draft and then when there is one that falls like Donovan Mitchell. We can have a coach may be an owner wants them but somehow that was GM's choice because apparently they rotated. Between God's final say cliffs or rich show and the story is that was the GM's choice it was his turn Jews is just. I just as a hornets fan I know woe is me singing and is not fun right he's not a fun guy because if you're in what was leasing and stand base it's depressing and he's annoying. Our men and if you're not in woe is me stand stand they should just wanted to shut up because it's just sports. With that said I just this is Timonen why and it's Hoekstra just said it. This is why there's no reason to shoot from the number eight C year after year are half because what you end up doing is drafting it eight through its wells. Eight of eleven years we need to draft in the top three and quite honestly I'd like to dress and a top 33 straight years. Because there's we proved there's no guarantee. At number two Michael Cain don't resort or get a great players there. I want to stink I'm sorry man I just wanna completely. Stinks and I wanna do it's at a point where what we do. Is we stink first few years and hopefully. That leads bone to difference makers does right now we're not drafting in every penny difference maker area we're just not. Why didn't they went 36 games. We talked all year Russia they win games or knots now we were getting dealt well. The driver six or seven initial wave is that worth it now because you could get maybe 8910 I don't you're gonna get all reason this one but I'm being. Item as objective and possibly can here. Is he public couple spots if you're in the 89 range back to be one dollar car in a guy who LaSorda called yes it's a rosier. Busy USC sandy said there's a lot of Al Horford and Wendell Courter he's he's protect your not repeat a much better off with a one dollar quarter. In one of the bridges or this fiery Thomas kids from Creighton Mitchell robs a western Kentucky Wendell Carter 89 seems to be sort of drop off point right there and that's. And sexton wouldn't be bandied about alcohol I don't think he's gonna make it to us this dude says pump the brakes Mac there are three dudes and have good potential knocks. Miles bridge using guilt is Alexander I like guilty sells it or most other group. The guy like the most with star potential bone to me is Lonnie walker I feel like I'm only human saying this. Freshman kid out of Miami one and done he's got extreme Haslett a schism there is a three point shot there. In shooting great last your we shot really well high school ranks the stuff. That dude demeanor but everybody's put him like sixteen or seventeen he's also what are you distracted to guard last year bully mark. I mean come on formally modified. But I go to away again I don't think you are very hard it is it just BP I think you've got to try get to best player you've got to try to get good players in your distance has tried eager players for fifteen years sister says he only reason I don't think he did it last year's two tanks start dumping players and tank. They can't day tried to don't play it this is not a situation where a lot of teams want these guys they're dirt city tried to dump the whole roster to try to get Arnold welcome. So it's not a simple as a spectator gallery here ya know you could buy out Dwight Howard you gotta swindle dude this is like trying some of our players know are like trying to unload a warm up. Six pack of she lets there's just been sitting in a hot garage for like three months. And you're trying to get something back so that I know a lot of weight actually that's a slip back this. I. Hello as I say some wrong I'm guys you said this these dead shall attack this six backbone will also cost you against the cap. Twenty million dollars as well I mean is some. It's a Roth processor maneuver went. But I'd like to see him doing this guy says that they end up would not sometime I didn't seem not just an elite athlete I didn't hear you know I didn't think he'd. Think he was extremely athletic to stoop says I ran a mock where the hornets get Wendell Alex when the Carter. We'd love I mean out he's not likely using it's. Idols not title saints are vital so assist Magid W doesn't he ducked out email. Address. Let's do this where you're gonna laugh a little bit coming up. Com's Steve ran as easy from under his name right fear not because that name is tricky there's an extra little it's actually pronounced Smith but you need. There's an extra little thing going on Dan that was thrown me off there in the SSI rolls nicely done that's it that's. Mercedes air he saw in the league come and done he's doing comedy this week it's coming soon including Tim Thomas Davis event coming up tonight because I'm not mistaken or counties and so we he's gonna make us laugh and a second as hornets fans we need the laughs so badly but before that let me get David John and your Christopher once. Dammit John you and I agree Nick Saban put UCF in their place yesterday brother I loved it. Well you know not all go tomorrow off all those. Of all the makes you an edit I have papers. Are great you don't they don't win every day. And a half. No matter what your. At all. And you'd probably mud and Eric yet but we are they. You know we're in Alabama. Imitate don't. Should shuttles and you know are flat out where there remote Gwinnett where I want it but you know will be. You might not be so. That would do that they don't worry. That it got out there with a two year. This today this is a one time thing Brodeur. But one's spirit and resembles smoke anywhere golf first of all ordered the Kobe Bryant say it's conference and also Alvin Wilson balls had just been marching to the shop Zoellick it's unlocked the doors on Martin. This is why this is because of what I said about mcsame and for once I actually like Nick Saban. I'm because he said this about UCF claiming a national title and by the way belongs to Nick Saban now you see asked he said I guess anybody has a prerogative to claim anything. But self proclaimed is not the same as actually earning it. And there's probably a significant number of people who don't respect people who make self proclaimed sort of accolades whether it's sacks accurate and Ager Nick Saban but everybody knowing you can. National titles get lost you see at the dictator likable guy right now but let me say this the damage John we will not be friends I will be all in on the Clemson Tigers defensive line. And young Trevor Lawrence in the fall all right you'll have to worry about mean you get along. I'd let's take a quick break we come back. Steve Brandt Aziz he joins us these millions of ceaseless apparently. Have really just don't look. And the next these residents out when we come back Steve joins us on the link we'll talk a little bit. About being here for Thomas Davis is event tonight he's doing ensuing comedies shows as well we'll have a little fun next on the Mac its net.