Mac Attack Hour 3: Jourdan Rodrigue on Panthers OTA's

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Wednesday, May 23rd
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers OTA's with Jourdan Rodrigue. 

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Oh we're back on American Zach on FN CAI Tebow sweater off Paul put up put your voting and it. I'm getting totally disrespected by the public on this all the polls thought that was yesterday's poll out when I'm not put it up almost have your whole ultra mobile eject. 61% of the people said Tebow will be me and our one on one challenge when we play one on one hoops. That is complete disrespect and I will. Puts out there's bulletin board material I'll have that up all around my house everywhere I turned on Al CNET pole. It will anger me man serious attitude Jordan takes my side now Michael Jordan Jordan released the first question I heard sushi and he's got a great spirit Ford Flex time and we also a lot of important question other cancer routier is the sale gone down. A mom she was NO TH yesterday some very inching stuff that we've been talking about from north terror on Cam Newton. Well socks and pants Ers and get her prediction on our one on one game with George Rodrigue Charlotte Observer Jordan. It's going on. Mac you don't get a lack of where's this disrespect coming from what is your breakdown here Jordan what is your analytics on this where you get this problem. More heart aren't very early in Oklahoma gosh she went horrid here this into motion an apple unbelievable. That's all right I'm gonna get audio this Jordan animal play allow more canal. What does this plane over and over again what year negatively when your secondary. While he's on the deal worked out okay. NASA though I'm trying to now bone idle fires and live here the fire has been less. Our Jordan I was missing it's very nice to talk to you again but I don't Lama had to take gas thought back. On regardless let's talk about being a son about to pay answers from Herschel skated Sicily on the steel stocks. Nor can I know this slows you know your first chance got to be out there and see those who works and gathered at the Panthers. You know it's weeded out of Soto nor a lovingly below go looking at camp. I just feel like this marriage is gonna work what are what are your feelings about these two working together. I think it's great how people keep catching Norv Turner looking lovingly on certain plays and that's true listen first court. It's triggered getting quite a PR but here. Yet now I think it's I think it's going to be great it and there are acting like everyone relax. You know when your encountering at a new team you played. You wouldn't think that. Ever going to be so this thing you'd be out there but I think that fact that her at all. Have Norv Turner has done this before he's an easy guy to work with other he commands a lot of attention to be to beat analyst specially firm receivers and pat and and I think that despite that fact. Everyone seemed really loose out there would get I think a lot of hats that you. What do Cam Newton and the fact that you know he was an adult now out there and the dog up this early. In the year whereas last year he been able to rally and that type of situation to be in that you're that. A friend at cornerback he can't work out their teammate event here having him out there and had made a huge difference already. And that even runner very when I asked about it yesterday. He almost couldn't hold back this chuckle that he had because you just keep it can count this team have been different plate right now that I went last year. Yeah it's I it is and you're right about him being healthy and he has these new weapons but he gets rests with them where last year he couldn't. That's huge. Now the last guard spot. Is a saying that we will obviously have everybody's focus on now until we ED even until the C even in the season when they get it depict. I guess it was Larson mode and sold solar wall you know get wraps do you have any kind of gut. Ceiling on what they're gonna do I know Ron told us on the show results Solarz Canada's favorite but I don't know what that early means Jim the gut feeling on this. I don't think that. I mean he will be the starting lineup card. In September. That I think that. You know it's it's there for a coach steps to be loyal to cleric that he's patent system for a long time and are now. Make sure that other players know that they're getting called out. Taylor mountains got to find a mean streak. And Carol arsenal that step that. And I would say that is. Is the season started tomorrow Taylor parlor are and would be at that left guard spot widget service but we haven't seen a lot of it's they because he was playing back at that are out our last year. You before that but he's really Alec left guard he's very serviceable. I'm you've got pat on their nasty streak in me that they think they're really huge statement this team is looking for right now. In creating so much competition at the spot they want the young talent. I think the other guys have decided that they let. And in Taylor's been working at a tournament been working an assistant very years though has you know that the bill that. But at the same time you gotta be a bit of what look at what can run mall somebody. Really potent and act and I think that you know I elected to got to actually do that. I think by the yet they are coming and have a lot of potential. And I thought all three of them actually daily yesterday I am not a lot but they relate to taking stayed there and answer period. And that there are working with dot I felt a little bit that after that after really not been done and I'd buy dot. Well they got something to prove just like I do now with this basketball challenge George Peterson I got something to prove. It. People are reacting that Jordan just completely burned you on messaging people are a lot and that's that's all right I'd like the way you know how it's like when we say when I get the you know law all kind of upset because of the Panthers and meets angry though when the national guys. Talk bad about cam but everybody says no that motivates can't yet know so it. I wanna hear negativity toward an Bernie by its fleet one time and I'm not I'm not overnight a lot of lingers for a while Jordan you torch bone on its weak upper what was a boat about you. I was talk about does it put a car over for summaries issue semi gonna go higher backlogs are. God does and when was she lower show ruthlessly Zynga she is she doesn't care about Felix and I'm top R&R. SX under seal it slightly mentally I don't know I'm all right Jordan every Charlotte Observer talking cancer she was an OTAs yesterday. Tom are goes good Sidney. You know yesterday was veterans are more of the veteran Lleyton thank. Seymour teamed up when Brad berries. Arms he knows the system so I guess it kind of makes sense as a post doctoral and then the rookie in Jackson. And then they had it into Norris sir seat with Adams on the back line. What's your ceiling about the secondary like when it all shakes out are those the same starters I mean I was kind of sink in the very least cocker old. Outside and Dante Jackson as a nickel may be what are you saying. No actually Dante Jackson getting an opportunity had. And outside cornerback I think that they want him to start there there's been format and I think they want him to be a starter ready army out that about the and there are. So putting heat on now obviously chosen or it's well but not sure what he's up against its competition life. Have I think they their ideal golf. You know their ideal goal is I'm about Ajax game that Brad bury it is starting outside corners. At that you know that big physical corner on one that. I haven't been at that kind of really biting back the down may make plays on the ball at the guy on the other side. An in the competent Nickelodeon just being attacked then I'm court held without being called to help our healthy. Remember co Luke Atwood dining captain stopped black black. All I'm an attack it would hurt the couple different weaker spelling in training camp called at that govern. I'm Matt and nickel and had guys like looked weekly coming out of the blue hue compliment how how much he was doing and how well he was assimilating. I think that's going to be a big competition. You know I don't eat aren't being a starting corner. I see him being really valuable back economical played nickel so he kind of an emergency nickel and Kate. And I do you need you know Arthur in my caddie being your starting safety. I think there's an element there's an opportunity there and I think that Adams he's very Smart football player. I think that he'll be apostolic KeySpan and how. You know down the line but I think you know our if they had the speed and I think he has I am too much glory there are much more experience. And that anything that he projected earlier are you a great day yesterday by the way the dollar but clay. So I got to dig in a little bit like Beijing and read a little bit more about him. Yeah a desolate anyone we wanna hear our before let's go real quick. I know you're DOT days and you know Joseph person and and others came from others from the observer where the owners meetings but I know that you have by now. Heard David tap first you know press conference yesterday I know the humidity part of kind of covering missile saying. One Asian what are your first impressions of David tepper what do you think. Yet make the Great Depression I think that even when he was addressing things that work logically infallible pitches that team. Location which. As you know been repeated by people. I've not yet met the team that going anywhere I mean people don't want that assurance and the guy you look what happened Howard a little bit I think that at him. Saying that it kind of having like catch phrase that story when he's addressing that question at all you know he's. We will loop when he answered the question doesn't feel her hurt or mechanic. You know I think that would really get I think him in saying you know what asking what the name of the team no not a nobody out attract talent and actually like that in intervene. This is great out of on us on it there's no doubt man just hit I love the hair and when he just bought an NFL team and still is worth ten million dollars but a I like guys human element of hey I'll make fun of myself here you know I think it's cool desolate. At the dialogue partners they did not mechanically and during question and when he asked the question. You know we don't know the end particularly shouldn't right now yet you can't operate in this kind of practice reps there shirt and I that was. Was really great I don't body responded well. To the question about workplace environment he can't obviously speak on what the current workplace environment. It is not many can because they think there's still an allegation format but meantime he offered what he knows he wants it to be like a that's great I think that make people want it don't work for the Carolina they're they know that they're going to be an in an environment with that I. I think the community want to work for. And I think that's a really good sign. No doubt no doubt I Jordan is good good talk EG keep up to good work why do I not know your Twitter handle. What was I mean I folly what is your Twitter handle. My name tough. Every time we go through this I know I don't remember your son's fifteen to zero last year I know I'm sorry Jordan ansari that's on me maybe I didn't dads subconsciously because I was hurt by the basket comment. And I'll. I think you did you know it didn't hurt me a comment. At George Rodrigue follow her on Twitter for great Kansas coverage are Jordan talk you down the road we appreciate it. I don't think Cuba's ports are gonna I I do is we come back because at some point here in the near future I wanna get into the fact that today according John Mara owner of the giants. Today the NFL. Will. Come off to come to terms on a new rule a rule little implement for the kneeling for the protest thing. And some of their ideas are just horrible some wanna get into that the second. What I have to we come back bone will play a little more David tepper is playing all the minutes they are playing all tempers straight sets so let your little bit from David temper when we come back. But I have to get incidents do people out there that are listening to show. Really think Tebow would beat and we'll beat me in the game 1 all morning could gloat just a father you'll love the cell lines I think on this topic is to Florida this thing. I read people wanna call and say they think wins I just say ten years ago that Mac that was in better shape to play ball a little more wild thing out I wouldn't probably. Blair has to play Wimbledon it's still not okay I don't think this guy this is like a dollar you're the equipment manager or you you're just like I did my best a girl I think this is like what he wants the NBA celebrity all star game to guy gets out there and his arms are kind of sad your -- -- and I watch what's ridiculous gas out arms out that ridiculously soon people start Simon and next lonely tears. The first thing I care about is winning the second thing I care about is winning and the third thing I care about is. You guys are smarts. So that's on and off the field. That includes security aspect community aspect and how you make your community better. So you can win a lot of ways and I don't like to loosen anyway. As attempt ladies and gentlemen David tepper all Mel has just attacked I just how dollars. It was a what else there it was just solely to tap don't know what else for the ball and I don't adjust your. Just the tablets are. I'm getting a lot of that by the way a lot of those kind of jokes in the text message line and I just building so what I was showed it sure does Erica that's just never talked about what you don't know if I can really get their voting don't know if I'm gonna want to let Jeremy had a dog gone back to assembly broke. That was David tepper brand new owner in July finally things will go through the sale will be. Our official and then you get down to business but yesterday that was one of his many great answer some LE only got to ask for five questions but. Everything I thought was cool the way he traced everything and right there is talking about winning as a community. Not just a football team making Charlotte winning community from the terrible aspects for the community aspect that's freaking cool. Lot of owners buy a new team and man it's all about making my business succeed. He wants to help make Charlotte a better place and I know some people think. A some guy said Mac you bonus on the hook line and sinker. It's like the girl that's naive. And here's everything in a bar on a Friday night that she wants to hear from a guy Truckee in what may be I wanna be and I need girl let me be that nice girl. A nice girl I'm not I'm more about that at all. I've been a nice girl before he would again I don't really get it sometime later I just I don't know yet there is only the face here but I also feel like. This stuff sounds different it sounds good and the IOC mammals and he's obviously his actions. We'll see as owner will speak louder than these initial word that this is what we have to go on right now. By the way people in droves bone are texting on what they think a balance. Bone vs Mac to pick up game first of all is not exactly Jordan first order a video games back. This is exactly like LeBron Jordan a fantasy match double while while we talked about yes and what it stems from that they did as he brought up to me that was a huge challenge me yesterday. People one in public they'd like to come watch is today. So we should try to do work with hit man and station try to make this summer out in public people can watch it could be a Sauna bank have through drink out there and stuffs. Com let's see here this dude what are we have. Bone Soria had to go with Mac you just don't sound very athletic at all. Because now that sounds like he's argued for forever. Otis Thorpe whatever you know it sounds like Mac lets see here. Mac Tebow and challenging years like Lamar balls Jones again jedi now start to get a little more support it is amazing how those county united none of those over here I didn't. Not one of those days comes and it's not all the more saying that although this guy says Mac we'll take Tebow into the woodshed and this is gone and this is not. This is not Mac ten years ago. I. Sacked ten years ago and that would fallout this not a ball out Mac do once you are skilled doesn't want to basketball skills though although it's gonna take some work out. And I'll be right back but you gotta get in shape or your endurance sport your dog don't want to have gore or does it somehow how did pretty good shape right now I can go I don't know if that's what I go all night. All day hey national law and hand. A basketball. This dude Richard says I see all the videos and stuff of Tebow working out it's all I hear about his Mac status on the couch advantage bow. Yeah bones gonna have the physical advantage and I think I'm the more skilled player. Is what I believe also I think an intellectually superior basketball player a coach's son Matt and my dad's I mean he was a series assistant varsity coach mark heads freshman coach. I mean there are some series accolades my father truth. You're like you're gonna be like a chubby white Paul Pierce out. This guy says I'd buy a ticket seem bone cross up Mac and drained a three like curry. The man round not Hamas I'm not as bad as you make it out a bit out of shape quietly sobbed I haven't played as much so basketball skill wise. I got to work on some things right now I'm not in shape but I don't you put in terms of conditioning right now let's scuba pretty good estimate to high school well you cheer on Chris Paul and the saints. Actually played in the same plane cashing in wearing what looks what year was that. A dozen. Bill Russell bill also can't play today but don't if you shouldn't. Are all meant. Right and you have no skills. To play high school master I do ask you spell are you gonna be my idea age of 35 how to use Sudanese go to forty or going back to 1990 Joseph wants you do you realize actually ride the bike I go out there started my work outs and it's going to be refreshing now discussing all your trash talk is motivated me what it's like get my workouts my daily workouts into court both Bobby do you believe. That 1992 Mac is out as a player diskette. Will consider area wasn't alive until 1990 through that just seems a long time ago the matter is impressing I was in high sky graduate from high school before preppy was even born when we need one or resents you so much rather we need consumer swipes left and look at me we need referees in this game we eat sand thing we need coaches. We need broadcasts are supposed to now does it should be on the radio. Does this came on the radio and a frenzy live coverage should should take some serious RC and barely. Garcia Berisha did coverage dolls more on the sidelines yeah this resource Burke this guy says play on a seven foot goal so we can see some dunks police we still might not be a difference. On this guy says both of you will look like deer rebels trying to play basketball Bogart. This bigger underestimating I think they're underestimating your skill level or this student says frank Garcia could take you both well luckily. He's got dropped foot Garcia's not on my schedule and a fears I'd do a drop step right all over that drops like the pyramids. A couple of dollars and I thought I've heard stories about frank Garcia's basketball game he's a bruiser in the pain obviously he's Atlantic duties once not one time he passed the ball back out. Once only once again once asked what what grown men today and yeah. Well I have to say this about frank so seriously I'll take once I'll take one step on that drop slut and Frankel be done for game. I will say this he's let's scheduled focus in on the next opponent on my schedule and that is team around the winner that was the head Cameron crazy west for cite high school. In Winston-Salem if they want it any other show was class status right now that we could also team publicly on the other ones who don't who doesn't always it's always good fight with Kroger. Kroger bar I don't held court daily Garcia did it what it is an event will take on everybody out there we will we will I listen to limit. Do you Lance real quick on this ever quest to get back to real sports and instead of being Sparky I will say yes we will get back to real sports pretty quickly here but Lance. Let's heavyweight Ian how do you handicap does game. Yet. It. Can't stop at political. Art but not quite you'll want to ask. And they say oh yeah I'm he wanted to land slightly plants the heavier CNET and asked or animist and basketball. And oh. Not your your your your dropped and that Syrian and guarantees he had a seat anyone but gospels. We'll sort though he's got a feel for exactly Julie ground. Out to be there and all. A loss column that step curry. Today. Isn't it funny that I'm a bigger constitute an annual Asia and you get to dig out Susanna did you Dave Ross the winds are. All right let's do this right guys don't Joseph says this is a depressing topic how would get back to real sports guys are really cool cool little hole we do for you I do not intend to make this all about busted. Plenty of June days when we played one on one to make it all about us but we come back. The NFL's gossip cop commit any ideas once again they're trying to make a rule change to basically enjoy war. But taking get rid of the protests is that a good idea and what kind of ruled you even write ups and analog talked deal about that next. I'm still just some trees. There's didn't do I've come. Are stationed here about what the NFL might be about to do we can get into you know longer conversation tomorrow when we signed out what they have done because. Apparently this morning the owners get back together again they're picking up where they left off authorities handled the new kick off rules they've already you know there there already dealt with C you know. A Lorna helmet rule and he knew rejections you know replay to be used on injections of flagrant hits the stuff like that. Now all its yearly in the final day of the owners' meetings is about coming up with day rule right Kelly a no role in place you're free. To protest however you want as a player. From what it comes at a National Anthem. Bucks according John Mayer giants owner by the end of the day to day there there's going to be a change there and there are going to have a rule. In place what is it gonna be what should be or should they continue with the same policies should they not bother when trying to police this now will say this. Bomb Adam silver the NBA as progressive progressive his silver is and the league is day. Have you date came out for the season and said no protests during the nationally as the bid is a rule the NFL in the past. Used to just keep all the players and the teams in the locker room during the National Anthem they would bring them out later took to tell so I I think that day so. That is one of the things I saw listing on bone of these things are considering doing the dumbest one is the one. And where. Apparently they're thinking of making a fifteen yard penalty if you protest the anthem your team get a fifteen yard penalty. And and and even dumber than that is the fact that they allow the home team to choose whether or not you come on the side. Until the end of the rather nicely in the locker so it to home team can sit there and say oh they have a protest are we're gonna do this on the sideline this week. Why is just more of your home team has a protester what do you do a vote for all your home games being in the locker like just. It's so I asked Godzilla wishy washy dude there's no need for the field penalty for a peaceful nonviolent protests like we don't need to. Quite fifteen yards to somebody trying to say something they deeply believe in I don't understand that. That's a goofy in the meetings start by saying is don't have any bad ideas they wanna get out of his get a value in the red cherry yes yes I think unity of the ideas that they also have the home team. Let's see here at the home team decides on what what they do without penalty same sort of thing to do they stay out. So to me. I just they're making this harder than any decency I understand they've taken a hit PR wise. And I realize there's probably is what wanna talk about what you guys there's a lot of still out there and probably thinkable damn right they better do some sort rule here it's long overdue. I feel like Tebow has got to be all or nothing. Personally I feel like it's a very seat is a very small group of people that are still protest saying. I think you Kennedy allow them to do it. Mom and tell your TV partners to stop covering it. Just stop showing us the guys just let it happen and it less sure it's a game you're not literally don't know who did that week necessarily. Mom and then I think eventually does this you're we'll dive dual die down but ultimately I kind of feel like. Your sport bone where 70% of the players. Our African American. And a few words. And I know the NBA minerals so ultimately you know I think. I think that's the fury the fire would go away like say if you (%expletive) off players by saying now you've got to stay in this blocker for the answer whatever. Might this awesome players initially I just. I don't understand why it has to be a big deal let these 5% of the of the sale of the players protest. And just kinda just move on with this I mean it adolescents and analysts the president fires people up again bone and goes all fall on it which I guess could happen. Like I just don't think I thought it was ready to die down last year before the president jumped again. But to me it's got to be all or nothing he can't the end it is well the whole team's gonna pick what you do here and he can't the end of this stuff like fifteen yard penalty. It's got to be weeks people in the locker room like the old days. Or we flat out let them do what they once and try to not tell our media partners not to really bubbles won't publicize a what do you think what the firestorm. Does died out every couple months that it has brought that got rid about a president orally needy comes up like this story comes up against every time I feel like we're moving on we're probably don't if it does not this. They were talking about air agreed not getting signed a cap rate is an ongoing Singh put aside the forefront of our minds like it was maybe two years ago. I just I disable our mom I'm part of this little time I just what the players do they want a day of I'd I don't really I mean I don't really but people stress of cells and I was presents us America Thor based off Joyce CNN salvo Dubya himself so Joseph says match here's the problem. Bomb. Here's an match here's the problem. In the sacked is dance if you make a rule change. You're going to. You're going to alienate other people a day I agree there's people who demand due to protests have been done that make a rule change against it. And other fans are dealing and that is a factor people often point out. You know bone is that on the other side of things there are people that it's would be angry if you take this right away. On the John says you guys are so out of touch Mac can moan don't think like real football stance the average show football stand up once the politics out of the game. If they don't do this shouldn't this NFL is going to die all the politics out of politics here's the thing though bone here's the thing how. Intel's not dot. Like look at the ratings of the NFL look at the ratings of all the other sports. Even if they drop Mona percentage or two over the last couple of years or a stage rob what you know 8% over last two years whatever it is. The NFL is far from free can diet I saw lists only the highest rated TV shows last year. I hate Alexander RR NFL games. I so I'll always sold about the NFL will die if we don't do something like this I'm. Necessarily mind that at all man the NFL is still way healthier than all these other sports out there. It just the optional. My dad don't don't don't make it brought come out but if you wanna come out you can. If you wanna come and that's well that's a guy like Todd did the player from the Steelers are served our country was out there last year I don't blame somebody brought that up when what do you tell him he can't come out of the answer and get sick as they say is blockers guys wanna go out there and still straight go out but he don't say add. We'll move on it then there's there's like. Twenty guys in the locker Moroccan have to go through all forty guys to be like someone's got to there's also to eventually will forget about all this a move all. This guy says on average football fan I want to pull I want the players to do what they want Joseph says army are sort of freak and football I don't give a damn what a guy does before the game see that's the attitude that I passed. Like even if and I initially did not necessarily light is meant that a protesters I thought. Exactly what happened was gonna happen was to be more about the mess their protests and what traction protest. Everybody seems to lose lose track of what they actually are protesting for. But he loaned to me it's like I don't understand why guys like football less. Because five or 6% of the players do this protest during the anthem. Like I just don't just don't turn on the game until the take off or put it on DVR and fast forward through new nationally. And I just don't understand don't how wait a product. Is hurt by what happens before the product is actually beginning. That's where and and these guys say we have a disconnect with tennis fans and maybe we do but I just don't understand why would guys doable for the game of sex you enjoy sending. And I get that split. This might be a double cross exam on my mind is cluttered. Why is this knob and what's the NBA ruled out. You don't do it don't protests drafted anything in the NBA you know we all know what else could on this went down that date sometimes or teacher to for the game stuff. They don't do anything in terms of the answer no it's against the rules they said before the seasons you'll be will not be protesting. Did you complain about that. There when there are bad but it didn't get it right I mean it was that will meet you would and that probably initially and I was able Dawson you're saying they should do. That goes back to the all or nothing thing you Lattimore you don't look don't try to say home team decides what you do like the schools I just say make it also says guys won't be out there -- on the right to stop them from one of it took so salute our country but if they don't want a bit. And Cuban blogger dot org it's only. What are you guys have to say and I lose and I'm cognizant of the fact that some of your gonna say that opinion that Mac has such Tebow and you'll relate does whatever. I wanna hear everybody's point of view on this like there's probably going to be a rule change today. What should be rolled me about the handsome or should they just leave it alone what do you guys think 704. 57096. Standard Mac OW doesn't he does John how can the NFL actually get you to say. They handled this well or have they already screwed it up too much want to thoughts on that next block. Thousand dollars. Are there is reason to call send. Let's go live to grip on on what the NFL should do on this rule change text the word media. Your favor or don't she'll thumb all of us in the media tech soared media and ED IA Texas to seven sue anyone. You're shot a thousand dollars it's a national contest mess is data rates apply full contest rules available. And WF since he got out I get a ton of good sex you guys are opinion and I'm not saying I agree but they're strong opinionated feelings and you guys and I respect that man. On the let's go to saucy would you guys say what should the rule change day John Mara says they'll be won by the end of today deal owners' meetings. What should a new rule be. On handling the protests of the handsome we're sure they're literally be no new rules same policy Mike is up first Mike what's your two cents on this. I mean I retire from the military between four years and thank you for your serve our four. I. What most breeder so that they could protest how they ought to Margaret what they know. But they should be afforded that right. Yeah. I did and it's interesting because veterans know different ways on this and Mike I don't know if you've talked to a lot of your military buddies about it you guys had a discussion. But a lot of people kind of assumed wrongly that all veterans. Are kind of insulted by this and that's not the case you guys just like the rest of the population are kind of split a lot of guys say the exact thing you descent. Well I mean it's. I mean that's so that we don't or I mean. More color and everything else you think about the national air but. We also say they are low and you know we we we took that you know 02%. To were. Constitution in the constitution. You have freedom oaks he had no answer well you must pretty. Absolutely I I agree with you now people make a good point to that indicate if a boss does not once you protesting on work time I'm pretty sure he can tell you that and I would probably agree with that sue. Although last Mike Florio about it 930 your lawyers for sect I think his opinion is that it is speech should not be done in the workplace. Something where you're telling people not to you know make a statement. About you know in a nine nonviolent form. I allegedly he put it sue I don't need to agree with it. But I've got to respect hey man I thought for your freedom to do this I mean we are free country and that is that is the best thing about this great nation which has many great things is just our freedoms. And that do Christ there my man was. Was absolutely man enough and brave enough to fight Foreman sentencing date but I will admit this. We deploy here from other veterans are like not respectfully disagree with Mike what's gonna college football they're not nearly at all college are. I don't think anybody is ever process accounts and also said there in the locker C into a Phillies are out there. Because they take does not alone and out there should be careful don't I thought they wore. I would I'm not sure because he surely handsome really in college I don't I don't remember seeing it as a good question anybody out there that is you know that that knows that your act you don't you're seen take hold or whatever you're going to come just I don't know it just doesn't and a question college and again it would be somewhere on the way up there around there now what time I don't think it's been a question. Tom Jones says the NBA players dealt with the rules to not do it the NFL players could soon. I think they would I think ultimately was. And that's why I'm saying all or nothing is probably the best way to do it you just say no protests or. You say you go ahead and do what you want butts. It's just kind of bugs me a little bit and it's a nonviolent. You know. State and you're making. And it has to become this big deal because I don't use a big deal some of you do umpire let me go back to song 70457096. And a TJ is up next TJ how you seal mountainous. Well up. I'll bet on it but at the top of the great why don't picket a date yet you have the freedom of speech. At the right to protest. And not part of where I've ordered that they expressed they are but it but according to state what they're doing it up spell it immediately try to account PT get them. The rule party state that at bat at the plate prior to or wherever it up okay. I of people the players should be appealed. A lack of any and it its area. That's what state. But there's no it's not actual hard rule if it's it's gonna it's encouraged. That they struck out yet. They let up. They make it app problem is you're seeing their out to analyze our life. So you just fifteen yard penalty I don't know anybody is don't agree with that you can equate something like this to a fifteen yard penalty. This dude says those who don't agree with the protests say. Let's see here those who don't read the protests are supposed to do not want to till the end those played match why not not protests during the anthem. On this student says. Mac is telling me to DVR and fast Ford pass a National Anthem we real sit and watch the anthem what pride. Here's my point of view why can't you still sit and listen and watch as the anthem is played with pride. What is what one guy or two guys go because it's never that many did you guys that are protesting why is what they're doing bone ruin your anthem. Experience. I don't understand why it needs to be that way. So I'm not getting. My guy Christmas I got to go proves is that every duke football game covers the team. Are out of Gaza photographer. He says that the football players are in the locker import yes I did games anyway during the walker. I guess he college that they're not a guy that's that's next there was probably ride out explains why this is an NFL issue Alter how we haven't had just opened college is not out there would dig at some point. A college player ordeal but he was out there. We have not that's why doesn't happen just out this is a sleaze not dissing in the hole if something is a state controversy whipped up by how many gets political a guy I'll just say that it's. Com he's. College employer got my guy is he talked over the Tar Heels he says are in the locker room no doubt guess that's why did that hasn't come only team captains go on the field duplicate. Here's a daily caller say controversy. I NIC would you sang at and I didn't read the last parts I don't want to real political stump I sutures sank but the NFL all. Does the sings realty NS house literally constantly what do we do for rules changes and they're considering a fifteen yard free and penalty there are so out of sorts don't buy this thing like. So just make a dollar role has some nuts and make a rule like bone date there's one of those things are considering is letting each team decide deal the team's role. You can't do that man has some good holidays and free can stand up and attacked this issue for God's sakes. I'm gonna get one more guy and JP. It's a will Kennedy next by the way he was there for the Tampa press numbers in the owners' meetings actually got under his skin dollar data here. He goes out and dance JP what do you say. And that's what caused the body is that your own local like mailed him. Or and I don't really stable people they take the politics I don't know I believe he would not do. Gave the thing is yeah I can't take. Take my blackmailed or what I'd go to football game. And so are being the media the way I look at it compared MBA and well because the NBA actually. Is openly supportive of big but did you look at what happened to Sacramento he got racquet repeat shirt. They are loud and clear is what brought this to the NFL is. They have a good old boys approach that we was the Bob McNair spoke like that. If you make the kind of viewed but you can't beat but it is not going to be payment in BAB of the NBA actually support recognized that they have a majority. Leader. Out there in the these guys they're who stayed in is that we're talking about love it not just about. All JD SL the point they already feel like hey you got our back this league has our back so they don't want us doing this we'll give you that I think it's a good point. Tom I also agree with him like that's a reminder right there it's like. For example when Everett first did this. My first thought was a guy this is going to be an argument about the handsome it's not even going to be a protest message he gets the focus on what is protests about. And I mean really liked the way he was doing it. But I respect everybody's right to do especially when it comes to how health folks feel their race is being treated some I don't pretend and act like I can tell you how you're supposed to feel. I've never been other pulled over a ton mound I leave the damn league in speeding ticket sadly all of them pretty good lately but I've never holdovers like a dog apple are gone I was like. Patricia are. And so like I can't relate to what you guys are going through this student says the shootings have stopped why don't the protests stop Obama you must not be watching the news. You definitely Masada luster but anyway I I respect everybody's got their own point of view and their own opinion we'll see with the NFL does man I'm just afraid they're going to do some really dumb like the teams decide they have 32 different decisions being made just make one damn decision NFL. Meg road trip with four got a break handled this translate as wells on the government played into Italy for second just happened twenty minutes ago this is Norv Turner walking in the OT Jason Garrett. A police fired up yelling at the camera saw and in the second right and it did what needs. That's how do what's. His son do he's out and just check this god tell these guys guys that's on fire nice nor is enormous been coached in up Teddy Bridgewater he's OK he's been close to go to Cleveland Browns quarterback norm is gonna drive freaking Ferrari battle. No actually it's a humble. It's a fully stocked Hummer because Cam Newton is a big old ban met he is excited about work coach and new. It's like a great advice so I didn't practice my short of the dragon now I don't want to get out as that in his caddie Damon I don't. Nobody got to go to our ally out when we come back will Kennedy to BC CB anchor she was loud and owners' meetings what does he think of David tepper next.