Mac Attack Hour 3: Draft Talk with Steve Muench

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Monday, April 16th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Steve Muench about the NFL Draft. 

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Tivo and I got our first son in week strategist Thomas Davis and at this mascot Olympics. But always a remote shared stories of sun murders of course there's no way we'd put any Sunday and low so we just beat who's Smart. Among moves. I don't think I'm tossing a suntan lotion you know April 14 after it was sunny this hack out there it's pricey the sun was out there in the south bones. For subsidy for some reason I do burn easily I'm not sure why Mac beat Charlotte Comfort Systems temperature right now 47 degrees. Charlotte cover says is never sends a commission to act to hero by Broadway OT I'm not a TSE all season. Workouts start today for the Panthers Joseph person reporting that today Thomas Davis is expected to address his teammates for the first time. Mum about what went down with BP. He has said do member's wife last week said he wants to do that first before he gets a chance to talk to the media and hence you know through the media the public. Darryl Worley released by the Eagles. After a wild arrest incident and had him taser to. Tom because he was resisting arrest. Up there in Philly will talk about that and we'll get into this hole. Sighing Dez Bryant movement of which Camden on social media got involved with this weekend. Well let's go let's talk some draft a sub facility young players we bring in here. Rather than old over dale Dez Bryant Steve Mann joins us ESPN. And scalp saying to talk some draft and again he'll be the key guy did. In our draft round table Thursday night's 6:30 PM and deal worth neighborhood grill mansion you do and and you ready. I'm doing good man don't get a look at sports do. I work with you on Thursday you've been great on these Monday morning's arm hanging out with us. And we'll see I now I don't know you we ubiquitous for a while America gives it a point or I'm definitely asking duplicate questions do not hold those against our ride. But I'm trying to kind of you do go whisk. Who is in the news and who's been you know working out here. Bomb out recently is forest Carolina Panthers and and and that sort of stuff. Mom and I what do you think when you look at its. Well shoot this question this way when you look at the panthers' roster. What do you think are the biggest bulls say two or three needs at this roster really has just plain old neat. You know I hope that he would tear up the line. I that are locked the door well I think perhaps bringing a guy out but they put back who deleted last year ideally we got to play better guard I think that the need. I think what is he resented if there would be a much oratory Mitt that'd be at their I think they need. And number one out there not gonna get a dud number one that maybe they don't figure figure that out what they did need a. Who is slow looks okay let's get into these positions and one by one who is the guy in the draft that could be a 24 that you look at and you honestly say. I think tech guy has 810 B and number one receiver are there are few is there one only or or what do you think. It's going to be adjusting it at 44 because I think that you know there's really too bad they talk about oh in the first round right now. But Calvin really got Alabama. Or abort Maryland are I think that they'll probably all be on that point been ecstatic it better to me. Would be so it used he did chart and I do you think you work for profit because. We look at that that beat out an agent and you look at what you did so you were you given the opportunity what I mean by that. They're running have all that is not a you know being a great quarterback play there so. When he was given the opportunity please give me a plate either need to keep an eye on there it's our panel be used to what the reach. You put it you're not going to get him I think there's other guys are out. That maybe aren't at Pollock. And I let let's go to interior line those duties let's go to another need you mention I don't disagree with these needs although I think with the Panthers there a point where they got about four more as well you could throw in there. But I agree do you got to look for better or worse for. And now for better or worse what do you think about in serial line because I I I wouldn't notice that. Okay they got Ryan totally old. You know in the second round they got trade turn the third nor wells a guy that was an undrafted free agent. Is in Syria line a position that they should attack in the first round present position by nature that you weighed on a little bit. I think you can wait don't. Understand that point I do think one name to keep an Iowa because I don't think he's the bad guy in the draft. And if you can get them at forty for the work that I think it came in you'll gain a out of Iowa. It's WQ but I don't because again I think you just upon unemployed ardor. Right away that it be you know potential pro bowler notably better or dark like art experts here and when the time of the decline over what McAleese who we. You know they'll look later on is probably get off the corporate from the bottom very hot in the you can probably get into the background. You can play better I think morbid Bart he could be expected for the mayor Ray Smith out of Auburn. And the guy you might be able to get a third round and then what might. One of the gotten I think the real we've Britain's going to Virginia Tech wide color even look to the fourth round I think you could be you'll. Our interest OK so maybe they go that route a little deeper into the the class is sent her guard we're talking with Steve Mench ESPN. Our scouts think he'll be at our draft party on Thursday tickets. Available get my perks that come to wanna hangs on the Indian Greta van as it always is. You mentioned safety. It's interesting because I've heard about a wide variety of ceilings about late first saw everybody concedes her when James dawn Maine to Fitzpatrick on so then you start to get. Down there I think to Justin Reade territories he's in Charlotte today on on a visit. I think I liked him a lot but I've heard from people would have said no that's too high yield is a first rounder on him. Is any safety reed included worthy of a first round it's a me. I don't have a trained eye you do. Managed well when I watch him it feels like he's really personal complaint the wrongly imply the past what do what do you think. That it yet you know what I really like about it but he used for well I think he got a dual or. Where. Are you breaking down wrapping up the technique technique issue you gotta clean up there but. That's predictable stop he is he's willing to come up and put it around so. You know purple guys and I think his strength is really in linked in congress and we have a bit of 34. Got all of war right now what you think I guess you could say is somebody you don't make an upper rabbit and me. I think you've got that kind of value because of that for stability and because you look. And there's not a lot of the are they due to you know 207. Was put to a better. Iraq War war is next quote about in this boutique. He's RD group that yeah. A sustained man that speed is their two on the art now a lot of fans say Rodney Harrison out I. I'm gonna try to see mention if I have any ability you know who to evaluate players might pass shows me I don't. But I what do you think the writers eggs I saw some things and I was like I was I would be scared off what do you think Harris. I you know right now we have wrecked at a read it that I would have read read. Lightly edit in you know he went to a priority to work in Iraq combat and it would preordained you ran up more than three would have been a terrible repaid but what a little bit the according because. To me his little bit more of that read eight he site where you a little bit better covered many of the get well run well. I don't think you quite complete player has read adult in this thing about. I feel like get a speed it re dead as a different sick. When I was watching here so watch those two playoff games he's planning it's really good opponents. But it felt like a lot of the lie makes. Lunching with a shoulder to tackle I thought he missed a lot of tekelec kind of sloppy ball tackling thing but I'm far from it tackling and scouting expert match. No I I didn't think things like that anymore I think keyboard that. All the lines pre date he's not edit regret the were up against the rotted out he read it. Our wide receiver mom we've got laid a guy on the show our guy preppie who is one else. Many fans in this area that are stumping for Dez Bryant's of the Panthers even though reports say edit the Panthers aren't interest it. Tom I think you do better by just getting a young a young receiver. On the in the draft what are you I mean. The Panthers need guys it's separate I feel like Dez Bryant hit just point. Is like ten is like Kelvin Benjamin and we wanted to go away from that sort of guide to post up big body doesn't get separation. I know it's not a draft question where do you stand on. The dilemma of okay the Kansas won that a receiver do they go draft or they bring in someone like this to me give me the fresh blood got a can grow a little bit. One of our about being the speed of luck with that product if you look at lord turner. And it its history I think you'll like big receivers but I think you like. Big receivers that are tracked our you know what I know what art is about the four but the exit out of Notre Dame or you're here and they don't sort of what router I can't figure out why. Well equity in I wouldn't you think ground. The mere thought. I mean I another guy you're talking about was playing with a quarterback you you know the bottom rat quarterback weigh in really haven't entered its production and the progress. Well when you look at the pool I think you're gonna chip B and number one or number two. And you're looking at that arraignment and a B and an ability the rest of the Obama sort and it is great at certain abilities then. You know that if you if you got your talking about that they kind of wanna get away at its other smaller he repeat go with it to be that quick. In Baghdad become an app there. That body there I think that they they find that he and really stressed that you'll open up the middle open up the underneath the other guys out. What do that same brown combination of size and 448 speed like that's that's at least got to make you pay attention. Thumb what's so I got Steve at the draft party Thursday deal or neighborhood grill are you gonna spell Aqua and India's from the crowd out their forks. Outcry. Their support to President Bush and think good luck with that I have to ask your question I'm mad at an R&R guy preppy here one of our producer Amanda preppy because he is all about Dez Bryant and kind of bothering me. Tom but so I wanna ask you this question also you'll help embarrass him. Crabtree told us that Christian Kirk is very similar to a two on each say DeVon conscious city whatever gets the ball like DeVon functions I present means you don't think you were made a horrible comparison and you should be shamed for life what do you think about that analysis. Well while you really put Villa but I'll I wish. I'm not prepared that would be. Able you know you get bitter people back the ball in what you know big wave like that acoustic certain that under side. Talk well you're gonna make it living don't have been a lot of people are played out but we're getting on the board that if he if these guys. Are gonna make plays and out but. As he put it on nice laid a trap beyond my. I'm Mike Meehan Siebel he lets you down very easy easy class acts. All right matched mentor next have you demeanor to people out of the draft party not our listeners but to each other radio and he's off the draft and Obama well yes or order a nose on it you will not have to work with traffic you will not be tossing him for a receiver analysis and learn all right. Our path to beat good men are more look at boards you'll see on Thursday thanks for coming on all these weeks do we really appreciate it. I know probably. Did you see managed ESPN's cal saying does a great job he's still that Kevin why don't roll waddle went on to the ravens front I'll just working and scouting. And now mentioned we give people NFL jobs bony working our draft party. And next thing you know they get a great reputation around the league shows up at half past dot. You're doesn't bode and a bullpen bony into every day they don't break it down particularly receiver specialists all right. I worked its way to clear Maria let that go. Or to take a quick British he thought Dahmer at the thought Brent Larson was the next Randy Moss he also was caught saying don't want one on. Artwork this they go very hour when we took compared Julio Jones to Don Beebe. Events or developments in a Mac attack shell traps are more we come back are we get a couple of things speaking of bad draft takes wearing see here. This hounding her from back in the day from Charley casserly you'll hear this list pertains to candor when he was coming out. And then we come back we have to explain. How do you go to a mascot events and end up in situations where at least one of us is angry at a mascot. As we countdown to the NFL dry. Need to pause in share a memory let's stop and look back and another classic NFL draft pick and my classic we mean really. If you like big John you like him think all those first routers. You don't like. Bush brown I would take this guy the first round. But check back. Sunnis need Steve for another classic draft take on the Mac attack. Charley casserly how dare you how dare you compare Cam Newton coming out of the draft. Two Tim Tebow and Vince Young how dare you do that and he had sunshine Gabbert. Rated higher said there is no comparison. Between Jabber and Cam Newton I mean really who wanted to Blaine Gabbert coming out addressed. I think what kind of person a ball what's going on over there for automatic tablets are busy for a second. God this this really did happen though could go higher. Wow is it not true though bone I've I have admitted all my address failings and it's a long list. Is it not true that you were team Gabbert threw it. I don't know I don't say the tape like you do in a malicious hurtful way prove it. Defied the tape I don't I don't say that takes the amount that Patti and their parents and by the way there's also wants a might may I can put it in their because it was a very short clip. He said this guy only cares about his money in the millions he's got to make. I'll actually sorry about it do you size that is this guy. The man I've said Datsyuk life sucks did you find that audio he also had Gabbert higher than Newt. So that was just a sampled under her body so skeptical that was a 42 sample he goes on cat cats he goes on for about. To medicine clippers game apart but there's more and rarely ask. Might be tomorrow's also class addressed X you're gonna hear some crappy ones over the years so once and so on unsure wanna be me at some point could have probably asked for the show are we allowed you skip Bayless or is that not fair. It cheating as he allowed these things since. This is an easy day and that's easy way out if we really are desperately want this to Billy senate tax says he wasn't wrong there is no comparison between this you guys. And then Joseph says in Hendrick Jeep email back. Are you ripping someone that didn't want camp come out adrift remind me how you wanted to pick cam coming out address I didn't want him coming out a draft I've got to I. I'd be rough brimmed it would just a pro game okay. Other media to I'm not so you know I'm not a drum big fat dram dummy. I'm just saying Charley casserly satellite address dummy that's lamp at him at the moment let's not let it meet for one city one they can barely. Fairly Dan Patrick Peterson and that was my thing Larry. Clearly Seles number that was a group last year you did you do just show you Peterson's state. So we are groups that we named for the still who we want it back casserly Seles Peterson's keeps an eye Rand. A very specific organization. Called Gabbert got Jefferson it's more so there is sleaze of the Marcellus is due to an Ottawa we act. Darius is dudes was on their best elements are still actually doesn't sound really really weird back there are not anymore that I need to name this year but I'm not even sure who the horses on that get a hundred I got my horse a Sony express. On you got your name all right let's do this we're at least wrap this thing as a mascot Olympics matter of fact John where people's one of celebrities. Our winner of last comic standing Pickering native NC state grant the Panthers fans he's actually ease into an exit the tedium and Saturdays hosting the laughs and ups on its Steve Smith's. Abetted the comedy zone over there at DNC music factory tonight reached gonna join us at 9 o'clock. But he was out there you know a lot of TV local TV and radio spoke out there and stuff like gas sleepy Floyd was out there tedious course out there that are doing this mascot Olympics where we all compete against the mascots. First of all where we start with our run ins with the mascots. Timonen. And mrs. Walsh had some sort of like a thing where they whistler with each other. Like because she realized you were in duke fans that was kind of interesting don't you get coming back over Sierra mrs. wolf that a female wolfpack mascots. Thought I don't know I don't know what was going on there but peoples around he could see. That's the chemistry. That meet mrs. wolf pack was also thirty it was a very sweet she grabbed my Dicky Cheney ran around as you try to eat it in her. Bulls will say yeah. Now that the question people hatton in Dublin castle Cianci not discuss this. We hope she's a woman under there and we associate. But even then I saw you know I. Mean and median mrs. wolf could have actually say that as a boy. As always at worry it's only place to take a lady. But she was dancing very kind of provocatively in the Los gusting to join some club dancing NASA I saw her. Rob the stomach for the other mascots like you know and away Rouse light. You jellies do they know each other here you little jealous and attitude did you feel like there are some going on every there was definitely something going on but Dan here's a side there's three run ins with the mascot that was one. The second the second one for T bone is. Tebow playing dodge ball Timonen to assure out of dodge ball right you know stood next to the game. I was Thomas Davis is team NATO's meet on one side Thomas Davis the captain in the middle again brook Katz was on the other side. I I tagged out 'cause Thomas Davis are sort of yelled at me. They're docile I said I'm out here. I tag did what it TVs kids CEO would you like you were shut down some over there and I got a he was resigning he was an avid resort tagged out I was sitting by the wooten in a soccer goal is to get. I'm next to the goal posts of the soccer goal. And I Chubby Checker slew wanted to hit all the soccer post. In in my job it's. Is it the issue right in right it's a job's own family jewels if there's a magic and it's got sources said he talked to be said he did beyoncé about also show. Sar got direct and ended. There are actually talking okay so this is where I come in because I did not deal with a mascot that was a class act. I also had a dodge ball incidents. I was playing dodge ball standing there with my team they separate us and it seems I'm looking ahead and all the mess gets this is so boring message or throwing that will play oddball would mascot it's. So please let's just start throwing the ball all of a sudden eyed kids saying that also right in the family jewels hard as hell. I looked over reduced through it. It was the damn NASCAR hall of fame mascot who's not even in the game is standing on the sidelines like five or six feet from B champ the cheetah champ to Jeter's name it is mascara. While I was so pissed because this thing was staying on this heard briefly below five hours after the Michael asks. You know Jules was struggling. So anyway I don't outs and a mascot the whole same mascot afterwards. And I say X don't know and you weren't even in the dodge ball game and use role for like five feet away and make. And all the mascot did is like act like he was laughing I do like mosque. Always sewed six man I was about ready to attack myself a free and mascot I'll look I have never been that angry at a mascot. In my damn lies man I know it's unhealthy but I was. Well I tell the story on Twitter wonder accuses me of whining about it. They are they may not be true. And Dan Wilson from a from from what is ccb here locally I says match. That is not a dude I was calling you didn't do so man does do need costume. Apparently it was a woman and yeah. I laughed at me and had me so freaking angry NASCAR cup is an option of Jada I don't. You're a NASCAR pilot get a NASCAR hall of fame mascot you're not used to being around people 'cause you get six people a week that place but seriously. Have some damn decency you you're you're and you're out of the dodge ball game as a breach of dodge ball and it did that's infuriating bone inferiority you lost three Saturday body jet fly what's going on as his wolf organ need a couple of in Alameda Santa ceiling he was edited unbelievable woman in that mascot and I'm yelling at her. That's what she did it leaves you laughing at me. I writes I'm telling you kids those mascots are not as innocent as they seemed they're just not as missiles on a cigarette. Center around a cigarette Mac did WS Lindsay dad down. Is the email address output to dodge ball hit Al on chance to cheat at Belmont hall of fame or dodge ball patter and report back to make. I won't we come back we gotta get into it man I'm so against this Dez Bryant saying but then I've found Jack cam Newton's on instead Graham stumping for jazz. And then trendy start speaking out about Palestinians should ones there's probable Guinea's Hernandez we want Dez got to get into that next. I'm tired of bashing anybody I gotta keep your room and always your career. Jerry Jones you Menendez now live from so constantly constantly remark. Perez is a hard decision ball. There is no one is six that a table against one guy he's got to do it you know. Nigeria told me an Emmy and and I mean he didn't ask him as a competitor you want me email won't that. You know now for the lets me know believe. What are you know what up dog along town you know you know mom. I Gosselin I'm not trying to call anybody out but at same time. You know our situation was very unfair to me and I put it that way it was there was a term for a situation. Does Bryant has brought you so about wine and man I get accused of whining about the you know shot. Individuals on the mascot. I Ed may be true when Dez Bryant won in so badly about being cut although I will say this the sack do you do it on the last possible day doable for the routier's happened. You do not exactly allow him to be a free agent when there was a lot of money out the free agent market access that there is part of this that I see his point on. But I do think this dude is been delusional for the last couple years about just how good he really is. And I think it results in a lot of suits from him you know when he's not gonna bump put up numbers when you're not freaking open. And you don't you don't deserve the targets because you're not open anymore like he wants work. And I know he's battled injuries but that's who he's become as a player agent injuries have made him as a player. But I saw it coming today. We figured we would talk about this phone then you show me to Cam Newton actually sent on Lindsay Graham pretty please pretty please about the possibility of getting Dez Bryant. And I'm like OK let's get adds fuel to the fire. It's still like this weekend there were a fair amount of people on social media that wanted dead seek its release it's like. Are receiving corps is a question mark. Let's go out and do this. And then we got in here and realized own now. Freddie is a Dez Bryant guy Dez Bryant to the Panthers got. To Gromit Mack hears OK so here's there's a great fit to me it's not like to me image conscious or similar receivers we're trying to get away from. Not having enough of the quick guys in fast guys they can get separation. It's not like we're trying to just had power forwards anymore that's why we traded Benjamin seems counter to what we're trying to do. Secondly then you start deal with how much is gonna cost. Then you start deal with how much damn attitude he's gonna bring give me your top a couple of bullet points as to why don't let's say and stand some fans don't agree with you. But why do you think we are wrong about Dez Bryant thing. See because paid the receiving corps is so weak as it is right now you have DeVon font twosome that a bunch of guys that you're hoping to come along like Curtis Sammy on other players like that Kim said he wants to monitor serum I've heard you say least a hundred times on here keep cam happy became so weapons Kim's literally begging for this guy. Pretty much. Utility MGM the TI LL get a true king Hamad being given him how his abilities of the Cleveland Cavaliers here. Exactly exactly why he's doing work you know you just can't like just like when GM said armed couple months ago. The draft everyone of these receivers and he made it just like come on that we can't listen to cam on that today which you don't. Okay he would you bring some fire to the team. Some of the dimension on oval uneasy too much bad iron or a good sign I think I think you have players like glue conceding the leaders of this team. Can keep doesn't check you might say that that's impossible to keep doesn't check but I think that he won't come in here his first year thinking he runs the team like he's been on the cowboys for seven years in a row you know he's like that prides guys on the team the longest he's. A sudden I will say this about Dez about a waste he said I want regularly has seized because he's bitter and wants to compete with the cowboys. Earnings Allegheny and east have any interest in I here's the thing. He probably will be so refocus and motivated admit bias yeah like this is embarrassing to him getting got a way he did a team's not wanting him there are gonna want him. Yeah and also you know he wanted to play against the cowboys he said. Tennessee's doesn't want them like he just said Panthers flamboyant display counter to resume play the cowboys is proud. Cease firing up panther nation. This guy John says once you take them for the bills preppy elite guard team alone. Know what you know Isabel is Israel's it wide receiver. Fluid on the quarterbacks are often does is gonna wanna go there yet I think playing with camel motivate does as well you know maybe he hasn't liked playing with stack he's going to be years she's going to be you know he was romo's guy though. He was romo's guy for a. A long time romo's guy they both were he was. Don't all the time on the sideline he will you really can't we don't need Dan do we amongst women have freaking Tampa Joseph says calm so much time they elect people don't agree with you press the amount China pain that went. I honestly want and bring it up. Joseph persons already said two sources telling him hey it's not likely they pursue won't but I want at least bring it up as a stand discussion like is this something you would pull for. I'm Joseph he says he's all over and he would automatically be our best receiver. Mr. says Dennis plays it 63 KB placed 58 just runs wrapped KB runs a Dunkin' Donuts Dennis plays a hard KB has none. But they both get no separation and require you to throw into tight windows like. This stat I hear all the time pretty advanced analytics metrics guys. Cam Newton throws into tight windows more than almost anybody in football because the receivers don't have any separation. We need to make the change that tourney started last year and got rid of Benjamin which is let's go after guys could bring separation. And I I am I wrong to say this phone but I don't know how did the fans feel about this I think DeVon plunges about a football player Dez Bryant right now. I don't really just the number one you see you do you're just. Angry with that I just think some. Veteran leadership and stuff like that from Dez as long as. We're not breaking the bank by paying him that's what I think I mean I think he should wait till the end of the Dez free agency saga whenever he's trying jazz were too much money it's gonna stall out. Coming at the end of swoop them and she did you say your dad every million veteran leadership adolescent thing. Italy and act like a fool. As you can I've seen reports us. Any teammate there I mean this city's good teammate he just didn't along with the coaches that's what is in every said lieutenant on dot com and everything like that the audio that we just put Manning's. There's no prepping don't worry about Mac he's a cowboy hater he wouldn't take Roger stall back in his prime because he's such a cowboy that is nothing to do it like I'm all about improving the answer I'll give a hoot. I teasing you go in the draft give receivers that are quicker you can get separation have a longer shelf life like. Dez Bryant I honestly don't I thought the last couple years was the most overrated duty of football he was a shell of themselves you could see he could not. Separate from Josh Norman at all man there's a huge numbers when a guy like Beckham who just struggles to keep up with. And Dan is who he basically is a blanket on top us. You know he just. We don't need guys like deli guys make it easier on and that's why can't we are glad they are willing to get rid of dads what their current ride receivers are stable always Terrence Williams. Alan burns. Cold easily and riots what I know they need a receiver to limit let's just do gals only tunnels cut its heard it Terrance Williams into guys that made a par the partridge. That's a wide receiver I say we don't need guys around this guy says crappy stick to running your bills into the ground like Brandon means doing easy without. That'll lay in the first round. I want humanity now I'm gone I doubt I like when you bash Brad Friedel I definitely do on this guy oh it's a woman. It's a woman Lisa. Lisa says preppy sounds very handsome on the air and I think he's got a legitimate point if world and a bitch about heaven sake receivers we can't be snobbery and saying no to a guy like there's that big worry pointed to is that you know at some point doesn't it auto malls yourself handsome on the radio sounds can be deceiving himself I was. It's kit I've actually I can say that he's answered it thank my back he's alive well and they see exactly perilous on this when he eighteen candidate. This guy says sign morally is the second person Hussein's son aside signed Darryl Worley don't Orleans a messy got to get his life in order manic that's why we let him go. In the first place and I don't even think he looks real promising on the field these floods come we can throw that in genomics are listed SI want to take a breather Joseph says Mac. Preppy as some sort of wanna be Osborne if anybody agrees with that sold. Album gives him 200 dollars. I assume he's saying it's OK Lorena we'll go to FaceBook pros but we've already had people agree with the a couple of two on. He's running I'd lost one bowler gonna take a quick breather here does anybody agree wit preppy and Cam Newton there on the same side. Go after Dez Bryant I made the statement in the first hour stand behind. If he you can get him for the veteran's minimum I'm not signing. I would rather have Torrey Smith the speed receiver to compliment your bigot you know in breaking around receiver you don't need to DeVon thought just as we had sued Evans on Jesus. We got rid of one of whom what do you all think is this something to Tampa fans listening really want. Or is prepping a full should be mocked speak up Panthers fans somebody get me in those back to 704. 57096. Stand and if it's not Dez Bryant what's your plan at wide receiver coming up here in the next few weeks we'll talk about it. Don't. Back here on the back to Jack even loved the Mets did they lose a gimmick finally lose a game. Along the way they did not think like it was just showed their first loss in awhile both I'm not mistaken I think they climbed to eleven and water Saturday one or the other. But it climbed to eleven what's the hottest start in New York baseball history over twelve games you're yankees with all their titles. Had never started eleven and one the Mets are 111 they won praise him one bottle Wilmer Flores walked off Saturday Saturday they lost bone and it was a further broad street. But again it's the hottest star in New York. That's my that's my song for the general. RG and that and the driving right now I told you I'm gonna play that song. A Tilly to conduct we had set and shameless I appreciate your client has saudis a great man he deserves and has waited to hear his baseball teams flights. Ad is shameless man seriously and the sad I am not Jon Ripa and studio. He is MC NV a laugh it up son it's the Steve Smith. Event comedy event for his charity tonight and these. Com and see musical actor Tommy zone I in the meantime a representative of people want Ezra Brian I'm looking for people to scream that we are the people do want Dez Bryant. I'm looking for him scream that we should not have Dez Bryant this guy says Mac you're comparing what he did against the best corner in football Josh Norman. A lot of guys don't get open against him just normal is nowhere near the best corner in football last year I like Josh a lot. He was nowhere near Jalen Ramsey and the other top corners. I'm let me go to the phones here panther nation settle it on the radio I'm senior fight about it on social media I've seen Cam Newton. Ask for Dez Bryant do people really want Dez Bryant if not least written Dez Bryant and preppy with me. 70457096. Cents C usually disagrees me I'm trying to figure out where he's gonna come from what's up and say. Group. Albeit brought I don't ever been here are. Thank you all my where's my 200 dollars. Well bode well Olga would irk Octavia and all changed all my cliche stick your big dot net. We look at all these streets there aren't we all gonna they're all there can be very effective it's. You'd do well but what she's all for you where it would. Go purple what are yet don't wish we are both very. You're entered or beer well. June oh. Torture Dennis is a better receiver right now Mendez brash dot. For a solid last year this award before does for just got hurt at the end of the season last 45 weeks on her pretty. It is double header that ledge she did beer bar I'd be more prepared what to make you bleed. Bit good or you prepare paper which you. Kept our. Here you have to watch. Who can you go go lawyer. Richard open word torture being liberated older she'll beer cart. Needs to. Ever and ever call. It's stewards on the Dez Bryant's not dynamic Dez Bryant and scaring anybody over the top anymore he's at best he's a move the chains got a problem is he's got a deep field is back all the time he's getting no separation he hasn't been the same since he had that Jones fracture injury. He's not the same player I don't think he has the same fire or maybe this will give it Salome but I think she is attitude. Problem vs is talent it's left. I I don't think it say it's it's the talent no longer supersedes the attitude issues that you're going to get here. Armed by the way can I just point this out team all we are losing the Dez Bryant conversation one nothing on the phone lines apprentice but I'm on 200 now they know your. The guy did so if he texted back isn't if you get a caller great young Dez Bryant he's paying you 200 right here station. Where you guys are on the attacks here knows email Eileen Mal I. I'll try to hook you up but here's the deal though crappy. I can't lose bone or bow here's the deal which it loses does frank conversation depressed because you can because. You lose the truth Mac where the panther fans think this is a ridiculous idea man seriously are we don't only wants. I guess so desperate for a receiver you wanna take this hot head pain any has diva who's got about 50% of the skills that he wants add it's a ridiculous idea draft a receiver we need guys can make plays over the top. Or quick guys that can get separation we don't need power forwards posted the hell up at the third down marker anymore when he died draped all over on I don't understand why panther fans wanted to. Other than CU receiver getting receiver. Right because the other fans are also so starved to get that neck. Because they guys that are slowing take its separation is why candidates rip some ties that hold the ball or. And they can go open is always open somewhat we've got the today mechanized forget who was I was I give credit. They said Friday was the first time Dez got a release in years. Let's say I want a lot of cowboys football 'cause I hate them without passion. And those teams I hate I'll watch a ton up right 'cause I'm root against them like crazy iMac hateful fool. And I'm telling you I did when I was appalled to see the drop off in his skills Alaska earlier this should do to use of explosive enough that he was a punt returner. And now this guy is a possession receiver at best and Max Ed WS Lindsay dad town. But. Sony intelligent Brodie says this is hilarious Max thinks he's mister Brandt Derek. And upon the little bills fan is the man of the people oh come on now one caller does suck up. Eyes glued to boot is up next group what do you say. They were. There were prepping their man. Just what we all learned is that tomorrow the formula so we're gonna now. You got rocketed. Don't how how is he today you've been out back you know they used to have a way better being in the body wrapped. Got DJ Moore Calvin Ridley who we just had Steve mention on the top of the hour who says these dudes could be number one receivers. A day of the ability and number one Dez Bryant is a number one receiver only is dreams anymore man agencies not aging well the injury has changed him. And each is not the same thing you guys can blame it on Romo vs. Tackle you want and the numbers have dropped I don't think it's a Romo Dak thing I think it's a Dez Bryant mother nature is whipping his titles that. The bachelor guy he thinks it was always a freak actually the best thing he did what he had size he doubled over topping the beast. I get to football I believe the injury the foot injury. Has sapped his ability to weed up over defenders and fight to the football so now what is he is average to below average here's injuries have made him an average or below average runaway C a preppy does phone lines are ringing in -- just leave so no one answered. Walter Jones disagreeing with us I would consider I just want to read my thought is trying to sabotage ask you I don't have to go to Bryce who is up next Bryce how you feel about day as in the Panthers. This is ridiculous where we could talk about it number one out at it wipe him. I mean over this. Ball got to death there as well who were completion percentage or any receiver Indiana well yet we had put it out there that we yen. What we want us died in separate. Why are you aware. I have a feeling you argue and bamboo cowboy in the caller on the line. And their cell what are we need to do is we don't want cowboy fans unhappy at lack. That's true. That's true and the cowboys didn't even want muscle a great two weeks from Ross Tucker last night. Ross Tucker said yeah I just on a perfect team look at a depth charts through for Dez Bryant the Dallas Cowboys I guess they don't want them with their receiving corps why should someone else take them on they know is headache they newest Hattig vs skill. You know. Ratio right now and yet two seasons and he was fifteen yards a catcher more. My eyes it was twelve yards a catch is lowest last year bone in his career he averaged four catches a game. And 52 yards a game and that's supposed to be some dude we're supposed to risk. Upset the apple cart. Our let me get clay John Reid is in the building where his panther gear is a good man. Agrees though before I thought we get to read psalm and he tells Joseph about this mini event tonight. Clay you get the final word on this one Dez Bryant yea your neck. Are you kidding me. Saturday here all black all let's get out there can be better preparation a bit Bryant. There you go maybe 52% catch percentage had about that preppy. It got tied up maybe we weren't gonna let you rumors aren't as we want says. Don't make me throw you into a table I don't angels fans I went what exactly Arab or something here when his backs against the wall desserts genetic stuff yeah measurement. Listen it works every time this guy ridge says preppy is like Osborne but better bring in Dennis let's how mantra he's got a following all the signs are we're at certain points the same point we're gonna take a break when we come back. John Reid we saw on Saturday calm anti big CD mascot Olympics event very athletic John re. Com also very funny that's why is hosting things tonight. Easily done over there and Steve Smith's our foundations of Atlanta and so on John great comedians out Hickory last comic standing way. Well winner Henne got all this good stuff he joins us next.