Mac Attack Hour 3: Dethrone Bone & Greg Cosell

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Thursday, April 19th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Greg Cosell, as well as callers try to Dethrone Bone in Sports Trivia. 


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He's going doesn't know much. But he knows sports. Do you think you know more. I'm glad he's okay. Prizes and bragging. Right so are on the line she'll call in now if you think you can dethrone. This is this is a fun man Tebow talks trash but so far two straight weeks. He has not lost he has not been dethroned it. On the prizes there are at stake and do need to mention that it's funny how the prices keep growing year for some reason why is that out. Every week it carry over if no one wins a carrier to the next week to get all these people bigger always seem mourn together are one concert. These are all separate deals for most Dave Matthews July 24 at PNC music ability impaired tickets. James Taylor is all star band may sixteenth. Spectrum senator. Journey and Def Leppard both performing that night. June 9 as spectrum senator this is a hell of prize back right here. Three different pairs of tickets let's see you can dethrone bonus real simple it's a sport should be in the last thirty years that is. Where bone claims to be unbeatable. And it where he answered a question when you wanna buzz it get a chance answers say your name a will say Tebow own. Whoever you are will say your name first person to say their name I sure buzzer you get a chance to answer if you don't get it right. The other person's got a chance to steal that question. Basically yet to do this to straits times you have to get to straight questions right against you don't. Twice. People for Steve own. To an elimination question a second question but he don't has responded by answering that second question both time. Really think it's really heavy hearted or you've got issues I let's jump candidacy let's see who can it. Dethrone Boehner and let's see how it goes Ryan was the first guy in right let's. But I don't know and I managed to made a dumb down. Good man say your name if you wanna get a chance answer the question all right here we go how many three point shots says Ben Simmons made this season. Our own good zero that is correct the man is it 03. Point shots cookie Bryant didn't it would have. Ryan is still trying to get to dress so what's going on right now Ryan your honor radio show that was George you're on the radio savage right there Monique. Then 70 threes and I can't be honest I don't really think he's got a mid range jumper. I've never seen it should be this good without children CMBX. If he does that at a jumper on my lord I'd anyway. Let's go to the fact you can play in the game here so ready ready is ready to give it a shot Freddie ray are you ready to try to dethrone bone. Are you gotta get to write buzz in which your name the last one and done college player to win NBA rookie of the year. It. Anyone trying to do the players in my head a bone now and Davis. That is incorrect Herrera. I know not you know. One that. He was one and done I can tell he was on his desk in Atlanta Atlanta sit down here to talk about. I'm so yeah. Art outlaw. That is incorrect Carl Greg college Carl Anthony and Anthony's parents two years ago. Are just one let's move to the next question on the part is trying to messed me up over here now round let's move to the next question who was the first ever selection of the Houston Texans in the 2002 draft bone bone car. That is correct that is correct David beat David Carr Freddie raise Freddie regularly run that he could run our rights. Wasn't a good promised nothing nice about man Freddie wrecked cars and I knew I'd. Shouldn't someone jumping in your dethrone bone he's getting too big for his britches as my grandma all used to say as my Nan used to say when I was growing up. 70457096. Standing. If you guys wanna jump in here. Amber once trying to dethrone known amber are you ready. This would be major bragging rights amber if you pull this off instead keywords and yes. This oil easy questions. Okay the problem is an obese or ram do I care a lot. I'd assume it's got here who was the Carolina panthers' first ever draft pick. Both. Erica carryover buzz in and out bitching she's set an encounter dozen yards she had. I. It's only gets you out. Archie all answer. I just happened here I don't really know if we should have let her do it but she did and she's a you gotta get gotta get two wins so lol see baptized here don't. I just can I just I just pretty much gave up did it as you said the answer an annual letter to season and then you're allowed out. I will say this out outside here the other source rapid you're Tyrell bull. Is he won me him. Paper did you not designed to give you the knowledge here that Tyrone pool was the other side here you are August say that. I think he was here you know listening to us and save your full name though this time I get legend buzz in with are and it. This this is to dethrone Bohn who was the NFL coach of the year this past season on bone who has nickname tank. That is correct. At every got another that's the most handsome NFL coach of our. Impact that. You gotta know that it fellas Google searches girlfriend all right there's some ministry also it's not just eye candy forced out of their lady Susan almost a disaster on my god you almost gave away the good the game down the throne like. Are housed in a gentleman and I what are a receiver or you're being lazy. Are you gotta say your full name a buzz and if you just pump fake it we're not gonna let you get credit are you got a two syllables so you're sold and you're not currents bone a guy that calls themselves are archenemy poles skis. Is up next to try to dethrone bound. Our. Staff. He ready go Pelosi. We're here we go there you know hold on let's say there's that there's something we have this guy here at home. I know guns on the trombone until you beat him in question. I can't lose to discuss in would you name guys Dwight Howard said the hornets single season record for total rebounds in a season this year. Whose record did he breaks down bone who has Alonzo Mourning. Incorrect. And I don't they alternative answer all ski. And I am let's go live. A lot of work. On the hornets. Or home. I mean there's home I get their act. One well known as amended thrown his strength this visuals is like I don't even know man and I did view and watching dinners I give you second guess on goalies and I was Okafor. Now. This question dethrone bonus or job Larry Johnson and Larry I was. I was gonna get Byron Mullins also. Also we're hearing the moans mafia also growth DLJ double double record for season is well bat well we do have some bridal winer of the game or you have breaking news that it may shock. Mega tech nation out there. He's a dummy Hakim Olajuwon never played for bill Charl or oh okay thank you so that there would have known that one would never had a dog you got off to distribute gas out. I and I Lotta hole going right now bone is playing a bunch of directional schools and his schedule you don't you answer we just take guys that go light for our this'll. This guy chasing you ready to try to dethrone don't. Daria Ide bus that's God's eyes and what's your name as it has a voice. Which wide receiver was the last one picked first overall in the NFL draft. Don't vote will be key Shawn Johnson that is correct that is drain their egos Jason's voice like that we will never hear Jason's voice again that is that is I don't know we'll yeah. Cited out. That was why jets OK yes good point. A question preppy was kind of jets friendly to everybody wants it worked enough points to mark let me go with Ryan we another Ryan ready to play Ryan you're gonna try to dethrone bone. I am on our side let's do this right now is the same primary he lost if I don't know aren't. Heat. So yeah are you saying guys. It could climatic you're citing the boys I'd written it sounded different a little bit on the tell we got people so what are your piece of bone so badly they're column back Italy's change your name I don't advocate sheeting but hey Angela strikeout was tries Scott out your diary got to dethrone the 070457096. Generally want to have a week. Scott are you ready applied. Aren't here we go a Josh Allen could go first overall at a Wyoming who is the last. Non power size school player to go number one in the NFL draft. Scott who has it. In corrects incorrect it's alas not power I don't quarterback to go number one notre list on power five player power five player yet I don't know Al. Erik Fisher offensive tackle Jesse Jackson guys starters that's a tough one as I've already forgot his name prosper when elevenths which is crazy when you think about guys Wesson was not Tom. What's gonna lose to get to the decision. Unless secret we're. Well I don't do I say quarterback stereo when you were put into question a new question no harm done. Buzzing when your name guys who is the last cornerback. Last corner backs the Panthers took in the first round. Bob bumps and don't. That is Chris Gamble that is correct that is golf you know people out a good bet for these cats just couldn't answer in itself. Here's some food I should also. So Augusta Rashard Anderson in the first round one year but that was 3 AM or that was a one all time worst answer fix ever map while Minnesota right now gives give me one more more you do one more. He'll. Let's go so fast let's go Bob Coleman on line number one I culminated you're the last guy this week if it's you don't get it all the prize. Prizes Dave Matthews Band James Taylor journey Def Leppard tickets all carry over are you ready. Are you come home where you are broken down the eighteen year old SBC eligible for this get this would be great. AT&T navigator parents' permission before calling it he'd be legal drinking age are getting there. I hero. Here we go high eighteen year old komen last five years of the NFL draft the SEC easily has the most first round. Pics of any conference what conference's second. The around. Don't go out ACC that is true rags don't you add no more are. All well and us all right maybe keep trying MacKey tried he was quick usually right there are details. Well I mean I got not quicken up was he a known you'd sit right these are young apprentice we got time for one more is that it now has probably air and we had a rapid that's so bad is happening this is in India are right is an annoying and to be honest man this student Zach is going to be bragging about this all week long I can be thrown out or not. I just call an Indy throws to let you play or you got slightly impressed this is happening now like Torii Hunter yeah you're good at what I do you do good you're Smart you know your sports dude like seriously like. So that's what I that's why we agreed to do the game like we knew we talk I just didn't think three weeks in no one would beach. What's obviously I'm not hey I'm I'll bump up deeper there's a force though I know my state capitals to it costs. Did you join us next week our listeners I apologize to everybody could not win. Next week all these tickets carry over next week it'll be Dave Matthews James Taylor. Journey and Def Leppard and skater tickets. Four pairs of tickets next week to get. Okay so in two weeks we'll do it again. One week let's see here 830 Greg cosell returns. To the Mac attack ladies and gentlemen we've been waiting for this moment coming up at 830 he'll bring down the prospects we've been salivating over recently. It is the Mac it's ax sixteen and WFANC. Honesty trombone thing is becoming a cause enacted stagnation just a clause that people are now all of ballots. On this is good south Williams says. It is cracking me up Williams says I've I just beat bone at the game in my car I'll call next week can get them through William. Will and that if your your car what do you call it we didn't do yet he says next week you are mentally to Fareed I feel like. People's bravado gets going after the game is hurting and they call in and they don't beat me. I think there's a different level of pressure once you get in the game let you know on the radio you know maybe not doing your normal treating him like for example the car into towns question you asked. We're sitting at a bar I could probably go through my head the rookies of the year the last info here you have time I can do process I get to work it out here. I'll just take your stats are so many saints. And are landing that is I don't. This is not yet he's very quick on this was a hard yeah it is now another guy says I'm not impressed I'm taking a break at work next week to dethrone the whole two weeks. Two weeks has rightward and into it we'll bring it on that's what we're looking forward to this thing done well. And I really couldn't see that anymore I like the fact it has build up like this hard thing to deal. It's getting in the opening that hole like I want somebody to be rewarded don't if you think you know if divorcee in it's great if you think it's great I will come to your office he could ask questions I will take you want in your own place of business so outrageous detail to questions right here like I just go in Italy say hi Greg we don't lose it is a vital thing I know really we say it's right to smile lights NASCAR George called and screaming to Trent he was. Well is he mad about Pratt. It was meant there was a NASCAR questions evolves he said oh come to the studio and Beecher asks. George I think George one Julian price placed or them outside the park want 12 o'clock in the I. NASCAR George doesn't know when but he will be heard on the showed that. You know nobody will be heard later on the show. But anyway what are we can't put you on the contest I only have a couple minutes for a result I didn't really do NASCAR hockey isn't trying to make it to sports that you know like I'm trying to make it's that people want to come up into your wheel house. This guy smartest guy Richard says it's ridiculously easy for bony roots for so many teams he knows a mall. Aren't a lot of funny but not at liberty for all those are really they're just questioned three weeks. This guy says god you know much did you brownies out there give me on their UConn Adam wouldn't look bone salts do cast your tell me that it's Reagan when one guy on the line Citic kibo module as a hornet. But what I've just might like politics has been the problem. Not like guys like that calling it this guy says. This guy says I don't want the prize but I'm calling in to take the top spot. This guy says I love the show let's play the game still on someone meets him. If it takes still tend to care shall we I mean we got Greg Joseph Salave'a thirty. We got Albert freer in my Monday Morning Quarterback at nine. Corey chased Arthur got some big time heavy hitters we draft talk. So I can't just like who knows how long it's gonna take to the trombone I feel like we do this we keep coming back drama builds William also text there and around this cracks me up. Williams says what is your black man like me and you don't like any of these campaigns. We currently have here is sure we don't he's Williams says he wants to be issuing give the tickets to me and Freddie we have amassed the most Caucasian cuts are trying to. Connect history of Scott's or life I don't even know I really you know would go to a lot of I mean did Dave Matthews a mall that's one of the best lives. Acts in the last 25 years. But it's some of the older ones at will but the thing is a given for free like put him up all in your trying to sell nobody here give nobody's against her. Try to sell them somewhere animals or should we tell people that. I don't know but anyway don't you gotta do to me that immediately the funny email from William B James Taylor doesn't skew African American how. And Maggie and some flak here we had Paul skewed who lost to Tebow on call and just announce it to you and asked a question right. He said you mess up the question of all time you know what you were sent a message up I don't know accidentally our set the hornets single season record for total rebounds this year I don't know if those among Elena might have been that was accessories and allows you want we made a lot of room go to single season you can look it up though. Look it up this did set a bad bone couldn't be Franken a push up contests. Except that's definitely not his wheel house to. What does that matter did you see Garcia and you're doing pushups at each of the Cheryl Garcia's in your shirtless but so do that and also frank and he's doing these push ups he was an act. Animal dude frail and he was like grunting while do and he's pushing these Jazeera is impressive is he ripped. Really I mean a video that. He's strong but he's aluminium shell now is like Wrigley ceased all he looks better -- sure Ross but that's not really saying something. Right gas somewhat lending Louie Anderson looks better meet shirtless. I saw earlier this super sonic stories you just says how about some NBA playoffs on Wii U we talked about a bunch of first hour. I will see a couple things I'll say LeBron James that was thoroughly entertaining an amazing yes today and you could see him turn it up and act. I tweeted out for the game he's going to be must see TV tonight and I had a feeling this dude ain't going out in game two at home it was too important the game. And that that was fun to watch there's no doubt about it the other thing I want to mention is read Rick and l.s article today in the paper speaking of the MBA playoffs unfortunately. He's got a Kemba Walker trade idea and we knew we talk about the smaller sultan I wonder if supporters say as we go slower because there's hornets fans that are very anti trade Tamba. But. It's a deal circle wide. You know that's situations amass in San Antonio Popovic reportedly according to cliff and others lost kemba Walker's games. It would be Campbell and lamb to make contracts. Equal equalize nineteen million a year and then it would be the eleventh pick overall. For coli letter. Could be an interesting move the only problem is why as a player option next year can opt out after one year. The the problem the problem then state is done at the point guard situation. You know uncle months don't play 2.0 yeah. You'll thing among you museum hours are shooting guard yet I don't know I mean I guess I guess he would be the guy. But I think going to be I think he would be a point guard. I think he shall slash she's getting better way to get a tie guy that's a top. Five player in the league you know Sears that you got to cloture and Allen let's us know I don't want to at least enticing right into either Jewish or anti trade him that one at least makes you think a little bit but I just outside ability of lies the problem after that trip Armonk soured on Kauai if it's only nickel wise health. You're getting healthy. Free this year Kline Leonard there's no doubt about it that is it's a no brainer. If you're Seve every if he's going to be. You Davies fallen apart for some reason we got a problem it is going to be able to tell me it's helped E. Coli wandered. There and always. Mr. somewhere buckle wise attitude that's part of it soon though doubts armed Geisel usually act like data San Antonio I like this guy I'm a white man and I think all the music tickets you have are lame. We're bringing folks together we're bringing that we're bringing multiple races ago. In their hatred for James Taylor music that's overdue and I we come back we'd miss them it's been since the NFL season one of our favorite guests let's go in the film room on the east prospects. This week end next week on draft day and age thirty. Greg cosell and instills a sock stress next. I know as soon as us get right to everybody this is one of our favorites it's not football with any some a year we missed on the it's been since. The week before that third stake in saints' loss since we have talked to him. I will love let him know though that I moved on from that and we're being proactive. Who'd as the Panthers need to take in this draft let's talk about. A bunch of these prospects that we've been discussing for weeks now we bring in Greg cosell of NFL films he has also as only he can do. Then study in the film of these prospects say Greg you've been good to talk to Ian. Mac. Mine now oh absolutely I'd totally of miss you Brett if it was up to me man I would have the privilege of being able just call you would like 10 o'clock at night at your house and talks you know. It's better that way American. That was deadly collapse of a man who does not want that to happen that is necessarily have to. I am ready to roll man another song your Twitter and stuff and you don't some podcasts is also like to add another radio shows. Come on let's get into let's try to start. Whiskey will go with the wide receiver position it's one that you know a lot of cancer sands are always say let's get another weapon for camp. I'm not I'm not sure the Panthers need to go there in the first round but. The really DJ Moore conversation we've been going back and forth with that one that. How do you feel about those two guys is there one that you look at and say it's the Panthers you know went that way would help the Panthers more what are you feel. Well really the really interesting prospect and Andy it there's nothing not to like about the way he plays. He's got tremendous route running savvy for eight college wide receiver he's incredibly well refined. It is deemed his old Mac much more on finessed quickness speed that just totality. I think some people see him differently. I know I spoke to Bill Polian about a man I didn't quite see in this wavered Bill Polian thought it was a market Paris and I receiver which in. If you look at it that way than you think he's a big big time prospects. If you think outweighed and you see imitate big time number one tight. I think they'll be some teams that see him a little differently not that they don't like come by you have to decide what do you think he would because he's only 190 pounds now. When you get right down to match the cold or ward receiver in the NFL is to get open and catch the ball and that reduces it to simplest terms. But that Britain leak into those things. We know it audio brown is not 215 or 220 talent. He gets open and catches the ball so Ridley is a real high level prospect because of his refinement. Moral with a guy I didn't know much about at all when I started watching them. And someone actually told me about them. And I really like this get on tape I mean he's sixty came in bigger than I think people ought to come behind Steve ran better than people thought. He's got to desired combination of size he's effective explosiveness. He's really got reliable hands. I you can line him up anywhere. I think his transition to the NFL will be fascinating to watch because I think he's just mood a guy. He's he's not certain an explosive he's just really really smooth. And he kind of physical competitive presents to his team which everybody like. Dad yeah I'm really love DJ Moore as well man that that's slicing this after the catch. It is beautiful on its real. I just did one I don't want people fought their chairs here because what you would what you do this habit too and has a long time as you know you've probably seen some of my breakdowns on our Twitter. You know. Tactic to stoke very seriously I'm very sober about it there's no agenda. So when I say this I don't want people think that I'm saying he's exactly this guy as we speak to date but if you really like DJ Moore is a prospect. I think you could see elements of the Andre Hopkins in his. Well interesting now that's a and that's high praise no doubt about it that's interesting stuff. I'm Greg cosell would just NFL films were talking draft produced today obviously are doing it right now doing next. On Thursday on draft day is well. It's like go a little deeper in the wide receivers guys Greg did or that got him in that next group to Chris Christian Kirk and DJ charged in and then down the Miller chair Nancy Miller out of Memphis. When Jimmy is seen ground. I like Hamilton out of Penn State and east solid like that next group who stands out he used to Panthers go after someone in that group. Well they're all really different that this Armenian allegation that you have to decide. You'd think players transition to the National Football League. Doubt college statistics. We're usage and deployment in college it's about how do you believe they transition to the NFL. Had a player the more I watched that aren't really liked of the names you mentioned it. What Sydney Miller. And and it's funny because or would the more I watched Miller. And again I'm not saying he's Antonio Brown if so what sort tacos this made me think of brown coming out of college who was a success around picked. And I looked up until lookup the dementia bubbles of Miller and brown and Miller's measurable are better than ground when brown came in college. And then Hillary look that up is because I really like Miller on tape and as I said. The more I watched him in the more like. Now he played both outside and in the slot. And Memphis. Many people might see him solely as a slot receiver he does weigh 200 counts it's decent size. I think there's a sudden it's in route quickness to his game. I'd like Kim a lot as a prospect that you mentioned some like it could immediately brown he's totally different guy he's sick almost expired. And yeah so long lean athletic guy who. I'm not sure if he's a volume type receiver in the NFL always gonna catch 85 or ninety balls. They may not need that in Carolina they need to guide articulate tech vertically and in saint brown has size stride only good weight speed. Again if you really like Kim. You could see similar movement traits to AJ green. He's not as good AJ green I'm just talking about the sci used to have movement you know it'd debt and a strike only to try to link is a big thing in the NFL I used to be wrong about that Mac yeah or exceed these bigger guys and I think boy they don't run really fast. But you know when you get free access when you're not pressed dropped a line of scrimmage these big guys they take four steps and fifteen yards down the field. Yeah I know that does that makes a difference that's good point arm our Greg let's slide it. To another position Greg Olsen we've got to Greg Olson's situation for the second straight all season a contract situation we had Greg coming off an injury we got Greg what we get the TV like you. Arms so I'm looking to tell. I guess he's going to be way about a mile up. Think for Monday night. I don't is a drag idealist phrase it that lives at they. Say you know I'm OK you yourself rather you can Meet the Press step that. I hit it. Are so I'm looking at the tight end position. How they see how do you feel about this this group both tight ends I mean there you know whether it's. What do what do you say who they how do you kind of arrange these guys. I mean I had to pick one Kenyan you know me I'm not a big list I believe had to pick one if you said to me is a good deal like I like Kate and her stead of South Carolina quite a bit. You know I think that feature classic multidimensional receiving tight end I think you can find anywhere in the offensive formation. You know again we will do with a new coordinator nor I don't know how many who played in six they'll lineup didn't hear everybody does it just a matter how much. The previous group to lined up with to trade ins quite a bit. But I think a person can line up anywhere in the formation you split him and now he can run multiple route concepts we can be vertical receiver as well. Can be that's so called movable chess piece and give you that dimension so I particularly like Tim on eight. Much I look at some some guys deeper in this class accused of cancers weighed a little bit to Silva tight end needs. Guy like Ian Thomas setting Harley and a writer Richard like and then the other one is turned it out of Miami MI wrong instinct these guys can be or the player. It's funny because earnings coming off an injury I believe I I think it'll be okay. I was fascinated by him. You know again with tight and you never know where they get drafted because different people have different views but I think Congdon. It's really fascinating prospect. Because the easy athleticism and movement trait to really jump off the film. He's very under find at this point no we can't give cryptic guy in the third forth fifth round and I don't think Perkins critical before that. I really are you looking for him to be a big factor as a rookie I mean obviously a critical and as god you're going to need it right into place snapped. I'm not sure turned into ready to do that. But I like him as a receiver I thought he was aggressive as a blocker and it's a pass protector as well. So he. He need to work it all these areas but when you see tight ends when they lineup on the line of scrimmage to school or at least aggressive and willing as blockers. That's a positive. And I think that in the right situation. Would would good coaching her to have the chance to develop into a productive at potentially dangerous receiving tight end of this gift epileptic. Yeah oh yeah no dad no doubt about it running back I got to go to running back to you Greg cosell and tell you what. They gonna do map which enters its McCaffery gonna be coming quote unquote foundation act. I Johnson and this is stupid so clearly a certain. I feel like there's more foundation back there may be then a lot of stands around here banks. Only 200. Yeah. They normally the Norv Turner offense which starts with the run game you know as seat he backs sort of a feature slash foundation back who potentially carries the ball 1720 times a game. Now you don't door to door and it's a long time I think that he's an adjusted he feels the need but I'm not sure McCaffrey's that guy singing if they're not just not sure. Yeah I was ensure that we can at Stanford. I still listen let me say this icy and you're ready you said that or I thought he was foundation. I feel like it's got to be more of a two complementary backs together where you get somebody like a guy like nick chopper were shot penny. These guys that can you know may be run between attack goals you know help you kill a lead late. I TC PI. It's funny I think nick job. Based on on the track record of Norv Turner and that's always have to go on you know nor has been doing this so long time. And he he's done it pretty well in the NFL career. I think nick jug is the is being Norv Turner back. Because I think he's and I back that's what he did acknowledge these so well built big he would. He's a decisive downhill runner he's teaching tradition short area burst he runs with velocity in natural power. I think he's a classic sustaining and it held back I think touring north on offense. New job is is a perfect kind of back because the last thing to me whatever that. The last straight title looked out with a Backus you know forty time and long speed you know there's not a lot of seventy yard touchdown runs by backs in the NFL. That to me is not a big time great to be high level quality NFL running back. Now now down to down consistency I like him a lot to. Some of these other names like you know what do you think Kerry on Johnson were shot penny this kid John Kelly out of Tennessee's interesting but not MA people are talking about him and. It's an interesting guy it's funny you mention that obviously the numbers were not big plate on and on to bad teams there these kind of fascinating guy. You know you short but he's not small another guy didn't run good forty time it's of people being emperor that. But. Again that he's again you make comparisons not because you're saying the guy is this guy right now but what I watched Kelly. I think he would do it reminded me of it to pot to Freeman tight with his body type as aggressive physical relentlessly running style. He runs with the velocity he runs hard he's really good contact our stuff. Finished and pick up the top yards that matter but toll to meet an intriguing prospect. Yeah I like him a lot of can't get more people just a few people get really you know talked about him here with us so we just. Like that man I always feel good when Greg Greg Little Greg cosell endorsement of somebody I was looking I feel like maybe I'm not an idiot I thought I was you know. I don't even critical eye on the tapes you're doing all right. Ice YouTube's doubting how don't have all the be all twenty twos Greg donors I don't say he's got to not take Greg YouTube videos are. Got the got actual sell whatever don't see every play they still get CD reviews Greg gets. He a couple of football in between watching accolade is beyoncé videos and stuff. And don't get me start I really don't like beyoncé is music that much and that's gonna probably have people like want to slaughter me on by some Jessie does not go there and I. It came in nice is coming now the new album so you can be. Valued Dow you know my case dragged and we don't mind great guy cosell talking to demonize what more do you need to solve I want you name a few words that we've regular car he'd be now man the house is gonna come down. Do you let me ask you dregs or ramped up as well do is. I'm trying to wrap up the offensive positions in the next equaled their defense and a couple other things they be quarterbacks overall draft. But interior offensive line. Some of the guys you like like jet says it's to me I think Daniels is a guy the Panthers had a visit with sent the senator on the course. I think he can play center or guard and I think they need help at guard big time. You know opposite turner. You know losing Norway also I think Daniels played center but I think he can play parties very very athletic. I teach these. I think he's terrific prospect to. Let me come it is or anybody else I don't give you the next group Mason Cole is another guy that's a senator. On the at a Michigan Billy price all of these Big Ten guys going price Ohio State's. Armed do you like would you rather than do our wheels Hernandez just tied to just a straight guard like which. Well Hernandez's are really good prospect to let Billy sites can obviously place central which he did his way to Europe are states. Prior to that he played guard because pat outlined was there are Billy price of very very good prospect. Who would get when you mentioned. On the Macy's Kohl's and other guys. Like recently he was playing out of position to tackle at Michigan because they needed him to do that. But I think that he has a chance to be a really quality prospect of an interior linemen whether it's Carter Center. And that's I feel like if they take one of those guys Greg I'd like it to be have the versatility that some of these guys have to guard center combo. Expertise to do nowadays if you're on the radio every day. If you start drifting interior offensive linemen they're not viewed sexy pick out they're necessary text. Oh yeah I did some nice if I weighed up all night we take interior linemen animal be furious it's like yeah but they're still. Like I I would may be are you could wait around her so wanted. But it's still important consequent injury nor well last liked I'll lose I was you know public enjoyed it you know that. He'd say man everybody says stuff like that well you can take a double running back get a drift around. Yep the good running back you've taken in the fifth round is not raised entirely as the great you have in the first round I mean that's easy to say just missed some guys do may detect the way it works. But ultimately you have to draft guys based on your evaluation of the talent at do you put a draft board together so you know it's easy to say what you don't take a guardian on the first round. But yet if you get to your pick and then there's a cart sitting there that you have read it to ten on your ball in spots better than your picking you don't like then you might have to do that. Now let us sure that's sure let hey I gotta circle back and ask you this question because people are all over by the way the dynamic here Greg is a lot of tea their fans listen to show. Believe McCaffrey is a slot receiver and not a running back anymore and I still believe there's some running back there. I want to circle back. I don't know how north gonna see him I'm gonna be too. I think what they do in the draft we'll tell you a lot of back and exe Christian McCaffery. Do you think like do you eat you also do you think it's possible because I believe it's kind of like a split thing you know remain between a child in McCaffery Europe and Ian McCaffery. But do you think some guy said that Norman is is thinking McCaffrey is Sproles. And it. The in coming back it will be used like Chelsea are you seeing that sort of extreme. Like we could do you think it's Moscow because I McCaffrey is more than just roll no offense is oldies talent. And. I mean yeah. You know I guess is McCaffrey out and Camara in Ned you're not gonna make him your Cornel courts foundation. And these are so it's a better way maybe yeah. I would see him more like that I don't think he's the guy. Tell line not that your foundation back in north of Iraq since you know forget Norv Turner had big time back in his conferences through the years. Because these the old door cutter approach and yet he might adjust achievement may have adjusted now. The whole Norv Turner approach was pretty basic start your offense with the running game and Japan scheme works off of that okay now he may change that. But that's the way what is now. Two who played that kind of offense Mac you don't need a foundation back to that guy's gonna get the ball seventeen to forty times a game. And it's a lot of inside running. I question whether McCaffrey can do that on a week to week basis. Yeah no I think just legitimate in terms of Jack how much of that he can do our Greg you're the ma'am and on the south talking your off next week we in the defense of players. On the you know of interest and Panthers and ABC quarterbacks off and stuff like that you are demand at Greg cosell on Twitter. You must follow her own Greg thank you talk to you next week. Large ego Greg cosell made and the McCaffery sinks a man. Everybody's coming after McCaffrey knows carries maybe I think I think he nailed down. Was just some guys trying to bash of Chris say he's going to be Sproles and the guy we dress from the LT. I think he nailed it there about tomorrow and Ingram write shield comes in is Ingram. McCaffrey is kind of the tomorrow or role I'm not saying he's as dynamic articulate those. Call of Coleman's Freeman damage some like death but as we come back to our mobile pay some bills here we come back. We're 888910 minutes away from Albert Briere join us some more gray dress talk. It's going down tonight. BWS since eighth. Pre draft roundtable is tonight take a red carpet up a red carpet show we have red carpet show on a red carpet. And tickets still available at 630 tonight do worst neighborhood grill. It's been good so we've done the last handful years has been a good sign you good information you also get goodies. There's a boss say there. You don't get all you can eat go get a corona in media stand draft guys. And you're gonna get them all supporting 999 buy your tickets now get my purse dot com. And you do your whole lessons he crew some former NFL there's like Garcia Dray Bly and Omar Gaither break it down and the sort of the show's going to be Steve Mench you sort of on the shows ESPN's scouts and draft guys. He's a great place and roll idol typical idol reworked with for years and he's gonna kill a man you're gonna get good. Cancer information tonight when it comes to draft talk until worst neighborhood grill. Get my Turks dot com tickets or sell pretty quick here in the last few days. By them bring the fellas out hang out what to say hello. Is to be interactive parts to Tebow is gonna get you'd ask a question and stuff take a Mike around. So to be cool stuff are next on the gas is don't really give us I think in so twofold one is he just in a mock drafts of the MM QB web site. But also he's written some stops along the way on the candidates for the Panthers ownership. So we've got to get into both those things both those things of interest do you pay their fans in football fans in general coming up next with Albert Greer Monday Morning Quarterback right here on the Mac it's.