Mac Attack Hour 3: Damione Lewis on Panthers

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Wednesday, June 13th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers off-season & OTA's with Damione Lewis. 

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All right Jake lockers of aborted the Mac to check here on their fans -- biggest news today the world supports the US and Don North American general was led by the US. On the World Cup will look come to the states. In 2026. And as I learned earlier in the show that means we're in a 2206. World Cup maybe we have qualify we have bought way it. If you can't earn your way and buy your way and it's the American flag and this is people like quite honestly so we will be and hopefully do does one do will be into seriously but where's sound we'll come back got a World Cup 2026. That is in us. So to wanting cutter. Only have one coming up in cutter. Yeah that is that as there that's a country that doesn't look like Carter was like what our buddy our guy aren't you talk about a shady you know lows shady way get the World Cup but anyway aren't mad at W and Z dot com so sixty of the eighty games. We'll be in the states the other one needs. My elsewhere in North America also the big here's the big Mac attack news is prepping has posted a poll. WF Lindsay poll we're trying to figure out we're looking doing duct. Another memorandum for years into the Mac attack all the same which usually is caller based on real one contributor on here too. Freddy read all the results of its what are called people can vote on the Dutch. The polls and on the de the F Lindsay Twitter council find it and vote on the. So we have four contestants in in fourth place with 10% of the vote is Robin the duke fan attacked our next five to hide first second place to people grainy pat and Mike Florio with 244% guy. Our leading horse how whole American pharaoh or justify you can call him mark from Estonia a 42%. Look at dad he's got like to what is delegate eighteen point lead over both Macs still yeah it is not senate he's not a first ballot hall saying I. Well why otherwise I think he is Boehner and right now the support is coming his way don't we wanna do with the know we have our ultimately make the decision well. As a sanctioning body of the Mac to tackle famed we will make that decision. But I do want to people to be our guide here. Seated thing is what does Paul came about as -- if you go out to dinner with MMG every other night a few weeks back you would probably not have soured on the way you ask. What the people they just get him in small Mac attack doses they get appreciate MF sees comic relief Friday to remove all of you today had a good chuckle Tellme what's hole same quality with him because you land every time you'll. You know it's Halloween favorite do you have a whole thing what are chairman Eric are you okay. It's our new chairs in the studio it sounds awful we need to get that fast as we hear you right as does it took my old Sheryl I think we need to move get out of there. Took my FedEx shares distracting hum I guess some guided his is I driving MITRE yelled out every disguised tax at some point I just driving me crazy but anyway let me jump in soup to distinguish. MMG movement. Go into the WF and declared period dropped nearly match in the poll you're ready driver and yeah you're right by the way they took my guess they took my good show around this with the gaming freak a squeaky intermediate data I moved around the time and so you can have a squeaky chair or may when he some WD-40 or so where does not do a picker behavior is that role that chair out Roland I want him back to our staff assistants are more. Art let's talk about. Jerryd Bayless get me fired up anybody with me on this. We're talking about the hornets draft and Rick Bedell wrote pieces in the observer I believe today have read it online yesterday as Charlotte Observer dot com. And there's just a lot of questions Tbilisi about the draft Gerri Willis did not include Michael Porter junior bone in the list of guys that he thinks will definitely be gone by eleven. So Rick pinellas any intrepid reporter would do followed up and said what about Michael Porter junior. And he thinks because of the back injury he does think it's possible that he falls as far as eleven. Because teams will be scared off by the back injury Gerri Willis goes on to say if you get Michael Porter junior and eleven and he can stay healthy. You're essentially getting a player who is number one overall pick caliber at the number eleven spot in the drafts. Pardon me for being excited about his possibility. Isn't a small possibility. Yes. But damned bones that's the kinda lucky duck in now much junkie look we have in this franchise what would that apply. Fire you up if we got Michael Porter junior eleven because of injury concerns. Here's my concern is he's got injury problems in east falls to us. Mean wouldn't we also be concerned about his injury problem is that good a player he's following. Does that make you slightly Omar are there others now reduced outlook Serbia boomer boss aspect to this pick. But I myself am willing to take a shot. You could have a franchise player. At number alas it. Rather than take wanna be shackles at number eleven that's gonna turn in the next and actually he's the next Cody Zeller or the next AG as your next frank in the next frank good Kaminsky. Who asked. When I set an ass out now that's an experiment Jim look maybe what our picks or so may have more to address the next MM jayshree you know it's I swear we are but I mean there is some risk to a double guy falls to the injury you've got to be at least be worried about lauded each hold begin I don't give a damn do you understand what we've been doing. We are in a position Mon where at and maybe this is the conversation we need dabble in stance. Do you see if Michael Porter junior drops because I thought everybody would agree was made today that this would be a loss. If Michael Porter junior drops eleven because of back concerns. And you hear. At number eleven just because the injury concerns. Would you take him there I take him in a heartbeat I dare to be freaking great because this hornets franchise bone it's just stuck picking a bunch of Jesse's and a bunch of regular old jokes. And the damned draft and we need to take an attempt to be great what's the worst happens bound if the lottery pick bust out and he ends up amateur chronic back injury. He can't help us maybe we lose more basketball games and maybe we draft tire the next year. Like I I thought this was a no brainer among hornets fans you've got to shoot your shot if he'd drop. See what the luck of the franchise over the last 1514. Years or so. I lean towards more of he probably wouldn't and a touch base also history of what's going on here. And they haven't had any walk since they came back really at all. Kemba Walker it has been great besides that it had no waksal while you do asserted as a dare say we haven't been lucky so we're gonna have bad luck. I mean I guess I if he's there right now that you got to take him but I don't know since he's not a sure thing by any means no. He's not a sure thing but I'll tell you this. You wanted somebody bone that's special you so we can't get anybody special draft at number eleven. He drops down there his skill set is special you talk meddling can put you on the floor shooting pull up shoot threes if somebody kids it is about 611. I'm doing all these things bottle handling the rocks finishing in transition. Like is this dude wouldn't be it would it would be locked. Now here's the thing you then would need luck of him staying healthy you would be double life you need him to drop deals and you need the second dose of luck to him being healthy. My whole point is both what else are we going to do draft Mattel bridges would be a nice three indeed peace but nothing special. And again I'm of the mindset bone that I would like to stink for the next three years so if it ends up busting out we can't get anything out of bump. Well maybe we trade can limit reduced thanks for the next few years and then maybe we draft in the top five and then they don't get more shots for the next couple years of players like that I. I don't understand what we have to lose if depict us out he joins the club. I added you know science but I don't feel it's not that I got much to lose in the draft is that the right attitude to have to Dow. Who we pick bad before so immediate peace oxy socks I mean. Well now it's NASA gets attitude and his team don't we've done nothing in the draft you need we need source we need stars on this franchise. And this is a chance of even though we screwed it up I went into made him games and take elevenths. This is a chance to get a star type player choose your shot. And go for it if it doesn't hit. It's another year of not hitting. We've he domain like I don't what do you say stick. The franchise can't take a scene say unit that does us no good when he's no outs wants stars attend teams are gonna pass on a possible number one overall talent. That's got to be a war I was telling us only teed off at some point they used to virtually taken it to. They imagery at some point someone will realize the risk reward is worth utility and that some say is a risk reward is worth it to take Michael Dorn junior he and I I don't understand know what team now would be BT might Philadelphia was already collected in a no no no that team they're letting their day they need. Any players like they used Mikhail bridges to contribute right away is at three Indy guy you have my point what was clearly there are readied are already on the Wii are the little one of the best teams in the they can take a chance on a guy like got to keep and vowed to. Seven and MBI getting your story stands on its I I need your horns and say we have nothing to lose seriously like we don't like if if we swing and miss and a drab but we file it away as a nineteenth consecutive season whenever river earliest. Obama is the hornets fans I thought everybody and their brother feel like that's freaky kind of cool. The Marciano Robin the detention when the votes. I was presented the hulking thinks that he gets votes are beyond my securities fly so what else points out more they started not a bad have to. I don't ever orders fans on his I'm curious they're not hornets fans out there that if Michael Porter junior like bill suggest. Does actually dropped to us eleven that would not want the card right ran up there for a like are we all going safe are we all being steered in this draft. Steered money. Make money both all right seriously I live by the Credo and you know where to Beckham for. Are seven of our problem I had to saying I don't know I don't know who dedicate not limited so I cannot find opponents fans that would get excited all we're trying to do and this town. It's five people that are excited about the dark. There's a distress can excite him would that not do it for you would you take Michael Porter junior 704. 5709. Success or should be scared like Tebow talk about. Oh and oh. Here's a Mac attack on us and Z maggot W a to Z dot com Sanjay Hendrick GP emails there in building senator to acts Timonen is afraid. Rules afraid of the Michael Porter junior thing if he drops does. Like this text or right here Brian Bryant says. Tebow strike if he dropped does he dropped just for a reason. The Intel is bad don't do it it would be another hornet's Bostick tootsie that I sang a guy. I've seen Cortes prospects. I'd I just I want to take a shot at stars. Quite honestly I wanna dress to the top three for every year for the next three or warriors like I want to absolutely stink that is what I really want. But if we have to draft elevens because they won too many games late in the season as they are apt to do. And they haven't you know and and we start to rebuild yet. I want to try to take a player with the greatest upside Lonnie walker to me. Has a lot of outside an eleven Michael Porter junior is Jay Adelson a paper today is literally got what number one pick skills. But you get an eleventh. If you're maligned franchise like torrents you just take your shot you've got nothing to lose it's like a poor guide me as being offered a lottery ticket. Would you just take the lottery ticket and see if you wins if not you're still pour Tebow according way I look at it. So according to Kevin O'Connor of the ring error. Those keynesian mavericks may be trying to move out of that five ranked top five right which. There's at the knicks meanwhile Michael Porter junior try to Tyson Gay straight up deal Michael Porter junior I bring that up because we're looking for a teams how do the hornets get. In that top five ranged. What a case in mavericks are trying to move out of there today according to governor holiday doing an attempt to deal her is that she assumed I was -- 71 year last is that not enough snow probably a Sacramento just got to DR Sox last year leader while there and Dallas is that Dennis the juniors SEC that Dodi point guards that is true artists or even ball somehow I don't know maybe now. Actor Ed WF Lindsay dad Thomas email addresses seem split on people like would you be excited. And would you be gung ho and run like that to me I would be all kind of pumped up about this if they got a let's just at least one Hulk. And even if I know it's a risky proposition I just want a glimmer of hope in my brain for the hornets don't have any right now. A rights 70457096. Stand scenario goes talks about what Fidel which. Bill SSA could have been is porter's injury lead in being they're eleven would you take imported stands where the horrid stands missiles Staal was out there. I let me go to Jerry who wants to jump leader Jerry would you do this strip thicker and. Now without hesitation. Thank I'm sure they're you know medical therefore they're they're delicate and and I think they're. If it would be different for not taking a bill that are. Because there are what he's. You know there are what he pressed he brought. You know big you know big video and we danced apple begun again. If if not. The top you know being number one. He didn't remember that they do a no brainer. Hi let's. Are before alludes. I both for your qualifying only only and you know believe it's got a big mark from debt down. And in here the reason why you got in in your topic for another day maybe but. You know you get market and they did it come about what they're next animated animal they don't. It's where. Mark. For him. He could only he could be the voice of the cartoon character there's no doubt I'd already be Yosemite Sam I'm not sure mount Bobby convey what. There really is still it is really bad and I'm all right so Boehner he could be you know the movie saying Mac with the singing and as very moving eighty degree Hagan annexing out of sync. I'd here's my next question okay about Michael Porter junior. I'm trying to see him of trying to see moan if I can be dogged you on the level here by the way if you're a born doctors told us he's got a 50% chance. Loves having. In his career and with a back injury. I'd still dressed like a supporting our second checked hi Suzanne fighters more junior eleventh there's a decent chance that bad dudes a flat out bowler on the best bowler you've ever had here in Charlotte. Is that talent it. So again see about what sort of draft percentage of hitting a getting SARS you know. This day we also have a new a new GM in the air so he misses and all of a sudden they died a Mitchell type emerges kind of a bit. That they didn't draft. It's Charl all over again. We sit here three years now don't everybody would know what they didn't listen they took their shot yeah that was salado we'd sit here and how well we we know how we are here we go well. We tell Michael Porter didn't work out we passed on so and so all of a sudden he's out gateways are. I just cannot believe your defeatist mindset you would do. And yes it's that you can't get a talent eleven N draft. And now you wanna take one of those guys you don't think there's a difference maker and and just let Porter go easy damaged goods but it can't take your chance. The doctors tell me he's got a 40% chance. I'm playing a healthy or her keep dropping out Abdel would you vote not because you're not understand trying to emphasize my point. What do you I understood what I understand it I don't agree with that there's a difference here this gives I don't agree that if you don't understand I think we are. That we can just afford to just strip the save guy that does the near the upside and not take a chance how else do we get stars in Charlotte bound. Well I'll take its a damn there's no guaranteed a start. He's got a new leaders say years so finally a star died instead that I see unbelievable skill set if he's healthy that guys are held a basketball player when you do answer one question with entrenched and it is not what happens don't want to YE a horrible why would teams be wanting to pass on him that's the question I have for you to doesn't worry you at all because it is. Jury. So sort of get a god daddy's arms at some point so one has to stand up and say that made me like Jindal sent a dog number one overall talent. I need I'd I'd media source MI like MI crazier yes about why don't what do we have clues hornets stink every year. We can't get a soup are still a good. You may have to it's ridiculous it's a year ago it gave yourself the. There's nobody else in the draft and eleven it is worth while we thought I last year and got an excellent or some really know I'll my goodness I imported chase somebody else out there Lawrence sands Michael Ford junior and eleven. Do you take him is this not a no brainer or is there something wrong with me. As I did wonders why are we had second thoughts I'd never thought we had any opposition to this I didn't even think I. Honestly I thought this was everybody would agree man I hope he makes 211 he probably won't but I'll be dust. What is station please help me Allen is 70457096. Status. Would you not take might afford Porter junior and not look back are you message would be don't are you trying to get the agitated I'm not trying to. I wanna get wanna I wanna deal with this offer. This guy says it wasn't automatic suggest what date taken and let them heal for a year. We sit out and I do that sewer in no hurry whatsoever we're nowhere this student says but when you're lame right now you don't believe this. Probably want a I don't know man I feel like I am saying the senate Horry got a guy solid animated he's not falling just for the sake of falling nearly solid for a reason deep dark trust in the medical DMB and other teams don't trust the medical and the problem going on NBA draft saw about potential T bone it's all about potentially got a shoe shot Johnny it's a large regular age knows it and they don't including Gloria we get a bunch a regular Joes and draft every year like I feel like I'm saying this guys blow. And see bonus is arguing that again. Honestly that's good that's like. This is a note this to me. I don't understand horse thing it's really horse as a Russian support you know either I will say that it's just I don't know Fortis has Russia's more beyond forget guys like yourself that we don't look at some point so why did about it now because I think it's good not to like about we don't need to be in place mean now okay. Come over give me a hug after the segment okay and others are really rather large and Erica. I just didn't feel like it is it would be an absolute godsend gift from the basketball had used to have a chance to get this down our roster. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work out but we took our shot. And and we took a shot to get a superstar to game changer especially when you feel like you may have to trade the store you're having Kemba Walker you're gonna need that next got ability around. Prestigious Jimmie and ten seconds what do you do Michael Ford junior is there. You take him I agree with you magazine when when if he's hurt that we get worse and then will be the sixers and we're rebuilding if he's great and he's great and we have a starter built around. A guy like that I love. I like that preppy thank you even if you're just agreeing with me so now it's the truth art and truth Matthew W of Lindsay got Donna's email address will update the voting for the Mac attack hall of fame from you guys which. Caller or contribute to the show do you want the hall of fame how continues search or people who say that we should go after Michael border junior he's an 1170457096. And and window switch it up man we had a decent football in this mix as well on the Mac attack. We're back on the Mac attack here on their frenzy Damione Lewis coming up on quarter of 845 hold talks in painters mammal gets back. To be Carolina Panthers are front. Ronnie says Mac is gonna freak out over this and do damage to himself trimmed from a health standpoint. A little while Mosul while Michael Porter Goss six and addressed. Those things nobody could just gone with me is I won't even come to fruition but I will say Dallas. Get a senate seat that was arguments that we were backing away from that is actually point west. Authorities goes anywhere else assaults if he just said Michael porter's guarantee me golf towards that this conversation would not be happening right I'm glad you're and I cannot easily swayed that was well I can match. What he's talking about I mean I rarely swayed by dictated. But but I've won my supporter all along I gotcha you know I mean this is not a new thing Tebow not my hopes that he falls to us it was just validation from a guy that thinks got a lot of credibility. When it comes to covering the draft so he does Tom Mack and WS and Zell does say is Siebel market down have been Michael's or would be on the board as high launch. But if you look at the board we wouldn't take them the next show the next day. We'll be about stands freaking out because we didn't take Michael Porter junior. It's eight and it would it a year from now one or assessing the hornets season and he doesn't do anything people forgot about that as well it my gut check and a it's cut check in his first year I don't think it's it's like that. I would hope in his first series got leeway right. And here's the thing too would Michael wanna take chance like that. Luckily scholar I mean I mean he does but we don't know what's at Michael's mind a lot aren't wouldn't when he comes in and wants player sisters says. This guy says a reports are that the knicks really like him and they pick before us but with some of the knicks looking to trade up I would also trade Kemba Walker to get Michael. Like if that's what we end up Dillon's would you beat Alabama ball. Or now trading Kemba Walker Michael equally good if we make up its walker deal. And obviously it takes in salary back in return Serena takes and Jibril east eagle twelve million dollars or whatever recently Monday Clemens someone else again match salaries. But with the with us being able to come away with Michael Porter junior. I would alright Zach Campbell moved. There are enough for Michael Porter junior specifically I may wants a known peace to come what's at. Because I'm not gonna trade Campbell right now there's more guys are just too risky it's a little risky taken good what about supporter sake of argument here if he didn't work out back there any trade you Campbell away gotten nothing back in return that's a problem is not. What I wanna know pieced back with them. Yes you'll get something that's a risky MBA actually expiring contracts or I guess you're right got to take a risk that's what a mosquito I just about. Additionally we're here in Charlotte we've been wondering for years how do we get a star you know and I'm just all about swing and sort of sense is now on the bench you're gonna hit a home run like even the sixers when they drift at high amount they sorely missed. Right slimmest on the well and Okafor but they hit tough. And Ali you do you think it was it until we get to SARS. Then also be more to come to the party umpire Mac it WF and C dot com is the email address if not I today I hope to take money walker can't get Michael Porter again because it feels like it is eight K with some Boone possibilities. That's the theme for me mount is still like I don't see miles bridges a star certainly don't seem to feel bridges is sought. LC Kevin Knox is sought I feel like reporter Lonnie walker has some extreme outside I wanna take a shot at a guy with upside because that's what we need. The nice guys who sit in your rotation T bone. We've done that before you know and has done just the darn thing for a. Side there's another guy colliding that we haven't talked about yeah that's Troy Brown from organs. These working out knocks this weekend here in Charlotte I think the other Brigham and this week it was Kevin not they're talking about him climbing up into that. In all weather net fifteen to forty range so legalities are looking at brown organs. Haven't thought about him wants. I didn't hear it yeah this was possible come out what is the poll by the way trapeze what is the Paul W concede Twitter account or asking you to tell us. Mo who you want in the hall of fame of these four choices of Mac attack all the same we have not made an addition to its three years we wanna throw someone in what is its what are Paul looked like. Rather the defense still way below 10% gray had Florio still tied. But up to 25% I think there were what 2423. Are some exits and got mark's marks a forty. Marks America's fairways are still are what draw 18% drop a 182 votes in the. Can hundreds of inside and out plus he was up forty fives are so last time we did this he's Robin Williams what his lead was 18% itself down to 15%. Some horses and he is common that a little president's eyes job by the way urea is mark from Estonia this tell us. Why he should be in the hall of fame I guess marquee what's going on brother. America and you're leading this home and you're leaving this whole you know here's the thing on Twitter you said people should put Robin duke CNN. The Mac it's are you not supporting even yourself or you're not campaigning for us. And I kind of thought we were. His power base and tenacity. No one ever gave you the impression that we have celebrated you'd you see a march and Estonia bustier. And Tom Charles studios. There have been at this home. Not now. That's that's that's a break. They asked me for names of listeners and I gave it your data wasn't terribly and don't know halting a to not know is that there was a ceremony evolved and mark you want to. Do you marquis why Jay is located on that on Alice he was he's they've obtained defect why should you be in all same market. I don't give we are simply and a policy. I'm going to be honest to god that's you are saying god I can't answer disaster all Famer just came I don't campaign speech for himself why am I trying to pump him up into unaudited and all of our Robin called the show explain why you're all Famer Robin broader draining that need to call the show and explain really get them at some point to explain why they should be in the hall -- I feel like they're capable of making their own halting sales pitches. The god does not even make all six sales pitch of that doesn't drop percentages I don't know what and that's a grass called ballclub he's got to lose. Yeah I'll go to the W if Lindsay Twitter page find the old preppie I'll held breach waited too from my town as well but give us a vote on this one because that is the man. Let me down bony really did does and all this energy campaigning talking about the virtues of march. Calling the show even though many people AM and many people tell us that this guy says mark his radio desk. And I still fought for him despite people's feelings like that's and that's what mark gave me on the style that's the speech she gave me BA's drama right there is already dropping dollar and I do that color didn't want campaign's fear. I would imagine to talk did you get up they're going out. I doubt why. Couple quick answer notes Julius Peppers says this is likely his final season but he wouldn't commit tonight. Because he's a damn free to could have fifteen sacks wanna keep planned and done David sent recorded Joseph person did visit Charlotte again this week says he's been your a couple of times. Since the purchase of the team sale will not go through and close though until. July for another month or so many officially. An official capacity becomes the owner can do whatever the heck he damn pleases that point. I here's they'll take a little Maria there. The rest of Charlotte we'll go vote for someone other remarks on the hall of fame president attempt to to promote himself smack at WF and C got John Paul re tweeted from my Twitter account that Mac WFANC. When we come back we talked to Tom Panthers at 7 o'clock hour on all kind of excited about this offense. We'll talk to Damione Lewis about a he's not tell us the truth about this panther offense next. Our next guest was absurd second things ounce ads on it there's many camp day one has been a candidate who today. He is here to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing matures please gentlemen Damione Lewis joins us here on the Mac attack talk some ball dealer what's going on. Her. Name and good good got to look at forty hearing your take some insights are so. You're out there checking things out yesterday. What can you tell. DJ Moore just by watching him in a mini camp setting like what what are you able to tell about. What we have on our hands with him more or is can you not to counsel training camp. Article that you really care they're afraid you know what. So why don't know where did all the work with the you know he made it through today. And they don't want them to go to seeing you are or were do you have. Are you comfortable with the process that. You'll enter Carl you know what you really like those that are killed it correctly given that got the order the ball is sort culprit there and so. Duplicated and you know we won't really know actual into the oh when. Repair and everybody both in they like you look at where he can report portal that. Let's good to hear there's no doubt that is good to hear what I mean what do you think about the backup quarterback thing is this a big deals like if we head into the season. When Garrett Gilbert EC's meet us for our Ford or even Taylor kinda gives the back up quarterback. Like Andy did you watch those guys are you paying attention to those guys yet ordered do you feel like the backup quarterback who come from somewhere else what do you feel about to spot. I feel like it didn't really matter field and that compute order that you are out no parent but they're all the they're gonna pounded out. All wrong these next couple well you know overturning secure capital where you know these. There won't bow to bring it out you know look at that point out what appeared to back. And smoke you're ever going to know we can do not care who he's that would prepare for but we and ultimately their real well wonder if not jail. People the super popular carpool order book for you or sell out that people are honorable partner. There now the Woolsey will certainly want the story lines when they had in the Spartanburg is what's going on there. I deal Lou bomb one of the positions that some people worry about I'm not extremely worried about a but I think the depth I think it would be nice to see one of these young guys step up. Armed and we're talking about the defensive end rotation. I'll I like Wes Horton a lot these dudes got a knack for making some big plays you know without playing that many snaps. I liked obviously pat and Addison they both at eleven sacks last year do you worry at all about the depth and defense of and we thanks. We're solid historic district it would definitely our go triggered are you know now they don't call it the way. At a drop or what about are there. What we look at these number are we got about out what do you know great to talk her out to be recoverable that are there tribute. There are still up there at a part of our it's our vote out there well what do we want our way. What we're fortunate there are a lot there's a report out Eric. What you know now this opportunity I'm like where more as well up there are well there are worse and I think you're better. Grip. And it. You know what well. Part of the markets were put it to our well in. Is that he required it or back or their quality in these it's more the scene of old you know QB well. There were so good that all up there would going to be important. It's because we're in Dublin war. Still be really cool if so a guy like Gandhi John Paul can step up going to be a force you know fourth guy in the rotation that that will be sweet. What is your biggest worry that. But we're artistry of the bacteria. Are we look at the order a bit like oh. You'll look there were rumors that are. Very deep you know I got to try to you know. Very very well our our doll with a got them you'll we have well. You know that it's a bargain I don't know. You know we're my. Right there you know he's square appear to have it in the grip yeah. They're a quality or right there and we certainly are off but is still operable. Well I don't walk it's not like we don't. Theater you know that forward you know. For the sport what it is terrible. But it's really numbered so it's a cool have a lot of you know I can't vote well what are the bigger and put it on Democrat and they. A bird it would go at being that it's that they're here the need to go out there or here. You look at it you know not an open book in real you can really reflect the white we. In. Order to. Use the open Munich air in our. You'll Wear out the art of any political all you'll know. What it got to be big for. Arthur area that well but it but it is. If so who quit. Or so beautiful who worked there and it's for yeah we got beat well by what by the wolf. He Lou is get me high now he's getting us fired up talking about Cam Newton another MVP season I said the same things he ignores may not saying nor you know I didn't do a great athletes telling you right now and it maybe I need take one of Liotta. I didn't get this excited them. What grip or 8800. But it local sports that we're pretty it's great I would open it all imported into doubt what like out there and what else when. We are. You're extremely extremely. Our preparedness coordinate their part are very rep. What do you think is the going to be your dog would Damione Lewis he's raving about the way cam looked yesterday in mini camp. What do you what do you think is the key to him having this huge successful season is it just him being healthy is ignored visit weapons what what is what are the biggest keys should thank. Operate the more you know he's here he's able practice so I think turner got started the year and he's really open up the chairman. And not only is more terror that he built which are in our speech before it out there and you know you know what it is all our. These are going to be a human nature you know we can you care or care your it. A lot of you know continued development apart the role. What topic in their that the upping the purple or you're in Medicare there ought to be going before a little or they are trying to you know. Article it won't applaud you know it was where they can be very effective. An author who has you don't pick and there. They hit the open at the pocket or netbook or all of the work it out. In or even scorpions of Houston and Iraq are ordered and being able to get the vote went out there or went. Don't doubt the perfect order but we got what reports there. You know there were looking great Aniston is looking very Intel is looking extremely off from who we have a couple of war just that they're putting no pop dispersed small. It all in all the whatever it broke well. Of respect that because it got this year. Nice nice on the report to a dealer your jacket is up and here's a dingy Lou. Only speaks the truth writes it is in his face it it's still the truth once they all over again. And perhaps that's. Oh. Are you go over our that there are what got out of there are you know. About the unit you know what out there not extremely competent what do you think there are extremely competent well in the off rebel who called it like hit the ball got a double. I know you would man you do you see you spotted many in our did you use spotted so my argument you saw or garbage at times Judy Lewis told me about it you know. So I know we're gonna truth why it's good to talk to you man before you know it be football season will have yet. Backing here a bunch in studio hopefully calm always look talk you deal to be good about what was your Twitter and overthrow Saddam is well gee I don't Twitter. Who work are the court took I did I don't think I've even filed yet against our phone you Louis underscore. Damien on Twitter. There you go there you art art dealer you're a man brother thanks. Thicker I thought I really do it's gonna win the coastal sea -- have a good day. Today. That he got. I was not I don't know I don't hear it on their eyes on the we think are stupid. Oh I thought she wanted to do it I thought Apolo doing days and volatile debate there allows media always. I'll do another this guy knock out guy he Lewis a Virginia Tech thing goes the wrong way on Josh Jackson's eligibility. Al. You know we've been debating Michael board junior and I game hard time about drinking not your father's zealotry email is brought me a sample bottles I did so I can try. Not your father's I keep on coming to daddy's. Not just follows fathers Minnelli cream ale one against the Canadian literally got back on how good it really it's gonna see that what am I gonna do man just for led down the same person actually turned. I guess are given an honest attend our parents are when we come back I'm not what the off shoots of the warriors winning their third title in four years as people are now. Discussing again if the greatest dynasties they've ever seen run getting to that discussion. I think Stephen and I disagree again I know it's gonna shocked everybody it is the Mac attack on FNC Mike Florio bottom of the hour remember to vote for your Mac tech call saying represented.