Mac Attack Hour 3: Chris Spatola discusses NBA Prospects

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Tuesday, June 19th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the NBA Draft Prospects with Chris Spatola. 

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We have big developments in the soccer world chickens know a lot of our audience not excited about these sort of attacks these play by play of the games during the break makes me want to let myself on site last week he ripped the World Cup and I praise in he's in here acting like he's Andres cancel or season Tyson like he's dearly is that marijuana watching out and tasting calmed down. Japan would have PK coming up in our next guest our little our next guest feels about the World Cup. But he does not hold back when opinions we will probably tell us right now but we know we won his opinions all these guys we've been talking about his draft prospects. On the net it's crisp it's all on ESPN's been told doesn't soccer do it four in the World Cup are now. No it's not big development World Cup and those too well right of the crop and under other. Yeah. There's some amazing. Matches its all but obviously I will not I will not to tell you about that and show you today that the US can't play and I don't want a lot. A lot of deep are deeply buried. You're ready you're real or okay I like college get very American way of. Looking at things Obama let's talk about some of these prospects and it's got kind of interesting here in the last 24 hours or so because there's a report. Out of Cleveland a writer who covers a Qassam plain dealer is talking about a day a little bronze gonna do and they may kind of take a risk and try to acquire may be Kemba Walker and and try to lure LeBron back that way and say here's what we've done this is little that we can be made it a better team. So then you could be talking if the hornets are able to hold onto eleven and I have to use that whisk him to get to eight. You be talking about eight and eleven it feels like it widens the players a little bit. What do you think about Michael Porter junior do you think ultimately talent trumps injury concerns and he goes pretty high. Or could he get down to the eight neighborhood what do you think. But it depends on the franchise. You know I think certain franchises can. Sort of take the wrist all on a back injury and a guy like completing a year. Obviously finished the season but it does a guy who actually had played a year and I think Cirque grant I franchises quick stand at risk. On the upside of talent and it has no question coming out of high school I actual order to play. On two times to be he was she's terrific UD game. I mean we don't all tangible Scott decides he got a good skills that put at all or. He can't shoot it a little bit so the ballots there are I'd just. You know it is. Specific to order its if you were to drop to that point I mean look which you would stand. A guy like that it does not some back to source the injury goes. Arm but I I make a look at that side it's still sit there are a lot of guys out there walk around street group who are like that. And he certainly had a reputation coming out of high school. Now he does band has said there's a risk there but terrorism potential reward it could be big. I must suck most of these dudes we've been talking about Lee not. To this process all throw in Wendell Carter's well he's another guy that some people think could be they're close to eleven but. If you trade up in their chase spot he got a good chance at Wendell Carter an idea I'm intrigued by him. What do you think Chris he feels to me like a guy that he was just you just saw all would you see a whole bag you saw a couple of items out of the bag at duke but there's so much more I think that he'll show in the NBA how do you feel. Yeah you know what I think that it yeah that I have always believe is that the purpose transition from high school to college aged it is the almost. Because what you're what you're what they'll Carter's side and he had their BA side right now. We carry its side in high school you get away with a lot of thing that you develop a lot about our BP get away with a lot I think that that side. His comfort level this year. Particularly all its Hispanic was tremendous. All and I think to your point about expanding his game a little bit there at that big gains. He showed a little bit like but in flashes but certainly not I think it agreed it you want it to the degree that he can't. On the question it obviously IndyCar and and I think. You know he can't back lead out because the mat that a monster question because duke expecting our respect it happens people will result it was because those guys you know you're gonna have to Arctic patrol. Every need if you're if you watch the latter's. Well he was switching. You gonna have to be able to switch to keep guys are so. That's the quest carpet in their lap and I mean it's got to wrap up yet motors ready they are quick to play it yet. Yeah yeah I like him to man there's there's some. There's some versatility daring him and obviously took a backseat to Bagley a bitter duke we're talking crisply told ESPN trying to review some of these prospects. Which point guard do you like the most there's a lot of talks the laureates with Gil just Alexander there's a lot of talk about sexton. There hasn't been as much would trade young but I start looking around and people are now wondering could trade young drop down towards our neighborhood which at least point guards do you like the best. Well if we're not gonna consider rocket docket are pretty good overall in order to. You know it I'd like Greg are critically. And I don't. I got it out or read it. And it can't speak what that young man did this year I mean the nation in points list this week all but well you don't so bloated that being out. And I I'd talk and it's all fine and as well. That's arch and it on a local are better apps are. So you know outlook is it is a prototype point so be sure the volume ready or Oklahoma no. But article are all huge. He's the best talent of those all those point guards and a shake out and there is meat. Did you say to take counts sex and over him as great me pitch dark side of the passion that you BA level. And the other thing too accurate you you. Like guys would prove significant record he didn't start shake your art or did not start for Kentucky it beginning the year. You their best player by the end of the season. And so like those type of guy who improve that significantly over the course just one year. But the upside of those how to guide is prevent this and so I would I put in Gil out they are right there a particular mediate like art. Okay interesting interesting stuff there's a lot of of chatter with him. And the hornets now is far as let's talk about a guy like miles bridges. We have heard from people that really love him who'd been on the show and love them. I look at him and I just I don't know where he sticks I know it's become a more oppositional asleep. But he feels to me like a powerful word but he's 66. I don't know I don't really see him as a wing that. Handles it real well and stuff like a body can shoot. Any is athletic what do you think about miles bridges of the horse take him at eleven is that a good pick or do you like other options batter. Now he's the second bet bridges in this strapped in a tax. It's not a topic last may the good thing necessarily. You know it. Good bet that the concern I have with anything that phenomenal. He ever express that as much as you would want him to. Fortunately we get to the foul line nearly as much square or adequate guide. What is this. All the while with a clever shot I think too much he's a good shooter not a great sugar art not a great driver about all very let it dominate. He's got to wait to go vote now at it and weep without aren't about whether the norm. I think there's an opportunity economic good perimeter player the next level between her right now any he's a guy who just doesn't know. I think how to use what is natural yet so far he gravitate over the think he nodded but that. Yeah and I ought to back in the pocket but can help bridge there he got wrapped up ready to experience it too late player I think. Still the iGoogle what are. All but I think right now the bet breaches in the strapped. You know the other guy I think what kind of always spot in we see a lot of scrutiny he. Could deter the bikini is plotting walker. He's interest group but I'll tell you what actually he created. I think he's got to see it to be really really good but it'll have any interest BJP. Don so let me ask you about because I I I was watching and more more clips of him last night like I can feel it in my bones but Tola now. Granite under rumbled for Andrei updates I spelled it and it was just turned out was gas I was utterly the feeling I thought it was. What do I watch him and it's like you see everything needs to be improved on a little bit right polished a little bit. But he can shoot it standstill he can shoot off a couple of bounces he's got a little step back he can take it all the way to Iraq. There's defense a potential there's let us as a I feel like you can see you. Silly to clutch if you clutch shots listed were huge I just I feel like she is going to be an all star and I don't know man glad to hear you say that. Wolf first of all it's a little too early in the morning you'd be felt a worker but it all aspects. Hey now. They're promo just yeah. And I think it's been we didn't really get a operatives because any ego to a slow start to the injuries. Are a lot of distractions. Specifically related to him and not programming it just never. It never came to gather that there were flat just and they were both groups where like you're saying it is look at it they can't. If you can really really play any kind of there's a versatility to want it to be a good that we outside. I like off. So he could be used on what our brother hey we'll talk to down the road we always appreciate it man always appreciate it. Are doing you're Chris it's all hate soccer loves basketball works very ESPN likes long walks on the beach by the way actress but Tola. Our actress underscore split solo are good students to take a triple a lot more feeble man flag come rich aren't listening to break down when we come. Back I don't use this passion towards the Panthers. Am I just flat out homer or is the media missing the boat on how they're taken the Panthers this season we're all talk about doubles might be true. If you chairman and tell you Japan they did their penalty Cantwell. Tony minutes in their loved one nothing and over Colombia who had a player get a red card their man down there studs on the bench right now. But I got somebody to email me and said when you every time you talked try to talk soccer I wanna punch you. No one wants to hear about this so. I'm gonna try to tread lightly I don't want anybody to talk me down the street Charlotte's some discovery just good score and therefore you right now move all my daddy what's weird about that is Mecca separate every sport he talks about so. He's a sports talk radio commit talk about a sport wants half let me get this though let's consider real football real football in this. Obama country let's talk a little bit about the Panthers did wanna mention Luke weekly was change his ranking his twelfth. On the top 100 all NFL players cam last week was 25 Luke is twelve so a want to get daddy and I had last night on the show. Our let's talk about his staying with the Panthers and I ate and were needed to get fund. You know NBA draft and college basketball related topic I want folks to jump in on. And a thirty mobile for the NC donors want tosses out. What do you think is to disconnect and not just talking about it's you know the fact that Maddon has the Panthers are with the seventeenth highest rating ten ties reigning NFC. More about the media. Like and looked at a couple of magazines last night's as lines and streets is this they both have the Panthers mission the missing the playoffs and third the division. This is going to be their standard spots Jimmy go Rob Lowe is going to be the favorite of many in the national media to get designers and a Klaus I get that a 100%. But just this conference is loaded in the Panthers are being overlooked it's going to it's going to be the way it happens for better or worse and a lot of banter fans think that's better because that's when. We can not you know playing our best football. What do you think is the reason Tebow on this is well nationals you're listen. What is the reason for the disconnect because this town is really getting jacked up about this offense and his stance or football team. The media nationally is looking an insane now you're a better the falcons in your job better the saints. And I believe most media members probably will not pick us in the top NFC you've picked us to go to the Super Bowl team down. What is a disconnect this guy Johnson says the difference is you guys are panther homers and they're not. There's some of that right with your football team you send or look at them more Ferrell just human nature but other. That Tebow what is the disconnect do you think what are we seeing that there are not seeing I think there's two things going on your number one is the division is so horrid. They can't see three teams. Being that good again in the division German American to take a rocket takes saints solvents or stop installment for Kansas truck there to see that they're gonna have one team. On the on the tray it's an unfortunate for us it's apparent terrorist the other one there's. Obfuscating the reason why did adored it the commanders were wanted for last Jurgenson falcons and saints so right now they're not gonna put them above them. But just what they're gonna don't say we're one of water dogs were 11 against the same sort of problem. You know what I mean overall that one in there once organs are teams in number overall is not a problem with the saints being ahead of us I mean I had a problem with it if it's the season ends that left. But I don't have a problem with the media saying the saints are better I am proud with the media saying the rams are better with what stated that he Eagles are better. And I don't have a prominence in the vikings are better he gets it that Dallas Detroit green because what the magazine is getting his act when has apple has Detroit over the Panthers rank weeks. So get access to playoffs and you idiots that Detroit Green Day Dallas area right area and lower. Like daddy that's Sarah I got OK Philly. The rams. In the states ended it vikings I get it. Slot that the other ones I go really assert himself attackers in the lions and cowboys. Now what do they not see I don't think they feel like our offense is gonna be as good as we sick. I don't think I think the national media thinks DJ Moore is a rookie and rookie receiver lately so I haven't done aiming. I don't think the national media thinks high as highly of punches is a lot of us do here a lot of us realize he was injured down the stretch there like ham and what about a thousand yard season. I don't think the national media is paying enough attention to the difference between north turn Shula. I also don't think you have may be some of them just don't like cam their stubborn though he's never going to be a player he was before when he doesn't. Have to be that player we will eleven games last year kilos and an MVP type player. But there's a team around him there's more weapons around him on offense there's wind there's a defense that that he's going to have this year to. No I just. Easy can't know this guy Ricky Bobby says Mac it's all about Cam Newton the national media their pay some or things season overrated bum. Others on the part of some people listed dentist. Maybe this may do we get some more fate but again it's not like Cam Newton for us we've seen before he here's my whole thing. We have no place else for the last five years who wasn't and I heard on the air. So the Panthers are a team that you just can't expect to make the playoffs I forget who lawless. Was he on our show or on the show I don't know but it was some Hannah Montana rank when he's talking to the guys in the mid day the other day about his latest lament the outcome which somehow had tempers as the seventh best. Panther which is Sar. But anyway it's armed he says there's a team I just kind of expect to be in the playoffs it feels like they should get more of that treatment Tebow but they don't. I think the reason why they're always put behind the falcons is a falcons doing it a sexy fashion. Writes when to stop conceding don't want is Ryan to Julio. It's kind of more glamorous set up but I have serious doubts about their offensive line and I serious doubts about. Us our teachers are offensive coordinator whereas here in Carolina yet we have some line questions but I think the coordinator situation has improved vastly here. See you get all worked up about the predictions in the magazines I like it because I that's why the 2015 apple and predictions right here about who's gotta represent the Tennessee in the super ball they are so far different guys they went Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay Seattle Seattle. I like it when the pandas are under the radar. I don't mind at all I like I think runners barrel likes. And likes to get up on people that's where the red dot that's the here's my thing don't I'm not upset to us on demand this upset yes he can't. He can't kind of Bosnia like to bring good things about my team but ultimately you could have a point everybody tells me on Twitter she allow Mac were better when when when not expected much I get a but I like to read good things about my team I do but here's a single this conversation to me is more about why what are they seeing what do they seek. And we don't. I'm just glad your got mad the mad and rankings is that would be a real syndicate on an oil demand radiate or how I play with free content there's like a dual all the time now the burden is on me as the player to rise above 'cause I'm only glad to seventeenth ranked team. You know they don't say that's unfair I should add the seventeenth ranked team upload painters and his garb I don't. It is Harbaugh had to think I feel like magic rankings who's who of the last two teams preppy in a mad rankings this year. Who are year to synthesize data tapes. If you tell me is the jets and the giants like my front don't have yes ticket won questioned the jets and the giants are the last two teens do probably get a rolled to a buddy's house ago right flight mad dog can't take your teams you should know and the thing is you should be good with the giants Joyce be a good team on Madden this year they should put Barkley now added but no you can't have nice things both. Let's see your people don't think the dancers are always in the playoffs because 781 didn't inspire people zero back to back winning seasons. Equals mediocre expectations. But these falcons or worse than 781 they seem to get a pass and I garbage season right. They were there they want what they went that your bouncy 76 games. Miss a play else to a team that was 781 we bludgeon them and their own home they were planned state crowd noise and the speakers we still kicked our Chinese cook but it is I just I think it comes down there Panthers aren't sexy they do with defense is doing running game. I think the media looks for sexy. And I think that's when it comes down to is that the number one thing. That's not to attend assays at our kids on paper with polio all of these there. But Julio Jones and all this injure breeze and all the saints weapons they're they're they appear sexier and I think that's a big part of it Bryant says I look pretty hardcore Panthers and I'm not gonna lie but it summary its training camp I read all the national media stuff but it does certainly when we get no respect. But the fact that Mac is triggered in mid June about a magazine is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Your fellow at the same if you get triggered in August why don't you join me in June and get triggered two months earlier. Come on you think that's bad I bought the magazine at midnight and got trigger could cross that. That's crap now you tell people no one buys a magazines as quickly as I didn't hear you get on it's on residents say it's a vice it's a problem I had I did my mystery suspense last night when I was looking at that damn thing no I do about it tomorrow on what magazine a real talk about on this show. What what what guys on the show tomorrow. They'll steal steal steal steal now that's a magazine baby. College football viable baby is coming out all right I'll I can't wait for counsel volley there possibly be that that is quite a soft erotica pretty telltale that that's. Let's say quick breather hosts Iran do we come back. I got a fun topic we got to get into the draft this coming up in two days lord knows we've all screen about Campbell walking dough Cleveland maybe it is and water. Com but I'll have a little fun got a fund draft of a dual balls college football tells best ball guys next. I Wear baggy is a back attack on ads and Z. Is coma the puma now cool. Is crewman now cool I would say again but I don't always and ever called begin. It was when Walt Clyde Frazier was an original spokesperson back and edit try seventies and brought him back yesterday today signed him to a deal yesterday this is in no it's not cool do we don't talk about that here before we get out here we've got audio from the Zach Lowe podcasts. About what went on in a hornet's draft war room last year on this all the trash you've got to do it anyway we will do together hornets fans are I we had to do it together. We got a new man in charge its mix of blues or this year maybe. But it's not out it's relegated to a fun topic right now. And how do you guys to make it's on on tax on calls. Jump in here and participate in this thing both now we're talking Mozilla argument. Basis of this sort but I was an argument assume he'll stands about like NBA talent from both schools are some. Basically right Tony Allen played outs. Yeah because someone from a proposed I'd trade on Twitter about the horn is getting to pick 29 and I said he's that too so wife Gracie and James Allen. I need to get a reaction in Minnesota ripping grace and Allen's NBA potential and I simply said. Well to be or CW Bryce Johnson. Because when you look at that what team it is Wes Johnson on their on the Ambien. I thought the clippers apparently amber all know he was from the clippers to Detroit in the tigris and trade. That he went to Memphis and he got released was seasons of ulcers I don't design and Darryl and on Iraq and a loyal wives. Did did the narrative would UNC fans is always ripping the duke MBA players. But that is changed a lot here lately. Go ahead and they need all the great UNC players currently right now the NB. Yeah you can't do it you can't find them bigger and you can't find a book in the past you couldn't ask canceled or what's his Carter's our last all star player. They're dead I had was as Roy went six crazy that is crazy also goes to show. That Roy is one health basketball coach must think he's had oodles of talent. Coach k's and way more MBA talent and Roy Williams. But to use that rationale. That's why people criticized Dean Smith doesn't see my overall point 18 overall point was a sop to duke NBA players it's not twenty years ago OK okay so here's I want it to vote this is this is my and but this idea it was born out of you when duke fans getting into it about your MBA talent. I wanna put eighteen to gather here put lineup together and I'll be the judge OB to impartial judge on this one vote on who goes on this squad wanna put it seemed to gather. All NBA all time team. Which players were drafted from schools in the Carolinas and North Carolina. So you've got to be in this basketball rich state in college can be drafted into the NBA and then you're eligible. An the goal is camel pick a team I'm not going dude anybody session or assigned out which colleges have the most players on the team and what care is they come from. A guy and I just what were to do so how far back does this go. Forever forever read draft. So you're trying to get you to be had a ball that the leaders of the last one years I just isn't as well attended but did you have to do the pretournament post. To restore might be the only candidates unless wanna you're Sean May very well. So anyway here's what I want I want you guys out their duke Carolina fans state fans know Charlotte fans Davidson fans wake fans. Give me it's gimme a nomination from your school. That you think Jamaica is starting slot are right and I wanna find out how this breakdown that breaks down by school. In a half hour forty minutes so we put choose his team by the way we're expected to buy towel at nine money. On the NBA draft so looking forward to that one. But who do you look at and say. In your opinion they've got to be considered. You know on the all MBA all time you know all state in North Carolina seen as basically the long named and I am giving it. I feel like bonus started off we have to present to guys because does it Michael Jordan. And doesn't Tim Duncan has to be on RT. And we don't have any credibility whatsoever. If we try to put this all time NBA team together from north Carolinas North Carolina schools. And don't put two of the all time great you're talking about the goat. And a certain top ten guy right. Well he's not at least August or beyond here on the would have to Everton and right now that's to an hour down historian I would say three spots available. Spots of I would say 82 spots available finesse it. Are they Seth Curry is going to be on here I Selig Seth Curry there you can argue some other point guards. Tiger you could probably China or you Kyra read. We're joined by position ordered series right Ali it's got to be an actual team go right we need a couple of guards Alicia will play a three guard lineup. But there's some flexibility there but it's got to be a team that can take the floor Tebow to get these five little point guards while you know while playing positional basketball my line up here I've got a lot of throwing darts at it and I suggest another tape player at small forward. That people argue about but when he was in his private he was healthy and if he stayed healthy he's a no doubt no doubt her as Grant Hill. Either grant hills so it starts on the wing. He was still a seven time all star despite all the time they missed an injury so. Did I think Grant Hill deserves honesty does he add a silly thing is he injury studio was on pace to beat. I doubt it's on this he was on pace there's no doubt about it the injuries though stopped him. Like Carolina fans of saint James Worthy can you possibly put Grant Hill over James Morley James ware is got championships. A finals MVP. Seven All Star Games to his credit well we just or you put on both on there we just did you put both on we just regret over James Worthy on this roster if we do. And why not get roster say you look at reporters just now making the final say on the roster. I'm making the final say on the roster Tebow but I'm doing an unbiased fashion. You're you're representing duke the fans are representing their school armed unbiased cents a day of this roster one about. What about guys like Jeff what about guys that you personally went to high school. That that team just guys what I. They first Chris Paul's dowdy matchup for the standard at this. Let's just say to Chris Paul get in there over stead promise that's Curry's dad MVPs and idols and Chris ball. As close calls a brother. You know I had a contest as the only problem and let you know why there isn't right there you have a great point I've never thought about it I also want to go to at all. Yeah you never played him once for all deal. Tied a look at our basketball fans jeered duke fan wants Christian Laettner Chris chilly there was better than you think. Birdied that damn good and Gambia you don't say he was better than. Orioles fans impaired for the NBA but he Macon is all time five roster you can lay. You could possibly make the whole time I wouldn't want all star game log out and I still can't believe that on the how about bias. In doubles you have mr. Rasheed Wallace's name. That we compile a data as a glue guy put him on there to do a winner man I would mind trying to find ways with only problem is our. Guys deserve some stunts and been named yet. Can you put a guy like she on the only averaging fourteen points a game now because he's a glue and defense supplier clusters or there's a chemistry problem with him possibly reckon our team and I during out you what are you during the heated game what he did it at duke estate guys on the team a by the way is there going to be any state guys on the team. Well I don't want settled at one option contention and yeah I can't sell drugs. Did you get a rigorous Alan Light you can't sell go tigers all they want legitimate not reinstate its here's what state option a table was originally you know bony. You know eventually dodge or a few more years it Todd Fuller create a more just a few more years it keeps kids gates gates gates and we'll get some steak guys on any NBA. I let's take a quick break we come back our run through you guys don't call sex wanna do this Orszag her soon and awarded pitchers that we've got Jordan dunk. After that let's debate let's discuss let's act like we're in a sports bar sipping on any mere 70457096. And calls or Texas of that number. Who's from your school has to go it's it's based solely on their NBA careers. But it's only players drafted out of the state. Of North Carolina Graham a bunch from duke you're coming up on Thursday night but which school should get the most players don't even shorter on it. Who are the other three guys you let me know 7045709. Its extent what Osama exist we'll circle back. To calm to some other things as well including the hornet's actual draft itself. Where Cleveland could be looking for kemba it's a Mac attacks. Using a feature there's still this is unfortunate that this song is flying is the Beach Boys can give you musical hot tape Daryn as I hope goes over well once I can't candidates is that these boys the father in law likes the Beach Boys I don't really get down with those guys. I would go BG's over beach boys and I don't like to be controversial. But I would dolby g.s over Beach Boys I ideas aren't I straight guy I play because a song is so bad I don't buy media player Kevin Love uncle's a beach port right. That's historic and current yes yeah yeah yeah it all goes full circle Kemba Walker. Might play with Kevin Love whose uncle was a beat a UN distressing it's about one Thomas senior corporate Maxwell just asking Max. Yeah breast got the MVP of the finals but the problem is he doesn't have these All Star Games es multiple All Star Games away a lot of dudes have but it played basketball state North Carolina when they went on city MB I feel like you're gonna. I have to add an illegal that's ever really good resume to make just basketball team and I'm trying to see how does it shake out what school gets the most. If I judged fairly or putting it honest to goodness all time NBA all NBA team based on who played. It's a college vest on North Carolina or run through some calls text in suites and they'll try again have to get back into the kemba rumor coming out of Cleveland which has been intercity. And Kemba Walker according to Cleveland dot comedy Cleveland plain dealer goes to Campbell fans are mad at us now about this is gone we can't support the 7 o'clock hour now guys are mad at us. Let me run through a student's college hoops fans here for the next seven minutes let's push this and see who should go on the list would yes. Jordan's on again. Stance curry might have to be a lot due to MVPs and three titles. 704 or 570 nine's extend bald out of your college that has to make assaults on teams from North Carolina let's go to silly still. Who is up next so we still what do you say broad. More idea hourly. But what format Matt. Well thanks like that moderate out how many out but he went with a belt. As a good question I'd ask the question I didn't like about the amount of titles I know we won the finals MVP and if you didn't know that you know he reminds every time he's on the media frenzy Merkel are ready want all seventy zone except. Was he on to achieve won't. Yeah 8184. A Dicey he was on two of the championship totals sank his jerseys retired by the Celtics. It is pretty special thing now we have no he's he's up there but like sample would you put him over Bob MacKey did. What does that old school heal this court 2294. Career went to set an All Star Games. Didn't get on the great teams like cornbread was on Bob Bob Bob MacKey Duca flat out ball he can shoot it rebound score X. He just older you know a lot of guys just don't know because he's old he's so what he's the one Mac heated elements in on the so I don't think I don't think Joseph JL Mann there's going to daddy love orders all time. All MBA yeah eighties in North Carolina college staying usage James Michael a two time champion that's had on the resonated lot of state guys saint David Thompson. He did averaged 2223. Cells like the pros five All Star Games. Problem is Manny could have been so much better in personal issues he was dealing with man and he could have been better he was a freak is only. When it comes to just physical ability greatest ACC player ever David Toms. I believe that. And he is going to be don't I don't think anybody will top that formed a special guys leave early you know the studs leaving early. And the ACC I will not put him on all time top slot I think status to get shut out on this list I do here here's an example how Ole. Much worse that David tossing got in basketball dating not do the migratory induction. Yes yes no Jordan revered him man which is crazy thing about that think about how much respect you get when you get out. Did you go to speech oh man in the neck and go to his speech in just rip people to shreds and and got all emotional high let's go back to the phones and this is people are asking this is based on how they did in the MB yet. But I'm sure we don't sit divergent on the list involving their college you know exploits. Guys that were the best in the NBA the best five and all five positions based on date until they were drafted. Out of the north Carolina school and we got a dollar and 5709 season are we got some dominated Pete mayor rich data to account for the holidays I think Grogan had to go to college don't go to paring the who is up next pair what he said. Hey mark start. Is there but the point you gotta give it to Jordan. I'm born great if you look at this small forward. Oh poor. I would like this feat of building greater it would Tim document must sit. A guy Archie got a very you've got a couple of duties on personnel major players adjust to. It just a guy to you do not enough. But here's the thing I'm going that we are trying to figure out the forwards bum because. How comfortable we steps curry at point guard got to freaking MVP someone's bashing stats curry and says. Com Kyra your links better give carriers some time he's played five years strike. Arms Felix and Il let's see what he does the right now to MVP street championships. Harry's got just one championship. I'm uncomfortable with curry Jordan and Duncan are you comfortable with those three mile you know sir are no doubt OK so who's getting our forward spots decide they don't give the big man. You could put Brad Doherty. At the center spot and put Duncan at the four would be more of an old school not a modern day lineup out. So horror other two spots and that's all I'm asking for right now just asking for duke Carolina fans to get along for a couple more minutes. That we signed last two spots I don't think debt load thrown around much you've got big some Carolina like Brad door when he was real good man people realize because his career was cut a little short to go to your audible more time I go to the whole thing sorted through this out putting me to three that I got. Yeah I did do we are you do you do you do you'll find artists were used to three I did three curry MJ and dunk it. So we were looking for guys that are placed full word or we're looking for like Brad Doherty were moved on to the power forward why can't why can't Gil Morgan both be on the team. A case you don't hill I disagree and worthy of the four. As Mormon I Don and at the center out because I mean he's not a bad idea and Jane in Europe and staff but that leaves off Chris Paul and carrier ring. You also have dissect. Fringe guys like Elton Brand. I think we'll bring you can't make it Carlos Boozer really wants a couple of All Star Games right like killer word he went to seven each like a feeling those guys got to go ahead of Elton Brand in college Boozer who served subpoenas don't ask any value against arsenal. Man entertainers don't Harrell and his squad we can't look to get out of Seattle that moment he had shoe polish and it was about time by the way check out this tax from Marty. This these are some of these topics smack it silly so I think he's really into putting a team together. Gotta do that you got to suspend disbelief what's up preppy I don't know why used to sing Grant Hill I put put Vince Carter ever Grant Hill and install tartar seat unless there's harder and harder to winks. What's this Carter's accolades bone I don't type and he's someone in the hall of Famer when he retired well he's playing and it's weird easy sixty years and only 64 years old at the eighteen points a game ten straight years and twenty points per game. We say it might be Carter might be Vince Carter in Jordan on the way out put him doesn't remind me to another forward. It's like James at a good NBA career. Only two all star game and sell. Or not now not only claim to stay. I guess it didn't songs sort of backed candidates canvassing does it Tampa crowd is angry and I look at the guy to you all the speed and I'm not. There's eight also organic 70457096. And preppy might be right the preppy priced old left the caller just called mob. I always thought we don't MC and say who we miss it on this team. Well Warrick can help. One and all we perimeter big corporate. The president. It. Attribute all. Our. They did and you know it used this same rationale zoo when he's told me. He would tell you he should be on a little cornbread straight up brainwashed. All the best things these blisters I believe he's one of the five greatest players that he had been a veteran played college basketball in his state of North Carolina his words are powerful. They just all our. On the aren't so chance on him. Let's talk about that's the next topic I don't gamble on the brain man policy and happens by Thursday night and curry M Zhang Carter. Worth Ian Duncan. Sent to death squads. I don't know really because it was sort of base they doubt comes out to grant or is Susan as Bobby Jones Bobby Jones you're glue guy man was all defense like nine dollars first team. Gas and other what's one what about Eddy Curry UNC Dwyer set to be on the seat you have anyone for that at all. Harrison Barnes Terry date Perry did get a magazine. So what suicidal march a lot these days you. Got around while Arafat back at us we got that ledger is like a Matt can you imagine due us is from the US and suddenly I isn't Zeller Tyler Zeller. A baseball citizen I also play in the early eighty S he is point don't you think the fact that Roy's players none of them have been all SARS doesn't die and go to show that Roy is a hell of a coach and he has not done it with an overabundance of NBA talent. He's got a feather in Roy's cap why he's underrated coach I guess a good date I mean did he says he'll NBA all star since he took over yeah. And he did what they want free free can championships so that should be a conclusion from this exercise if you don't want to go back to Kansas he also did a get Paul Pierce badly did by the NBA players I can't see out there what that's all I'm saying he gets good recruits but they're not necessarily great MBA players although some Roy schmuck out there is typing away right now but he doesn't develop the talent that's why he doesn't Matt Stevens chat that's easy to talk to Santa we said he wants guilders Alexander in the draft we never mentioned the top. In the our athletic piece for Gil decided that's scary all wind you know set Davis does this thing called sync try to. It's combination like 45 scouts he talks to. One of the scouts apparently. Said the comparison tram is Michael Carter Williams Tom. He's not gonna stereo lawyers guild just Alexander the scandals imported oil that's a rare body type to make an MBA that slandered outsize point guard. All right we got to take a breather here Mack hit a gift Susie got down email address thanks to everybody participated.