Mac Attack Hour 2: Zack Luttrell on Roaring Riot Ticket Exchange

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Tuesday, June 19th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Roaring Riot's deal on Panther Tickets with Zack Luttrell. 

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As well as soon as productive first hour we talked storage we talked draft a lot of Panthers nuggets feels like we squeeze a lot in the first hour. It's obvious you've heard this before but that's what the Panthers are getting underrated going you know football season or if he's ever hurt you Gerber. All right so Lama all those things out get out and about falcons worried Julio Jones spent a lot of time with Seattle's. It's worked out buddy right now that would kind of amuses me. Hands much much more in the first hour but we've got to again it's. To boot back in tunis camera saying we touched on the first hour of the cavaliers. Specific out just now we have a specific situation. They could become tangible on Thursday night. And I wanted to know would you guys out there let's all put dad. Mean it's gut check our hat on right now all right one all the wanna be hornet's GMs out there and we have all probably felt we could do better. That's have been doing the meat probably not so much we've all thought this but it's what what would you do. With this situation what is he trade it that you would get behind work with us here let's try to talk this out. And wanna hear from you guys phones next week's all that good stuff. The Cleveland plain dealer. Beat you guys for the for the cavaliers is Joseph Barton he wrote a piece unified on Cleveland dot com. The ads in an effort to kind of to keep LeBron James does he has not he's being very quiet about what he wants to build. They feel like hey we've got to improve this roster and it doesn't mean just draft someone number rates they look decline Leonard. But they also according to the article are very interceding Campbell walker. And that's where we come into this whole thing here and we talked about Cleveland as a possibility but we didn't know how they would play it because of LeBron thing. It seems like they're going to make an effort to try to impress LeBron James and people make could go badly they could acquire Campbell moan and you know LeBron likes gamba attempt to roll out its and he could not he could backfire on them. But it seems like they have a real interest in trying to bring in a veteran like Campbell just say hey here's your next carrier ring essentially let's go let's go do this show one entirely on you when kemba. See what you can do together. And if that phone call is coming into Mitch Kupchak to wait this article lends us to believe what would you guys do. The one of the opponents he amateur is GM cell phone call comes into your office. The cheesy do you want to move up to number eight do you wanna get number race. Are you willing to do about Kemba Walker in some sort of deal to get out and get the take number race like I said last hour Tebow to meet. I think dying needed some of these. We cheap polemic that's only a three spot jump for our greatest player in history of the organization. That's a three spot drops are jump that's gifts in a draft that we thought was sixty dad was 67 players deep whatever. I say it would like to have two lottery picks out of this deal. I'm willing to trade Campbell we've had those debates somewhere expand our Wii still might have those debates. But I would be willing to do it. If we can tell that'll lottery would sue lottery picks for as you mentioned Tebow gives you the flexibility to these teams that are looking at trading down debts. Would you trade date eleven and get up to in the top five somehow. It gives you that pets I still to me if we trade to embark. I would like to get a eleven either use both 811 or as you suggested. Maybe you jump up into the top five somewhere to meet the bats if that can happen. I'm all for a tis I just don't know we've been turtle kemba thing I just. I feel like moaning we've got to start from scratch and find our next group of stars and not take Campbell walker thirty million wherever it would be for him. Omni at the end of the. The season. With the current state of the franchise Mac right now it's abouts. Collecting assets more so than players. So if you can get I don't really care about the Cleveland player that I may add to combat billiards George Hill we actually got to TSA guys that it's thought are more are more interesting collecting assets maybe you get. Eight's it's a right to dictate that for Cleveland eight is number you get eight in your eleven tech and may be. Maybe Cleveland throws in next year's first round and may not be great. But maybe that easy to picks in next year's draft is all about right now collecting assets. I think if you get to water taste in this draft you've got to do is dodge some good work Mitch Kupchak now. One of those on board with this if you can end up with 811 together is it worth it for Kemba Walker. This guy says the only way I'm making a trade is if Michael Porter junior is there a date. Yet this could be one of these situations only you only see in the NBA. Cleveland's on the clock and then the real phone call start happening. Hey you take so and so for us this course SL worsening and the Yang. If he doesn't play out that way while they're on the clock at number eight if Michael Ford junior is on the clock get hate this trade how. Pass to be a go I think. Just like TE just like to texture set because then all of a sudden you're getting a guy give the words of Jay bill so many others. Who has the talents without health issues has the talent to be a number one type player in overall and NBA draft. I held by the way the ring your mock traffic came out last night's got when Bill Carter and when the large company so what if you've got what it's a distressed back. Says you say get a you pick my no Carter wasn't Ted seems a little also went out let's say that you get Wendell Carter. At eleven media Colin sexton wanna walker and know what NIC already got sex symbol and job. When Joseph Carter distressed or whatever combination lock him up with Wendell Carter and you know what ever decide I would also what do you what does he got when no car which got bridges. Bridges and sexton or whatever publication about the mark miles bridges wherever accommodation you want your if you got to distressed. You set yourself up for what seems to be the foreseeable future as. I said last that we be partying with some very good liquor bone Abby dance on Friday as we got Porter junior Lionel got bossy. Porter junior Landon walker the combination of talent I think an upside would be amazing you'd Everest the quarter would top Porter Colleen sexton. No I think they'll be good I just think we need to young pieces we've got monkeys they can I think Bacon's solid piece for second rounder. But I just feel like we need more young guys just get a bunch young guys together see wage and hopefully eventually you'll find two real stunts to kind of build it around. This dude so let's see here Mack hit a gift and he does come this dude says you guys are trading Kemba Walker did you acquire Wendell Carter. I've never seen a more thought of more average role player NBA basketball player then Wendell stinking Carter results when Dell blah whatever it. ID take he's got a I think ID eighteen I was pronouncing it wrong man and he's gonna cut. He's eighteen years old. If you did see outside of that I don't care what team your reporters Carolina state duke wait. Tunisia I don't care who you root for if you don't see outside and that guy offensively defensively. I got I got abductors the belfry I got I've got nothing forty. He flashed a lot last year in these kids are eighteen. They're not finished products that's why they Bob badly it's crazy to the bad that we saw duke is cable transformed differently. And the NBA obviously is do good example I Larry I know well I think our guys are finished products I would do it for caller who this guy I think this becomes a question. What player in this draft if he's on the board at number eight and the cavs really do want Kemba Walker like it says in this Cleveland plain dealer article. Where do you make the trade in part ways with Cambodia get what player. And I'm assuming that we all wanna try to keep eleven Canada's steel ride and had eight and eleven yup got to do. Doing this in a while doing this for a package of what the caller I went out and I'm not given up eleven it was Campbell just to go up three spots like that's not enough for our greatest player. In history to franchise but it's. What I'm saying is I would do it floor. When the Carter also. And by the way don't let me spell Wendell and we'll keep Conan went let's go he sells that Wendell it went down a guy out here is that they do Santos now here's the deal Tebow. I would do if reporter junior and how would you use Wendell caller on the board because when the caller like you're saying this dude barely broke out the whole Mac. At duke his role was reduced because Bagley and Allen were top two options on the team. To make way for Bagley a lot his passing. His defense of rim protecting his under raised a big ol' wing spans some 47 flies he's got a shot dedicated stand perfectly today's NBA game I would do it for those who got. But that set us back didn't it the Kaminsky year and we didn't we didn't except some trade offer that really set us back we'd we start we said were act we don't wanna look back now. In a couple years they have kemba not be here and then go away you know what in this draft we could had Porter and a bridges in obvious he has got his dog two guys together but we don't want to look back and have two guys. That could assess a so the future that would pass the time also when you have two lottery picks may be Atlanta or Dallas Memphis wants out of the top five. You use those picks and says you know what. Here's artsy water taste won't that give us number whatever and we go get dot pitch or whatever we wanna get out of that thing. Tommy says yeah I like that idea Suton I said his name right Tommy says I think it's Wendell I think is that he's style design this tiger does his name also. When we're just now realizing as it was when they'll they'll either go on Wendell all season I don't know I have called him Wendell every time I've talked about I think you know that you name your kid Wendell you can't change like you know I mean. A lab I just kind changed the name the name is Wendell but I just kind of noticed I was a set you back in October when there aren't that good anyway I just wanted to this Tommy says why are you doing this for a bunch of may peace these guys may be could be good. Kemba Walker is great because kemba sticks and it cost. 3530000028. Million. And then how we haven't cap room to build around these guys come cheap you start over and give guys cheap rookie deals that's our policies are Brady com podcast put your seat said they do it for sure. Bosnian radio says there's too much uncertainty with kemba situation an update got destroyed on guys are so here's the deal mostly radio guys aren't. Hornets fans as you listen to us right now. Who's with us can we get some support because boat and I giving support on a trade of Kemba Walker has been a Dicey proposition is not worked out well for us all right it is not. But I'll wanna hear some fans out there one Jews who would you move up. And number 82 Guinness and even a little hopefully you can keep eleven Cleveland as interesting Campbell walker according to plain dealer or you do a supporter junior he's on the board they agreed to refer. Linda how let's just say at wind now. When dale Carter or is there another player you beat Jones and again or all these ideas sake that's all I wanna know Ford station get drafted two days. I need to know are you with those Omega knees straight 704. 57096. Thank you we get some amateur GMs in our camp or not there Campbell find out. I see those primitive computer darn it very cheap phone has now verse that are Bobby Knight and ninety and they are not alien outbursts and. Bone do I sit polio crazy on that computer simply was talking NBA economics during the break and we're talking about Tristan Thompson in his large contract is holding of the cavaliers are doing a lot of things. Does his way overpaid. And I said Ryan Anderson in Houston. Has a similar situation where he's his contract is not movable other teams. It's holding up a lot of things taken data source simply wanted to look up what was right Anderson's contract that and I did agenda and the computer said now he does not pop. I did try to look up right it did what those riders it's got to do music plays will be acting on WS frenzy. You are suing. It doesn't Busby radio on our side there to give ups and number eight try to keep eleven deal Campbell make the salaries stamp like you might be Campbell and lamb for George Hill something like that. And do it we have mark from Estonia on our side also. Can we some people. Most please go do we get some listeners other than MMG you know on our side big giving up to eight there's a player that if he's there he is worth doing this can we get somebody else back in us Ryan Ayers and he's 41 million dollars total the next two years of one point eight million at least that's everyone has settled that so that everybody I'm Rick don't Charlotte Observer says Mac the problem with any Campbell for gummery trade talk is a castle not know Thursday if LeBron staying. No LeBron would treat multiple reasons like Campbell would make sense wouldn't wanna re sign there there's no doubt that is so true that it but the article and I know world speculate here but it's two days before a draft on sports talk great what's it like we're. It's our duty to do that but the article reads from the Cleveland plain dealer Cleveland dot com essentially that that fierce considerations. In now a by the brass of the tabs that. We don't know will Brown's gonna do like Rick says we won't know what LeBron is gonna do by Thursday. Well let's take a leap of faith and try to bring a guy like Tamba and it might make LeBron wanna stack. But maybe we need to try to add pieces not just use the draft pick. When adding key veteran peace to try to make him wanna standing at the shows I ask for it ask for and try to help the matter they don't they just sit back and got that we did try anything and and the bronze. Brought gonna go to a seven houses and allied Cecile later but did but what Rick is saying is true it is very traders and inherit gamble bonobo if they do this but that's not my worry it could blow open their tastes completely Campbell could wanna roll out there are still LeBron is there but if there's surely thinking this way could give us an opportunity I hope. To have a couple of lottery picks and to get 'cause again you can't just this guy says I do want to move up from 118. Let's chemical place for a winner well you've got each Selig keys to marketable player I really his value is is not as crazy could be if he had more years on the deal Ebola. But to me you have youth. Just to move up three spots in the draft like you said where the elite players or college going in the south six LS supporters injuries caused him to drop the rest of the arrest for Cleveland is. Only Campbell rolled out its didn't give up their pick and try to read totals abroad does late so that you don't that take in and Campbell rolls out then they get Nelson there. And that and that's a problem bomb but they might had to gamble try to keep borrower you know boo they could give act is theirs they could just gamble on kemba now. And even just what they get word that or they get the sense that Campbell is not gonna say they're the trade deadline comes up. Internet slip kemba the deadline of its editors point guard maybe they can just take the risk now in the navy or sell the broad maybe does a bit of trade deadline. They get sent camera to a team that I'll would we give a stuff. Its interest staying up people's he'd say why wouldn't it to be included in dealer I wouldn't do analyst Matsui struck but then we got to dig into some bad contracts on that have side of things. What are we just spend time they might have to throw in a bunch of guys toward Kevin Love I don't think they won't do that. They're trying to make the team look look good for LeBron. I am basically I don't think anybody wants to zoom even if the sweetener of kemba as attached to that's thanked. I don't think Cambodia motoring to unstick a five that would June contract. Imus you guys what do you all think would you make Cleveland interceding Campbell corner plain dealer would you make some sort of deal to get a candidate who's a player that would be have to be on board free to do that 704. 57096. That I drew is gonna start us off drew what do you think about this kind of deal. They did view. Straight up if you are obviously he's eleven. I think if you trait every day out there and eight. Say out loud and figured that letter well. OK see you would go to the sex and bridges combo mom I will bring up a point Bono we're not bring it up because I'm so I'm just trying to get to two best players. Box you do open open glaring need at point guard if you deal Campbell obviously that's less ideas about Colin sexy navy he's got to be. At a weapon if it's fear its true always thinking about trading Kemba Walker and a college sex in an eleven it is just eleven. Passerby on the tape so who's one of your two players have to be a point guard. Sexton trade young who some people think a drop a little bit. I'm sure you'll just now considers one of your two lottery picks have to be a point guard and because we don't even have the backed up under contract I did but then again won't. We'll we'll have a re still use this they may view month because of this size. As a point guard so that that's something we got to keep our mind to I guess if that's the case anymore blame. The train young in the league mark is a very small backcourt and AMP. Did das your future back court try young and mark. Yeah that's a very small that course I want people like guilty sound Zander wrestling there's a lot I know but no government help put you had guilds on Zander is his picks and so there and I. And I think a lot of people like that pairing big guards 6566 would mark the end I'd do pursuant to the court try young employee Mike decisively together at that that's your future back court. That's the problem is not the gas that is that is a problem there's no doubt about that. Sex is gonna work in his defense but I Selig doesn't like train young tray young's work on defense is like literally you're taking a piece of clay and just having a ball he was asked to play no defense and just stay out of foul trouble it's likes you it's like hobbies on the shot they teach abruptly radio has ordered or whatever what it is did you prep competitors straight up. Idols go back its response ethical or science and they're gonna. I was is an important I was working hard on our showed it to callers lined up he was being bachelor was the wrong place wrong time Jonathan is up next would you do a trade like this doesn't what do you think. I cannot I'd a lot of people aren't out of the port got I mean they got on the late great candidate I did it the only. I had a lot of lot of wanna be yeah unit about a year away from being without end in one or in Italy today. They went about thirty knot the game at Tampa. You know out they believe they're bad or get up and all of there aren't yet we in the and at probably know he'd be up there and again at the ballot there Vick back there are still. But you know I thought it very amber and jets are back in. Walkabout backpack that I like walker. You know you got it straight after the debt and at this point. Yeah I don't and it's kind of format it's not a happy thing either Joseph says. I don't have a problem was exploring kemba traits. But the happiness and delete that McEntee don't have to rip the franchise of the burden is Kemba Walker makes you wanna reach sugar radio. And punch those at squeaks. As an email that is sent that to my email account we'll certainly get beat up last week so it's until Tuesday this was the thirty to be giving you. The next five earlier this week hundredth time. I refer Connecticut as well as the army huge Campbell I want Kemba Walker is is not about Kemba Walker what he started Charlotte. Kemba Walker the person. There's nothing to do with Campbell walker asked to do where toss trying to changes Rosser over and not watching the same exact team next year. The in this thing is that position exactly it's all across sort conciliatory and we need to do dramatic things can always that way out of it he's the only option as of today. To improve this roster to get assets. I will say this if he just AT and and it feels that there's any legally I don't know are you all detecting any. Trade timidly continues there it's because of what it symbolizes remain physically there's a trade rumor out of sight there's a trailer wants to point where we need some talk about what his draft right where did you target and that excited. Over you know the bridges dudes right. But the glean is that it would symbolize we are rebuilding because at dudes write you look at a plus minus rating would gamble on the court off the court we are going to really step up Campbell longer does it should be Dow goody has. But that's what we need to do is really staying draft high for a few years. And tried to put together some young stallions in CU we can build a relic that's the goalie it's not think camp was going to leave it sucks or relief. Bet that it did we feel like we're forced to do with I'd anyway and acted W doesn't he ducked out. He's a domino your opinions like we do I do enjoy people agree with our takes ball. But if you don't jumping into 70457096. Stands at more recalls but we gotta talk. Exactly trailed the leader of the awesome pit their Sandra per hour riot they're doing something really cold and help to stand based taking another step towards what they call. Mode which is you know growing that culture worried about dust and cultural talk about it next. All right so what's happening here I though I'll tell you what's been going on behind the scenes now that embrace I don't know do we have to call the process is called the process south. Like now that we embrace this tank MacKey I'm hearing from every silly transplant in the area just one by one sporadically. So used to bash our process and I wanna copy it. And all I can say is yes that's kind of what's happening here are used to be very cynical skeptical about your process. Now I feel like a market like Gus with the contracts had a feeling this is. The best way to go so that the Sox admitting it dudes from silly were right is not fun for me it's just not one of the things. That I like to do. Reducing info we are fun draft topic it's gonna balls it's gonna involve our college hoops. And holes and its fans cranked up about that in the 8 o'clock hour. And is puma cool we gotta talk about that as well and why does it seem like the national media looks at the answers yet again. And thinks they're not going to be near as good as we do is it because we're flat out they have their own worst. Is there more to it and that what is the disconnect we'll delve into that at some point. But right now all I love I love Zach ride the whole crew is done with the rowing ride there's a presence now in every darn stadium the chances to possibly playing. Home road doesn't matter this fan base has gotten better they have changed the culture as they seem to do constantly. And relatives. I like this ticket exchange our program to put together to I think this helps. We've seen in culture around here for the Panthers tackle Charles who tells what they're doing just ticket exchange we're gonna talk some banter Zach what's going on brother you don't. America or are you doing good man doing good I want to OK so I'll. We we were talking to second the schedule came out. We realize we're in Dallas week one will we start thinking about it we start going crazy eyes start may assume you know lame one liners about the cowboys. And then we start thinking about Ono. You can't have the season opener on national TV for 25 all fox a buck and Aikman there. And you can't halves. You know umpteen cowboys fans there we've got to protect our house that they really you know as much as any. And people sort bring you know what you guys are looking to do let's talk about you talk about this ticket exchange plan because I think it applies. Four games like that right or games it you know at any point people might look to sell tickets to. Yeah I mean absolutely up well for starters and David goal should be if you hold the cowboys ran under the keeper then of you know our stadium this year they deputies. Got. But but there are ya. You know immediately you beyond. And all the they'll buy that when he seemed comment like that whether the cowboy the actors dealer. You see I don't under rubble wrote 28 going for 250 dollar ticket you know because. Dana can't go to get that much money for donor to the debate expect when they're beat air bases and only come Bank of America Stadium they're all that so. Are you able. What we've kind of done here what we're launching this morning at 10 AM on our web site is is that ticket exchange where Roy right amber you lift. Tickets at face value to other or bribe members there. And read what we've done that packet. We would want it can address the problem and get deterred say you know what you mentioned we're not gonna fix. The cowboys are running our stadium by doing this but what we've learned in the last couple years is that there's definitely a segment of our fan base that looks to just. Did their tickets are sold their tickets for face value they in it sure a lot of other after band can sit in those seats is so what we're trying to address here with whitlock at the ticket extra. Janelle and it's it's absolutely the way to go to Endesa think anytime we get into this staying and you know I'll I'll get to comments are your senior year you're out there stuffing your face of popcorn press box you know and of course that's their answers accepting and argued I want and then I guess hey you don't know what's going on our lives we might need to sell tickets are we might honestly I need some money so this is that whatever. I think you're I think you're situation like that that is true I mean I don't wanna sit here and say you can't sell tickets. Well make that extra effort used to always say to get a new route panther fans hands because you you might have to take a little hit on the profit which you know that you could do it. And then what you're doing just makes it easier to do it's not like it's some big you know. Hard task and the finds cancer facts. If you don't report never got to go away were not gonna try to change there are people we got a special right now. Wikipedia though that are either owed by ticket brokers who obviously their goal. Sell them for profit. And a therapy or the other segment RB he gets older better pepper and that one epic tropic and they're always going to exist but. And the people that were looking to to come got the platform are the ones that at this speed up the you know any of our paper on game day. Hey check into the game up talk to all my family on my paper our coworkers Billy goat. Trying to get these in the hands of another campus and all want is back. So those people do exist those the people that were going out there and that you know the whole premise but. Not to make people know not to shame them I think they shouldn't seldom heard her you know. Five X what they're able you know based values but just to give the other people an outlet to to match. What other president look at her look at the ticket. Now it's great stuff great services so much what she'll do was great for Sammy Sansa C expecting go on these road trips right and have that built in group it's gonna be there where the roar ride crew hanging out I mean it just. I think that's great pride and you've seen it the presence on the road Zach would you guys has picked up so much else watching the game on TV. And you'll there's a loop Chan. In Luke makes a play I mean that stuff is all you guys look what is thanks your your whole goal and I respect our percent say let's change a culture is a sand base all right I feel like. I feel like it's been working but there's still so much further to go. What do you look at and say man are fans have come a long way in an improvement and what are you look at and say we still need to get better. Yeah it is the long process you know we've been we been out there girl thing here now are about three years or 5100 members out so. The laws or Adam you know how we make the joke that a lot of our members are doing their setup hit. That. They can dominate Bank of America Stadium and taking they have space without. Seeing but I'm not think that the community that we're we're seeing people built weather. On the road or even in our drew up social media people are starting to. Don't act it they're carrying about other paper brands and other cities other countries. You know not think that this this stronger in the bigger that immunity it's the stronger candidate yet and that's kind of what we're trying to take that next step here at a home game you know like you mentioned we treat these people locked on the road and we media aspect that I had on the game and and that that the noise that we may we see how that. Code pink band that played like Detroit or Washington or get. Well out there pounding chant when there are when they're out all that just never heard anything like that where you the so what we're actually doing. Our ticket exchanges we secured a large number of tickets. They're directly from the team paid face value from the scene. We're putting him back on the exchange support base value to the other help feed. You know particular change you make sure there's some listings are there so it anywhere from thirty ticket to a hundred tickets for each had eight home game at. Literally we spent our money. Tend to doubt the dollars to buy the tickets to sell them back to our member compare the ban to hopefully get our money back basically your group of companies. So listen arisen a moneymaking revenue this is a let's make dance but let's improve the stadium has improved the Fed this is. This issue being proactive I loved it I respect it. This provoked putting our money where I'm out there we're not an auction site say they hope it works. We're gonna go in and take the next step to make sure there are ticket but they'll walk there to make sure there'll. And it is just the ticket that we are there this year. That's great support pointed to successes. This is now going to be an opportunity clap along that's never existed before you know Tippett being Peter had to sell their friends or sell online now they have another. And people need to follow your lead to lack can't go to this game this cease to be what you get almost programmed to do you know like tag Elmo put it on there and a panther fans end up getting there's one easy do they just to the Disco the rye website where they go to a check this thing out. Com yeah but right now real assets and in the morning that they're going right not and you know it the app you'll remember oral they want it to be able to see if that's. That's what security we have built them plate that's early night it's not like. You're gonna be answering a you know a message from Tampa and 6969. RBP to Jordan Gross spanned much. Yes it's not that vote will actually be able to beat that. Exactly throw out with these tickets for sale for this game and Chris Maclean that's going to about it so. Noted that a lot of budget and it there which we think is gonna land of the you know that's acceptable as well. Check it out launches today roar ride dot com is the latest staying in a series of things and Zach. And the right have done it two help us got a grows a fan base and he can't go to game put your guard tickets on there do not certainly can't let cowboys fans infiltrate it just Odyssey by those tickets are somewhat. And unbiased and I was just an exam I'll cannot count on my son is really hammer me about hey I wanna go to a game as usual I just go out working a dual post game so. There could be some sixteen purchase at some point did you way to go to Roy right tailgate this year at some point and we just went by album we got around to a silly things like at least a forcing another tailgate today harm us around here bulk. Now we've got our brother was to take a lousy meg around to you know words we raised together this season Zach the power of you know while pay the fans listen soon. Members are yours we got to try we are trying to do some stuff they have but hey I appreciate our tour our brotherhood. Our aren't there you go roared right to act on check it out its candidates are very cool idea I didn't get to trigger their quick enough and nearby nest egg as I know house because he's. Cowboys fans sang out 75% of the stadium. Cowboy Bubba is a real guys MacKenzie stereotype and you know we don't take up 75%. A year stadium kiddies our identity you know let's can be funny bone and we only have like what is it now 85 or so more days what does account well. You nowadays we have a list of the cowboys fans were spank him yesterday was 83 right isn't he played 8288. To 83 the next to be eighty tip a guy like the way you did that are articulate breeders don't wanna talk about this. We go to attitude try to do to cowboys fans enemy stands out Lance stands to a short drive to them we wanna keep them out as well. But I huge divisional game but we also got to keep our ears open to reality my mouse run or is Kemba Walker think Cleveland plain dealer reporting it. That Cleveland is interest sit in trying to acquire Kemba Walker lease looking into it. As a means of saying hey LeBron play with a us were trying to help me now we're trying to you know put a winner here Gloria would you guys make the move this week people have it. And I hop update who'd you want and how about the possibility of trading 811 to get in the top five who could we get the top five analysts it's the Mac it's sad. Morrissey it's flattering but our guys is this six units iso DJ Moore signs and bad there's all the draft pick signed. That's the good news bad news is we just five weeks plus against training camp on July. 26. So we a lot of World Cup we want to blow World Cup and you know low hanging with a sand is gone. And I see what we got World Cup off to a great start adding to a game was amazing Harry Kane's goal and stoppage time miles an amazing drama. He points and that is Terry Cain Israel name that sounds like got prostate and that. Wake infidelities at a hotel bar still retain its second of all oh yeah. What I'd miss a video I'm not proud. I was napping yesterday and caught that game after the game I could close at halftime. It took me a very long time to figure out which team was eighty when it was crowd affect their uniforms or similar. I think what I thought east aware that navy blue and white I was very concede used. On which team was England yesterday well I'm glad I did that shocking values you are you live so this World Cup some surprise you could just read a surprise phone you don't know exactly what kicks look like. You know the cool soccer kids can't kick start uniforms can't sort of catches a medical kit which I find to be annoying as all get out when I dropped to hit by Harry came up. Bash Colombia plane right now little promise Rodriguez right now don't keep an eye on that for so right keep the Nile that once. I don't see dominant on the new updates are we've got some we've done. Out dumpster which has certainly that we have is coming up top of the hour Christy toll just can't talk about the draft we'll see what he thinks about some of these players were discussed in the trade scenarios we Cleveland now we have something juicy to go and and and people say oh you're lethal to get rid Campbell no part of that is what both so we have some juicy don't want Cleveland is contemplating hey let's go well there. And try to get a guy like Campbell maybe don't make LeBron stay because he's not letting Cleveland though he is not showing everybody his cards on what he might be doing. Mr. says if he use state eleven to get and its outside the target should be dogs it's or poor if his back checks out. If we get into the top five team well I'd say let's let's work just trading we'll we'll take cold to hear from reporters guys in the second we gobbles up to the top five and a show. How about a foot by the way Thomas rodrigues not her hurt not playing right now so my attempt to seem like animal World Cup guys doing are just completely blew open in my face but most solos back right soccer text or most cells back to the free to its roster I believe I'll be all right anyway it's I tried it didn't work out for me. Bony. Who would you most if you get a eleven and make a trade up. Into the top five who would be your desired target if you say. OK let's try to turn to lottery picks in the one higher lottery pick well how far we talk about going up in the top five because obviously eight directly couldn't eat for something in that neighborhood if it's four. Then you're in that. Jerry Jackson bomb array diet are they Jerry Jackson's going to be. Ridiculous I told you prologue time. I saw a young Kevin Garnett in the said Davis tees were tossed an anonymous gals they compare to your Kevin Garnett right and brought up the same question I had. Kevin Garnett was separated Garnett. From most guys was the motor. And that just nasty desire to wait and don't know he has EnerNOC but just skills a lot less I would take I would run that car for Jarrett Jack yeah. I like Jerry Jackson to you start to get up and in that neighborhood. On Don just is addressing the problem mission he may not wanna you don't know what he's gonna come here play in the states but that dude it. It is just I don't I don't remember hearing or seeing eighty wing player that stance guilt. Comes from Europe and you know you get to stretch fours right from Europe to get a European style stretched four and got it on the wing. Is lie. You know almost a Grant Hill guy that does it all. Score Spanish you know bomb distribute handle like what I compare old and want to LeBron James governor thought you know what goes their but they do I didn't wanna go there that rightly that in wanna column but he could be Euro LeBron Euro LeBron would not be as good as the American model of course. But man that dude is skill. All right let's go to all these stinks and I'm sorry it's ten guys stink if it's don't trade kemba guys they don't touch. I'm extra gleeful it's just because Swiss Campbell and a big contract after next season. I still would have no hope. Because we can't lose big contract we'd be stuck with Campbell in the same camp that I'm trying to get a different or you're young core and I am trying to stink moving forward in draft tie that's that's what makes me gleeful that's what we'll give me any hope. About the senate sadly appropriate worry about him Obama right now you gotta top I would go Jerry Jackson over him because Obama seems like there's still risk with him. But dad duties analyzing man runs the floor like a guard. Shoots the 3720. Longest wingspan history to Columbine like that dude is tempting don't get me wrong but Jerry Jackson seems. Outside but safer and bumble more ballots Beatty said Jerry Jackson probably feels like you deathly feels like we go to Cesar who is up next season would you like the idea of trying to trade get me get DA to bed. I'd you know are guarding our sex yet so. Well I'm doing right there it's an overt data and number that respect and then I do actors tango duet where. A strike he gets it through better parent and they're there. I recchi get better and you don't look at this you want should we use our pointer. And you have up street bank and bank you don't and the number eight number and that you don't Banco better probably got two major big. Until I don't bear any other when he back you're not sure whoever yeah. Well guess you to do and there's just a lot going on their bone I don't know this feels like there's a lot going on there you gotta be sure there and get a higher pick. You do it by getting ready Zeller are down well and it just seems a little rich seems a little wishful thing can't. Police work and now he's working in the war from our respect I do respect that. Max -- we are trading your from our former co worker JR got no geez man what the heck could become public I trade cap but it Cleveland four days taken jordin Clarkson and then trade a's take ended a two to dispersed require winner. While they wanted to tell you know. You announce who the heck wants to do nobody does he's like the African play would you go out that sign up to replace willingly accept just play is the it's good. Get your trades at just just like saying I'm gonna gamble. You know my assailants from blondes and I'm gonna give an STD over here I want to get there. Do once that's okay that's a weird once arbor to Indiana hasn't weird thank Robert real quick Christmas I don't I said that makes no sense I get ham sandwiches of Robert is up next and Chris patrol and analyze all these players top of the hour Robert what's going. Their top guys. And a typical options that they collect the eight. And eleven. It's a question mark is around the bottom they have to go and I I personally don't bring. He's he's ever gonna we've who are you gonna retire there he's in if you go to cemented it legacies in the same conversation as Jordan yet not wearing. And if you go to the guy to take down open space. Somehow he's going to be celebrated more much more electric wire that is somebody who's. Collected a couple of cheap grain confused and so so so my my point is I think that's what this whole being. People walk where that's concerned I think that they are not our concern like these you guys really Steve upon. Decided to go anywhere else for the offseason. It's hard to tell you riveted sync point and it would be and that would listen he can't stay Cleveland has this right because he just people not us. First of all teams like Boston and Philly are on the com idling thing he had so finals next year if he stays with the Cleveland team as this. But if he gets a Caremark. And Cleveland makes an effort to bring it a player like cam but I do see what you're saying he wouldn't have to leave the hometown fans the second time he would stay in the east. Campbell clinic Tyree were all I guess I do see what your saying but I'm not gonna claim to know what the hell the bronze gonna do as singles go to Houston. And it brings that way like are they cheap when you're beating that team I don't think it's cheap if you go to Houston beat that team I got to be honest you let teams that freaking good Golden State. It changes all the time it's gonna change more but right now I think brought stats. Did he say some guy you think ultimately boils down do we get to the meetings we get in all this up they're gonna do under. Do you think he's gonna wanna go west. Only can lineup what do Houston squad I think you're losing it that Laker dreams real trio together of Georgian quietly as they Blackhawk read now are they beat the warriors had always Georgia is not as good as he used to but he's number three guy. Well you know you see my position bliss out there sorts us out there they're sold off that god could you need a bat cork. To go with those guys because it doesn't lawyers backcourt will go crush. You've got to have a balance on your roster not just all forwards he got out of the guards psychopathic Guardsmen and bashing LeBron day is not for a couple weeks every settled and we dealt don't have that but I do hope Cleveland wants to do so to hear what Campbell I would love this is my voice goes Peter Brady with excitement when we come back Chris what's always tell us about all these players he's covered it ESPN.