Mac Attack Hour 2: What big moves should David Tepper make?

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Thursday, May 17th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses what moves new Panthers Owner David Tepper should make. 

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7 o'clock Kurds we are less than an hour away from dethrone bone can it happen this time Tebow does so obnoxious about there's. Can now listener dude this is someone African beat me here it's a sports trivia game the last thirty years sports trivia this is is we allow sees very good at it. I'm can somebody beat them we just four pairs of concert tickets at stake including a senior Dave Matthews Band. Journey and Def Leppard later scattered and home and notes all included in one prize fact if you beat him. I want to talk a little tea thirst I noticed at their stands on social media we're debating this topic so let's have a little fun. And let's go let's go back and forth and let's talk about this topic of the golf hall of mater and the statue David tepper a well it this is something the panther fans want David tapper to do pretty quickly. First of all the Jerry's statues got to be something done there but then a lot of people set to be a great chance to put up a player's stats sheet. And this people suggested Steve Smith and Madonna birth broke out on on social media there's lot of panther fans. Because of Steve Smith. So you know the incidents with a punch your teammates double tether fantasy don't give him any statue that got to be a big thing so it got me into thinking. Tebow. What should David shepherd do what should be the first moves when it comes to race statue. Or just going into the hall of honor the Panthers had not done anything with all modern twenty years. Why did they forget they have sort this thing table and I shouldn't say that it's fourteen years since the PS LRs one adopted. That was a nice move through showed appreciation for your DSL owners. But since then nothing there hasn't been an employee of the team bonus been inducted to the hall of honor. Arms since Sam mills in 1990 eight's. Twenty years. So this is also something I agree with the stands David tempers got to do something here we have so many stinking candidates don't. Former panther players to do this west song wanna get into this discussion this discussion kind of pops up from time to time. But for you guys. If you if you could talk to Jabber talk to people be involved this process. Who's the first statue who were people that deserve. To go into the hall of Monica's we've got his start recognize the same get the cowboys have 21 people in their bowel. We have two former employees Mike McCormick first executive of the team Sam mills. And the DSL horse that's all we have 33 entities in there. They also have the white house of honor was 21 people are inducted into the is the biggest party years of denied access these Charlotte Comfort Systems temperature right now. Is 69 degrees ten years old parts and labor covered available for free with Charlotte comfort just outside the. Only statue for a player is Sam mills a tick that's the only statute that a player had asked. On the other end the McCormick statue to first of all they're going to have to bone and putting people and not give them statues. They started by giving everybody a statue outside the stadium they got in the first two people. I don't think Emmy statues can you put put up out there of people so I think there needs to be a difference between who gets recognized in the stadium. You know I know hold on there in the stadium. Candidate who gets an actual statuette to me. The guy I want to see be the next one to get a statue because I'd be exclusive wit it is Thomas Davis. Thomas Davis has done is to me the perfect statue candidate as a Carolina cancer because this guy bone. It lets your tone try to do griped today about you know this PE DHS which I cares so little about it at all. But this dude on and off the field. Exemplified keep pounding he is the closest thing we have to Sam mills and Sam mills is the only player with a statue. I think you make these statues where they are almost bone everything together. What are you liked as a man what are you like on the field because not only was he one of the best defensive player we ever had. We also showed a fortitude. And the damn hard to come back to those three torn ACLs and become a better player after that. And then you have all the charity work you have the fact he's a Walter Payton man of the year. I just think that's the kind of guy wanna put a statue I'm not trying to rip submitting your peppers those two best players in panther history. But I would go the route of more than just on the field for the statue. But the thing is this is why this was a debate on Twitter. And this is why this is a good back and forth among panther fans here what would you guys tell David pepper to do in regard to statute what would you say bottle. I've been to do before on Thomas Davis there are support down not say cows they didn't deserve one. But when you say keep pounding that does describe Thomas Davis aren't off the field what he overcame so I can't sit here and argue do say Thomas Davis does not but I also say. Not Austin's field with some things that happened. But on the field the football player what he stood for keep pounding also. Exemplifies what Steve Smith lost I think Steve Smith. Is the best player in franchise history a not segue from that burst peppers careers more support. What kind of Chicago by touting Green Day. So many web sad Deanna you wanted to at least do for a couple of years in Baltimore I think so many as the best player in franchise history holes they were coming up. I think Steve Smith deserves a statue outside a BO. That's well that's good I think those are going to be the two candidates for the first statue right so many because right now he's the guy you could do it. You could do it for him this year gentleman's dawn you can do informant had an amazing moment I think you should have that moment where you put him in the ring of honor. But I would make the statue saying wait more exclusive than the ring of honor about I would like I could short engrossed in a ring of honor. He said that to me he was that good football player I would start again the cowboys a 21 in there. I would start again they do Donna for years but I would start to put some of our really good players in not just great players are particularly if on the ring of honor take altering a bar I would put I would definitely put Jake DelHomme and a ring of honor is well. By the way here's what happens on they showed again we we ask for like. We want to know. You know embraced a debate like regularly we'd like we want people to point counterpoint also likely that they'll set a place like now people are trolling Mike Thomas Davis selection. This dude says stop it Davis a dirty player multiple suspects also Maude I currently. Suspended for steroids. Mom distant says give a statue to somebody breaks the rules and uses drugs. This would say it was a yes Tebow nailed it's we submitting this guy building senate tax Davis yes that he knows many is too whiny to this day. Like I. I don't wanna get in through I did want to say this for the guys that are saying he broke the rules a news. Used a performance enhancing drugs you guys give a damn about anybody else has done that. I honestly do even though the list of other guys that have done that before our baseball hall of famers are getting in now that we don't know what they did I kind of steadily to stop site registered nurse in a savage game like football when you start to age like Thomas Davis. I'm sorry man I don't hold it against chip in if he was uses some he says he wasn't. I don't hold it against us he was I don't care about that much I'd be cruel to so many Americans are respect that dude as as a horrible lie and is just an absolute canter legend and he needs to be honored bone he needs to be in the ring of honor. But as far as the stats you like people are arguing this guy says Matt Thomas davis'. Oh clean images gone please stop playing that up. Steve Smith punched your teammates man according ready to punch a one even spikes. Like it again I'm not trying to dig it out man I want to that's Betty but just when it comes down sooner you start ripping Thomas Davis. Like who has the worst transgression Peter writes. What is all OK Thomas Davis quit act like that's a big deal just wanna argue with me right. To remind me when we talk about statues were talking about dies at the end or Korea or guys that are now not playing anymore there's another died it's going to get one. That's that's I'll carried fifty dot. Okay we'll get one also more passing shots that I am proud to what I do is another guy saying you can't statue that it got so bad guys including cam that might scream. I need a statue is studying to do about what I did DJ Moore is gonna get winzip you put chance he's deeply tanned into Superman outfit on the statue and Luke is in Captain America Boehner right next each. That's why you're right dose statues are very very rare saying. They're there's three ways of what a bunch guys in a ring of honor. Statues let's not just a given amount that's the way I wanna do it Joseph says Steve Smith was five times a player of Thomas Davis given up Mac. That's the thing what would you guys do how would you do it. Who should get a statue went into a new ownership comes in and we finally start working on the statues. And there were a hall of honor again because there's been a long time twenty years since a player's gonna. Who gets a statue who goes in the home honored to be one player for each doll and getting near debate will just wanna try get some cancer passion going I know it's Max. But I want to try to get some cancer bashing going on recently he got a virus Scripps clinic case did you get the hall of shame we can put together to have their hall of shame as well. 70 Poehler 05796. Standard color sports access on that number building senate sex. Mom and email interview once you Mac UW hasn't he dot com. Do you sky David Jeffers got to get to assess your situation going. Jerry else somebody in who gets the next statute who goes and all of honor let's discuss transportation your calls next. Thousand dollars. Yeah your shots and 1000 dollars for sitting through this radio show man I feel like you deserve it. Text the word deed to beat EE ST. 70881. Text these descent into it and want right now it's a national contest thousand dollars on the line. Message data rates apply full contest rules available at WS and C dot com I. Absentee voters turning into a beef cake. Now nothing that should not orchids really aren't coming to live look at detects reaction is crazy on this topic you all are killing it. Only Super Bowl champs deserving of statues. So this guy you we got to win a Super Bowl did somebody get a statue I guess he wouldn't give Sam mills statue. In let's see here TD squeaky clean rapist tarnish she's a cheeks. He knew what he put his body I don't care if he did man I don't care marketing armed and I don't think anything less of these guys in football they are playing a savage game man. And it is not natural for there for them to try to get back out their bound. And take a serious event. They are in a car wrecks multiple car wrecks every Sunday as some natural human body so I'm sorry man I feel way differently about that that I do when guys were using. You know to break you'll hallowed home run records. What you say you say you are from a former player than just wouldn't disagrees me I guess. No extract his name extract is that right word. Extract his name arc on what you saying quote as a source or friend might have played the lead for awhile. As a former player who never did steroids it couldn't figure out how so many guys are getting Sasser as it turned thirty. The PD think is a huge deal it prolongs careers and gives him a huge advantage just my two cents a cannot be dismissed. OK so that is a player saying that's it's funny I talked to guys like Garcia doesn't seem like she feels like it is that big a deal Garcia also spends her experiences where he has reason not to trust the process. The process of you know the testing and penalties and stuff like that Lotta people Saint John Casey in the ring of honor. I don't trying to disrespect case I mean this you don't talk about class acts of our franchise bone there's no doubt about it and a guy that was just consistent year after year. And I there's another due to take off in the Super Bowl. I just wouldn't put a kicker in the ring of honor. I'd be more apt to put a guy like Jordan Gross I would put Jake DelHomme in their discovers the heart and soul of the 03 Super Bowl team. Cardiac cats a heart and soul of that cardiac those cardiac moments that give you one more energetic if they win a championship here soon. Who said. Ron Rivera. Always try to coach and a coach it's a Super Bowl he's got lowliest in the hall it would give him a statue talked about the whole attack because he won a couple of championships and we did talk about asset. But he's getting into it out. To the ring of our Buick championship yes every coach has students coach wins a Super Bowl here he's got to be on but we've got to start doing this more David Shepard you've got. To do some that was Israel on this stuff seems really liked. On our let's go to the phones clue. Is statue deserving may when it comes to the Panthers. And who should new ownership are ma get in this ring of honor rim put out anybody from the team in the real 120 years is too long. 70457096. And I Freddie were wants to weigh in on this Freddy read what's your two cents. They're trying to play it is to put it. But you re yeah I think I think it is all are great but spinach well. That that the lap to get. Tomorrow our utility club that you are stuck so we get to know what they can now use. The statute they're a little bit much. So you think even to guys like senior submitted using statues need to be more exclusives and were even saying. Well me personally active big way you know this stage players staying at this kind of weird they like it. Like did nobody knew about it either way maybe it'd TDK the great thing. Even never like look at the deep beyond a first ballot hall of Famer and both Japanese and be so what other for me to do like OK active. OK I don't know I hear there's a guy from your from Baltimore food and and and I know he's combat you know I've been up there's. Did not seem both reset cheeks but Justin says I moved here from Baltimore. And the only two statues in front Ravens Stadium are ray Lewis and Johnny Unitas you're talking about 21 ballot hall of famers. You can't just put any money and give him a statue what we're not saying anybody but you're saying what that caller sank. Is we got to be more exclusives. Is peppers a first ballot hall of Famer I feel like he's close to it the thing is with pat and a statue though bone he had a rough break up with discount. He also just I don't know to me I want to reward those young Sam mills as a statue out or more the most Sam mills like. People in this franchise over the years is not going to be many of them. But I think CD is one of them on and off to steal some of you were disagreeing. All right let's go back to the phones and even if you say hey the statute talks appraisals are due back. Arms who doesn't ring Yvonne who deserves that at least 'cause there's a lot of guys 70457096. And I we've got mark from Estonia up next Margate mosque arson and a statue outside of the FNC bound for his colleagues. An amendment out of it and it was more he was going on. About statues not the bill to take government shared had a game. I'm mark is speaks for all of Estonia when he asked on Twitter yesterday David -- can we now take our shirts off so. No I'm not that got bottled water. We have now become. All it would take for you that's why did you just do that with your shirt on. I'm never noticed any of the other guy hey. Every other stat almost every other stadium let's guys I idol or a Google I don't know only some I see guys with shirts also the game is when it's. When they write the team name on. Phone government. What we said we have a gas Tony election on the show today wasn't that guy honestly deployed today thirty don't guest list at that sleepy baker on the out of high now I'm not call I just changed my whole let me add this to do it to do this or David tepper I want more press conferences. I wanna cancer logo and then sealed. And I would also light no shirts at the stadium because we cannot risk marketing at the stadium. With that shirt off the damage that would do bones of the women and children of the Charlotte community and the eyes of people in Charlotte community and make people go blind. You can't do this mr. tapper you just can't I'd solve what is the ball the isn't fitting that the gas Sony wedges into sleepy Floyd in this guy from Estonia named mark Kelsey Vodafone mark. Ted he's been so awake lately that I yet have been good on his calls but he's been away you do you see Daschle made that call made our show better. Can we improve ourselves there and I don't know and really there's that is now 1017. Calls around. Got to prove right. Think it is a funny question I didn't think of will you be allowed to take your shirt off as a member that was a big deal man of your people already don't slide over that man I did it under surely over now get thrown out stakes trainer. Great talent thicker shirt off what's your take on my goodness how about yourself on a serious note here. Liked how about the way these Schering is handled in that stadium. You stand up when you cheer loudly in other stadiums right you're considered a great sand here. You're told you will be escorted out of you don't sit down like can we give David chipper comes from steeler nation. They're rabid fans can we except as long as it's positive that he towards the team a little more rambunctious behavior. You as a Salem. And not make it so much of a country club atmosphere over others in the cloak even in the club seats to David Shepard do that for us I would like death. Let's see by the way. Not only is Jimmy Claussen get mentioned first statue Von Miller has been mentioned spot Millar Dwayne Jarrett speaking not people are not taken this seriously enough bone they're just not that he was sure we believe there guys could handle this topic maturity. I Terry how dare you posted as a comeback or talk some more they have their fans about this is just got a mention on the first Starwood people's intake to Jerry statue down David tepper. Then people said replace Kristi Smith sat you. What statue Younis to be the first one to go look for new ownership and at. Who needs to be in the ring of Monica's we need to add more than just an executive a player and the PS sellers that we have 2704. 57096. And jump at anything you wanna talk about. Is fair game on the Mac attack. Actually you know mom. He's he's very intuitive math isn't easy to limp off to a degree with an excuse here at the center of the field or tremendous questions you know while I did you do presentations on the team. And he seemed to answer those I mean to ask those questions and beyond that and endlessly answers so are these aren't again greatly diminish the importance I'll look forward to a total working with the. Are all with rich guys in yesterday I don't think he was in a car wash during the interview bound but it did send a little interest and but he saga about meeting David tepper a few weeks back looking toward north course could afford to work with him you're in the employee. He's the boss. And you know we you guys you know you gotta look for the work with him and hopefully David temporal big donor. I've got a good feeling about him. But it's only just had a feeling we really don't know we know how we is in the hedge fund business how Walid these guys are often not the same in the ownership as they are in their other business some -- stay the same so it'll be interesting to see but I'm looking forward to a man ready to turn to page. And other staying may not be able to improve next Tuesday by the owners might not be closed the sale might not be closed until July right before. Training camp by the way now the arguments are about Steve Smith well people are. Not a lot of people. Are not about a Steve Smith statues badly like I said we sold on what are that is that is a controversial decision one way or the other you know to make for the team. Are two points here one about how about this. If a guy is a whole you don't go wind and the whole fame or you do on baseball with a with a hat with a helmet with a team is going the whole thing we know cease meant there was act. Would be carry on a bed and all that. The guys hall of fame career here it will have many of those guys the guy gets the whole thing we know he's going and basically as a painter aggregates stature and some Indian peppers will be in the whole thing. Of their season now that's what your whole thing employer and your noticed they looked at you get Tamiflu statues like tell me statues can you have man like look at also bonus or Baltimore has likable more guys said they got to. Also was you know arrested Yahoo! was estimates suggest I wanna give her credit. So what Twitter suggested that they melts Jerry statue to make a statute that. Safe. So yeah there is a video up right now on the WS and he Twitter feed at W up and Z. A horse show there are bright today and it basically sums up you and I over the last thirteen units. What did it sound very focused and see your focus are very focused on not very fun though just a clown man. Do you know your dude I know that no idea what was going on vis the article out of gas masks at W captaincy that Tom I discuss this. It is still it says Steve says that you shouldn't cost much it'll be small ominous. Homage. Let's see our named Jill building senator taxed or Steve's miss sucker punches teammates talks trash about the team. Factories cut and you guys wanna rewarding when a statue that is an absolute joke. Ronnie says Steve Smith doesn't deserve a statue he ripped dart team called us out called us names act like a jerk on the way out the door. Here's a thing he was mad at Dave gentlemen. Dave gentleman is gone. I'm telling you this thing's going to be rectified bone at the very least he's going in the ring of honor Paul moderate recall us here. And it's a very least he's getting the unhurt the statue thing is a question for me I would go with the guy like TD. Because of the whole full package on the field also feel now go to Dallas TV you know it's kind of a Sam mills like feet. Which he would be off the field motivation someone tweets in who gets the first half Lindsay stature. Bradley does say it's stats you. I was unprecedented honor what does that separately doesn't in my backyard I did I guess so much of that that's a good question of frenzies that you kind of think about salamander. So I guess that is so ideas stature. Without look at Saleh statute had they four goes to show Jim Slater it would have these silver bullets case in the under is under his arm what do not and the sound effects are seen on the the other arm let's go to Garcia stats you would just be frank are you lose a pickup truck. I was roasters some calls we do have other things an wanna get in soon including the way David tempers being received. I've gotten a lot of complaints about my praise for David Jefferson not everybody is. Is you know seal in the ten most likely a better phrase. Get into that. And Siegel's going to be very interesting discussion. That we have to have about star players and how much fun they are watch. I'm we gotta get into that's let's see your bodily every stops and what usual lose series stop it right that's man's present a G energy takes his Chirac he's putting bleach in his arms. Probably make you feel better let's get patting Cornelius he's been Evans he's been trying to get in your to a pat what do you think. Good morning. You know I think is this kind of silly conversation that I've heard before many thought on the Asian. You know the first thing separate god you'd get in there and restructure that brought up. A kind of reestablished. That credibility. You know you've got a lot and not that so years we've Jerry. You know a ring of honor and all of this I'd get it may we wanna talk about what ball on any level. Ballot. How. Are we doing here that would get you re edit it means. Well I don't know hold on a second out oh don't have big pat. I I don't understand why we teach and do books why he can't make like they're needs to be president there attorneys cannot I eat. I look supporting him doing things like data reorganize things and all of that. But I don't understand what that has to do with all so we've got a ring of honor where this so school sales. We haven't added anybody from the organizations of a ring of honor in twenty years like. Something near feels like just kind of stuff fans get into this kind of stuff a lot of us do you apparently don't. But a lot of us get into who gets honored by the organization and stuff like that. Well you know my viewpoint I got it but the thing is job one it's re establishing competent in their prime topic. They can't don't really care about that they care about it here you can't generate victory. I don't I would it will pay for hours today to Carolina coming out here look at the building sent a text like coming see my computer received people care like this and did you call up and say it on a topic to talk about now is not the right W didn't look like just I don't know man just save it. Does that help we believe in what we're doing here it seems like you like what we're doing I often wonder why you like what we're doing. But it seems like it sort of is okay. Can do what we do man botched with that said all the solo stuff matter still like you don't think C Boehner and tired he talk about the season. People on some of the Super Bowl over there it's just not we can't talk every day about the season coming up we got a pace ourselves tomorrow might be a conversation about the season there something I got my eye on there's. There's a traitor amongst us in the media the national media mob. That I've got my eye on select conversation but like today I want to have this conversation later in the show there's going to be a David tepper conversation about him is an owner and and and how warmly it we are receiving him on the show and whether other Stansfield I would like there's times for different conversation but it doesn't mean you need to prove all over this conversation. I didn't know assault saying. I did some research here except Tyler must reduce the research. What do the Steelers do for their whole bar that he wants emulate is his trumpets dubbed the Steelers organization you look at you don't know what's up right now. They just started last year out when he seventeenth they had a 27 member class. To get into this Steelers wall of water it teacher by the way. What these three holes sabres. So hopefully to ever get this they did what could we got to put it. God they don't hear lawyers and no hall of honor was an organization and other than a winning one who's doing what he settled its when he seventy we ought to for the fans you knows you know who is running that organization whoever that guy is it just called. Nonsense don't wanna make sure layers don't want any holes honor. Give a damn about that also ball 47 how what was the Surma let me go it's in response you're 7045709. Success we at least need to do hold holder for the hall of honor needs more. Folks in it man and I did statue things debatable. I'm gonna go to Don real quick you're done how you feel about this. I elusive first off. I think everybody should love the new owners because we can all sleep that night known the Panthers aren't going anywhere else that's a desolate feel like a made him whatever. Are Panthers stand right here trump the real bad thoughts about that this bordering Iran ago. There's no doubt Bob Bob my all time favorite rappers Steve Smith on the field he was a better president buddy. BA point turnaround guy is probably a reason or you would that mean look they're. And I tell you what I love them I wish you would come back next week employee or we could probably use. And you know out surely need a bad joke you get Tony Parker Jumbo BM. Our pocket but Tuukka. There you go I don't know if he nailed that I don't know female muscle I just go to him I visited him the attitude I don't know he nailed the full name that. Yet that was tough what was the full name bound. Ought to bond to beyond which it is outlaws tucked among guys don't cut our he definitely didn't know that they did not like his passion like his fashion for Steve Smith. If they make a decision for Steve Smith get the statue. I'm supported a 100% I would start to statues which CD but we better have a moment they've got to put this together with so many. David separate needs to extend olive branch to Steve Smith say worst start new I recognize what you mean around here we gotta get that relationship going now it's all filers gone. Mac at WS and Z dot com is the email address I listen to us we just simply go to 47 deep and all the water Russell Shepard gets aren't somewhere. That's still pretty distorted at the diner that's going to be a successful test. I listen to us we come back commodores are about as we can go there but bone that caller earlier is going to be happy I have another discussion it's not exactly all hardcore about the 2018. Carolina Panthers on the field but we get another discussion we have to get in Cyril did David sever blow back I wouldn't say it's a ton of people. But David tempers got some people a little uneasy will talk about that on the Mac attack. Award here on the show oddly kill joy of today and tell what was our guys named Bo I forgot that's kind of forgot already forgot his name I know those killed George Bellows insulate you know what is aim was sent you to the calls over her friend. The guy to come almost a balls and stuff I'm Cornelius I'll check back Cornelius patent Cornelius gets to kill joy out of it all back and remember stuff on you know how much memory span our trust anyone from the more still Cornelius region. Fairly easy he had a lot of lot of fraud in that area including myself Obama and Matt did WF since he got dubbed email address writes this David separate out what just cost this als. I you know I. Again I don't like to be a big thing bone but I we don't really celebrating David temper being the owner here we've really had fun with the disk dude has. Some puts awesome personality. There's duties quirky ground balls he's got to Brad really we've really I'm really it's good I think guy's a winner. I think you gas competitor. Like this is a guy out once on my side I really liked is he's got experience with the Steelers. So he's a little bit familiar with football ownership by the way at a high level in the release they do very well. But I just wanted to bring up some of the complaints of people have don't you give any merit to it whatsoever complaints or concerns I should take concerns. Laura says are not why is nobody talking about the fact that we're getting rid of one creepy old man and bringing in another one. That's optimistic call or first tapper is unacceptable. In 2018. And no one cares. I would care if he tried to hold immense and painters offices. And I think that Tebow would be a huge error in judgment. Each other role in there went to silicone and wit. Like I think that's a serious mistake after what happens this organization and mr. Tea Party while the brass balls that. Market in the office but I just staying. I don't know man I'm a dude you know lore as a woman we're all gonna see this through different lenses. I just personally think that's just jocular humor and an artist that was full of guys hedge fund employees. And based on my extensive knowledge of head's sort offices and my knowledge is watching billions. Assays returned it right you I didn't want to billions. They are mimicking a hedge fund also is that right to save wall to Wall Street also able to Wall Street and you see so this is spent some army came from a I don't think he's going to do its sheer distance as tempers gonna make Jerry look like mister Rogers. Come don't know about that one here's another one as I said he's also I don't wanna bring a mob on Bryant says Mac. Does anybody think we're now being led by dad is just a total arrogant jerk. But these stories that Macs that the Mac keep celebrating. Men had a revenge house built. A mom the man talks about how brilliant he is all the time I just feel like I would likely more likable person as owner. What do you think about that's about as long arrogant jerk I hope. He's an arrogant jerk in the sense of the within. Decisions within the league obese fights for what's best for the week in the probably doesn't sit back and just what other owners dictate what goes ought to be fights for what's best the Carolina Panthers what. You're not going to be the web old billionaire that he years without a little bit a jerk and got a little bit of arrogance that to me that that is what Bill Ayers how they become billionaires that date date date dressed but they're also a little bit on not. On the nerves are always a jerk in the sense of always aggressive with fighting for what's best for. The franchise adapt its people awful on the white within the league yeah that's why now he's got there on street. We need to fans let's look at odds about within the decisions in the league of disguise aggressive always out there LB puts this franchise more on the map the Jerry bit. Listen this is not a business a guy that makes eleven point seven billion. Is going to be or get to a degree right. But he also has its regular guy quality that all these profile articles talk about that he is a dive from lower middle class in Pittsburgh. And he realizes he has used a quote from a regular guy the happens to all who have billions like so I don't I think with the fans vote I think he'd be very good at bats. Mom. And there's no doubt there's a level of attitude there's a level loves. I don't want you know there's national bone right like you do this house that is a revenge ousted as you wanna get back to the guy but you don't like Goldman Sachs when you're young employee there. And you just buys ex wife's house stared down build something else there like any celebrates our bench like there's no doubt this guy takes things personal he's got an attitude. There's Americans there. But I don't know man I just like the fact is still it seems like a competitor he's not gonna be pushed around but you saw me but you don't. Gun owners' meetings is just not go be a war Utley a little flower and that's now that's a student is going to be like I'll put it this way. Dumb Derek AS they said I see him get a lot more Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson. And listen there are plenty of things I don't like about Jerry Jones. But it's I wanna hear from milder. Almost I need to hear from every week like Jerry Jones. But I wanna hear from loner I don't want my owners stand to speak in voters beings can be impacts on an influential and listen Jerry Richardson had influence in his own way. And I don't think it's a terrible thing known to have this guy and it's just so driven and competitive. On the an edgy I don't think it's terrible at all might be very good. You just use or it's competitive and edgy thing about this scenario next march and there's a player out their hurry wants a severe hurry is still here. Perry wants a player but he may have somewhat of a checkered past say it say Josh Gordon aura. Or Bryant we talked about this past spring may be goes the owner and Allen says had got a Geiger wanna get to be we can make it work here but Jerry probably doesn't past. But this guy is tapper morgue going to be like take a risk is that we can do your -- is getting easier as our authorities to bring in maybe what I'm not talking about. High high level. Domestic violence talk about just the guys that Jerry would that we thought that you big brigadier Jerry task thought is that sore now open this war characters like he. No risk taker right his business is risk taking those bets on the banks in 2008 were risky but they were calculated risk. He's gonna look at it any way be willing to hear Mardi weigh the pros and cons of somebody that might be risky. I just I don't know man I liked it lot this your stance digital lives here. No I think I think you'll still William Sherry let's keep the Florida residents for tax purposes that's why I moved down there and we get no state income tax status is expensive to afford multiple houses this guy you know I'll be you know I was I cannot. 11000 degree all right as long uses Airgas Eagles win considering that a little boy doesn't think. This guy wins if he's Jerry Jones 2.0 will find a way to allow them right just like Jerry was the of when he was telling mark mark Cuban's arrogant jerk but he got results in Dallas. It yes no doubt tater says are whining she city we'll have a rude awakening when there's tough attitude this franchise a mirror mirror of the steelers' 57 years. That's a slight delays from Pittsburgh a city just fights. Are understood says what happened or southern hospitality can't we just invite temper and give them some sweet tea and barbecue before we started gossiping about him. That's what makes you showed a rap I I I appreciate all the opinions and ultimately everything we say Boehner doesn't matter. Because he does he will define himself as an owner and world speculating right now I just have a good feeling about them. Armon he's a great show trouble and nothing we says matter. It really does it does it all right let's do this I forgot to promote I should promoters Laporte did. Arm do you trombone is coming up next everybody we got four pairs of concert tickets on the line we got Dave Matthews. Journey and Def Leppard Leonard Skinner Paula notes beatles' first ever dethroned bone winner here in week six can get beaten bone. At his own game of trivia line up right now we wanna finally have someone.