Mac Attack Hour 2: Should the Hornets trade Kemba to move up in Draft?

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Monday, May 21st
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses whether or not the Hornets should trade Kemba to move up in Draft. 

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This weekend. Mom but we've got to win these important conversation your kids we gotta get down into it. I know it's a Monday and I know everybody try this case of the Mondays drive into work today. Plus I need to here's a warning here some feedback from you all in order station on this. This idea I liked it's been talked about. Hum house assault Friday both other shows and there's kind of talked about it Rick Bedell planet deceit. Any observer last week discussing what you can do with Campbell I think to draft is the best time. To unload Kemba Walker I think it's in our best interest unfortunately. To unload Kemba Walker. Armed because I don't wanna pay him thirty some million dollars and have no roster flexibility and it's Campbell. Minus the white and the same old guys we've had here before in their bad contracts. But that's not the roster. I want to have moving forward I wanna have young players and hoped moving forward I want to rebuild. But it's a wonder what you guys think there's a lot of you will agree with us live you'll say hell no cameras aren't sold this franchise. A big thing a big opposition to trade talk of kemba has banned the we're gonna hosts an all star game and have no wall stocks but that's that's a big things are a lot of hornets fans. That don't wanna do an offseason trade with Canada because he think that would be embarrassing. Probably would be a little tickets and but I think you cannot let that get in the way your pride get in the way. Of what's best long term for this franchise it's not investigate kemba a 35 million dollar deal thirty plus million dollar deal in my opinion. He is really good. But he is at least a second best player on a great basketball team. You give a thirty plus deal to somebody that is your number true number one on a great scene in my opinion. So to alleviate that situation I would try to trade on draft night T bone. And I liked this Rick Bedell idea. But the question is how many supporters can again it also like decide deal or are you guys gonna say. Helm though it's not worth it or hell no nobody would do this with a slate do you do you oppose this. Or do you choose to look at and say I would do something like that with Kemba Walker combo in this draft is oozing with potential as itself. We're talking about this earlier idol I just don't mean at the tip top. I mean yeah I think you go six picks beat. With guys you say seven I say six aren't what went out Carter and that's seven. Be honest about our ministers and there's Al Horford game and and when a car I wonder what color is gonna be really good. But these other guys I think tests all our attention put on seven articles older Zuckerman a seven I would I would trade kemba and the eleven stick. Together. To get up into the top six. Because I believe any players you get in the top six vote is a guy that has star potential and do discuss use all your jump sides. I realize it could blow up in our face as many lottery picks have unfortunately. But how would you feel dare to be great thing and I would take a shot of trying to get a young talented piece to go wins. Malik mark now the six let me see you say Carty would trade up if you can get Wendell Carter also are on the. I don't know slot but trading after I just put a month I put on the back get that six man but a plug in a nod to say that he's been a little bit. Undervalued in terms of what it gets some Mossad niner tech Arnold ladies outlawed think he's. After reading your six Carter probably number seven and my opinion do you okay here's some guys out which I've EC 88 and Don sits but I don't think we're not in that neighborhood. I don't really think we jumping to spray was Atlanta. When badly Mann Bradley I think Sylvia held a player and there are so valuable player Sox also treats its again there is so much more to back at least game that we haven't seen yet the three point shooting we saw some of last year. That's can meet he came in what sort of a Grant Hill reputation ball in court can shoot it. Got put on the block a lot. Both on the block ought to do what which it was really good act. But I think what's really solid Jason Day don't expand his game this year out of the Mitchell's game expanded there's another level to Bagley. Quite frankly we don't know we have CD I agree the perimeter I. How about what he would just get the rebound bone tango one man fast break down the guy that that is gate there's things he's going to do next Levy go to attain them. You saw flashes of at a duke which you're gonna see more frequently the range bone you're missing the Rangers see him play and on the wing and driving. So I agree with you on Magli argue the other players Jerry Jerry Jackson has dad's. Ability to block shots inside to hit from the outside he's very wrong. But Darius started. Like potential there. There's Kevin Garnett ability a young eighteen year old Kevin Garnett the wages have been an out blocked shots now Garnett has that intangible of just relentless aggression. Attitude never say dot I don't know if he's got that personality but terms of just game at that age there is some young Kevin Garnett in their attacks I also think there's some of that in the Obama took. A dude and also surprisingly it's seven slick and stepped out and shoot a bit can put it on the floor bid to surprise because he doesn't look like he should be able do that. It could be a complete game changer on defense is defense is compared to Rudy beat bill bear moaning. Just Eiffel Tower and I just wanted to say stifled our possessions while the goals and thirty donors essentially change a franchise just by his presence in the middle on these are just do it. As offensive its role but offensive potential till. The guy I really like if he's there. And I think maybe six with a Orlando is a possibility or just Marcel mentioned it last week so. Arm could Orlando won't be tired of the rookies coming in and not producing and not turning out forum. Could they wanna take a shot to try to resign Kemba Walker arm and number six. If you could get Michael Porter junior I would do it sue he is compared to save them. I think you can get an extreme value in Michael Ford junior because he was injured bone and we didn't get to see Israel cells in college but just do what he's coming to DM BA people thought he was gonna be the number one pick my own in the drafts this dude can step out put it on the floor. Finish on the fast break. I hit the offensive boards like that dude could be a game changing wing what is would you give him at six let's look at trade eleven. And Ken Buck so get a player that could possibly be a franchise player at six season. And Michael Ford junior be freaking awesome I would I would do that and I want to know who's with me but I realize you're not always we've got to talk this out this would stand Michael. Porter at six a B immense value because we we didn't cigarette era Michael Porter last now is that that is unbelievable amazing wonder. With Mitch talking to Don it's oversees one point or go to Scott and Al rivers don't in talking to reporter recently. Is there are some thoughts of those guys and obviously not be there in the eleven range. So to CSI is high on getting up into the top five he's like he's talking to guys that quite frankly he should be talking. He also said don't rule anything out as far as straights and Rick and l.'s writing about a possible trade up into it feels like it's in play into me that would be exciting it's horde as a hornet saying to get very excited and get hopeful right now. That would do is forming on a lot of tennis fans have been met about it. But I just I. I don't think we should pay him the big contract someone already there's only 40 come on mention hello god it's miserable loser baby makes draft night mid to pull lose and they just draft trade. Now who's with me on this what this is an animal house Belushi moments that I'm I'm a passionate speech. Who's with me nobody runs and CI RO do we need to get people run an answer as vote saying there was us. Or are people gonna say no don't do it. I don't know how this is gonna go this morning man second easily you know jumping nearly all have you seen a draft of this much gold in the top six is crazy isn't just potential and have seen it all pans out. But it's three of these guys pan out you don't want the right wants. Man there's potential meanwhile bone when we get the high picks and B and KG is numbered suing Cody is number afford dress she needs it stinks. I had brings us back to a two I go envoy and our anger again but dollar and so does this stuff excites you does it sound like it's worth hope. Or do you feel like it's a bad idea what do you think Campbell an eleven to trade up. Get a guy like Porter bomb or someone like that 70457096. Stand who would you do it for what player do you ones. Or is this a terrible idea we'll see if we can recruit some fellow hornets fans on this bandwagon it is the Mac attack on SNC. Thousand dollars. Are here it is she's. The word is doctor doctor doctor. I'm award is doctor GO CT. Oh all architects that word to seven to eight they want to. Chair shot to win a thousand dollars or be a great way to start a week there's no doubt about yen until the top of the hour it's accident. To national contests message and data rates apply full contest rules at WFNC dot com good luck to everybody. Bring home other grand to Charlotte right now trying to figure out how we bring home with a guy was star potential. In the NBA draft were drafted eleventh because we won too many stinking games by the way you trade Campbell an eleven to get up their bonus it's possible to get up to six and take a guy like Porter Obama. You then that don't have Campbell for the whole season. And you stink. And then you won't be drafting tenth or eleventh will be dressed even higher next year and will get another guy next year with some real potential this is all about acquiring young assets young dudes with potential and then see you know it comes together that's what I wanna do you watch the Braves play you all. I wanna have the baby bus yet to maybe bring us don't have the baby buzz and let's get this rebuilding thing going that's fun to me. I don't understand why keeping him on pain in the 35 million dollars a year is fun deal that it did because then or handcuffs against the cap we're in no way. It also takes the lingering kemba dilemma out of play. The one that Saddam also distract the team as a whole but that's one thing that could be a problem when the skies but there are very million dollars he remove that any start or re our new coach. I knew GM. Why not just start the whole thing nailed. They don't even don't get that I deployed its talk talk Saudi royal was just let's reset everything. It feels like a good time to rebuild I don't know they're gonna do that or not but Rick but no mention this possibility that I got a good point it up on Monday a great point. We Abdallah and an average guy probably L one a day regardless still supported station I know it's early Eddie gotta get to sleep study your eyes. When are you on board with so this. Training camp and eleven trying to get up into that top six or so would you do it 70457096. And I met once to jump in match. An easy on about all lists. Matt and he. I say man. I think there's no I mean come down with a Q arbitrary but I you'd get it would give up their eleven city. We've got to get rid idiot either in gauging your material respect. Okay I see you say we don't attach a contract. I mean what are the timing Nomura got together I mean there. Does come out they they start mapping this just felt about it would come out whether the Europeans could even make in the NBA. I'm particular threat they'll keep you Korea and it was number two peaks and we restart abilities can what are scout I don't know why they. These guest column rubbing. Brilliant and barbecue and KG was a member to be okay well address the risks they read all the work they do certain. In a scarlet. Well I lose. Could save this mad that comment were may be rings true now it hurts that hurts me now though because I was good with GM KG text a Sox a it was going to be a defense of game changer and energy gains game changer I thought there'd be more offensive game eventually. I did not realize what low level of offense we we're at plus let's face it we're basketball's that analogy important spacing is in the end three point shot. I mean he's a guy you don't even one on the floor is a complete liability on the offensive end in the half court sets. Because he can't even give you any honest spacing and then we have Dwight Howard out there to lose clogging things up. Like we are not playing 2018 basketball when those two dudes on the floor at same freaking time. I'm with you on trying to get rid of and KJ you're trying to get rid of the Zuma. I wouldn't make it in this necessity bone to get rid dolls but a lot of people are saying this that this isn't enough sort it out there while I'm giving up too much Joseph says Campbell. And a lottery pick our way too much just to jump up five spots in the lottery no wonder Maxine GM to. About changing the dynamic of the franchise as well that's that's what this is about it's about saint Marie setting in global kemba did here work starting fresh. Also in terms of getting rid of other players again KG backers. What is Philadelphia do during the process yes they suck most the time they drafted high. But they did hold on to mistakes Okafor gaunt there was the well caught Carter Williams caught. They day they were afraid to say you know what we're gonna get what we got this guy is gonna. Here we draft guys high just hang around draft. We don't admit I don't give a second deals yelled and I doubt we can second year olds what's your theory early is your for awhile. And did you get a second deals seriously what was actually what what did he do kids are okay it's al-Qaeda to admit a mistake land promised I don't we job discuss high delegate try to fight its acre farm bought. We just collect all your mistakes. That's why you end up here in Philadelphia is where it's it's true it's true mom here's. So here's what I want to know who's on board with this and is just too much to give up the reason I don't think it's too much to give up these are going from getting indicted could be a good player and eleven. To a data could be a franchise player like say MR Micheal Porter junior could drop to five or six. Also let's not overrated Dikembe assets the team that gives him has to re sign him or else they lose him completely and here. And they get nothing they rented a story here in the east teams on the top six and a draft are bad teams is he wants out of bed same. So it's not the I just don't think she is the assets something insidious because of his contract situation. I'm go back to silenced he wants to jump in here he would you do a deal like just to get into the top six with Campbell a number eleven. Do we know not great lie there. What are don't doctor Trey. I don't that's where yeah I. Don't know. Draft pick. Do what we saw another all time best player I agrees all time best player we haven't won squat diddly with him as our all time best player I honestly don't wanna win man all of Campbell but we gotta win games. Do I want to get much what do we do it well. Talk about whether or not you. No I wanna win I wanna build this thing up like silly did I wanna get bad and I wanna put it seemed together of young players. And I wanna mostly draft the right guys like do you wanna get Kemba Walker deal by the way he's elbows the first 37 million dollar a year deal next all season do you wanna do that. So let's some big city steak T would you rather have. Kemba at a 180 million or badly Jerry Jackson Michael Porter a bomb on a rookie contract. You're gonna get eleven seat. At least we just always does franchise changer in the top five a six of the draft you can get a guy that you built around you that you that you can get your indeed. Ga you're impede your in this draft you get your bag when you're Jackson you were there and Obama. Yeah. Why. We got a new guy here he did clear out some of the scouting department I mean at some point you can't just concede we can't draft you brought in a new GM get a new coach got some news gals. We have to try don't lead to run an organization the right way to build it. All in the future which rather have 180 kemba and Kevin Knox one of these guys that can change your franchise and some necessity rather have Campbell for another season and Kevin Knox patsy but I don't Kevin Knox as a huge upside guy personally. I just see him as just kind of OK and solid I don't feel like he has this but I like Michael Ford junior bonus he is healthy has this he's being compared to Jason Tatum Kevin Knox is not getting that. You know Kenny Knox is seen as saying nice player arm and your annual are doing away with a lead it. You're getting up in that area in this draft in a very deep draft for you have a chance to get a game changer had we draft him in the past no but it doesn't mean a new GM can't draft him and his stress. By the way bone this is not going well if you check out the building senator sacks the tide has turned against us completely. I don't understand why people are calling it like outlook Campbell I'm not trying disparage Campbell always Kemba Walker. As your best player. You only go so far. And you have to be put a cast around him we can't put a cast around him because of all these contracts that are tied up and because of how much rain have to pay Campbell next year. We've got to start over you all is they're not anybody else that is so sick and tired. A billion sick and tired with this war extinct the you don't wanna just roll the dice and try this thing over a man and by the way to camp asset bone. This is the highest it will based. Is this offseason when you get a full year two Bream in your program and try to convince him to re sign with you not trade deadline I feel like there's a portion of the sand base and I'm not. I'm not trying to hate that's good there's a portion of the sand base that's try to hold on to glory days here. We can't we can't put the put out this team this is the glory days what. Our glory does is a ball or getting a little dog too early nod to a pile of not like. I don't want to just rebuild this whole thing like our house right now listeners are supposed to its construction listener that's my own doing the process is horrible is no guarantee it'll work. Com here's another one we can't draft come on man. Damn sure glad McEntee don't aren't a GM dumbest idea to trade Campbell on break up the team out the one that are outside the toe. I sit outside. I don't know and what do you talk EHR and I made the mistake and said you got to pay him 121 else can we get in here we are man and I'm telling you kemba is a great player. But as 353637. Million dollars a year. It will be the same saying you beat Campbell in the camp that's again on the. Hollywood but let's not forget kemba is undersized guard that potential contract takes him min Soo what what what HVAC thirties 313233. And that's good Wachovia so let's let's remember that like these are the. Nice being undersized guard later in a deal this dude says switch out to cap Burma initially to go get him help. This it says here you'll go again more cancer trades off. I resign yelled put a poll out the city says no MJ says now which you guys still pressed the issue. You know hash tag no means now. That's not the right. By the way gives you you don't think things can change and Michael you don't think owners say things one minute to calm everybody down. Once you get in the offseason and a new GM says I'd like to rebuild this thing and our number one asset is Campbell let's try to go get a difference maker in the draft you don't think that could change. I'd let us tonight. All right do the positive character I didn't last week in a 6 o'clock now I got mad at a guy acts. Well Matt I think which he does go ahead keep that number eleven taking catalog here and just keep trying to that didn't seem. That's the ultimate goal to get seeded tenth seed that is positive deer that the Mac. I don't get a positive Peter why are people having so much fun with this team of the way they are they make me miserable is or anybody else it's not miserable. And doesn't wanna try to do something differently for a change I get there wouldn't be exciting grab. Let's take a break 704. 57096. And gently again one other person in Charlotte. There's kids the idea in the regular LPs last week is beautiful trying to show up Campbell an eleven to get up into I say the top six. And get a game changer even bumble importer five and six of that's where they go could be game changer is anybody anyone's dealer anyone. We're getting some support here Brian says McEntee bonus. Begging for support when they're clearly on the wrong side. Of an issue which is the best thing about the Mac attack he hears this thing I don't like symptom he likes when we do that I don't think Ron Ross out of anything year I think Grassley. Beads there were just a situation I look Kemba Walker respect what he did here no doubt about it all the best player in franchise history. It's not easy for us just to win we say get rid of home. But we're trying to get this team to a level that they're not isolated to a Smart move or taking the emotion half or. Or Austin I get accused because it's like Mac glance the emotion dictate Alley you know his opinions and all this stuff predictions. I still to come take in the camp below that in just saying. God is sucks man that we couldn't make it work out with him. But these contracts are just too darn bad to get out mostly it would be best to get out the other contracts and and build around him. She hands. These contracts are hard to get out I distant assess how you gonna find a better player than kemba at number six that's complete trash. Humble first though you'll find a player a rookie contract for awhile you'll sign the guy you gotta pay thirty side of the 37 million dollars. In a next year annual also just shoot your shot. You'll shoot your shot like at a bar you all single dudes on a Friday night. Should shoot shot dead ten at that nine and see what happens. Let's seal Michael Porter junior stays healthy and is a star that people Foley wasn't gay future MBAs are people thought it was before the injury. Us your shot mode bombers have a Fuller. Three point range and ability to be rooting go barely defense event. Let's take our shot the deck guys a game changer that small supplier and that those are the first two pieces to a rebuilds. EC. Buyout might attend dodge seeger shot Saturday at a tank yes. One that gets attending are gonna organ. Good afternoon to show the tag and I have a have a past together to thank you from what we were the actress a put an end Daniel special. We had a that we had a once we stand one night where she responded to make. And is probably the greatest moment much what life and I try to go back and two announced on this but maybe she's on vacation. They're obsessed agent did check to navigate outside right now she will she remembers that she will response and in that directs to correspond back. Until then we'll have our own royal wedding I've been tempted to tweet at my TV crushed to now I can't you know there's not the Scott bail nothing. There's a cinema do about it all right my wife is like I'm lucky to have her I can't mess it up she slide up here on down here how I got his deal done. But I intend to do is shout out Samantha miceli lost Alyssa Milan know is my absolute favorite for my childhood and she's on Twitter follower. And intend to just say high ceiling behind that but I don't do it again easier irritated and with a real quick what's the big baseball. This year deceit we saw but I noticed the Dodgers and tweeters on the by the Dodgers. You're in now fears it is now you're probably getting in trouble yet again all this and not take advice from me don't aren't so. Aren't those Brothers and calls people don't care what women. Are losing behind China we have had a shot at Cancun let's not get 57096. Stand. Is anybody on board with Campbell and number eleven to move up into the top five or sixty get a Michael Porter junior type player. And hope to that is your storm the future let's go assaults I'll see we have we have Matt who's up next match how you feel about all loose. A good man what do you what do you make of this blow back and force. Whatever we should question urged all if kimbo out there aren't we at. What it is Matt contract with the and other it's not that I. Know it's not from. It's not unique to tell getting deathly council mourners took my shot to look down up here and get back to you on that. All right well but your opinion that the doctor -- additional number I don't agree with you match. Com. If I don't know if they're favorable one but really what sort of letting go. But I think that the necessity at this point yet we're not gonna luckily it got thirty million dollar. And if we are I think we deserve more than a pop. Well we're not. Lottery ticket well I think that's are preparing but I think art portrait that at this point com. I don't know the way to get another out of wood as well. But. Yeah yeah it's something else out and I did long lake and I and I think your I think he's kinda I think Matt's Condo with us he doesn't love the cutting your losses and doing something now. She what are you have a full year of the new team you know full year with a missile be the best shot drifts are probably the best shot at you know mom. Didn't you know on the WTC don't like they've got you know. Decent market value because once you get in the middle seizing your gonna random search a couple of months. But Boni is far as what he was saying I did like the idea just Marcel when he Sony's approach shot out there. What does he can get down to give you Jonathan Isaac. If you do would Orlando and you can get a bomb or reporter it's six we give up come on eleven but you get because they gonna do us some players and return to make up for the campus salary. What is Johnson Isaak is included in that I died it was a lottery pick recently. And is still an upside dot. I think it would that does that change it to people don't think we're getting enough it is so like that was a deal I don't up. Seven its hubs suggest kemba in the eleventh that require wondered would that be enough for a while Leonard. Probably not right daddy more than that a lot of people are suggesting collide you'll see reprisal for the cap ramifications to chemist contract is not brand. So your need to keep it ought to guys that you have a situation here where you have to you'd have to lose contracts. You have to try to get some money from the other guys are areas they are not trading straight up kemba kemba does have a similar deal required under right now. I approach that's initiative right now we gotta match of salaries kemba as value was. Low he does and that's got to slow play you know who fits perfectly in the values is Liam I'm not a guy am dying to get rid of but lamb Campbell works good for the money with collide and then you throw an eleven we tried to throw an eleven wit. Here's a single phone call was contracts up in the near future so you wanna sign of the Charlotte hornets. Like the more I think about trading circle why why should get every silent possible. My dad worries me right that we saw we trade for him and then he walks on us so I don't know I'd give a nod to did not die that I ziglar by Eric Gordon. Oh enemy real or not. That's his contract he's got one more year he's restricted free agent talks them with a what's Orlando I don't know what they what their future is I don't know who they dot. I don't follow them closely enough to its double exports. The magic are just a collection of parts just really team took it decides someone on there that the white and Arab list again Gordon Gordon don't wanna big contract coming up like amber does but. On the I'll just try to find something on our roster you like we're spit ball and. Here what is acceptable kemba trader at these ideas acceptable are there no acceptable kemba Trace for users and some of you will say that. Tom listen this is a quick break we come back a morons there's more your calls everybody hang tight on there are your thoughts. On trading Campbell have been no idea that he floated sounds like the best one to me. So eleven in Cambodia get up into the top five or six would somebody do it up there would you do what player would you. All that stuff 70457096. And at some point my royal wedding city cast come out man I'm still just some triggered. You guys are killed it early on a Monday morning lot of time. As you know Monday is his time here you mostly feel sleepy Monday easiest. In terms of participation you all are killers disk Campbell styles I mean his passions right let me just say this loan. Because I know Dolores you know they'll listen over there and has been man Max all over again I just. I mean the hornets passionate there has been created in this town. Is great man I'm in the days early days of bobcats when the only thing we could talk about is are you in the bobcats or not. And there are people care people care about the moves we make this team than you guys may mean the passion is there. But we just worse too harsh or starved for being a factor. In the NBA playoffs he's keep Talking Heads that went out for the third time as he can be appendectomy or four identical oh yeah a guy I don't know what call to baby that's eleven from a few of the assignment for me is keep talking that's never a problem one ugly baby. They're skeptical silence. What do we have here Harlan wants to jump in Harlem most right way to play this Campbell's situation we think. And there are so we don't quote let alone Jerry Jerry. Feel like we won't be financially and look. If we continue to keep going to trust them well my own requested a duck out of touch bit over the previous close. You do wait we can get that pick I ended 8689. Range and keep their little Perry also. Almost. A guy icu would trade Campbell and try to keep the eleven and I don't know a lot of you see here's the thing. I'm trying to figure out what the right value is for kemba it's hard because he only has one year left on the feel like he had a couple years left it twelve million dollars a year his value is extremes. But obviously we want more with him at that point and we were still trying to make it work with this cast we were adding Dwight Howard last year I mean we are still trying to make it work. I'm at a point where I'm like let's just cut bait with this group and let's just try to get a young group stand hearing Campbell's these. Really only god it's desirable but I don't look right now you don't see answered selling me. Was that guy just said why don't have to go kemba and eleven to get so expect to get an unproven player. Arm much Kevin on the other hand says that Mac UN Boehner and all the all and all the listeners in Charlotte know nothing about CMBX. The eleventh Dick is not what it's worse and it NFL draft you're not trading ten Embarq and eleven and getting up into the top five. So we have hey we have made insight here. I just trying to make it doable I think if you get kemba and you get eleven you move up six spots five spots to sixth. How old filly we have a chance of networking and being decent value. Tom kemba is not the asset because a team could lose and after years so he's not the asset we'd like to think of a mess but I get shipments point for once I get seven's voice for once called. A ballots. You know let me pick in the NBA draft. Potentially NBA Tressel about potential. And the potential that Mo bomber has its five or Michael Porter junior as of five and six month we'll talk about all these guys would Jay bells atop the hour. What's that potential. That's what I want I wanna get a potential you don't get data to number eleven then yeah actually I think you get more. A lot of times you get as much value was 151617. In the draft in the number eleven all want the same to me worded dodger Rick freaked out fifteen yes yes. Doctor Mitchell's where I mean it's so once you get to thirteen once you get to a certain point there's there's a big difference between the top seven in this draft. And then by the top those guys after that between eleven and twenty in this trap I don't know and how much difference as. Some dues are saying. Stay at eleven disguises young Klay Thompson stay in eleven. Bomb. EU can get a good players they're you can get a good player there but I think you increase your chance of getting your real franchise changer in this draft by getting into the top five or six something is how to we use a guy. That we should probably trade anyway because as it did the contract and he's going to possibly get in years the me too much. With all the other bad contracts we have it's all the fault all the little bit country it's not Campbell's. I'm back to the song 70457096. And a Robby what's going on man what do you think about this idea. All Mac here about half RI and fortunately you're here you're late about. Armor station morning the wind what all of which teach for years it is that it got back in. Really evoked the guerrillas there. Are currently donor and now order an NBA it worked but it is think he is he on how to whatever. This team had a chance not amid all European atop the percentage. Don't win it's January you put it predicament it have a top secret that they ought to shut down a couple players about your position. We have a it would wake him but to get that there in a habit that it look at. I'm about why I have just sit back I'm about to get up border junior and then whoever let them a lot of ticket. Apps work well is it the top sicker Democrat Pat The Bat in the anybody could afford it. Keep your help achieve but top ten player but the court I don't care cook check that they're not. They have a drag way so don't like it happened. You don't really expect that but can't but can't LT 3090 year he get amateurs that was part of the ban Charl or did you ever going to be any good outlook but I player I doubt. Under six or what art a point any thing but. Take this Kibaki call back. I hate to do like I need to be on the same team with Rami. Because he's just so condescending I hate to say an average is your audience just goes not about the horse in the entire NBA just knows nothing unlike me Robby to brain robbing the gradient you know how service. Per. Yeah how did you get Robby to Brent I stumbled into it somehow like he is like his professional metatags healer something I'm probably the brain and the bodies nickname was all weasel. I have pretty much set pretty much so sunny outlook just always taught a dozen ways I'm with him on like players are saying though Robbie you can't be condescending towards us because we wanted to try to keep making something out this roster. I mean seal likely to listen you said before it was worth did you ultimately proved to be right. But I wanted to give it an honest try but now I feel like we've given it an honest try with Campbell as the star. With these ten that surrounds him. I just feel like we need to you using your man and try to start over I hope that's what Mitch Kupchak once and now by the way if you wanted to gives Robbie the Iranian is a blessing Tebow. She Evans. This caller knows the NBA I like him unbelievable that the rest identity the bad wrestling tag team she evident Robby to brain game recognizes day. A I listen as we come back we've got. Around this area bugs. We also got to start talking about some of these prospects list about the top of the draft Alaska about this area that may be late top five top the number six. Who's in that area sort of trade up and if we stayed at eleven what does he think of some of those guys are gonna get into it next to Jay bills and if you're not. Heard the audio some of the statements and our new owner David tepper made. While he's gonna commencement speech yesterday stay tuned in H wanting our personal revelations of David tepper an emotional yes and you'll hear debate when he on the Mac attack.