Mac Attack Hour 2: Ron Green Jr on US Open

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Monday, June 18th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the US Open with Ron Green Jr. 

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They don't see us guys guys that do this favorite numerous golfer Tommy sleep plus it females at eight footer made single him out Lyle might have had a playoff. As he loses by one Brooks kept up. I could see were wounded in this Mickelson saying now I am very curious as we have all got a different race of opinions here. And I'm curious to see I think it's gonna depend a lot on how big of a golf thing you or how you feel about the sanctity of rules in golf. This guy Marcus points out the day a lot of am supporting a cellmark says Max. I think the reason why. People are freaking out and Tebow doesn't understand a freak out is because golf is a game that is based on honesty before the big TV coverage. Everybody has to police themselves on the golf course. This is not a regular sport where you rely just on ref for Greece to make the calls I think that's a in a very valid point I do. I think people are gonna clash on this because any team only. Stinks it's such a little deal. It was a stupid mental lapse Seattle badness these past is that there's frustrate after a terrible weakened by death. The top golfers in the world for the most parties frustrated and everybody was frustrated they're all plan to save early training course war I and stick I'm not I'm not saying one stupid I thought it was funny. And of course. We have a funny moment now in sports. That'll be ruined it probably about ten to sixteen medals all did still funny don't give me roll it sounds like you think it's funny it's still funny but that's some bush league crap though in all honesty like does bush league. I remember I was watching a baseball game is playoff game I think and K rod slap the ball is running to first base he slapped the ball as somebody's glove you remember that. So he's there's another guess they represent Red Sox yankees right. I wasn't there there was an Arroyo an optional oil in Rosa Brooks and her audio lost there mines he was out anyway it's out you can't do that he was declared out on the spot. And people lost their mindset that is such a bush league move in baseball purist lost there mines and I thought to myself why the how does anybody care that much. He's now. He slept did and he's well liked and we don't have to make this a big deal could also I don't wanna Toronto when he yelled are you brought the attic hero what are EL dot but it got to try to Casey had to do not -- DL yeah I got it now that one sees more bush league could put the globe thank you baseball jurors are allowed to freak out because he slapped a global way back called Al there was no law that put them even have the person on his arm inside at a price lazy he's like the round that was nothing compared to desk. Tebow when you literally looks jury spirit and golf's history. Can only find one other person ever do this. And it's John Street in daily or US open nineteen years ago no one takes seriously. Like this is just something you don't doing golf and even go to all of us it's hilarious because we don't see guys do dissing golf. The fact that he is able to do this only gets a two shot penalty to me is of Sar. But to me those closing golf need to go back to those stodgy old rules and they need to do something about it. And I was looking at the things you could dude get a two shot penalty in golf that's often a standard penalty. And they're talking about if you hit a ball it just starts to move the slightest bit that's a two shot penalty. And Rick Reilly said that's what this rule was four he said they applied the wrong ruled I don't know enough about golf to know that. As are we need to gos you know aficionados and proud to tell me that are out their listen. But it's he says that they apply the rule bone it's just for a mistaken it. Iran to slow the ball starts moving and you had. And that's two shots. If you ground your club in a bunker I was I was looking up what picture to show up pounding golf you ground your club and a bunker team on and that's the same penalty as a dude hustler and over there and hit the ball back when a slap shot. Like he's Happy Gilmore something. Like I just I think it is ridiculous and if he was in contention for the tournament he wasn't. That's why you can laugh it off but he if he was in contention for determine is certainly would've been a big deal so. I don't get caught but the degree of outrageous we're gonna play some of the audio of these golf guys and their degrees and outraged but I do think it is a lame saying. But you never seem most god damn near every golfer decided daily due for a reason and a sack didn't golf allows that only to be a two shot penalty seems like a problem doesn't it. It it was the most ridiculous overreaction in sports. In the history of sports ridiculous overreaction to they've got to the point dating north audio. What are we doing here but also sergeant we also become obsessed. With the white sea of athletes and and in golfers and people all the time. Where immediately we asked that question. How does that moment right there offset the legacy and how we look back on the career also make dumb us and we need to do all I asked. All time greats do had. Moment sort of look back 25 years and I'm gonna you know what so look for the best ever that era. You know what when he was down by one million shots each baseball when god and that is why now olives and I get out of here ST EF deal seriously I'm not resolve it. How does say it needs to be all that but it got to be sensibly properly and it is one of the lame as things are never seen a good deal on a golf course. But when you're doing things in a four year old those in many golf. In the US open. You may have just lost your mind and I do think he blatantly lied about it afterwards that was my plan all along and knows it took a shot Catalina bite to run over and hit his back edge it might work out better than I did it down the academic do that when he's in contention that's why don't see me just. And a bad moment as a lighthearted moment. It's how we had a lighthearted moment now we got to have people that just. Urinate on that moment you don't think the rule Lisa changed that rule is weak sauce why wouldn't another guy do that man on on courses like that the US open. Where you may have to keep chipping you don't need to stay on greens like that two strokes is not enough of a desert animals. 'cause it's a game of honesty and know when we'll do that. Well most people Waltz. Nobody not even as you still say and I is we don't dissent still would on this one I just thought. You know we had a moment that that went viral I thought it was funny only a funny moments now we get out we can't have forty things in America anymore to get. I would still can't do it why can't we laugh at him but also talk seriously about how. That rule these be more penal man like you can't just be able to go over there and Doolittle slap shot. And heaven only hurts you as much as if view you don't ground your club and a bunker or something like that no can have when our moments forgotten what does a totally sure I saw video yes they have a subject so I. Argument though I saw a video the bear a Sony pull us ABC news at people commenting well. Did anyone help the bear it out of the poll how to get out so the full video. We can't just have a bear while beautiful all. Got a question how we got. I don't know if you wanted to win so I tell you what it's an animal rights group was up to this weekend legs I'd tell you about that but to boast so. Okay I just my thing is yeah analysts freaking hilarious dude lost as dale mine ran over and did what everybody has done it. On a sign on a Saturday morning all liquor company golf course right. But my whole point is canto can't we make harder ruled there just seems like it's a blow process. Brandon says he didn't think did you get worse than a snowman he was picking it up LO well. Warren says still was 100 shots off the lead he shouldn't a done they lost to school. But those are making this Al like he should be starters rather need to give her a star card Saturday you war needs you give it they were asked. Andrew says Andy North made the best point about sale do you think he would do that a gust or no chance. It was overblown but I wish she would have done especially at the US open. Our is so so Wednesday some of their own SI I'm curious to see different degrees I. I wanna hear from people that then take off early seriously play a lot of golf. And take it more seriously than C known although those site will be hard to do here but taken more seriously than made. Like does anybody on did did he deserve to be. Unloaded on. By the golf media the way he was a load and someone says he's deserved that so what are we to doubt that Andy North gave the golf equivalent to get off my wants peace they don't. I won't play. I'll only come back when Andy North said he I think some guys that went over the top but the criticism. Are undermining the point that should be may which is the point I'm making which is how on earth does that only to show. Can we make it change in the bank rule book for God's sake. Sudan now all of a sudden prejudice sought favors face when I. When Matt cares about the golf world what this is what we need football through when that cares so deeply about the rules. But I'm talking about a situation aren't landlord and dial lord almighty I just our candidate our scandalous I can't I can't strip and bode is not one of the lame as most bush league thing Jersey sports like it's funny like is that just laying resolved well. I had thought it was funny what you'll meet the same. Yes we can explain let's see it was due to watch alias that was stupid moment and move on my young considered analyzer and have. Every golf purist talk about what he did wrong like Maya and oh yeah I mean should edit Saturday. Should and is Saturday we always wanted to see him be discussed on our radio I'll save my big guys yesterday an hour talking about it we have another guy out here what's his name John Hopkins. This guy wouldn't play this guy's audio. Unbelievable. Lonnie says Max here's the problem that guys like you and Boehner casual fans don't understand. Golf is a game that takes the integrity and honesty very seriously. We don't the sport started with Al. A lot of fanfare guys were out there on a course by themselves it was with armor but they scored themselves. I am yeah I think that's part of it. I definitely think that's part of it Joseph says no way Mac gives a damn this much. I don't pearls shot up Matt I think I asked already got nightmare yeah I don't I just I think we can do well I think we can laugh at the ridiculous this out it. And I think we can point out something which is a golfer should not feel like you should be disqualified for that. Why do you had viewed well Tebow on doesn't seem don't think she's defied extra shots during a martyr thing. I did more. Extraordinary is it your did you battle inserted for doing that it all gives you laugh when he sought you laugh out the door so you know he's got left at eight but. Also I can't sit here let that happen. So you have to have rules deterrence Tebow. For how do you prevent that from happening there are rules deterrents it's just not enough three that's that's a it's not enough Likud does think that's enough to shots. Well you again Tebow wants five shots added I hate sitting out and I sitting out there and help the score police say there's a need for a few hours judge Jeffrey says Mac. He should he if he would have any kind of golf integrity. He would have turned himself in and with terms of the tarmac. Now that's the opinion I'm not don't agree with today that's extreme opinion on the I don't what. Scott up to a competitors or to say even though your roles as a two stroke early don't take myself out of disarmament. That's where I don't get the golf you know purist I will play some of the audio to go purist we come back 704. 57096. And a very curious. Anybody altitude golf nut does this bother you or talk about it there's still deserve all this abuse its Mac attack. This is Willie icons and our sport I looked up to Arnold Palmer Jack Nicklaus there's millions of kids that look up to Phil Mickelson and what he did today has got to. Do damage an awful these kids are really care about. The rule that they used dictates that you do not just golf on I don't like what went on the day at all. All right so there it is that is getting nor should be ESPN I get it I don't know if I would go as far as how he let down kids you know I don't know if I would go that far there are millions of kids got millions. But because golf is the world's number one sport in millions of kids felt that moment I got an idea I mean I'd I feel for the millions in debt could be billions. The billions of kids our impact almost I would look why don't cars heading north on ESPN's. But how about this guy by the way. This next guy in order to play he works with Ron green junior formally observer into global golf those are gonna talk to Iran. Ants at the bottom of the hour. But you've got to hear this guy to this is John Hopkins. On the any rise in global golf clothes listen now angry scene is what Phil Mickelson did. He made a complete. Mistake. Your mole is and he showed the it's true. These things. And that so many people. My judgment is real severe. Then I'm British I make no orders for a. So yeah yeah that's so you're silly ask does your British and that's nerds out unless Matt a lot of times it did to be serious here. A lot of times when it comes of steroids in guys that make mistakes in the JR Smith flights it's about your reaction after the sacked. If your reaction is dollop people wanna hear after the fact it grows to be our legal guys get so angry at that reaction though to take arsonist react to JR Smith what'd I'd say yup my bad but I JR Smith. Had did tell a story and it grew into something bigger Phil Mickelson. Doesn't give people what they wanna hear it grows at a bigger sort steroid users. Any credits like MI that and it goes whack basically other guys they try to tell us sort would you try to tell a story that's not accurate. That's when their sports that's. Girls and wife thinks he lied to see so much doubt Thabeet is a big strategic move have been thinking about doing this for years getting two shot penalty. But Denny Toby Johnson coming off and drain what the hell I just knew how many strokes is that what's let's go are going to be so again I think don't like that either they wanna contrition. They wanted him to apologize. To the golf. You know to the golf club snobs and he would not do it. Asked Macedonia since he got down an injury says Steve Jones a guy who wears jerseys and reeboks at a golf course I've seen it. He's not gonna understand Boston what did I when did eyewear jury's first lab award reeboks and saw like 1991. Boat was culminated when I pray hard what do I Warner Jersey to a golf course other than when we had a slip fault. At a football classic. Everyone is so sad jerseys on his so god I don't go out to the local morsel country club word of Tim Tebow Jersey. Trey says. Asks Trace says there's Mac expects they silly back and are serious back and forth on this discussion from T amount. He has gone to the wrong guy bone takes golf about as seriously. As they. Hunker animals and it's that but anyway. I say I won't say that see I here's what frustrates me I really wanted to focus today solely on the sweet in its South Korea's soccer. Am staying here at this a year or more about golf all I. I wanna watch sweetly that might as we went slightly South Korea many updates that are all day long and I got to worry about this stuff. I'm black and WS Lindsay dot com is the email just simply. Asked if you all meet Ali was silly ass in all honesty fail. Just kind of it's so funny to you makes is a little bit. In the big elegant move like that I gotta be honest Libya would do is may have movies jiggle I didn't know people that move up to get open or what you obviously don't so what's greeted out that. They did I don't say conversations we sold his wife which is it buddy come on it I got hot stock dip and ran over Eduardo. I let's go to the 70457096. Dead who'd deserves the criticism is it Tebow thinks the commentators like that don't over the top. A lot of people say Phil Mickelson and deceit a circus immediate. I just say how about the game of golf for allowing you do that only four to shop now I mean he should retire here's our here's our guy Charlie Nancy Charlie Nance our golf guy. Back to deal building wants to try to help us out on this discussion Charlie art or is this be a big deal are now. Yeah Nardelli. Is the first stop of like if guys if it reminded me that group ought to consider by the beef with. Eddie Murphy came back to cut them in the door open trial that you'd like. That you're in peace. I think. It. Should we asked. I love that mr. wrote clerks for and I am not to get all of rule you don't get. Well role one point 12. Bit exertion import all move the ball. Well bettering the condition. Of player but not a direction with the of influence a little bit of the ball in play well are there. It's great to be very bridge over won't want to their commitment imposed the penalty disqualification. So. They're kind of the core bottom but here working parent why they didn't do it. The US GA has big history. Of annual incompetent when it comes to which one to earn and yes chambers bury what the disaster with green. They were ridiculous with a penalty are on that and Johnson and Oakmont what are your US open played like the Bob Hope that there clap. And every UB US GA by the way it would very Koppen it's become. A bigger story there in the permit which they obviously don't want. And it they wouldn't be here Phil Mickelson we wouldn't even know the root ball of the current. Yesterday that would have been the only sort of what they didn't kick him out in the post that rule have been forgiven him out feet. And maybe this mystery wedge apples to oranges and maybe it is but. Let's say for argument sake. That's so what was the equal stature in their game is built Mickelson if they get its operating with a knowing what patriot yet. Yeah I mean a close. OK at that figure probably. Good at all the podium all yet on what say Tom Brady is playing Tebow who have a New Jersey Jack. And he has pro war. In first quarter the jets or should look at the patriot. Brady had to bring it out he go to the sideline he's competent weapon. Upon I think Pixar. What the jets. And the jets ordered strict about what I'd like you can escort that's spelled dorm went inside you know what what they're at the door open that guy. And trucks from our. People would be outraged that someone like Tom Brady yeah with debt on us. That's the reason for the outrage is so what with the stature. Of Phil Mickelson. Did they. Yeah no no I got I think that's great now Jim but what are we appreciate good every Charlie we appreciate to call. Here's the thing a couple of things going on here I called did the Mike Tomlin though Merrill in my pot Tomlin did that on a return to Jacoby Jones and ravens got the way. I was bushel our man so it's a good analogy the only thing I disagree or Charlie on and I had I see police say it's I agreed for the sake of the analogy is still make a Zdeno Tom Brady. Tom Brady is free can only Palmer is he not heard Jack Nichols rather. Even better than Arnie. I mean social Mickelson and I had died at his sport Tom Brady but for the sake of the analogy I see what he is saying Tebow are you outraged now if you heard a description. Completely yeah. I imagine they dad's still Mickelson is probably more like Ben Roethlisberger in the man group to. I've met kids who just says Mac acts like he does and have a couple of yeah. He doesn't have a couple of jugs on him our thanks I do I look horrible my shirt off the entire it's worried sick and I saw this may get us faced because you're white you're eating crab place or was that a silly gather them all shirtless cyan that's the irony in the league so band without a shirt I. We did take a breather we come back we're open Ron green junior's gonna stop by explain this in his perspective on it also talk about a corset US GA mess up on Saturday which of course I know waterway were skeptical once. Steve really knows how to get into a golf seconds ads is blaring rock hero David Blair rock and roll buddy says golf like some other guy we've got a fun thing to get ensuing and it's all courted strapped to its worst draft week. And we have the interesting story to Ben ESPN radio about us many and cam. So all this stuff coming up here again at some point. In on this show. But right now so he's lukewarm is golf single slow slide over all these other things bunt. I want to bring in Ron green junior he's been nice enough to join us on Monday recap a lot of these tournaments masters. What went on a quail and I know he's got to squeeze us in years he's trying to fly back to Charlotte from New York. And the US so don't talk about can't go win and you know we're gonna talk and I'll still talk about the US GA on Saturday did they go too far. And bronze ranger you Norman levels in the Charlotte Observer for years run as always man via I really appreciate you squeeze in us and how you doing. Can't do it just our thanks for haven't yet spent and a few quality minister Kennedy Airport before. Plan backed out of stroke or get about 97 degree afternoon best. And then I hear we might have a few more where that came from this week's don't be a rough one. Let's talk first for the winner and it's all these other more sensational story lines. But Brooks can't go does some trick you can imagine Curtis Strange almost thirty years ago that did did did it. He was injured earlier this year miss the masters I mean it. Odyssey died I guess only has one other tour win and the two US open wins. Armed and many didn't two different ways like is is just super surprising to use that he wanted. What we get to the weekend is not surprising update can best beat back in February what you saw at quarter separate. Yeah out of it really surprised if he's a cat who. Now that he's won two US opens and earlier today it'll change to a large degree that he sort of goes along under the radar ME. His coach called armored a third ordered out afterward yesterday that you know thirsty after Berkshire or whatever or 76 or some upper trap. That he was not even listed in the notables state on the Golf Channel leaderboard said he's defending champion. But kept its east so low he had been in weight like ever like Dustin dropped a bit but it mean they. They sort of go to their own. Sort of stall beat there that they walk two men not. Mean he's pretty critical marble public immediately ultimate moderate. And you might not think it works you US open but I appreciate. It's it does it definitely does it's far okay there's still thing we've been talking about this there's still situation. You're gotta love the game has covered the game at. Did you how big of a deal is what still did to you and also I was kind of talking about the rule itself I mean if you can do this and only needed two shot penalty that seems like it's. As seems like there's a problem what the rule book there how do you view this wholesale thing. Well I mean it's it was happening in it was. A sort of looked like what all assault at a that iPod some but it trumps somewhere you know other towns and not acknowledged the securities where they also built. It was really strange I mean just. You know I think she just had a top not to get. There's beat Johnson has played our city it is just a mad moment that has not just to build just and it has not not the key. I think what made it worse well the way he sort the tone he took captive birds. That sort I knew what I was doing that and use your rule of mine advantage. You get aren't as Smart as me it's just came off that way very defiant you know he told these could be a peep were ended by bit but it should help but up. Which apple. And ironic toward support for a captain to take a typical because people shot gonna be too debacle but. It just yet and it just reflected or out wish he'd talked yesterday he will not. The media after round. I know from people close to let how do they. As a rough Saturday and I think he offered to disqualify himself withdrawn. Ike Davis WSJ said don't do that we put the rule and tactic can't resist. Now in terms little rule. Yes they applied a rule about big move the ball I still think most of us speak there. That rule is not intended for the two still used today I think that appear all blues. It department that was. Totally just straight himself shot I think that. You know they're they're very slow with Jerry funerals got but I think that what's gonna get get a look at it. Yeah it did this did it built public image no doubt applicable. In a long term do any real damage but as somebody said you know but they're ready but it would. Double headed step shut for years they were. Great piece C Everett RTC champ now you'll run up its watcher ball people start Diego still. All yet anybody sort out what your body's a guy pulls this. Oh good there's he's a big gulf still people who call their kids spill you know when they do it on the mini golf course now it's gonna be in the Lex got it really is create. I is going to be are we're talking with Ron green junior. Com you don't from the observer you got to re global golf post if your big golf guy. What do you Lum. What do you think in regards to the course the way it played Saturday was brutal out there. As a stand I gotta be honest I kind of enjoy one event a year where they're really push. And their really challenged. Mike Davis in the US GA seemed to admit hey we did probably go a little too far we we didn't know. Really the wind would be like that and on couple holes fifteen and if for example pin placed there's probably too much. Did you think it was indeed the US GA mess up on Saturday. I think they did not think defective Mike Davis came in Saturday night he talked to beat that basically it yet there are places where you get a good shot still we ought. I mean that the hard work for the US GA is straight. I think obviously they allow pushing golf courses and pushing players to the edge in the US open and it is built. To torment Ireland but it all about it B and the total test and I think it will it will skip the first couple based and then. You know even Saturday you've got 1 o'clock it's still felt all been playable and all of that and then well that went to stop it. It was a bad it's quick. I've been as I've ever seen a golf or changing go from playable what it can't get the enemy they're just all trying to get billions. You know pure and those laps groups like up and options and doesn't mean they were playing a totally different or being a new murder Tony is addicted that they can. We were eleven charts back in played it like 2 o'clock this Saturday ordered Howard final pairing. Funny after that as well I think they obviously geared back a little cautiously the other corrections are people that are mean Tommy we were to speak Korean. Energize the tournament and there were a birdie at eight may. You know I don't think it has Libya as vicious as they like to make a out like this apart. I think they could've still. Merit up so early more than they did but they they didn't do that but you know the greens got away problem and it just it. We're back right set it up the memorial could you know it didn't adopt were it and and expects I've just. You know Burma the fairway is horrible rock and pop a couple of positions the ego but I mean it is. I mean by Cindy Sheehan spoke probably can't explain it all come all the complexities of the Garcia got up. A I certainly know no I could not end I think you do pretty good job right there right Susan wanna follow through great golf styles at Ron green junior. On. On Twitter and also global golf those. Dot com Russ you've run you're not as fired up major guy John Hopkins from your publication now he was it tough we've played his audio all morning. We were sit mayor and now. But it had been discussed at a delicate frustrated at sneaky sort of suggested that might not be have been destroyed so words. Not sit there a list and I'll and he says that about Phil and out like oh. They just went right on this is chopped release that are used both. Well descriptions of built up yet here he media culture built just blow job now he's. That's our relationship will be peachy art Ron thank you so much so now your time we appreciate it. Thanks very much in her mind there we go what did he say about what John Hopkins say Obama is all you want and nobody said much on Nancy I have it right here where ordered actually it's is that house a senior military has rendered. Out back by the way net sat were looking for Rob Kurz all right Regina a tremendous job on. When you're so we get another golf got to come on our community college and Hopkins as John just to be alive today. Just a Saudi court that the about this weekend was when tiger's yacht last. The middle of Saturdays I rolled out there be rolling out the next step is what happened I got Friday night and we don't doubt. Mac you've got to hear this story about Paulina Gretzky at what she did at the end of this term meant oh my lord and we have some thought we had a fun topic again until well I'll fun TV topic we also. After talks in Charlotte hornets coming up at 8 o'clock is well can we get some draft excitement Dolan kids. The a Monday happy Monday tried to get back data kids try to get Baghdad is go be hot as all get outs. This week and or this week no doubt about it so everybody stay hydrated stay hydrated. All right let's get into this MacKey W decency act up a couple of quick things. Tebow is Tebow came out sub minute there we gotta do it for least a few minutes into your tax on it's fun topic coming off Fausto everybody. That's a data out there are great Father's Day and look at history Joseph right. And I hope you took care of dad other than the fact my card is still not made it to dad I feel like actually getting great phone call when a. My dad now just says it got even bother your sorry behind for father's days in my dad's birthday is the week. Is the week June June 9 does as board there's a there's that we between what I can always go ahead. Yet I did a purpose for mr. Berkett he got a couple things come and delegates a father Sandburg. All your did you study and I think it's worthwhile because both are all aware of media and are a couple of things first I just read this article up Paulina Gretzky and two of her friends. Or right there on eighteen green when Dustin and kept played eighteen. Apparently Paulino thought Dustin won the tournament when he made his Birdie Putt on property almighty said did you swim. Meanwhile right next or is for the casket kept as fast. He didn't say things are apparently but he's aren't celebrating one capped made his what was it two body had to two putt to attitude to win it out. So slowly to first moments not the hubs. Had taken himself a US open yesterday collapsed area must be something else really focus on adults are ours ever could accept class tickets won an L wedge today Iran on the course. That's all they need to go out. How that Jeff is girlfriend she got stuck behind him you could see are running to try to do a job you know she was like its wagon or time could I don't understand the shop. Okay I'm an actress in a model I need to get noticed but Jack Buck didn't even try to say my name right does not cut. Another. Think it cracked me up this week Ramona in sports was this David Irving defense sublime as the cowboys got suspended for game suspension. He was suspended last year's is saying you know I think the second one he's had and I just noticed on its cowboy suspension time. This is when the suspensions roll into the lasted nearly five or six in the beginning of the year and I am reminded when we of the cowboys' opening week I'm reminded of the old. Steve Spurrier quote about Georgia. You're. Played us cowboys early jets are coming listen if you could this affect how could fans. I'm glad we got Juli won a few more suspensions please I'm waiting I'm waiting for them now we are now. Eighty days from south without it Eagles is eighty gas it is that needs to headers cowboys 83 days away at college football is. Before that source art deceit and door and once they on the show back. What's a signed football is arriving. When still steel it is football Bible arrives coming on almost always go examples that come. And all players here may we can make it to college or pro football you altogether we get this 83 days we can make it 83 data we just talked golf's rules or 83 more days they don't sell at a golf rules added Boehner and I had our and we had a whack at a Natalie. We saw we did so hornets saw 8 o'clock because bones doesn't have the draft excitement and I'm looking for a hornet's draft excitement can't we get a difference maker. I just want tosses out we can use these are out to show bone using an email segment tech segment we can read a couple of bumps. It Tebow brought this up on question which is raised Osaka slot is a question yesterday and I've been pondering it. Who is the greatest TV dad of all time. I would like this this I would like to techsters to light this topic up right now LT don't. First few minutes the greatest TV dad of all time there's both hit me with that one and I spent wasted much time thinking about last night. I've come back to just one man really. I come back to Al Bundy every time. Al Bundy was the greatest. TV dad ever bowled first ball he invented the body position. Which I will use Alston on a couch identities and dodge dug ourselves and don't show us now please. On radio mullah legacy we're doing is donating that starting W I just saw your husband out OK he just talks it and now it's just talking to keep him warm just get. The Al Bundy position as warm the man also. We all can relate to his wife just chasing him around wants thank you thank you need and want any how many of must hit OK I can't relate to. But anyway he had the EU clung to his glory days of below cod we all can relate that's. I put the no man group together use very active socially bones. But no ma'am good to go I go and Al Bundy as my all time favorite TV dad you cannot top that Tebow. Yeah I I could in the past but there's been some odd changes in the TV dad landscape the number one of all time that you saw here is chance at a time. Moriarty and possible has been removed from the normal position he's no longer receiving votes. I'm an update to Mac out just 'cause I thought they'd be fun to have his Dax once current month on the past one about Tim the tool man Taylor. While sports while doing man things. Gotten more trouble than you did he seem like get cooled dad to have a lot of people are saying him out wasn't a huge. Most show call home improvement it was a huge home improvement dude. But a lot of people are saying Tim Taylor let's pass this on one because because someone like. Uncle seal. You know he is always get an audio local cell might have been a tussle want what about silt on seek. Current college grace still don't these train you probably my second Derek is he has me as a bad modern family I don't know modern family trying to do something and it always blows up your face Joyce Kuroda. That's mixed as to me is a dad and gotten one more battle take a mobile one more I would say mr. Drummond was again one. Mr. But they had their crazy sister and had to deal with so man you know I'm saying. Yeah. Although I guess she really when that crazy on the shelves it was a great guys know the actual Dana Plato. This student says Walter White of us so I was gonna Alter why sacrificing. Himself. By selling method to make money for the family if that's not low hook it here's if you wouldn't sell maps for your family then you're not a real dad. All right zigzag. You're not a real loving dad somewhat suites in Bea Arthur stock. You always it was ladies I. There's always he's gonna suck now and he's those babies in 70457096. Stand at this dude says. EU. Minister says but you can't say bill Cosby's TV character still because of real life stuff. It's just it's it's it's changed the way I mean I just also comparable with the with a at all whether it's he's the possible or bill calls B I just. Lewis on a goddess look back at no look at a guy he was also when the show now and out of step away from that I want currents that a Sox but it site it's terrible Karl Winslow didn't some walls. Dan Daly Taylor did love Russell house or any any standard and there was an erotic doubt I'd like to know what's his name Tony Danza. Motor speedway owner Tony miceli and the owner but you know I lie I kinda liked Tony dancer you know on who's boss. IMac at WF concede that town and buildings at Texas. They were cheated as we will use those are out the show and payload. Pay us some polish it and these guys that showed us on TV how to be a dad. I don't sort of 4704. 57096. Dead when we come back I don't know don't its draft week. And we get the draft excitement earlier last week it was a mixed results. Kelly gets them excited imported shrimp pieces or somebody that would fire you up it's coming up next.