Mac Attack Hour 2: LeBron has no help & Darin Gantt on David Tepper

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Wednesday, May 16th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks about LeBron getting no help & brings on Darin Gantt to discuss David Tepper. 

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As odd that don't talk about David Samper and some of the reported. You know kind of ideas he has a zoo owner including at you know trying to model this after he is your favorite teams from his childhood team he owned it. Minority stake in in Pittsburgh Steelers and I think it's a great organization modeled after the jury Richardson. You wanted to model after mom Pittsburg I don't know if we necessarily disk it's the you weren't very consistent there for a long time. Ron Rivera's throw some consistency of some stability of lake gold get into that a little bit how much Rhodes do you want David separate gifts. Ron Rivera and Marty hernia for multiple people say play offs or bust. Sort these guys and by the way they're there's not going to be any change ballot eat you wouldn't think a smarter and we're coming to make football operations changes too much for camp. But based on all reports he's good he's got trust these guys. At least for now so we'll get into that whole thing with tapper in a little bit and not just LeBron things drive me crazy people sort Texas it's like the LeBron haters bone. That's come out from under their rocks now that he's down 020. And they feel like it's safe again she adds. Likes. Did she get vintage how did she Kevin's son don't turn your McDonald's and about what are you doing. It was Mike's not working at this week this is nothing could moment folks or if you Casey quote it's definitely good moment. Now don't have you over there is out. Are you saying floor or Johnny what are you saying over there about now are now guys should now I guess show their mind that you talk about people solving their cars and and and in scattered autograph Mike people are celebrating borrowed spike doesn't work I'll on the day of Saudi come on Mike yeah. Almost fourteen years on my goodness this guy Cecil let me read somebody's. Guys that are now jumping on LeBron the question is does he deserve major blame last night. For them losing going into an 02 hole. I did listen I thought there were times or I want him be more aggressive but just blame is ridiculous mr. says he's the most gifted player in NBA history. I don't feel like he takes advantage of it is Alston as he could he's not ruthless. Pompous and most dominant player of all time he can't do that you can't do you can't you cannot worthless that's not how you use it works Anita I. Back and watch game seven of the finals and beat the warriors that was our ruthless. But don't watch don't watch this finals they tried to drag on the first how to play the warriors we try to tag that rag tag group would dealt with dove. To beat the warriors tummies are route that's there's always this particular there's only so much she can do mom mode lets see here about just Kobe was a killer LeBron is not. It's a sign LeBron is attitude it's passes. I'm not saying he's overrated but don't dare compare him to Kobe Bryant's. I will compare him he's definitely a way better player until we Brad I think I'll compare this guy says and we were at James Harden for his efforts. That's. I says give Fred Stephenson credit Mac two words Brad Stevens. Fred seems a great coach the Celtics are way better team than the caps. I just way better and all around team even without Irving and even without Hayward they're just amazing on both sides of ball they play as a team. This guy says LeBron picked those people around him. I'm sure GM LeBron might have had some say in redoing this team but it isn't exactly like loan. LeBron went out there picked a couple all SARS like this wasn't LeBron down saying give me wade and bosh in their tribes price. This is a bronze Salem grab Jordan Carson swarming around you couldn't really make some out of him I think this is Jim grab and scraps. You know because they were so. Desperate I think to team sailed him no when they each gave any carrier ring straight demands. But they ride that out for one year one more year you think Tyreke and LeBron could hash it out over 82 game regular season. You know to just let's go for one more year together we got the camp and then he made a move then I would what those guys get together just make it like Oreo telmex itself. That puts you on your play for and it doesn't we value got a long season to try to make a move that travelers had plenty moves get there well brought talked to the dude maybe it works out and he got Tyreke. This guy says Mac is such a LeBron suck up I can't keep track. 180 eight's LeBron like I do the next day east complete sucked up it's annoying. Joseph says Timonen Mack try to do this LeBron loves best radio they're gonna lose every listener they're having Charlotte's. Needless we don't. I don't need to Lou I don't delusions you disagree I wanna talk if you disagree. And this is quintessential barber shop Barroom debate right LeBron James gets blamed when they go and hold too low to listen to to the Celtics or to anybody. But I just don't think it's fair and by the way caller pointed out off the air ice I was. I was doing LeBron wrong it was it was triple double I was saying he had nine rebounds in 4212 intent into triple double was forty plus points while. And folks are jumping on him while JR Smith was 07. About this stat Tebow went LeBron James shot the ball himself he was sixteen and 29. When LeBron james' pass to somebody and they shot it directly they were his his teammates were twelve to sixteen. When LeBron james' teammates took shots that were set up by LeBron passed they were nine of thirty size. But teammates let them down last they need him they rely on him to score points himself and they rely on him to get them good looks. It's it's just in the thank you only do so much and I image Jordan is better guy. But all you Jordan saying it's coming in today he doesn't have the killer instinct Mac is finally figured out he is soft mentally. I just think that's stuffs unfair manner I think LeBron gets treated more unfairly bone and any athlete and also our generation and exits are. Don't think it's it's writes I'm trying to find this is a stat that was weeded out after one of mobile old broads buzzer beaters this year or red at all C news austere can't find it. It was our Kara the exact stat goes back clutch numbers in the playoffs shooting percentage wise. In the LeBron is a better clutch shooter Kobe was like to an end whatever the number wise it was Kobe is like twenty something percent the bronze over 50% in clutch shooting situation very Kobe is going to when he Stewart 23% first career and has the same success say to some guy saying Kobe's a closer LeBron isn't. I'd probably don't you go back a bit of career team that you can name probably four or five collects a Abramowitz and a in the playoffs recently. And eight Orlando conference conference finals had a buzzer beater and a couple this year had a game against the pistons in the clutch how many. What's Kobe moments of the copyright either. I wanna get CDs when he rips a short to decide and I love America but how many truly. Great clutch buzzer beater moments. Ottawa how it could Kobe putting Kobe close at Phoenix series out their game seven had their clothes are not passing you party are about but I shooting and gotta gotta just pounded first final half of his season. I did a heck caddie Kobe fans drive me insane. But away three titles with won the best big men in the MBA working side by side would. Do you think LeBron go to won three straight titles play it was Shaq it's a heck at a easy despite Kobe's kids do don't they can't not stay out of the commerce you're right in the discussion. More broadcast Kobe awhile ago he not taken away from Kobe's career he's an all time great. He's on the level of NJI McGraw and I get that we can't get out of here GT SOH. On Twitter and every T and doubly bad here academies are let me just stick isn't that interpretations. Are 70457096. Cent is anybody web plus why is everybody bombarding LeBron after a game which was great maybe a little too passive in the middle but ultimately still a great performance where his teammates let him down. Keith is up next he does LeBron deserved this today. I don't. Know why he could either either either. I eat it appears what American myself. Is if you could Jordan on the team now if you got Colby on the scene at the bar has now. What would really be different or you could cope. In place the co that can't happen now would be seen be functionally different. Right now burst it LeBron and means bill if you replace LeBron with the Kobe or Jordan was it Jordan. He would do it seemed. Because trash like you can plan to let you can't just I don't think acted you know and you know confidently stated that will be decay. The pacers. What we would have been brown wanted to pacers. Typically it would it would sure. Well Jordan and as a whole not to work on their team now do you think there between would be trashed like it actually track or you grip it rejects your. Cokie I couldn't sort. Jordan white Knight here he keeps Jordan is the one guy where I'm gonna come teens say. He is my guy he is the ultimate he has the best athlete I've ever seen in my lifetime the most dominant athlete now seen the sport. That's the one I'll say it may be its stance. May be it is different. But I definitely not with Coby by its very its slate apply it. I just don't I just I agree with you I thought Kobe fans had to bow out of this staying at years ago I don't understand how long. Earth they're still around in this tried to put themselves in this argue that it and I said this weeks ago Laker saints try to figure out where Kobe ranks on your all time greats organization. There's a great team there's like eight of home but. But at the Paris there's Karine. There's well there's Jerry West there's magic there shut up so many great players led try to figure our Kobe ranks in your own team and then we'll top lower ranked owls aren't point. EC says it's MJ play with this group scrubs he slapped every one of them like you did Steve Kerr. Also you get a slap and you get a slap Brian says Mac. And Jason is he got back the hell off LeBron is still play like he's in his prime. This is. His best playoffs he's ever played before this series started LeBron is passing your guys MJ fans just get yourself Freddie let's closing to like act. I personally think I will be the stubborn MJ fan that's my generation. And I will believe his will to win was so great how believed T bone but I don't think I'll ever allow anybody to pass him in my mind. Plus if you don't think that LeBron can keep posting numbers and accomplishments. And make that don't date one held a debate. I mean he's not shown any athletic drop off it is absurd I. We come back let's son lets you run three goals we come back at 730. We get a check in with daring dance he joins us to talk about Dave example what to expect. From the ownership change 704 or 5709. Success as you guys hear this back and forth you wake up this morning if you watched game last night. Are you saying thank god people are jumping on LeBron he deserves it he was passive after the first quarter or you lose just like I am saying how does it do go for 42 and a triple double and get to street what do you think the. Thousand dollars. I'm telling you we gotta give you an off their conversations for like paper view we have to give you say though and Carlos and options and also there. And make it chilly this one that's on me it is time that that's als on me during the break paradise is wanted to Syria towards text in this hour's best DE ST text it to seven sue anyone your shot a thousand dollars to national contest message data rates apply. Full contest rules available at WS NZ. Dot com Jessica I can't say what I said during the break there on merit our product only on the tail on the on the new paperless and reform act attacked. Break O'Neal. I'd let's go let's hear yell out there we got a bunch of people lined up to jump in LeBron has taken such a beating on attacks lot of emails from some callers. I don't think he deserves it I know was yelling at TV in the third quarter don't settle for jumpers anymore so I will it concede that. All right let me go to the song 70457096. And Dan does LeBron deserve this criticism we sank. Is not a Mac saying dumb I'm carbon neutral LeBron up. He's eating is idiotic I'll bring the world Ron Paul Kirk but it out remark made it out well but they're always pay you orient. But like Ronald we're go about our quarter he would spend so much yet that aren't a lot the year yes humor that number for the game are gonna be fire every. Well you gotta look at the whole picture not your video. That's the annoying to me. Village used to OK so. Every Tom LeBron is an appointed. Well thank you may help to get back to back the back there like a brilliant final road. Don't listen bring new squad that was a pretty new mix of players they got here. Look at so we're late night at the car retrace. Well they're actually add some depth to detain and then work out they were little it will rub it. Is it straight and apply. Well in advance it out let it got out EL. And then outlook that it pedal and it got to a lot of people go to our market here. Well okay people out. And that and come out of anoint the feet are pretty. And the break and let in. I got my OK who's a veteran who's a better big man or shorter Kevin Love. The guy's got I got rid of these days it's more for your estimate MS yeah. Way to answer till I guess a way to win performers he got the branded Tatum are Dade. There are better than what the cavaliers have yet. The glisan discuss current point guard situation or zero to put out of his mind it's his policies his cavalier team is the worst team LeBron works for me Jesse says since that he was included in the first. You just as I didn't think that was even up for debate and and you know we blame civic for the trade barrier to blame management for blanketing given any carrier ring straight minutes. That's would you give an and they get Isiah Thomas back and Isiah Thomas flops or stop the bronze faults. I'm style the bronze fault Rodney hood on wanna go to game one minute and then the next game you must be taken out because he's tired. But it doesn't JR Smith goes over seven how many shots were set up by LeBron good looks and he misses them. Like it's just this team is so dependent on LeBron it. Eight it's. But I agree with his last well Enron and size of his last point about Jordan I don't think he is Jordan I agree with that. By the way people are gonna after the Kobe fans now bound my thank god mobile multiple people saying Kobe's not a top five later. Bomb Kobe lover. Email me. Kobe lover says Mac Kobe is the greatest Laker every time the summer speck on his name don't respect with the seat okay. Com let me say this there's no way Kobe's gonna is Magic Johnson. There is no way he's as good as Magic Johnson. Five championships. One of the greatest leaders of all time guys get to build don't play supposed to be asked to play point of Fiat still. I'd get to hack at a hearing bed didn't athlete and can't say he's better magic that he could do you could debate. Mean you know Wilton chlorine in all yeah there's so many there's so Larry about saying that he goes down as a back. I mean hooks it checks run as a Laker. Yeah all those planes or does he top Shaq I'd Lesotho. Sort of songs here he probably does because he played a whole career there inning got two titles out of her late he does our. Limited sort of found 70457096. Stand. Odds are again joining us bottom of the hour a few minutes here to talk about David tepper. And how things will go with a temper regime let's go to and seek and see your local X man what do you think this LeBron conversation obviously. You grew more epic out. Well for. They're good you don't real cold bare amount will work. I have no why. In my opinion I think Michael Jordan and we're very very well herbal they stick to what you know. All or portray. Hope you don't where I don't know her well where rail. Very large walk your book though I've been called they have come on won't work like cope well. Brought many good things will be my fourth or go. It bought giant sixteen year old bow out about. They won in Europe ought you're paying or the other thing. Bill what they better ball where what happened and you're seeing there are very you know rip it right. Are there are any little thing where oh where where there are so they. Bill are there are all we're. All a bit and. And who does a great point what it must be honest the only way LeBron James bone comply with a player better than him. Is it to play with Michael and his crimes that. It's the only way Kobe Bryant played wish Jack worth the very least you said they were close source right. At the very least let me grab Ximian real quick during game coming up soon years Ximian what do you think about just one. Our current debate. Here we are again out even trying to do this and asked where similar what's up. Military medical group aren't as far more you know that brought the much bigger. Four source old failure that would either better shooter. And people were people. What besides shooting what besides shooting though like LeBron is a better pass serve better rebounder. I'm more versatile defender 'cause a size like what what. He's a better athlete not a better defender core Brad Moore first modern gate bit bit. The project. Browns got more versatility is the sandhill darted inside the need to. Yet at Columbia not all of our he has three championships are. But what people go to realizes he has three championships always with two all our thing always. Kobe Bryant best player Shaquille O'Neal who would have been the most dominant player on anybody's thing including. Tanks. And if Kobe Bryant didn't play was that okay he had maybe you don't are a chip but it kind of alluded to earlier. Yet to what how this all nobody saw as a top player before he went to Italy or. But what do you think the bronze to wall stars he has what do right now. There's an app registered it because this is the first year I've aren't being given it up the LeBron emptied or Miami because. He probably doesn't have the best basketball he's probably doesn't have the greatest player being and so all along with two balls are so this year actually respect. And it broke or respect. Where you're welcome arts release give him credit for this cliche not trying to argued just seem especially big I was trying to tell me two or three calls ago. All these guys Georges grace. Much bone you would not believe the text line full Kobe Bryant stance. Quite honestly is this was sick it was Erin Nash is our national Kobe fan convention in town and they're all just listened to the show while there in Charlotte. Like what on earth how did we get do you talk about coming out from under a rock my own. These dude for an eighth Kobe Bryant saints why the heck do they all come out of what it's like to seventeen years of hate us what the heck is going on here. If you say that Kobe is a more skilled overall player then LeBron James price you simply. Have no idea. What the bleaker talking about there's never been I don't do that remain round overall skill player in history of the sport no broad Jane I agree with me argue resume YC greatest of them. Old broad is more skilled overall then it lost. We've never seen this before other outlets as you know we've always. Try to find their necks and giant weather like every got a came around in the late nineties early two thousands it was act are going to be that Cedric ray Allen's game. Colleges that we disguise skip that I do remember that day airliner totally. We had a great career we've always tried to slide the nets and yet. Will we ever find the nestled projects the guy without body that skill set that dry out maybe we will never slide that you don't tell you right now. Bad dude sub super human manner can be anything else like that coming of this planet. But idle idle even when it like this in order to get over to David tepper talk to detect cancer talk with a daring dance but I'll leave you with my favorite of all the Kobe lovers and I'm just circled us today like buzzards man. Payback. Let's just call it what it is it's Kobe played on all the teams LeBron did it had a supporting this LeBron has he had six rings and the time with Jordan. Folks there is crazy in the air today crazy in the air look at our does that not how does that not count for Kobe's first title isn't doing I. We imagine Shaq was there is guess what cuddly doesn't have the first race without the diesel error cannot go to a good hole we come back we take a break here thank god for Kobe lovers. And we talked to Derek can about David tepper and the future of the cancers a from pro football talks. Dot com and you'll hear it was crows and a mid day bunched Aaron Gant joins us here. On the Mac exactly to talk about new owner David tapper these few sure moving slower for the Carolina Panthers DJ what's going on brother how you doing. Annika Marta is that this guy all land are are wheat and it is the team moved to make beat South Carolina yes. It. It. No we are good to go so far. We are good to go once OK so let's go get in this because I know this has been something that's kind of bothered you. Is deep paranoia. You know of pay would seem believes. And all this sort of styles a lot of national media outlets and then all about eight we've heard he's completely committed to Charlotte. And your point all along DG is bad I guess basically whoever bought this team they're gonna be committed to Charlotte teams not leaving here right. Right and practically guaranteed death when they retained a lot and they gave way all they hear what they're so important. According and a dull pain bit too anywhere close they any kind of reasonable. There's your solution and our parking or is because state and acquire the charter. Is Gator and that is not well you know they'll go to their water beat. What the golf but a local with bill but there was so it. That's why they moved north up there freeware. So they're not quite put them until believe ready to play in London and they are not ready to play Arctic yet there are so many would just echo issues to be worked out with that that. Really prevented from being an issue now can solve entrepreneurial. City come up with. Well phony baloney planned using public money to do something to can't date a matter of fact yes they eat but this art it right when they BA championship but it. That was will play those well delivered that line there. What do you think a bounce and me and listen I don't know I'm sure we all jumped the gun here DG but. When you've got all this air time and all the space to fill when you're right in stars nowadays. Like we speculate about OK what kind of vulnerable David tepper beyond doing as much as is anybody. Do you have like a gut feeling I mean we're starting to hear your thoughts of wanting the modeling after Pittsburgh which that would scream consistency. You know instability ranks. Yeah yeah and it went right yesterday. I. It's not is yet he's gonna walk into a blowout party or proper pair are not the only some people are for whatever re in the yeah there's no indication that you know these are you planning any thing like that ironing out our people involved with this deal whose debt. Brace yourself for a lot of other changes. In the building how hot it is probably get a tank could data that great you know he's got a lot of money. Well this thing to make more money and I I think you're gonna see some changes. To this stadium. You creating new revenue stream it's better I mean at a burger. It didn't start they all think and it it really mattered most experienced but the Panthers have one of the last. If your blood Kirk Spock is slipped in the NFL acting between big speech is that gonna get dole turned innocent and it's week. There in our sport rock in an eight you're gonna get moved dare her to come in don't quarter. Let valuable real I mean that's just who can quiet on bat or a B 75 people who care about that. You know that's going to be one of the things that I anticipate seeing David Leppard they've I don't. Anticipate there'd be appropriate I mean again we use different thing and root there I think it's safe to say anybody who's familiar with. The NFL those that this steeler way of doing here there is some people in light by. David pepper to different caddick cat but he's also first and seen the get a bit. Having read football coaches since 1969. And or. General managers over the saints band aid being taken this to win or so I. While I don't think. People all we know about the man's personality. That he's going to let them. Somebody set around words for but yours out you go not discard make changes for the sake of my object. Absolutely not I agree with you on that there's no doubt about that we're I would during camp pro football talk dot com about these future under David tepper. On its us feel like now a lot of C you know take with a grand Silva seems like people now are saying well. David tepper are much is going to want renovations and a suits virus last week's freak everybody out he said David tepper don't want this new stadium. Are people now seem to be saying he'll want some renovations or save I read the article today DG in the observer about how. I guess the city politicians are already prepared for this they've got. You know basically it okayed you know an extra 75 million for more renovations on top of what they've already paid for over there. How do you feel about stadium situation. You have to this city preemptively offering money before David Urquhart not even as they play. Should just stadium dynamic. I've been pretty neat that way he's got in 88 extra artwork got app built. This plan I I don't think. Well at Charlotte area at the art civic in security they are idiots still. You know sort of growing into its own body and doesn't know quite how to respond to somebody thinks of science. We are so hung up on oh my god we've got to be world collapse we got to be it will be important we worry about Emma thought it worry about. Now everything else and it. The idea of freedom deplete giving money to a man who just stroke it checked for you or two billion dollars. Inning catch. You know it's it's interesting to me I do think there are things they can do with stadium I mean let's and deal. You know you do and you brought up Felix in Felix says result eerie about the bulk of the stadium be good you Arie there a lot of good ball that great big. I I don't think the deal being near it this year to the point that it needs to be torn up agreed on at the near future I'd keep. I keep looking at places like Cleveland places like ball or buildings that are out there. The same generation. And nobody's really outward for. Mary we're only here in the first step he mentioned being Cleveland up. And we need to renovate or too little at the some value around the stadium property and that's what everybody looking to do is to create more revenue. Rather than the stadium itself so. I think it's reasonable to expect some an addict can't dispute just. Wrote a check for 2.2 billion box. The people want to make some money back on that transaction and I actually got to try to do that but I don't think it's going to be a changes. You know big tank of things that will change. This outline it is yet yet I don't think you're gonna change this state it that way. But there will certainly be a lot of internal things to Brooke grow up Dayton. A Meehan the plate a little bit make him more lucrative but it step. One last question Darren Dan did you only Hadley thirty seconds to a minute this is I hate doing this resistant glass or are. Yeah I would give me some under a minute on this is are going to resist one disagreement sports liberal could go off for awhile on this one. But sands are asking me in the are asking others okay David tepper has gone off on president trump multiple times there's no love there he is admitted he voted. For Hillary Clinton so people are saying okay. Does that mean he'd be open to an Eric read your column cannot predict what short answer to something like that what's your feeling on this. I think the other question would be is Marty party it. It's not it's it's twisted David tepper still a rich white guy he's still very Republican seats think Donald Trump the tour titles these ethnic minority. Certainly not in there that quoted the eastern third earned it yet they go. Yeah I don't think beer. Shortly after and I don't think they're signing those two guys immediately just cause. Carpet batter he did it regret it that you think he might be willing to take or blacks but might. Op but and in terms of short terms Blatche I don't think's out ideally I think it means more scary Gilbert and the Norris mercy than their great talent. Number I want you did you get DI invite for tempers cool party again. Yeah I'll be there Egypt. Without a hot up. I'll also I'll take about. There's a guy that's out order book for you got one a license men's lives in it but because a check for 2.2 billion and has nine point five billion let's go over it is absurd and it's absurd man. That's my favorite thing about dapper is he bought the mention of a right all ex wives. And towards the ground agree build it even bigger how they wait it out Rel hope. Italy calls it the revenge or else. I'll tell you did this dude is a bad man Jim again I like this dude man do all right Tom hardy good air we'll talk to you man. There you did during camp principles taught does come to pass them on antibiotics that he is like you don't play would this guy. Doubled total ever on the revenge tells stories show goes on but. Google's that man that dude does not play like we come back we gotta get ourselves kind of back on track here. Pom we'll take a quick breather here. Are at 8 o'clock I've got a question about Mardi her knee and Ron Rivera how much lease should temper give them at sales like he's going give them a good amount. Let's move this yeah. Thanks to the Supreme Court sports gambling will soon be illegal in many states in this country as my bad news isn't any. Don't make your wagers no real. That's why Max picks top line he's popular. Yes Mac uses these special here. If double always bring. Win big I'm just a general analysis sometimes better to write Max picks top line is the only betting service could. Losers. I just can simply pick the opposite of and why do you is your bank account grows god David tepper levels. Right after. Sign up for Max picks hotline today and be ready when your state gives sports gambling Doug green right. Www. Mac is loser by you will be a winner dot com does sign up today. This dudes in Poland mother nature they wouldn't stay informed four year old mother nature to other time. News yeah. Problem my production guys from I guy company. Max takes hotline. Put put that spot together useless to make me sound like the swami mounting what would you do their rent we tried. Out exactly the best we had. That's the best to make these sound with the audio wedded to our trustee says an anti dated when was back right. It said zero results is tried and found out it was funny I was only well Larry it's a new era in the sports world where Mac is now gonna be to go to guy. For gambling need to have got to still be all I've got the ability to be wrong on every. You must pick this must be hardest and most be used to the greater good. And by the way you could mean 9999. You get biweekly takes during the season you go opposite doubles during a gold star that did the goals are walking the week. We yet which means that's the one yet it's it is a lot of the ones I think a lot you load up on the other way. A beautiful system. Tebow I was going to rule. There's something different here for a couple minutes but I I have seven people asking me to explain the revenge or else. So I will explain the revenge house we just kind of dabbled in it would daring dance. I'll sound like a bad movie out watch. Attorneys your dad's house yeah I'll never see our did it was very late night on Cinemax Cinemax to just to add lied to in the morning. Here's the deal OK so when he was early early in his career David tepper. Was working at Goldman Sachs. And the guy that was the big boss there was not really Saunders him and passed him over for numerous promotions even though he was performing at a very high rate. And the reason why is according to the articles was in the observer yesterday he had a quotes. He was quote pro sane and allow. Tank so. His boss didn't really likes him. Even though we perform well see and pass social brochure says guy Jon Corzine so he'll always. Pleaded Jon Corzine wins it up I think to governor in New Jersey but not mistake him. So home he always hated the other six Chicago bull Michael Tony Corzine out and Dave Corzine very much that's it from but anyway so those sort kind of rivals they got into it just didn't match. So temper then leaves there are ultimately starts its own hedge fund. Business becomes one of the greatest hedge fund managers and history of the game. And at one point needs a house up there in Jersey so. I guess the wind east of that of this guy Jon Corzine of they got divorced the wife got a house about. This freaking house is absurd right temper buys it for 43 million from his old nemesis is. Actual ice. And scares it down. And builds an even better mansion on the property he has referred to it as his revenge house and he said it felt good doing it appears that narrative so good do it so I don't know how people are gonna view that. Oh man he's. You know he sees. He's got to decide you'll east patio or he's got anger whatever all that but like to me this is a bad dude man. This is a bad dude he was great at what he did he's a great this is banning all see each show are you don't want to mess with just dude but I want this guy running left football team I really do Tebow. We board something with the stories about a don't mess with the tap out after dark shirt. Not mentally he's out facilitator has got to build a better 108 season house in the Hamptons that's right that's right it's say. A tri als and him is not New Jersey. I got by the way I did now my teacher and ideas go over well right now it looks that just the depth as. If one of mine that. Can I say this that it was only a matter of time but last night I got a week from an account of tempers brass balls hour though I don't think it was only a matter of time that it dead he had and it that there is an account on Twitter. For those of brass ones and it had been yesterday color of the size of the sagas ever beat the Panthers general retailers out their stadium built the different. This or are veterans that fought this is an outstanding massacre this student says he has a belief shaped pool. I noticed this myself it looks like the pull might be shaped light. The male anatomy it's kind of weird I don't know seems to its hat on purpose or not I want recently. I do know Joseph says David tepper sounds like a jerk and Max glorifying a don't get it twisted his student is. Unbelievable when it comes to charity does does dudes and so much to help folks UNICEF's bombs sandy. The hurricane could do hurricanes that hit Texas and Puerto Rico Tebow this guy has given up so. Much money of his own to help people out I I think is a complex dude interesting news. You can call whatever you want the dudes are free can win her niece are winner now I'm pretty pumped up about purses aren't gonna side of greater sights somewhat of a jerk on the way when we come back. Let's get into in Davidson a personal word is from many sources he wants to build this team. Like to Pittsburgh Steelers that would mean coach and GM stay a long period of time. Why are people telling me it's simply play all for bust for Iran and Mardy we'll talk about that next.