Mac Attack Hour 2: Jourdan Rodrigue On Panthers OTA's

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Wednesday, June 13th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers OTA's with Charlotte Observer's Jourdan Rodrigue. 

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7 o'clock there's hundreds and partly it's the baggage tags on it transcends age check out the bolsa the F Lindsay Twitter account. Which. Person. You wanna put in the Mac attack hall of fame I'll just simply say check out the next. Do you check out the nasal talk about it later. Give me a little surprised but those are candidates. Please vote as a Mac attack listen are we in talks more about just paying their offense is stage two a painter minicamp today George Rodrigue joins us in the Charlotte Observer at 745. In the meantime owner duke fans are fans think tank. Because again did you grow he's trying to say Euro manager overhyped is also its resolve does go let you down. So I want to pull a little little think tank together. The question is to panther fans what does that what do they need to do on offense. This year so that is offensive fills his potential with all the new weapons they've added. And that proves us right. As stands to be jacked up about this offense how do we get some balance on this team again for the first time since the Super Bowl here. I want your thoughts on the offense and number one saying it needs to be happy that it needs to happen it could be a staff. Could be a particular player hey so on Sony's do this could be some things you know. Strategically a norv Turner's gotta do this. It's wide open but I just want to bounce ideas off each other's panther fans who we want Sean played a role in this. What in your mind. Is it number one thing you need to see happen this year and then you'll feel like okay this offense is truly. Going disaster because you cannot deny the excitement we all are feeling about Davis offense. And beat his fans or football season when he NBA finals and I know that the NBA draft next week is feels like it's about time to go into football mode the Phil Steele magazine known as being mailed out across the country. It's go time for football and I were in talks in banter here this hour so that's coming up so called or building center Texas same number 70457096. Cents. Still seals on the show next Wednesday also he bottle like mad these Charlotte cover systems amateur. 68 degrees get an AC to duct tape for 89 dollars with the Charlotte commerce systems. I'm very nice though very nice very nice. All right so let's jump incidents are right now Tebow and I'll go to you first. Give me one thing hitting your opinion if we're going to put together for lack of better word peace formula for a vastly improved panther offense like we think he can be. What's the number one thing you need to see happen this year you feel like then it'll fall into place. It's the emergence of a number two wide receiver Roy DJ Moore and thus any candidate to be number one wide receiver but we have two receivers on the roster. Making placed punches and I assume DJ Moore or may be serious or whoever it is George Smith Torrey Smith we get to receivers playing at a relatively high level health care and not just. Not just watches and prayed for so make it up like we get two guys on a consistent level. For the season make a football none of these basketball players pulled off that would be pretty damn sweet otherwise settled off its ice this. Looks like when we called the New York football giants you know remain a well don't get a dancer as in the old days are right you said the new York and baseball giants so I'll just be allowed just register to come that's all I did not go try to help. I don't you want more guys I think we're gonna get that I think Torrey Smith's going to give us big plays. DJ Moore it's a rookie so yes that position and that position rookies haven't slowed contributes. But I feel like we're not asking him or not needing him to be the number one. I I think it's it's. I just think if we have more threats than just on ships you know I mean if Torrey Smith's. It's fun just as 68 catches and Tories got 45 in DJ Morse got 38 Jerious right. Has sworn in LA I just think we need to as a committee have a receiving corps Tebow and that is balanced and at least be in the the first thing I was gonna say. This they should be like 2015. There's some well I BCI offense needs ceased to be really nice to see him score like that in 2015. But they need Cam Newton is spread the ball rounds we have so many weapons I'm not even concerned T bone about big numbers for McCaffery big numbers are also big number of bunches. This to me. Is the best committee. We never had a pass catchers for Cam Newton even CJ Anderson's a guy if you look back at his numbers he routinely puts up 2827. Catches in a season so he can do that better than Stu could as well. I just feel like speedy tam has to go back to my go to guy is the open guy. That's the way he plays football in 2016. And that's the way he had his career best season and again all the haters out there are not insinuating. He's gonna put 45 total touchdowns with MVP. I'm not saying all of that but I'm saying Kenny had his second best season with these weapons and with Norv Turner and not lose Shula called on the plays. I think he can but it has to be one of those where. He does not necessarily have a favorite target and he's dying to get it to that's when he plays his best football. See I think he can win the MVP award this year I'm not gonna say he will because. So outside it's about numbers and won yet guys like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady in the numbers are still think it's hard just pretty good hour and a VP award. But I think when we get so late December I think cain's gonna be in that mix I think he'll be in that top five consideration for him to deal. Boy when it. We'll see when he's a top five MVP they subject I have a I have to go to Super Bowl. But I have to ask him at least a discussion for a bit because if he's not the MVP. Might be hard to get everything is playing at a level like he did twice attained. I'll do I think he's going to be tough spot if he's a top five NDP candidate. That's the answer that is an answer to our question right here of what needs to be in this formula for the Panthers. 22. To realize is great potential on offense and to not disappoint us on offense giving up clay it is right now like that so my crazy is a top file. No I mean I think I'm being conservative which can cause I don't wanna sit here we're all this bluster about Tammy number's aside just want to win games. But I think with Norv Turner with these weapons with an improved running game you know CJ Anderson is an upgrade over. Johnson Stewart. I think with all those things Cam Newton I. I think can't easily have his best season other than the MVP season this year so it where I agree with you I'm just not I'm not gonna storage or don't know what it. And we get a get out of not that he wasn't. Ready to go the last couple years but with new offensive weapons with the new OC are we getting. We getting back a camp that while simple. There were times last year there we kinda question it's. And we getting a guy that loves football is gonna go all out with Mike Shaw was a little tired of what was going on our desire to throw the ball to guys and they don't make place. So I mean I was actually start on that rejuvenated count on the what the right word is but a cam that. When we saw his running it which he can't running up the practice a mini camp right now he's got Dallas playing so what we need on cam back Friday theory gangs to fund needs to be back I don't care I don't care behold damn leagues angry at us there's where there was some new celebration I don't know we should bring back to that though which provides news it was 2018. Yes Cam Newton and knowing the country needs to have courage it is Camden is annoying country mound was celebrations and having fun on the field then that's a good sign for office mark that down on our list. Pass on Twitter what is the one thing RT one WS NC what is the one thing you need to see in the panders offense are my first response was Britain Burke's. Right reimburse you just got to go allows and what's you don't need to say and Breton burst out there on the tail distance as you guys keep forgetting about the offensive line others doubt there's still it's it's it's imperative we talk luck we'll yesterday Shia and I'll throw this one it on the offensive line from riding Khalil healthy. Give me thirteen games plus a nine go sit here and demand at the old man gives us sixteenth. But he basically said I'm ready to leave it all to feel I'm ready to empty tank he said yesterday alum that from a big Fella. But right ankle heel bone he's the health and minority laws. Nor well. Right there at left guard spot I don't wanna know what do Larson ciller told Leuer Larson moat and area in two thirds or lines trying to wheels fell seals freaking important religious and you're right about the life the line is the one question mark all the other stuff. Is sexy and fun to talk about but they can't do their jobs at the line doesn't do their job they're dude you're right about that no doubt mr. Dextre you can also say offensive point for every team but if he can Saturday night we had a good do you want to say OK -- and -- those guys are giants for example their team that the dolphins have one implode citywide of that aren't limited to didn't play last year of Leo might about. It's a closed strongly to line is our biggest weakness that's why us. This dudes get to I think. I so wanna hear from people on this thing this offense is fun to talk about managing like somebody offenses in the past I feel like it's fun to talk about this stuff. One are we not saying who are we not mention in what is the number one thing has gathered for this offense to do what we think he can to excel and give us a balanced football team 70457096. And their defense contribute to the Mac tag many do you think check our I would want to jumpin. Help us discusses offense what needs to happen we wanna hear from you you can tax it the same number as well we'll talk about that would go to cancer stuff on the agenda it is the Mac attack on their fans it. He sees things. Zipped. 00 ball or else. Some guys don't actually woman needs a minute because eventually have been a lot of guys that he is very aware what's. December Indian consulate issued a lot of friends. And us you know he's. He's very quick mind good sometimes we're moved told Egyptian known to spill more patient stay with their soft and you don't emerge all of these on the richter all get through a progression generally. The big picture results far or has argued senator columns are. That they're trying to expand it and emotional. I think Barack. Route structure under that throughout the repression of the matter. There yes. Normal turner ladies and gentlemen normal turn or Newton turner overdrive ready to rock and roll so here's here's a guy that was nor are all on NFL radio. Movie chains. Jim Miller and up past her so that's what you heard there it's just a snippet we another piece later. Coming up from north he's talking about cam Newton's intellect to hear that you haters. Got to fight a nickel for every time sought camera support your creditors get it out here so it was good to hear Norv Turner give a little praise to a part of GM's game but it does not often get. Talked about. But I can't wait to watch Cam Newton. In this offense with the actual weapons within offensive coordinator were some accomplishments a freak you look at sports and hope you guys are swelled. Hope you or get a little offense fever here match your guy job Billy Marshall says on Twitter that he wants more are PLO's throw the ball to set up the raw and it. Don't run to set up the past. Yes as I mean I guide get what he's saying there although I don't know maybe I'm against him because I said we've got to be a top four running team in the league and and we've got to still run the football even though we have all these weapons in the passing game so maybe he wouldn't argue with me on that but I see what he's saying you know I mean if teams are sitting on that Ron you have to have that ability. To OK let's open it up make him defend the pass you have to have that ability and what he says about our. 126 quarterback ready for camp last year all run pass option play should be more those unique zone reads. It's over five yards a carry ons only this team. As a five yards carry ons on replays you've got to keep doing that normal you've got two year old school but it sounds like the way he's talking he is ready to embrace. Cam as a runner so that he sustained and had to borrow five or six carries. A game for cam I still think you don't need to be like ten like last year nine or ten tc sports report says he wants yards I would help that would. Italy Korea and Australia and I just getting the right. Our Mac Ed WF Lindsay dad Thomas is the email address you wanna get it out wanna hear from you guys if you're listening show. And you've reached this point a bit of the cavaliers sports realize I'm ready for some stink at football well. You've got the right place that's what we're feeling but I want to hear from people that are excited. Not just about the Panthers but about this offense would north turnaround once you're employed. Like what do you wanna see from this offense that will achieve this offense to be something special coming up but I'll. I'll admit you know can't these be better on third down pass involved. But I think having weapons they can actually get open will do that for you rights. On the he was last in the league last year's third down passing third down rating that's got to be at least mid pack. The other thing he does on third down though. But people don't talk about they just give you that stat about it he's got to build a bone to create third down on the first downs on third down via the raw. Whether it's a scramble whether say third and short you know design cam new Ron so it's so he he needs to do. Be a little bit better at passing the stimulus those places lakes on the money down. Where was it the year before third down pass Indian now. I think he's not bad last two years in all honesty I didn't know that awesome all sit impacted at all I'm sure did though that's a chain moving Jesse right there dude. There's you know a year's that's what he does maybe a chain movies should ask what he does just moved and changed McCaffrey can help them in that area till. Mom lets see your Mac at W captaincy dot com is email address what do we need to see for this office so this offense. Meets all or expectations because they are pretty damn high. I'm deep passing game. I can't needs to get back to being one of the most accurate deep pass essentially came into the league as when Judd was there roller judds chunks. And that's what phony he needs to be again because norv is going to old. Did you with the deep ball play action and we got Torrey Smith now to run those routes Samuel hopefully he's feeling good seems like he's younger right now so. Those are guys that can run that deep rebel camps got to get back to being inefficient deep ball thrower it's the best thing C Dulles. Got two QB apple on DB as a football stats are you know over there about trying to fight ahead in super ball on. I think we need football against trying to find a 2000 to two years ago third down doc. Passing you can talk to our guys have got a Mac at W Athens he dot com Alex arm a consistent starter use the full back. I hope we got so many wide receivers now you know don't you don't you wanna spend a fair amount of time in three wise. As well. And when you run the zone read I know this when you run the zone read you want to steal spread you want one back and he situationally. I think it's nice to see the normally X seems to be coming along. They actually threw footballs Sonia stale little dough ball flight. Nor has in the past like using a fullback so I do think there will be more of a role for our mothers do so solid year again by grand canal. Yeah it's funny we don't talk about kicker except when he screws up. Or when he signs a really big contract they kind of bug me a little bit during the offseason or he belts have gone for you belts a kick ball three house is now all that is drain on Twitter if you all haven't seen that. His wife and kids just want playing nice leisurely game to kick ball and Graham just boots to kick ball like over the trees and lord knows where it landed. But could still could be flying right now. So why is he not very happy with Graham on that one moaning there is a pilot said he and we have a foreign object I cheered appears to be a kick ball also obligated to do a lot of work that. There's no doubt though we're gonna be anti gay exiting the NFL is all about tight games the kickers important. There's no doubt about distances our defense needs to get back to be in top five prestige he gets. We're focusing on the offense and IBC the defense sets up the offense like. I was thinking this so we get it back to forcing turnovers. And with that secondary that we have back there it's like it's not exactly thieves avenue back there we need some damn news feeds to show up. When some ski masks SARS steals and stuff we were sixteenth in the league last year in turn overs. And when you think back to the Panthers at their best. Which jobs is 2015 but even usually go to defense in 2013 that was second in the league. Those hats forced turnovers and put the offense in a favorable position. It's 2015 team on every short fields did cam had because of the defense we're our own stratosphere in turn over sports. So that stuff needs to have command would and I don't. Well I might MIA can we beat top ten in turnovers with this secondary then they're still trying to throw together. A big question but it would help the offense out tremendously day area. So far concern with the team would be secondary and offensive why we don't need soup we don't need all pros back they're just serviceable guys and what the stars take it from there. Be good enough to help out equally TDs shortened Powell. Our defense the secondary offensively Mac we'll just do you just just be serviceable when I can't do was say let the offense progressed don't sit back don't. Don't be a guy just try to case chase. Kim Jordan around for four quarters to be preserved so we don't you don't pros yeah there we got off browse other areas we are needed to be somebody steals some is that take the ball away to somebody back there has to actually be able to tells an interception what I know is we don't need these guys to be Troy Polamalu back they're just just. Play your role be serviceable and what the other guys ticker we need to do results front to make these guys. Better yes like when Mike Mitchell got a contract when he really wasn't that good but he looked good in 2013. I exact kind of stuff needs to happen against Kurt Coleman who in 2015. Mount. Looked absolutely amazing with the interceptions. Because of the guys in front of them we need knew guys like that to over achieve in the secondary. Because the guys up front are getting faster as what we need right there about this over my guy Chris jolly. Offensive identity. That's been lacking the last complete Seth when are these guys are saying what are I think it's gonna come with north fast I think norm is going to impose. And I offensive identity this guy says cam not the leading rusher. I'm with you on that I liked him running I don't want to camera runs to stop the zone read stop the RPOs to stop pucks. Camden should not legally Yorkshire this football team it's amazing that he has the ability to do what he did last year. But CJ Anderson ideally should probably be the leading rusher both. And McCaffrey should have a better rushing seasons if our offense is gonna be as good as I think it's been a big. Josh Pfeiffer says don't forget about the red zone conferring in the reds aria last year they were just house back brutal also Ross and then again I hate to keep doing this but I'm going back to 2015. Here's what we it's the standard. He was that your lasted forever and leaders go chill and a year for the next you know the rest our lives I. Student at duke won it all out here now and never won now I never won out its season the way I felt that season when the Panthers made me feel that season was so warm entangling inside mount. I was so happy I was jolly. Only thing that was the ground so I usually am I mean I think just things are great day a year and then Wade Phillips had to go and that's a damn thing up. But anyway we just heard it in the red I think America elitist gotta emotion on us I feel like he's talking about that year Clinton got ninety formatting and we're actually got out there says pretty good on a tax line early on I don't think the panther offense enthusiasm though is where it should. Don't think panther fan opposite doozy as it is where it should be eight people want us to talk about Greg Hardy in the USC we did the first hour we can do it again he had his debut flight last night. I just got a sickens me to see is due to have any success I'm just going to be quite honest with you while we talk about that. Mac Adobe doesn't he got down 70457096. Stand George drug break coming up at 745 as well. We've been trying to do Obama's I'm certain that none more helmet cams tomorrow and then. We get them tomorrow culmination and some looks around some schemes saw him. Thermal uniform but no there are trying to get the question. And as Russia and you know through create those conclusions are not as we well you know. Thirdly get the ball completed a new military guys on the run off. You know who earned runs we've been really impressed worth our did you morgues. Hillary to run its attention on those guys are so big critical drivers and Kamal on the hardware no I'm so. As are so we're trying to get them all heard him whenever and good metric guys and turning your Limbaugh Moran query on Armstrong postings are no you don't really don't push the ball material that we want. Dutch camp there next. That is important. That is important from a man normal turner is a kid just because in Minnesota. He basically it sounds like from what I've read about the Minnesota fallout he was stubborn Teddy Bridgewater was getting assaulted. And it it and then unfortunately are left tackle. This involved in the offensive line there and he's got to be better obviously putts from. Nor was stubborn and wanted to just keep sidestep seven cent drop it and thrown it in and throw downfield and that's south was get this quarterback killed me when I just. North preaching during those same interview with NFL radio Jim Miller and back early and he multiple times in that interview. Was making a point to bring up that we gotta have plays were we get it out quick DJ Moore is raving about DJ Moore after the catch we know got two cats after the catch. That can be bad mamet Janice in DJ Moore and Christian McCaffrey good to both those cats after the test phony let him go last your we just wanna guys that can make a catch. Now he got guys that can actually catch it and do something out of the guys who don't. All of the same time it's amazing what our receivers when we look here we look back at the weapons that can had in the playoff game years doorway and and then new you know. As he go to this season and we look back and go how the hell were they that close to beating the saints with those docs. He he did but I mean that's Thanksgiving night neck and Campbell is amazing in that game now let's see what he does. Without Shula. And with these weapons of C would he does aren't a match at WF concede that don't email just chill descending on that you can't of them also press to talk about Greg Hardy. Joseph. Oh Joseph Joseph says this is where Mac rants like she's perfect and chairs a Florida guy just looking for a second chance. Our two great party here's the first source assertions all right to search canceled a data Weiss a second chance just that he got a second chance in the NFL. He was a bad employee would cowboys. And he was no longer it was so orderly and a good. Around so he messed up his second chance but he's getting a third chance. And ultimately there's nothing I can do about it I don't like seeing the dude succeed last nineteen knocks out there is tomato can't Austen Lane in his USC debut in the USC contender series. In 57 seconds so now he is beginning a developmental contract with the UN CW with the UNC. With the US saints and he. It could follow what are outside your ride. He because there really baseball team left playing right now about his father Omar mosque is a necessary anyway continued I don't SARS and that Sarkozy says he made a mistake it's an economy it's so he's getting his chance Dana white's. We played only in the first hour Dana what is defending him and saying people deserve second chance you know it. People deserve to should make mistakes and get a chance to move on from the mistake that is one of the mistakes that lies. But I just honestly I really don't want to see you have privileges. Moving sort I'm not I'm just not excited about it. But that's not the way it works Dana White realize this. Greg Hardy is a moneymaker that's part of what bugs me silk is Dana White is selling this to assess. Something like let's give men another opportunity to marry you deserve this and America understand he's selling us on that. But really this is about a big game and Greg Hardy. And a guy that you feel you might be able to make some money also off as he moves up to change. So it's Amaechi bone that's what bothers me the most about it is disingenuous. Salesmen Dana White trying to sell us on American ideals here when really this she would not be getting another chance. If you didn't see a way to make money off shelves and edges bothers me we'll see what happens it's a great start for hardy but I'm very skeptical of his ability to do this bone against guys who have trained her whole life to be in this sort of fighting. Rights I just I don't see how he becomes some guy says he's gonna become. We're just got Larry Mac can't wait a break Ortiz a champion and you got to sit here and deal when it. I don't see how we becomes a champion in a sport. Where he never trained for bone until the last couple years it seems like a sport that you have to devote more of your life to to be at the elite level. They don't like him preach how much Greg parties change in values in second chances and basically it all comes down to he seized money a dollar signs Greg art that's what he sees he's he's a god and it was a month paper view or whatever people are gonna watch what he seeks death. Thank you preach all they say is only wants does he called a sales man is due. He's an annual us what he's saying now this guy Tony says McEnroe big USC fan. I don't think you understand that somebody with parties. Size speed combo and skills and tenacity. Can be a champion in this sport it doesn't take that much time. I did I got to ask the USC guys this that are listening like more hard core USC stands then we'll you know we'll watch like when it's a big deal when it's like. Gregor fighting Mayweather you know boxing match something. Like do you all believe what Tony just email me like you can I just believe in any sport bone at the highest level USC's highest levels in and day. I just look like I do all sports don't you have to train for years for that you can't just jumping isn't. Late in the game and be better than guys have been doing it their whole. You know for years close to her whole sporting life into each trust Greg Hardy to take full advantage of opportunities he had an opportunity. His senior year old senior year old man has to be number one draft choice what happens on jobs and a fifth or sixth or whoever won had a chance here to probably go down as an all time great panther are that work out. Didn't work out that he messed up in a chair to Dallas took to find himself again and did. Have another chance in the league how'd that work out. So who are we to believe that would this opportunity. Greg Hardy and somewhere along the way it was Curtis that's sure to he's got to walk on the straight and narrow because he's not going to get I'm sure that many chances with this organization he's going to get a chance. But if he screws up he could blow that chance of birdie to win a championship he's also got to be on his best behavior is wells that's I think that's a valid points in of course he's going to do that now. But once he gets booted that though why might in the spotlight needs attention so there's what does he do without. Because we had it before he's messed it up. This guy says Mac. Larry is a complete idiot what kind of USC fan say of course he will have a hard time against seasoned fighters. He will give himself on the ground where guys are technicians and he will be screwed. So what do I believe which got a I believe on the both claiming to be Joseph rodents the box. The puck claiming to me USC. Census I don't know which I believe I tend to believe the guy that says when I thought Richard doesn't think so it's very technical you get on the ground. Did you is it jujitsu and stuff the submission hole like. Deceit dude get submitted at some point in us a really good slider. Without without the wrestling background at all Legos and MM AI could see him getting on the ground just getting worked over pretty quickly held Brock Lesnar. At the end of his USC although there's another one coming up apparently brought resurrect the end a great college wrestler gray MA fighter. They got that he struggled as well also who's to say that. And Greg Moore and wrestling Xperia he's got all America now so who's to say Greg Hardy in The Who want a while do you think Greg Hardy innate. Wrestling tighten these guys already know so little little wrestling backgrounds. I don't but I don't know what tennis. Bartlett and Marissa what was it was all American grown there isn't going to be. IMac at WF and C dot com is the email address if you wanna get in here when we come back let's flip it back. The Carolina Panthers them all jacked up about this offense let's get. On some of the stuff going on out there admitted candidly stated today what happened the day one George Rodrigue joins us. Our man what does she say about some of the question marks are they becoming clear answers will ask her next for. The movie. Well it's a Mac attack on Athens say I got so all kind of getting this just flown through my body talking about his panther offense cannot wait to see him on the field. Let's talk about this team on the wholesome and the question marks are to be an answer right now. Let's talk to George robbery Charlotte Observer she is a vent out they're for everything going on the all season will be out there. Again today it was at TSA she joins us on the Mac attack Jordan what's going on. The morning and I swear aspects training camp last summer with these the early morning what you're like yeah. Art. We just won an educator don't hear the water and how many people senator Orrin silence I don't take that compliment our buddy here's a video we're just gave you some reps just get you some reps are we hassle you in training camp again I think that's probably sadly what's going on. But so let's talk about to start I know you wrote about what she saw. I yesterday what you've been seeing over the course of this all season and there's a couple of spots in particular one on offense when a defense that you know are kind of position battles that. We're looking at the most cornerback it feels like Seymour is getting their first shot opposite Brad Bird it feels like they're drawing a lot of guys out there I mean. Why do you have an educated guess on how this plays out or am asking you to do the impossible. Yet an idea I think it's I think ultimately they really want done Kate Jack stepped up and be that starting. Outside cornerback opposite. James Bradley and I think that because. They're trying to download a complimentary secondary believe that they felt compliment electric speaker through pat. Chipping out but look really nice so far this this spring. And though. They didn't pick an especially in these and a deep south to accept that not be quite hear what they have I eat up a lot. Body as these are you know dominant it it. Pat Brown about template and then he sort of back they're not yet in the spot on the outside well. You know they Calvin Ridley detect any seniors I think that you know they they wanna make sure that they have different guys in that. Thank you very and that kind of critique and a lot as well there party unity that. And it it is going to be a lot more dependent on patch up that I think it has a lot pat are expecting very. Had been hurt at several apparent in the past and try to sort spot her campaign and that they are about and passionately about like you know the last part gamer. Again in year out leaving and then becoming a good weapon for the saint and I think that act at the net runner Erick Erick Watson and have not taken lightly. Sat out there I think right now you our market is getting at the white shirt Eric Pratt. But not intact and I think what figures to be their guy in the if he continued on the page that they think that they expected it from had. Yeah and then thanked fans love to see you would that speed that potential that he has thanks fans you know kind of pulling for. For him to be out there are a bunch on the other side of the ball we all know it's at left guard spot I guess so it's always seems to kind of be the guy I mean under the rotating. But it feels like that's kind of the lead guy right now to me Osama so Pulitzer Taylor mode and second round draft pick it feels like she's the most talented lineman of the bunch. But again I don't know its guard is is that due to assist for him what do you think about last dollar. I think what I'd agree that the ceremonies at the ice I think yeah I just drink a little bit well that LP to get up that air app on the out. When training camp starts making get the pat I'm. And you know we're in that technique technique you're you're in the bank a lot of cant their man who want to beat that each says. Taylor mountain with Bachelet out on the are out there last year at the hill. He cerebral. He has had one of the biggest frame I'm on the team. And that you want you wanna be out there on the field crying out and he can see him as being bad at soccer. Adequate protection or Cantonese. So I think people really do want a BMI note that that the campaign there are curious tekelec adamant that competition. Yeah I read about that I know around her partner asked how maybe two at ago and he is getting. You really you know like in Armenia that got to come in and replace it and I. I'm not I kept happening I. Sure he's very are the ball in there that are utility and in terms. You know the sky you can come and at. They're rats that you know where he needs speedy. But honestly think they type like Paramount have a art that are are a lot at left guard pat. I we're told George Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer covered a tea Thursday and day out as she does in great fashion. Are we got to have a conversation about DJ Moore you've been witnessing this and I know there's only so much you can see in these settings. But ten UC special I saw 11 account from one media member that says this dude is is looks special. From the get go and and I saw another account saying. I think he looks kind of solid how would you have you seen special at a DJ Moore what can you gonna tell us you've seen from him. Well I I don't know we can go that far yet without. He's asking any contact so that. I think that guy said he would specialized it's got a relaxed that he made them really plays. And I think they act and who else brought myself I felt that. All our own way we're all special Jordan thank you so that I needed at this morning. And I think that. Yeah I like the fact that sent back let out about it about these near Erie and I like the it's about it's on the back I really can get the lowdown. I kind of what what they think without you know can't run it again and what is that backed think about it more it back. He came and pro ready. He came and knowing where he needs to be the route you need your oh rapture. And he came mentally some of the strongest hand that they batters beaten up that bode well before contact is that if I don't come out of our body not gonna let go of it. I think that really bode well the great great start at at and knowing that he would be. Complementary piece any part of Panthers need and could be he can play there. And that's something that rare error it mile journey and we thought that acts Derek McCaffery. Being able to play anywhere the epic but of an eating more and another player you can do that in and mark are eating there obviously. And have been that pro ready and at and I'm really excited that he can do not get it at. They a united count showed he brought like running back after I'm back at the pampered like CNN IBC we haven't seen any contact pat pat and I spat. Can't wait to see that he means pre season can't wait to see training camp is well I dismiss sure the mystery to talk to. He talked about the quarterback position a little bit so calm and I guess circled back to it on on the people are asking like who is Lorenzo docs. What do you know what do you know about him Chris he what is expected to even be in these conversations and he's got himself into right. Yeah right I love this story because he is I'm kind of a bit. Up and comer in terms that when you've been able to do out on the practice of the brain. He hit them and I understand that Nike and I. I think I could be an earth he says she says he can he make eye on the ball. And we are now that would and the summer the Panthers really struck out you know the last couple seated after being the bat and Elliott is making eye on the op. And there's been a bag of all Hough I mean he just he's he's where he again where he needs to be doing it out. And he did go after that fight that it intelligently and smartly done it not over committing on the arm letting guys act and and he made you know big clay in almost every single fact that pat that we've seen through oh yea then there are many camp so I. I think he would definitely walk passion but at bottom I keep them out you know to get to act. And it is himself a little bet that people should not lead on the guys in back and irritation. Lead singer wanna ask you are guy ER guy preppy here tells me he was our source at. And I like dis like I like here in this state because what we see is on the sideline everybody sees Romney's very stoic. When I know he has it in a man jumps on the east you were you able did you tell what was going on did you guys talk which run about kind of an outburst yesterday in practice. Yeah I'm not yet and like I can't I can't shirt you know Lara are asking. Pat I would say that you can tell you know he had been you've got a lot on their hamburger. I think at op you know kind of be there or day weekend at third OJR. In many at PayPal about retention and in dollar. Educational things and so win someone's not whether those would be or someone that has not clicking. And maybe we need our didn't take that high enough he'd definitely out of my ear hurt and I feel more comfortable electing maybe Atlantic without a little bit more because. There's been a testing period is the period where these players need to understand. They're being evaluate and monitor pot episode that made it. I don't know that I've Phoenix Coyotes in the NFL that Colin then on the articulate in the new lot of the players of themselves. And Eric he felt about different players than that got our act he declared that's not that so he's definitely got it right these are at heart it. It in the if it looks like you know detected at me then on the other side of the field at the corner yeah. DR FI and that's whether or not whether they're the art is situationally about. It was a lot of that it. I liked it I like it. And it would be an honor patty's that we debt couple weeks ago I met you as well. Haven't I only remember it's not a LaMont honesty policy they'd need to win the basketball game daddy you're avoiding the Ali and George you know what's happened since a deal on the rest of this one a one game I have not. Burly men motivated to go out and do many workouts since I got to get a guy I gotta get go I forgot the you're doubting me now reinvigorated bound now already worked out that's a breaking news story for everyone involved. And more warm outside and guard Jordan we'll talk to got to wrote. Actress Jorge Rodriguez people there's not a one only can he do one a one game update bunkers we do is still intend to do this. There's just we got some stuff going go outside and talk about stats although he won't he won't travel on road games are kind of like what's Tina doesn't travel much on the around guys like duke. You want. You don't now. I don't see I don't stand ups that you Syracuse. I had let's take a breather I got a de Soto won only one game update did. And the observer and get jacked up GYJ Miller says we cranked up about this draft they Tebow says. He's bored with we'll talk about it on the Mac attack.