Mac Attack Hour 2: Jourdan Rodrigue discusses Tepper

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Wednesday, July 11th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the David Tepper Press Conference with Jourdan Rodrigue.

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On the incredibly suddenly in town and shot power chuck Howard says said to clarify he was speculating. Yesterday. Could contract be something with the city land and stuff like that. Like everybody is trying to figure out easier really. Cherry Richardson putting this in the contract. But he really care that much but a statue sitting up and if you believe what. I don't want to joke does he. Yeah item already MacArthur if you believe it what do you know Rappaport said it's it's Jerry Richardson it's him saying OK if you're gonna buy it seems all the owners. Apparently were presented with something all the prospective owners are presented with some like discs are also says I mean I was the I have no idea were city property starts next. Thanks John Q juggles sixers start that up and use that against us in their anger towards us. I will say this band it's a lively discussion we had the lines jam I keep pushing this dollar will prison interview back it's good. But I just you guys have things to say and listen sometimes just shows going to turn out where it's like. Ban the people out there are you know don't see it the way we do and that's fine too we're talking about were thinking about it should we care more is Mac going overboard you guys can all sound you don't. Now this theory that most people are using this is from John assault on Twitter someone asked me about it. People are wondering if David tapper one in this in the deal. Because it takes and also his hands there's no blood on his hands to use a reality show tar ride from big brother and survivor and it says he's just armed. And I'll say this I don't think he would ask for something like this guy I think he'd be man enough just by the team and deal with what you have to deal right statue what other things whenever. But I do think in Rick I know we did this out and I see his point. There is a benefit to this for David tapper he does not have to deal with it right he can say I'm contractually obligated. And he does not have to worry about angering. Half the fans either way if you take it down you make some fans mad if he keep it up you make some fans mad so you don't start false. Some fans being managed you I think there is a benefit. But I would be shocked he donates he was one that wanted this. This just feels to me more more like the guy Jerry Richardson really is an a lot of people have a hard time figuring out man he really doesn't care about us. It's really all about him he really don't care about the victims the man has never uttered a word of freak an apology. Seriously but instead of apologizing what's he worried about. Darkly mosque that she slandered my seriously. By the way somebody principal point your team don't. It can be used I don't know if there's a good impression I don't know what is I like it might not great but it's somebody says Mack how can you not see that him extending the footballs and handing the football to the Carolinas. And I would just simply say because some probably a dumb ass I did not even think of that but I thank you sir I now understands that shared this'll be our faculty to football thanks I don't understand why it had to be had to be thirteen feet and SP two dancers there out of my counter to the Tampa wanna get their thing is there's report yesterday that. Every sailed group there was an April. So that's a good point gadget that's right I just said that but you're right. So I then today it was never it was every every ailment Rappaport report is true it's Jerry initiate it's not initiated by David separate he may see the benefit of it right. And I don't know is he angry it has to stay or is he like it kind of works out or he may see that benefits right he's so dumb. He's no dummy like me can't figure out why Jerry's handing the football over. Like dad and his magic island spill. To the saw it just seems like some people who don't have a problem says some of you all don't promise statute you're like hey we've got to celebrate somebody did something great. And brought to team here. But it won't point though. Is it not good business to celebrate somebody by the way people keep saying we've got to have something up to the stadium well I don't believe that. But there are plaques we saw walking in the stadium yes it their plaques outside the entrances of the stadium to have Jerry Richardson quotes so can that be enough. I let me go to song 704570. Nice extent we'll talk more about the rest of the separate press conference he had I thought some great styles. And wanted and all that George Rodrigue bottom of the hour but I know people wanna keep talking about this Steve what do you say about all this. I made it out there. Open and the grip who had great you know who. And it definitely big change the approach well. But never did a part of it before. But there is open to that. But the movie without called. I don't care what it is just speculation grounded out there about the battle won it. Well but it really is an element of luck at your radio. Intuitive easy. I've played well in place questionable. If Jerry rich kid can carry the cobalt book that's been around I think if they vote on if you can play quarterback. In words your indignation. Change. My question. A guy armed okay that's it well are nuts first of all our former racist town. And I don't wanna bring somebody did screamed out called somebody used the N word to town. I think I'd like to bring somebody in his smokes and we've had some minor trouble with the law whatever. Carrying don't caught carrying Donna without a license I would at least things are below the young folks have discussed mixed up in and listen we all got our ourselves mixed up and stuff I got mixed up the stuff what I'll call out John's a dummy. So bombed. I'm not advocating you bring in you know horrible crimes he's. But I'm just saying we have to stop trying to game. Choir boys football team put together that I don't feel like that's the best way to win big difference synagogue marte was Brian and Jerry Richardson and their stack Charles. Gallagher guy just has a Tommy can't you also need like I would take a gamble on now. You know it was a gamble on a guy like that would Jerry Richardson I just feel like she abused power you put pressure on these young ladies he made their jobs hell sounds like. On the front dread coming to work the second they hurt us all more leg or voice from him their problem got here we go. Bulimia and then you have a is there racial slur being used I just I just think he made life hell and then he bought his way out of it. I just don't wanna celebrate that's sort of saying in this grandiose fashion to get PS those plaques staying up of his quotes are okay that's one thing. What is giant cartoon racially large statue. As some wise man said yes they'll Twitter bone I just have a problem with that said that. We go back to sell some really Smart on what is your way other tried to stretch 70457096. And Roger is up next Roger what he said. Export data three quick break stop virtually all 24 hours just. All I can't contemplating. What word a lot refresh suggest that you use a lot of opportunities are. Our sister got this attitude out cartridge still have my car which are urged all over our daily L and cable bill and and one of tanks and struggle it's DiCaprio are complicated to a girl every bank which hugely important to work. And you know Tom yeah it's personnel group gets including you including two and you how many have. I'm sure they're very proper looking secretary culture there's a couple wherever all right all I can about other things that you have. How about apple out yeah it reality in the and that hurt very. Compared to cooperate with. You make great corporate earnings are up front but we are Koppel retire you know we get great if not about a pop pocket Mac. Ahead allied death was trademark that on to each anybody I don't know about first of all off my man here had to come back and do an interview on WBT so we had to leave before we can adopt. Get to refresh I salt pretzels water. Lemonade and iced tea. That's all I saw all you might see the other stuff no do you see what I did I Ashley strong ally and I saw that yes he had dance and sacked us acres they've got us there I Ganassi did donuts I probably would have gotten Leighton WBZ TV radio and Internet connection gifts I saw Krispy Kreme Doughnuts I gotta be honest -- painter Krispy Kreme doughnut got Matthew was some of them and doughnuts are tied al-Qaeda he would those bad boys. I'm Tony says Mac come sickened tired to hear people make medical excuses for Jerry did an ego maniac please put him in their place. I just I would love to hear from a doctor at some point it knows like. If you have a heart transplant is should that add any effect on the way you're acting what I'm thinking is Gerry was like this all along but he hit it. You know eat a perfectly crafted image Tebow. You know our main and I think she cares about that image still to this day. And that's why I think he wants the statue to stand although ironically doesn't backfire on him a little bit because now when that statues up all about is gonna think about is what he did. You know that was wrong so I don't. No maybe it maybe he is doing himself he thinks he's doing himself some good. But maybe it just as a reminder of the creep you you either became world long. Maggots of yes and Z dot com Joseph says they show is making Mac go crazy he's not letting us know locally. But I guarantee he's dying inside because everybody disagrees with him. Man of the people my booty. Smart. They said Manny says man of the people my booty. Early Tom I sir do not use that kind of language that's outside the studio says Mike but anyway I was goes got a brain get MacKey was at I. It's bothering me I'm kinda confused why more people point to MacKey would just topic nor are frustrated the signed up to Jerry wanted this in the contract but anyway our Mac at WF and Xeon can't. We'll talk it out is long as you guys wanna talk out. George Rodrigue bottom of the hour or re actually discuss other answers in the press conferences while he got to listen that. Zain. Joseph says Max how that should just take stock at MacKey win it chill else and when we get a new stadium. And the taxpayers pay footprints. You will see that there's statue is no longer in our lives. Yeah I can I get kind of feels like T bone that will be the way it ends I wouldn't think that the contract says you've got to take my thirteen foot itself. And might suit that answers and a football and extending the Carolinas to take those with you to a new stadium site. I would nuts eggs attack is it the contract but then again I would've ever thought Jerry would think of this. Well he's getting ready to profit over a million dollars I would there'd that you would think you got a picture I. I can't this statue is still I think that might take more than two minutes truck would have thanked others say fourteen met in the truck guy says just take Garcia over there tear that thing down yourself in do you realize all cowboys offensive lines like if they came in here early bound for the game and that whole. It's offensive line but couldn't move that thing is Johnny enormous man seriously. There are dinosaurs statues. Are smaller than this series. Oh my goodness that's a how's this how's that statue not scare children. It's just isn't juiciest look at stats you dinosaurs in Jurassic Park where the size of this thing let's see your Mac OWS ends he talked housing Mildred a couple more calls. Jordan rhetoric comes we'll ask her about this global focus on some building step percent of meat. I just love the fact of David tempers already looking at. What does where are we behind like you he mentioned the need of a practice he and support behind most of illegal on this we can't have sex. Army he mentioned the stadiums that needs to be redone well that's good news in terms of a new stadium not being needed right away he's thinking we can redo it now. One of his answers in a press coverage about being partners with the city. Leads me to believe he will be asking for some money did you do for those renovations. Bias it does not seem like he wants to stay in the new practice field what is such a necessity be deemed that priority number one. Let's go to mark two is up next Marquette what do you think of all lists. Day on where some power draw com and come from the Spartanburg area and I grew up where the Richardson family. Analogy you know they really are is a good hearted people they really are. Arm you know I don't know I'd never heard of any billionaire's. You know they don't have a need as he is human he does make mistakes. But you know why. Deep down inside the rich nations they're really dog it and I have. But how do you how do you kind of OK and listen you've got personally you know personal experience right that's a little change it how do you marry that with what. He has done what the NFL investigation team that yeah these reports are right he did he sinks in these women and and he did say. The racial slur that scout and and he did settle them. You know what how do you marry those two things. It's just called me and him and we all my gosh sakes I'm he's eighty years old. When you get 88 years old you think your Gosling billows you didn't want war then combine your mouth Aegean Maine to do. Not dot towards. Trying to do young people have different thing is such a manner that is like hey I know the family. But he can't I just think folks are not really trying to thoroughly think about what he did it. And they're just. I think people excuse it because they wanna see Jerry this one away and I'm sorry I didn't wanna have to see Jerry this way to always shows people have to go through this. I it's. How he was surrounded by yes men and yes women and excuse makers he still. Apparently judging by the reaction today still is happening about this from our Laura. I didn't see this happening today. Laura says Mac can you get the hell over the staying and by the way of telling those women that talk to Sports Illustrated get over it too. Jerry can look at me and tell me how I look at my jeans all he wants if he's gonna write a check for mucho bucks afterwards. So now we have women that are going after the women that were victims of what was going on. Listen I'm short or do you listen that that money I'm sure is nice of them to add. But they didn't ask for the situation to be hit and the only reason they got money mount is because a very rich powerful man solid. As many rich tell commando a nondisclosure agreement as a way to get out of this whole thing and David tepper credit now he's got to walk the walk. But he talked to just say we sort of an open environment. You're not gonna feel like you used to around here he can't go up the food chain complaint. He said if I do so stupid you better be talking about me. And I appreciate that many said that would be no nondisclosure agreements which are shouldn't be that shouldn't be even at an eye out for an NFL owner. Boris you have a boss I don't know your work situation we have a boss and asked to shave your legs or they tell you to wiggling your geez. Look at that and they do it constantly over here okay okay with that apparently she has received some money at the end or some delights. How many but how many women put the stuff like that and don't get money is DN just put up stuff like that or forced to leave a job they like because they don't Wear a deal with it anymore. Our let's go to ABC rob rob what do you say about all this. I got to thank god why. Did have a contract that you had to keep this statute so my question is or what every club contract that the optical. Big I give the team back import it 2.2 or seven billion dollar act Jerry rich. Oh you don't attain its decision now speak and say oh sorry I take my mind about that part of the contract. Any doubt they can do whatever it locked you know the three. Now that's interesting but that is there is your point what your second point. Tiger question is are these delegates wouldn't quit you have medical condition yet they are change UN are all partly agree with that but. When all they. The allegations. First happened or any of them well for its heart transplant. Or are these just Adelman are quote our prop thirteen put. Now Iraq I don't and I don't know about the timeframe of I'll say this somebody said Mac when he made comments about Cam Newton you told him you may not have any tattoos. They say that was for the heart surgery but it actually wasn't that was in 2000. Eleven rightly know to draft yes and he got the heart surgery 2009. And again I don't know if this is any legitimate excuse I am trying not to completely. Fly off the handle and get MacKey with the does that guy calls it. And just say you guys are fools you guys are making its. It feels like it's a convenient excuse for Jerry Richardson someone who again you don't wanna fully come to terms with maybe a bit of duty might be. But each and we also don't have not been able to hear from a doctor and I we come and ask questions. Is it possible but we do this radio shock yes it's kind of dudes. The ladies to listen to yourself. And there may not be any doctors. Radio show I'd are doctors too Smart for you and here's what we got here from a doctor to say it does the heart surgery. Change you rule. At all or that could be a legitimate excuse of his favorite or maybe the doctors don't wanna call in for certain race that'll let you know I've been a doctor Max five times this year from various injuries I'm pretty sure I can at least they say if you need me oh yeah you've been silly but the doctors are last. I went off a solidarity charts and that audio and don't tell. Mac at W opens the outcome email address if you wanna get in a we'll take a quick breather here we come back we'll ask George Rodrigue about her thoughts. On the comments and the contractual agreement that. Appears exit you know exists as Ian Rapoport reported to Jerry initiated this. But we've also got to get into the other stuff. What should the biggest takeaways BA from what Davidson a percent how should we feel about David so perhaps she seal a David several ask all those questions are George Rodrigue next. It's the Mac attack. Hi coming over the next ten minutes your chance to win a pair of tickets and air national champions cup event driven by Heineken it's Liverpool. Little verse adversity in Dortmund and that is Sunday July 22 BankAmerica stadium. And that's 730 initial safe dish our tickets because were to have this conversation Jorge Rodriguez to second. 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM your chance of wincing as soon as this big of fans. Calm like let's go let's check in which short York two sets and this is also allows does win this thing has become all about. The stats use situation and it and David tepper dropping a bombshell on us. That this thing was contractually obligated Ian rap for reporting that your Richardson's lawyer. Had this in the contracts for all of these prospective buyers. We'll talk a little bit about double we'll talk about some of the jams from this very entertaining interesting and to meet up listing David tepper. Press conference short Rodrigue from the Charlotte Observer joins us Jordan was going on how you doing. Hey good morning guys I'm doing great I actually a really critical and that just. Have a little of that moment with the and their fan base this morning. And it's been a stressful year and I'd like to take the mound and recognize that while they're at the end of out he'd beat them what. On fire in a bad way right now. That feel like they're really good breath of fresh air. And it knew Arap change for the Carolina Panthers so. There aren't any comment the partying and Tyler appropriate earn back and then. I think that this is gonna be added an exciting time of change and just in time for shirt and what the court to covering it. Yeah I don't I do think ultimately that's what some fans are saying is liar we hung up on this statue saying. They're there is there's a slight bit there's slightly outsiders but is saying why don't we also told what does the saying I'm trying to set at the end of the type Deanna happened. And that implied that we diet. So much stricter. The other side it's gonna thanks Mac cam kind of size that I anyway Jordan I tried I tried to put this into words that your job all right and your job let's start first with the stature and double moved to some of the more positive things. I was pretty shocked I think my I think my jaw was hanging open a little bit there when I found that there's I honestly never even thought about the possibility. The Jerry Richardson would put this in that we cared this much about the stature remaining. But he would put it into the contract. What do you think about that what was your reaction. Yes that was a really tight moment I think we opt out there in that remind you that out there it was there really. And moment I am when Matt could sort of bombers strap and honestly what I think about that a pretty simple I think that Gary Richards and was more concerned about his ego than about. What anyone out not about keeping that vacuum I think that's that's pretty simply that the only way to credit now. And how people want to interpret that they can interpret that at midnight but that's pretty simply by. Yeah yeah arm. Okay what did you think you say hey this is is this is a gonna be a good signs of cancer football what's. What did David say at first say yesterday what were the things that you thought you know that we're stand should taken in seal the best about towards a just a general sense you get from Davidson. Well I think change is dead and term. What David pepper want to do. Modernize and arrogant and kind of bring them into just being there at Adobe is structurally. I am I saying something that needs to be kept in mind is. What the opportunity is forward David pepper president and Charlotte for the city of Charlotte. You know he's not a here as did you. And as an owner of the Panthers boy at one of thirty is bad that have a say in. And league matter at this city is at a time where it's growing exponentially bursting seams right now. And he really is going to be a key player in in the infrastructure power that maybe about moving forward. I think right now it's time you let it be known what you care about and what matters at top tier leaders. He'll be meeting with it and at your city leaders in your your state leaders top tier local journalist and an album what mattered he says. He is transparent and he is open and and that's going to be an open door communication for a vehicle to go through in the future I think the bad. The thing that's really exciting is you're going to want to listen to what you as a fan want. And what that this city want and and trying to gauge what the city. We need in terms of big picture infrastructure I think that's something like when you have someone and then. Who can actually literally ruled market. I think that that's something that Charlotte. As a personality that you know you you really want to this city I think and I I hate to speak on behalf of and but I I think that maybe I am here. You want to do. Put your track and that person that they have archer archer at its intention. I don't I'll bet anything contrary about what he wants urban setting what it wants it's up our team. On the other side of it is he has the ability to do it and figure it rapidly because that. The power that he hasn't human beings I think that's going to be something that's gonna be really interesting to watch moving forward really interest in the monitor. We're told Jorge Rodriguez to be writer Charlotte Observer about the temper press covers just today. One of the things that I found interesting real early on me he was asked about the practice fields and I know your publication you jury has been all over that that story of his interest in doing this may be across the border. Armed and he didn't shy away from that I mean he openly came out and said they were behind the a bunch of folks with this practice facility and that is something has goes top priority list. He also mentioned that you know we can't beat a competitive disadvantage of the way we treat people. He also talked about a stadium meaning to reduce sakes he was very cognizant of what he needs to do what they need to do differently. In order to competitively keep up with the league and I liked Karen as a fan. Yeah I you know I think you have an immediate checklists that that periodic capitalistic what I kind of talk about in my teeth at the nineteenth in the morning obviously. I'm black and throughout prepared I. There are out of my readers and I think that Adam. You know it's one of those things where. You thought need to keep the business Manny on need and Adams he understands how you immediately they that need. Now something that I think it's an and it just saying Saturday. Especially should there be a pact is quality that moves. You know lock on to the other side of the state I mean you got out may be a part. I think that that. Revenue. Possibility for of multi use facilities such as this star an end what our scouts access outward path. I think that that's something that is really. Have a lot of potential for growth. On either side of the dateline and and out that it's an opportunity is different parts of of the economy on either side of the dateline. Possibly in parts where it I need it. David pepper in attacking people close and coming it's really important to him is is making sure that all state benefit from his presence in the Carolinas the benefit from the eighties he'd like made. In the Carolinas and do that Carolina Panthers and and part of that it is not just. And then not yet you know that that bit about team but also. Every single human being in in either state you know people close and that mentioned when he make sure that teacher dictate more current talk. I mean I expect this type of market market and and things like prevent that you have to think about. The big picture of what they've been to our part of the economy in different parts that Carolina can do. Overall. Are there and he's he's doing his homework he's not just sit there waiting to close on the sale and not already being proactive. Like he was already. Immersed in in the the gambling situation. And how can we use that and like you said he also knew that two teachers pay is something that could benefit pay different taxes from from camera so. This is an impressive dude and you drop since Spider-Man reference to like there's there's just down. First I teach and so really bright really intelligent you know that bank account huge Ortiz so successful. But it dropped him like jokes about being bald or Spiderman reference it's like. But I'd like to have a beer with this billionaire and not everything. I'm not every billionaire do you think is has that person I really need be fun to sit down right. Yet united in any impact because we politically current sky at a lab very closely. And a lot of it has been found in the shadow. Like the last six months so we're trying to paint. The entire time you know OK is this an act you know yeah. You are you on that and it's hot button on your shirt pocket without it I'd be you know that's what we're gonna go to or are you. Are you really that guy on everything we have seen. Or heard from. From all the people we've talked you. That they say this is exactly who he added I think being so approachable it's really important when you get this guy who. Nobody in the Carolinas really knows very well. He's coming and and that this football team in the French side and the to stay in the entire region that. As so much heart and all wrapped into that there's a follow organization and everything that it needs. Socially and everything that means economically everything that it means in their heart and meet you could you're trust and that person. And you want them to be that guy I mean I don't think the Panthers and could've asked for. A better or impression of the person who they are attracting all of those important things. Wit and I think now keeping that track is going to be something that's incredibly important. He David got pregnant teen moving forward. I just wanna say just short I still like dad might have been the top four but buttons on buttons I love David tapper I was a little uncomfortable with that amount of justice. Half that amount of chest hair may be just couple a couple of extra buttons buttons. I wasn't like Calvin wasn't so a chest Siri was GM Billy what is it with our guys in our your loads just airline buttons on button there and they don't edit a cultural not a chance selling. And I got let it down in bed and I was in the back won't recovery but I really wish you a bad image in my hand. I enjoyed your breakfast joint. That private hey at least we didn't bring up the pants that were pulled up to and we didn't bring up against pulled up to the Naples although I guess I just a debt now anyway aren't. Jordan what is I should know this but I do not know this because almost forget a man what is your Twitter handle for folks don't have advanced volleys. Well during robbery how does it. Suggests that one astrology and guess that would aren't. What about an. Today Matt you're really accurately plan on a hit today I appreciate that. I'm glad I'm glad I didn't did I do this Lester earned training camp reports about seventeen times I could remember was just Jordan rhetoric that I. I think I gave you. Seventeen report and I think we went through weird you're the best. All right so we next time you're on my habit at George Rodrigue told a must have bacteria emirates Jordan thanks for coming always appreciate it. Our stick to break I'm not really good about memory Twitter handles bee don't I should do is just. Both for I asked the question I just scurry is their Twitter and just look and just know there aren't any of us that time is third and some residents of this. All right we will talk about some of those subs are so I'd like to ask blisters like. A lot of viewers said why you dwell on the negative talk about this statue we talk about and if you want. Well at some point I would love to hear like what do you did you light that you heard yesterday if so many people team owner saying let's talk positively what did you like did you hurt. And the other thing I need to say is right now we'll just last. Third caller right now is going to get a pair of tickets to see Liverpool ever received Dortmund July 22 BankAmerica stadium call right now 70457. Overnight success third caller is checking out some international soccer more upper press covers discussion and a positive we can say next. We're back as a Mac attack here on FNC. Texas 70457096. Standard. Building senator taxed so I hit us up on on Twitter at back WFNC auntie don't WFANC. At. This act of yes and see it should be at Pratt VW infancy worked on that form we pressed our work on that baby. Armed and also there's also a video now what I job. The soccer bloopers video czar you know last week on played soccer go to my Twitter feed from last night and introduced what a BBC to blooper real. You and I played soccer last week and that's all it was was a blooper real there were so many highlights but they do not want insinuate does is one defined like I was a tremendous. Soccer player on the pitch that you are a wonderment. I'm marbled soccer man and here's our problem. I'm meeting with the web departments and the people in charge 'cause I feel like I feel like that left out to get pilots you actually did some good stuff because you played soccer longer an idea I went constant source source K was upper right corner and Noah Noah Noah got that on tape. All the mess up our table my my actual skill sets on until it's ridiculous I'm meeting with the weather boards that there will be changes I will make changes around here. You actually had some good moments I didn't really have a good moments shell I don't think. I ended up oven mitts on as a goalkeeper I was at a funny I genital areas like if I saw Ed soccer like basketball. Don't know man it's on baby. It is all on our mom just someone that white boys out there which Iraq so you guys dove hook that when we voted not play wanna one that's going beautifully some highlights how. How large part of the soccer I died the only way to bring highlights is just to be silly so I will took my wife's a the disks. And they were my goalie gloves and they do to help -- ball because again diving and the ball went otherwise like desolate Google is doing the World Cup they just choose a sine -- I never chose the right side when I did the ball still got asked about the for the video is very quick but I'm setting a screen on the on the hot dog Charlie to thirteen year old truck I sent a string magnified W around the screen or try to make your own rules out there around you area and we still trying to play basketball Mac and WFANZ. Dot com is the email address are we gave away the tickets but we're gonna have him at 113330. We're doing this for a while. At 730113330. Giving away tickets I got a great text from somebody you really just sums up the way we are as human beings and our loan those things that are. I'll freeze these this dude says sore at me or it's a group of listeners never once you guys talk soccer it sure it was hard to call him and those tickets. This upset you right now people will try to winds anything that's free it doesn't matter if you have no need for whatsoever if you don't even like the product if it's free it's for me it is they human. Friedel in 2008 mag you can go to your phrase today and pick out because some relish something's got some of mustard relish whatever and say. Caller five you win Max Alex. Haywood did they all call want the right. It's sure it's amazing voice your guy's life peers failed alleged shooter here a little inside baseball sometimes these bands that were given away I. I don't really know anything about them I sense a lot you don't either but no one cares don't it doesn't I couldn't make Albanians. I'm going to give away a pair of tickets later to prep these garages the name of the band are high and people would call up they would never heard of it. And they would call up and try to win tickets to see prep is draws just because I think they're agreeable oyster plant materials bill sock it say it's a cover band bills coach introduced garage. That's once they get only by the way it is. And others for his jets are came in last heard of that band. Now just can't he just can't quite a doubt any good leader John Allen you're beyond all your dog no dog dot com. Are your sort of try to do your Mac to WF Lindsay dad Tom that yours Laura don't wanna take this club it's the last call we've been jam double calls her first two hours. About Jerry statue many of you thinking that I am. Then I I I should and too fired up about it. And is fine what we found out yesterday that he did but putting this in the contract you must keep my statue up as a last narcissistic ego maniacal saying that we should remember him by Amanda cares about his damn self and doesn't care about the victims of all the stuff he does because he has apologized to once. But let's say to call on this. And then 8 o'clock I really wanted to challenge a Lister we had so many people sent back to some positive things in a press covers talk about those slips. Well I want you guys to talk about those lists its right to our do we all focus on the negative and we really pick out the positive stuff. From David tapper once you guys to do that Spiderman Spiderman game when a man makes super real reverence and he's worth eleven billion I just freaking cool. We go to Tim though you'll get I don't know might be the last word on the statue but right now it is takes him what are you say. You know a lot I mean you're just matter a really strong point rector and David. Apologize he made these people out of the participants you know let's say I T I can buy you out and say no repercussions whatsoever. But did not you know what I cannot tell that care about that anymore and wrote on and you know here beauty of David pepper to come from the greatest football organization. In NFL history bar not at all they ever have there what a culture of winning. A community service program the Rooney I know you're from up there and I know you know about that but the strength of the Rooney spam. Or not they're great they're great week. If we wanna emulate damn man on and off the field I don't know probably even though I don't like ten and another steeler fan by nature run I can't argue with you on that and you know what else I'd like to the senate is. He said if I would do this the way I learn it in Pittsburgh he says I'm not gonna hurry up and change anything he says in Pittsburgh they did it with patience and you can see that with the in the was plus four coaches they've had you know an X amount years. And I think at the main thing he'd bet that we rarely hit me well what I'm bringing some. Activities that stadium I mean yes hole that they're not steal first that the current field issues to the state championship or high school. Nobody here nobody here and who's playing our high school football championship. Give a crap that they're firing at the empty space stadium we've put out your tournament back America stadium. Holy crap but that it they're whole entire viewpoint there eat their their ego becomes strong. Not a Singapore I didn't Heinz Field Pittsburgh uses its ill prepped these Pittsburgh Panthers they don't use it to win many games they did years had a son that I'm sorry our zone wrap up. I didn't solace and then you take about them. It how. Arizona daily bottler don't have time to worry about your shot these courtesy of David DBs do field by daylight to run a 425 I think bud Foster often they might have to run bone like I don't know a seven to 40 like they don't have any defensive back there running it didn't just. Segment 23 selling out there are mad border agent that I agree that there should be more so they're we have so many levels. A high school football championships how many happen on that Saturday and Friday. There's like eight games asked so which games coming I don't know there's a reason they had just from a lack either the sinus I'd love to see it more concerts here I'd love to see under the Richards isn't really like it because it would take it would tear the field up but if you want to field turf you would have to worry about that and that's a move I think they have to consider over there. Aren't but I. Oh my god I disagree with his first court about an apology is a payment known payment is. How I get out of jail free I'm rich so I don't have to there's no repercussions for my actions because I can tell you a lot of money I hate that. But let's take a break but he did start deposits seventy and I want to know from you guys a lot of sand said Mack quit being negative quit dwell on the negative David tapper yes they said. You the media dwell on the negative too much when we come back can we actually as humans truly focus on the positive what is the thing that you see as the most positive. The David tepper said yes I want your thoughts on that it's the Mac attack.