Mac Attack Hour 2: Jourdan Rodrigue discusses Panthers-Bills

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Friday, August 10th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers win over Buffalo with Charlotte Observer's Jourdan Rodrigue. 

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It's one Missouri you know is on May be it is on it started last night with trapeze bills. We put the smack down on. I gain sailors surveys Oscar's defense I've boy did we had given up a touchdown the one of the slowest receivers in football. Do you try. Relative to Niger driver Robert dry there was saying don't take your hands off the wheels but at some point today just Orwell the two story in the year with your fingers this world that seems great and no. That destiny awaits its auto tech support. Oh it was a mixed bag right and that's where we had to talk about this is the mixed bag to get the most out of pace myself here. Bomb and welcome 7 o'clock is welcome to the party it is it's it's a football Friday and we want you to get your wraps engage your football Mac attack reps and give us a call or exact same number 704. 57096. And this morning. When you head into the office and you rule you know slack off and not work on Friday morning a little bit. And you're talking you guys or out whoever is at the office about the Panthers. Who are you raving about this morning we wanna hear from you we want you to do it dealt with us as well and who are you just sit there and rightly about what are you truly what is a real worry. After one pre season game and what is say you know. Oh not a real worry we'll talk about that I've got to pace myself bone the guys that are hitting me up text and email. And complaining about the defense a thing to defense is overrated this season. Because of one series well maybe a couple by the second team defense still. We don't wait until little later this out I need a little more energy bone to deal with that so I'm just gonna wait a few minutes you don't need more and it did this morning. I'm not ready for that Dell I got there I do I got energy it's gonna take to resolve bonus steely resolve to deal with people that of all things are now the defense that we dealt one position in the defense. The second quarterback spot yes although albeit I cannot tell the whole defense Julius Peppers didn't play and his football game upfront. In all bomb again Jordan got game planning for the opponent. That is another thing that has to be pointed out. Over and over how did you do pre season game one did you feel good about yourself your performance he okay during the game I couldn't watch for awhile because I have two might actually do some parenting Tebow I sustenance and it's horrible and it gets in the way isn't yell. My a my son had to do real when that happen do you reading for school. And I always tell gammage read win number you know hang out went on the many of you some writing about afterwards so. I was struggling to get to the game I was a little behind on the football game last night like that we number two you'll be there though you'll get you'll be back in your form which number in the art Soviet Mexico for away. Our real numbers radio that I watched her game back will be right back at some point during the show I want to easiest I haven't had the marketing idea what they did so during games Eagles seem excited about it. I need to get this out there the people have an idea of what they should be selling. At the stadium aren't you tease that layered so that lately I hardly wait for that this dude says. Mom. Let's see here he says depth at linebacker position gave me cause for pause. Mayo had a rough night there's no doubt about it I thought Mayo. That first flight and Ernie dump all forty completely whipped on the tackle he had a couple Roth moments doing coverage out space got exposed a little bit. He's a guy that's going to be starting for TV so I could see beyond that I'm just saying Jermaine callers just a man. I just really liked what I saw from negative number -- seen him play again Sox Ron Dre Smith or other rookie linebacker he got to hammy injury but did you all not watch remain Carter and think the this dude sly I don't care what the forty Tom was is due on a football field. Fly students football. I also think Tebow you've gotta you gotta be so excited about young weaponry on this team. They have restock the cupboard of weapons over the last couple of years. And a guy like courage Samuel showed up and made some place they really like get him involved on those crosses I like that idea from north. Then you saw DJ Moore bone with the ability after the catch. You saw DJ Moore get deep and adjust our ball from Taylor tiny teeth any and Thomas I know we didn't get credit they catch at the sidelines. I thought to Gary Gilchrist or couple balls behind him including that one do you all not look idiots I don't get blown up our run block once he got thrown back into the backfield McCaffery. But there's a player inside there's a player in their man. In Ian Thomas we've got young weapons there's no doubt the front office won't have improved the weapons of the last couple of years so that has me excited some open that we don't just all sit here and dwell on the negative because you can find plenty of negative there's no doubt about it back up quarterback Derek Gilbert has me a little worried. Today there's no doubt about it. But you can also find positive so I would like honest cancer failed assessments coming up from the 7 o'clock Ers right now. What do you wanna give salute you wanna get some love too and say man that looks weak data has me fired up. And what or who do you want to call out and say that's a freak in problem because team on Seymour apparently it's it's about Brad Barry. Give us team on Seymour appears to be a serious problem this dude. Is. It's got to be done to Jackson something Dante Jackson's got to prove he's ready to go vote for the betterment of this whole team. I have bad knees next for cloud cap the pain now same club it's called the box. The dignity artist painting and read the actual numbers from last night's game artist paint five carries one yards point two yards per carry and still. Artist paints a club members say that's negated. That's that guy right there idol or not. Odds are doesn't look like a guy out we averaged zero point two yards for carry that's not very good. And Anderson their four for sixteen averaged four yards a carry which last night was an element team if you take Taylor kinda keys rushing yards out bone. We had 39 yards rushing on 24 carries. And that running game was brutal yesterday now on the hole right from start to finish. Now I will say this though the running game traditionally seems to always take time to get Dolan. Seems to be a slow sync and were never really showing her full running game in the pre season because we're not using cam in the zone read game and that is I would expect even wooden door. Going to be the full Carolina panther running game but there is no doubt the run totals were ugly and the pass defense has some really ugly moment. Even be an even adapt cornerstone look pretty brutal on the goal line about that. Like Don Cirque. That god beat. Big time last night had a penalty you know as well in the game last night see more penalty in addition to getting beat a bunch last night even the kid Lorenzo Dawson we've been reading about in training camp is to make supply every darned. Practice right. Even he had a couple rough moments last night so the secondary depth at corner desk. Where Rostock true would have felt about Santana to mound but that corner depth deathly look a little shaky last I can't tell lot of cant sum once in Dallas I forget who was this that we need windows 95 backcourt is DOS is simply not working. I was doing there was I was Twitter is on fire I want Alderson maintenance takes about the KB saying jokes about javy can confrontation. Which we will get back into as well but I wanna hear from you guys panther nation let's do this this dual post game pal while for the first time this season. What does what or who needs to get some low. Wonder who needs to get a little bit of you know. Little bit of day you know low verbal beating here. After one game in pre season what is the biggest worry what do you feel best about 704 or 570 nine's extent. We go to DVR gave who is up next here on a Mac is that what's up days. Less amount Medicare and did it again. Com. Seymour. Got speed because these are rookie and if but it brought against angry wide receiver had a on the equity approach the game not because of bad cornerback. Doctors even or REE almost at that burst out pat it down it got there ought sport because edit our rob all right. So why. And first bank by the second tapped. Carter Bartlett or ever spent the next is psychic not think about it but it happened yet. You're never democrats' spirit Jerry it. Opera that aren't a lot of these sacks Specter. He can't argue that. Dodge well there. Out so yeah Darrell broke what their anger recorder wreck on the air. As soon you'll JC you're saying don't even worry about Seymour aren't. Are fine. TE eight or rock beat here at. On our food air brilliant strategy any pair. Seymour is not a rookie now you played your last your place here also. Are far. That Dante Jackson's wrote it down come on do you yard day like I'm downwind telling the folks that are rough holding over our defense on the whole I'm now would tell on them. To chill out. But as far as seem more like we already weren't sure about him coming in the season that was a brutal debut there's no doubt Benjamin was motivated sort of first time maybe in his whole tire life. There's no doubt that he has scored settled and we didn't have Brad buried put on them like we normally would. A bomb as he sat out precautionary measure with a groin. But to say that we shouldn't worry about seem more like I didn't think Seymour showed much last year mound when you were early ballots that second corner job back and forth. Dante Jackson stuff holds. I think we just need to thrown out there and let him. You know trial by fire I think is what you do Dante Jackson we know the teams don't Wear a game plan shall we number wanted to appear to be like buffalo may have game played a little bit to get Cal's football. It seem like dal was a Dow's point of emphasis to get this due to supply they saw what happened we're gonna get that got in touch has a good point 20 did they feel like okay this dude stuck his neck out there we don't want our guys to look like a school you're gonna leave them hanging and let's make sure she has a big game in this spot. And how yeah hell possible that helps for the season ticket you can't KB motivated by static eight carries while you know remain so maybe their plan was. We're gonna get in the football again dig him off early out this this due Rick says Mac. Com am I wrong I didn't see hardly anything good last night I turn on the radio and cheerleading Max on their tell she asked it was about half good half bad. I didn't see hardly anything good other than DJ Moore. I don't think that's a fair way to put it I mean you. Are you gonna it's nearly a Miami and that might be dangerous thing you said bullets it's cars same idea that you thought it was like. All bad DJ Moore I don't think that's a fair way to look at Terrell hiking major things or is this guy worth a shot. At the back up spot and plenty of other guys stepped up small talk about it but I would. I would maybe challenge the other fans to that before we start dealing. With folks that think we have like the worst defense in football there late if you're a panther thank you help a brother out here. Where they're not a bunch of positives last night to go with some of those annoying negative 704. 570 and add a nice is and I can't be don't want. To find positives we'll talk about that we'll get into all the sky is falling defense folks and Kelvin vs Campbell discuss. Thousand dollars. Artist football try to Mac it's a couple things going on there Ron Rivera talking about the weapons some of these young weapons showed out some of these middle aged veterans like cherries right. Showdown at 28 yard catch. Right now we can give you way to win thousand dollars all you do is send attacks in hopes and attacks and hope you win the text the word cage to 72881. Teacher shot to thousand dollars in the football. Kick off cash giveaway it's a national contests and message and data rates. Apply good luck to everybody out there text page C eight GE. To 72881. Aren't so here's the mission now we're gonna do it into the folks worried about his defense in a second. But in a couple of minutes to get back in the cam vs KB on the field last night pregame armed mob before too long as well but. Is far as the dude it's said it there was stuff and there was nothing good last night. Tony says. Mac was that god blind. I saw Shaq Thompson making amazing interceptions so the very least you better get Shaq some luck and shacks to make an amazing interceptions during camp. He's been having a very good chance and I feel like eventually it's time to give shacks ounces of nickel snap Stevie was still get them last night. But I feel really good like Shaq Thompson is in it for a breakout season and us and I'm talking about we don't need to claim T bone everything last night was great. But to say you can't find things and players have played well like. You're always CJ Anderson I thought played well. Took an angle route for about 1213 yards showed his ability L backfield had a couple nice blitz pick ups. And ran the football better than just about anybody else as far as the running backs go are writing more her. DJ Moore was DJ Moore has made so cranked up this morning manpower for first. Indeed two and a debut that doesn't just fired up when he averaged. Eighteen point eight yards per catch up to 32 yard catch last night that's got to be cranked out that's my marketing idea but can't resist your Mac need to sell in the stadium. DJ sports. Think about it a little reaction to think about let's. Well prepared yet to edit on the Mac at W Hanson Z dot com is the email address if you all jumping and it. And you guys listen we'll talk about data the flip side two guys are you worried the match to match the real moment Jerry Hughes sucks but I feel like we're just going to see those moments. Can pick and hope it doesn't turn out real real bad but on the whole pass protection was pretty solid right one sack allowed blew the whole time. I Mac Adobe Jeff Lindsay dad comes he'll wanna jump in and can you help me identify. Positive things about last night's game 704 or 5709 success go to Tennessee in Bristol what do you think can brother. Guys. You know Bob like well thought out what. I was more of prayer but are anything that I would feel. That's you know where you'd have a lack of good black pride. You know maybe get a little bit only five open but. I think that was kind of let. Jimmy Carter. With the linebacker. Make several good plays in yet but apparently. Is perked when you didn't but look at what happened he was all over the place line Iran. Yeah. Quite a bit. What art. It did after our party that the apple. I bought it it looks so good to tackle wise. What bulk. But dropped out mobility you're not alone. He was killed and that's. But Todd Todd a third string lie I was in their Josh Allen was looked like cam Newton's. Like balance and also possible sacked hers and run away from him to make him placed. And I just wanna say this I'm not trying to give any fuel to print these fire because as a bills team he's already being annoying talking about delta management's touchdown and stuff. But Josh Allen is a physical specimens. That arm strength dude that's pro we had when he moved to relax to move to left and as moving to left throws it back against his body deep instill over throws got fifty some yards is like this dude just natural born talent is sick his mobility is good too. We'll see so overall he just came out of like you know in the level of football is playing at its its. Tom Knight and day Mac and WS EC dot com now the way we made Peter middle. And the way that we made AJ McCarron looks that drives me crazy. That's first and second team defense against those two cortex that should not be going sixteen of twenty and a half a football against. The secondary needs tighten up at a pass rush wasn't there. But it's you know getting your not scheming you're not game planning and stuff like that clearly to pass rush needs to protect those dudes. I would go back to the song 704 or 570 NIC stand and you held by a spot good stuff from last night everybody's so many people be a negative. And of course we can lash out about negativity to us go to quarry who's up next glory what do you think it. And he made out there out what to do and don't Jack are gonna they so thick that by the way if the ball well. Nor bird I call and at the runner up at the way to yeah screamed at the second way. And that is me we think we've got up to screen or you'd. The rap about and yeah the thing he does. He got me is able to be miserable but it is going to be at Tampa Bay and figure out when need be miserable. All of your dog trust me there's plenty of of Sam bases you can be and if you truly want to watch bad football just vent and be bitching and moaning all the time. Why and that's the thing and in this guy Troy says. Of course Mac wants to talk about what's positive let's ignore these seventeen things that we as panther fan should be sweating about. Just because Mac wants to feel happy about this football team. Listen some people are naturally pessimistic stance. I got a father in law bone and I'll watch redskin games with every down and not that often obviously but my lord he wants to turn the game off bone as the first bad life. I'm like you've seen this for how many years of your life and you're not you can't better equipped to handle it it's just. Some fans are like that some fans see the positive I'm trying to keep it real and see both. But I've been hit with a wave of negativity I feel like now we've got to try to hey let's talk about some deposit does. That's all I'm saying that China be a cheerleader man trying to point everything else there was good and bad let's not make it on these Airways today like it was some colossal failure. There was plenty of failure. What there is plenty of good things as well and I love the way nor is it seems to want to bony. Get the ball in the hands of the Samuels in the mores and McCaffrey's early in the dale. Take it easy on an offensive line that's something that they got to dig deep shots but those sort of place to man let's have an offense that can beach at all levels of San. You'll go four for forty three's big last night because we've naqvi MS sort of a secondary piece great defense I kind of gravy to a meal he's he's the gravy we got the biscuits he's just the great. Now that great he performs an offer to go to another level but we do need to expect that you added fought just DJ Moore all said seed Jack McCaffery. All of a sudden Santo performs at the level is close to not say it has been 9090000 rams but his offense. I was to another lap there's no doubt that it eldest this kid and you're great to talk tell the Benjamin hurt that all the way impossible. Job hungry right now. Okay you walked away a man came over he was man enough to come up to you and say what's up. Try to shake your hand and you walk away anyway from camp not the biscuits and gravy now you should take about bearing gifts of food. What does stood there had a conversation. What is mouthful all right Mac that we'd be talking about color management is no manners he talked to cameras mouse. Our match it's pure essence he dot com is email address I we've got nick Thomas Schaumburg runs are you guys we come back one line opened panther nation can you spot the positive but he what did you see last night to make you feel good. And of course what did you seated Colby major pull your hair it's great to be talking football get on a Mac attack. Dodgers were. I was there this isn't an hour earlier than usual but it's very cool. A George Rodrigue from the Charlotte reserves citizens who were. You know travel plans as she heads back from buffalo. Here too lovely Carolina and she joins us on the Mac attack Jordan what's going on how you doing. Come get them mad and about mark are currently help one another leg of the journey last stand back. And I'm that they plan I'd bet. All right I don't blame me very cool I'm glad G came along with us and how will China has always wake yup and my screaming I'm sure it's a service I provide everybody here in the mornings. Let's start first we worked our way up. To the April work backwards also with the actual game and then a war or work early to the pregame festivities. With cam in case pretty. Com is far as the game goes so. Exe keep on Seymour is the easy 1 unifying force this morning like a lot of things were debating whether it's good bad how much we need to worry. Keep on Seymour had a night it was so raw techie solemn backs in the care in the fourth quarter of the game playing at that point which can't be a good sign it. I mean does this does this thing and Debian Dante Jackson's job sooner rather than later and is he ready for that job. Well yeah I think get a bad game I'm not show her how much. We'd be ready to jump ship by the hand yet because you know he does have the advantage of being here in the system. And it does have the advantage of you know I think to get by the somewhat confident they might be what you call put together a little bit better but yeah he had a had a rough night. You know I was at publicly speculating that. Putting him back again in that third and fourth quarter with Beckett was Eric stringer and the a net practice squad player. What kind of a message being sent to him like most men you're better than that you don't like app it is great to see. Which would mean would mark I it's Smart at the back it's everything I have map that he had an unbiased. Body but. You know I don't think Jackson didn't have a perfect game no gasoline. I played but he out and played really well and there that. Not making really is being stakes twice I think that's something that they really wanna be content and creepy and it yet expected and they in the states. But they don't like it and went right out wet when it comes between five they don't they don't. Back and debate it had a mistake that he made anymore with the match period. That right now and make Eric. Yeah no doubt what drama what a lot of people are asking about CJ Anderson coming into the game. As late as he did him playing on through their months a lot of the second half he. And playing after Cameron artist paint is there anything going on like people world trying to figure out we read some Internet. Now I think it's more. My honor and our turner not going to show their hand. I think it's well Larry you know you are watching each other right now is see kind of what. As spam they're using what finished even and packages and you don't have. And while I don't think it's that whites get a bit much governor kaine well you know while they can do so carpet app can't quite in the in the creepy then. At the Buick is set out that they would that indicate that that's really show their hand and had to give up so much the way I went out. We're talk we're Jordan or every Charlotte Observer as she travels back make here to lovely Charlotte and I were recap last night's first pre season game. The Cole Ian Thomas I think slashed even if the stats. Aren't gonna show it and then you look at a guy like serious right like I feel like these eight and I still you know what you gonna get out of Sanches and Olsen. That is it talked about this weaponry I don't think is overdone Jordan is passing game has some guys that if cam has time to get its own can do damage right. Yeah I think they're really bright spot the tree is in can't documents and couldn't bet. I thought I'd really thought it was part what they yet where he gave more yesterday in terms that getting much time as they possibly Ted. At this because you have to and only really quickly and he would be at a concerted using him I'll look at you know immediately. And an idea how the game and especially for a rookie and here it kind of testing it feet. I have especially after he gained confidence and started running after the catch a little bit more and being physical making contact with players. I really impressed with the game and I get only that there. I don't really are Jaret Wright and I did enjoy it like everyone out they couldn't get back out out there on the field. It is a kind of getting it like there underwent a little bit but it is actually the and I think Jerry writes is it really underrated guy so that the parking you know I think he didn't really scrappy. Think the misconception that people were thinking it was ever a chapter about this year yeah back that's absolutely incorrect I think he's he's going to be a really can sit and and act heavily utilized weapons for Cam Newton. In a back shoulder was sweet rose who can't great yards after catch there's a lot of yards after the catch from guys which is been something it. That really up until last should appear there's have been lacking big time so it does you concedes it is receiving corps is designed with that in mind. Obama Jordan and what are we supposed to make of the backup quarterbacks I mean Gilbert had a really nice throw they're kind and his stand. But he had some rough moments still highly can look good but at that point its third stringers. I feel like. Panther nation is is you know comes today just stood in is still kind of worried. About the backup quarterbacks by you see these guys in practice every day are we supposed to feel OK if either one of these guys is needed to win a game during the season. And you know I think it's I think it's concerning I give pat I think that. Yeah and it became an an an actual battle a bit more energy acted as we are enough and I'd let it. At some inability to take up in cried out a little bit more cheers it was bad for it out there on the field. It certainly appeared that way and yeah I thought he played well an aunt pat Garrett Albert the second minute to an acetylene and active back confident. You know they had not been consistent practice all week. Add however such a small body of order compared to what is expected of them not being at a pretty even. That you know I don't wanna stay at current you know run around and kicking and screaming that. I think it's it's something that's going to be extremely close evaluated by the front offset and iiroc Barrett that the court had. You can't play like that in a regular season game at into one and expect the typical. Low it's true and so we're desolate you know let the name's Brit in the name Bridgewater has come up today already I will admit that I will concede. Then we have started thinking about veterans we're taught when George reverie Charlotte Observer. Would they can't report the boys will be back at camp on Saturday. Much today obviously an off day after the game last night it's a Jordan people make it sodomy because the other day. I like you were helping me hyped I should you've been hyping this dial Walter camp. I was talking about Brendan man and how good he can be if they just kind of put him in their trust and let them learn it. And I thought for sure he was starting at left guard and then they went with a more veteran player in van wrote in what do you think. That's how do you think they're gonna play this is sold to lose out for a long period of time I kind of thought man was the next man up you know. How do you think they're gonna play this left guard sank. Yet neither of them into the game they really wanted to have an effort he would be kind of that they have at that position right now. I am not gonna Benton Becker and with respect you know what effect it's strange because what a CE NT it's really step and and eat a better president at a party and we got so we're told. Buyer parent and bandwidth what part but obviously you know and tap in my and it. Chaparral. At apple about it I you know by. With the knowledge I thought that I demand. But it it really is our job. When he came and it Ron Rivera was quick at the age both the last night at and it is our conference at. My bit and bit and figure out compensation that is it true that right now I have so much. I'm now on outline right now they've really see. In an eye patch it's got up so that people really act have chemistry ally. No doubt about it our Jordan are Amman away. Happy travels I hope you love and I hope you make it home say send and get some rest we appreciate you coming on it. At 7 o'clock we will talk to you next week and now man we are whistle as Dick Campbell and we're getting to the end of the road Jordan where we'll get to talk yeah every day and I'm sure you're happy about that. I'm an old Macs and devastated the. 10 let's final day camp it is Monday. I think. Am I see yet in Barack yeah you're right I think as Saturday and that they. Actually it's linked to training camp reports last and then your three years could you are free from the Mac attack our Jordan be good we will talk to you on Monday. Are there you go she seemed really broken up she about the talk to us every day since after row probably Tuesday of next week I we will take a breather we got to just we've got to keep it going you all we gotta keep discussing the good the bad for guests today. I am having requests. To to give some mud takes here are from all our panel. On Benjamin and cam look the sequel we Atlanta we can all live last week against us yelled go and ask Cox festivities. Now we have a sequel to Benjamin and can't we will discuss that. And a guy that was on display on the broadcast last night he has to win sale of the night Allen and his caddie is we got to give him some love for what he did to raise Jersey. But he was wearing in the game last night we had tell you about that it is the Mac it's at right here wanna 2.5 six and WS Tanzi. Okay. Kelvin Benjamin mute immature jump series and that's his post game interview last night. Just continuing to blow all those anxiously blow blow all blown off just like he blew all scam his camp tried to approach him extending a hand to shake it at have a freaking conversation. And Shelton Benjamin just a continuing to blow this whole story also. And we gotta talk about it also want to salute to guy and I don't know if he was weak. Fans from Charlotte to travelers we just have appeared that we might have also started trading sands bone to buffalo wings are so many people loved the buffalo effect but there's a guy bone to you showed recent broad chess lessons I didn't notice it lives. He had a cancer Jersey any of his Jersey the Benjamin Jersey altered. To say SATA has no boy on it. That's a fact that you my friend get a Mac attack. Say and a medal of honor and yes techsters I do realize Kelvin Benjamin lit our defense up there's a reason why I'd like to find a way to get Seymour on the next bus out of Charlotte personally that was upsetting meg what has Kelvin Benjamin never set about Steak N Shake. What's. That's Tuesday moving on from it and how about what people district two they says that what do you say to who. Come watch film manages a second time he's used that this weekly dog about okay emir had meg what it's gonna say about hustling dares to enter commercial on a certain place. What about that piece of broccoli bounded put on his plate last night. Our sales because sales go by the way actually some people ones I don't know. People once the esteemed panel known as I said last segment they want to so what is requested the esteemed panel the Mac attacks. Opinion on the Kelvin Benjamin thing coming up ABS shall wait app and you know once I mean we can we don't work away from the soap opera back to football to. Apparently I completely forgot to ask George Rodrigue about this I was so caught up in these third guard. They came in the game last night Brett or Brad demands I apologize that. But I think bony that speeds Kelvin gradually if you're gonna start as he's acted like she started nothing here that's what's driving me crazy. Judith you're gonna talk that garbage. In a national form like to a national website reporter from the athletic. And it's gonna get all out there and it's gonna do result in national hot takes ripping cam for Ole hole freak in week. And you guys used to be beat as best man they were so close and his best friends forever for the older people out there got pretty amazing shot there are so stinking close. And then you can't even look demand in the eyes. You can't even shake his hand what are you got against him. You're actually you're the one who's been wronged by Cam Newton it was incredibly mature or of him to go and try to extend that hand and try to talk to home. When he didn't get to handshake that woman can sort of be a little more aggressive EDT the hands behind the backbone you to do that. But he you know I'm get nothing your face I'm arms you know I'm getting up in your kitchen and stuff like that. Arm when we what when they walked up bone that video from the eaves or from just signer which was amazing amazing video. You can hear deal with the Iraqis here was Thomas Davis saying I thought we were cool man. As we say in a management any was kind of smiling as he did is they did shake hands. Kim eventually sold CD had got to issue get out of here but I just don't understand how that's a grown ass man acted like that like if you are going to step out on a limb. And talk this trash can make yourself feel better about your film career in Carolina. When that dude you've been friends with comes up to you and is hurt and wants to talk face to face like a man. And you just walk away like that bad just hit that that would (%expletive) me also file was Camden pisses me off and I'm not jam. It is just ridiculous he continues act Tebow like she denounced. Are just crap and it draws decrease I agree with everything you as a member of the panel thank you for staying Jan thank you for having me on your today it's like to be here I agree with everything you said it for doughnut. You're gonna yap you gotta back it up but here's why in May have been a blessing in disguise. That's what it KB wanted to scrap. And our star quarterback's out there a midfield and pre season game number one candidate tussle does what are the national hot take people gonna talk about. Would they blamed tell them that you see that. Second Vieques controversy about the proportion to conduct or scrap for pre season gave the might actually be a blessing in disguise that KB was a BI to walk away. He has gigabyte for that Matt all of Daschle shows it was hard to our got to rip does that shine gonna rip it. There's a fight out there it's got to be gotten massive one of the biggest can't reverse the ball time okay B walked away yet he's a child but I actually glad he was a child. The fiesta want to fight him last night we got a problem. If he just wanna say just talks what does he just was man enough to have a conversation hey man hires last set it you know. That's our hurt your feelings like that's the ultimate but you're right to light something worse could have happened again apparently Corey Charles Johnson. KB can scrap wood case when he told Jeff Schwartz is Jeff Schwartz talked about health. I don't know he leaves insulting management for the way he didn't stand out there like I'm making right. And he said well caving he's got some pain as he uses hands on a talk about football. So I took that's a mean bone because you know in the mean streets York Pennsylvania where I grew up we talk about somebody you know would change don't fight I exodus out. Yeah I target these changes fighting term outlook the toll from Kelly Davis laissez thomas' life which he said don't forget. Candace from bank had alana. All what the house it's a way. Entertaining scrap but it could have not gone Hollywood event it's not been good anyway I don't know I was radio discussion but I don't want I don't want cam getting into would be getting quite astute building senator tech 7045709. Suzanne and the call a number of Joseph wanted to sub. We did the calls it clock we backed into the calls have you back into football to itself and 8 o'clock. Mr. says did you see Calvin celebration after the touchdown that was this guy Super Bowl congratulations Gelbard Calvin year old ward for leaving the Panthers. It data also pisses me off to thank you bringing that up sir the fact that we finally found the way to motivate this guy. Kelvin bench minarets you publicly you have the nerve to go over and say what's up dude and then he so angry he finally gets motivated for first time in his freaking pro football allies. Why is that not absurd but it took that to turn the fire on TV never showed that sort of emotion mount ever in Carolina scored a bunch of touchdowns never showed that sort of emotion make him playing Carolina that annoy the hell out of until the last time KB jumped into a crowd that was a taste of Charlotte yeah. What would you somebody answered this question what's your nickname the Kelvin Benjamin a leap into the stands. And so relieved by the way to the view us a local Little League the wall there's like three feet I. It's like what it's like the right foot well in Fenway over rebuttal all right all right you just all over it but it does what he did but what would you call that a ET and be the Lambeau leave what would it be the war Vasily. I think we caught that touchdown back. Perhaps we don't do doesn't look very well call you've been very quiet respectful they prep we don't do this all our Sean checked they only got there after they scored those. As of Alaska army and distances cam guiding Calvin say is I think it was after each Od shape and I think then adapt point you're right yeah right young to give insight would not young traps. Is there scoreboard that's right scoreboards freezing things or are various. On 83 somebody three. Tall on a 31 that needs. 23 and out is the gulf Mac and content of this juices don't worry on a terrible year trust me on it yeah I was saying that says it's a trap beanie doesn't wanna hear it. I don't show feel like bill stands a debt that that lady that killed it was lay in their lap and she was so happy over there were there touchdowns scored a wide receiver. Like eventually they will live to be frustrated prepared surely was Kelvin Benjamin to a buffalo rice this dude says it's a sad bully slob mount. Hey he says it's the ball same bounce. Back up there. Our let me take a break here iMac and WS Lindsay dad Thomas. Is the email address if you want a unit yes I know we haven't talked about even on C morneau last won a medal hockey and that's how he documents assets it's speaks up. What's your name the Benjamin. Into the crowds are still celebration. Could tell like Florida that they feel like a war that's Levi and I was sort of does steadily good. I we come back I don't we got David we got mad are on the lines we're gonna open things up give back to the phone lines and I have to finally deal with a bone. There's a various a large enough to annoy me grow both people on the text line and emails. That are not just worried about Seymour or the number two corner spot. But our slash well tell me that I should be worried about an overrated defense. We got to deal with this should our worries this morning extend to the whole defense really will talk about it smacked attack on SNC.