Mac Attack Hour 2: Hornets Coaching candidates

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Monday, April 16th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses who the next Hornets coach should be. 

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On his legs heavy. It's panic buttons to. Besides our guide us other bloggers well below are welcome aboard a be all right Jerry Stackhouse is not the people's champ when it comes this orders and coaching job. People already angry when any said his name yet today when even mention. The possibility of Jerry Stackhouse being nor its new coach. I'm although there is there is a possibility there's no doubt about it there is bad there have been spree guys and I've seen reports from different folks across the country. Com about as far as sixty hornet's coaching position after Steve Clifford fire on Friday. They are Jerry Stackhouse up and coming young coach from the of the raptors G league team. You'll also has David's is dale. This was this this report came from Mitch Lawrence who we will talk to later today from NBA radio on he reported on Friday. That's the hornets were already doing due diligence in looking in the background of Tisdale before they fired class. And then you have a report out there to that that's where Messina assistant coach for the spurs will get an interview for Dolores head coaching job supposedly Serena had been reported. Have been talked about. On Stackhouse seems to be the one as the most polarizing you'd be boring and then another czar Gil I believe QB to four million tar heel work from Michael Jordan. Here with the hornets so. That one is gonna fire up people fired up people on Twitter the other day. I personally Timonen. Find it again I want to close to stay. But I've got to move on we got to move on with our hornet's love and lives. And try to get proactive and that's why I want to talk about now like is there a coach you feel like could excite chewing your hopes up at all or. Is that not possible to do at this point Stackhouse to me he's one of my favorites those three guys that have been rumored all seemed to have some good quality still. But Jerry Stackhouse bone is going to be a head coach in this league. Is it gonna be this year I don't know but it's gonna happen pretty soon it sounds like and your credit bone you've been mentioned for months as he got it could be the new hornets go. Game I get a set of games I've watched so I thought well there's an obvious connection of cliff goes and Jay does a tar heel out there. It's probably going to gravitate towards. Torre it was so what Mitch Kupchak now I ate. Don't care where he went to college I don't care if you want to hear the Carolina state Kentucky Kansas City can coach what does it matter. Where they got played college docile as a matter at all you go against you you've been arguing with zero dukes and guests and speakers and their Mac fans. Are furious that they are even considering another Tar Heels and I understand why you feel that way the list is long. I think the point I'll make your I think do you feel the same way bonus. This studio is qualified though Newark New York's look at him Orlando's looking him like this isn't Michael Jordan just making a bad hire. You know just because he's a tar heel this is they do today. Could end up here because he's it's our deal and that Michael bonds seems to be a strong one in the UNC family. But I doesn't have to be a terrible hire I can separate Tar Heels that are brought and the rally should the band. And Tar Heels that are brought in and should be I think she would I think he's deserving of it and. Other NBA head coaching job and there's an article that you measure brought 24 sevenths sports he's like op phrase I don't brand. Former Duke Blue Devils are pretty did you Teddy game won't article Al brands don't yet how great of a coach he can be no more week. Rose. Is now the front office in the league has raced him he's gotten a lot of accolades in various areas and of people of importance that here's my question is Gregg Popovich. If you name the three best coach in the league you'd probably say my dad so he's probably up there too and how about Popovich stole straw Brad Stevens that. If one of them went to North Carolina and they are out there would these same people go why can't I back here. I cannot are brats. And they wouldn't know there was guys are proven. What what that what folks say enemy and James your maiden. Giant duke fan I mean must've sent me ten tweets he was so serious that we re even. Suggesting this could be a good idea what they worried I'll read it the email I got right now army says Mac. If Jerry Stackhouse has been in the geely for two years called the freak in our ranks we need somebody did some veteran in this leak. Ali's got shot by ladies that are he's been around a week for a very hard time it's dynamite as well. He's basically a coach on the bench is last in forty years when he was in my not my name leaves in Dallas. Avery Johnson's are letting him break down the film until active players about it I would I watched and I want doubled and and interviews with Andrea and he had talked about that his student. Ended his career she got it in his mind my sole purpose and goals to become an MBA head coach he's driven by he's gone to these camps they hold for future coaches bone. He he is just consumed by he's still room nuts he is an intense coach all these things I read like. I think you the Brooklyn nets brought him and they're essentially be a coach on the bench at the end of his career yet. So yes so in there is a feeling around the league vet that he is ready for his closeup on building senator tax no. Go to Stackhouse owner GM coach also our heels plus a usual mix of failed so Cargill players. Brian says I'm Mac. The affected Xu NC don't think there's a good idea is embarrassing and we stick to non sort you'll candidates well it's funny OK see you bring that up let's hear sometimes are real candidates. Like who is it if you're a fan out there. And you're looking at just this coaching search who's bad names seems to be dreadful to so many of you that don't like to heels. But who out there using names for the head coaching job that would excite you or pump you up. I asked that question not get many answers don't eagle man says a new coach doesn't excite me. It's the players because they're the ones who ultimately win games. Arm as long as they bitumen and gauge here on the rosters no ho hum. I definitely get that like I don't think there's any coaching can bring in mount and I feel like dead dudes miraculously get a turn things around quickly. And you might need a coach and Stackhouse might be good for rebuilt right his first job easy young coach work with young players. Com which you might guess it might take a while for this coach to break through if they choose to go with a rebuilt. And I'm just asking the question is there coach out there really bummed because when we last left you result almost like the match jinx was working on Friday. On Friday night I mean literally an hour before he got fired I was on here. What do passionate plea please go to keep coach Clifford distance of the best coaches shots of Brad. And they fired about an hour later but we have so many fans over the last few weeks bonus they Clifford weeks ago we skill and the team. For free for hornets fans are glad Clifford spawned. Who's the coach you look at and say bad guys better Clifford because this is scary when Michael Jordan goes to hire a coach it is scary. You look at Dunlap. You look at Vincent Larry Brown works for about a year herself. Liked this is Michael Jordan has swung and missed bone a ton a tough stance on these head coaching hires so what so who are you certain. Would be a slam dunks friendship as I wanna hear. And I'm getting a lot of tweets on the experience thing which I guess it matters the most distant examples neck over the last handful of years. Of guys that may be worn experience as a head coach and all of a sudden. They became really good Greg top majority act. He was the GM came down into though on the sidelines. Became one of the greatest of all time Spoelstra was a silver dart war is why I was not a head coach became head Coach Brad Stevens again college coach. Really get in the NBA other sports Davos sweetie where was the act. We need a coordinator Ozzie. Because all the best coach the constable Doug Peterson two years in Philly no coaching experience head coach wants but the championship. So he could talk to spirits only want to. And give new examples right there of guys that went from doing something else there to head coaches in had great success to notice like experience that's the only as a as a as a negative necessarily. I did what you're saying I also look at it like I think work I agree very well could be about ready to rebuild. And I don't know if an experienced guy is going to love the idea of rebuilding with the hornets. All names are open man we got to move on this guy John says McNamee still letting go about Steve Clifford already don't get it wrong with the guy and help him cope. But I don't laugh at every. I think it doesn't really want to look. And I'm ready to put everything could figure out who don't know I move it also lets do this and move on win us once you call in right now and tell me. The coach that could give you a little bouncing your hornet's dad. Because I'd like to meet Stackhouse could do that I must now Tisdale I think could do that as well and I certainly understand the low slack and what he was doing. At Memphis before he's really he's really good team that they go a draft CO can sit in the first round and they would got a problem. How fast he doesn't think there are Tar Heels. Then our word relentless zombie straight up Buzz Peterson being the assistant GM that's the one we should bitch about. Michael Jordan making Michael Jordan the key. Personnel guy on the team every year. That's why we should bitch about Michael Jordan iron stacked else I bona. The only ones a sitters say that can be a good tire in my. I'm mistaken didn't. Yeah this is the top my head here so I'll look it up during the break I believe when Michael was what the wizards did and he trade. Rip Hamilton's for Jerry Stackhouse. Yeah he did and it worked out badly. They were down. Late last argued for us. Student overlooked ballots aren't listening or 70457096. And Puerto station we need you to come in here and speak all right Clifford gaunt lot of you're happy I've been told to move on from the cliff there and that's what we're doing. But who is the coach they could legitimately. Get a little spark going for USA hornets fan I need years of name 70457096. Stand and is just sore he'll sing really. So much a problem they use a Jerry Stackhouse hell no we'll talk about it also Mac attack on F Tanzi. Iowa Mac. Good acting as a coach you want here in Charlotte for the hornets I need to hear. From the folks so many analysts say cliffs is doing terrible could come on man who was gonna fire you up we need to move along and I would like to join paints. With the anti cliff branch of hornet's nation join hands with you after a long flight. And a discuss who should be the coach of this basketball team moving forward from a slight about Clifford a site about sack out. Kaka and so that is very true this guy says the Charlotte. Charlotte horn heels are annoying as hell. I'm so tired of it I've I'd tune them out. If they pirates L'Oreal I don't want anything to do with that that person I'm sorry. Called what she wants but they have made me feel this way I get your comments from a has been allowed Tar Heels hired a lot of lack of success. I completely get where you're coming from but I don't think you're being fair Jerry Stackhouse or just say and then and I'm not listen and I and that's and those are you like to think you've got to you know Google him. And realize that this guy's been written about since going back to late in the last year and a dealing when he won a championship and coach of the year like this student has been talked about for months now. As a guy that is a great young head coaching candidates young energetic could deal with the rebuild. I don't know man I think you could do worse than that certainly we just not orders to worsen that it's not all Tar Heels maggert for example who's the job. Nor is a current player personnel guy or supported what's the out what's his manner. Jurors are target our player personnel there become a bustier Chicago's loop was Michael Jordan Brothers were. I don't even get into that no Michael Jones came because by the towards brother Michael Jordan's brother Larry is ahead of player personnel yes he has his older brother Ronnie not Darryl has other drug cut Barbara lamb of Madeira now his other brother Ronnie is also an executive with it seems well see that's walking into that a little bit that's my issue trans am. Michael sadly Michael heels of Michael. Like the whole thing combined does bother me. But just saying I don't want Stackhouse disease of tar heel. Like I don't know man. And where the Tar Heels to support Stackhouse like we're just said here fight it miles later. I only does bush solar serves Beers at the Lowe's home court got set up this decision can't be worse than class. Well then tell me who is a coach I don't give your number out liable in the air right at you we should call the numbers of the text or sense that we should you know. Since you guys enjoy an up but it is it is since you're so brave behind the tax but these guys just Jackson said you can't be worse includes. Who is the guy that is guaranteed to be a better hornets coach in class because there's not been a better hornets coaching cleft. In fifteen years of basketball here in Charlotte they're just hasn't been he's the best and it's not even close. Are we don't have finals 704. Fives 709 to extend its stance who has a coach you feel like should give us a little bit of spark. Sam is up next they say what you think. I think we should get no terrorist doesn't know. And that's funny and is it looks like a real quickly you know I hope we land is being done all the clipped it out there this grip around decide to be able. Start coaching overnight is still a roster issue. I think whoever did it. Really didn't start being like I know you gotta talk about the friend of my majority o's I think apple does that the because I really feel. I think might really do it we took our show here. Where is our ability to draft pick and things like that I think I was just over correcting go back to what we know so I would not pick up he paid his dues and immediately shut. Yeah I mean here's a thing to somebody said now they say it's sarcastically. But a building senator techsters says and Mac next coach doesn't matter three years he'll be fired anyway if they go with a rebuilding young players and listen. It's gonna be tough you better you should be patiently coach if you're opting to go the rebuild their feud. Ultimately don't bring Campbell back and stuff like that by the west's Allred now piece the other day where he estimated 70% chance that Campbell is not back after his contract's up. So even people deal haven't covering the team. Are starting to sink this thing is going to be a rebuild. And Campbell is not going to be around for another contract. So and that may be true as well let's see your coach K or Phil Jackson. Avery Johnson and these are the names we're at right now don't use it and he's British and these days you don't know coach Taylor hornets well. Court bench. God brought up coach takes I do have some breaking duke basketball news. Portable announced today at noon his future plans and it appears that he will be declared him to address a to analyze what's so glad that you broke him last week that he brought me and he wanted to get excited and I started yet and I data but as the weekend went along he did a purer. What I was hearing what you were seeing was that when they'll probably going to make the obvious decision to go for the year you sort of pump last week balls and this is why we can't have those discussions when you bring the integral BS. Always backfires a of my heart out there I get broken by jump shot CEO and nick bell life is so hard being a dukes and France a year lists it's just so hard. Well you have five and very year you outside of five stars Kevin right in day when I knew when I knew we were trouble zags a Max and I went out comes back if he comes back come all and stuff when yells back how mullet and a season you are you glad that you guys you have that curse just have one now author also. You should be glad you won it all ends and now you don't have me all I'm gonna grab I'd run out here in fact I got out you went out together this data package deal. Mac did WF and C dot com is email address if you wanna jump in. Brian says Max just I love the way you come after those of us it didn't want Clinton believes there's a better coach out there. It's not our job to know who the better coaches a jobless for Jordan and that job is for Mitch Kupchak. All I'm telling you ask you should be able to do better than that bomb Steve Clifford. I don't I don't see how you call Obama don't think that's fair at all. Again this dude went to to play also in five years the rest of the coaches in this generation of the hornets and bobcats went to one playoffs in ten years I just. I don't understand the attitude that you're entitled to a better coach and Steve Clifford I also think you have to look at the players that are on the floor this is a player's first league. And I will agree with indicted senator earlier ultimately the players are the most important thing on this team as opposed to the you know who's going to be to coach. I let me go to Robby who is up next Rami what are you saying rather. Back. But I think they put her with a great person and a very. But I hit they'll all the code name is black white about if we're about but which basically. Bert two years ago we were pretty good predate that. All the conference play better know what you're don't six speed you'd atop the third outfit only he never got it together. We just thought out well off that the boys and Ali is. He had such a great offensive roster Robby you know I'm saying he really should have been a powerhouse. I. Clear. Paid my door battling up but what happens they built a lawyer he did he get that they don't. Super big and really an intentional how are they optical or at about you are well Emmett about growth advocate Chris -- all. Kroger show last week in there. Bit about their job opening number we don't want the any do not think it is all about a mile and that it looked like Chris that would. Yeah. Out there but there are indeed a turnaround but they expect big development are all our great. Sixers are fun to watch what slim lead comes back I will admit that I watched that game on Saturday night they were fun to watch man spread the floor men's Simmons is amazing to watch. JJ Redick made some big buckets form. Elie Sobel went off their fun team what was I gonna say but here's the thing now you just her Robby Robby site about his opinion is it comes for better or worse. In an organization. Rob becomes an all this stuff about cliff are we needed a change Chris manic is full of it when he defense Clifford. And then what did he not do mound he didn't come with a coach that he would like to replace closer. And that's all I'm asking I understand what the guy said on the email back it's not my job higher Clifford while why you may need. I'm just curious if you guys thought Steve Clifford your so glad Steve Clifford is gone. You should be reinvigorated some point where now you have a guy you would like to have and I would just like to have that conversation. You're saying. Salesmen odds leader tweet tweet or what impact these portable hole in my 85 sales in our Twitter. I says he's here exerts wicker. The possible cost about how to get him quite player coach ready to go Y eighty anything coach. Here's IO here in the here's a here's a guy here's a topic to have some fun with techsters go crazy on this one who is beat heart milieu at least liked to have coach this team. Police like them coaches basketball team Larry Fedora I just don't I know you try to run. A village to go down the floor bound I don't want Larry Fedora coach and his team Jerry Stackhouse so I don't yell. He's talked Christie cancels that was open door basketball defense minister says Tisdale would be better I'd I'd listen instead they've been linked to see is dale. Stackhouse and he tore Messina who is a assistant whip dispersed all those things sound good to make a I like all those things pirates take a break 70457096. And do you have a coach that you would say it would excite you if the awards were higher at 70457096. Stand. We gotta get back into this our fans really anti every tar heel in the world for every job in this organization. And he's still hello Al. Okay barely is ever. Not exist prior to costar playing this Boehner and hire staff tells. And they're gonna start playing this and all the games in there to change their uniforms Carolina blue this is really big into Ol and haven't done only yes. This is going to be out when your big pat does the line ups. Yeah I. I have an idea during the break if they did it's a revolutionary idea they did hire Stackhouse. Past the crowd yells stuff. Lacks the other half yells I. Lowe's textiles. Acts like general Janet hornet's Tony Bennett right debt down now they're excited they were excited before but now there are so I also wanna do love video seer results stats on stacks. Where Jerry Stackhouse and I just meet over pancakes was. You got all the say OK you're mentally I got ideas here. I don't get a lot of names Santa may we got a bunch of callers a guy gets rewarded station. I'm so I'd supposed to be putting the Clifford thing behind me I realize I've done the greatest job of that I still seem dinner. But now now's rhyme move forward who'd you won as the coach I mean I like to Stackhouse ID like to Tisdale idea there are some good names in a Frank Vogel is interesting. Had a ton of success in Indiana but does she want to do this again where is a rebuilding our roster this not the greatest as he wanted to do that again I'm not sure. Necessarily. Let's go nearly callers out and I don't want to start getting in of those bone because. We have people bats. Are extremely angry about the Jordan Tar Heels saying. People are extremely angry about to George Jordan Tar Heels friends and family calling plan that he's on when it comes to hiring that's sort of the that is that is that something that is bothering the sand base. That Michael is doing and is hurting it. You know is hurting interest in the sand base and an insane impassioned fan base 7045709. Success our students are. A dark how you feel about all lists. A Mac everything is good the man but operate this thank you probably Bo will probably be related serious is are probably more. Do Coke is out there it is predicated on the dark feel committed beyond. Good job Quinn Snyder's duel with you at all you know. Absolutely Dhabi doughnut demand outlook look at their draft to draft and right people were not this but I. But what would clear arm could get a good job good. They just wasn't good enough from the sound like there was some internal stop hormone did allow him make good decisions to drafted in neutral what we probably should have bush. Optical real outsider to we should legally bought more of MacKey should have been on the floor I mean we drafted him and the lottery. Oil topped a team we should little. Do you think it would ultimately made a difference so like it's my whole point is the season would demand that different though because he still was finding his way early in the season on both sense and got to do you got to offend also don't forget. Well Matt. Sometimes not about today is about tomorrow and put malignant on the floor about development what how Google election. No I agree with that and ultimately dark like I was so glad to see him out there and I thought he got valuable minutes. The rub is this US a coach and Steve Clifford that was coaching for his job right but it became apparent apparent Tebow and I'm shorthand. Man if I don't get this team in the playoffs I am screwed I'm out of a gig. So I think you're dealing with a coach is trying to win the save his job. And organization that you at a future might be the best for its. And I think so I think there word you know me you know I think that was skit that didn't match necessarily the best so I. I just I don't think amongst thing would have been the biggest difference in the world he did struggle on defense. I just wanna celebrate holy month I think he is one of the few things we have our team that we can feel excited about moving forward so I that I do wanna move on from you know. Is that that hold the bonds I don't think it would've made that big of a difference. Ports what was impressive about Dirks phone call was he was hitting leaned back forty foot jumpers during the call is. So. Isn't our particular town it was our regular from what was the result bogeyed I dabbled in its own Dirk Cotter. Matadors are now out of dark months showing signs what do saved his job months shown signs the last fifteen games didn't save any jobs. But it's gut check came in once a hiring new guy they want and they can they might very well be starting over rebuilding. With this new guy I think amid again we'll have our music do you guys feel that way but the monk's thing cost him his job. You can weigh in with that I just don't want to bully long curly get a couple games he was on fire. He games were look like he and played point guard all his life even though he had. Any also looked like he had never dissented in his life to. 70457096. Stand clues to coach cliff is dawn who's a guy we can go with and we give Brian in here real quick brown I was going off. There well yeah. Part Epoch about an expert here might near rebuilt here a lot of world respect Al rebuild when you don't know he's going to be oh. It will alleviate their or not. They're not sweeper there. Well you know. He's not parity in college. He he might be the guy but he did you that this couldn't rebuild. And probably in the. Sorry did you say Rick Pitino why you say in Toronto like my. Our enemy idealism anyway. Are you or the explanation I say there's political pressure is more rat now I ask tornadoes are up. This is trouble now deliberate Tito portion of the program and get a lot of Phil Jackson to bony. Phil Jackson wouldn't take a job in lassie had two hall of famers on it. Like could you imagine Phil Jackson taking a joblessness talent and showing the whole world but he is not gonna win championships in less he has to multi immersed. There is no way to dudes put doom down and leaving the ranch. Montana. And doing batting coach in this roster DLL who wants a casino here in town that all the Italian restaurants all these. And also all the ladies of the night they would get more business and also all the people that get a table after putting up Italy it's a decent. By the way Rick Pitino it's so bad right now he is begging openly for the CN a job. Seeing as coach Jimmy that's just got canned this weekend he is telling everybody I really want that CNN jobs so that's where he Zacks. I'm Gerald said Mac that guy's a school. If you have a rebuilding team that's the perfect chance to try out Stackhouse he's used to work developmental players. And developing players it's very true resort with the young developing players and she leaked. And it and and bone. He will we won the title last year when the coach a year and a geely last year's first year came back this year the roster had changed and have been revamped guys moved on and stuff and he took them to the finals again the final series again. I mean I'm telling you he's seen as being natural as a coach. Should welcome to see if he had been fully on his deal league team. But he's become a major plight of people did last year right at critical players of that bench better contribute this year the number one in the east. And I think he may have had last year I got a real good bench Vista says MJ is cheap wood coaches forget about the big name Jim there's a reason why Mike Dunlap was here right. Mike Dunlap was at Kmart blue light special coaching hires like let's just be honest but you get what you pay for our masseuse we come back we'll hear more names. I'm Tebow would like to challenge you become a better name's Rick Pitino bonus frustrated he's got the gun out early he's getting busted on my fellow taxpayers right now who is a matter name a better Rick's going to continue to be hired as a coach you're 704. 57096. Stand. And is it Sarah all of us to complain at. Let Michael hires family members friends and fellow Tar Heels will get more into that as well probably our draft talk with Steve mentioned ESPN. So. So we will swing this thing towards football coming up started 8 o'clock we will get into the draft Steve mentioned by the way. Will be to keep god in our draft roundtable which is coming up Thursday. Deal worth neighborhood grill at 630. Or now the week cubs tickets are going fast if you wanna buy tickets and is staying at. I am now thirty bucks. Boss say each of corona as well. On the did you draft guide from ESPN and you get to kind of hear us talk about draft it's a little lower little baked into your some back and force. It's a fun night and it's one of my favorite knights have come on out and what does this Thursday. Still worst neighborhood grill go to get my perks dot com to sign up as the size of that I think we did it's it is his right up there man that there's no doubt on the give a person I've come so we got tackled only a mensch joyous say. Trapping is playing the role Osborne I swear today he's been compared Osborne today any years. I she thinks Dez Bryant is the greatest receiver and history of the NFL and may have the Panthers could benefit so heartily. From Dez Bryant so we'll get into doesn't come our search first part I'm sorry I exaggerated by the way I don't know Campbell an audience to Graham. And said pretty please in regards to bringing Dez Bryant here to Carolina so. The QB wants them. I just don't want him to want you know all that stuff we have a story to tell to a couple stories to tell from Vienna out anti Thomas Davis event president. And increase our nation is a mascot Olympics. Boehner and I both had run ins with mascots squeaked and you can laugh at these stories they're coming up in a little while to on the shelf. Now I did some research for people questioning Jerry Stackhouse as a coach the other day in the raptors. Game one opener against the wizards. Alone right eighteen points. Pasco C dot com nine points five rebounds sixteen minutes got support a place fifteen minutes then bleak. Former Wichita State player big part of what they do Ager for game number one all for those guys were part of the raptors geely team at some point. The championship here which are exactly are you for players are playoff roster are contributing in a. A pretty decent why. Just benches in the league because of although they came from Jerry Stackhouse delete associates are so worried about a developing players you see that he works with young guys here Joseph says Mac if Justine trades kemba and rebuilds they will essentially be a G league team on and on Stackhouse. Oh yeah I would try to put it that way like a bush did it there is some truth to that if you rebuild and start with young players. This dude says getting fired mid season raises a red flag with Tisdale. It's is what I brand everywhere around it is easy and Marc Gasol were butting heads and it was just. Let's just end this now essentially is why. I had read up to that point was seen as someone that was killed at plus we could play take that for data all the time is Tisdale came here that's one of the greatest coaching brands and I got my data. That would be fun personally. I just go back to responsible talk about this. Friends and Tar Heels of Michael saying it's going on some fans are defending MJ some fans are angry 70 floor. 57096. And GM Joseph what do you think the onus should do. Not like bill might well. All of this bill because you know what the numbers are all well and not my problem you know I don't do that these. They get a team that battle but I'll. The part about clip I think he he had them well we have the board disputed. You the possible relative order Rockwell the they have been here this isn't that a good thing happened that we have now. It did he didn't play over the bing did that period with a code word for it to be out in the top player or. Yeah as a lot of people saying you're no you're right there's a lot of people think GM Joseph is it just got to a point where his voice got. Oldies here now what she meant by spear was togetherness he said he when he followed up on that and say we weren't together as a team the way we have banned in the past. My thoughts what was it might have been Dwight Howard there have been whispers coming out of that building that. Most of vice teammates were not really fans of playing with light on this quite is that it's been kept outside the building you know. From what is Forrest he goes yeah I. I have to be honest I cringed everytime I heard him say this is my best roster he kept saying it all season long as they were struggling and I'm thinking if you are now I think he did it because. He wanted to know not saying soup. You know this all his bosses he want to say the players are enough I think he also sell on the source sun and I don't feel like you had to fall on the sword but I think you is that sort of leader. And the odd thing to about you know people saying they too close out of maybe they did. But that's what a close stress and when he went some place else to the first three years. Players love him he had great relationships that always rave about honesty is he's a straight shooter with him and they appreciate that so. If you did lose that he lost one of the things it is one of his best assets as a coach. Bomb could clone his motives allergic to a hornet's coaching talk I believe is what's happened. This stage in his job bluster about why our distinctive Michelle or I'm looking up. Are wrapped jurors achieve league statistics like jury reached. About this yet it blares ads here we cannot be Yucca hurdle stats and what he seventeenth wolfpack will says Mac if you honestly think we should all accept another tar heel employee. And be happy about a year full of it. Tom this is been going on for years were finally mad as hell. Now this guy's defending Jordan. And says look at telecheck and look at Jerry Jones they hire their sons and no one gives a many crap. I give both personal Belichick as carte Blanche Belichick could hire a blind man. To quit you know too corny kiosks and seek and hide data does try stupid comment. Tom takes it bella sick and tired Tebow to be as offensive coordinator. And and people would say well. He knows what he's doing that would Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones I've never really liked to have but I don't like the cowboys are done bottom. But I never really liked it words Jerry in Stephen Cole on this run out the shots. I'm I just think with Michael I mean it just seems like but we're not the only wants to say this is just coming from a people who know him that have been around him Scott from Charles Barkley who was his friend. This is coming from Larry Brown who experienced it but there are too many yes men friends of Michael around. But that so I don't like that in a general sense but it doesn't mean that Jerry Stackhouse is not a guy qualifies. To get dead head coach Scott when is dot shall get a higher might or on the steakhouse. That's gonna happen anytime soon. Joseph says Mac we had a blind guys and offensive coordinator I'm convinced Mike Shula couldn't see how bad is plays looked on the field. Otherwise it's not random jewel blast the last fifty sect does go to Freddy race ready right what are you doors to do. Honestly. Well I wouldn't mind in my diary you know just like here oppressed are persuasive a lot of aborted and Larry to Norwalk and did do. Don't turn out how Dell curry is walking through the door to be going rights and broadcast boots and. We're about to. Static out if you'd Kurdish. I mean if you try to bring it mandatory bid it would be your problem you know I know that's it turns. That will lower you know they do it says it is probably goes up relate opiate anyway. Well meanwhile one. Someone's gonna give me chance Orlando and New York are looking at him to go in addition to Charlotte according to reports. Tom Judy it's but it's New York Orlando hire them would would the listeners around your longhorns fans and it's a terrible hire I don't think sciele. I think it's only a terrible hire here because fans don't want another tar heel but I just don't think that's. I just think just to judge each story you individually do they deserve the job or would they get it just because. Very Tar Heels a somber that's a hell to comment about the team no doubt about it. Dumb but as a ghost and walking through that door. I'd Max and WS NZ the dot com Matt daughter is not walking through that door the crown club right now he's not gonna do our warriors take a break we come back statements joins us ESPN's scouts think. Let's talk some answers draft.