Mac Attack Hour 2: Frank Schwab on Panthers

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Thursday, July 19th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers upcoming season with Yahoo's Frank Schwab. 

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I mean is the baggage check here in Athens eager to seek care working out the fellows up there in Baltimore like he is. They report to camp next Wednesday first practice a week from tonight opening night down there in Spartanburg. Blair's adore though has said Max. Save those Santa topics for another deck. The say Tuesday other dogs or another you have to talk about me and at some point once we get done discussing is I do realize there are people that's. Are trying to say don't you guys are making too big a deal on what the source said and we won't have this discussion does he deserve to be ripping you is getting basically nationally. And walking the USA today called for his firing. Because of these comments but at some point we might also have to get in the discussion with heels fans do you want to do is coach. Like is it a 100% heels fans are done with Larry Fedora as a head coach. I don't know if that's necessarily fair but sure do you you are correct to question and this won't not. Help his job status we played a clip from Garcia daily republic Cunningham was surprised that's not a good thing to surprise your bosses was comments you make of media today. So like I said there's nothing to not a points out to me yesterday and attacks not used to work here great. We texting and tweets and stuff and he said. My that this is not a good look immediately usable on their the second considered the second foremost authority on the brain trauma and see TN Sistani in all this is right there on campus Chapel Hill. As not a put it is a good idea again for the for a football coach. Or anybody in athletics too small to that university and academics have great poise it's like come on man like respect academics she didn't do it before. What was your players there are you didn't respect the process at that great academic institution. But here's the only a lot of people are asking you what is he said he near the exact comments here is a good bits of news of the these first. Media interviews he did where he started this whole saying and got people all worked toddlers and or yesterday. The things that we change year in and year out and tweaking the game for player safety all those things. I think are good for the game and us that are in there I think the game is safer right now. There's several men in the history of the game. That doesn't mean you're gonna eliminate all kind of man I mean all the injuries are just not it's not possible. But the game is better than it's ever been and I believe the games under attack right now. I really do and if we're not careful you know we're gonna lose what the rule what the game is all about the evening news. No I'm not blaming you I'm not blaming anybody else I'll I'll blame me I ground swell law law. All involved. Data that is. Tweaked one way or the other because I can take today and I can make it look one way you can take the data make it look and all the way and whoever resentment is the one that gets us iso. And you know so. Or there are some things that have have. Are negative about the game yet there's no doubt about that but again. I think if you look over time I can tell you just in my lifetime. From when I played the game early on to where we are today here's a huge difference. And the way. The game is played and the way athletes drink here. And here. Oh yes I fear I fear that the game will get won't get pushed so far to one extreme. That you won't recognize a gain tenure she now. That's what I worry about and I do believe that it if you if he gets to that point that that our country goes down to. What's what's the one kind of I guess primal what's the one thing they cannot go out there. Is it your worried about losing contacts as an element of the game. Lately it I mean if we don't touch football game should definitely changed you know and and end the game will not be is is physical game will not be as tough as it is you know. A few years back I had an opportunity ask to restore general you know what. I had a question for myself what what do what does it may what is it that makes our country our our military. Superior wearable and every other military in the in the world. He said he was like let's season. We're the only football playing nation in the in the world. No reset our most of all of our troops. Have grown up I've played the game at some point in the life at some level and the lessons that they learned from that game is what is what makes us who we are. Is that it is you god is to be done now as it is that enough I don't know there's more at boy there's more to play more as the show goes on as the first initial sample was the general Robert Montgomery Knight. It's just stumbling just listen to the way and again I keep getting texts and emails from people that are saying he's got a point about this is got a point about that the media is just sensationalizing. This get off his back so there is this is a denies. I am curious if people do agree with us that he embarrassed himself he sounds like a fool in allows people to listen to this. And tight and tight guess football coaches as a bunch of meat heads they don't care about the safety other college student players like. That's just what people are going to think. This is a big deal it's embarrassing to the University of North Carolina comes on the same day when I guess self reports of more violations in football. They could lead to a bunch of suspensions to start the season is just. It would distort this is not good he is a code to already. DC is already is on the verge of getting warm not warm already and then you go and do this sort of stuff. Listen to the way moan if she tried he hems and holes trying to come up with a dang answer to the question of who's attacking football. How how long did it take you to come out on an answer. He says I'm not blaming anybody here you are Telus Telus would know you're blaming. And then he says that people do studies and they tweaked the results of the studies to get to conclusions they want and that Larry good tweeted there at the results of the studies as well. How are you tweak a study from Boston University. Let's says a hundred chance of a 111. Brains of former NFL football players have CT how on earth do you tweet that you figure narrative which is we don't know anything yet. The NFL themselves admitted in 2016. But there is a link between their game and CC. On the and I got a text here our only female here says Mac claims to love football insurers selling acted about it like it today. Dude I give my here's my point of view. On football where it sat I'm worried about the game I don't want the game I love to decline. I don't think all the sudden America's gonna drop downs on a notches like letters saying that's ridiculous. But T bone I come from this as a football love in full. And I want them to put the safety measures in effect. They keep the game great but also cheap kids playing it I'm worried that kids will stop playing if parents won't allow them to play it. And this game is going to be in decline I'm worried about that why is it not okay like I got a text your guy says. Everybody all football guys have this attitude we believe that though were worried about football and we need to and we think it's overdone with the CT stuff. Why do you have to turn a blind guy. To be a football scene and according to be a football guy. Why can't we really it's a Mike Florio does this to bump quite frankly. Mike Florio talks about football's is living in this and that and you know Obama doesn't believe you'll thinks it's being overdone. If football is your living listen. I don't know somebody in the same amount money we don't have football right. I think you know something to football's not the same aren't jobs aren't quite the same our salaries aren't the same so I come out from a proactive standpoint. You guys Larry Fedora vPro active help contribute to saving the game instead of sticking your head and some free insane and and acting like this problem does not exist. It just sounds absurd and it's it's the best way I can summon up a while loves football. But I stink deceit he evidence has to be dealt with seriously instead of like little like developers areas. Made fun of football mom's face one of the moms couple years ago because they god forbid they care about their kids' brains. But they have to stop the football community needs to stop with the macho testosterone driven stuff. That they are coming out with and the denial they're coming out with Tebow it doesn't help the game. Dealing with the issue it's you know straight up and head on his way to help against. It's embarrassing but he comes across not audio right there and so on educated for this and on this issue. When he coaches at the public coaches that he's got the resources. Around him that he had asked. Paddy you come across that I eat. When your power supply level coached with millions of dollars in your program. Also you have dissect it leading to cuts next for some more are on your campus probably walk away under campus bagged 8 o'clock gathered in front of the wanna see. How long this takes writers and it's good evening loser. Yeah your awareness that when you. Soledad today. He's still an answer yet either the I just thought sort of moderate the question but took thirteen seconds those intense I don't really stands out of him sitting there as these so you have this even answered do you have does take a net of the first accidents why it's still under attack and get. It. That was true yes Como premiere event but yes it who is it under is not a problem. Each Danny you're making accusations you'll have a direct answer to that it's just. It's just crazy he also had no idea the NFL set in 2016 that there's a link between their Damon CTA. He was dumbfounded by that you also couldn't name one study that he thought there at the results war were not correct. Like it's just keeps he says somebody texted and says he doesn't sound very Smart and he doesn't. And this is the way he sounds bone when he tries to explain a strategic maneuver that went awry down inside the ten yard line when he ransom or personally flipper some crap and we said boys hours ago how Battie is what the media and we did. You know this is gonna happen handled this well questioning him he does not handle it well it sounds like you throughout a bunch of garbage yesterday but I don't know how you guys feel. Because you guys are saying Nancy you're gonna look at differently. People keep saying match you're a member of the media the media are the only ones freaking out about this well that's what I wanna ask that question so. How do you guys feel whether he'll stand idly curious whether you're just a football fan. Do you think Larry is adored deserves to get seat up the way he is nationally and bios in by everybody locally. Or do you think this is comments are being made too big a deal of I just think he comes across. Sounding as a terrible represented if for UNC's football program like Paris wanna trust that dude with the safety of their kids. I'd let's go to phones only or people out on this 70457096. Stand if you don't wanna jump in let me go to Chris who is up next he's been waiting a while Chris what's going wrong. We'll tarmac. Look I'm not understand what coach Fedora said about that PT can't I mean you know. Tonight I never gonna give any points especially complaining about the only rupiah public arena and the media attacked people ball but it has stated that immediate. They're denying the obvious side but it was no wording. Again doesn't it doesn't help the cause us hey this has not yet to meet. Let's let's take this why are so many of them there's more about it other comment that I think you can have that it better than he could ride could have is that testosterone. Nowak testosterone I guess for the way to put it. And our country right now or not. You know there are I don't know who either like it but a group but our state but I'm certain days but people are definitely trying to. You know cap that off our I'm a certain level of our country and you can't put a finger on it but I see it. I want my kid to be able triple what they want to Colombia or played equally. But I mean but I think she's right they take great American bad. Played football. Which you during the year and in the dirt and not the not a of one or get but not not that give that go up the court such and I'll agree with that but his comment. Denying science but it. But that's where you can interact amoled and listen I'm good goalie and explain it that way I'm not gonna jump down someone's Schroeder says hey I believe Larry Fedora I agree with him on this. I agree with him on that. My guy right here Johnson says Max. You play you play football like this season Mac and you want to quit you don't under so cigarette sodomy. Errors he used on the try to ease its own deterrent I you don't under your source out of the game early. I think you know not sources stay in the game actually is doing happen my I'm do you love dissident says you don't understand the bond of Brothers when it comes to football. I was also in the military it's the exact same as a bond of Brothers in the military. You've got to be a bad ass man to defend this country and to get out on the gridiron that's what Larry said Doris talking about its football becomes more of pansies sport. We will have a less bad ass men. You've represented this country. So that is a guy who speak of from the Hartman as a football guy to military guess I just ask the question is what do you guys and I don't know you guys tell me if you see any bar goers speech that we should not be terror reported and rip it apart. I just look at this country's greatest in country in the world it's not even close. And do you think that is football becomes less of a contact sport yes my life's going to be affected us football becomes worse of sports. I'm not gonna enjoy it as much it's my favorite hobby pastime how everywhere describe it but is America really going to go down as a country. Because football has less contact. It sounds like ridiculous propaganda to me understand there are some people out there like that like to got Jonathan they're like yeah I understand this but Tebow and I think to most people. I think it just sounds like are you kidding me you think this country is not strong enough to survive football becoming less contact you know Elizabeth comes export sounds absurd ridiculous. Saving USC Cincinnati I was at a mediators are busily guy yesterday. Well that's a we got. This could could could could they also back at the same answer during day out a post game press conference once. That was trying to describe the double reverse flea flicker handoff so end around play but he ran from the soon. I actually isn't just halo of fire Fedora now see UNC fans are now saying this is their opportunity to try to get him fired is it just pile this on and try to get fired over his comments have not football well there are some coach is that again where those comments your savings your miers or are balls. When Europe. I'll say an act. Average football coach no he did comments ideas that that's a double whammy for a door you might want to keep a low profile at your door right now and not for me embarrass your school. I'd have to go back to zone but I I wanna know some football dudes out there. What do you guys stink is Larry Fedora sound to you like to complete both soon that is embarrassing to school. And really embarrassing to football coaching profession and I know a lot of other guys think that way but don't say publicly. Or do you guys think we're going overboard ripping them 7045709. Systemic go to Carolina. Wrong. Well nothing much man alms. You think of Larry EE. I think he was to come in back about you know evidence of the PDR. Other data. But you know he did he does have a point you know the game at a lot they are and then when he played and it doesn't ask. You know and make the game they ran out I'm a firm believer has been an that you well well go to their in the restored at these levels. And ending it is it though. On from the use global and we can definitely change that the weight you know bill wicket he is epic but I'll still you know still being. Now don't know there's there's no doubt and I literature saying he did properly say hey the game is safer it's ever ban. But but the counter to that question a follow up question that is Larry why is the game safe. The game is safer because the game is not under attack among just twisted stats and facts and falsehoods. The game is safer because people unlike you are taking the CT situation seriously. And people are you talked about the stuff they have in their helmets on where they can diagnose. On the they have their in Chapel Hill that they can diagnose how hard it was why does Larry Fedora think that exists in a helmet. It's because of these studies and surveys that are done and show you the raw data and facts. That football is dangerous and there is a link between CC. And people are trying to be proactive that's what the football community I think needs to be you do when you guys can tell me if you disagree agree whatever. But it's a community may T bone needs to be proactive how can we save our sport rather than just saying oh I've read your scientific surveys mullah. You don't mean. I did add that I don't understand. Don't beat her series and Larry Fedora our guys perfect target makes real men get out of our game. No embraced the fact that these studies are done because people are worried about football players well being. Just embrace that and try to take care of these football players better. You know don't let him play contact football in so they get to high schooler closed eyes let's let's keep making changes so that we don't lose the game so focused I don't that's one thing I've read Larry ought. I don't wanna lose a great game of football either. Also be self aware of earlier this month that we talk about it on the air for entire day and had a guest talk about it. The Washington State Corbett a committed suicide had the brain a six year old cornerback going to CT happened this month Larry. I was gonna happen this month that's exactly jarring tone deaf or a daughter lives in its last night Mac in the montage of people that died this year in sports and ESP awards came up on scurry. On the screen last night so why do you think he's up there. That they don't know that did he sounds very tone deaf because that just happen and that was just in a new C got a brain was 65 year old Manuel thing as aiming to do with football. Coach Foley building center Texas some bad as nasty as crazy as people ever met the Marines never touched a football. I mean there can be tough people they come from backgrounds other Muslim Obama trying to knock football. This student says I'm just saying that if they make football saucer the effect on the country is that it becomes softer the country implode. But all the softness in the country in many people's eyes would be greater. There are other outlets like I played basketball I guess you've football guys don't respect me but debt that game has contact. But games physical that game evolves teen worked and working hard hockey looks pretty physical domain. Soccer is physical. Problem it's the players on the ground roll around the ground they don't look stuff. But it can be a physical game so there are other ways wrestling. There are other things an N activities they young boys in many young men can do. To get that same perspective Larry Fedora literally said yesterday these lessons can be learned anywhere but football and that's why our country will be screwed I just don't get. It is seen by the way the guy serving our country are sacrificing their wives for us football players. Did or did they are sacrificing so but there's a difference is we want people in the military sacrifice is sort of wildfires up you don't care all day of the bargain what that creates. But the differences when there's a big difference though. In ultimately what the people in the military are doing political ball. They used to sit on no doubt they're put it no doubt about it man this dude says Mac you're not being there this morning was that people need to explain why I'm not being fair. We will well we've got in the next. In the next 120 minutes or so we're deadly alleging here Stromile frank Schwab we've got that. Coming up next actually won't come out of this breaks a stating so that break Schwab wrote a great piece on Yahoo! about the Cam Newton. Norv Turner marriage and will it work you're gonna wanna listen to this if Europeans their standards excited about the new offense that's coming up next it's the Mac attack. Are we are back kids on the back of settlers' adore this is it is run production over there on the other side of that coach Fedora messed up a little bit. Bob because I typed in our codes for the sounder and I typed in something that's a Canon sounds like a senator cash so I had a candid. And that not cash. It man just had a heart attack driving around. That Matta wants you to know the debt is on me that's salads mistaken I'll do pushups during the break. I'm sure it'll look as good as my bush of sleet ties are I didn't have the right coach so that's on the dot fouls on May come back on the shall not take utilized. I'm mobile get back on Italy due to Fedora starts we'll talk more about this guy out it's a so we talked about like Larry tar heel fans do you even want this dude coaching your football team as does everybody will talk about that soon. But it's. We gotta get sued the interview year's second francs while talking about the Cam Newton north turn a partnership and what he expects francs from Yahoo! Sports. First thing I wanna do because Tebow does not have a cute little sound effect that addresses this heart attack since I will have to tell you myself that this is your chance to at a thousand dollars. With the football kick off giveaway they were doing here. One F and CN across the country to nationwide contest text the word news NE WS text it to seven Sunni Miller to sort of spell out what. Text the word news NE WS texted do seven to eight they wanted to get in win a thousand dollar jet until the top of the hour to text in a message data rates apply full contest rules are available at WS and seek. Dot com. All right now let's shift to Dobson dancers frank Schwab Yahoo! Sports NFL writer wrote a piece pretty good to enter season. And also the big headline portion of this piece is will the GM north partnership work first thing I told them is. I think nor enormous said he's going to continue to run champ. I think he's gonna do it and a lot of national media types of told us on this show they don't what does French wild thing will north continue to run camp. I do love and hate because he's just so I just bicycle that he understands. The sinking cynical crew and that's. You know what makes him special as a quarterback is running ability to audition got such. We can't an arm and we see them play in the B que lo. You know that's absurd but which separation of the drug ability and Andy got that extra special player and nor understand that. Well I also think to wish we have to look at what he did. Which deeper water and make kitty not a runner now Shirley HTE. But issued a different type of quarterback the nor could ever had. And change he made it work its doors her child should push he did it should. To make it work which secret order Bourbon Street. Do you still the Troy Aikman and Philip Rivers being armed. I understand there in the pocket and throw these intermediate crossing routes that the C golf grows without a lot of guys can make because. You know. T handle any kind of reversed or the bulk reporter got it back harm against north church just took off from Japan six Russia and that leads me to believe it nor. Understand okay. I'm gonna put us where Kagan around all I'm Adam Scott shot what I do turn strengths in my quarterback and he's Smart guy he's able to Cam Newton and shake. I'd be dumb not to have this guy and a runner because that's clearly what makes and one of the best or actually about. Now one of the other things you write about in here too as you talk about eight minute rivers in the big arms they have and the way nor would would use those. And you talk about him in this passing game. Last year they tried to do you know they tried to get data cams and quickly and a lot of dink and dunk style. And it just kind of felt forced just felt like that's not necessarily camp strand. It seems like based on the article you kind of agree that fits the passing portion of the world's offense traditionally right. Yeah absolutely I mean if you're just looking to ignore it. You know it was lying to push him and doesn't use cameras are Rutgers much as it's my issue that it sure. I think that you just look at chemical absurd and each and saying yeah that that's that's commercials. He's never going to be the 70% completion comic true breeze just not as cane match under strain. He's a guy who content actually champ flat footed the Koch didn't just. Brought to our complete fighter shall shield I think he has cast doubt who he is that's what they don't really really well. And because she's sitting you can you can see data you know ordered an allergic talk about a script what you're about to clusters preview of the Arab first. I do understand the Panthers have a conundrum. Where did you keep your impairment and a runner and you keep having him be in the pocket a long time to knock the ball out of hand quickly. You are basically short you understand that you have spirit which Campbell and knock it appears a lawyer at. Dirty fighter sixty or so little you'll understand that I agree but I think. It's a word. You know its ports saying hey. May yeah May Day we get there with only five more great years got a new instead of any kind coach your school not using them to us bullish side. It's its economic there's there surely it catatonic conversations. And it's no word bad Robert where the site they were working marker on this guy at a much work. Not content to impeach the seven step drop or understand him in the pocket need to take a lot actually delivers people. I cheated. But I just think it just to look at camp and so as we need to. We need to get everything we can't out of hand there when he says in this kind even though Defcon might not get on Philip Rivers are priest how great he checked. And Ed it's interesting too and we've talked about that's on here you know amongst fans in Charlotte it's like I've kind of I understood the protecting album but I think like you solo parents that if you don't have him running. I mean you're just leaving a weapon that you're just not going to use an ad actually what I think cam insulting Greece I think cam. Doesn't wanna stop playing that way and I think he knows hey I might be short in my career in Osaka. I kind of feel like he goes that way too we're talking with frank Schwab Yahoo! Sports and songwriters get a preview of the Panthers. And he within that there's a great piece about cam in north now you mentioned so you mentioned hole you don't. Seven step drop he can't himself will hold onto the ball long bright he will be. Stubborn about this you know hey I wanna hit that ball downfield or make plays downfield he'll take extra shots not just because a liner scheme because of himself. People have also said to us off ranking conversations. There's the left side of the line and I agree it's questionable more well left at left guard. I'm mentally ill is obviously got in a year we're concerned about and even riding Khalil has had health issues. Do you think that we can get away and and and that the dancers can thrive. We just Norv Turner doing the seven step drop down field passing is the line good enough to hold up Howard -- below that. And a great question I mimic a little shine on the next they'll talk and how has this weird child biting. He struggled with my concern we have to draft pedigree but she. Here really fallen off since then and and he didn't play great last year and then you can do only I mentioned from the previous the only team. Collude so 2017. Curse people pro notre wanna campers saying Orwell are the only Paltrow are stretched penis or not see them. Oh yeah there there's definitely concern that inch. Again the eight cameras is kind of guy who will stand and and cheek tissue it's your mind speak of rivers that laid that brothels are the same rate is very. Yeah he's courageous in the pocket he will he doesn't back down now part of that's a bigger emotional crisis are currently an actual but. You know IE airport at the same time if you can't protect. It can't give him enough time dependent governor in the work as you want the got a major concern I think. And it's a murder torture and and if it doesn't work done you know I assumed or whoever really respected the coordinator is gonna make adjustments just make good. It's only gonna work out they want to work if I cooperates. Extra yeah yeah no doubt now we're Thomas franks rob Yahoo! Sports. Com let's talk about some some of the things you say he. Some things you'll also talk about a solo on video that accompanied the article and you're praising Ron Rivera and that adds I don't know if you you'll be surprised by this because you're there are crazy fans and everything and base. But we get way too many people that think Ron Rivera is a problem here in Carolina and I think he's a huge reason for the success. And you talked about that in the video that accompanies this feature a big fan of Ron Rivera you mentioned I think the way should be mentioned there's one little league's best coaches. I absolutely think there yeah you're right I mean much. Sure there's creek canyon every kid and three basis but. It sure does that mean I hope they do a little bit of a majority campers and realize that. Why are very early group culture to keep it good. They took the French government I mean that we saw that last year the Jerry Richardson thank apple appears to me because showed nothing that a little lost blood. The fact that she would outrun. You to guy and he never pressed congress to get our search. I'd rather have him out there have been you know I mean it's not that it occurred that it is better cautioned though Belichick and in that situation. Keep record of the team better I think Belichick would go work out a couple other guys I think keydets. He's a great ambassador for Pampers I think Claire short stretch can do ever is all so the other got a couple tips but he usually that's. Come with you know they can help them and stuff like that. I'm mirror. Can't champs Chicago church it will be interesting change people's coordinators out and to try Hugh readership. Good idea how I have stated earlier I think he's a good coach I think he's proven that I'd go back to the days of you know 2013. When. You have to look like eight you know they were ordered her to replace Clinton you know he was. Still punting on fourth and one an opponent territories. It is the verbal wrong stuff just kind of funny here live and whatnot but. I think he totally your peers who earned his way of the culture I think it could hit it sure oceaneering to coach Bruce. I don't think truck certain dog fight terror tour. That's what that's weakening and I would have no we did a conversation I think Adam right terrified and I think a lot of fans are great something instant disagree. Last thing I'll ask you in the video you'll also broached the subject and Panthers in the post season you have them ranked thirteenth as you do your countdown on Yahoo! Sports. This is a tough NFC do you believe they go back to the playoffs this year. I honestly don't because I just entered going to be some good achievement that the playoffs are its. In addition structure crazy and she got here or there are tired of demolition teams forty and somebody's kindergarten missed the playoffs. The good culture Eagles Dallas Minnesota. Green paint New Orleans Atlanta at Carolina the rams even troubled 49ers an excess of fuel goaltender governor the play we're prepared any worse and I could look at the power. Kurt where their outer middle class how that happens okay. I think the pampered let's just a little bit nor what they lost that illogical when last year. And it's just the nature of the apps you were to somehow into shelters are pieced it. I do think the Panthers missiles could take what little she's really really good and it. If they were nearly or seen it be allowed Kirk for church. But it had yet think ordinarily the shout of play out it's not because their talents. It's just because I just church. From the eighteen to doubt seek chapter in this Saudi even though there who really really good. Our frank Schwab I was love of that interview until the end there age prosperity bomb on me at the ad talks all these good things about AM and no Orban ribeiro loads of five coaches in the days. And I say playoffs and I seriously doubt what Dell haven't the end your Societe here's here's the recap you believe they go back to playoffs this year I don't. He's I use on your side then yeah he's and I honestly don't didn't all winner here not sound like he was all about the Panthers you're so taken aback. Believe they go back to the playoffs this year I don't he's the he'll turn into and that interview didn't feel senator francs while checking out. Either way Yahoo! Sports NFL writer Annie as a bad there's ranks thirteenth. As he continues to count down in the NFL why we got cancer stuff we had there's so I embryo of that interview that caught my ear have to bring up. And speaking of are catching my attention. You guys have to hear about the deal would Brent venables assigned in Clemson we must tell you about it. This is insane it's the Mac attack. You believe they go back to the playoffs this year I. I honestly don't. A couple of frank Schwab got home maybe thought you bet are back all that great commentary on the Panthers. Our Mo we're back here on the Mac it's sentimental as Lindsay thanks to frank Schwab first time it has been suggested that I should have gone dim. First though we taped an interview to different studio and I'm Don access to them Don access they'll carry they got around to the building. I'm trying not to Don guess it sits there and New Year's resolution I'd bet it's our lives trying to only gone to folks like mark from Estonia and damage John. Or at least encouraged bone to do that variety of the world say miss cost Spencer Tillman incident from the mid two thousands when. We had that on the machine forever the senator is achieve what he said. Feel like NC state Spencer now not at all. Just completely just still think the fields date this guy swabs till the tethers are I thought but what Saturday 10 AM Santa. Tickets go on sale five bucks against a fantastic gets the go on sale Saturday on lines and make sure you all are are cognizant of that training camp report date on Wednesday. And then next Thursday a week from today on Thursday night next week they will start training camp it is on next week obviously will be huge fans we've we've done a lot of counsel ball this week. I do wanna talk about one thing. But Schwab brought up because there has been some opposition to it I'm noticing in the emails but I wouldn't want to pay all fall when it sees a forward to break. Brent venables according to peace animal hardworking. College football reporter. Is going to sign the largest steel for a college football cyst and ever. Over two million dollars a year or five years over eleven million dollars he also gets a 200000 dollar annual retention bonus as well. He will make more money than Larry Fedora and many. College football head coach it's. And that's one of the things I love about dab oh dabble has taken less money he's given up money so that they can have premium assistance the past. The program gets it bones they realized that those great he can't do it alone we got to have these stunt coordinators. And I love the way Clemson has played bad man and Brett venables is a huge asset to that program matter who they lose on defense. That guy keeps getting kids get more more rounds of base. The cost him brass hurts Adori yes and they're like we might need a lot of venables just adores got about 45 minutes left uses it may be opening maybe Iraq. Opening up the road Lula by donating now lives four doors questioning football suture. What about the doors teacher put the audacity to question a Dushanbe is America going to be okay distributable questions. If the players adored no longer works as a head coach in football well American BO Carolyn also be in decline for that I feel like America can survive that I'd like to ordeal nation. Can survive that as well. I did by the way it like Kyle says even the NCAA Matt said yes yet there I would check on UNC it's been a year. Skiles says I don't trust layers of door to drive a car after what I suspect is let's go to football team get out of there. All right I don't know I want us look about. This aspect of our conversation with frank Schwab. Arm on cam and orbit and the marriage because couple people had a problem with with this. Frank Schwab and I was gonna bring with him in the interviews I guess a guy's probable coolest frank Schwab in the interview says the Carolina Panthers mindset should be. Let's kiss five good let's get five of the best years or so we can at a camp instead worry about eight or nine years out of camp. And and let's play him the way he needs supply. And let's have him drop back and look to get the ball down field even if it means he takes more into the pocket. And let's have him run the football the way he has. And I agree with what frank Schwab said there and a couple panther fans call them out on and on email. Energy female Johnny says I love the way frank Schwab just thinks of Cam Newton is some sort of Pall on the Indy panther game of football success. Let's just keep let him get his ass beat. Shares of guilt would play for another few years. Ronald says something similar said Mack are you really. Our agreement is dude don't worry about how long camp can play just keep let him get his butt kicked. It right it wasn't let's let him get his blunt object that was not and that's not my mindset. And I don't know if you're with me I think you with me on this moment I'll just toss it out to you can't stand John can can listen Johnny whenever when you guys when we looked at 18 AM. Do you guys agree with Schwab myself sad we can't sit here and be thinking about what saved Cam Newton so we can get. A longer career out of home. Because if you do that when Cam Newton is playing it will be a longer career but he will not be at his peak in their career. You'll get K I don't wanna say watered down version of camp which you will not get the full team. Right you'll not get the full Cam Newton experience if you don't let him run. If you don't let him. Get the ball down field a little bit less should they try to make a morbid dink and dunk quarterback I don't think it worked really well. But last year they eventually game and instead we got around this do we get a ride this dude and our running game took off and it was either one or two in the league. From the from the halfway point on when we started running Cam Newton like crazy was the most rush attempts he's ever had. To meet T bone we can't be worried about preserving camp we've got to be worried about using the best jam their skills as long as he can do it. And let's try to go get ourselves a Lombardi and here's the thing Joseph says Matthew I know I thought you loved camp this sounds like who cares about his physical well being. I would venture to say CM Newton bone would want it the same way. Jim Newton I don't think wants to be preserved imported into a bubble and told the teaching of play football the way he wants to play football right. Member of the whole lion roaring thing. I don't sell like command at one stand to preserve them so we can have a ten year career instead of. Six year career writes. Campbell the dress the way out it's all right Kansas whole package needs to be maxed out now while he's still in his prime because he doesn't have a skill set anatomy is of the negative but his skill set is different than up but you're Brees Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady well I can't guess to be 34 35 years old. In the legs go. Fortunately for us it's not going to be the same camp the deal legs of camp with the ability to make plays in and out of the pocket that cam can do is what makes him right now that may not translate it to six or seven years from now so while you can. Utilize everything that cam has the full package of camp. I report now that was funny about a review back listen take those funny the way blocked on Macs in the out missile package says I don't mean it is an image Georges are you guys being in general talk of it sounded funny artistic package football anymore. I don't get that stuff tomorrow I was already there and help and I'm 48 years old I did image shot only forty sort to aria I still aren't where does it should be everlasting adored package I would doubt jet fighter 48 I'll what do you what mark says I see how would you exist let's. Let's have the best Cam Newton must also worry about making him something he isn't and by the way. One of the reasons why people won this tournament is something that he isn't last year the Panthers tried to of the first four games and and had given up. It is because they thought he couldn't take the beating they thought he could run the way he used to do. Because he was banged up the year before and struggled at that. But bone last year I would argue is the best running your cams ever had at the very least the second best are gonna get Marcus secularist or do you back in the doors thank. Mark how do you feel about this notion of just. Let you can continue to do what he does but even if it shortens his career. Well I haven't heard anybody. Mention the fact that a lot of great quarterbacks get hurt in a pocket so absolutely it doesn't matter if you let him. He'd let him be it is no guarantee agency to drop back passer and he won't get her. Now this guy's a great point it has to be made right there's no rule that said matter of fact when he's running he often lately has started sliding start scenic common and taking on less hits. Here's another thing till if you take a look at the biggest its camps and I know he was scrambling bona pre season game against New England when he had a rib broken. Utley took the real nasty head head shots he saw Denver was rushing him as a passer. Right even if he ended up trying to scramble around he was being roster as a passer the saints' Lance was saints playoff game right when he got woozy a little bit. And and calm everybody freaked out said no we ought to investigate what data they're that was as a passer and I would argue the other two times I saw him take really big shots to the head. Was it land in New Orleans when he let up at the end zone. Right so if you run smartly. Is aware of what's around him. And I'm telling you he doesn't take his big fish nasty shots when he's running almost. So on by the way he wants his biggest injuries that he had. Was always trying to chase down a guy after a turn over 'cause Kelvin Benjamin had a mental lapse again can't try to hustle which totals are about Jamal's point. But the judge tried to guy down in her shoulder try to tackle dot. This he says Jason says that doing so it's axis camera smarter and go to is 3435 I think that's a big. Part of it I think he has run smaller are we come back. We gotta get back into Larry Fedora the first. You know I in his 7 o'clock hour it seemed like all the tax and all communication got even a few calls that we got. We're getting Larry Fedora is back our other people not freaked out by the way he sounded and we've got a pair of tickets to Liverpool in Dortmund coming up in the eight. To 830 areas of so statins and act.