Mac Attack Hour 2: Does David Tepper have you fired up?

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Wednesday, May 23rd
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses with callers if David Tepper has the fans fired up for the 2018 season. 

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I Wear back. There's a full on push now for people to give you watch the office. Ahmad Al included on the eve binge possibilities list he while. I need binge. Did you options you better take over deserves due to Roger whatever so I guess I got some work to do probably support her I. All right let's low lows chauvinism Panthers here it is soured at this hour free and open. George Rodrigue Charlotte Observer present DOT ace yes they shall join the city. Will Kennedy. From Saddam BC CB eight he was at Atlanta and the owners meetings attempt oppressors so. We're gonna cover both of events involving the Panthers yesterday OTAs and Jorge Rodriguez case. Will Kennedy is now. This Al are I want to make about C analysis fans got to hanging out talking about the Panthers. I want to see I get it's I got an email from somebody Bob said Mack I loved to dance there's still but there is no way. I can find you could find anybody would be level Panthers enthusiasm in May as you have I think dads that's not true bigot I go to dish this is desperate so far it's pretty damned dog you look at Twitter manually override members install all the folks go huddle soft like. I don't know man I feel like I feel like there's a big fruit year round. You don't pay at their fans it but it's the biggest thing painters whose is the biggest thing to them year round but it's let's test this theory Donald. Of whether or not we've got cancer excitement in mag. I have two things I wanna ask about are you believing in these two things and I'm believing it. Are you excited about these two things and I'm excited about bone wanna see how you feel about it and the panther fan out there listening. One is David tepper just in general as the owner. I feel like when we when word broke he was gonna buy the team now we talked a little bit about are you excited about is Steve feel good about this. But I Selig we know so much more is a fan base about David tepper now especially after the presser yesterday. And so so how would like to use a circle back to badly do you guys steal this excitement about the new owner I'd I'd denied to. Again we don't know for sure let's not Boehner he's going to be we don't know but I just get a great feeling. About pan and start this era and we needed to start a new pair desperately and he just feels like the right man to do it. And it's just something as simple as how much he talks about charity. Like an oppressed numbers don't even when he talked about winning is the most important thing when he is the second most important thing you can figure out what's the third most important thing. And then he talked about he means winning on the field in football in business and he means winning from a charity standpoint I'd never heard anybody talk about winning charity ball. But she even gets competitive about his charitable causes so. I mean even something like that in the self deprecating sense and then just his business success and acumen. That's the first thing I'm excited about and wanna see your other people getting more excited about David sent us I mean there's. In all obviously committed same Mac actually giggled on this thing. The other thing is Norv Turner and Cam Newton together. This partnership do you guys believe like I do. Then this will help Cam Newton out of bunch the more I think about the more I I read about it I feel like it will. Cannot you know I don't I don't those phone I expect what Norse said yesterday. North talked about him extensively yesterday and OC race and he he won in his comments was Cam Newton actually to be a more accurate passer under Ming. Any says I expect to deal he can be a mid sixties to high sixties pass. You know I don't know don't expect and all that. But it's there's no delegates Troy Aikman was way more accurate with north and it was a deal to coordinators. From another number bone that is way more actress for for the quarterbacks of the north turn. When he's with them is the yards per attempt and that one I care more about the accuracy. We need bigger place in north terse offense usually delivers bigger place. Kim who has been under seven yards an attempt the last two years bonus to worst seasons in that category. We gotta get distinction ball downfield and I just feel like Norv Turner is the guy to do that his offense will bring back. The downfield passing more of the intermediate passing even true. Mac distraught commerce is a savage right now seventy degrees Charlotte commerce isn't never sends a commission tech. To your home in DC the photo yesterday from the Panthers Twitter feed off nor smiling while you what decade and it now and consider it looked like I mean this I don't mean this EV DO it's like you look at a cheese pizza a why don't look at how that's just the joy on its face there was I mean I can gallery nor resign happy happy man to have this. Free gasoline this free quarterback hasn't gotten. Here's the thing I know the north has not had his best years as a coordinator of late Lotta people think that's because his system is not or does not work in the modern game. But look at the quarterbacks at least hat hasn't exactly had Aikman and rivers cam Newton's the best quarterback he's had since Philip Rivers well. And I sings those two working together a coach just gonna get on cam in Rodham a little bit. Like I did a ceiling Shuler and Dorsey almost felt like cam out rank them. Like I can't you know it was in them to jump all over him I think north gonna do some of that. But I think Nordstrom butter mile to a little bit like for example yesterday but all he said Norv Turner said Cam Newton might be the hardest weapon in the league. Two defense institute to defense. Because of all he can do and those thing I loved it makes me feel excited about north and cam together is he talked about. The zone read and the scrambling and how horrid debt and how much extra stuff the defense has prepare for. And he says and we're going to build on that stuff so like if anybody had steered it to zone read wouldn't be involved in camp would not be still be running. I know it's just may enlist services lip service but it feels a meal like those comments are an air are indicative that. North once he used a full Tami don't want some grateful cameo. After arrest Mecca sorry and hot Tate was actually at this point but I have to lose relic but I operate some pretty good trouble and he elects to want to just go with it I said this last week dog artwork. North horror might be this all season the most important addition. In the week. You're sax players coaches what's he convert because we can't think about where we worry your dog might shall. What Norv Turner can provide camp it's offense might be part did you go to Super Bowl I think they are. And I think a big part that's north Tara he might be the most important addition to its feet. The salsa is steadily bag and I don't right now another might be a head coach he's tired and eventually goes on a big thing but for right now for this upcoming season Andy Jack he's gonna have. And ignore starter from personal drug the league might be the most important piece to take. So you are all in believing in. David Jeffers the owner is seen and your all in believing in camp under north up some Tyson were so were green and were agreeing with our man I don't know how. How do you view I don't know how you when you read about temperate washed out yesterday don't get excited about what this man and it's kind of a down billionaire who is very aggressive in business Viet personable the same time I know you'd sit and you smiling man like it was nice to see owner talk like I see your show personality was nice to see an owner free to smile. I darling that was good Mark Cubans were down to earth guy turned to how we act I he wears jeans he's in a truck or the gains that mark even I know he's got a massive egos well but we have a guy. That may be that good of Mark Cuban leader. Business wise in terms of personality and they have the best of Mark Cuban owner Russell Baltimore yes says hey man I'm stupid right now I don't know this team I can't make changes right now it seems like there's a tactful approach. You know in terms Obama or make changes until I have all the information for the press covers question did you hear the guys voice and ask a question yes I know. I mr. tapper I obscures I get a change GM's at a time Sam Beckett. Ask Marty is that it now now that's why it's an eyesore to see heat. Zinni here liking Mardi Enron because of what his guys in Pittsburgh told them. Colbert and O mark Condit to top front office guys in history he set down on him and said what's a reputation these guys what do you think of them football guy opinion multiple guys but anyway aren't. So I look at the phone lines we got people fired up or one comment on tap or are you fired a do you believe in David tepper are you excited now that we know more about them. The other one is are you excited about champ under north. Or are you skeptical what are you are you guys believe inning jam with north believing the Davids have burn out 70457096. Cent kinda. I feel like MS I mean happy panther landed a join me Mecca tech listeners. Thousand dollars. Hard here and as this don't make me hungry for a donut text the word jelly stuff. It's not favorites haven't done until just turned out picking words that cater to Max needs. I'm so hungry today we talked about snacks like stats ten minutes earlier text the word gently to seven sue a date on your chance to 1000 dollars. Yeah until top of the outer text the word in while another one next hour obviously. It's a national contest message and data rates apply and get a lot of good well I since they got him didn't. Different kind of feedback on cam and whether or not north kind of gets him jump started again some of your all in some of you Lawrence. We've got jammed so lines on David tepper so I mean wherever you guys fall on this one. I wake up today kind of feeling jazzed about cam in north working together love what north had to say yesterday about how difficult he is to descend. If you use all his skills. And then I love what David Jefferson during that seven minute presser yesterday and just. I really want this to be an owner that we hear from more I'm not saying it's got to be like Jerry Jones what his own radio show although we are spot story here tap if you'd like to do it. But you don't just just talk to assist customers more. I let's go insane that's just go to the song 7045709610. I feel like everybody should be excited about tapper asked her getting to know a little bit more about him and hearing from what do you all think. CJ is gonna bat lead off for us on all list here and 7 o'clock our CJ what's what's your thoughts on temper. I never thought about what happens plan apple fan it's warrant declare now thanks very nice. I jeopardy now I haven't sensed there in Colombia only that sort of work on a really really look good law. Well my curiosity where members what are what kind of owners Jacoby. What kind of related to what these are burning through this organizational. Or you can tolerate this spot. Character issues and things like. Last night it's it's it's a huge question right because we know Jerry was about as conservative as they come when it comes tool. Not taken on guys who had problems elsewhere have had legal trouble and stuff like that. Is David chat where's David tavern a follow on that scale in the middle or is he gonna go the other end of the spectrum from Jerry Richardson is full launch angles. At. And I don't advocate anybody don't salon dangles around here are right and just taken anyone in regardless of what they did. But I'd like to at least in the middle at least take a shot. But own world trying to guess what type of or are we seeing David tempers gonna be that's why I'm saying are you kind of excited are you get a good feeling about this. I just feel like she's gambling nature. Of of investing in these distressed companies Writely to banks during the the whole mess with the economy in 2008. I just feel like she might be willing to say you know what Marty got my blessing roll the dice on this guy. Let's see if we get good returns on my just seal like she will be willing to do that it's. What this meant success in tracker how we got his billions the business. What is he going to provide the other side effects of this aside every organization so yet we may not see the impact right away with the ball loose. We could see it pretty soon whisked. His ideas his vision for the growing this franchise even there in and around. Personally I'd let's keep rocking or rolling once your thoughts David separate heard him speak now at the owners' meetings yesterday did just hearing him talk peachy cranked up. Like got a like I was a Selig is gonna be a great era Panthers football I just I just sit it's it's to gut feeling immediately discuss 704. 5709610. John is up next John how you feel about David tepper. It was going on and it oh are all. You know art. But about your round total order chemistry and to be excited. Aren't so I think it's fair to say it was all. Reasonably thought about it around though savidge true. As far as art that you know I'm excited I think you know just the fact that. This is first time in the franchise. Are going to be engaged with that campaign I'd agree with you or it. That could be beneficial for the team were the crash happened and it's our cam and our new carpet coordinator I've read about that he's here I just I think. And it never use is healing not for lack crying that you have a sort of wild weapons like he's gonna be this season. And you know we all that he's just it would all called almost all the way. Well we're sitting at home watching the game. We kidnapped predictable to have that element of not knowing. What they're going to be doing this year I think we're gonna surprise people a lot of people. No idea I'd I feel the same way I do I think the weapons are key point it's not just northbound. It helps camp this year it's the weapons and they brought in Torre says Jarrius ride obviously DJ Moore armed Ian Thomas. I just feel like now and then you look at a guy like DeVon punch is I think she's about ready to had a huge season. I think he would have been over a thousand last year he didn't have an injury to clearly hampered him down the stretch. I think emea 2000 yard receiver this season I think she can indeed be big receiver Michael Irvin a Malcom Floyd in the the north turnaround since. Adding Greg Olsen can be the next edition of nova checking dates like. You look at it nor best offense is phoned. He had receivers again jedi had big receiver he had tied and it's it's good to get guys out the backfield and catch passes that's McCaffery. I just think this team fits nor. And I just also think like let's not forget how Shula frustrated us man and the very least it's got to be an upgrade because it's. You go socialism northstar. He's got to run now my goers and banging around ought to think he is no doubt. He's gonna run. He's gonna run those in this you know deep in the stuff like that almost what you. And he's doing any can catch and unlike unlike John Benjamin to take those after the catch for more yards to Benjamin didn't do daddy call it went down hill and I says it underrated personality it's who's got the media we saw a lot and I thought a couple weeks ago. He's got in the NASCAR exits that it was losing his mind into NASCAR race vital to the all star race for just those be on the show said Anita this week early next had to be pretty sweet all of on the history says when we're gonna take to Jerry statute and it's a whole another issue there but I. I don't know man. Before the season we can't play a football game on with that statue out there and I know something other fans will whole heartily disagreed a mile left. That's the way I feel I don't want cameras on our stadium will play in Dallas it's a national TV. Four Tony five start bone Aikman and Buchanon a more cruel. I don't want there to be a shot out front of their dogs that you show us the panther statue when you're going to the stadium. But judge Jerry statute is embarrassing if we leave that up it looks. Like were sitting here and carols heightened sensitivity about how you treat freak and women. And that we're going to still have that damn statue out so I just don't know when Sanford does you know I don't think he doesn't get any until July doesn't sound like. It's not when the Jerry statue comes down Mac it's when the Tampa statue Gaza how I. Could I would I. How lineup right now what are I want to statue earlier as well strawberry milk pork grind sees about winning and lazy self deprecating. This guy this guy is me. This guy is neat by the way who really did a big difference of easy you know I don't know isolate vocal on the U vocal strawberry milk. We're both self deprecating that was the difference dynasty I had. I had nine million things that are different amount but I don't play buildings that are techsters you're a 100% right multiple people have said this. Rom. And. A multiple said young Burton Smith. He looks like a younger. Excursion of Britain's met and they're both still be free to enrich you don't hold tempers gonna look like who's that old pepper sauce I guess house and it's a result several looked like. At the hunt Don wick side. Elliott as stats or he could go to Don Rickles lookalike ground. I'm Joseph says Matt Mexican air crown in South Korea has done a damn thing with the Panthers would have won press conference. Mack I love your enthusiasm but it's annoying we don't know anything about temper and stop disgracing Jerry. I'm not disgrace and Jarrett grace Judy disgraced Jerry's traces franchise. He disgraced our fan base but here's a finger on me I'm just trying to move on I'm just excited to move all of and it feels like a good got to move on with and that's what we're asking you guys. I'm we come back we'll keep it going here I'm feeling panther positive didian may who is that is that our level the debt. Believing that north Turk can be a huge difference and make Cam Newton matter who believes that David tepper is. A great choice and owner now that we hear from 70457096. Santa and I get more paint a positive leads the Mac it's. And what's your name again Ian Rapoport Q did you color then here's that are real hair tenth Israel. Has already is something for myself or some. And sorry about that you know let's get your ear hair like their old books obsolete on sentinel signing up. Upstairs so. About the you know a guy that is a multi billionaire as inability to be self deprecating he has mass dirty dated as commencement speech the other day. He did it yesterday twice once they were the Rappaport. He has mastered the bald jokes the bald man bald jokes. I am working on mastering the you know beer gut guy jokes you know trying to work out that myself. And that's cool I like Jack had quality NMR mad that's pretty darn endearing I think. And that's what we're asking that do you guys now you like did. Tempers start to kind of figure out what he sold out do you like this. I'm getting some fun just doubters checking in some camp doubters civil deal with that. As this hour progresses and we'll talk to George Rodrigue about what she saw no TA and about to change ownership. At the top of the hour but so we definitely want to hear from you guys. Are much also there's a live old Jerry Richardson and if defender anger coming up in bone in the in the building senate text line we can deal with that tool as we progress here this hour I just listen am so glad you brought the team here. But it's a feel like you let us all down a silly he portrayed an image a pristine image. And then we signed out just how different really why it's just. It's just frustrate me but I don't want to be labors that I just wanna celebrate nude nude is what I'm trying to do. All right let's go to those loans 704 or 57096. Stand. If you all want a jumping and army and a man who celebrates a purchase an NFL team with pork rinds how Kenyan not like that ladies and jets. Our David is up next. I'm Dave. You say Brothers. They historic demands we're real excited about two or tries. We want you to win it I mean no matter what happens you know are trying to take L one no no less. But I think he's trying to do the Charlotte like all hours young Seattle. Just basically accomplished everything he ought to make sure they'll all juries wouldn't want anyone to direct way in which aren't good wit I have no problem with that whatsoever. No I agree I like the way he talked about winning in charity even you know around here and winning in the community. I think he wants to come here and do more than just. Be a good football team you know and make money and I'm not saying you don't want he certainly wants to do those things. But it feels like that for example he was talking SA with a finance committee Dave Dave appreciate call I act like Billy said that I agree. Use meet with a finance committee T bone and one of the things he brings up did get approval from them then approves from the owners. And then obviously. It's set in a closed on the sale sometime in in July. But it's. He was meet with finance committee and he's already bringing up like K here's lowered your charity lies can we work together how does this jibe with what you guys are doing charity wise is big things he brought up or hunger. You know. Is trying to stop punters much you can. And and education. Those are two big things he brought some what do you guys do until we work together so. I don't know man I'm buying in now will say this Ronnie did Ronnie is not buying it. Ronnie says Mac just like we all bought into Jerry Richardson and and the image you portrayed I feel like everybody needs to slow down you include it would David tepper are you sure he's not selling or someone he wants us to believe he years. You never know. Rice. I mean you just don't know I have a good feeling but obviously will evaluated on how it goes. I just like what I'm hearing and I do think the guy. We'll be ruthless in pursuit of victory and success to I think that's I think that's going to be part of as well someone. Tweets and you'll only get my approval when he fires brought Rivera. Yeah that's always give you his opening press firing one out one out soon he's coming from Pittsburgh reports say he wants to emulate to Steelers I don't think there's going to be quick firings at all. Even if the season is disappointing I'm feeling like there's not going to be a quick firing if he wants to truly model it like the organization he reveres it was a part of us for nine years just in by his coaching O'Reilly I think Mike Thomas and trying to get fires and it can't go to work not mark. 70457096. Stand gauge your first. Impression of tapper good lawn and at some point I got to find some Cayman nor believers the text line is very. Pessimistic on cam in order she I'll leave no Lawrence now and you believe in normal that. Normal terms you know when this offense gets cranked up well he's going to be such a rock star in Charlotte north Turner's buttered popcorn is gonna be as saying that. I'll tell you right now recalled to it is called the north and Arnold turner rocker is open door. Oh yeah turner locker there's a cheesy franchise attendant let me go to Miami yet award assay lab back. Hudson and this is a more traps at her Matt is up next came out what's going on. Top. Ala Barry. The air you know. Gap or automatically. That you ever get. There. Why are they all I am worried. Why. They act or what at no debt. Read your order. And taught at. Home. Oh. Graham it's it's Matt is still the biggest question of the offense right obviously the offensive line the last side ranks illegals health. And then he added that. Last year they threw the ball shorter a lot more than they had done you know with Rivera here with cam here. And calm now I'm sure they wanna give back to what north done over the years which is deep drops and let's get an ad there and that's the question. Is can they hold up man can they run block over on that left side is well it's the only question I feel like with this offense puts a big one no doubt. Why did I don't buy it might still act and I don't what what are your lesson of that are still clap didn't hold a normal sort of soccer this like access to what. I don't ask also that this guy says man I'm glad I appreciate the is says in an email normal certain barker could be the dumbest thing you've ever said. And it has a lot of competition. And I'm not a tears don't cry and you are telling there selling today maybe I just feel like we're in good hands would have hurt like tempers Allstate can't think we're in good hands when I'm. And then I like this north camp saying I just love listen north talk about embracing camps all's camp skills. And using the all those skills to make him the tough has got to prepare for any NFL I'm just having my rockets won last night and I are generally silent and you guys know is that off I've gotten Crist thought alibis gonna get he's. Guys are so annoying. By the way tempered doubters coming in now Tupper strikes me as a Joseph says temper is a self deprecating change his stake. Humility. Any dude it's got ten million dollars after buying in NFL team. Clearly has an ego he's faking it. There is no way he gives a damn about not having hair if he's got ten million in the bank. I think you're looking into this a little too deep here I think he's a dude who probably knows every man in the room wishes he was many. But he doesn't wanna put on those years so what he tries to do was bring himself down to the level of us. Us you know you regular no goals. And and and may make jokes of his own expense he's trying to bring himself down a level rather than talk down to people that's what he's trying to do in socially from people in power. They come down to your level I find that socially is absolutely boss. I don't know that we have held once I'd once I'd just enjoys something for 2.4 hours. Before we started Terry Darren now just have the kids 44 hours to. Reflect on the press circuit. The crazy said while we like dump and then maybe down the line he gives you reasons why you don't like yesterday dating off and that he gave your grief he's pretty optimistic. But weren't 2018. It's a year it's. Really not the year it is society is off to an entire download bone you know if they just dark everyone has to be cynical Tony for seven of everything snorting sort of Spencer is up next Spencer was. On wrong. And I look at an amen I'd be back. We like to very I couldn't get I'd also are never. I got to a pretty quick just I'm mad because I think this David tepper guy's gonna bring us together Spencer usually we're debating. I think you're gonna are you with me on David tapper now. Yeah dealt with you and I liked I liked. You're trying to. I don't get windy out. Of the ticket out but he urged AB. Yeah I was question no doubts. I don't forget about. It. Spiritually. I know I'm there I didn't isn't trouble here Tebow member Spencer scientist just stood up to all the guys he had cyclist guys is that he's not gonna get a job I know I said he would we. We enhanced case of beer on the until the job out. I don't know if you go onion ad in the last song did an outing how many jobs how many jobs are open. Our windows open. And Toronto's it's a hard question to ask me who got hired these other NBA styles wait longer has those open right pierce went to a white and he was a sixers assist in Milwaukee got. Bob Boone all odd Detroit saw open I Detroit so Dorado. Toronto game they're gonna bring Stackhouse in Orlando. Back. So we still get a chance police are he has done an interview in Orlando has he only got an interview Milwaukee before Booth Roosevelt like Milwaukee Lebanon chant did I that because I've been such a backer of hate people on the station the experts say come on hear the national guys have always said. Pleasurable we hired very quickly be a commodity around league so I have stayed strong strong with that. But Spencer called me on its cliff doesn't get one these next three jobs bones I know Spencer like twelve pack of beer or something. And he can choose whatever he wants some ritzy freak and you know opening the year he wants to can give you it's an honor that they make their. What's his Alabama offense forgot about it entries you're glad I feel like fifteen gates appear to be I don't know we'll throughout the woodwork this student says glad all these guys are psychology experts on Samper it's true but here's the thing though it works both ways to you could sort considered sex magazine psychoanalyze tapper from a seven minute press conference and it did seem to commencement speech. It's just all about how you feel about him. I just I just feel like like bones said he hasn't given us reason to have those negative feelings I don't understand why negative folks have it already does we'll talk about although this guy points out Mac if you're Donald Trump supporter like guy AM. Maybe you don't like temper quite as much as other people do. Armed I feel like you don't now I feel like maybe can you separate that likes he doesn't like the guy you back to whatever but it's politically but. It all depends on how he performs as owner of the Carolina Panthers like his political opinions on what candidates he approves of or disapprove some don't. It's each and had any reflection on what he does as owner of the Carolina Panthers right so can't we all get together and say. He's got a chance to do a good job regardless of candidates he's back or not. I don't care what it does all the guys are dog steeper it's true I don't care if I guess it's self some spots on receiver. These leaders tapper cheaper we years ago and LX MLS MLS that was a little drew Z Mary drop dead talking about possibility of partners and stuff and I might make a little tougher bring say in MLS seemed Charlotte that was an interesting thing he dropped in there and there's talk that debt the previous group not to be fall apart little bit. When that goal. All right when we come back. We've got to shift it like we started this hour or two things that excited about. We're not getting enough excitement on north and cam together or give a lot of doubt and a sex line. Cancer saints are you not feeling like north and cam is going to be a great marriage will talk about. Street springbok. Arm again we're not going to be there for a until July. To do anything but. Pause so the second question is who put off till then because I don't think anything's appropriate but I do think there's a there's a great team down there right now and I think my biggest thing I can do. As such as a kind of when I answered the same way answer the last question I agreed appreciation of how stupid I am. And sometimes it's better to do nothing to do something. So I think you wanna be very careful very carefully when you do anything. An arsenal 21 that side of the from that side of the business. There is. Hi David Sanford new owner of Carolina Panthers side in July to go through are also there it'll close the sale will close and he'll officially be on board but officially got voted in the yesterday and Tom anonymous vote I felt his role would make. You netted. It's not like they've voted you know secretly on the unanimous votes third sued so nothing. Bias. Let's I solar move onto this campaign nor situation. Tempered giddiness I think most of us had its summer kind of ceiling kind of cynical skeptical. Now all we need to talk about this Cam Newton Norv Turner marriage yesterday north talked. Talk about cam and says he expects he thinks he can improves accuracy now he mentioned 65 to her first mid sixties to high 60%. That seems a little lost to Kim does have that scattershot nature there's no doubt about it but it's. I do think he can improve the accuracy some. And I just sink GM's overall the overall production of the passing game I think will increase. Norv Turner is a big reason why you've got a veteran guys it's coached quarterbacks for years. And this is the best one he's had since Phillip risks but still best warnings and not name rivers rake them so a lot of people are saying look what you say Cleveland look what he did Minnesota. Those places he did not have a duty of cam Newton's talents and skill set not to do it that's grown on trees again at Camden town and skill set. But it's I just think that combination can be a real good one. And I think GM's health also is another reason why bony I feel good about him this year. Let me read some of the skepticism bone and tell me if you think it should be shot they'll shut down the folks that are skeptical about GM we ignored. This dude says mama let's see your first year offensive coordinators. Or usually don't do well. Do you buy into that and always seen him you know I'm. Mean there's adjusted period penalty they're going to be they're not convene in 99 rams right away Brett embodied in the season a figure things that's the key is to see you're all out and be jealous of the Roland by the end of the season and also and that's why this offseason so important Gasquet was injured last year. He would have time he had committed dated are doing blaster McCaffery wasn't there this year to save even they're all there right now. This YDOTA's and training camp is vitally important this year pre season games when they're out there more more than ever try to get Isa which are there's just came environment still there's. Cam can thrive and improve this year I'll just say this bone obviously Kyle Shanahan struggled in his first year second year he was amazing. But I don't think it's a rule like last year Matt the floor went from Atlanta little ramps first year offensive coordinator under Sean make today and look what he did. Now granted analog do a big stage is being the boy wonder offensively but I don't think it's an absolute its first year coordinators. Pass to struggle. Is also a big difference in head coach Norv Turner and coordinator Norv Turner some guys are great coach with a recorded a net wait till same tank of wait till sister head coach a problem or about that but wait till June defensive coordinator. Is the best of all time of their toppled the role that north gonna happier just. It says can't get a degree just ask Troy Aikman those cam haters are sake saints. I'm can also make it seems like he's changed around a little news dampened up cam out there I think he's got good stuff to say about cam now. It's amazing what happens but when Troy believes in nor I know he's always been critical candles point words bug me. But he believes whole heartily in Norman why would need Troy Aikman bone. Was a 65%. Passer under Norv Turner he. Never he it was his three best seasons. I'll come to a career completion percentage he was under sixty with Al lord turner so peace he has seen first and the impact he could have won't get our quarterback's performance if you look back. But mid ninety's and into early two thousands front wasn't exactly. Yet though is that we call same level to know I have to those three years they're there they're deathly was a drop off here's another thing to Philip Rivers Viles. Led the league in yards per attempt which to me is it even more important stat. Then then completion percentage ME URG and everytime he's you throw the football. Are you getting it down field and making a splash place. And Philip Rivers three times led the NFL well over eight yards per attempt which is a huge number. In his numbers jars first and wise never got near that again. Doris turner can help cam I think get the ball downfield little bit more consistently and I personally think Marty Bernie is already helped improve camp. By bringing in the weapons now the question is can we free gimbal lock them up on the left side to grind illegal stays healthy and that's what will be nervous about. You know her purse now leads the league and horrible fourth coral losses when he gets to soften a teammate on the search of the game if it ami I mean every single Sunday that over mercy turn on the game is young and had a teammate as it was north. A classic. They are just exams are richer but I love silver I tried to rural games lately. Yes who would who is worse down the stretch Philip Rivers the last two years would that late rally attempts. Or the Golden State Warriors down the stretch of last night's game like honestly how was that. The reigning champions you're better than that lawyers and I know I might be the only one upset by this because it's made a really good series but I couldn't believe. The way they're playing down stretch fours and threes and you'll be used to read that last possession off garbage can curl one at a time out dream I was trying to get a time out but no other player again you know what was cognizant of the fact. The current one at a time out that was brutal man one of the greatest is not the greatest offensive teams in NBA history with a ring curry out Derek Thompson struggling that's looking good and they finish like that I we got out or breaks my heart I can sell you guys are all team rocket zero QR I know that America didn't section of America celebrate it wouldn't dream on guys don't don't last night I do. To realize that aren't we don't act. We'll stick with the Panthers we'd go wanna talk to George Rodrigue she was out of no CAA's we'll talk to her coming up next. At 9 o'clock it's will Kennedy's WCC big he was in Atlanta yesterday's we got both activities involving a painter's comfort to net. Okay.