Mac Attack Hour 2: Clemson Co-OC Jeff Scott

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Tuesday, April 17th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Clemson Co-OC Jeff Scott. 


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Hi we're backing it is the Mac it's camping Tuesday's yeah. Pete win last night wage looks like he's in his twenties last night woods when he eight points they win Golden State rolls double digit win last night. So no staff no problem no collide big problem for a dispersed we got three. More series that will play their game two's coming up tonight's porn is still looking for coach. Panthers. Started off season workouts yesterday. Darryl Worley faces six different charges including DUI. And the Panthers have cells backup quarterback I think it's so I'm 45 or so we might have to spend some time on the back up quarterback. I just brainstorm like once the idea is it Taylor had to keep the Panthers claimed. Is it still Derek Anderson Joseph person says if they do anything within the could be for the veteran's minimum. A series take us for Diaz. So we'll get an all that do you draft somebody is it Garrett Gilbert's. I don't know a sudden it got started we kind of confused right now about the backup quarterback so does it add a little bit. Bottom of the hour here on American tech Jeff Scott until offense corner of the Clemson Tigers we just talked about Trevor Lawrence. Kelly Bryant or spring game we'll talk to Jeff Scott at the bottom of the hour. These Charlotte Comfort Systems temperature right now 32 degrees. Orders or AC to not available for 89 dollars. With Charlotte Comfort Systems happy hundred unforced court date this morning to held Johansson from Kramer to. There you go siesta resort that daughter Jennifer Garner like that by the way motive really was a Gator real Mosul people has. Made an observation. About Dwyane Wade's game last night and it ties in. To a hornet's history. I we have to do it before this hour amber is now want to get in their stories something last night. As reminded a lot of orders stands a very Dwyane Wade came in the past I'm so we will mention that Mac and WS kinsey. Dot com is to email address if you. Wanna jump in here on the Mac attack. All right I'll what is this question I'm curious because we've all acknowledged the Panthers have all these needs we have so many things that we need on this team. That we need to get it we need to get in this draft and you gotta take best value at each spot best player available within any kind of pieced this together. But what if you know it's inevitable Tebow we're gonna go through this draft and Marty is there's going to be a New York to. Of the seven raiders so needs that we feel like we have there's going to be an eager to know that Marty Ernie does not fill. Or he doesn't feel it until the sixth or seventh rounds. So of all these positions indeed and I would say on offense wide receiver running back tight and the interior line. Bomb packed backup quarterbacks a possibility now as well do you wanna go get their young quarterback in the mid rounds. On and then on defense you've got defensive end. You have as you know some are saying linebacker I'm not sure necessarily a big that is even with a TD staying on safety and corner desperately needs. So here's my question UT don't you go through this draft and this morning if one of those knees I just mentioned Marty Ernie does not yet. Which position are we OK where is Marty doesn't get and on the flip side. Which position are you lease agreement if we don't get in the draft. I say gum okay what is. I say they need a running back one or the other now first running back they have we did argue source route also until the cows come home. Whenever I say yes but I think it was a moral on the way that's why a young tight and I think is a necessity woody don't really know maybe year to year the future now Greg goals. That's got to happen. Wide receiver. I'm content if they didn't take. Is that what it. See here's a weird thing. We are agreeing on on what's like what you said I kind of agree with the backup tight end meet right I'll be right that there should also be nice to get. The running back if you'll take a running back by the fourth rounds. I'll be a lather just sweating freaking out to Cameron artist pains gonna averaged fifteen carries a game you know CJ and sorrows don't think we can have. And you gotta get a young safety somewhere on the way safety as well it otherwise would do in this game again next year so please save got an open source said whatever I feel like a corner you got to throw in the mix. At some point as well that might be a first round with a value of those guys. But I'm with you on this wide receivers saying I just if they don't take a wide receiver I'm okay I'm not panic. And the interesting thing about you and I both saying that is I feel like there are so many panther fans that are completely opposite of us on that. But if they don't get a wide receiver in the first couple rounds will be all over Mardy Ernie we're not get the can't many weapons. I just and I know we bends through this before and I'm curious to see what your answer to an assistant to finance the position they absolutely need to today. And the position that is they can afford it's in need but if they don't fill it it's okay because. I just believe Torrey Smith is going to catch fifty plus balls and be a good number two receiver and be a great guy in the locker room and be a speed threat we didn't have last year. I believe between right and Samuel and bird somebody can play the slot. Now that doesn't mean I'm opposed to a DJ Moore is on the boarding you're like okay. This dude is the truth he's worth it some would say Ridley as well would be that sort of player. But if there's never any value remember how Gelman bone used to never take the offensive tackle and guys like me would start hyperventilating. But what he would say it was it was just never any value every time the Dick came up. I wanted to take a tackle I wasn't going to force it it's it's like that was wide receiver. I think we can win double digit football games would do a slide receiving corps. But I'm very curious with panther fans are you guys screaming at your car radio right now saying this is ridiculous. We need a wide receiver. Or are people actually whistle us I do I am I'm I'm kind of wondering bone. Are you or me Garcia and Bailey only people in Charlotte DeMarre Garcia in the radio lumberjack that it lumbered project Alabama we only guys have a look at this live receiving corps and saying. If you don't know there. Instill a 67 drowning you don't go there all we can still win a bunch of football games because you'll be beefing up your defense you're beginning a running back to help the running game. May be used taken interior linemen bulk to help out inside as well like. I just I'm not sweat the net wide receiver like a lot of folks are I agree with you. That's wide receiver is not the only position held cam out west tight ends writing that's offensive line help defense is decent results came to everything else can't help the team so. Not just getting a wide receivers that are there are ways to get quote on quote weapons that are just wide receiver. You know Gerald says Mac claims to love Cam Newton but every chance he gets he explains we don't need to get cam more weapons. Kerry says Mac I love you don't like your Brothers but the fact is this wide receiver talked drives me crazy. Com he didn't explain that we didn't elaborate light of how how what were they quote the great weapons can added 2015. Yeah he did have nothing it was very nondescript standing as a matter of sat there have been times in his career when the the west or the receiver sometimes a veteran point deals like the better because he just kind of goes sheriff's aggressions need to go to guys the open guy and it's not enforcing situation. There's noticed so to me like running back receive this guy just says the sad to Mac just said when you're running back but we don't need help Camden now what a receiver. It is bizarre. But running backs helps camp self first of all if you're running back is a child or a penny or one of these power guys maybe that's less power running for cam was short yardage running for cam. Also bound our running game is a quarterback's best free can friend could you imagine him working with McCaffrey and child. I mean he can be beautiful run every option would those guys. I truly beautiful stuff. In mind this team gets more targets from the running back as a receiver in a tight end as well. They've got a thousand yard receiving tied it coming back healthy don't wait. They've got a righty bat they catch is what what's the expect to catch total from captured over 28500. Out guest. So you're gonna get 85200. Catches from the running back you've got a tight and that's a pro bowler. You can guess fun just to win a healthy last year he wasn't healthy down the stretch not many see what happens here. Natalie Cole didn't seem right so yeah that's an advantage the most teams don't have that resolutely the receiver position while port here is not the end all be. Is he says T bone and we need weapons on the defense get back to turn over machine we weren't 2015 that's where Josh Jackson comes in. Horn rare breed coming those guys specially just Jackson showed up but propensity to be able to make plays on the ball and force turnovers and it helps camp because he's got field position. I guess it's always in my case are so many different ways to help camp. A pass rusher help scam because also guarantees but the ball back to you not move the football not finishing on third down not you know. It's if you pass rusher Terrell on third down the other team's gonna cut it back to you pretty quick. Or throwing an interception because your pass rusher was in his face. I just think you can't force the value but wide receiver like safety looks way worse and wide receiver doesn't it. But the way our roster risk. Arm but this is why I don't we can all agree we all agree on one thing we want the Panthers to win mistaken Super Bowl. And we can taste and after 2015. Although we don't agree upon always that makes for good conversations is how do we get to that point. So here's a question is anybody with a saw wide receiver nobody brave enough out there to join us and say wide receiver if they don't feel we're all right. Or is there another position and age you look at and say we can get my deposition 70457096. Stand there. Panther nation wide receiver is it a muscle talk more about that opposition is it's the back it's. I. Sarah Anderson and he was a star of night court as Harry stone to judge on night court if you're. In my age group I think even T bone T bones age group you'll know it or older than us obviously. Mom also played Harry the hat to con man on cheers six episodes on cheers. It was great news we're too great show us. He died in Nashville he moved rational. And or last ten years old is why so. Recipe says good old school TV characters he will come up bone in July when we are discussing our favorite. TV characters old school TV dinners he will come up both those care. Easter recipes Harry looked up I would double yesterday to see he's up to now Richard mole was his name bad old Shannon. Can't believe the south fast time goes by most standards now 75 years old is he air air Montrose is Holler I've always got. Ever since I saw aired on draws at UNC I thought the dude looks like bulls for a young bulls from Nike tour. Think that he does it's uncanny marquee post had a going on sushi was a lawyer she come in all those like business suits and stuff with skirts. Marquis post at don't want all right anyway refocus may be the rest in peace Terry Anderson I gotta tell you why imported stands. Our last night's game reminded them out of a game a couple years ago in the playoffs we'll talk about that in a couple minutes. What are give more thought to meet a lot of building sent texts and emails when I get your thoughts there or on the phone lines. Is wide receiver they need position that if we don't know and and a draft were OK let's. Do we get any wide receiver. Non stressed out at their fans about the wide receiver guys 7045709610. Hours or no position that we don't necessarily. Have to go crazy if we don't sail in our need group let's go to tie who is next up next time how you feel about this. Get more appellate that they probably a lot of people aren't allowed quit. The IPS of Tamil what they they. They can't get the option of working bill we did not need him to go out there and fling the ball forty cab for download and yards. It can get put out straight June 20 by two feet deep with a couple touchdowns. Between what about pac committee we put up between 120 spot market DR what they are would be bit that it can. Excellent went to people extent that is how we will get back. Two playoff glory and Super Bowl glory I would honestly doubt they're very okay. I'd like about a want to think about what stressed that the trial up until I found out Max OK with that now look right at the Mac cursed you know we'll just have it at bat and they're out there. And I've changed your opinion does that put on the smuggler unbelievable changing their opinions about because they don't want to agree with me. Another guy bust my balls here a minute ago building senate tax. Up dude says most of the mascot call Clinton out. That was that was Saturday dude says match your mind you the weatherman. You're wrong most of the time which come on the air during draft season so sure yourself it's all about confidence may be a you gotta have that shooters mentality around. Shot my ground shots every year if I go oh great of a comeback she my draft shots the next year bound shooters mentality. I continue to how law a lot of times the ball will end up sliding the bad shooters a clutch situations like deet Duval and up this year a lot of times the ball get a game zero I don't know if the ball at the draft ball's always ends up being thrown a Mac tied the clock is take it that's got a game when he shot now last year he delivered. I did all the people say I people say yes Lester I suck because they think McCaffrey's a boss even we caught 83 and balls. And averaged five point three yards a carry the second half of the season it's almost like you can't win of people some are dominated maybe it's just Maine is considered says Sam feels a mistake and injury prone birdies injury prone I wouldn't count on either need receivers. Joey says Mac you actually got people believing your garbage and T bone is always your little yes god. Exactly my ear yes I Cam Newton needs weapons we need to make plays on offense we do but that's why you went out got Torrey Smith. If Ted Ginn who was never good receiver anywhere. It's turned into it can be turned in by Cam Newton to what he became here's a deep threat I believe Torrey Smith can do the same stink in saying. That's the deep threat we need plus bird he can be a deep threat singles does speed one of those two guys payers out. I could get I heard about Russell Sheppard still here we don't worry I'll definitely imagine him. But bone weed they did if you get a at wide receiver Greg there's clear why receivers are like. But it's it's I'm just trying to say it's a decision I wouldn't freak out if we didn't get. And then I came on the air saying how do you guys feel and every emailers angry at me I'm just asking a question. Does anybody else have this same vision for the Panthers or you all cam weapon crazy. I believe everything that last caller just send to restart bashing may mount like this team panther football is. Running the ball playing defense play action passes downfield after you set up the run. I stats panther football and their football a scam passing it. 2728. Times thirty times a game. Right salsa it's also bad clock management at times a second as part of the topic what do all the bad things. The guys that told me on a Mac yes man I'll be sitting down and I need him to stand up. Take dead opinion internist sideways thank you very much sort of guy upset Jill I'm not a match yes not only be called a MacKey asked me. I'm here and this is really great as an MIT MES mentally I don't know we disagree buddy you're just dancing in front of his party. But serious matter yes say preppy rebelled against the establishment and made a Dez Bryant movement is started getting support and I became unnerved yesterday it probably is not a yes man. Preppy is a fax man stuff she's. Her appearance he's bald man to be some go to combat it W a frenzied Edgar Hoover preppy ZE mail address. This dude says was purple shirt guys to game last night. Multiple panther fans that are cancer. Other sport. Mowlds hornets hornets and he's on smooth on the radio baby smooth. From multiple sports fans have pointed this out. Dwyane Wade after the game. You we went off a 2611 to sixteen sites that we use you know comments all over Twitter. And it what does he say after the game I'm just glad I could shut up a lot of people including Kevin Hart Kevin Hart was on the sidelines he's a silly dude. He was he was over there you know all old courtside watching the game in an old leg Mo cheeks Andrew Tony 1980 sixers warmup jacket. And he apparently was yelling and Dwyane Wade. So. All in unison all of hornet's station has done as said real purple shirt guy situation here. Do nots ticked off the plane Le Mans just let those old bones and that old rickety body mainly because when you take them all bone it's over. So once we got Aminu was it was state they combine to wade last not levels I was combines a blast site are from was the actual image from the hornets game but whatever was. It was purple shirt guy yelling at Dwyane Wade and it said. Last time someone did what Kevin argued added up and pharmaceutical sales. That of course is corporal shirt guided his job purple shirt guy also balanced. Bounce from hornets games and I I while I alas this question though. As it seemed and the saints at the west now would you think we missed some slack yet. So this lag yeah department duties gamer he's dead lifts the weight incident but navigates do we know how many years he impacted go down there and we don't know doings of her blood they may be Stackhouse and those Stackhouse is gonna bring in tarnish our guys there's going to be a bunch of guys in khakis. And blue button down Dario blue button downs they're gonna come and support Jerry Stackhouse I heard that topics that houses the coach before games. They're gonna have they're gonna walk grandes around on the course. That's what it is which is what he said just driven a tribute on the court as the. Be a lot of balls bouncing on the floor that night and I'm not just talking with its gains I any mass tried to strike team I'd Mac it does yes Lindsay dad Tom. To go on for some more subtle problem I said sack he red balls but it's all right we come back. We've got to we got to change it up a little bit saga look college football Clemson spring game man they've got some talent they got a quarterback battle it's very into sync. Jeff Scott become OC Clemson joins us next. We need some discounts the ball. I don't win. Alludes looms basically spring games Clemson Tigers had their spring game on Saturday great crowd as always. And just so much talent on the field both sides of the ball is very interesting quarterback situation. Fans going crazy over to young Trevor Lawrence. Let's talk about all of it was our next guest he is the co offensive coordinator there at Clemson. Just got joins us on the Mac its act fresh off of Saturday's spring game coach it's a pleasure how you doing. Do little but fuel. I know you're doing well I just watched all the tell you got at your disposal coaches. If you're not doing well there's something wrong with yet. What did you think how did you think the spring went for the offense and they're. You know and I'm not just talk about the game obviously I'm talking about the practices. What what impressed you how do you feel about where you're at right now. Yeah what were pleased overall what our offense this spring you know we're really treat every. You know we must start over in January so entertaining that the new law so I got started. With spring practice I was really proud of our approach would that off that the group people who. We have a lot of come back. You know it's it's in the beginning when we're really order a Tennessee are. Take that next step opera last year. And we can't dispute you know young guys appear came in in January to the group then. And you know overall are very pleased still have banked but obviously we did continue to work on throughout the summer. As we get ready for the fall. But when you're gonna get our defense up every day out there to the practice field. You know you gotta bring it every day you're you're gonna get exposed. And ultra pleased with the way that our our competed and improve this spring. And that's those those battles right there must be some good ones on the audience at DNN defense affront. It just be you know I I I can't get can't beat around the bush you know the number one question you're getting there Essen demos get NASA their bodies get mess there. Is about the quarterback situation just starting with Trevor Lawrence you know I'll watch is a spring game and obviously he's got a purple Jersey on he can't be hit. But it just seems still leads us first on the scene just seems to have that it's fact or. And the big arm and some mobility I mean what are your thoughts about about him and and how he he looks. You know what we've we've definitely got a really good quarterback room and that's. That's one thing that if you don't have a quarterback it's sort of have a have a special teams have a chance for a special season so we're very fortunate. There was a good step there Trevor a guy that would know well this first year art school. Already done not bimbo went his entire career. And no matter what level he's been you know whether you vote of freshman Lauren Burke street. Well football you know it it's always looked very you'd be for him he's never been really overwhelmed. And that's really what we saw this spring he really came in. And may do adjustment really as good as any freshman we can't come true. At the quarterback position. Obviously is raw talent and ability to pro football or is the business deal appeal but. Topic for the coaches what's probably most of Europe. It is news. Football knowledge of IQ. Is ability of these things happen. Before they happen and be operate activism in the appropriate amount of time you know that that's the thing which not real sure well you know. But talented freshman coming to him that. He definitely had a a really good start. You know this bring him in glad to see him. Perform well on in spring ball and and not the it's a good situation for us billions. The coast regardless suit goes out there and becomes our starter in the all. You know we know it's going to be someone that's very talented and has the ability police are doing. Words always just got one of the co offensive coordinators at Clemson they're fresh off their spring game. You know and I'll watch Kelly Brian and obviously you know he struggled there's there's no doubt about that in the game you guys have seen him in practice. How do you weigh out how do you guys make this decision because Kelly Brian and you know you can make a playoff run with him he's an amazing Ron her. And he's a vet with experience but on the flip side he gets his kids it appears to have disability get the ball down field that made you lacked a little bit last year like. But you don't know you didn't have veterans are you better with a veteran early how how do you guys make this decision and and when do you wanna make a decision. Sure well orbit. And you know they're considering those where the left more than. You know or greater there every rep every time. Deep gut and it's really not just. You know Kelly and in Trevor you know we've got. You know some other guys that are in their room that are there now. Really put themselves. And the competition so you know the the biggest thing for us is even though it's it's a marquee position on the all of it is very important their buddies watching what we try to treated the same way announced that the best player deploy. In it doesn't matter you know what you're York school it doesn't matter it's been a stroller before. You know the best guy I've got to orient so. The spring game but it's a piece of you know you're looking at a very reluctant. A collapse but the spring game really just kind of examines the or about 1% maybe. But you know again Kelly obviously didn't connect console to the ball but he ordered to launch better. But I don't believe that this spring game really it was very. Indication about his wearing wins because Keller really got better this wearing we're all really good thing to think he needed to improve on from last year. We felt like he did so this deathly going to be a top decision and it it'll be or not a lot of our opponents but. You know that the best way to go about it is so let these continue to complete. And you know well a lot of people realize that you know we give fifteen practices during the spring. And we get 29 practices in all and for the first inning. So we still have a lot of lot of practiced a lot of ball would go it and it is something noble continued chart. All the way rule all. They coach couple other guys I wanted to ask you about. That he Higgins obviously I don't even know I don't even know I need to ask that you are solid as you saw the signs last year. This really looks like he's going to be next great Clemson receiver Rogers is a young kid looks like she's a stunt. And I love Travis seed Siena in the backfield I mean how good do you feel about this young skill position talent it like a lot of people say you guys just re loaded the seems to me your stock at right back up it's a skill spots still. You know work or really thought it are still. Not bump than that. We've been fortunate you know really since strips where you've been here clumps of unity rubble awful lot of meant that at some of the fuel efficient. And when you have great player to come here and have success but my art double lobby you're the daughter recruit. That next group could. You know to take input of our partner really were two of the top receiver thought Tennessee. A year ago and god that we moved in our system. And have very hard feelings and what they can do on the field. The epic. Short while after a slap in Europe they. And a that your would only get beat up just a little bit what quite well where you wanted to be torched into the year. But he that are really good spring. You know but he is voted if he got the the united I mean really he's got everything mature looking for. It's got the ability to run by guys he thought oh. Chaotic he gets the ball in traffic it was good just freedom. Make some of those competitive play on that stage. Topic that we give them a lot of cup this going into the summer and get ready for next fall a little more rocker. And he's he's probably one of the most. Focused receivers split out coached in my tenure upon them I mean did you vote coach you know pro death. It comes then. Go to work every day. And very very focused. Very intentional and everything that it does. And that Travis. Viewed the end of the guy Al Louisiana. You know we saw some big plays from him last year music on every time he touched the ball. You know he can take it the distance. And really just see him develop. Other parts of his game in pass protection and those proper thing. That was our thing we're most pleased whip this spring. And that's Soledad I was deathly suddenly everything else seems natural Estella suddenly had to work on that's good news. I will tiger fans are pumped up I'm sure you guys are. Congrats on good spring and how I think also there's the Charlotte tiger fans there's a bunch Obama. Are about ready for you guys to kick off man so they're excited thanks for coming on. I do you know let's just got colossus coordinator. At Clemson is wrapped up their spring do just wrapped up their spring Carolina wrapped up their spring and have a spring game the wrapped up their spring. I'm start to get through loudly southeast spring games I we come back. We always talk about the NFL ratings and man they're down they're heavily scrutinized. NBA ratings regular season up. First weekend of the playoffs. This appears to be a sport it's going in the other direction. But without the hornets in the playoffs in Charlotte it's like are you guys feel the same way to country is about DM BA we'll talk about it that. Just as we countdown to the NFL draft and we need a policy and share. Let's stop and look back at another classic and have failed drastic. And by classic. Really and I'm guessing one of the two is your number one who does Houston take. Com or go with young man sell and ominous Saint John men's cell for this reason when you talk to people in the old days. I get a consensus one man is up I don't get what portals or Bridgewater. A consensus that Mandela where he's won 5 this morning in the top five somewhere there's a guy goes into the deep. What's your number one about what your exact for the Bradford money. John demands knowing the magician on the field if he even eats sleeps and great football for 65 days a year. Five to me he can be a very good to great player any NFL in today's NFL kind of suits his car skill set very effectively and very well. Then nobody got the figure out trading down the possibility Pickens stadium clout you talk about that but. They take a quarterback coming men's Els got to be heavily in the discussion tuning. Each gave her another classic trap. Asked to become a Mecca attack. There you go we're trying to spread it around all these great draft moments in my grade I mean brutal of analysis gone bad. On its only maritime till team on slips me and it's been a hyper he's deadly on top five guys donated Tony's. And what a number one he's not running him over loudly. Bill O'Brien it's kind of daily news and you take Denzel over clowning oh dear lord. It feeds just focuses on football that's the best part of it to don't giant fans know the magician on the field. If he just focuses on football I don't think that I Pete he gets there to say that does not occurred. I will say this is true John demands knowing the magician on the field he made himself disappear rather quickly. You don't that's good that's that's good man Charlie Burgess continue to raise a high note and I don't know if you can match not a slave identity. Todd Todd Todd it creates grazed slates football 365. Johnny men's knowing the magician on the feel bad just a bit outside. By the way here's the thing is Johnny still focused on football I know he's saying all the right things about this comeback attempt he's doing is played sparingly or whatever. But I heard last week he's already has plans to come out with a comeback she'll. Like if you're gives you signs an NFL team he is going to put out a Johnny football come back she'd like they're just make a comeback. I just try to get back in the league and dig yourself. I earn yourself. An honest wage in the NFL I ask you this are worried about what not to complete the comeback I ask you this. Should the Panthers take a look at Johnny has backup quarterback ultimately is run 70457. And ice extent that we back also about friendly preppy once Johnny man's LA as a quarterback you like Johnny throw the Dez Bryant handing off to see you. Johnny there's no the magician on the field. We want to know on this afternoon as the NSA I don't know why don't we don't it does lead us right hand out to I was gonna talk about this backup quarterback thing I. A question of panther fans here bone throughout the Johnny football question I'll eventually get him get everybody cranked. X our backup quarterback this year. I'd also occurred yesterday when we claimed off waivers Taylor kinda keys then the leaks at three years is strong one pass in the NFL three years it has completed. These are you surprised it's just good start he's all time NFL leader in completion percentage. Underpass at. I am he has experience in the north turner system. Two years there is basically third string quarterback one year the next jury was third string got hurt on and then ends up with Texans last year he 61. Wasn't drafted. I'm just I'm sorry Taylor I think he like listen you may be great dude I don't want you to be our backup quarterback I don't want to wake Cam Newton plays well. I don't want this dude to be one play away from being in the game. So then you go down arsenal is the candidate of guys. Garrett Gilbert. People over the building rave about it Gary internally we've heard that date date date they like decayed is it is time are ready but is he the backup. Was he wasn't drafted either lousy. The police to undrafted guys buying tips on an ideal situation going on here this comes from Tony says Mac why is there Derek Anderson's got a beating answered this question. I think I kind of assuming bone to Derek Anderson was just gonna be signed at some point. And here we are almost draft time in DA had been signed Joseph person sound instincts we guessed yet. He said it had bad Derek Anderson still a possibility but he may have to accept the league minimum apply. Does he do that or does he decide act. I'd say some money and it's pretty good money being a back up to hell with sat. And so. Is it it is it player in the draft. Like when they go bone mid round quarterback I don't you can X can you expect to mid round quarterbacks come in and be your backed up right away. I'm looking at that was a quarterback's right now you mentioned before the show Matt Moore still out there yet met more like the only back up I look at on the free agent list and say. That duke is coming any areas he has to go in the game I don't feel bad about. You know Ernie was hearing in and brought him. Here there is their back there is no on this awaits you look at again that's that's a good idea. Ryan mallet Kellen Clemens Ellen Clements Alston Davis I know do it like maybe initiative addresses Souter has maybe didn't take photos. Side Teddy Bridgewater to be backed up for year tip may be that it worked out maybe they should not put this off because ballots. They're gonna end up with a backup quarterback we'd better hope KM per guy that was a football like he doesn't plays out ready dollars. Got to stay healthy or to worry man. Joseph is his roots as Ruslan Joseph says quit trying to get people freaking out over a stupid back up I'm not rich I'm not stupid and here's the thing I don't believe bone that they should have really dealt with an earlier I don't I wouldn't put a premium on getting a back up quarterback either. But we had too many needs and too little cap room. I just kind of assumed all along OK Derek Anderson come back although to be honest. The way Derek Anderson played last pre season modem I'm sure this are why isn't signed and is the reason why did only offer important person may be the league minimum. The way he looked last year I don't know if they're garrisons quality back up anymore. Well there's there's what there's one there's one other name out there that you mention when the show began whose act. LB Colin Rand cap an adolescent thing miss Garcia doesn't think it states is. Yeah he can do the job and you feel really good about it could run the same plays in the same system. But this is just dead we've been through this he's got side by anybody can he still out there. Inventor of this before band Max and WA AF Lindsay what do they brought it to 3COM breeding tampering. Whatever bug those guys are here is dude says. Yes. And generally they don't have to say if Jerry were raining death particularly maybe on this guy says sighing caps. I just seals and decide it's not even worth Izzy reports uttering a breath to say that anymore on this dude says. How how far Lamar Jackson need to fall in the draft where we would take him. Tony B says I take Lamar Jackson. At 24. He backs up cam in three years he's the starter atrocities not an estate agent draft record back three years down the road and sustain it. They be back in the day you would do something like that not now not it's. The obviously holes on a team we have too many needs were literally borrowing. We're we're literally breaking out like seven different needs. You can't go and use it as a backup quarterback there's been years for the patriots are like Iraq you know what muzzle take a flyer on somebody we just won a championship event what do we got to get Ned. There are years when you have too many knees to be something like that lets it enter your right to bear the I I think. And I don't wanna get 43 years I can't I don't know why people one usher came out the door in three years internal large Jackson. On this dude says rock Riley Ferguson late Reynolds. I would hate dat in L a wouldn't hate that move. But I just don't go to town someone like Datsyuk got sort of sits sixth round and they're not your back up and take my dad text me like every day about the cornerback from Richmond. Yeah I think he saw himself talk on Larry Ellison go to session where's he projected one of the Panthers coaches went to check him out but just here's the thing that is pro day. Here's the thing though he's project I've seen him second third round I'll carrier he's up there yes he is seen as a guy the patriots might go with a thirst so many patriot quarterback rumors like. Dazzled the Lamar Jackson people believe they might take Lamar Jackson and then they're still was another rumor yes say about him trying to use those 21 rounder and trade up. And take Josh Allen. She imagine that's and that staff if any staff can get anything out of that dude accuracy. Reading from the field I mean if anybody can get so mad that do I guess it might be mcdaniels and company what did you do did we the ones that sort of player that guy. Did you by eleven napping a year year and that type did you see the exchange Jesse between Dana Jeremiah Bucky Brooks. Or Jeremiah said crazy trade rumors out here in a book hubris quoted and said if this goes down it'll shake up the entire dressed. They would say what do lull is about Zacks bills going up to number one wants it yeah operatives and there's I don't actually sent a three way debate insane but somewhere else you solid I saw last night it's. Bills getting number one Cleveland train down to two giants moving back. So laws and then there's a gazillion picks involved in the whole thing. On this dude says once Jerry's now we're gonna sign can't predict she'll out it would be and just seeing new owner how would they view it. What would Mardy do. Bomb disguised as cap is more worried about image and not take him back a job of I would say image but it does appear that is. Like he would not commit for the sake of getting the backup job in Seattle he would not commit and just say I'm not going to Neil he says I am onshore. So it does seem like she Boni is. More committed to his pull us out of college image I'm saying his cause that he believes in. And trying to change things in this world and Danny he is about getting a back up quarterback Jon and I don't say that as a bad thing at all sometimes things are better bigger than football somebody I respect that. I we come back now we'll get into this MBA stopped the country is love and some MBA Luke's playoffs so far and regular season how about the city of Charlotte.