Mac Attack Hour 2: Cam Newton's Top 5 Moments

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Tuesday, July 17th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain breaks down his 5 best career moments from Cam Newton. 

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Superman we talk a little jammed do we get the most fun cam Newt conversation I will say there's at some points. On this radio show might be later this hour we will get a soon. The Dan Orlovsky comments about Cam Newton yesterday it seemed to cause a bit of a stir Andy staying and people were angry about them. On on social media yesterday. I'd listen back to home I'm not sure we need to be angry about a bubble will do we will play the audio was from the days on chuck Howard and and Kennedy working together. Again yesterday so we will play that near Los he's practice seems a pretty solid. You don't analysts on the come now working for NFL network could play quarterback worth a damn leg but seems like this might be his calling both. Easiest second most highly respected 34 Earl from a city Connecticut that you know probably. Right. Right you got to meet I got our staff paper say may same state. Tebow went to a daycare them. Accusing daycare but they don't allow. How's he can't all right let's give candidates jammed this credible start with the first hour is a ton of college football stuff. In the first hour SEC media days roll on today we gave a little middle of the baseball Bryce Harper DC stance I mean almost glacial order deserves it soon. That was quite a damn show they put on last night that's the way home run derby should be. That was beautiful tonight they'll probably play a boring all star game but at least the homer under to take but last night. But we've got to get into this Cam Newton saying and eventually this week I'm going to used to move. These top five list around so we get 1 to 8 o'clock to argue when the 9 o'clock dark but the way things are breaking out we got a lot of guests coming up college football guess an 8:9 o'clock hour. That this is the best place to break this out again yes there we are glad great time. Talking back and forth with folks about the top five list that I did on the you know players in the ACC SEC history. And a lot of them didn't go over well but that's what these lists are all about this one is gonna be a little more of all of us on the list I think. It's hole this one's harder though I had harder times he don't narrowing this one down the files. Then I didn't believe it or not was the all time SEC and ACC. Players because this one I have so many moments in this thing but I absolutely lulls. The list is. My top five cam moments of all time. It's it's it's it's my you know couple that I just loved plays that he made and I just partial to preach in love. It's plays that were significant it's a combination of of those sort of things significant moments. Or just freaking jaw dropping amazing place that I thought were were awesome. And I'm and ask you guys is panther fans and fans want to campaign we're way too much on this station from Cam Newton. You know haters and doubters and she doubters the doubters all that stuff we need to celebrate Cam Newton during this discussion so when you call all. A wanna hear from campaign ends and wants you to passionately Tellme CU. What is shortstop Cam Newton moment ever. I guess I am bids and I had I do yes I know I'm down love one another and they'll number one. Ali did did yes there was obvious remembered said Herschel Walker and Tebow on the team already know one Goodell does guys talks about one taller. That wanna Tebow Austin team and no doubt really argued so. I would do the most obvious one a one that no one will argue with that as number like what one on the air it's not move. Our rights number I'll give you number two guy. These Seattle touchdown pass to win the game and finish to come back off in 2015. He gets Greg Olsen looks safety off it's great Olson. Completes comeback against a team that had owned us. And insincere that we all hate it. In Seattle one of the toughest places play in the in the league at that point toughest place to play and didn't get game Tebow and I think you're I talked about it a bunch since. What is it number two by the way so I still have something I like better than that one but didn't that game signifying in 2015. Like. This we got some cook at this is something serious but it really did. That's set the tone for the rest of the season because at that point it was hey we think really judge it or not sure how good we are to Seattle's in the lack. There's a Seattle blocked between the Panthers and maybe the did NFC championship. And that game right there are sort of set the tone for the rest of the way in carry demo to his super. That's what we hit us what we saw realize were some bad manager and was right here right we got some bad dudes and this team's gonna be great some bad mothers come back. Social Nacional sorry I didn't mean SAT over you though your Sosa say I'm just minutes I'll I'll bet they're upset about Atlantic's. Are what what is Giorgio the personal favorite tale moment bow legged could be. You don't just played you like could be a moment this like you know not necessarily apply could be like a team of particular game. What is your favorite cam moment for this live so there there are so many they're Chris and Eddie can't moments match and they're not all on the scene though they're not. These are not you to put it also feel moment on here if you truly love it how about this I can't diversity that was calls one day not had a lot we are on the side of camp. But how about when he doc he ripped the packer fans signed on as a good one and it caused a stir we had to get the got to show the next day. That right there and get it to me it's got to be a sidebar that's a good one I did I wrote down so many different camp moments for consideration I mean think about that once experts I. I love that moment because that was like do I care about this stadium be at our house I care about this stadium. Billion panther stands domain so I'd like death moment even if you know obviously the national media jumps all over him for it but I've freak and love that protect your house attitude I didn't put it on their but something. Like Jack could easily be on there there's no doubt about it. What is your pay their fan you're out there elicited. What is a Cam Newton moments. That you love so much looking back at it you think it has to be on the top five list. A top five cam moments ago we wouldn't use Seattle the TD pass in 2015. Also ran into Tebow trying to balance it out. He had so many bad ass moments in 2015. It's hard not to make the whole list 2015. Like she is just. There was players to play moment after moment he had so much slack don't want we were all just having so much fun. So it is hard you could do like a top 152013. Moments does deal comes. Cello romper make your lesson now. Yeah. I thought about what do I put something within outfit on here I really thought about zebra pants zebra. In the Super Bowls and zero brits didn't seem to school in hindsight what you've got fox tales. You've got a sales are on the war recent Robin Hood had that he wears the feather and down obviously partial to that. I Jolie says how about the dad their first he may did dad's famous. Worldwide help the French president's still visit that ended at eight at the other day when they won a World Cup is still he's got to get on go to France adapt is just over bids bids done bent over but no I didn't put the dabble whenever relate to what you're thinking like it's more than just. Us significant play or a special like on field thing there could be. There could be other things do your favorite Cam Newton moment is what an alleged she knows it makes the top five. And who is Mike Cam Newton loving soul mate. Who comes up with the number one moment on my top 5 AM moments list 70457096. And Lucas. Got any right away as I gotta get Lucas first. Lucas was your favorite cam moment. Yeah they got there and hey what's up. And not important and Amanda championship game. What people remember that where were you. I think you're right Julio or Herbert yes ma'am. The point of order that. They gave them that it go to running play and beat this man handle that BP and appeared like but there are. Was nose up by the sideline was over by the sideline. Yeah yeah America. Piper yeah I know he got the first down he needs he carried DB like four yards and an excellent pass the first down marker and pushed him out of bounds. I did what either of those on the list. But those are great candidates man and a cool thing about doing this list is. Last night I went crazy just watching like if you going you suit you can see all these different top ten list of cam moments they have Longstreet season they have won your first career for 2000 detained. And I just went crazy watching this and remembering. I idol I was considering the wrong where he goes over the supple Scully yield. And the defender I was considering that likes I thought I F five better man and a deathly just a great game by camp three to 35 yards passing game four total TDs and we go to Super Bowl. Real quick and brings one out from December 2017 and I wouldn't have brought up how well this ought. Against the Packers Matt what he says he all the watch yourself watch this I thought it. About that I was like cannot put us on the top five it is so cool it's casually or to an -- for touchdown I guess it was they were replaced Clay Matthews the same wheel route will work out. And Jim duque is unaware as a low angle route inside. And it says not even allowed to still watch this in an historic touchdown on a different flight was beautiful those are eligible to soothe things like that from him you know. Just a swagger moments from can't tell you all for free to cool I 7045796. That is a beautiful. We can't load and load up the phone lines man. Can't even find a hater today bound don't even know where. Call him terminator I see one. I'll accept friend recently just muscle preppy we come. Back what needs to be my number one on this list of my favorite. Top spot and moments we'll talk cam next. Thousand dollars. Here and as every hour the rest of the broadcast stay local broadcaster I hear their frenzy your chance to win it. On the thousand dollars text the word police. LEA asked to 72881. Of your shot to win a thousand Dollar General until probably out of Texas in. To national contest message and data rates do apply full contest rules available. At WS and Z dot com slash rules are adept at Tampa sand saying this topic inspire me out. That's what that's that's that's that's the beauty of this we just start reminiscent about chance great moments great plays. It gets you fired up and oh by the way the dude is healthy the dude looks like he is mentally healthy if you see some of these against grant story videos. And he's been working out with the receivers I mean I just he's got normal better influence on him I think. I think he's going be a great year for ten. It is it's my personal top five can't moments number two I told you the Seattle game winning touchdown pass in a regular season in 2015. What should be number one we had Joan who is up next Joseph what do you think. Hey Mack Ukraine pay. So 2013. Prime time. Mitt. During a patriots. Can't. Escaped the pocket and be about what I respect that their defenders. Though yet but staff. And he should have been sacked on that play instead he ended up with a huge gain and a first down on likes third Nader something. And the fact that it I've time. That it is they are the. Well against that seemed to rule bomb and you'll also could have said the game winning touchdown again to you know like he had he won again and obviously Brady goes down. And you can ground and a whole thing happens is great asset is I did not put it lets up five. Like there are amazing moments phone that I feel guilty about not putting on the top fives. But he also had an amazing Ron against the Redskins. On a 39 I think certain seven something like that. Where he ended up all use the whole field open just went and left. Give all the way back to the rice. Com console can and that's the thing about jam. The inconsistency. Obviously is is an issue in bugs us. But those high points Diebold those type of plays that are eligible for a list like this. Like dude they're free get out of this world those employees you can see him in your mind. I saw about just his first game in general. How many yards he had to get the cardinals in his debut 400 something I'd put down on there and that's how I describe to some people are saying input did the first touchdown pass deep to see many in his first game. I just described it as his debut but this is number three. Is debuted Arizona because all the dude this is like me that were doubting cam oh he has invented a pro style I'll sense I don't know this is gonna work out. Right there I sat there and said I think I have erred in my analysis yet again. This dude is to truths like. That moment was freaking awesome to see what she drafted and it paid even and the thing it was so great about that he noticed his free season it was not good at all you remember that. Always debate because Sydor and all my. That's okay where did those certain days got ready yet to be closer than that all your earlier in the closet ever be ready to react Paulson guys it can't guys that season are only go to console legal Chris real quick here hey Chris what's so what's the top cam moment for you. I got tired out there are good. On paper he's done that some billion. Last year yet biking. Is what every shipwreck off for a run any oh they. There he is trying mr. actually thought I mean it is practical critical debate that. And it is just one comment everybody what to do well there. He does and de ho so bad. It does so bad and that was that essentially was the day went awry like dad drive ended up. Vienna game winning drive for camp and with all that's said T bone I did not put for the first. I really feel guilty about not putting on the list because that won it won the game against the team in Minnesota was one of the best teams in the NFC. That was a huge free can win we had to leave Minnesota came back I think tied it up. GM broke down run off on his own grief there might have been a hole by medical Leyland ever on princess Helena David a didn't call it's good news hi. Goalies to hold more Macs are about to sort from Joseph Bruno WS so CTV. My favorite cam moment is every Christmas. We turns in the Santa cam and hands out thousands of dollars in gifts to children that's cool man I would. Well the last now. Well I should I say I won thinking I wasn't in that mindset like put something kind of like good hearted on the air and sadly I wouldn't take it like it wasn't as good artists take an attacker side tablets out there. 70457096. Stand if you wanna jump in here. I let me go out back to songs they have their fans what should be number one at. On my top side Cam Newton moments list since you could answer. I have to Seattle touchdown pass in 2015 the wind it's Olson to. The debut game against Arizona three and then I guess three other ones here let's go to Hamburg who'd already had a great suggestion on Twitter what's up ever. And act and warn they will use and well. Well I'm I'm an idiot out there I don't know last year that he. Great actor. Account or been shot and I get out and it thank you we are out our college route. But I don't want to build not a lot. More. Than seven yard and a in the. Now that was bad ass that was cooled I was freaking sweet like daddy you know and that what I thought I wouldn't put it on their but that's like a good kind knows. You know Cam Newton you know swagger had a moment and I do have a cam Newton's wag moment on your about. That's all he's got this flag has one moment to specifically just about the swagger did this man had. There's a play that I don't know anybody won't name and put it number size. Then I just I gotta be honest I'd forgotten about it and then when I watch all the highlights of cant do to you brainstorm to best. I remembered it and it is an underrated feels he freaked him play IISM news. You gonna guess what that might change was it this rural play worried didn't jump on the fumble threat seriously prepping these these the type of days. Where trip Felix hit man's got to put a lol like we. He literally can not turn his microphone on her. Conversations. Can be done. I've read this thank you are so much fun to hang out is is just look at all. Positive camp. Topic the way I get really really quality material to know what's on outcome mile wide so it's really wanna see you wonder said he LSI dot I saw that allows no original and eyes once you know all you guys that are making the jokes about tea I want to play against Obama bubble. I'm taken numbers. I'm saving niece can make the numbers and when Camden blows up this year motor periodically check shelves behind us I used to clearly tell you can't do today DNA what six years I felt I. What if you're just solicitor Hollis a dirty game in your throat body control to that exact text on a good stroke peaceful and it'll be it'll. Let's Bradley our numbers on it the Americas its existing area that that is the senate. I write a so with words he's not necessarily a worst that all the time. I'm on the go back to 07045709. C socio cystic quick breather here. When we come back. Aysu there's still three laps all where's it come on campaigns where the campaign hands the CI and I would be maybe. What is number one what should be not number one can moment on the list. I think attacks or might have an Amazon opt unveil it soon 704. 57096. Stand what do Dan Orlovsky say about cam on The Today Show and had to. People ticked off on Twitter play that audio for you coming up in a little bits. More camps off and your chance to win another pair of tickets to see Dortmund and Liverpool on Sunday to city Mueller coming up before age it's a Mac attack. Sorry we're back and as a Mac attack on a busy day you just sealed people you know and I'm not gonna hold this against you okay it hurts us but you could feel people that might be like okay now the football talks. In stole the Mac it's actually pretty much announced this football season on the shelf schedule be damned it's football season we talked to out of college so far in the first hour now we're talking on the camps. But you can almost feel people coming back OK now I gotta make sure I listen every moment of the Mac attacks and they're just discovering what. Preppy is all about and it's not going well. People aren't just losing their minds and you should seriously why on earth Tebow can we not get someone in that chair over there. But just appreciates the Panthers and doesn't have to be a big old stick in the mud every cancer conversation while. I can I answer what. We're live back in myself out of breath right now had a little bit of a disagreement during the break will reap what it outside the hallway there's a basket on here. And I'll you'll see the video of what Adobe just eats what seed were. I tried that and organs like he Garvin container dock with the got out of the post game he said I wouldn't have a close gaps are trying to sell units Eagles are slop or else. Live and easy just go to duke. We'll you how or elbow Hulu videos don't WW Ozzie took. You guys make it to you read the bill on. On Twitter politics edit I ever fought before hunt they need Tyler declared a slot I'm going to unstick I mean under a number one because double techsters named an admirable to talk about this and as someone wanted to be your last your audio a buddy he's climbed from the game in Colombia is in Atlanta for SEC media days I want to preview the gamecocks season with him that's coming up at 8 o'clock. But I'd put these Houston slipped Tebow which was also from 2015. I've put Dixon in new slid and he would've completely landed it ten point oh for the Russian judge. If asked he wasn't shelves at the last moment to knock him off balance he would have completely landed a perfect slipped even with contacts from the defender. It was a touchdown nonetheless they just showed how acrobatic ridiculously athletic and fearless Cam Newton is as one number. Of that three comply then. I that was who browse total Superman plaque I'm gonna go to phones they have their fans at the Houston slipped one Seattle game one just jumped past also and tool. The debut game against the cardinals three I had sue Moore can moment where artists Tanzanians. But our senior limited's. What is number four or five what about what are we miss no I don't get attacked series never wore high heels a guy I don't think that's good and also sell an eligible for 57096. Sand trap he is you can get your nights I kicked your pride Jersey's frank you know he gets fired up over on talking Campbell it's a Jersey frank. The first stop you don't work that prep because it and I called wake up north the debate to go watch it oh for not been in pocketbook well built victim. What I am about. Well Jersey I'm seeking Eumig one zone call 21 loss Ellison back Darren jurors I don't. I told you brought about. You don't. I was used to bring in bossier my bad. Not bother. Ballot will be there all they are not true. Target boy Arnold called number three you've got old ball right Chris. You've got the scene right if you got that you write but you've got the right. He got the right it would Arab go Kart all year play our game right pipeline running to regain. That the bill packer and that our quarterback where great they act a law. Roll the ball or anybody when he read about good feel like I thought it did it was bad they I'd like well yeah. Now our era that was the first yeah that was a run for the first down where you just Florida said he says well just push you back in August the first stamps. NFC title game Lotta people are saying that want Lotta people are also saying. Even preppy likes this play won't admit it on here but also your talks about a 20 am new news in the loss to Atlanta was the only regular season loss in 2015. Or can't just said to hell would it I'm gonna run through the whole front seven those fountains. And he just I mean Russert took on seven dudes. And just got an extra seven yards just by going straight up like I don't even know Larry songs you know that that's. That he is just a bad man obviously a big old frame helps. But that's good that's why when people talk about the fumble and you don't have an encouraging guys say that duties as gutsy and tough as any quarterback I've never seen. Let me go back just on sale wants to jump in your sails look at what's your favorite tea moment and I don't have listed here. I'm not favor can't moment aren't we thought maybe you've got it in India nor I know BJ ball. Bank of discordant test ban on camera cut it can't just not that they did then they go to on the field and keep it still go to what you gain. That's my number four man that moment is so much swagger right there and by the way. Remember before that season when that when everybody says oh Camden have enough game winning drives he doesn't make those real clutch plays to win. That's season yet makes five album and and by that point in the year. Like you could just see it on his face like she just knew I'm going to go down and score I love that moment as great. If we bit. Call up. Via lurid secret OPEC doesn't it the account. How is it gets stated that your forever my guy tone Tony B says every moment from 2015. Could you even get five good moments from camp the rest of his career is doesn't want to run a caution brought against Tampa bag what year was that like a seventy yard run was a bloated Tim there's 49 you're sending to your zone reads the falcons I. And in the end zone he was asked 2012 how. Tampa Bay was his rookie year that's ridiculous so you can't get 55 good minutes from other looks it's just that she had literally one of the best seasons. That any players had in my lifetime in 2015. So pardon me if a ton of the moments of from three to 2015. He played out of his mind. But it's not like he's not making big time football plays is holding a career now give you one more magna may not be on your list but think about the circumstances where it won't Wear the game was played when it was played. Cowboys on Thanksgiving. We can't dance Indians. Memories do it's a different dances in the end zone debt in Atlantic City do. You get a different one what the dizzy don't forget what he did anybody but at what it's like I mean county when he when people or every play out so that dancing in the Dallas. In that stadium on Thanksgiving ever legacy that's pretty special people keep saying when cam dunked on truce on ten member that he knows that last year it was last year I won Atlanta win here at work Julio and eventually drop the that's that's got I was at but he just went for its us Shani slamming a ball crossed the goal line and right off their dues Grail I got us under their Mac through all my. Let's continue also. On Pelosi and murder case like this going it's like going down 70 or 57096. Dead Trevor is Mike is going down like a son. In the early evening give him out of here. We go to he's got a dead child have a moment here. Time now put him in time like that child is just a got a way about each other camera. He cited a robbed us so it has this like Lamar wise and are trying to special moment at one time five years ago. But all those kids are disrupted Mans seriously proudly led the adults enjoy camp talk. We go into let's go to the phones here nick is up next Nicklaus your top cam moment. And I think you're worst in the last year Monday night burst into a ball when he had to like seventy yard run. It was DR are part of the deal I think I'm not mistaken and eat basically blew. There the second period about our ran her on almost touched out you're ribat. You're seeing Olsen gave. Applicable to all. That was last year. Yeah yeah yeah last year you would elect somebody you are run. Like like I think. All are all like nineteen or eighteen yard line. I don't Seattle remember seventy I were I can't remember what you're talking about I didn't put it on there I don't remember being seven because this seventy yard run I thought they only have one. 720 against the falcons on his zone read back until like six years ago 2012. I think he had a sixty woes wanna get some vikings is that sixty yourself fifty or sixty. Yeah the other about the save you remember the dolphins a Sears and it was about as long as this once I was I think what makes it just so that dolphins game don't. That was the night I thought the offense had come together. All mod to show the next dash cam I don't know carried away at no it's not like me to get carried away about the Panthers. But that morning head next Tuesday morning I think gee don't we thought the offense and finally went through growing pains polluted altogether. And done they are now. We're very consistent her dress the way after that I'm Rick says what about cam Newton's performance last year playoff game dude almost single handily beat the saints. Tebow said that for the shows a magic put that in there and I didn't. But there's no doubt that moment needs more love because he didn't win the game that's always gonna remember he had us on the verge of winning it late. Any would have won it late if may have hurt catches a touchdown pass a good example right there in the end zone early to net gain. In that dolphins game last year Monday night can't do for two cities for four touchdowns. This court touchdowns on thought irked. It's points on five consecutive drives they set a franchise record first with 500. Yet they had to go out every game they had to go and also I believe the dolphins. Where probably the I don't know eighth best football team in Florida last year but the that night was so we are where to take a break here Mac at WFZ dot com gives the email address. If you wanna jump in my number five moment was against the Atlanta Falcons and I don't even think attacks stirs mentioned it yet. Seoul will all unveil that coming up next. The Dan Orlovsky thing we delegates who might push settles in city 8 o'clock hour we a game got preview. Live from SEC media days coming a little money he's Klein of the game in Colombia that's at 8 o'clock. And we gotta give away a pair of tickets to see Liverpool on Dortmund that's coming up. In the next 16 minutes before 8 o'clock so a lot coming up stay right here with a shell. I we're back it's a Mac to check on a frenzy about them lay beyond bell situation. His agent basically conceding it is going to be his last year in Pittsburgh. They property AM five year seventy million X fourteen million dollars a year. The next on average the next highest paid YR I guess as to say the current. Highest paid wide receiver or the long term deal average salaries eight million dollars running back for running back you said Waterston. Out damn there's another mistake mark that one down the list though in the eyes so. Did Delonte Freeman and LeSean McCoy each make eight million dollars a year. Those are the highest paid guys he would not accept fourteen million a year. Come on man you're an unbelievable player you're a dual threat you're three down back you're amazing. But you're asking for something like he wants sixteen or seventeen million a year. That would be double the next highest paid guide your position this is a devalued. Position in the NFL I don't it's not your fault. But I just staying bell is being completely outrageous here and the I don't blame the Steelers at all for playing hard ball like that disabled they'll get another back eventually it won't be as good a back. But shoot it with a salary cap bone you've got always what is it worse all of this high for this player or can we come down maybe get two players for. That price. Well he thinks your first ball just above target general Mac has restored some some kind of way to sport you're excited even as I have I had things you sit down -- the ball 40 this morning but let me interrupt that I guided us. It's time. Chasing history false. When the day began Mac was odd night away from tying the a record Matt passed three mistakes today and that is now what 3190. For missed 86 away from tying seven. Way usually isn't going to the sing you're doing like you know it's funny I get it but there are people out their bonus seriously think I've made this many mistake he had only enough. Hello Evan made that many that you're saying it. I haven't made as many mistakes as a Lanny I barely made six your mistakes and former coast insulated that's ridiculous man. That David Bohn one joke first show an hour early. He last drove around I don't know. They came back ice cold up. That they don't do the zags it was a walk in mistake that out of sorts don't deserve to be in this discussion. I don't lag time greatness starters and defends I'm not joking with you some idea as cannot stand by all day it just in case the record goes down. He will always and it's only eight guys are pretty easily talk to Maris for. Derek he'd caught Roger Maris is up that's why Roger Maris is family would guess he had Roger Maris himself and now are now is that listeners are now hook up. IMac. It's time. Seeing how are you falsely Maggie is now know five flag burned out. I Stanley hired anyway let's let's unveiled this last one to Florida. Somebody handed text message al-Qaeda doesn't anoint somebody on a text message does this finally guess my number five legacy Atlanta Falcons. In 2015. And I'll tell you that is second but DVR David once to wax poetic about his favorite cam moment once updates. I guys. Well actually there were two or I guess Mr. Big are your America web because I think that it stranger lest mystery they're. I chair remembered a game but I remember watching am. Or Lawrence pass so forward. It hit the receiver right in my armor any audit and it not demand the end around. Haas I hurt I don't her to a worst but I struggle watch create additional amount in our. I know would you talk and I remember that I don't lose damn know what you're talking about the west freaky to manage. There are one why it is I believe were New Orleans. Laps game fifteen b.s than. Where he threw. Touchdown pass to a receiver group may be caught two passes being urged either. I was basically lamp flat on the back when he caught it. Don't yet know that that was due I don't have either of those on her when Taylor was both god I didn't even really think. A leader won those place those those are both freaking does cam is. I did I had a list like thirty add to narrow down the sides but and so you are coming public camp plays that I totally at the Miami play just from last year I could totally forgot. About that run that he had in their game and that's not our that's DVR Davies got every game on the IR your did your season ending event watch these bowl games he's like our Greg cosell cam moments I try to keep like selected to games on DVR but then next thing you know like 2% on our DVR nom like. You know some got to go oh I don't why don't the game prep has on the DVR. What's that he's got the super delegates want to scam not some trouble over and over again Levy is such a hater but I guess yeah once again this says he's a panther fan I am Aventis but then why would you make fun I can't so what's your other sailing just an I Islamic. As sole size guy I always as a humorous war it's quite honestly root for a team whose. Paul same player confide his helmet before Super Bowl not say what takes on McCain keywords first Josh Allen is his quarterback hope. And he's making fun of freaking camp. If Josh Allen has GM news first seven years of his career you'll wet yourself prestige series glimmer idea your 100% right yeah automate got a punch line Steve would love to have. Have a Jerome cornerback. So you wouldn't make him a punch line if he was on your second favorite team act now. Know what he's. There are getting is that what is straight faced why did good cheer was on the team I hated yes I could see myself saying I don't think he was on the cowboys and falcons. But why you won your second favorite team O'Neal a lot of favorite teams you have a busload quarterback on your second favorite team. Yeah I bus on the Eli all the time though he does not what are you talking about when is the last time I've made Eli comment I don't criticize Eli summarizes the court that when the light. May just but he might what we talk to us when we cut the Mac attack roster down. Mad at the end of August contract be be a casualty of I don't go to the number and edited 09 rounds numbers game that's what we do we check back got such a bad draws more. Soon the man has stale old agreed to give up a lot Osbourne stock is soaring in the afternoon school. I knew we'd I would have to give up don't I may have to give up UN Trent we just to get one us back simulator you know they don't I don't always sat out. I am Mac could W if Lindsay dad Tom everybody just wants you know preppy is a big fat fraud it's all at once you know everybody. Tom he's got big so fast nice and he's a big fat broad those who sings don't get anatomy at the same time to fax her art all right here's my number. I urge my numbers five and listens to Rosie just soon and I guess on our reset the whole list were to a top five with. Listen every day in which I'm trying to move around the 8 o'clock 9 o'clock our little material. GM's top five moments in my mind my favorites to Houston slipped in 2015. Won the Seattle TD pass to win the game 2015 to. His debut rookie year against Arizona serene the nod and ensuing game winning drive against the giants he'll fourteen you know. That is four and then the side arm here's number five. The side arm pass around all the defender bone. Is fast as all get out still gun didn't side arm around the defender against the falcons. And I think it was Dickson caught it. Diving it was placed beautifully only Dixon to catch it low and away from the defense. It was a street in dark but he threw like DN quiz merry band to go around the standard change arm angle. That's clay he's underrated and it's on the free games unbelievable then you're right play this music I need the damn cigarette. And to watch them play last night one of free can Stein the way the way you described it out. Things are happening over here that should be happy. It's only bad decision I remembered player right now as. Don't mean it feels good to. Bob that's just our eyes out and apologize and noise I made there aren't extended. Don't fret there's a deal but buddy climb live from media day he does answering showed the game in Columbia we're gonna previewed game got season that's coming up next holes talk about the SEC east race. Right now I mean does third caller at 70457096. Stand. Third caller is going to see. Assortment Liverpool. This weekend and you could tailgate party right there to doghouse before you go in third collar right now 02 tickets to see Liverpool dormant 70457096. And good luck.