Mac Attack Hour 1: Warriors crush Rockets, Braves continue to stay hot

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Monday, May 21st
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Warriors winning Game 3 of the WCF, plus the Braves staying hot. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with Mac obviously at the federal. Analysis sometimes with Tebow and keep my hands yeah. You're doing yourself an exact. Let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clean. And I thought. Calling it and I. I actually get going as soon as those dues are you don't then how about. So let's kick don't happy Monday Charlotte wager by itself. Time to get back to work but we will try. Sue mom and it's and it's form strategy chew us cranked up this morning on the Mac its act. We got some really interesting stuff regarding our new Panthers owner David zapper gave the commencement address. At the place where he got a who went to grad school as cart Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. And there was some amazing stuff in there are some revelations. He got emotional. Bomb you know Tebow just sitting here off the air but you've really got to know him. Like you he's alleged he let either cheat you win or at least he let the grads and and based on this thing being webcast it you're as good as a stranger able listeners stuff and really get an idea. Oh what to man is a balance we're not use that with the owner ran here keep everything. Close to disaster good and a bad way of Jerry rich scent so well we'll play some of that audio this out or that's pretty cool stuffs. We've also got to talk about the NBA playoffs. Our Cleveland bounces back that's 21. Golden State bounces back probably the outcomes I think you would have thought going into. The weekend there imposed brutally ugly blow out games. And the lawyers have T bone on the ropes right now I saw this last year. See bone has Kevin Durant warriors frustration. Year to. So we will deal with that at some point on the show I personally enjoy seeing it staff go off last night. I thought that was that was good to see so personally we will talk about all of that's where your Johnny saw a ball in in Canada and Hamilton tiger cats. With a couple's years we've got more people this time in the NBA they don't know a damn thing about stole our horse that is beautiful. That is beautiful dollar club is bigger than I knew it plugs will tell you about that's. And Kevin Durant it's losing in last night Charles Barkley on the post game show. That was just beautiful it was well played by two AD RJ goes on the show at 8 o'clock Berger talks in NBA draft we. And on big old Knight commission styles as well Lama as they try to save college basketball that's at 8 o'clock. We gotta talk about the also are racing Doug rice of PR and he is giddy. About the all star race now with him a 100%. And again I know a lot of people just bash is boarded have given up on it. But that show that they put on what the restrictor plates on Saturday night and Charles motor speedway was freaking amazing. I need to see more of that policy points races a mile and pass with that. And the Braves the comeback by the Braves yesterday. Was just amazing. This team has something special don't want all and it is. These young team in there having fun and they just believe in themselves. Six runs and a nice day come from five down that was remarkable run Bilbray stance. Has to be jacked up about that as well we as a college football talk coming up. On the show as well. Here on the Mac access. But some boning some dollar. Don't know what all the over the ouster weekend get as good weekend man although it started off badly. I had to great weakened toward actually when this twice. Braves a two or three day we're so close to losing tools to raise their comebacks amazed sometimes voting UC your baseball sense your bigger baseball fan the main. Some seasons are just special. They're just meant today. I'm feeling like that is what's going to brazen one gets so cheesy but by your embrace stands talk about a damn Mac and curse almost tomahawk chalky damn that chop you cannot else. This there's some special going on eye candy was screwed this up and I'm telling you right now when you start. At a comeback wins like detonated it to be fair the Yankees have that this year as well they just the winning game. So don't wait to name just those who have that fishery a bad drive here on Union County God's country this weekend. Let's hand out the window yesterday. In just celebrate. Celebrate your team just chop away it's tough podshock. All the way I didn't enjoy. I didn't enjoy watching bone to come back at ginned up Koppel weighs in after a little bit and watch the Orioles are just shut outs. You're wondering why am watching the Braves so much the hair salon. And the Orioles or completeness and a misery complete. 100% misery but anyways amazing comeback most amazing comeback in this season washes freak and so on and it is I I had a good weekend too badly could you tell by my mood this morning I had a good weekend was my good okay this morning when I want to hear this morning. Ul scrappy and to think you're all always friendly and a happy when you got in here by now how many F bombs that drop of one hour period of time this morning probably seven my intern quickly do you can just turn into a miserable you turn into like a grumpy old man can like point two seconds. One thing you have the easier you are awesome man it was just the setup over here today to be awful but there are some things over here radio wise. Not going my way. And I just side I had loaded like I was. Like I was I don't know sold on unloads on the an artist. Do us like Bobby Knight or something I'm going to be dead honestly there's one man one man only responsible for your misery this morning as Kevin's stature at all this is social. Money this is all it's Hillary and time prepping you were here last year and you might feel the same way about the lawyers I don't know a lot of people do it started last night on Twitter. Because here's the thing it was once they were Kevin Durant was doing all Arizona Seth Curry are struggling clay struggle to gain so. But when all the lawyers haters are reminded oh crap they got other guys take again Dan game over so like I feel like the realization hit. A silly but maybe drag yourself thinking again. Me. Maybe the rockets have some stuff just keep struggling. And I thought maybe there could be a series your gossip I feel like last night bonus you know lawyers haters hopes and dreams were dashed. And who are you gonna take it out on when you don't get your clothes Ambien play health games you take down on Kevin Durant one man and one man only I personally and gear for this misery your your idol. You're here for that last night so I love the game less like you love that game while learning civil war I why I was stats I try to like myself on fire in the second quarter really like just I don't want to do do go to college. We saw your DVR and were coming. I saw once the game. NBA supporter I love the end at any time we do a topic about. The old school vs new school once sought a mile an hour about the talent level and how the league is now but Kevin Durant moved to the more years. Changes the landscape and dynamic of the week you can not beat tech team four times in a row and now so accomplice finals are basically gonna be ruined. The finals resume which you knew the NBA finals finals we just didn't that it Ali Ansari did based off Saturday night's game. Which was back. Although I think that series are gonna go for a while but the games have not been god. And why start a close game a single digit year I don't think bone in either of the series yet but the warriors probably close games that's why I'm just not here. For 41 point game console I'm not. I don't I don't care who wins necessarily these games Boston. I just I'm not here that's miserable that these are supposed to we talked for the series' most series. These are great. He's got the upstart celtics' first McCain you've got the rockets and number one seed vs warriors when most dominant teams in history. Now we're getting nothing out of these games nothing. No matter who wins he's getting we're getting nothing out of these and other not close the last round had a bunch of blowouts so so hesitant but two years ago. We had the finals that they noticed that I gave cell of the finals made up for all the nonsense we saw before that. This year there's no sense they're gonna get a great NBA final does it is gonna continue for awhile pretty tough four game or five game finals are best. And it's just not fun right now descend it's not fun it is not on the reds direct its move makes it impossible for any team. Good habits in my two rockets guys man what a vision was just weeks ago or rockets or litigate Golden State what happened to all of that man. I India. Deep down preppy he's not happy with 41 could we can't just don't that it discussed besides this stuff now I loved one to about a great and I'm getting married I love that last night because everybody. Started whispering. To her he's not right man. What's going on with stance curry his defense is terrible Dallas offense is terrible I love the staff went off in the second half I enjoyed every minute of it and you know what else bony. Tom I love the fact the rockers rockets got smacked man put their place. Because people start whispered again who we got a series you'll have a damn series get out of here were just rockets crack. I think we heard it all year warriors machinators all year long ball all year long. And now the lawyers have made a statement that Iraq is no year old know your game rolls her. I am enjoying it bone although I really didn't care about the warriors all year long is I was worried about the hornets. But now I I want to lawyers to win mound I wish to games are closer but I love them smacking around Iraq. It's partially and I love scenes just take a double continues now and I spent my entire life being able look at he's about six you would rather. Watched that last night and then like a once 71 city. I'd like Zynga didn't really happy wants what have you watched last night I got nothing last night no last night I wanna see the warriors being generally having grown up. Basketball you know why not SI they lawyers were amazing doubles here. And teasing what if you dig a 41 point game was fun what I was a total balance but it is a reporter well that's not part of doesn't take much mutual on those cheesy shows that's funny -- did it doesn't say much because our our royal couple John and nick you're trying to survive and I didn't see what's going on that material girl weddings for T mount I don't. I don't know if you if I. Rooting for the warriors so last night was enjoyable I'm definitely rooting for stats although we did get lectured by momma curry last night will detailed list later. He is a bad word on when he Celebrex its closest baskets by its I also enjoy your anger over the Kevin Durant thing is I'm not bothered by Kevin Durant. And I'm telling you for everybody at once the lawyers pushed and tested the Boston Celtics are just seem to do that this year. But next year ice firmly believe bonus they're healthy they will push the heck out of Golden State Warriors is not beat him. I truly believe that it's coming very soon I believe that the accusation that it's on allied upload criteria date. You know the decimated ADHD so Austin went with a any gains. He never embassy to assume retiree Hayward Tatum brown and more sure. Small ball lineup that that's your deaths lineup nemesis right there as Horford can step that would drama. Our man and then you got taken small ball 4. And I am telling you bone just chill but you hate the Celtics do so I don't know sodium. Think about not only that that well think about what that does the depth of the Celtics those guys come back dolls and Terry rosier market Smart Marcus Moore and Erin bays are your managed. All the Studdard NBA team next year we're using starters and insurance covers team conference finals team. Terror shear Marcus Morgan all these guys are planned roles they Allison moved down. And there are a lot of bad shots at the basketball team. Meg here's what I want that this is an honest inside radio look here. I wanna be able on this show in May. To talk about some quality basketball that's why it frustrates me he was gonna happen we're gonna get to the finals in saves Bossidy Golden State. And there's games like that that habit is boss is not good on the route. The Boston plays the lawyers in the oracle it's going to be a different era delegates master nor. It's it's a five game series and actually always is that there what is that doing draws radio wise we kinda need to finals a little bit of time of the year the terrorists all the bands aren't doing anything so I think above drew cheers by spirits are we still get that back to be mad by mid June. Or sitting here and the warriors beat the Celtics went fourteen to seven set is. Possible but I never intended to rant angered you and a lot of fans have a lot of listeners probably had during an anger to never gonna have and damage choice man. Arm I don't view him like LeBron. In contention for greatest player of all time so I don't hold him to the standard of LeBron when he teams up and I don't know I don't hate the lawyers us I don't think till I chance. Hello to tell you Michael this is still one dominant team I don't hate in sports just because of staff Terry's presence but some anyway so. Don't wanna say. Let's say some low wage in this cup ticket supporters together about. Then lawyers are already fanatics are you ready for me to to lose up 2.0. Are you ready for lawyers. Face to face that's my voice cracking purely based supplements his stay said the draft lottery he will be gone by mid November 4 that's. All government showed Joseph made a raceway where semester. Because let's face it don't there was a 90% chance that we were gonna get to pick we got. So makes his face was like hagee Syria. So those days was one of complete and utter devastation when we got the number two pick him weren't gonna get Anthony Davis showed values is that face that he does of that through Gergen. Yeah it looked like he guides the runs the for the day at a restaurant that he was reviewing first dude blog site. Our lives take a break tear Mac heads up us and say dad don't see out the text messages are pretty funny or email still. Building set her sex line jump in 704. 57096. Standard a lot of you might be thinking the same thing is stable let it out of these Indian Wells this yard gains haven't really been closed. I'm gonna tell you little secret phone these games are on so late and I'm so tired that I Austin and kind of glam it's a blowout. Chris point eight minutes ago and I just turn the TV off because sometimes I'm like how to make it. I'll take the opposite is not gonna I'm gonna sacrifice the the sleep I wanna at least be be more say it. In congress say have a watch and wait all day forks and wait all day for that yesterday I got nothing out of it. That's why a mortgage on a Mickey Wright and those who can't vote like Boehner really did some set when he doesn't turn on a cheesy reality show and don't let him slowly listeners are real college sees you bossy know the circumstances. Britney comeback what else we got to get into man. We talk supported strand trick but now. Dom speculate about some very interesting trade scenarios we have to discuss today. And die here next morning minutes so we generally cheer when David temper our new owner of the answers. So detects commencing ceremony some experiencing stuff including a very personal revelation. NASCAR was actually darn entertaining the Braves keep go allegedly going to. And a couple of those audio clips from an amazing commencement speech he you can watch on line. That David tepper David Carnegie Mellon that. Yesterday so we had some good stuff to get still. Royal way if you wanna hear and people are commenting on T bone griping this morning and being kind of ornery. You won't hear me drive just waits in his royal wedding thing comes up because people's enjoyment of the royal wedding. On social media on Saturday morning angered many. And I know it means I have a problem I had to decide all your community. To sign off of it. Well what he's doing on their set in the more anyway all their man intentional walks off from the night before also loses log off what you'll have their moment here I will say this weekend observations from the year. Tell us we need to try to figure out if you're single guy out there whatever fear guys try to date people he got to try to figure out how to get a British accent an idyllic. And will begin a British accent you're here you're hot has leveled the ladies goes up like temple why you sameness woman while the British tax. I notice us. When did you notice us. How does this day and I'll just tell your right now due to face prison area there's something else attractive about him not just zags obviously I think there's females are there was an I don't talking about at the net has a British accent. They become a different land and I would try to work my British accent. Thank god they call you I did tell you that if I call you a book at some point today that might be watney I'm just telling you right now we get a British accent. EB come Sunday evening I'm David got to look at what you know the Big Easy way to he's like David Beckham Libby spoke DOS other. An affront I saw that guy on Saturday elder others up I think guys it I would like don't. It's always single thing I'd like him as an updated Sonny Bono assault select. Now that bad bets that futures bad did not cash believers and try to get to show we signed up Sonny Bono also prop bed to show but the wedding and take. We don't know how hologram I guess don't know what's when he was on there I guarantee you rule the. English gambling places made money if I hit theaters and really it's all drunk over there there's a Sonny and Cher in order to weigh about famous when up by a lot of bloke you've got a call people a bloody wind. That's what you gotta have journey use honey I got accent you better use that phrase that I don't look gutless and just two words together and let's hear let's see you we have anybody like this dude says just says a surprising turn in your show Slaney was back all cranky complain about everything. Once Steve on returning to Asia I'm right here rosy talk and Ollie says don't slain leader. Who also plays golf I want if you don't mind this guy says here goes the start of a downhill slide for the Braves back Kursk's. I'm telling you when they come back bone yesterday and people are on line can accusing me of Mac cursing him and they come back mound. With six runs in the ninth from 94 down. They were down 820 in the seventh. When they scored only had two LC source viva they're six runs with two outs I believe we sound and on Matt Percival team. And there are some out there Clemson won a national title I'm Matt Percival several last year 151 hand thirst no mention their special years vol. Well the Mac person believe it or not does not seem to apply and by the way is to say this is a braves fans are trying to say medical curse us too well what did expect known in the season. What is it expects basic need to join the bandwagon. I don't know what it expects. Now that the day would be fight here at around 500 around five a lot of class voters totals on the main multiple public have been true blood may be similar to what's at war. And you say once every two games last year I think that I saw him I went around 82 to another over under was nicely for the shoot I'll tell you a guy so anyway what I'm saying is. Don't dared do this thing worse they make the playoffs you still try to claim backed cursor October. Don't you dare do this this is a gift from the baseball god your at least a year earlier that two years early in joy it may be and I'll be right there which you can join OK because he wore heels right now may meanwhile called my eyeballs out. Slot you know Bradley does match so I'm relieved right now to explain you why sounds relieved. Because I dole ought to brace and actually got shut out Friday night they doubted that natives are coming after match it's Saturday night to check the score house out. Ted disorder down one nothing in the for the fifth inning as old mortgage and out again. And yes sit her down. The tone change would that rally yesterday there was two out of three in one of those gains as a shut out. The brace heads this morning when the wind up on the streets right now try to kick you off like. But that rally save because that's another that says it's like good guys out here out it's fun. You know they don't say anything back to me when they rally again don't sending my dad made me. Come on man don't origami enjoy your demo listening don't want to just outlawed delegate Bob what did you write it is not one on my Mac and just force his way on but up but ball and I'm just enjoying some baseball did with the Orioles are the worst team in baseball. Literally the record is the worst in freak in baseball I'm trying to watch something during the summer months. That is entertaining and oh by the way I think it's good for the show we had a lot of brace stands talking last week in child bond later today we'll get into wait until later today how fired up you must be about the Orioles I'm not to bring our kids that are real sorry I thought. Astaro the Braves are the stories he bone and I'm uncomfortable being made in the Missouri fear the Braves a baby braves aren't the story. I.s so I'm right now arrives 7096. I am now result targets of Burress. I now turn against the Brad now I want I want you to suffer. I want the brand just because I have bone OKD anger unleashed its huge turnaround on the volume massacres the warriors about the I. As a funny it's funny the Mets are Hossa it's funny the next Hearst doesn't work on the Reuters U Rolla. Warriors lawyers and our notion is resists this it I don't know what are things like Scooby Doo homicide record our earth isn't funny now. Oh wasn't Mac curse truth is out there. Does that work on the lawyer he's out the sixteenth get a good dividend of four all stars than I. I got news for you all get a good team and my stupid predictions. And who lumbering fours cycle oral sex and I'm gonna troubles poll what's the worst mag brace nagger warriors now. The president whereas an hour and rubber bullets that is awarded at which matches the worst in the month of Mac and putting up right now one Mac is the work sorrow. Man what about Hamilton tiger cats Mac or you know enjoy him. Can I tell you right now about adjustable Johnny football's go onto the CI SL. And dodge he is going east winds and high insiders SA has writes he's he's got to play every two years so he is locked in for two years Canada. Let me tell you what bandwagon bunkers you say it's funny Mac can jump on that let me say one bandwagon I'm not jumping off. The I wanna watch Johnny football plain to see SL sedan wagon. I saw so many people this weekend talking about even Torino got loads are no command friends to show real town to do it. SEC network and ESPN man Johnny so also entertaining and I'm won't watch these games. Johnny football easy here's the thing people think Johnny football can play football. The irony is his name is Johnny football he can no longer play football but he was an amazing college football player. He has in my opinion zero chance of succeeding at all in the NSA. Zero. And I just feel like everybody's also Johnny football bananas don't like oh he's gonna go to candies can be so exciting there. And then he's gonna go to the NFL I just I don't think the guy can play ball I just don't think he is a pro quarterback. It's more than just to me it's more than just a drug issues. And the partying and him not having this head on straight and I just think he's a little do without much arm stressed that runs around doesn't run the place is called. And just improvise as and that doesn't work in the NFL really. I studied your voice stress. I'm not saying he's going to be a star in the NFL but I think he will find his way back to the NFL. But the way the quarterbacks or in this league right now you will start NFL I don't know full story he he may or someplace he easily Tony five years old. First what is China and sells but in the public eye as a quarterback is literally five years old is he goes up there plays well he's not good. Speed get much chance of their team's three years from now what he's 272829. But the way to court I saw in this league have we seen the pitchers backup quarterbacks. IBC is on the back. I don't and and I wouldn't want our slump dropped off the court by heated fight if he plays well he will find his way back into the league probably about probably thirty years old maybe 28 when he not I and it may sell finds what back I would rather have Garrett Gilbert is my back up and Johnny football. You say are I'd I'd now a subject you now yes but weighs 28 years old Sealy does there is a pass back. There are many quarterbacks in history of football that have gone through Canada and found a way to delete Doug Flutie Warren Moon Joseph seismic. Erik Kramer had the whole west right here from me you can fight your way back ballots on Johnny apply welfare. You have to deal the players. And listened on this isn't a new opinion by mean I saw Johnny so always going to be a giant bus coming out of drafts. I I did not see any kind of first round lower with him now grant and I'm not exactly Ron wall's breaking down the draft takes off since. But I really sometimes a blind squirrel finds a not like I'm just not in this Johnny football saying at all like I don't think even if he becomes the king of Canada. You know bomb so to speak not the and not an actual king of and I don't believe they have bats but bony I just I don't think a little Rangel aren't due to. But it does not execute place they just runs around and plays backyard football. I don't think that dude can make it in the NS well all I know that I read the way. Well we're going through the list of quarterbacks. Got ways of trying to figure out who'd native pandas could side or the back of quarterbacks. I I've never seen a worse list right now today a backup quarterbacks delayed and are right now it is also that he go to third stringers Italy knows. Absolutely closely I don't know some of the got to have. It's how we deputy plays well there are team gamble what it is not just like a bat like he holds a clipboard like are you talking about he actual map makes plays and yes he knows this when ducks but he came back he was a backup quarterback and all of a sudden he had he had. Put the job from Rob Johnson so becomes that may be Eden once it's I just think he's going to find his way back in in index. And full of leaders but didn't work does it matter as well or does he just stand on the side. When does he ultimately matter in the NFL landscape because I don't think he'd even if these scandals silence at apple that's org that's hard to predict I'd I don't I don't know depends on the TB goes to mariners a team that need to stop gap for year to and it's just try to meet and he did create bone Tim Tebow couldn't get back in Iwo dorm playoff game. There's completion percentage like 46. Classic but I'm just saying man like this dude is going to be a big story in styles as your backup quarterback and I stated he's not even really that skilled honestly he's played well on double liked baseball. Now he would do a bounty well there like a twelve game stretcher has done 360 for twelve straight and seemed to be you girls best player right now seriously should we make it straight Orioles and gives him seem like a goal is to call us up that's what WS Lindsay at WS Lindsay got whatever when he wanted to. Vote on their whichever seat. I'll what's Mac is the war smack in May warriors backer brazen act right now people not in a lawyer smacked a what is the worst Tebow no matter what it is Monday morning around Steve out. Worst eve alone ever created is there is there a bad bone. On the others of that I think people enjoy though no matter what's going. Again I think I think your your your bloody mistake in this I don't think that's. You didn't have the accent though on that or put us out and put us ally did you sell yourself buddy was taken and there you go I started all seven like a like a British guy let's take a break you right when we come back I got a bright I Segolene sue dole. I I've got I don't sort of song boasts. I come out as Panthers Mac all right that is everybody's favorite Mac right we're all the same page most of us at least. We come back you must hear this audio a couple of clips from a commencement speech given at Carnegie Mellon University where. From our owner David tapper that's where he got went to graduate school there is a revelation of personal revelation and there there's some inspirational stuff they talked about yes today. Are you got to hear this next. Jared says the only thing it sounds like you can improve Tebow and smooth today is starting a poll about listeners are aiding Mac. Others are now this is this is a Qaeda is happiness this morning was as English version cost activate the most. What is scary and sad is normally on Mondays Ahmad thus I'm a pretty good. Is coming pretty beat up on everybody operate in my eyebrow it's how all year era. And today it's just it's just not happening I don't know why don't know what I had a good week and also what have. Have a between my righted and that I don't know I don't know about that I do see Mac and I see that smirk on his face. Did you sense in the wrong to. I didn't think it was me I thought it was the lawyers last night and then the computer you can figure out this morning I don't lose those two things that happens you Dolan and on the scale of one to ten how mad desire for about a senator. Alan same amount I'm angry. See how I guess I don't Justine join the guys right. Enjoy the answer iMac Paul maybe just bathe him over there and gave and it rolls around and don't really elegant little flop and yeah they told us it was going on this thing yeah woody out there just getting into as everyone you know just wakes up. Try to figure out what Mack is the war smack warriors Mac or brace now because both of appeared the month of may now and it's really go to appearance first hour of the show. God not a lot of votes India but 55%. I think boy your snack isn't supposed to be the answer should net. Like why would a yankees fan like you don't give a darn about brazen act like they're cute fun stories there's there's a handful there's a good amount of our listeners during a little sad about it's like it's about making you miserable a personal but the Warner saying yeah you ever but matter of fact all the Americans unheard of the lawyers should probably hate me except to curry family. Well again neighbors of the lawyers. Everybody should pay me because why do leverage that is dominant team to win Beisel pretty judging by some ways I think guy I don't. I don't understand myself but I just a like stance curry and I like watching the warriors play man and I wanted to rockets and they were humbled whenever there are so. Fans out there Magnus its decision the sense that I get from interactions with people. That they're not happy that you that you abandoned your team for a team that's a first place to be OI haven't abandoned a month still waters in the unreal just eight days to deceive the tweets that you're bright that's a DC. To their thinking that you just completely bent at a guy alas I as it were worlds magna and who sent out a tweet saying I was a bracelet. I'm not call myself a braves and I'm just enjoying watching this team play and I like to see him keep doing it it's a fun thing to talk about Michelle great braves breakdown segment Leslie braves fans. Are you big on taking it involves hot dogs are new with India aircraft that is I read it became a deep sand I'd said the same or that's at this is fun. This is fun to make a good choice duke. In a decade later I out and I would and I would do. Pat see you dead the dead they ought to run this year American deaths of south can be hard free of Estonia. As a guy that had a lot of teams it's human did you invest in the team this year it'll be hard for you eventually to turn that off Estonia right now. I look there goes our 40 but ultimately endorsement that he struck the team will drop to your. Source of when Charlotte it's based. That is it seemed only seem I would drop the Orioles 100% for let's get to a team. Now want armour set love and many of you due to the Carolina Panthers. And we've got to let you hear from the owner David tepper. Because this if you watched this press currents and it is available online at weeded out ESL tweet it out again today it's a ball Sanders dot com by the way they have the full pressed tell. I just like she's playing when there's some press just our teleconference it is a commencement speech. At school he went to graduate school at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh he went on to Brad Pitt went to Carnegie Mellon did you hear us. Com graduate degree and you just listen this guy here this dude grow up. Man and it was not easy for him man for it's heat it's hard to feel happy for someone who makes eleven plus billion dollars in his life. But this dude would you listen there's speech I feel like G you can feel happy for him getting to where he sat. And he also oh and we played this in the second he also reveals something very personal. Zed and he has not revealed in public before during his commencement speech the first thing I want she hears him talking about. What he was when he was young compared to where he is now. The kids from the streets of Pittsburgh. Who had to work his way through college of pit. And grab what sleep CM you just got an honorary doctor and is giving commences fetus at this university. I kid who corner Puerto go to. The NFL did. Into what what's his twenties. Is on the verge of getting the NFL approval to by the Carolina Panthers. There you go could not afford in so it was in his twenties to go to an NFL game he now owns Carolina Panthers. And when David Samper called himself in a profile piece. The regular guy. Billionaire. Every phrase I'm a regular guy that just happens to add billions I think his Alley phrased it. Lot of people stopped and rolled their eyes there are elements of that his upbringing in Pittsburgh was not easy. And we didn't know. How hard it was into he revealed this personal detail yesterday. By these good things about my dad he had about site to. He was physically abusive to me. I'm sure it was a cycle. That he got from his father. And his father got from his father. In my young life. There was nothing more terrifying. There is no greater adversity. But I prayed to god. That I would never be descend to my children. And I'm proud to say. It when a US the greatest accomplishment in my life. I broke that cycle. As good stuff there and that's real emotion tilt in one to 45 minute video he becomes more relatable. Injuries rescinded and 25 years. To distance despite him talking and opening up I never saw heightened I was I'm not a much out of these are just mean he's he promised human element could relate. To the emotions that he had. Jerry may table called mister Richardson early today. I care related to having people call me by my name Idec David tepper seems like a beauty does to their regular dude. Is that drew a lot that's fans here are the people here cancer awaits you and what your worth eleven million dollars in you can relate to people. Under on the same level that's such a guy. Yeah he had he was great to listen to man or funny moments in there you heard the emotional even choked up a little bit when saying a thing about. I couldn't afford to go to Nassau game and does a much like he had hit it took him a token time there to even spit that out. And get emotional on that 12 or so yet feels like. That speech you kinda get led in by David tepper Jerry Richardson wasn't about letting people in. In L arm he just wanted to have this image but he didn't you know he didn't really want to let people end I mean can you wanna have press conferences so. David tepper man was a good speaker as well. Had good lessons for the kids in there and bomb had Sony mormons. At one point we talked about how he got turned down when he was a teenager for a job at McDonald's wouldn't Hiram. And then he says it was probably because I had a giant ass truck. Thank and then as he says that he takes off his Hattie and one of those graduation hat Jack recalled saying he takes off and says that's not a problem now. I mean he's got a good sense you know murder the man used to have a white man's throat when he was younger. That was good stuff that was cool so how sweet now what is on painters dot com and a video session you can get these full commencement speech. Of David tepper Carnegie Mellon yesterday and that was an inside look and I am hoping it. You know tomorrow is going to be today they voted the owners' meetings today by the way OTAs get Golan. You're on the field practice portion of that there's ten days of OTA starts tomorrow medial be out there today media be out there tomorrow. But. I'm hoping we get access for press conference at some point bone here asked her what is expected to be owners approving it tomorrow. And I'll I mean it's hard to judge what car owners going to be just by commencement speech however we did say. For what do the things we wanted him to maybe take a look at. In wise making. The stadium affordable for Sam wants concession prices like Elena did can you make this a Stanley of that. The disguised Sonia. He struggled to go to NFL game when he was a candid. Is that going to be solving that he was into what he's noticeable to vehicles such a great Arnold it's got a -- a solid businessman but that would be a cool such it would be safe. Hate her room says big deal I'm 41 it still can't afford to go out and gave up to. A good book there's a lot of these cuts hit even take it to kids and gave myself right now is clubs and our Mac OWS Lindsay does come I'd probably be saying if a wasn't going up into the press a botched the story. Our we will take a break we've got to get into hornet's discussion at 7 o'clock. It's feels like to draft might be the best time to trade Kemba Walker we'll talk about that there's been some speculation about Africa now brought up the scenario wanna run pass. The listeners we got to do that is well. And our hornets have their top assistant on break goes eventual tell you who that is next. And there's a chain Tebow wants to mock me for jumping on other it seems when my when my Brill seems let me down and there is a team whose bandwagon it appears Timonen is melting right now as we speak we gotta tell you about their team it is the Mac attack on and sends it. And a daughter mounting things. I get a case of Monday's haven't even checked the building senator's sex line you'll die hards man. Thus are diehards Shimon insult text. I'll check the line although it is pretty darn early on Monday morning it is early on a Monday. Thomas do we have gone on we're gonna get into Lutz seem mounds team. Everybody's got a big rise in everybody's got a bandwagon to jump on to enjoy it why not it's free and sports man. You know remains Aristide is America's team right now it's your it's on America's sport there's a problem. Alice has gone on here Tebow and yankees get two out of three of the royals was huge be happy about that there you go I thought the heart I'll try to memorize sat out Saturday. Ever on Friday morning US senators took about the series that I lost Friday night als you're yanking erotic I remember out early in the season where two weeks and in your words season was gonna go to crap. Yeah you just a very Angie negatives scared mainly comes of the Yankees sit and erotic not erotic during the ASEAN are two different anomalous see your Mac to W Justin Z dot com email address. Let's see Johnny football will now be the reverse Mac curse will be a hall of Famer slam those dollars or can delve some things don't grades or. Idle all loves to look into that. I want to do to step Shimmy right limbo state sucked but only go lawyers say text messages warning Julian price twice this coming up here analyze it when you can Shimmy and look like a full. That would be so good is he Sumi right front abound may have an edge Jimmy came back bone. I jumped up off the cattle I don't lie you don't know his swagger is back maybe I don't dislike step curry sought out under Sally Seth Curry. I just pulled the warriors. The war years dominates is a little bit annoying in the news trying to drive it home like your on the wagon all year now on the I don't wagon all year really really really baffles me that I'm not I don't know what I did all year I just like watching this to another accident I'm rooting for steps I'm rooting for stuff I let's see what's going to only use of British accent today it's been a lady will called mr. called it call off the outside clueless that British handsome man. Yeah I'll tell you right now. Get a British exhibited changes you changes your entire dynamic I was there royal wedding I'd like cigarettes and seem supplement to royal wedding which seemed loans. I don't think it does now although that is elegant it's a brutal. Yeah I here's the deal. You can judge you can give me crap about all the bandwagon some on my own while my team's play terrible hornets Orioles. Lives Tebow in this week's revealed himself. To believe on that the Las Vegas golden knights ban flag. Price. That's what we got yesterday one of the media members a camera wise. But this is one of the biggest upsets and history of sports this is movie type stuff I tweeted out this is basically why the NHL version of the Mighty Ducks now. It's day day kinda got set up all the better to some extent to franchises do what's our role to go to the Stanley Cup and I just up. Remember when when. When they jacked depend as the jaguars intersect is c.s has got that series against the jag or is that a year particular sort of got to the playoffs had a few upsets gets buffalo was one of them. Denver was the other one yet upsets along the white the golden knights were good from the get go. I sewed up this year like eight no or something like that. But it's story all year to beat in the Stanley Cup final with a great chance to win it in your number one is one most remarkable. It heartwarming stories I've ever seen well. Incorporate it opera or events I have a hard one time I mean bliss it's crazy it's while the other expansion team. And like you said that it is all year been one of the best teams in hockey. And it's not Flutie and they're in the Stanley Cup finals in their first year like it is crazy it is amazing. But it's. What your trying to get me to do little if I judge you correctly off the areas. You wanna kind of the way I've kind of truck rally behind the Braves. You almost want me continue to rally behind the golden knights and that our army watching the Stanley Cup finals. I don't watch 12 of hockey playoffs I care so little if it was in my back yard I wouldn't watch it would look up the wins and that's a problem I just don't care about hockey so. The story's great I can acknowledge it. I was having a conversation a buddy Andy is a huge hockey fan I was asking him to explain this to me. I don't don't be articles written this week but how the heck are they there and I am I'm interest and I'm curious. But I don't care to watch the sport of hockey anymore in my life so you don't mean like you'd be like if something happens. In Major League lacrosse. Annual sand that doesn't off his ass hoot about Major League lacrosse like to be the greatest story ever Obama sits in a sport that you aren't entertained by. It's it's not gonna rope you win so it's kind of where I'm at with the golden knights but the story is remarkable. It's the same and my biggest story of the year in sports and act that they win the cup now here's the other thing Elliot yes beat the lightning now we did capitals three games to tidbits the capitals and in the golden knights that's a pretty special series. Capitals but knocking on the door so I want our tests are to the capital's leading the series out three institute my point was though if you don't that's game I thought there were out manned and yet they did they were two other vaults out of your idols that skin one of the all time greats Astro lubricant guru. First it's did you franchise that's pretty special series that's something I believe even if you're. Not a hockey sand you can understand the story went on a guy try to get a championship person unbelievable story aisle to idle idle see how. In the seem to deploy and the whitening you're not get a peek at some of these games that was gonna talk to you talk about your you got beyond twittered it runs and the royal wedding yet to be on their. America's going to get behind the and they get close to winning this thing the whole thing. It is going to be the biggest stories sports for a lot. I doubt get on board now so watch some business. Tax. I can't do enough other people might me there might be other people that are not big hockey fans. That might get onboard in this like because this goes beyond sports and discos the I don't care if he hate hockey. This this is what world doubted sports miraculous sports this is a movie watching a movie unfold before rising it is his don't know what my god. Let's put articles that the quack or UN and this prep me like do you you're kind of hockey fan aren't you. Yeah own sabres fan but they're awful they're like the Orioles of the NHL so it's kind of hard to stay up with them but I was like you know of on set I'd like to see Alexander Ovechkin get one but that's all I've really been and its alleged to have the cavs can actually do because they always lose to the penguins in the playoffs and you would know like you never watch our. You know I know the capital storied without watching I think capitals basically you're going capitals one round later than they usually did the president see what appears to be good assessment now that I've discovered an Austrian around my gathered on capitol as a Jessica around later like in terms. To me watching. Now Joseph says Mac what are you watching this time a year. A wash in my psyche Orioles and I'm watching in the team I have adopted for the season the Atlanta Braves but what you're doing is what I've done with the Braves. When you're searching for something to get into a feel good story into a just. I enjoy watching baseball way more than I enjoy watching hockey. But there will be people that do it to. Like you're not the only one that's going to adopt them across the country because it is a fascinating story really is I just hockey east. I just don't watch it. As a team just rolls and goes through her sleek. It's not it's not a matter because of moisturizer subject up I. I had no idea what time it was real so it is not good conversation and a man this dude says I used to feel the same way about hockey mad but I moved. Odds examples from Greensboro hockey towns are also there's no doubt the live hockey experience if we had seen here. You receive up pucks out pucks Maclean break out because you give me a really good. You give me a home team and you give me a Major League sports all that no offense checkers. Would be into. All right let's take a breather we come back to team I am in suit but it's hard it's hard. The Charlotte hornets are authorities we got to dispose Lawrence bags rate in the polls suggested as a possibility. Portage using Campbell on the eleventh pick to trade up in the draft. Is there a player in the draft you would do this borders is a non starter.