Mac Attack Hour 1: US Open

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Monday, June 18th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses Phil Mickelson's actions at the US Open. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the man with the Mac obviously at general. Analysis sometimes with Tebow and keep my. Is doing yourself an exact. Let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas Coleen. Sort of seat at the flat spring Bubba. Arriving today gives us do what happened Monday Charlotte welcome aboard time to rock and roll it's time to do the same for four hours we just fun. We got information Soria. We have both football tidbits saved very interest staying. Carolina panther two bit from cams rookie year and the way he was treated by Steve Smith's from of their heart sock that was on that team. Who's a national radio host and ESPN radio shares that this week and that's. Going through on creates an intrigue and interest here in Charlotte I know that we're also going to talk. About the heels winning their first game in the college World Series silica unbelievable lace pitcher. And got rid of him by the third innings. That lineup continues to go to got Mississippi State tonight US open would put the wraps on that Brooke Brooke skeptical when Stewart row first time that has happened. Since Curtis Strange 29 years ago. But does just seems like it story number three though doesn't it after what sealed did the other day. And asked her just the way the course played especially on Saturday that was. That was a brutal track but Suisse asset I enjoyed a Celtics unbelievable and watched. There's plenty of golfers that did not enjoy it so won't get into that as well. It's NBA draft week was finally got to NBA draft week ten week. JT bone and the rest supported station. Some people have been a little little how about distress and we give folks cranked up about toward its chances of improving their team this week. We'll talk about that ankle why Leonard. Once to be traders. We will discuss that owner and our piece about the war its possibilities. And he would you even want to make this deal what it would take to get this deal as a hornets fan. And you even have to launch a do you wanna pursue we'll talk about all Lattimore gets a silly stuff from the sports week and it. To get into here as well World Cup pads so mom very interesting results when you talk about. Germany losing to Mexico. Brazil tying Switzerland there's nothing to see their by the way people trying to say and that Kursk. This resilient squad there's nothing to see Paris low tide not the scene there in yes and thanks to tweak Gaza links to tweak Monique. And Argentina also didn't get a win those three great seems really five or six favorites in the tournament. All did not get wins this week and Belgium are plays today against Panama. And England in Tunisia Sweden is playing somebody I can't claim to care too much about Carolina. Sweden Korea is at speed o'clock this morn yes I mean in the updates NS four that zeroes got to yours say there is a good chance of never hear some interest. It's just a stir. There is sure soccer a big guy talk about a guy to steal steal money the scoring does resemble that of my single day so. My current and he's getting married I don't know actually. All right we've got to jump into all this stuff we go to willow recap can wrap up the week and that. And now we're gonna do it here on the Mac is that also gonna talk did must. It's odd to Jayson stark. Grew bomb now writes for the athletic formally of ESPN and he had a piece about Major League Baseball expansion why he believes it is coming how little sexy game. And he also ranked. The top cities in terms of most likely in his opinion. To get an expansion team in Charlotte was number two behind Portland on the list. Where are here again see you know we're at this point again where Charlotte is being mentioned. As a candidate tell the commissioners message does look this is different don't the past the past Tebow we'd be mentioned only when teams would want a new stadium. And they would use Charlotte you know just roller Celtics this talk is getting more more legit for Charlotte baseball stage. I was gonna say it seems like. The longer it goes on the more serious this is now becoming. But we're not just sent us throw in city seems ideal we are legitimately. Pay a city that whoever knows how who knows how long he conveyed. Well we see in my Grassley in the mixed. Would she adamantly for real in the met I think it's definitely happening it's only a matter of time for Charlotte. Calmed down a nice stadium which is amazing again baseball America named it the best minor league ballpark out there it's just phenomenal besides standing yards if you have an event and I. Oh and I like out on both. Who bone is ruthless this morning just ruthless. Let's see here what was I gonna say about it was I guess I come by the night's ball park oh yeah it could China rebounded from that share shot. And I'm just sit here eight have both I had a reminder affect. Anyway that makes it tough because most people seem to say that can't be retrofitted or added on to. To make a Major League parks. We just built that badly the timing doesn't seem right to the city. But this expansion things stark even points out. They've got a handle a couple of other situations first Tampa and Oakland. What do they do there to those teams get news Ames's those teams move so we'll see we'll see what happens here and how this thing plays out. But it only got me on that. Lousy match I I texted you an idea that I had a couple weeks ago. But I didn't really slowly sink through but just they're out there and people can come on here and tell me how wrong I am. I ask you save the Panthers got a new stadium somewhere say they got what ever came in and go to the stadium. Well what they do with it would be a lack. But it does leave a soap all stadiums that narrow dot not used could day use that away and where the current Bank of America Stadium it is and build the baseball stadium aren't problems were that. Stated is that yes it is not a lot of remarks had to sit outside it is little football stadium there's nothing going on there would you use that land. In try to figure out how to present. Just the angle a sentencing angles trying to get your two stadiums down there because yet because the question becomes okay where you go put a football stadium. Then it's like on how the heck would go sort of baseball stadium anywhere around and it you don't you can't Jesse can't just Olivo Andy football seated in the middle a city like horse. Where there's not a lot. Bruno did sort out all certainly they do something wasn't right so you Terry down and you figure out how to week. How do we make a based on a ban on direct data now there's probably reasons why you can't but I just thought about how excited about it like that I do I MR I am straight fire today. I will say this by the way bone in the Braves don't mention the brain suited I'm a minor league ballpark. They won three of four this weekend in San Diego there lead is up to three and a half games over the nationals. Who has just gotten just got slot Murdoch by Toronto this weekend. And others for over the facilities so. Any just a couple of weeks ago when that series is coming up against a mats. The Braves actually fell behind the net so one point Simoni won three of four there. And you get a strolls on the West Coast but the lead is 23 and a half games that is impressive bottom graves. And a pitching this weekend man to Rand yesterday Tehran yesterday leaves the game and no hitter after six and eleven case ridiculous and then nukem what are young stud dis pitcher is Sean do come. Gives his eighth win. Six really good endings and the bullpen was really solid from the Braves on Saturday and Sunday as well what your. CNN the makings of some special depict what we talked about. All these in. Acuna and and Freeman but what about faulty and new com. In Tehran to sources he's just so yeah you're sorry to see why are okay now I see division of where this seems going to be for the next. Decade indeed there'll be at the top is where they're on base braced to get some help today the national yankees have a weird thing going on today. They had a suspended game a couple weeks ago that starts again today in the sixth inning tied at three. And they played a regular game after that so technically the Yankees in nationals play two games salaries. As percent to five donating its lust in his forehand. Pass budgets and they lose both those games of arrays can beforehand focus a braves are off today rates get a nice scheduled this week. They got Toronto. Mom on the road for a couple and then go Orioles. Said minor league team at Tebow was ripping my favorite team of all moral will be in Atlanta. This weekend's race ought to lost days of races week Monday Thursday so bracing has got to be feeling freaking great right now. About where things arrest so that's got to be mentioned as well and I do want to mention this closer to the top of the show. I'm Mann act is gonna be everybody's gonna pass to move. Try their best to get through this day at work today here at Entercom Charlotte I'm still in complete shock over what happened. The man that ran our web department I can't believe I got to use past stance ran. In was Nathan Richie and he passed away this weekend he was in just a I mean just anxious to shocking accident this weekend ride his motorcycle. And there was a collision he was going to brunch. Tim do you see VW's beyoncé and her family. And they're sitting there waiting and he never gets there. And he goes to the hospital and that that is where he was declared dead. So there's going to be eight era presents missing around these offices today and forever moving forward. And he had just gotten here we Sabo four months back or something like I saying god Jeep dodge January 20 or somewhere and any space on there about five months back to this point. And I just felt like this is a do animal we work with for a long time he was greatest job eaves or do really good things for us. And dom now we can work with the many more and man I can only imagine CR assay Wendy and he's got. Children and so man rest in peace in Mason Richie and life is just so precious I think we all just believed bone yeah we're just go live to world. You know weeks I've got so much time I'm going to see. My kids do this intimacy my daughter get married in man there's there's a plan out there that we often don't forget understand. But it's not always our planes. And this is another slap in the face of that you know so recipes and Mason and. Puts things in perspective of what we're doing here were arguing about trivial what blouse fund. In most focus on a but the things are arguing about basically every day on this show. It's trivial compared to the real world situations that happened to Iran not only Nathan but a lot of people that had to deal with with the loss that are listening out there. Our heat he is only our bonuses January some legacy to pretend like I knew him. Our in depth cross already to really get to know and respect him. Before it was taken from us I knew the name for a burial alongside you the name he had been in this market for thirty years. It's so many different ways then on the air bunch on the hair on at the end as a DJ he taught the Carolina school broadcasting. I had a lot of people reach out this weekend that maybe maybe not work in this building but said by friends of mine has said he had he taught me here on the they're more from Estonia to make slightly he was. He was close at Nathan's. There's a lot of people out there that I knew him. It's it's it's. It's prospective man slap rewrite the space in it's it's shocking and it's sad double we will certainly dedicate what we do here not only today but all we can for the monsignor succumbed to the member in this enriching. No doubt that recipes in my thoughts and prayers to his family. 'cause I can't imagine what they're going through to lose some money. Meanwhile about sixty yourself. Using a war that 45 to using a thirty years in Charlotte so probably about the ousted syndicates I think during their. They're mid twenties and a lot of people you here not me personally but there's a lot of people that easier not only on this station. But a lot of your decision that he that he impacted. I what he taught them talk about a visionary in god had so many ideas router grow and are common individual apartment I was emailing with him. On Friday night. About bone yard podcasts ideas yet a whole list sadistic guy and it's so much life itself what should vision. In god that's that's not a loss. You recover from quickly it's gonna take a long time for us to recover from the. I was and I hardly ever go face the browse all FaceBook Friday night and he age it just changed is profile picture. And then then and I looked at Datsyuk like did you know yesterday again I saw it won't come Omar saying oops I insist. Oh man it's. They don't auto a couple of weeks that that we got to do a video together you and I. In emailed to you and died as is is one of those we your lights things. Emailed to you and I on Thursday house mess around him an email exchange in his worst he would i.s last email to us was. Those are your famous last Woertz. I make he fought us on the asset and it's it's weird how like court said does end up being his last worst awesome that. Forms I was all his idea to man SA we're going to be out there doing his goofy soccer video in now we're going to sponsor our. And try to make people laugh who's all his idea he's our country can even be there so we're that's. Are so we do the show today for Mason. And anybody subtle loss like this anybody's feeling the loss of him because he is well known around town we're feeling it with CN our thoughts and prayers go out to you guys. Are we come back we got a lot to jump into US open we have talk about disk answered tidbit to Ben Hartsock revealed on ESPN radio. That might make it more clear why Steve Smith was you know sent packing from this football team when you hear about the way he was treating cam is just an example. Albeit a little talk about that too it's the Mac attack on as Kenzie. We're just get this thing cranked up on the back to sack on ask and Z com all right so let's see your first cup wins his second straight. I'm USO but I believe Tebow threw it out as a possibility on Thursday. And I didn't think it was United's he was our top source for him to win again. You an idea and I've brought a brought up both Dustin Johnson and caps guy we said now look let's at least he trusted it would just guidebook to Jason Day instead. As I said I can't get if you look at the odds he was boy oh the guys who were talking about Russert he's got a without floor and I said act artist adjacent it's unbelievable it's almost thirty years since the last guy Kurdish. He's gone back to back in the US open like this he did in two completely different place last jury ran away with a made a mockery of the US GA set up. On sixteen under. This year completely different has to grind scratch and claw. They dared each you know make the pin placements easier yesterday they did water a lot more I guess going into the final round. Seesawed guys able to tennis shoes flag is stuff like that yesterday it was a different course. You saw Tommy Fleetwood damn near shoot 62. Which would put it in the playoffs he would've ended up shooting sixty Syria and an eight footer. For 6218. Scene and a couple others down the stretch that you missed on 1617. I. But it ended up being can't do want I was really disappointed I wanna Dustin Johnson to win it. Specially after his Saturday the way I hung in there on Saturday Tebow when he started just six over straight. And he kind of righted the ship and played one over golf the rest of the way and I as his. Our dossier you show a little bit of metal there I wanna see him find a way to win and on Sunday his potter. Was just. Not good enough is just losses and that's. Obviously. You you putt for dough man and Dustin Johnson needed to make some more putts on Saturday. And Sunday I think he had 63 putts the last two days that's your that's his chances in the golf tournament. Right there he is driving the heck out all man my lord strikes. Got to Texas mar all our friend deems may yesterday her or Saturday about determine that you don't teams may have former target NFL tied Danny he wanted to show he feels that Dustin Johnson's cancer too tight. He feels that is actual tendencies where way to tides about Arthel that was an expression automobiles like his actual answer to tiger. The today it's very upset about total wardrobe decisions out there yeah he didn't light. These problem. Dustin Johnson stance whatsoever does it these are the golf conversations I had it and some deep ones over there don't should also kept 'cause. Kept his arrest America actually about this yesterday at DO WS and the cap goes resonates kind of are. Turned pro woods points while played a Florida State he won three tournaments in his career to the PGA it's great. The Waste Management open at Torrey fatigue. And that that US opens there's not like a plethora of other territories Syria isn't as high as masters and tied for eleventh it was resonates two US opens and then kinda. Saturday anyways I get out. And he was injured earlier this year I mean he missed com about three months with a hand injury. Earlier this year didn't even play in the masters. Earlier this year and job but he did this. Anti colonial. Four with Fort Worth invitational at colonial down there in Texas was second. Couple times back. So we did start to show that formal little bit but yet his resume is crazy affair is extremely talented player and she's a big I mean he's just a big dude he's not look like a pro golfer. Looks like she should be. I don't even know man Plame middle linebackers. In the NFL. Should be some so I mean I got to be honest don't. I think first. A Brooks can't just kind of during the day. They are not July I think he's like a good look at duties in shape but he does not look like you'd expect golfers to look like I expect most golfers look like self. Quite honestly the. You have to love this show preppy when it starts with me saying it. Our our friend deemed states Dustin Johnson's cancer too tight magnet tops that by calling capped a dreamy days just is let's just face it there's some dudes just look at your life. I don't even look like to sing species is is do you play Monday and that's Brooke stepped up. And obviously is lovely girlfriend who is a model. Acts slash actress voluntarily Sam's slash actress runs up and puts the kiss up I think she's like shark NATO sorry your son's all right I don't know how serious I don't think her acting is quite as good as Brooks golf against. But she's got down on the resume. So long alligator named right this year that was the biggest blast in Atlanta the last year they said her name rod denying they had her zeal girl can out now they got it right now about those are now she's back for a second here. So anyway and by the way Tommy Lee Boyd is a major Singler can sell. I find myself very and he is not dream had this on the say this right now kilos some because he's British I said before it looks like you gotta be playing in Alabama public or strike just a regular Joseph repair Georgia's. And now roll tide teacher. But now I know recent LA he's from England and trying to make you more meaningless dangerous human he snatched well or Pratt. Yeah I've seen it looks like one of the characters have been hanging out there on snatch sat there. It's just wanted to clear to all year and yet all characters at a movie snatch I was think it's her second pitch with Kevin James and mostly IEA I got his Brad Pitt OK when I got guys yeah I got an armada yeah. Looks like one of those low life. What's it coverage and also that busted coverage obviously stole our marijuana dealer of the PGA's crack. I asked did you think T bone the course. We gotta get and is still staying here. Eventually. Stories to think that the Jews they are you bothered by a Phil Mickelson to LSU that that much bothered by sil or the coverage or the direction I'd just say I censure bothered by the reaction you don't think it's that big of a deal to me I didn't mini golf sales have. Julian my MA have been and so the most ridiculous overreaction in the history of ridiculous overreaction. There was it was a it was to a certain levels. And it never ended yes they kept at the wildcats after Saturday it's gonna slow down a little bit now we had to come back yesterday and analyze even further. It just got to the point of well we start debating state house still legacies and got to buy the stake at the front. This is one moment targeted intact his great career everyone to settle down and arch URL or. You get these guys that are in the game of golf stats are very sanctimonious. About the game of golf. And we'll play some of this audio some of these cats are so bothered by I think he needs to go to prison I think ABC go to prison for five to ten years. People were bothered by sills other stuff that he's been involved them but this one right here what this is really going to be a character of fall for him from going forward. I've also been involved and and other stuff now it's in doubt it's got to be the ultimately don't talk about tests are now they don't talk about what happens in the sport but they're not gonna talk about things personally going all was still Atlantans. In the golf media. I have to tell you it is bush league is all get out of Iraq. No I'm not trying to act like those guys like act but. But that is a lane moves like when people can only come up with one guy that they've ever seen do that. And it's John freeh can daily. Nineteen years ago the US open I'd see you don't you don't see like real lives it golfers. Do that moves. Why does this past. Few weeks sauce it was weird and it was still there is fully donated their money back. It went from kind of humorous in pod in what is still doing it in about an hour to all the golf purist just raining down on sale and just got absurd. And it wasn't like he. How how many shots off the lead was he does point. We've got enough. Thought enough of this tournament and a lot of guys and also out there I knew it was just random media afterwards and just dragged on the US and its oil so it was also kind of annoying it was almost blown out of proportion things I have ever seen in my entire life. I'll just say this to get only a two shot penalty for that. Does not seem like the appropriate penalty it feels like there is that rule needs to be decent up a little bit. As far as I'm concerned late because if I could tell you on a course like that Tebow or you can't get the ball stick on the greens might roll right back down of those conditions. A lot of people might choose that option if the economy just at your shot belies that seems a little weaker the rule. I will say this taking a beating up these Johnston was his playing partner he had a brutal day till. He's thought it was hilarious thought it was the funniest thing you've ever seen on the golf courses and Mickelson also might have got caught in alive afterwards steam until. One he told everybody I've been thinking about this for a while I did a situation like this has grown over headed back to a two shot penalty apparently told obese when they walked off the grain. I know what's happening now coincidentally that are. It happened and any apparently also told Mike Davis of the US GA afterwards. Tom what does that penalties those to be is it your shots you tell me I just I don't know. But yet he gladly told all the reporters that he could yes it was a tactical move to I wanted to shoot shot penalty order to go back and play that's a shot. So he might again concept that a little bit about it afterwards is well it was a biggest ally in sports is JR spent two weeks ago. When JR said Alan I did score so how about when he came back when they interviewed him like today later and he admitted he said look there's not much I knew. Fraser was so violent JR Smith Ryan yes that would did did when he finally admitted it. I'd armor these ads or does he affect others not much I knew at that point and I can't recommend it including the school are all right anyway so do you still think it's yet the thing is you got people different backgrounds we're gonna have guys who take golfer really seriously listened to us we get in his 7 o'clock hour Tebow clearly does and I think Tebow and things everybody should be able to do this because that is sacred tee shot that I've done that moved many kids lives over on many golf courses in the court the gulf we played again of course you have I just have a ceiling got a guy in the US open should not be allowed to act like you do on a golf course. And just get a two shot penalty arts aren't gets a small and the golf great golf rule book I've thrown the ball for a golf courses. I was talking about Fred bug Debra this we get even if he didn't mind it whatsoever. Reference points that might have talked about Beverly. Over his knee and just chucked it into a pond a timer so that's how he rolls was a tobacco and iMac it's WS Lindsay dad comes to talk about the still thing I am curious with the audience like do you have a problem with it. Is your problem like T bone with sanctimonious reaction in the it's your problem like and he went to golf rule book how does someone do that and only get a two shot penalty all the guys that call and an NN dot. The guys that call and report a rules from home this was our ultimate weekend wasn't it. There's an alternate weekend hobby it's probably times a day job fox polymer industry yet I think they were like we got it bottom waited and got Joe Buck has just been freaking out over the last hour yelled we don't need to go anymore are mad at W and that's got to get sent Simonyi is on you laugh joke but he's a nice guy when he does interviews and us. But I thought Phil Mickelson didn't say moon Joe Buck was so upset I mean seriously. Max had WS Lindsay dad's job. Is email address if you all want to jump then we come back we got a share this story Rick Bedell hurt us on ESPN radio related some guys. I didn't hear I couldn't find anybody on Twitter bona heard this on ESPN radio over the weekend former dancer Ben Hart Sox said something. About Steve Smith's quote unquote corn our cyber bullying Cam Newton. During his rookie year we had a feeling the relationship was pretty bowl was not good. But shall here's this story for heart suck we'll tell you about. Next does that change. How you feel about the way. So midi was was let go DN we'll talk about. Our backs here on the Mac it's acts here on task and say a must have been Mundo their buddies feel all right today and thereby had a great week angered some are weak and it. Look everybody is that in that time. With all the loved ones with the family you bank could come football season and then you're ready to rock and roll during football season as the I guy summer plan let's see here what do we have dedicated Christy Smith staying back and WS and Z dot com. This comes from Ben art soccer is now host on ESPN radio I had no idea. No idea -- was hosting on ESPN radio nationally but it was a good talker when he was in an interview at a duke could. Could talks on not shocked by it. He was doing the show would Bobby marks on the ESPN radio Rick we now heard this in tweeted about it. And and I can and then he kind of followed up with me and you know kind of set set me straight on exactly what was said. Is so here's the AC one Ben Hartsock said. He soon showings in Bobby marks who's NBA guys for ESPN I was at a crucial launch great what kind of contract stuff like that there were talking about the why letter saying work wise asked for a trade. And they were talking about when star players. Has to get divorced from their teens when it happens. And hard sock was on the Panthers when Steve Smith's you know was there was channeling Steve Smith ultimately. Asked to leave it gave to Carolina Panthers. Because dame gentleman tells me this leads Carolina Panthers. And Karzai told a story kind of about you know old signs that you know it wasn't going to work anymore with Steve Smith with Carolina. And the story was an art such use the word bullying Steve's been bullying can his rookie year. Every time they were in the film room that you're looking at film and Cam Newton would overthrow a pass. Our Steve Smith to donate it corner Rick Bedell on their hearts are described it as Steve Smith would make. Like some sort Els rocket no voice some sort of like a rocket. Launch short example that I don't really know how to do that in here it just so I don't. I know you do it is rock I don't even Arab and try to give us a rocket noise Rockwell plays for the sake of the story. I don't know if. Listen to represent exactly Michael Winslow from police don't know why I'm unity unity in Ireland when I was doing I don't know are there I'm talking. Did you ask her dad is just sort trying to get on now let's move on him about so anyway he would do this all season long just messing with cam and you know that was her first of three years together. Our boat and I had heard they stories you know I'm not aware of all give up any sources of this or any saying but we heard a story out do we bring up only air miles. Now not not not till now I don't feel like wherever brought it up on the air but it was moral it was told to former host Jim some idea. By someone that knows and he related to I don't know yes lane Ian Kennedy here. Not so it is not the source of the story aren't even now people around this lady hazel ideals don't all of you I can remember I think I was. People literally will not remember any thing but it's. You added there might have been an altercation had he broken up. Between camp in so many when they played together that we had heard that so. We always heard that their relation wasn't greats the relations seems to be pretty good now though. You know I mean I've seen so many. And him together is camps kick ball classic and seems to be a good relationship now. But it just feels like it's like back then it was all those things it probably wouldn't work any longer. Like. That in order we talked about an order for cam to beat the leader. All of the pants Ers that they might have to be with Steve Smith's not around here anymore and I just I think you just add some two story just add some context of just Hal. Steve Smith probably need to go and and and also mentally I was upset about it at first I hated the way they handled it's. At first. Bomb you know the way that you see Smith found out basic driver Ellison our station. We should now have any employee much less a guy of that freaking caliber. And what he's on to disorganization. I think this story about just underscores a that relationship was not going to probably help. Rice. No cities estate windows but he's a ball buster solve sure that some of it was just midi beats me out its heart it's hard for us to set part Salk was there. So he says Boeing order and you know that's that's his terms. We don't we're not there to deal at a judges those Boeing are not a religious many Boston tops you don't mean we just need to chop buster. How far did it go we ordinary to really know how are we using it sounds like shot muscle heart psychotic bully. So Saba I GAAP courts are caught a boy and he's their more than we work but we know studies personality though so. Our committee just did it come across as bullying atop I don't know I wasn't there it's our roster to know what is that there was no wrong. I don't easier surprise anybody see Smith was silliness I mean no I don't think it's going to rocket noise sound stuff over and over again and film room. I mean I mean we've heard worse things than that I say it's a worsening ever so Mickelson just cheated the game of golf known anybody that follows it right well that's the worst thing you can do development and trials are soon. Phil Mickelson trial incidentally will start at 7 o'clock on this train yourself. Feeling Tebow and trap they are going to lose their minds over this trial. I know process. Trevor let me just ask you this right now do you feel like bone does about the sill thing like you meant more mad at his critics say new war anything I'll suggest. 100% I think that we just need to take what he did it move on I mean. Though the greens played like concrete on Saturday session Desormeaux we're playing longer in the afternoon it was absolutely ridiculous so that for him and not be fresher what does surprise or whatever else was frustrated latest way to the end and around and rip the US GA but like him taking its mortality rate there's this is the same thing goes like what would have happened if he didn't hit the ball. The ball a camera on for try another fifty feet or take him to shows to get back on the green. And what I'm saying is he shouldn't have the option to go do that and just take a two shot penalty. Like the rule has to be a martyr for and I agree but at the same time like I think if people amount about a new tie it up a little bit what he did it. In if you're allowed to do something myself and my kids do while playing many dogs which is hit the ball hockey style while it's moving. Like if you love to do that in the US open Tebow and it only cost you two shots. The rule book is slightly fault is all I'm saying I'm not gonna character assassinate still. It's still shocking that he did it but I just think that rule book is a joke some people think they applied the wrong Roland we're light on filler we're lover. Tom but I just know this but I've seen two shot penalty Steve can't tell you could make an honest mistake signing your scorecard incorrectly. You could hit a ball that was because the wind blows it and get a two shot penalty. This seems a little more severe than the wind just blew my ball and I hit it a second later by accident. You know there was more this is a state of not only the sports world but just a broad and general. There was more vitriol all in more discussion on still and the fact that organ state had. A sex offender on the mound in the college World Series. There was more uproar about still at the same time organ say it's got a player should be playing. That's another debate for another day but there was more. Vitriol towards still and this kid pitching the other day you know I don't I don't think it odd to you know that's sort although was in Sports Illustrated that's that I. I was saying you know gone wild where's those where's the where's the debate in outrage discussion on this. And then the Tar Heels promptly rock and do and got his ass out in the Florida didn't we want it noticed any city it was only in there for about twenty minutes and heals a lot of strolled Mississippi State's playing great ball too low man that is a big game tonight keels and Marisa be staying by the way we talked earlier about how we're doing the show with heavy hearts. Man that ran our web department the last five months mesa mesa Richie passed away in a horrible luck. Easier because it is an accident just this weekend. And it's got everybody shook around here not only imagine how Stanley sealant but the Tar Heels on Saturday played was heavy hearts still former pitcher if there is on the has now moved on I think he's he's gonna go. Was gonna go to sort state next year transferred and on the committee staff. Passed away in in a car accident this weekend so the seals found out right people for the game went out their place for him. And ripped a heck out of this guy you're talking about. That has been 27 into what do one point 55 ERA the last two seasons and heels got him good men that heels lineup is Rolen. They've got a couple good sets and hasn't pitchers too they got to Dave Dave dot doubts yeah there were two aces for stance and they got back to accept line up is Killen. IMac did W absentee dad John Toni B says it is today the day where Mac acts like he's some so sanctimonious golf snobs. Police Tebow won't rip on if he starts acting like that people's police may Boehner trying to get your police me early on and it's gonna lose this this is getting ugly early on I. It was like my prom night this is getting ugly early will talk about it we will Mac it's a guest and Z dot com. Is email address you know we got to get some order sought and we finally made it to draft wait we've got courted snooze. We've got Rick and Al reading a piece about why and that's got to hornets fans hitting me up saying let's go takeaway letter we'll talk about it all draft coli all of that work out guys orange for work out it's the Mac insect. Tyler back it has an active said go to friends they are former gos got back over at the old back warrant Beasley now or with added I don't mean to bore you with like corporate you know deals and now we're over here in the Entercom building with snoop folks ready for what you're after this point. But Charlie Nance was her golf governor did golf show over there on our station and it was a war rumors like Charlie -- afternoon but anyway it's Charlie is joking conceive on that he cannot wait 7 o'clock is when this starts happening so you could be amused still. But he can't wait to hear me NC bound to make golf etiquette. Yeah I think twelve seed I think part of the debate is he doesn't really care about golf etiquette and thinks others are way too much about which I agree on bone don't get me wrong. I agree that the reaction was over the south I thought somebody was going to say on TV there's still Mickelson should be publicly stoned to death at some point I thought that was dumb enough. Yes I had it goes through that played a master's big America's biggest prepared this segment I didn't goes poorly named. The ditzy most notorious for its figures of my lifetime. OJ Simpson is a Mickelson are probably up there together at this point the way so treated just again I still I don't know jagr probably never be treated the same thing. How man I would we really talk about this segment that we really once talked. A candidate traditions of the course too there's a lot of whining by that by the way I read an article Every guy they included about five guys lining. About 65 of the 600 Zach Johnson every other guy was your policy Ian Ian Poulter was to play about the way he was treated by the science. Video when he also whined about the condition he's in Lucent discourse on Bozell said at one point. Draw any conclusion don't want I'm just throw this out there side of the six that were winding in the ESP an article on Saturday where Europeans. Net Zach Johnson day now Zach Johnson went off on until in his own right quartet descent and again it's easy when you're the winner. But Brooks deficit we're all planes same course and that's what I am screaming when I hear that Zach Johnson cut mound while watching in the US open on Saturday. Is everybody's playing the same course I do realize the guys in the afternoon on Saturday played a much tougher course. Then what they played earlier but that happens all the time because of weather conditions Chanel because of course is getting even drier and stuff like that. It's one term in a year where you all got to look like ducks won the tournament a year I feel like it serves its purpose what's up Tebow. Here's Ian Poulter sweet guy he's also got the Bozo some of their but his tweet about the the the saint technique arc. Quote verbally to be used on every hole gets a little old. That's not really golf either. Ryder Cup in 224. Could become a little silly. Just like today while so I hope they jump all over your pollster and erotica is Sarah I feel like it's encouraged. As I've got you got Carnoustie coming up in an interview we settled out their cell I did I I do you got a little socks had liked the Sox traveling gallery Mike's a music gallery might jumpers sometimes while they did on Friday in the crowd. You can hear those cats so clearly what you don't fried there was some sort those they caught it real interference some. How somehow they heard a conversation Joseph buck's talking while Patrick reeds getting ready shoot. I'd take a shot and all the sudden you hear two guys talking. About something it's a very dirty some jams deleted double it was unbelievable how dirty what they were saying was USA and it came right yeah Tiger Woods it was broadcast and on the fox. It was crazy but anyway the galleries and art guy intern Jack was right on Friday. The guys that pump up the golfers when they leaves a hole at their station that. Annoy the hell out of me listen you're not toll free can Robinson and series late they got a golf coach okay. Are you got this tiger. Is around let those guys were just driving me crazy just. Not to mention he don't all the weird goofy things. Mashed potatoes and all the other ridiculous things guys think they're clever and unilaterally dailies demo dearly do lose the all you coastal golf tournament act like death. How about my out my jets fan that I texted you guys just have a my jets and that's why I spotted sand Arnold in the gallery. And it Daria backswing yelled out JETS jets jets jets have messed up the slightly got arm my god of course he did you can't control some of these guys. I'm Rick says Rick says Mac is everybody's shocked that a bunch to draw New Yorkers acted out of control this weekend's that's rally good point when you phrase it that way it. Against those New York majors have always band that route to Europe and the typical major but it always have been and there's no doubt about it. What I want to love what I wanna point out don't. Oh the hornets still possess I would tend to get into the hornets and now we're back on this golf saying because Boni a Mac or just golf purist who can't get enough of this right now. But I did wanna mention as far as Lawrence go Kevin Knox on team like heaven Nazi was in for a work out this weekend Tony Brown this kid that was one and on an organ 67 Jack please appoint. Was in this weekend as well for work out and this kid Jerious Lyles member he was light it up for you NBC moan when they beat Virginia. He's had he's worked out multiple times now so the hornets are three yes they've only got a dead did people know of that has worked out twice that. That would be like had backup guard situation I would think beer sector it you know and be your second round pick out bank. So anyway but it's Woolsey and then takeaway stuff he wants to be traded will talk about the repel peace. Mentioning you know what the hornets make a run it every sand wants them to make erotic lie. My whole thing with that bone is. His contract is a player option like Diaz won your last twenty million. So we have to throw some other salary and he couldn't just be Campbell's furcal why straight up and kemba and Jeremy lamb works perfectly essentially. But it's. The why hang up is he's got a player option for the next year Tony one million he can make more than that. On the open market clearly so he will so if we trade for him he might only be here till the end of next season. And then could leave so it. I'd be very similar situation just changing positions of the guys that's the star player that glides a better clarity kemba. But it could be very similar situation where you have quiet and watch you need multiple guys you need to grow guys sort of like the timberwolves dead. With Wiggins in towns they get tips to be bar once ago there all of a sudden what a healthy they're probably the top 45 team in the west would just why. Not a lot. Work what do you think why would resigning not actually. He's gonna he's in early and how uranium for one year than he's gonna wanna get a team up some guys let's see yet I don't here's the problem with just the way this league works it drives me crazy as the hornets fans. Everybody wants to go to team up with the other guys were never involved in that. And here we are. Yeah I mean it's just sucks man it Wear away the league works and that's why would Tebow set I believe is correct. Think you need to Jews draft a couple of young studs over these next couple years and this is why I want to stink. And draft tied to increase our odds of getting studs. And hopefully Mitch cups equal dram better previous regimes. And bonus we can get our weekends in towns or. Then maybe you become desirable like you said with the Butler thing maybe you could acquire a vet then that leak. You want to play there are some it and that's but that's the way we have to do it through the draw. Ran out to draft detonated Troy brats of people know he's a 67. Eighteen year old kids from Troy Brown brownie brown destroyed around Max first name mistake of the day you played out organ last year he sort of like a hybrid. Point guard shooting guards small for a that they got kind of like not an exact comparisons like Evan Turner. Qaeda the guy that can fit in where union to go he's really risen up and I saw George Schultz. From Yahoo! to weed out overnight Robert Williams is really starting to move up to drop outs. Defensively he's got a 75 wing span I know we haven't liked rob Williams but it appears that he he's really. That'd be executives or lawyers fallen in love with the potential in the size and the sentiment they compared to click a power. As they get a cappella and that defensively on a team that doesn't need all sides from not just. I don't know about all that well we need offense yeah I wanna get offence to get a got a can create a shot away. But also we'll have a jump berg I once saw this team needs whose they have they can create a shot other than Campbell. And maybe in the league mark at this point I Kamensky you know I mean they got nobody to create shots. All right Mac and WS and he got gov email address we people's negative emails text reads about bill seems like some of view are severely irked about the Mickelson thing. It seems like others are making fun of the reaction coming on T bones away so. We will get into that next. Shouldn't he be taken a beating years ended on coming up on the show at 730 Ron green junior joins us to talk about the week and it was that the USO.