Mac Attack Hour 1: Rockets Tie WCF

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Thursday, May 17th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Rockets winning Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, plus much more. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan that with the Mac obviously at general. Analysis sometimes with Tebow I keep my hands yeah. You're doing yourself and Zack let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clinging. We turn that radio off. Do they show all as soon as it did. Is. Many Thursday morning. In the green city of Charlotte's I would ask for some sunlight in the range who love to hold off but so well why should be a weather report for the next seven days. It appears like it's gonna be ugly but which is still a beautiful city. Beautiful city inside and out we've got stuff to get into today ladies and gentlemen we've got these rockets tying up the warriors at Warren. In the Western Conference finals from we have. More tidbits from the sale would seek answers officially announced yesterday finally officially announced. But David tepper is buying into the cancers cells that you could take until July they'll see this thing to close. We have for Sean Braylon now back on the market by the way to assess puts all healed up. And does he saw and it seems and it does not appear to evolve Panthers. And we've got many more things to get into. On today's Mac tech radio show also wanna say rest in peace the mics live there man that was one hell of a commissioner. Of the Southeastern Conference passed away yesterday DH of 77 by all else was just a great dude class act bombs so. Certainly arms. Thoughts and prayers to love each hole. Slide salmon or play any SEC family that knows Mike really well on today on the show we get dethroned boat coming up at 8 o'clock. We have done this far five times reports on Steve don't five right 55 times no one has beaten bone in our trivia game yet. It needs to happen eventually before the whole city loses hope. Needs to happen manage the rockets can take care of Golden State's list or you can take care ball. All right I believe you can see if that happens we have. A sleepy Floyd a legend of in these parts Estonia legend held the ball and AM BA talks and play also with us. And chip Carey joins us a voice in a braves at 9 o'clock. Baby braves won last night late bony well pitched game 11 tie in peace. They exclude explode or peace explode three runs. And discount note this time gets to save unlike the night before when he blew the save in the night. Braves have a chance tonight to take three of four against the cubbies you hear that hit man the Braves can take three or four against the cubbies. First of all suck and and Casey missing yesterday Mac has just thrown the Orioles to occur though have not thrown into the curb mile on the series title not yet. Mac is now just don't hallway and on the right embrace to the point where now on. Contacting the voice of the brace Jim Carrey and probably various beat writers in the month of merits this is what's our fun story a lot of our listeners are into a bone uncovering a fun story news that's what I'm noon EU text me during the games like white album Graceland to ballot where it Warrick. We're in this thing to get aid to text each hop on a random I doubled to talking about all the such article baseball guy knowledge not o'clock at night I'm just chill when I get child bottom I bracelets does not theirs back. They won that one late manage Ford's pretty damn calls the other night they'd make it legal for four straight games one and Chicago's three and a player a must win last night that should carry. Anonymity analysts was the game wants what did you Simpson I don't know who was last night. They were still remember that much of that Simpson or sudden. There are still complaining about the replay call and that's it fitting for an update they would slide these deep classic appointment the report calls the night before now they were still talking about it but they were still calls it one just one I thought it was too streak in calls by the way. Easing that's something fox sports south sent out. A yard weakness today it said a replay in the Braves this year and it had it. Four different. Still frames of replays and screw the Braves this year she's so again they're little bitter about it but they still have the most wins of anybody in the National League or I. For the most wins of anybody in National League prepped these pirates are right up there and right up there he has served in the National League I want again yesterday. All or she is our first place right now want to. Yankee pirates braves right clearance teams in the air quotation marks Matt Light here on this sciele while your on this brace kick I may be some inside radio here is there any way possible that our. After chip carries on. Kelsey Winger becomes our next phrase gets and Chelsea Winger it's good man city is good in so many ways because our job from a journalist point of view here she's very. Really do their job nose or braves. And is a beautiful woman who no doubt about it I'm sort of thing into the record. I'm kind of lake house in order saying you know enjoy the space policies. It's a loss cease any serious just a mess and all I want is about six guys traded I want tons. Of young arms young prospects in return so well that's going on bone. I'm occupy my time was something constructive for the show there's a lot of brace fans are excited so I am trying to. It's all that relate to build in trying to relate to the excited race stands right now I think I'm doing pretty well but now. Appraisal rays got better brace god first place here comes back I got tied for the record brace fans understand Twitter. Did not respond well as the whole replay fiasco. They dig out and paid attention and I blame is that what happened to us and they realize well. Exxon board do on your days are happening you have to watch you'll like every day for a week mandate took care above the Marlins series three out affording got what to a three against the cubbies. Or shop and on together maybe that's what we are chomping on together. Listen Zeke says this is the most shameless move since Clemson Max first arrives at should benefit the bet is a ligament Clemson sandals Clemson played Penn State their playoff I'd heard from Penn state police just it's when you see. Like I want. Our audience be excited so spicy like in the middle of the doldrums of summer opportunity bone like eight. Our audience to go really enjoyed his race team their songs they might be a little ahead of the schedule people projected for them. And I can relate to a more on that bone and we can make that some don't on the show I think it's good for everybody except. Disguise it says brace talks sucks Bryant. There's only six braves fans in this area it's overrated not to mention you're rooting for you falcon stands to be happy when you root for the bring Brian. Fights you on May seventeenth two country Sports Radio at 6 o'clock in the morning on the on this guy and tell us what exactly you would like it was thought about the golden knights. Go to a sum up Bryant also those who you support my braves told you just don't like the senate I just acting like him saying I think it's a discussion are they going to discussion. I asked this. This deserves a polled well. This deserves it all back to tackle or brace and excited that Mac is chopper on with the sooners also out. But there's so little about this do bony arm and Orioles stand two match. I had to delete the Major League Baseball cap off my phone because I couldn't take the notification of every loss anymore. As thinks it has got to plug your front a dictator getting notified every loss that's gonna slugger far less of saying you said that there are fun to watch. You know I can't watch much I want something on my TV bone especially the boost is already summed it on my TV sports related. Orioles aren't at right now also want to watch disgraced team I give him every night they're fun man they're young like this is a cool thing going. I got tight on that decide that you can hear you commit defeated a sink and it. Chop off. Shot my body I'm not dead into the Braves I would turn that on INN that he went in the what do they all right magic are turned on Orioles magic during a romantic. I went back to you happened to navy seal its half finished fifth I'm amateur Bryant are this crisis group Brian's shop on. Mom I've never had more fun the more excited watching a brave steam them with this one doesn't say like I just got a ceiling that. And then I'm just watching it and shamelessly trying to you know feel the same thing Oreo all but it is really their thought Andy Dick here's the best thing about the birds braves are doing bone is. Like can they hold up I. I I have to think the nationals. We in this division right would just all the talent they have the pitching they have. But. Springsteen Kabila Jim playoff team but the funny thing about it is racing and snow. This is a cool ride but the future. Is going to be freaking great and that's the cool thing from brave stance is it's just the start of some. So did the Phillies don't seem like they're going away either a 2.4 sixteen I gotta go away like they got to go on how they got to disappear at some point don't. About the Phillies home record sixteen insects brace away record though there may seventeenth a date I guess our houses six block. Those who ST so I don't know who said this would hurt their talk about the Braves. There are way ahead of schedule. More than supposed to be as I take it take every six teams in baseball and it up way ahead of schedule. The Houston Astros Mac were not supposed to it's 117 already be World Series can and does nothing to Chicago Cubs they were way ahead of schedule pelt the New York Yankees last year. They horse was always Symbian ALCS up three teams recently. Right there a way ahead of schedule and are all aside either champions or contenders go play a year from now the Braves specifically towards series content. So I think bracing and look at all those used movements and say you know what we can be the next one of the CIA you know which I think is cool feeling. I'm Brad says if you see calcium white pants you'll watch the Braves every night he had Italians aren't holding it matters what she's where neither I mean I'll check data looks of those fans would like she didn't you'll filled in for Stephanie ready on the more its gains and then she does indeed. I don't know it's 2018 in my lab to talk about how beautiful woman is screwed out patriots really against yeah he cares very annoying world where I feel like I what I'm saying is a compliment but yet I'm also not allowed to do it but she has like kind of see librarian look with the glass now but then when she goes out. Because I every now and then look at the NC Rampage that he does Harry go out on the town what are friends it appears the classes are gonna senator appears that that's like a different woman yeah well I wish she didn't just foul ball in April but much more worse came right back she did though she does TriBeCa she's tough to came right back here's what are she is the Braves. She's the Braves are Stephanie ready to sideline to sideline to creditors are. Studio sometime soon this dude says it landed seam side DA usually feel alive and I'm Italian and this thanks. Can you talk about you could talk about my angels you're right there with the Astros in the AL west. We've got Trout. And you got so what's Nottingham Tommy got close others that I don't really have much for you might try out every match. It might funds seemed so I just you know not following them going out west as much. Did you imagine. The height indeed the discussions you have about might try to he was on the East Coast the my trousers are your idols all sisters his numbers that we could tell he was on pace for 57 homers. This to start his career he. Talk about goats. Al Carly obviously did baseball goes away away away away away back so it's tough to compare these guys but my Trout is is going to be. That discussion easier on a label he's in a running forbid he's on pace to be and that makes your best player and yes that's freaking good we'll go there we don't seem enough that's like it's gonna curse sodomy. Kershaw is unbelievable what is Kershaw was at. The New York market or Boston or Philly or anyone over here on the side of things. Kershaw and Trout would be just to talk all the time and baseball solve we'll talk about where they rank on time you put anybody on the Yankees in this whole talks could just yards a yankees and Sox in the NC based al-Qaeda and the cowboy he's in my truck and much was even a cubs. This Mort closer to the side of the country are really yankees and Sox don't rivalries back everybody. My trust a free agent two years. You Jersey I cannot wait until mob braves take at either the yanks would assaults in the World Series this year cannot wait for that to happen while people are either really fired up for baseball talk gonna wanna murderous I'm not sure which way it's going guys we got to get this thing slanted back to temper radio we do a lot of David tepper radio and we got to get dissing slam into the NBA I thought I was gonna start with DM BA but I did I get excited about. There embrace saying and then a lot of racing answer jump in and what's going on preppy. There is a pull on W offense he's Twitter page says as a braves fan are you excited for Mac to be jumping on the baby braves bandwagon. So far for votes are forward. Get out of here Max and it has been increased very early in the returns RI and very little returns very positive for freezing out here earning right now I lose take a break we gotta talk about Houston evening the series. Is there reason to feel like Houston can win the series or do we just know this things honestly now and stance curry. What's wrong with Steffi is a deep injury and will lie get ripped like I did two years ago if I say staff curry is being hampered. By the injury. We'll talk about that and we have to talk about a man that may have thought of the worst life any athlete has ever had. Really may be any man's ever had that's the easy Clemson grad. What do you tell the story yes today we until that one before you'll see a lot better about your marriage and you hear this. It's all coming up maybe we are shopping on today on the Mac attack. Thousand dollars. All right text the word still serve right now still are SI LT ER texted to seven to say they want. Your shots away a thousand dollars until top of the hour texted. It's a national contests message and batteries supplied full contest rules available WS concede that comedy word is filtered texted. 270881. I would like to filter out. The Yankees and Sox fans that have hit me up in email here over the last few minutes Max is jealous. Of the yanks and the Sox as one almost course I pirates but I'm not be in congress why would I not be as a memorial stadium bright light I would like to be where you all our man I would why was he the Yankees play in awhile so hopefully they're to be okay what they still got them played in four weeks and. Hey jog their off day Monday played five innings on Tuesday. Rained out yesterday both the suspended game and a regular game off day today yankees have played five innings at Sunday. I guess that's either good battled foul when a team is hot you wanna keep playing our. I was actually gonna start rooting for you cause once you take care and enacts. Break Zorn and take care and that's the NASA braves Mac and then you can you can get to games and we really need the ball I don't feel we do we do answers are let's do this let's jump in Sewell. Assume last night 48 and paying thirst. What is make this point to about the hornet it's a different sports he bound. But like look at race fans. These last handful years all of last year I think the tides are to turn a little I think there were some signs Boehner wants a B two games are some signs of OK this thing sort of improved. But embracing as went through a few years there were just Ross they were brutal braves were mocked I'm sure it happened on the show with jokes you know cheesy jokes and stuff. But look where they're coming out now. Coming down the other side. Smell like a rose. Charlotte hornets. I know it's a different sport. Feels liking your sport it's even more important too soft. Drafts early. And rebuild yourself that way. It's some it happens man I'm not saying it's a guarantee understand Sacramento and Orlando did in the lottery four years in a row. But it happens sometimes you take your licks it sucks you lose some money over the course of a few years because people aren't buying tickets like they use still. But sometimes when you build it back up you get your fans so cranked up the you can make up for like in silly bowel. There I guarantee you a silly they're making up for the attendance woes network caused by struggling during the down years in a process. Sacrifice the money now. If you really trust your front office. Trust Mitch Kupchak in the front office to rebuild it would give them a chance to accumulate assets and to do something here at. He can't do anything with distinction rob stress it is so anyway that is behind the discourage those might upset hornets simply of the day T dog. Brace and a masterful job of selling off all the high priced guys are kept Freddie free number basically do merit that one no one. All season were Kimbrel everyone went their embrace Sandra set but guess what now in hindsight it was the right thing to do. And they're better off for the hornets need and it's tough because they have so. They have players and the Contras have so little value to other franchises that he got a farce try to identify one or two guys are you wanna keep keep those guys around. But then just every other part you need to somehow. Even if the trade is not great free right now ED era did their bodies and gets in the yard assets in a somewhat picks are assets to the phrase accumulated assets. Astros assets. Portis have no. So for the just Kemba Walker those you that's saying Campbell if we trade admits this horrible moment. You know the bracing as were down in the dumps it all those trades like I Campbell all the bracing as what nuts he's one greatest college he's gonna end up the all time in saint it's about a long term vision man and it's about these other guys not being easy. To get rentals. I do anyway let's jump back into the NBA going on right now it does not matter about any topic. Can result could mean making it leaves little corners of rebuilds. Any topic I mean it doesn't matter our Mac OWF and -- town we didn't ranchers and if you minister but. Is force a game last night rockets bounced back to make his series interest thing I mean they were unbelievable. Shooting the three last night they hit sixteen of home. They shared the basketball way better. I feel like it was less. Ice so's. And more ball movement and player movement although my dear Tony says we can change everything felt different it really did feel different the way they shared it. And as a result was what you know we're talking about during the bright. Other guys got involved other guys got the morning got confidence PJ Tucker when golf's. A reason and huge first staff he had fifteen end up in nineteen sucker its warning to Karen Gordon had 27. And Paul and Horton really weren't statistician but it didn't matter bone 'cause the other guys worst hit. That's what I said last week we're talking about this series are I to me it wasn't about the star is necessarily the rockets. You kind of know what they're going to bring mainly I mean hard in the playoffs this gearbox. Kind of know what those guys are gonna bring. It Tucker it's shots a result Gordon. Ma ma mbah a moute what is it can he contribute it was all out the other guys and last night the other guys showed up. That was the first time really in this playoffs that I saw for four quarters the regular season rockets. Seated here and there are times to some games the four corners last night. That was the team that was the once he'd no doubt continue I don't know you rabbo said yesterday without desperate rockets team with the warriors team of the game in hand. It's probably Wayne's rockets is also the way it went down you'll see gold Sega blasts by that we're off I. I would I would say bone the Golden State Cain can throw in a clunker New Orleans with their ass Astro game three. Slide science Sony beat him by thirteen. It would happen soon and I heard mark spear sought not just on ESPN today. He says this team that you know will have a real big effort and there will be a lack of focus. Aunts and you know that happens from time to time with them and get refocused and look amazing. They also when they look bad they turn it over there sloppy enough to overpasses or make it last night is just disregard disregard for the Iraq. I am going to tell you I would expect Golden State to rebound on Sunday. With fury eye to eye and I think Stefan curry and or Klay Thompson will go off from three. On Sunday I just you can't tell me mound they combined for 24 points. You can't tell me moan there to keep them down at home in oracle and you know what else is gonna happen and oracle boat some of their role players like Iguodala. Oregon like living sent off the bench dare role players don't are gonna perform like gangbusters at home rockets Joyce your Charles Barkley say. Role players play better on these rockets role players they might not be what they were last night let's not overreact to last night's game. Houston was going to get at least a game spurs won game. New Orleans won a game against Allstate the rockets were always gonna get a game that's why say yes say bone it's gonna be at home. A C with the rockets do from here I have a feeling all states that already win two games. I I'm with you to a point. But there is an Al sit in the room near the rockets bonus back to know the public there's else in the room here ordinarily how much were sent with the onset curry going off. These two for thirteen from three the first two games it just was healthy step curry he decide to back games I would say your right. Never last time he got a jury came back was a year that it lost that travelers in the files he was the opposite. He had moments it's poorly came when he had a monster game staff when he came back from the same thing a couple of years ago never really got going again. So now it's similar business only step back Gaza you you're damn right what is gonna get a forty spot. Right now I just I don't know the extent of his injury how he's feeling so click toxic event that they'll probably when the next game as far as Seth Curry goes right now. I'm not I'm not sure I'm not sure where he's act president appeared to same ice. And one or the other or both are gonna go off it could be clay tops of one of those guys are going to have access to a thirteen considering he's gonna get some threes and a series and it's probably don't have an at home. I'm like yes he doesn't look right but I would consent to even as staff curry goes out there what's he averaged seventeen night in this series. He goes out there plays like that amount they still win the NBA finals. I still believe that in my heart I don't think they need bonuses yet gets how good this team then this is a. Finals right here's my. Day two gets tougher curry this series back is wanna guarding. With regard to go on there aren't going right going right he's got a dark Paula such a part of he's got to guard a premiere got all the time that's got to got to so as a coming back from injury. The court order appalling that. Am called a in terms of on ball defense he straight with steals stuff like that went on ball defense obviously he's the guy you would attack but today I. I think that's made worse by the injury I do agree with you both I don't think he's necessarily. Rice physically. And as it was say well are saying oh. They've gone after my hurdles for senate today 43 times in the first two games he's been. On the season he averaged eleven times a game. So they're basically doubling. Going out and you know so far in this series and that's not going to stop. And it isn't it's a Smart play. By Houston. But I just think I did the weird thing people overreact to NBA playoff games especially now about where they have like three days off before the series plays again people have themselves conned into believing Jews and as a chance in the series let's on Sunday starts we do the -- sign it didn't it didn't change Houston was winning a game. And I watched New Orleans absolutely obliterated gold state on Friday night couple weeks back it ever really met. When they're on an apple all of its goal and that's a thing of beauty is an immediate news there are good I know I'm just saying that it was impressive was that they also played so much harder and be dissipated. They played so much harder than the warriors or the other is one point eight. Or Chris Paul. Was behind on defense to try to come up and seal the ball from the ramp from behind and up cause he's too. I did the effort from all the guys last night when the rockets was top not I was really impressed by the must eyebrows up. I was a solid team to watch not a huge ordered fans are watching his game. A way nick. There brought together in a move on the basketball it's it's it's one old. I get two games may get short changed it when I set inside. Because again this is the team looks at the best record all year about this is a team that is clearly the next best team to the warriors. Now so maybe they end up getting so many of finals ends up in five or four game. Some like debt by paying Kitna Danks series everybody don't even think it Bobby I know you're trying to get over there I see that looking your high and I notice things. Preppy did that descent and I get in the series guaranteeing all pulled out there I'll Medicare damp down MacBook air and empty garden to download tomorrow and I would like you to talk and there's five I would like you talk about it when I'm right because it seems like when I'm right no one ever talks about it ever again out like you tell the people. So often don't work the rock I will not win this series there's a reason we never talked about it and why doesn't have a they're get out of here I. Or did so because people literally all the time you know you've nailed Donovan Mitchell last year we art and sound right does. You nailed you nailed The Commodores this tubby I your perhaps. You got a hunger had Madieu would you tell my doctor also said he'd call the serious stuff I didn't resuming this way what people blood no breeze got up so now you know why because they jumped off on the monk remember that the dead when they dread the month asset that was all right let's say development so when I was right client vigil as an outright liar I have. That Mitchell first why is that residents of the minister is going to be really gut I senate I guess what happened. And we could RJ moron now I don't know I listen this is take a break people are requesting it. The Charles Barkley moments from last night. Everybody was gone crazy old daily we were at the end of our show over this year any vs laurel saying what are you hearing Charles Barkley. Has only Soros can do made us laugh at the old saying that audio is coming up and then we guess some Montel for ten were talking points. We gotta get out there from the sale a little bit of cancer talked soon it's the Mac it's acronym stands it. Please let us. Yeah. As you know what did you hear. What did you hear. What is your your. Well I heard the your chair of the Sarah they're Frederico. Yeah. Yeah. There are no more are Laura I don't. When you struggle more on. For short. That drummer lol yeah. It's the first time around we were just throwing total revenue earlier. This season. It's just they are so good and haven't song I've aged pages do Saunders so create a lot of it I'm sure ideas come from the folks behind the scenes that don't get all the pomp. But that show is just tremendous. Television make you even need a sales are doing you don't really care about the MBA playoffs just find out when that show's on a record that show. But dig just do so on TV. And that was part of it they got it and you know what they did it bone when everybody was probably sick and tired. A yeah Annie and lower like we ended our show by talking about that play any body know and we were all team laurel by the way but we were into it. And net by the end of the day it like it was just America move on man wanted something that happened so we can move on the next controversy. But that was funny they they made in sunny again. I've never tired of an American controversy so quickly added Alex it was like ten notes due matter I sound Don I want I would while oral some meat any. They can go Mary's father and and ride off never tarts at least address one. After the show was like a couple hours I wouldn't be messed around that bank. This thing I said I I don't want this anymore I'm Don and I we're in the address which you weren't in the missile Nadia how is it addressed longer I got in the way too but of course Charles Barkley again emitting. It's a funny they're good the Panthers put out a video where they were asking all the guys and I would say it was about 70% laurel 30% Yani. My kids both said they heard Yani. Are you Danny Manning thing just alluded to Johnny's the singer whatever Nellie has come non us but tonight MI just heard Danny so light. Oh man. I know what the hell's going on how anybody's here and you Annie personally it's a dude saying it's a monotone dude I sounds like James Earl Jones all laurel the law once you build a dot com laurel. I don't know what value hearing Danny I don't know but again don't I don't wanna go there again because right now everybody's probably some. Tired of this crap so I don't wanna go there necessarily two points in a more is that a shot of me doing a citizen in reference right there is little shot of now it's a very guy was really deep voice guy just think if you don't have pickle right now sort of dream stands right color overrated the other day to all these field of dreams to come and I'm inside the dollars a sodomy. Yes and what was that phone good luck with that update the poll here. As a brace pain are you excited from that to be jumping on the baby Grey's bandwagon. So far 83% say it out of here man. Very early very early immigrants are. Very early adding if I a couple of other things Mac had WS NCAA dot com email address keep building center attacks come in 70457096. Stand. Couple of the things aren't final sale price officials sale price was too. Point 27 sides. Billion dollars. And someone asked earlier is that all go to Jerry Jerry I think is what 49%. Owner of the team. Something like that. But yes obviously must for the biggest share he will get you whatever his percentages and all the other minority owners. Mom will get their percentage is well also that that 2.2 75 billion be spread around a lot of these minority owners don't cash out. As cashed out as well and the crazy thing with David tapper is. It's in the best of my knowledge or snow minority owners. This is one man who didn't have to pull people together cut a check and still has over nine billion dollars in his savings. David zapper I'm telling you is a bad mamet jam of this dude like there's rich phone and then they're still see. Stinking rich like in the words of the article but now famous article that the national media start to read by the way on David tepper the New York magazine profile that revealed although. Crazy stuff about them. RS in the balls again all that stuff is an Arab but make in an article they talk about how David tepper has people say. He isn't just rich and he doesn't just have money he has asked you money. Now that he's got beyond that money man seriously. I was sickened on the odd treadmill yesterday. Blah I I was really excited Friday night because I got buy one get one free English muffins. He's a David deejay Dave that's exciting Friday night for your error as of right now Otis is. 34 years old Madison in my life right now do you think David tepper we get excited forget the violent illustrating his mother and it's hitting just coupons on Sunday mornings now probably. I don't think you know although they do talk about how he can be so Ruble his friends in that same article arms say that he is a guy that weighing your Al. You had used to borrow money from you we never has cash in south. So yes I'd there is an element of rich guys rich guys Alston. Art you don't need don't throw the money you're around the way you think they would but he literally could throw a bone. Thousands of dollars in the trash every day. And not run out of money. Is that's right billion true. Google's Jorge does not going three billion on the NFL franchise truth remains try to get Marlon gill was forgotten noticing the ratings are affected my dad's boss had a lot of money verso does does a lot of money do you notice a restaurant is our reserves. He goes almost every other Donaldson Waffle House. Basel until I don't want to loaded mayor good seeing it there all of us even while allows it to the mandatory classes of people until race there or black white no matter what your at this Diaz Waffle House. Will be your point is bring your legislature right there. Brings people together are a couple of things on the Sampras saying the sale might not close until July but before training camp. But it might not enough clothes of before July on he also a serious self Steelers. Our double steal a thing 5% of the Steelers and obviously next Tuesday is a date for the vote. At the owners' meetings he should be a resounding yes to David Samper and I want to mention this about the panthers' schedule. Warned sharp we had him on the show is a big stat geek guy where you know covers the NFL. He does it advance strands of schedule formula is way more cumulative. Zandi just look at the records of your opponents from last year. And he is tabulated couple of cool things about the schedule. That he be aired this team has the third easiest schedule for Ron offense. Based on the run defense is that they face this year is so run first team. This is big news this is a big saying in the Panthers scored and the other one is they have the third easiest schedule in the league from weeks three to four. So the start considered it costs. The last few weeks with the falcons and saints saints twice is considered Tulsa. But there's a huge stretch their bone where sharks formula which is the best strength of schedule formula I've ever seen. We street through 143. Easiest schedule this schedule is very doable bone. We've got to get that Dallas game early and it got to try to find a way to get. Elise one if not two of those games lights you know in this clarity we need to get Warren chart back on the show again he got a bigger suck suck it was on the so pissed everybody off bank as he didn't like CJ Anderson and generally you like ski like Dick de he likes to an arrest. He likes his numbers making people man guests thank you like easy official analytical. Stack girl the magazine analytical antagonist of the matter is that fact I've met heads WF and he had done next so I get tomorrow it's gonna be about stats like this other Goodson Panthers right. Brandon knows negative CJ Anderson's stats. I'd Max it WS AZ dot com. Are we come back we get to Tuesday be rock and roll we also ball we got hoops but I have to tell you this story other pro athlete Clemson grad. And I feel so badly so this guy pays rich is on get out. But he may have the meanest wife in the world coming up. Airbag can use the Mac attack on SN CI. Actually I'm trying to hold in any rain inside may have asked about the height of this a knowing royal wedding until tomorrow. Trying to hold that in my own just like in China holding in my all star race takes until tomorrow's radio show. But it's very hard right now WC NC is all over this wedding Rachel roller I love Rachel role she's amazing but. She's on there and doing a piece about how to properly drink tea in England. I I just don't is it wrong and I just don't care about England I am very all about America I'm sorry and I don't give a darn about their royals. And I don't give a hoot about their wedding it just is driving me crazy why are we so consumed with that in this country. I saw a piece last week I was out getting Chinese food and they had the news is our and there are two apiece while waiting for the food arrives. Odd they're doing a piece on how the horses are preparing for the royal wedding interviewed the traders of the horses involved process this is just aren't I. His daughter is ridiculous. We're consumed by it man with a at bars are opening by the way bone early. In the morning on Saturday there's gonna be ladies gathering. Get there among most is on and watching this this crap like why the heck this is like the Super Bowl for women. I don't understand I don't give a hoot about this wedding it's just. I don't really give a damn ever about any of those royals over there like I don't even understand all I I don't care about the Kansas City Royals. All I care about is that Prince Harry looks like Carson west's other. I don't really I just it just drives me crazy it's one of those things that I just don't get man. I don't get I also don't get our fascination with superhero movies in this country either but that when won't give me a lot more trouble on the show and my royal weddings. Match started up by saying he's accurate yet about the royal wedding or appearance that's what I'm holding my quarterback that's not in my best rates yet on my question for you resist so I need right here. Is there anyone in this country -- get married. Dell would have an impact in our country like did ID's to could anyone get married here that would just consume people. Are we not with wild and A-Rod. If that sorry that's powerful Oracle's first troubled man as well are royals are the true example involves those are royals right now our rights. But they don't play LA I. The player we are a resident of first and foremost this is like beyond this is like AI Gideon oral I don't play the audio. Are you talking about Augusta says breach mag the royal wedding obsession is absurd and Joseph says Mac is a big hole he does like superhero movies. Just yeah. I'm not really in to a man I go but I know I have to go to because my son loves incite violence or they can come that's a good guy movies avengers black Panthers the flight data I got to go to now that's a good Tex like question you can get married delegates Umar listeners. Throughout there there's Marshall Estonia had a wedding that would be that would that would be the Mac it's at royal wedding we covered that lives if he Mary's job Victoria from other place and that's that's that's that's. Oh man Max Ed W at Tanzi doctor art anyway I wanted to focus and to those of you wondering when the actual sports talk occurs on this radio show 7 o'clock we got other stuff to get into a question of that I saw some Panthers fans debating because it feels like something did you know the new owner could move also something new owner could do little. Has led to a Tampa sand debate about how it should be done so we'll get into that at 7 o'clock we've also got an argument about Brad Stevens of bone and I've been sitting all we completely disagree on this. And I majors we may yell at each other over it and see where you're at that may happen at some point as well he's thrown modes and 8 o'clock. But I want to mention this guy says it's Oprah gets married over and Steadman got married both. And Alina are they still gather I don't even know that I am familiar and easy to extend its got to believe that money train and they still together yeah absolutely if they got married about this guy says that would be. The royal wedding. Americans can't describe it tried for years that I'd like to see what we have here I wanna mention this Lucas Glover saying that he and his wife Krista they did get married obviously. But he maybe want to think about and in this marry. Tebow and this story is just. Brutal and absolutely brutal Lucas Glover missed the cut over the weekend. At the players championship. And according to police reports filed after this incidents. Lucas Glover. Lucas Glover Weiss started yelling at him calling him a loser. Calling him a ward a source with. Calling him Nancy become. Essentially essentially been a case that in another version of that yet essentially yes she screaming at him because of how poorly played. Lucas Glover in the police report says this happens any time he has a bad performance in the tournament his wife crystal screens and and she apparently had been drinking all day. So that's that's a big part on shore of this problem with our chief then. As as Lucas covers mom who was staying at their rented home thereupon a major sort of players is mom tries to step in a defendant to tender son. She starts. Beating up the mother. Attacking them I get a little stressed again you know you don't know there's all sort of owning I knew I didn't I didn't read on a decaf I did they do on the air saudis want to react to Barry Lucas then tries to stay at the end. She starts attacking him there was blood on the scene I don't know who's. Bomb. This woman the police get there and by the way by the time the police get there Lucas Glover is asking them not to arrest his wife. One of anyone releasing you often see in domestic violence situations we often equated to the lawmen. Asking you know not to say demand and but domestic violence all this can go obviously. Numerous gives you many different ways and so he's asking him not to arrest stated they're arresting anyway. And as arresting she's fighting the cops. Couple of cops or caring or. She wraps her legs around the door of the police car to try to hold on and not get stuff in the police car clearly the alcohol is playing a huge role in the way that she was acting. And then they finally arrested her and then don't. This gets out publicly so Lucas Glover needs to put out a statement. And Lucas Glover says hey everybody's fine now Obama it's just a misunderstanding. Hopefully it'll all get cleared up. Lucas Glover is basically saying he wants this all cleared and and and and you know hopefully bring to pass this as a family. I mean he's telling bad Zia battered husband centrum I'm not trying be funny like where he is now protecting her and she does this verbal abuse to him constantly not to mention a physical abused him and his mother. I have I have a Syria on why he did not press charges Maggie it's odd the whites. Because he's there he's a Glover not a fighter I. Administration this is all because if he's heating and play well. Right he didn't play well and who started this whole spiral out of control that if your wife back. Reacted this way every time you had a mediocre show I'm gonna be is in trouble I'd be devastated. They stood says behind every strong man. Oh this is a celebrity sex not every strongman is an even stronger woman Lucas Glover size. Combat that that was not our royal wedding Lucas Glover and I seriously mid range yes that's horrible man I feel for you brother in she's got to get to drinking I mean I might just be as simple as just. The huge well it can't just be drinking the right because that's some serious rage. And by the way I forgot to mention one of the worst parts of it they're two young children were right there watching because that's I guess terra. A debt that literally might be the worst part about it. We have an answer a bone on. What wedding would get this much attention in this in this country yes it's one of the Trump's sons married one of the Obama daughters. I'm that good talent isn't news Doug is a news attach that would bring America together man did you imagine that we'd all come together on. What about what about Chloe interest and you know. Oh that's got to do advance. My goodness are people now sending Endesa is about them processions of Lucas Glover Weiss formally and all this stuff anyway.