Mac Attack Hour 1: Panthers Training Camp starting next week, Hornets Summer League

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Monday, July 16th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers Training Camp starting next week, plus the Hornets Summer League.

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan that with the Mac obviously at general. Analysis sometimes with Tebow and keep my children yeah. You're doing yourself an exact. Let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clean. Let's get this baby go and happy Monday Charlotte welcome aboard it. More signs of football starting today the SEC media days on down there and Alabama did going to. Today they will last for four straight this case. Bad conference. Views itself as important four straight days. A media days and it is important ACC. We cranked up here in Charlotte Wednesday and Thursday so there are some signs of football. Has come and it is on the way and then obviously this is the last week. With out some sort of panther football the boys will head to Spartanburg. Next Wednesday to report for training camps and get signs of football we will celebrate that we get college football's all we got cancer stuff. To discuss we've got to put the wraps on a hornet's summer league. Who who deserves playing time who who deserves less playing Tamils are talking about. The latest roster is shaping up for next season we will do that miles bridges is a slight bit of an athlete. If we didn't learn anything this weekend it or how how much Sosa. If we learned anything at this weekend it should be dale miles bridges is a NASA leaders we did. Know that already talk about that as well. Let's see here will see that franchise tag deadline later today were not so thankfully we're not involved in this situation. But lay beyond bell that's a ten sworn in Pittsburgh here and Donald. Out there and LA 4 PM deadline for that is well and we got much much more we welcome bone back. World Cup Max cell. Final World Cup comments as France poised to Charles C I'm sure people are really miss. The World Cup conversations. And we a lot of good guests on the show today a lot a good football material on the show today Tony Barnhart Dennis died the Charles Davis and Sami doubt you'll hear all those cats at some point. During his radio show bony what do vacation if I was mantown manager one day they. Should did so much stuff I can't remember all ma'am I'm my head in my world when they call it. Bode had a whirlwind that was really. Thought that we are a lot I got another one next Monday it is so maybe Gallagher competed this one. See here just a united takes full vacation news today inch along the air and I didn't do five consecutive days this year aidid's side like spread out this all over the place. So that's the talk on the air now while six month. Sounds like this is a trend I was watching WC and C in the morning the other day. And apparently in Charlotte a big thing to do is to take like every Monday of the summer all. Some people are just doing that and giving you giving themselves three day weekends every week. Instead of taking a full vacation which is uninteresting strategy. Yeah interesting strategy I had to tell you based on the a level of participation for years on Mondays in the summer I kind of thought they were taking Mondays off for about fourteen straight years of me being. Are bound not get a life on the set to take in his Monday off to a fairly tough meg what would you rather hear about early Michelle might skyscraper experience of the movie theater or. My YMCA basketball experience I try to go tablets out there were trying to get your work out they're both went to the wise Saturday at eight in the first one went to go. Odd get a new basketball at targets I had about I whole process of getting to Hawaii anyway it's like it's a wide cross is here's my apartment new basketball. And I get there there's two courts and they're just sealed it's like to. I don't know if they're there every Saturday or what but it's basically two men's league games don't. Some old man some young guy to date and they are intense and I must happen every week I don't know why don't wait a really long time for court. About how this is to practice for me and you in the one all wanted to into tomorrow's a big moral one day it's so timely one of the court clears out. In our goal. It takes four shots from the foul line I'm warming up on this I'm just get to this the court. Take four shot artist wanted I was watching on a group of wanna play any game this wanna shoot a little bit against it does the seal back. It's the united eight year old cage should I take for south of imagery of model. And they drill a fourth foul shots that I never release. Elvis and guy comes ideals are only young punk kid. So is this our we've got to clear the court. It's senior recycling Saturday senior cycling is and always always always like doing vice come out there and I had to clear the core Mac and waited. Once the target waited an hour. So my whole morning other just wanted to get some shots up. A the lot so all you got us for free throws free throw 75% from the line and I went on off as would you do to keep this guy off the court maybe I didn't play immortal one people multi core and excited that I did -- got to take one more days like SARS is may idle so when asked albeit just bold alligator about a to have a throw down the line so Saddam. Because there is a gas got to do a little present for keeping you from practicing. I you know I'll actually get myself from practicing this week and I had a big mess out match -- weekend right where I was a low mile wide to two kids. As you bring back yesterday about a weapons relieved to see it she actually did come back problem with the tea heads. Yes. But this weekend I did not bring my cells. I think the most exercise I got was cut the grass walking the dog and goes into most taxing things that it. I tell you see don't I may die in this one on 1 game I am in some horrible shape. I don't even have like my yard I would love to tell you all I get a really big yard my yard is very small. And I cut my yard yesterday dude I thought I was going to pass out against our CO in my chest hauler who dude. I may not bleached. If I survive this one on one game I can't do anything like this ever again Mans seriously like I I just short burst from AT don't short burst there's almost kill myself man I am an horrendous shape. I play marbles ascetic I went sixteen miles on the treadmill since Friday morning. Not like and you're an animal not an isolated in the running full speed the whole web I did you city miles total it somehow. I came back today heavier than when I left two others. I did fifteen miles album my scale broken Earth's water weight I gained weight. I didn't use fifty miles total in game right now let's dissolve anything that was crazy this weekend's our allies so that was crazy everything made my wife says I saw your tweet about all of us soldier worrying NBC came back considered ten minutes that's hard right now al-Qaeda and those who was gone I heard you on Friday I was a total losses show while on the treadmill it was a very enjoyable show. I notice so that you were describing the weekend and how great is gonna be you essentially backed you lived my life right now for a week. Did you enjoy your bureau revised lower. Right I mean it's I don't know. Will that play turned out to be as exciting as I thought it was just me into dogs for all day well Gary yelled what are all right. You know it's all right do I got a little breaks it'll break from being asked to do things but I'm very glad to BS to do things surmise loving family. I'm sucking up I'm back let's see all star break in baseball. Media days in the SEC store today as well home run derby tonight. Freddie did the only matchup I really care about it's Freddie Freeman against Bryce Harper I can't stand Bryce are the first of always in the laying. He's a pretty boy and done I do believe he makes a helmet falls on her busy it's a big helmet secrecy is flowing locks hair is good and out and DOS Freddie Freeman demands. Much else for my adopted braves I would like to see him take care of that match up I'm not a huge home run derby saying. I'm not really huge also are sand and I have to be honest bone this baseball season even watching the Braves would just argue more more as I watched your heels. Are quite a bit less is bad as they are. I've baseball starting to grind on Maine it's a long season it's a slow game and IDs football my life. I'd I'd almost reached the point where I've seen enough baseball again be honest with you. Aussie and I've seen enough right sock when's the last couple seasons at this point they just don't. They won't stop a slide out dole is that I love Freddie Freeman home runs sacked for you heard yes just Al's got a sense that it Freddie Freeman are talking about on the dot. CBS yankees Indians game mrs. Freddie Freeman has not get a batting practice I'll run in three seasons. Our purpose. He does not hit balls out of the yard during BP it's all winds rising doubts soared 88 hesitant to change every scene tonight an asset or set updates interview can you believe it changed since I can't. But he does not add up those kind of weird easily we watch guys MB Peter wants and balls he just wants into the gap Volek intro to crazy. So much for the fans that come out early disease and scream and hit home runs tell you based on all of us were right dead you may see a lot of doubles tonight from France. Not that's gonna work braves win yesterday but today man they score one run the first two games combined against the Diamondbacks. Braves Phillies in luge yes it's always rubs five nothing on the Marlins. Lost a game tennis I guess is that east so the Braves now one chance came out at the all star break. And we'll see what happens in my in my big saying is. You know who gets Manny Machado and what do we would do the Orioles get back I need young. Arms I need young pitchers it sounds like. Silly the Phillies and Milwaukee. Seem to be beat two teams that are most linked and I don't know anybody out there cares one way or years is not a ghost just the update on that and pretty soon more ourselves in the football here. Here's that here's a scuttlebutt. And the shot a wants to be Yankee. But they're not gonna doesn't ever go out and everybody loan. I'm the city's heart they don't they're not gonna give it up and knowing they're not gonna give up the prospects now when they feel like we'll go get him in December. So today did Orioles are asking for the yankees' top pitching prospect yankees as they get themselves yeah actions very truly don't watch. Why give them up now when I go again in December he wants to be here I don't blame if he doesn't Milwaukee's GSA Milwaukee not gonna come over a year now. Well let me just streaking Dallas he ends up with the Yankees and just going to lose my mind since this event actually a miserable season create effects. George visible at the health authority over 503. 500 forehand I exam also. Add Florio I should also bass for distrustful let me tell you right now and I citizen preppy before the show but I mean to tell you right now and explain teal and yet another reason. Recent 579 million why the NFL kills the other sports. A guy like Manny Machado. Cannot be retained by the bowl morals morals they can't afford. Right I think you know part of that is they gave dumb money to Chris Davis of the biggest why don't you afford to keep a guy that is literally one of these four or five best players in the game. It is mine and it just drives you crazy is a theater that team. Ahmad the inmate in the NFL it never happens. If you're the top five player in the game in the NFL you keep. Never does get to a point where NFL team can not keep the top five player in the game and the same thing happens in the NBI. Its way to top five player in the game here in Charlotte. Do you think we keep him. I don't I mean I don't know we'd be better or maybe you wanna stay here but. It's just in the NFL you don't lose the top players you people knew of the franchise tag top players cite your salary cap. That is a legit salary cap in baseball in the NBA you literally had teams they can't keep stud players which is crack. Justice is gonna say right now so so you're not happy at the Yankees make him a shot a low amid that's that's a big part of the just in general man I'm sitting there saying we're saying by demanding it just sucks it's annoying. In the NFL that stuff does not happen and I just. If I sit and same thing with the hornets fan. It's small market any NBA and it's just so whole art and that doesn't happen in the NFL your market size doesn't matter in the NFL it's another reason why the and a. Bell's rates in another example Mac the hornets miss on a guy like NIC Batum on his money and you see the entire data hats are the whole franchise orders can't afford to give that money got to masonic. He's a clear this year hasn't played yet 150 million dollar contract Jacoby Ellsbury. Yeah that's not a cut and go ahead of the man early early cattle don't worry it's got her four times trying to rehab it doesn't matter. Because they did they can make outs without loss teams like hornets in the NBA and other teams or sports they get hot that it no amount of money they're said that ways tired of them outlining a dozen. Soriano. Coming wildly dissimilar announcing it is true in these sports. It was a sad almost and a ball big money he didn't he doesn't matter because he's a cat like you donate it does off her shoe I. We'll say let's just take a break your Mac did WS Lindsay like I literally take a breather I guess you're gonna use. I don't individual sport when we come back. We gotta get into some football stuff we like cows football we got to pay if there is we've got NFL we've got people react to the T go all over the sports world. Including Charles Barkley. And people are not reacting well TO. Across the sports world all that's coming up here on American attack on WM Tanzi. Back on the Mac attacks it is WS sends me like I said SEC media days start today what does schedules pretty. Because I am I am such a dork for wolf really for a lot of things in general. But for a vote for college football getting going and I will be why. In later today on the SEC network to cover job they do great job way to get she's thinking about OK when these teams what's going on kimbo say sure. Is the first one to takes the podium then mark Stoops and then it. And or Chirac and who when you talk hot seats coach OC scattered begin it is going to be warm. It's it's asked to be warm I would think. But on the ACC it's going here in Charlotte on Wednesday. And on third setting its coastal division coaches Wednesday on Thursday I think it is Atlantic Division coaches. And then obviously to Panthers. Our guys got basically. What nine more days off next Wednesday they will report for training camp. T bone you you were digging something up and dark for the sake of the show is a signal listeners. The other day and I I didn't mention on Friday. But it's. Based on sources you have over there at Charlotte's. And people keep asking with the 49ers. Are they going to take Jerry Richardson's name Aussie stadium. And like nice is it sounds like it's like I suspected. Jerry Richardson sounds like he paid a pretty hefty sum. And in response to that they put his name on the stadium so it seems like they're kind of stuck in a pickle they're right I mean this upcoming office. No it's not that's not my understanding from what was said to me grass it was that no it's not coming off the amount of money that he donated a soccer boss wasn't just a million dollars two million dollars. It was in the double digits of the millions of doll and a backup not coming down now son among so again Wofford not to take his name off anything. Charlotte knocked it removes this animosity think that he paid for it. The Panthers contractually can't take the stadium down so Jerry gets everything that he wants in terms of that stuff. All that recognition continues you know remain even though. It's easy but even all that he has been involved in all that recognition ends up community that you he cares more from from a distance we don't know Jerry but from what we gather he cares more about the recognition pieces and his name being nonstop. That actually apologizing for his actions I'll do what does that mean I got that that means more than to be said Gerri have a choice. Didn't say sorry try to save whatever Gracie camp long term whatever or you can have your name up there. On everything despite what you debt Gil please don't name always for Disney needs more than then then it's Eric there. He's just he's stubborn he gonna hear is not good apologized CC and we know that you know he's just. These two damn stubborn so but anyway so that's the answer to your question is florist Charlotte 49ers go. He paid a lot of tons of money that money's probably already beaten divvied up and used start. The name is staying on the stadium now probably about mark price flood stage this is let's say this conversation sue. David separate that money used on Judy was among news channel fortunately I will sink this conversation now to David tapper David tepper has had to press conferences since becoming the owner of the Panthers. Here is twice mentioned MLS. Arm and every time I we talk about it MLS team you have the anti soccer crowd they did so annoyed like it would affect our lives to have a MLS team in Charlotte you just ignore him at all. I don't need to get that free can hurt by its. Obama but what is going on in Atlanta. T bone should open up some eyes and I saw Joseph person suite does that last night and said here this is why David tepper is is strongly. You know I'm in just sit and MLS team and Charlotte's the Atlanta team is in their first year they play in that. This football stadium in the football stadium. They are leading the league in attendance through eleven games they averaged 52000. People. Per game for free can MLS soccer. The next closest Seattle which is soccer crazed markets and there are 40000. Then you drop to Toronto it's 26000. So there are only two teams over 26000. Atlanta is doubling every team except Seattle in attendance. Yesterday bone they played Seattle. At home and Atlanta drew 72000. Saints in that stadium for a free and MLS game. You could argue that they all are I mean there's certainly more popular in the hawks and the hockey team in Atlanta. You might be able to argue it's a more popular than the the Braves of the falcons as well there is no hockey team went anymore a Orszag Winnipeg then went back door to what are my bad okay is it your best. Feel about ten years later on this. What it like two years ago right now and 2011. Owed tails yeah along time ago. It was horrible mistake right there was it not matter by the way is if you have a breaking news Atlanta Thrashers have moved when I. The thrashers or go Winnipeg jets are back right now I got it. I'd take cereal you tell I've follows zero hockey if that is that is at bell tonight at night not exactly Melrose over here I am trying to say is. The MLS average attendance. Is 21000. In Atlanta and their first year I'm sure it won't continue but first here there's 52000. Why the hell can Charlotte not topped the average attendance is 21 house per game. Not a clearly should that that's crazy to me that that market I would never in a million years have gas date they've got. That's Atlanta that they don't support the Braves. The Braves Portland there are the Nelson a ninety's they wouldn't sell games out Nadal like this is a market they just recently. The pumping crowd noise to make it louder and falcons games for God's sakes you don't think about way to go boy those hawks fans are rabid down there and that that is absolutely. Based off the fans and that city would have never gets a million years they were drawback no they're considered Elaine sports market. Based on passion of stands and look what they're going there it's unbelievable so for those that are skeptical I didn't if you would never go to a game. But I have a hard time believing si Mon that a city like Atlanta can do 52000 game in their first year. And the Panthers can't top the league average is warning 1000 I think it would be a good idea. And I think it's something to do know in silly you're ready for baseball. You know I really do think that sort of giving way to door. Is Tracy they are absolutely blowing up down their man seriously. They have blown it out so much that it may be forget that hockey last this. There are exerting that's a horrible mistake seriously I let my seven years on a hockey still being in Atlanta is there he is your team drug. Their team mark I think they are yes and again the good guys out or not that I'm following the MLS that closely. But so I do believe them pretty good record and I don't know what do you guys can look at the standings probably at this point ready. Good properties are busy laughing at the fact that I still thought the fractures for an Atlanta. Let's do some pushups starter breaks that are some that was terror and say admitted that they moved like recently how would completely innocent animals again it's a seven years or since dot Winnipeg got to team and I still thought they. I apologize to Winnipeg jets fans are. That's kind of Atlanta's Lenny united analysts seeing number 1 in the Eastern Conference or gas and they're good team too it's their first year. But that number is outrageous. I mean that number is well over double. The average attendance in the league so I think I think it's a worthwhile thing for tempered to be sniffing around. I think it definitely is a worthwhile thing for tempered beast is if we have any I am glad to be truthful to us if we have one single Winnipeg jets fans. I was is the show all go outside these amounts are on the park. I wanna do it Ottawa maggot sank The Today Show Charlotte we do not have one single. Winnipeg I got some exciting doesn't Val joins glider with how about this arm I feel bad for us rafters thrashers fans how many guys out there are really bombed it to see in his last count. Seriously but that's right everybody knew in seven years ago except me are you mad at W enthusiast John Bryant says this is why wouldn't people say they want more hockey on the Mac its act I try to tell them no you don't. Hear Bryce I want what I do with hockey anyway excellent Mac we got some breaking news here as well Selig in my new sound a where's my new sound or news news news news news what's at Atlanta lost the falcons now there are of course I can't find my break you were breaking news ago whatever. Due to Tutu. The Quebec nor geeks. I blasts Quebec CM all over that when I got that one back when their Colorado and this is moving to Colorado back when I actually taste like us an age of attention hockey I got that one down back. Don't tell me to Hartford whalers left and it came to Carolina Hurricanes and lastly I want somebody that is that what we left together you guys both left from I edited it finally move to get their degrees are also a couple of years on the list was that a package deal yes. Always or support the great I'll play and we got that whalers a political race stadium and the slight songs in the history of a complaint when we come back Joseph wouldn't email says Mac don't feel bad I was with you when those guys told Jews the dated have NHL hockey in Atlanta I was as shocked as you work I put I don't suppose I think it was supposed to know stuff like that but I. I don't know I've Mac gets what and I do some dues to push jump start to break. To bomb two to deal with our -- is about as a punishment I don't like sitting out of Canada and it doesn't help out your push out Jack you are did you put that on line take a break we are football talk about Tebow just tease something and write the heart grow Hartford whalers Sony's final there's a definite feel wanted to talk some slow close well it is the Mac attack. On WS ends it. Don't see these days. But what now lazy old golf they would play that when the Hartford whalers scored a goal before of course they moved tears to the Carolinas that's the brass bonanza to what is called that date was that's a legend that's a legendary jam John Brodie has a kid there with his father all Monday in them I'm an emotional about Eddie's. I don't know where sleazy whalers had moved back on the start to brag he's on an out of the way were to move down here how they moved to Carolina got that one covered and it's just the Atlanta to Winnipeg say like I did Terrell. Less about and where the thrashers named after thrashers French Fries are now. Aren't I doubt what I don't know our speed on how I was I was back to back in this dusty bone that I care about. And if it happens it doesn't take me seven years to find it out there might be a good way to do radio show. By the way Tony Barnard you'll hear from him. At 7 o'clock mr. college football talk and ACC and SEC this is the week. To really ramped up we even have any experts on but it's our media days in both the SEC and ACC. A couple of things here first by the way then does the city of Spartanburg. Has you don't just people trying to figure out what's gonna happen training camp. It on any size now know Jerry Richardson anymore saying no ties to Los heard. What is gonna have that would training camp question was asked of us last week. Well the post other Smart burglar including the mayor of Spartanburg has spoken out as soon we will slice to keep training camp in Spartanburg south course you little. He's got nothing else in that tail that is bringing any staying at the economic impact their training camp brings rain all those people N every day after you're your your restaurants is stuff like that you've got nothing else. Likes center multiple Kristy curry is next to reach out yeah that's a nice drawl that is a nice and crispy creams are nice perk. But they're not bringing people into the town Tebow training camp as far as I can see. It's like the only thing no offense to anybody it's from Spartanburg sparkle city but is the only thing I can imagine is actually bringing it. And Balkan people to town and also there are going to try to fight it. To me it seems pretty obvious what is going to happen with training camp. It seals like when they move to another error to their own practice facility to separate from the same and it seems like that is a done deal. Basically the way David tepper speaking. It's feels like that is where they will hold their training. Most teams are doing this nowadays holding units are on facilities. Lot of teams are doing it at their practice facility that is now separate from their stadium that's a trend in the league. Andy you know you put I think across the border for Mel whenever they're talking with Jill Carroll Windsor tunnel put in that area. I would expect Cebu on their daddies were camp would lead out I just I don't know anything at G regards Sedaris. Bugs that just seems like where we're headed now will say this there will be a presence. In South Carolina that's why I think this is this just makes sense that it that the facility would be there. They're not going to abandon Wofford or nonbinding South Carolina completely T don't you heard me on that David tepper talks way too much. About being the seam for both Carolinas and having a presence in both Carolinas. Do you say you'd be tied altogether Mac would be presence in both Carolinas to the MLS team being soccer. Now because don't isolate. A lot of teams in that league have their own separate facility. But I did RBC Atlanta doesn't. In L and their kill and it but I just feel like that would be here but I think deep practice facility and training camps would be. As a practice facility and I think that ends up being in South Carolina that is my educated guess. On how this thing plays out by going with the one your educated guess I think that's probably how would play wrestler out like you're gonna invest that much a facility you're gonna you're gonna maximize Isa yet that's because you wanna get people there and then if you do what the speculation says you would still. Which is follow the lead of the patriots and vikings. And Dallas you're gonna halves you would have retail outlets around there. And you would make it a destination rights and you wouldn't want. Training camp there are so those dates of those retail outlets restaurants shops stuff. You're gonna put there if you do what these other teams have been doing with their practice facility just monetize. So that seems like that would be a no brainer there but I don't blame Smart birds for trying to throw some sort hail Mary. Because you know what else do they have. This is this is money that they're balloons or groups argue what's up there I don't know what I don't know nothing nothing tells me among that. I was trying to find my breaking news sounds like I just found it while you're talking so I didn't mean edit a by the way I made another mistake about Atlanta sports. The Atlantic united is in their second year in the league out the first year in the league like I had previously sat subject that we'll. I don't you let the memory go to another guy breaking news Atlanta is their second year in the league. I am completely botched. Atlanta hockey and soccer scene I am bosh said today that guy RadioShack made a bold prediction probably during the bright days Vegas is gonna get a hockey team is. Actually he's just done I think it's just I'm glad that no mattresses that don't ever succeed don't you walk out this dude says yeah now that's it's gonna take time that this guy says Mac just in case you missed it the Panthers led Dom Capers. Got app does. That's what happens thank god this mistake happened in the 7 o'clock ducks are only so many of you winning 6 o'clock or 6 o'clock Arizona massacre. I thank god. There's evidence six dog are there only so many of you awake to remain at this point in time keep in mind this is refreshed Mac this is sat around do what you wanna do all we can -- this is not short Mac this is a Mac who didn't speak any human has always had extended to resist if you're. When jamming and for those you do station. Jim miscellaneous TV guide this market radio guy in this market former goes to show. Remember when Jim would come in and he'd literally tells I haven't talked to anybody since we ended the show on Friday yes he would like literally not be able to speak. That's the way I am here I'm just I have not spoken all that was well it's the only talking have done the mice to my dogs and Manning a hard time of getting this contract and the word correct I just it's things are not happening well for me this morning. Go to all married a man he's a pro that he's gonna carry me okay what's going on very. Hybrid I meant glad they did back then Boehner. Erica Erica yup my there are tricky but. In its exact likeness is Smart ass and he has really changed again I think that's a twenty. Quick facts are out there. I haven't been let go. People on all our great. Champion to breeder called and I show so much greater veto. What are and it worked out video. On clay court. I just don't what part. Of what topic Eric. Bet there are. Backed up. Or try to account our game but I have a great great great people we are. The boat people. Bob please don't talk to me. After that I don't like it don't tell me that it just moved to come right when he and another Landis forcing those Zotob I think I think there is movement guide me out there's nobody on this movie in the South Carolina and other ally and best path anyway I am going to ignore that comment and I'm just simply gonna talk about him like this and this is and we get a insidious and their scarcity internal panther nation battle we're discovering. People that seemed missing because it is an even number here we are destined not to have a winning season. And because we've never had back to back when he sees people just have this negative feeling coming in the season. And then there are people that just looks at actual things about this team. And believe they're going to do well and one of those things is you've got a healthy Cam Newton makes all the difference in the world. In terms of being able to chemistry with these receivers. Being able to be sharp tongue in the training camp I mean last year and can't you remember that there's some doubt for a while. He wasn't you know a Little Rock early was able wrote early last year it took him time to get going. I just feel like she's going to be ready to go and this is huge tootsie don't because you've got a different offense albeit pretty similar. But you've got a new offensive coordinator this is a very important season for cam to be healthy when it. And also keep a mighty your guy he was throwing to receivers at the end of the year that may have been legally barred we're not sure. That's how bad it was I didn't know those guys to actually see the ball coming out that though this tried to get receivers. I'll have sites is a beautiful day at one of our we do we have receivers last year Bono playoff game there were using those change sublime menus got to run around to get off the jam they were using it as not a good sign why it has a doubt one receiver last year had no armed teams just only two assassins. I don't think about these guys now payback not sure you've heard LeBron is headed to LA. So yes that one in there to help me out and this guy says this just proves that Mac needs structure in his life's maybe you do need my family if for nothing else. Just to be able to stay sharp when actual conversation communications meg ECB job big NBA news over the weekend the knicks have higher Pat Riley. This out one bad this now. That's wild card Magid W Justin Z dot com. Is email address adult wanna jump in if you wanna harass me on May lakeside mistakes earlier it's been pretty ugly world we come back we got to at least. Give us a few minutes in Charlotte hornets and if you do not see one rookie miles bridges was due and on Saturday in the summer league. And I don't even care what the numbers say that was free get in presses will talk about the hornets and this roster how it's shaping up. Going into next season it's a Mac attack on WS NC the most accurate show in the game kids. Our quarterback Tony Barnard interview mr. college football talking SEC ACC. A lot's on at Clemson and examine how dominant Doby and they're two conferences that's coming up at the top of the hour later today down there in Alabama. On the SEC media days you're going to ACC meeting case here in Charlotte on Wednesday. All right let's we gotta give a little bit low Dolores had somebody ask me. About the hornets see here what how they phrase this question. Now of course I can't slide Samoa somebody was asking essentially. You know law what opinions I have formed about players in the summer league something about that's. I wanna talk a little bit about playing time and about this line up arms first of all what happened on Saturday and yes I did watch every second of the board of summer league team on a game on Saturday there was not a lot going on in my household. I had some scratch our heads of free time on my hands. On the got a limited loss to Toronto got screwed on a bad Falco on the basket. The defense side towards the end of their game Tebow and I'm irate about but not it was it was a bad call not really it was I think I'm kind of glad they're done playing. But I did enjoy watching a game on Saturday first of all. I need to I need a little more bacon in my life during basketball see kids are back to our basketball and I'm not all the students are readied a year rounds by it's I need doing bacon on the floor more. I don't know how you feel about this T bone. This do I think is solid defensively. His game is just smooth that midrange jumper is straight Bonner man's a thing is straight money. But mid range jumper. On its a lost art I know the analytic guys don't think it's an efficient shot. But when that dude should Saddam is he's not explosive really go a little basket but he finds a way to kind of get there. Armed that's just outline a bunch. I mean he was huge almost won that game single handily down the stretch for Dolores the other day I need more point make. Source miles bridges goes. Again I'd I you know I had my doubts leaves stripped and obviously I'm not gonna go back on that right now but the one thing that was apparent on Saturday as sisters freakish death. Us a ridiculous I mean he was strenuous personal slam dunk contests in a middle there's game. And I'm telling you he had a couple of nice dunks but the one that he missed bone what are each when he spun around throws act according went Drudge don't get. The miss was the greatest I want I dare dare I say it was the greatest missed Duncan summer league history. And I at least give it that label I doubt was freaking impressive this student can compete athletically at this level he just needs to become a better basketball player. Right he's got yes lettuce is a. Are all that it's that would have brought the Internet it almost did anyway I guess so we'll see what he missed a bad that Giles wants an odd that was I was like I had to go back into why did I just direct assault. That was unbelievable Mac. It's got it's fascinating to see. What exactly is a horse can we have a new coach here so we can't assume with cliff we need more than was gonna be in the lineup all the time we got a new what was gonna go on and KG was gonna get a lot of minutes. What is the horn is starting five gonna look like next year. Because right now he got kemba as a point guard I assume Zeller is starting center. Outside of that you've got mark lamb Morgan frank bridges and KG and that puts him. All for the rest of the white I have no idea that's gonna shake out because I joined vacancies and when they get there is a log jam. As Kupchak met Jeanette these forward and two guards are I don't whoever's gonna play two guards are not purple Batum as well. I know I may have tempted to Edwards who says he is being asked to play more three this year. I Abkhazia the spot on this and the certainty she should I say right now I've seen enough MPG for the rest of my life hornets uniform. That's the first point I wanna meg. You have this a lot of players of the wing. I wanna see Dwyane bacon more coliseum KJ I wanna see miles bridges morneau one exe and KG these guys have the ability to contribute on two ends of the floor. And JG has a 12 way player I have to be honest this whole thing about him being a stopper to shut down guy. I haven't seen the last couple seasons. I don't really feel like he developed into these defensive shut down guy that I thought he would be at this point. Yeah he's a liability it's a game about spacing right now Tebow. Any chance space the floor for you at all he's a liability he chills Campbell's ability to try and he just kill spacing. I wish there was a way to trade this cat. 'cause I I just feel better playing the other guys. On the wing that our two way basketball players. Writes here's here's browser ask you get there are so many guys that you could see in the rotation. In doing data quite so well in the summer NIC Batum makes so much money you put on the bench at all. Or need a CD is that what the situations where they were paying this du 25 million dollars he's got to be I think Batum still probably. Like I think that's worse. Off cents. Dispersed offense they bring your I think can be a better fit for nick Ayers Tony Parker in this guy's given though out a guy's got his roster right now. And Dovonte Graham there's only so deep look out Eastern Conference there that they're right we are so deep I've got two guys I know what disorders of our. Attempted to do since two says they're talking Immelt Claymores rate. Mass tempted to go Campbell off. Monk but tomb of Marvin. Zeller our unasked tempted to try to do that for starting line. We think about that are just too damn small two guard spots. It's small but I mean there are a lot of ways you can go we have so many guys. It looks so good but it'll probably go back that's like a caddy hurting domestic but how many guys I mentioned so far that could crack through its agent mark lamb. More than frank. Base the Vontae Graham bridges and KG Batum bake it. There are there's like fifteen guys that can be there should just yeah want to sort out here as we go to get to us September there is as far as the starters. I think sellers locked in camera locked it. Yes I Israelis locked into the Tucson open the small forward to starting Alyssa just so I think his contract may just freaked out I think the guy is literally our eighth best ask. Like great guys a horrible contract but the guy is cool he's a starter on this basketball team. He just needs more people still the basket out so he can do his all around game thing cannot be relied on to be a school we pencil and Morgan still. I think so there's I don't think Franken play defense back. But I guess I guess there's got to be competition there right. More so than there was before him Morgan was very much I thought attached it very much a cliff Scott could talk a lot more that a lot yeah I assume you might have the same role. So we have Campbell but soon Zeller and morals and it was like the job to guard spot as the one we're still lot trying to figure I should be twit well I guess you keep bitumen to to input and KG still but I just. I don't think Dan cage he can starting more so this team got Jeremy lamb to in the past I think I mean I guess is lamb among consider possible stars. I just I'd I want MTG get a very few madam minister I really wanted to trade first of all. But I don't know I feel like they have tried that and exhausted all those options. Let me grab Rodger real quick is it we gotta get to law. Actually a big college football hour on this show at 7 o'clock hours going to be big for ACC and SEC fans Rodger real quick what we go say about the hornets. Are quick to score a lot of I grew up walker. Right arm chip maker. Our market that are under your backup on I will be Parker. Parker I do loans and bought it rank I can't I can't. And don't look. Orbit orbit are part of gum is orbit is I guess is that what that Adobe fighting for the backup spots have not sutures he put lamb and bake it in their over I would still starved until I still think the two missed 13 or four best players. Even though the contract angers the hell out of us. I still think he has. Lamb and mauled to maybe compete for that spots. A lot of parts that serious auto parts of the crowd over and KJ man and I don't know what you can do it simple do you just play in a minute to gamers don't. I don't know what she can do man Mac it's W may become an off the bench she gives you a little bit energy off the bench runs the floor gives you defensive energy I don't nobody doesn't give you spacing that line up off the bench. I listen to sustain quick little breather here meant we got time to figure this out everybody we just by the way I made another mistake team on this time right in my wheel house and made a mistake. Early. The ACC SEC media days is it Atlanta this year not Hoover Alabama like an oasis so why even screwed up in my wheel house of SEC college football. At all. It's a hard Smith. I'll do better next our kids sharper next hour when we come back Tony Barnhart SEC network to talk SEC and ACC football it's time to start thinking college football do its.