Mac Attack Hour 1: Panthers OTA's

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Wednesday, June 13th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers OTA news. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with the Mac obviously at general. Analysis sometimes with Tebow and keep my hands yeah. Is doing yourself an exact. Let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clinging. Good morning shallow well of Obama's strength is magic Jack up. For our shall we we've got ourselves a lot of football to get into Panthers. Finish dubbed day one of the three day mini camp yesterday they got date to this morning and we'll talk a good bit of Panthers on today's radio show or you John I'm Jones and Fordham guess and a lot of you all or Jones or for a little bit of cancer talk. As we look forward to the season can't get here fast enough. We had stuff fall path. Still thought Luke. You got trade turner backed out there. And much much more David tepper made another visit. To the stadium. As well don't know what we you know what what he was still pretty shaken and all on the squad this week. And it's who's got investigated so we've got Greg Hardy was his first. USC's site USC contender series a 67 seconds knocking out. And Dana White is easier about tour has already. Signed him to a developmental contract in the US season Greg hardy's name is not going away. In the sporting world we got Pete Carroll saying something and it's just he's in denial he's in denial. And I love it I love it and the Seahawks are coming back to earth big time and much much more Gerri Willis gets my hopes up Jay and bill us. Gets my hopes up if you read the written Knoll lets you and they would Gerri Willis in the observer you might know what I'm talking about. He's teasing me he's easily so get an all that stuff and more we don't any controversies today. About any children's sports use sports hugs or anything like bats on all those bones I do pass. Could you were scares a lot of people saying yesterday and video you got to show that do you teach your kids. I have the number one video to show to your children this week number one video. It's not that video was a DD your glorious home run video now that's a sorry I'm distracted Mac dissolved my days so far and things were good until exactly 6 o'clock when the show started I wanted to go to the open. And I still coliseum Ahmed parts sell off on golf because out beyond a bad thing it's it's a cold coffee. But I've got I've got coffee on my bits and trying to clean up here so. I have gardez on distract a nozzles that coffee in here. I brought it here in every town idea that what happens I spilled coffee and I got to get some utilities like them on the air and talk about how I distill the cost. Good thing I did now the way earlier chances are the bosses could possibly still be asleep at this hour so you might be able to get away that it's just more these little Starbucks burger goodies not enough quality Starbucks wasn't a vending machine in the cold ones. Yet a little track. And I just called gulf emirate of all right all right my part syrup try to clean myself up I thought we anoint old school McDonald situation artist remember that when that woman spilled coffee or Latin she'd been sued McDonald's out millions a lot of people is Jack Godfrey can millions of dollars Reggie Bush sued the rams got twelve point five million dollars. I'm I feel like he deserves into the rams I guess an unsafe playing conditions they had. In backing Madonna is back in Saint Louis they had this slippery surface that was between that that was outside the field Reggie Bush slipped on it. Busted his knee all open. So you knew that wasn't gonna and wealth for the ramps at that stance they they deserve to pay for that once saw tweet yesterday ought to be credited tweeted it but I don't have enough right now. The rams are paying Reggie Bush more than they are dollar. Instant. That's yeah I'd and I I mean are dumb deserves the money to Reggie Bush is ours is money from the rams but. Like they're not a huge deal once you do training camp where you sign these guys 40000 dollars today then things tend to change. But I don't get the rams sign and all these dudes acquire all these other dudes. And just not taking care of Aaron Donald I don't understand what they're doing with that is duties for is the best defensive player in the NFL. Has been the last couple years when JJ watt not Chelsea why do you mess around with this guy I don't get X. You had no problem bringing all these players and all season bacon mousse tried it you are you're always. The rams are all in for Chad did you braided so we been Marcus Peter is like the way this of the Ross are. They are always in to go way to try to win a championship so why wouldn't you. Get the most important piece to that sex outside softer music or best must support the sense of weight you don't win at all and make all these moves. If you don't you dare Donald's daughter in the folds or go out and go ahead with their. With that said do we have any any feeling he will miss any games or not be recite. Well I've convinced myself to Julio Jones sitting at your diary I just know of course we all know that Julio Jones and their play another game in Atlanta Falcons uniform we although that's the case rights or at least you like to fantasize about our health polio Jones reports a 28 to three whatever reports are he's started throwing his own team. I could craft that's that's that's all man Julio Jones has lost all those athletic ability you Salma to can't kick ball classic what are you trying to take the ball and missed. Polio Jones is no longer athletic everybody out and it on good authority have seen the video stick to football who is it took so that is a definite stick to football situation as stage Obama Michael's hospital a football Julio Jones us there there's a reason you're right there there's resume right wasn't on tractors agreed with what I said bone c'mon. I got your back but Allison got bounced back Missouri's you gotta limit trapeze touches. Some of those sort of resurgence I don't preppy over the edges that it might down ever down that. Bombs so anyway all right so we got a lot of dancer stuff to talk about from the mini camps this is again. He's the last two days two more days this three day minicamp going to be the last couple of days. Instill the Panthers. Have like a six week hiatus or so and we don't nobody gets a count trouble before training camp. I'm the only guy 8000 notes and and I I need to do Vista like three other dudes that we don't know their names on. On the tiny man roster but we got no it was not Al on the field really was Julius Peppers he was with two trainers working on side. But we've seen a pet can literally is coming off the shoulder surgery but he can. He can work would trainers every day in practice during see it doesn't matter lag just this is the duty at boon to the Iverson practiced rant truly applies applies to. We saw last year you just take care this old man and make sure he's out there for goods thirty or so snaps. On Sunday he could actually I'm knighted and he's actually roll out of bed this year out Sunday to get to and plus actually he probably can testify to go to hell roll out of bed 10 AM on Sunday. Stretched out their sack the quarterback and I'm not worried about him one idea dude is a free trade turner was back at right guard so that allows civil told to move over the last guard where he was taking it. The most of the raps with the first team at less guarded. I'm still cold for Taylor mode for his gig. Just because he. He's he's he's gay he's more talented player overall now the question is how good museum guard is he just a guy that you like to tackle on the outside but so it's all Lou as of now still kind of the lead dog as Rivera told us few weeks who would be. At left guard and what else of note I mean it didn't even have highlights I'm at a point in my own and you were read some the most to me yesterday in in the also us. I'm in a point or even in this Twitter play by play of many candidates me freak and pumped up high DJ Moore make him play he's. More and so on just making contested catches yesterday. Even David Mayo making a diving interception. In LA could exist any thing I can hear the players on this team are doing get a positive fashion hits mean more pumped up I'm mad that point in the calendar year Mac and nicest part guessed they overreach ordered artery between a dollar Enzo DOS Lorenzo docile and asked her about this guy where they come from both Tulane in the bronco so OK but he never really played the Broncos had good corners BWR you are you can hypothetically speaking ordered up front not actually were to double yeah like his he. No I mean I guess. And the on what was he doing in Denver just sitting on the bench wasn't even active tourney games on what to sop I mean like we didn't even realize we acquired just do Lorenzo DOS it was it was no big deal once. Whatsoever. But he has been getting some reps at corner in that competition opposite James Brad married and it's getting to the point is that multiple fans are fans say what do you know about this dude. I don't really have an answer form so George Rodrigue is on a show today of some 45. The question has BSE what is the deal with this guy because it's rare but somebody comes in low profile like disk and pierce who had at least be competing. For that starting job would guys like Seymour and and Dodd Dante Jackson a rookie Tucker. Yes fifteen interceptions in her in college just pretty got to go here's a here's a SaaS sacked about mom and Lorenzo Doss high school teammate of wider sport that. A lot of fortitude with from the war once I hear he tells people all the Cy Young with a high schools let us Ornette. He got under way I that's what he does okay he was odd tracked by the Broncos sit around once once 64 points fifteen. He was part of the Broncos seemed to be depend isn't Super Bowl but -- busy active for the game it was an active litigated as artists hotel and he was waived on Thanksgiving of last year and that of course Mac. He spent the rest of last year on. The buffalo bills' practice. Oh there you go there you go lower recalled their regular team though we animate a triple A buffalo level and and we call them up so that explains what we did hear Rihanna down there to minors and we're we're very about preppy and how liberal we got there that's all you need to know about Lorenzo docs after I. I assume he's got to make some noise we'll talk more banter stuff throughout the day today throughout this our 7 o'clock hour one in China talk about this panther offense. I've got some audio of of Norv Turner that we got from the folks and so series examining NFL radio channel that will play interest in self from north on cam. On the offense. He talks multiple times in their Tebow about throwing that getting the ball out of jams and squished. And that's very important. Because what Norv Turner is done in the past is. The quarterback drops 57 steps and you say a prayer freedom. That he can have time to unload it downfield and if he does have time you've seen it would make things scene it was rivers. Held Josh cord had like a seventeen yard season. With Norv Turner as the coordinator you see the success but in Minnesota you saw it fall apart. They're offensive line couldn't get the job done so it's very and we America Leo from that line over lists like it's very important in north talks about this. To do more than just drop real sore back. And wait wait wait wait wait wait and throw it downfield there's got to be a mix and he intends to do that yet that's part of the audio you'll hear later on on chips with that's a lot. Secede in the weapon that Christian McCaffrey is as a wide receiver wide receiving threat these academic cash freaking gas under catches this year close to it. If they want the ball out quick McCaffrey's in the slack when he gets under catches this year. Just based off the ostensible they wanna do I think there's so many other weapons on the heroes like old he's gonna seed Sosa what you value McCaffery it is all sense when you what has got to be a double off the bat the other day after a parent. Does he got he like issues in the back she saw was Sproles Tomlinson animate you see him throw to his backs keep in mind last year was a year where. They wanted to get it out quick like a locked Norv Turner is saying we need a mixture. Don't get a twisted Nortel are still loves getting the ball downfield pass so I think it needs to be a bad mood and listened to 7 o'clock hour like deet formula for this offense started to blow up the way we think again. But sue me. You you've got to spread it around is going to be a season where you look at the catch total loan and Noah and everybody. Is get mayors 'cause we actually got a DJ Moore you just throw it short. Trish McCaffrey is not the only run after the catch weapon matter of fact I can't wait to see DJ Moore didn't after the catch and run pass I'll read some fools who. Reading. Reading about what he's doing it just many can't match it's like. It's like erotica basically you'll ever have a CDJ most particular tablets it DJ Moore tweet about what he's dot gets better I've now got him TO. Even sit up the hall same this year I'll put DJ Moore regulars here. And having your play it is place odds Jeremy I go through. You know has been going out their first first few years that he saw Bengie many self fund is is rookies. He says DJ Moore no one's look like this likes fresh out of college. My eight and that's what you're German tiger Carolina hoddle was saying so. Things like that lead to us getting all kind of pump some phony and that's what's happening right now plus we're donating else get as fired up about it will say this braves win yesterday again right away and right away and they too soon all these with a Grand Slam I. I have to figure out what happened we don't have the full genetic she left the game after 5528. Innings pitched hit and hit indeed. Topped the six and then came back bottom of the six it was out so I hope that's not series. Rice said tightness OK okay it's I don't know I'm just all IC about like that I doubt prepared just in case talks sports guy gets in traditional early. I had they sing on it he windy conditions that should cock. Or just a case don't know spoiler but I've done some research on how got the win to dissect it there a US opens up to talk sports guy gets loose this morning I've gotten some players now saw exports to a text or email got the same guy now once sports every morning I think he thought I hear about Davidson we want to make a decision to god I've done my research I love it Diallo and I'd so we're just get this but don't you're 70457. Or not success in building sent a text does. If you don't want to contribute here in the first hour on the Mac it's act it's asked and Z just rocket. She's funny it's complex are gonna call them don't we know a nanometer. Don't follow him for the rest of the play you don't shake that stations do forever. He's done all the things right so far. Here Barack Obama and he built himself back up. Are you trying to make a lot of. People always miss. How do you yeah now you've done something. This guy that is used might say hit rock bottom you can build himself back. And you know. He's finding these enterprise free doesn't. Now he came. And again. He's working his way. I think he's off drugs he's off alcohol. And I. He's trying to change his life. That is so they don't want to big wig of the USC so last night some Greg Hardy last night Greg Hardy knocks out another daddy used to play in the NFL Austen Lane. Insist. In what they call the USC contender series it's a chance to kind of work your way into the USC. He is scoring is a little article a read on SI he is signing a developmental contract with the UN safe and Dana White is now in defense smoke. Dana White is going to tell you deserves another shot I heard him at one point yesterday saying he deserves a second chance assigned its Wesley got a second chance. And that that dirty fuel in. Because he got a second chance of the Dallas Cowboys it was an ugly in the fall down there no other change Canadian produce on the field. And no other team wanted to sign and so this is a third chance let's call it what it is. I know that we have gotten into it on they show. I cancel listeners against me on my feelings about Greg Hardy I just. I think this job is not a privilege ours are right it's a privilege of addressing at the right way and I'm just not a huge. Fan. Miles. Greg Hardy it just not as so I just am turned off by this story I'd like to see him get his butt kicked at some points. But Dana White is gonna go with this he's gonna take any heat it's come whether it and let's face it this organization spends or before they've been through before with multiple fighters foam. That have banned it involves. In domestic violence so he's gonna ride it out. And I believe he's gonna ride it out because he knows parties in name he knows he's controversial subject and he believes if he puts him in that developmental series. And he works his way up. Greg Hardy can make some money for Dana White at some point that's what this is about this is not about some deeper to believe did you deserve second chance. This is about this guy can make me some cash. It's it's a history of blown chances match here in Dallas and don't forget he was a projected first round pick it all meant steady all the weight on so even even in college. Due to some situations he sees itself point paraphrase what they don't like just set Dow's 56 seconds of audio Dana White talking here is what he really meant to sag quote. He was a terrible human but he can now make me a lot of money exactly does actually but it's. Essence this is all about that's what's going on here so pardon me while I don't. Root for Greg hardy's redemption story I'm not going to be involved are from revolve their root for the complete opposite. Kim get his butt can't get a solid point this'll be the Arthur Ashe courage award for 4019 next year when it comes around right now that's that's definitely not gonna happen but it's. Get off all of you know the big mouse and a world like me you'll spout out it's not go south this is gonna happen and we'll see the way he did belts and obviously etc. debut tonight disallowed in brutal fashion. In 57 seconds sonics finishes do dolphin under a minute it's. I was kind of like that was the second quickest flight eyewitness yesterday can you and Bob lasted probably 45 seconds. And I was in sliding there's a slight going on I was I was trying to figure out why he wanted soon get a kick my ass my driveway towards the table or soco and Bob deeper to be doing last or huckleberry. I'm you're a merit but it's slow man it was not a you're you're not all here all act does not need your driveway and yeah. I'm there is no Bob sightings in my I was concerned about that in my job on my drive and my job and did a launch or wait needs assessment. Good about America that's. Okay. Man Bobby you gotta make a return visit though man like that can't be just. A while flash in the pan one and done some call this you've got to somehow find a way to get out of everything is you scream I mean threaten me every golf. Now you need you got a role on the show a week. Sometimes you get collars were dubbed why you talk to them he was already at a level a level nine or so when you all don't matter early crabby in telling this and tell you this he was. This guy is always Canada no pressure got to give me a heads up this guy was a Killian exulted that call right away the identity for I don't know why that's why didn't tell you. Because I wanted to here's the raw emotion like value does react ambulance and I'm saying no word yet we're going to if he's a guy wants to kill me. He she will go on the air and point two seconds like that is good but I was a guilt any of us on the show he needs to get on the air immediately that is good radio blisters or enjoy it. We might not enjoy our late but then listeners will enjoy what's not abuse this they are all right callers don't call it out of the red and take idea like I wanna kill Mac you can never wanna get a quick but there's a lot. Mind that's what you got these former foes creators he wanted to kill Mac or said that Mac is dom. You just immediately move right to top analyst. March it's me up here with I Hendry GB email Mac to dub yes and he died down buildings or Texas is 704 or 5709. C stand mark says. I think parties a changed man last night after he knocked this guy out he went over and hugged him for fifteen seconds to clip their stuff. I just wanna say this isn't supply data drives against bones in his we brought the topic back in the 8 o'clock hour. The matter was a lot more well received you've got to do you know you use all. You experienced any old Betty yeah I don't usually it was hard not to be up to Bob's call Gallagher also act. In the past but now there are a lot more people in the 8 o'clock hour like act and I don't I explained it better and 8 o'clock hour. But there are a lot more people than it felt like or on my side once we moved on you you German a lot of the cold hearted people I Jure when neo sensitive most knuckleballer the more I think about like bone have you watched a hug. She didn't put up what I guess I guess you bet I bet you hundreds your computer screen while you watched I wish someone a hug you now. I don't take Huckabee right now to let me explain this to not wash again yesterday he goes Hudson got to play after struck data general I'm doing great points and 8 o'clock hour. Would you even want you bro hug and yet. I there's no way in hell I'd want daddy and sympathy destruct out to get the hell out of here. Then the other thing is bone to die tries to walk away his friend tries to walk away he keeps hugging him and slides it wants with him. It is very awkward it really is. The at the end of that was it that was your Sunday and Monday when looking at our I don't know I don't know agent again what do you do it all my socks off. I saw I did I don't wanna give Bob angry gonna get over this issue I'll. That is their bottom lines are open it's just I'm not a 100% behind it like bone in a lot of people walk here's the here's the because Ross doctoral sister is on this relay team. Did you see the relay rally. By the girl at USC. Yes I did final leg rally. That's if video they you show your kids don't matter how far behind you more doesn't matter you know what happens to you you keep fighting. There is no way anybody would believe Tebow when she got to the times and then also ran into the girls from Florida. And then home bumped into the growth from to tabulate there's no way anybody would have thought that girl's from USC would have had a chance to rally that was freak and amaze you talk about not quit and not given up that was awesome and it won the whole national title. For you Al. It was it was Archos unpalatable to watch players say they are nearly two great race rallies this weekend bronze horse nearly to the same things well not want to block in the back. Clutching the ball when I'm going why does that horse a begging at all but I didn't know those cross horse a club washing going. What have reports way back there to Yemen all nighter turns out it was across horse. Seer saying when they started garrison he was well done they myself why would draw this horse did not know the time I'll. Now makes sense it probably did have an all night and that's -- it's a late finishing it's a lake a horse has a late kick returner so there that are strategically here and you're back there you guys don't want jobs and what did you see movies watch this horse went back there turns out it's gone source so it probably did Evelyn Garcia drugs horse gets going late to be just like ground you know remain there most hung over in the morning and then as it is a day goes on the but they start getting their take don't did you get a bit here are Crocker our broadcast his torso on the web by the other horses let's. But it. Bobby you're the man so maybe Mac Mozilla you buried NCA sound comes your huckleberry out their Mac crappy. And for you I did to uncle they're unaudited are not even sure the definition of ArvinMeritor like the word Mack had WS NC dot com is the email address from our let's do this let's take a little breather. We got we appear there's a volume banking to it does now people are telling me my expectations. Are too high bone for the Panthers offense. We haven't even made it past June 12 when he made that many jam and a pain other raiders are shot oh you're joy don't get it did you talk about people are just one rain on the parade. I really take my right off weeks. Back to lose talk about that he panther doubters are we didn't you fired about DR sense. And we got those on to get into his well. The Golden State Warriors tried to match the capitals parting yesterday my lord those two teams are having fun. I Wear dragon is the Mack gets action earlier Wednesday morning on their fancy second day minicamp today for the Panthers we will love talked to George Rodrigue. I am a little over an hour 745 talk about what she saw out there on day one. Talked to was Damione Lewis later today on some fans are topics Mike Florio in the NFL in general so we have a lot of good football. Lot of football we are injecting into your systems. Here today and I'll watch my fault for this Joseph says. Mac it's not even in the middle of June and your fallen for bands are haters it's gonna be a long season pace yourself. Those spent their haters man what are you gonna do that's. I don't know why I mean almost and I followed hormone and it's gonna lead this in. To a discussion that's all. It'll die into a discussion Matt would never fall short Internet never have a Zetterberg and there's really commit you know system is transparent and audio there in on never do that this dude says you must temper your expectations for turner encamped. KM of the twentieth ranked QB is no rivers in the passing department. You haven't seen Cam Newton with weapons like this. Ever residual threat quarterback you know wherever it's over does not so there things that he can do it reversed I absolutely and that's an I think Alabama put that in your pipe and smoke smoked out when I had smoked at all around young and smoke it but here's the deal bone. I'm ordered an innocent 7 o'clock hour what this offense needs to have happen this year to be what we sow so what we're saying ends up being true. But I loved one of the things I love is that Norv Turner is embracing him in a running game if you listen to him talk he's embraced him in the running game and that is something and it has to be done we cannot lose cam as a runner we can't lose the zone read completely and you can't lose the the run pass options ER POs I. A source stack yes today is from pro football focus every tweeted it. Seat house Olson pro football focus GM Newton's quarterback rating last year on a run pass option plays are dios was a 126. His quarterback rating on non RPOs was 79 point five of you need to keep doing the RP ocean need to keep doing the the run pass options on the need to keep doing the zone reads no re we average over five yards a carry last year on that play we averaged four point three yards a carry on the whole. Over five when we ran zone read plays so. Norv Turner via phone to take that stuff out the playbook he's not taken down the playbook so all this talk did a candidate needs to survive on his army is not gonna run a I it's it shouldn't happen. And it's not going to happen I don't believe this season. Want to see some of the runners in space this year more McCaffery last year wasn't space it's on toss to tackle in the open he'll get him out there in space also we hear defensive players all the time. We urge guys yesterday. Came jordin would be one of them Gerald McCoy talking about I don't like tackling Cam Newton now essentially as the game wears on they always get debt due in states as the game wears on what those DB stride tackle can't. Beautiful they also don't like preparing form nervous or turner said that said this is got to be art student prepare for the league because. Not only just prepare prepare for the passing offense this year with all the new weapons that they have but you still got to prepare for the came styles in the running game. And sometimes you prepare for but the deception on that you don't know where balls don't want a psych exams like a Houdini back there are times with the zone reads in the states and stuff like that so. On this guy Brian is not buying me a one on cell and he claims via pay their financial. Brian on 800 GB email mum acted W Athens he got job Mac I would love to have the enthusiasm UNC don't have but I'm just not feeling it. Our offensive line is going to be garbage this year there's nothing we can do about its offensive line last year Tebow struggled. And Cam Newton star run the ball and looking here we are the fourth best running game is football. Yeah I don't overblown because they're sorted out so badly I want better as the year went along and even Khalil got better I mean it. And analysts say he had this you know greater good year. But he gave up four sacks accorded PF ass in the first three games and he gave up three sacks after that. In a final thirteen or fourteen games you include the playoffs game so. Matt Khalili even himself did get a little bit better Leeson a sack department last year you know. Now in case you're wondering also markets has right now or. August the ball a sort of Jones orbit here I know you're always Jones and right now NBA finals are done NBA draft to me that a lot of juice yet. I'm Joe's in for the season the star we are now 88 days away. Compared to establish your Greg Olsen days away we're getting there from Anderson now slowly but surely were working our way they're eighty fives from the Eagles beating a socket on opening night. Some got that going to 85 to that urgent. There may and we are getting there yet we can actually root for Philly we can actually team up with silly mates and his horse punch in the course to be cronies. Also lied climate could try and these are from Philadelphia I don't feel good about a bubble to sacrifice our sorrow that I do that easy bone I does I. I have no remorse when it comes to rooting against my rivals rooting for the patriots in the Super Bowl against the falcons easy is now well you and III agent. You show me the teams I really truly hates. And I will pull for any entity that is evil out there around don't. Don't forget you're talking all volunteer they're both our rivals technique obviously contestant from that I haven't scared he hurdles science. Can you see had that's a promise have a fourteen teams volley you can see conflict every game you've got a conflict I pay more I don't know season then I. I had to eat say a half fourteen teams all the time I sort of bully got them. I go to I really have fourteen against or I'm not a band and MI in my bag is that. The chargers I brought a sort of bully stop I stop saying that points this to says we need blocking 2015 cam had time because Stewart was skillet. And the blockers gave cam time that's all he needs your right to probably was. The best protection he's ever gotten any it's still was middle of the road in sacks allowed. It's like I really think the offensive line needs to be a leave it just needs to rule. Give him time to get the ball to the weapons down seal Mac and WS and Z dot com is email address. Cam Newton can't survive on just is armed amount space of the opposing defenses can break him into pieces. I met you Jim what do you troll you really think when Kim gets out in space you think they're gonna break camp. Now that's that is dumbest damn statement I ever heard in my freaking life when he gets out in space who's run into both guys that playlist. Becker's weightless and handed these days away lesson and he's also done and gets out in space it's over for someone on defense he's also done a better job of what he gets out Spacey gets out about store just down did you slam is not exactly he's not exactly destroying guys he gets out of a lot of Bob takes volatile lot of Bob takes on on his call yesterday is gonna live on for a while. Com I'd like to see Bob go head to head it was LeBron James and his marks and you know that is a building center Taxol is Greg party's next opponent actually. Who also. I I see here mag your upon copper. Not in over ten years of listening to you that was the best goal ever sincerely the legion of BOB. We can't ask. You didn't want this guy people August wholesale reduction sermons that's the best guy says Mac I know you did a color hall of fame a couple of years back can you please bring him back for Bob the guy should be one call and done it. To the hall saying. So I've got another guy that you brought up yesterday that I wanted to duel pulled out today and wholesale group of guys we can get you Bremer about air guys thinking contributing to the station for a lot longer than Bob and that is mark from Estonia. Like Bob's got to make a call was maybe the best NF Lindsay history like he was screaming at me and then threatening me and I still loved it. But it's march Estonia and I know he has his detractors bound it's going to be as polarizing is the Mark McGwire vote in the Roger Clemens. And baseball thing but I am here unlike the Ryder bone from the city of the player. I am here to pitch to the hall of fame voters. Muscle this poll we're going to do. Com on the pitch marks from Estonia. They do against people laugh when he calls. Or feel or you light among the people last. You've got to him all the time there is humor in March from Estonia's phone calls and humor should be rewarded humor keeps the same T bone what one Diebold. They call sabres what do what what are they often say they they say. If you have to think about it they're probably not a whole Stamer I've never thought to myself during Morse phone calls. Rainier interaction with mark ever meant this guy's a first ballot radio hall of Famer never had that crossed my mind now want to automatically he's. How to go hall of fame list are because of what he's done man what he it's a lifetime achievement bounce a call on this station and they give us all feel better about ourselves we hear his stakes. And we all feel better about ourselves and provides a public service to with the Charlotte commuters to try I would like you look at regret does hold out here a couple minutes I would like you guys don't vote marked for hall well thanks I'm not anti Bob I just want my. A bit chewed to repeat that excellence. Like Bob to continue phone calls like that into the future it's a good. It's a good addition to the show guy do you don't want to kill me. We're we're like the panda exhibit on her many people here Ramallah Jason made as it did your case into the show jays are made in is a hall of Famer and so is. Solace is there in Boston vs all say they want a vote a couple of years ago liberated that's not it. Robin duke fans nod and even teacher resigned Mike Florio Jim Selena they're not in the whole state. So why would more from guess Sony would trump probably the duke sand and grainy tack another wedge and Gary calls and Richard beaters I just feel like. Mark negative light I think somebody else see someone's got to tell oil that was got to go before I don't know important contributors if I thought you imagine if we tried to present Florio and tell him is smarting SEC is. We tried to tell him bush is reducing his reaction but he is being put into Mac attack all they along with Austin bruise on the ballot and the Dallas morning. Could you imagine his reaction. Yeah we should say you're in consideration for this year's summer's class and the Mac attack hall of fame just misery that should be the question who's innocent Florio is it Marcus Brady patents and products. The other dog water to pour the people that are I would probably go the other three over mark. A device you'll put those four on a little Twitter saying just to gauge who the people are voting for is ultimately I think we're gonna make a decision on who put in Seattle but city put those four names. Can you do for a what are called up against a guy but those warnings on Twitter told loan then we'll do that that'll be aside. Like storyline this morning. Now as I assess over the Panthers offense. And how they delegates dynamic this year because it's going to do I think I think Florida will be honored and I think he's really gonna take it to heart attack he may he may campaign on his own website his reaction is going to be great our Mac did WFAZ dot com is the email address people requesting Bob's phone call again. When they would give it another dose of Bob we got to. Others don't we got to accomplish here on the deck covered chocolate bar owner and I thought this is a as well it is the methods that you are oh. Ridiculous is ridiculous conclusion bonds from distant. Ridiculous. Prop you're OR if you. Thought you brought up well. Don't let you might be honest all I see you might see. You got it back and mental well I've got a lot. It's the that we did the final minutes after I don't. Did you like you just. I. I don't talk about it. You know I am not attempting to find it. I did go to. My if you have resulted to drive well have to deal with a denial will not be going out of my way to locate that angry man I would not be doing that. But it's phone calls from him are good thing I dare visits. Troy says Mac have you gotten any Bob lash yet because I'm sick and tired to hear about this jerk Bob Black guy calls up the next disrespectful to the host. And ends up get the most airtime and any listener ever. Yeah that's kind of the way society works nowadays you act like a complete jerk your crazy and will pay attention to it. So I have kind of sadly given damage to the norms of society in America but I can't help myself I placard stating that is entertaining. Right there it's just skip Bayless says employees despite getting beat by pagan the ratings are certainly people yesterday accused me of plating that phone call. There's no way from the time we talk about an austere side safety was a Sunday call sixty taint. It's a teenager so. Where time because there's a lot recently yeah I could to play at a called I go to that not a soccer odds are I'm not that good I can't I can also go Saudi got to be right equity got to sort of trying to. Just don't believe it's the magic of live radio where you just that's the beauty of you never know what's gonna happen next dazzling hello it's gonna happen next on the show. I Mac at W concede that Thomas Luke she cleared just want to say there's enough you'll play the audio later on the show at some point you're getting got overruled by the bomb audio and people want to hear there instead of Luke. But what a basic set was a really huge news he expects in hopes to be ready by training camp that was a goal long. He's working individual style but not teen stuff right now. But he's had a path any of their stories the rust never even try to get a now on the field who's just working on the side with the trainer right now with that team was healthy yes they trade turner was back out there. So that was certainly good to see Mac and dub yes and he got W Morton panther offense coming up. Top of the hour Roger once to check in here witness was up Roger. More parents say I you know Warner took all bark Gaston bank. Can we do elect Pete Rose and rather than meant that in the IBM does not apply Cuba's tweet or Caribbean NASCAR joke suitor stuff like that. Well give him how art. Oh that's interesting so take like a piece of memorabilia from mark's time as a contributor Michelle bounce and just simply add that you know put that put a display up but don't actually have an induction moment where mark we human being himself is going well you also thought odds whereas if you want 63 genocide knows apartment. Don't see that they have all say I got a call I got back I gotta ask are you when you when we adopt someone here we are looking for induction speech. As if you want mark or Robin org Brady or Murray energy and reductions in our prayers Florio my T eldest abductions occur Africa Florio about zillow for. Mac had WS and Z dot com is email. Address if you all wanna get in building center text us as well 70457096. And we did put a Twitter poll up including march. From Estonia grainy pat. Rob the duo Sam and Mike Florio from pro football talk as so you don't want to see which one you would most want in the Mac it's acts. All the same coming up next I have to say so of the Obama for our wraps on departing that these champions are doing. Like obviously it we all know what oh he's been involved in of their skin we all know what the capitals have been involved in they had their parade again yes today. Obese costs in and scream and and obviously they were all having a blast again but the lawyers got involved so hold on earth would you do this still the lawyers spent. Half a million dollars on booze. Apart yesterday for the parade and I'm sorry ansari coming at how much half a 1500000. Dollars that's basically Clint cook's salary Freddie Arab American I feel are you kidding me seriously that is Dave bid a booze bill right there we have some breaking news Mack how the US has won the World Cup. The about that news when we walk a little tough workable what Italy brings us back. The US North American bid for the rights of the 22 yeah Dobson will be here that we want as Toronto won a World Cup I Callaway player and how it got our. I don't know I know I don't assignment for all of you guys USA soccer can you please get us good enough to qualify for the World Cup in 2001 a six mile or edit it's bad enough if we trade Campbell we won't have an all star in the Charlotte all star game I had 120. Simply cannot or as a country to be hosting the dark show and not being candid and all that needs to be the goal now. Let's get there forgets. 2000 Saudi Dubai 2001 to six we need to be back debate in a World Cup team and we beat Barack golf for the behavior that's a big whistler B Barack I'll that we can be done on a field that means we out bribe them or we you know wed just you know I think his shady is all we get out that was is that the Olympics is the North American -- to does that mean that Mexico and Canada are involved Taylor I don't I don't not a whole thing is is it OK so a US led North American ballot yes and we spread about their trust. This dude and dude says did you see the video of Jordan bell looking for a models Tennessee during the break you guys saw and I didn't see a what is he doing is asking so hands for like alcohol. Runs out of Hennessy and his on the bus and he chose the empty bottle so of this gun used in the crowd chosen for a bottle so he gets off the bus goes and the crowd and get some jokes and Tennessee. Does not. Trust one point there's a Tennessee bottle thrown his way to Levy gets. There's the old Agassi bar tail bat and I'll have a tennis you're automatically in the World Cup when your country hosts. Awarded to go maybe you USA. US AU us well Adori Louis North American Ghana. The north American studies backs coach Kennedy get into Iraq Mexico's drug and not to get in on their own candidate will need some help probably okay and it's interesting. But you'll three get the exemption if it's a north and its US lads it's going to be the US. It's a US led there to be the US we find they were back. Back maybe this suits at donors to notice what the world well you're guaranteed a World Cup Solio's should be embarrassed. Because I fancy myself as a guy that is really prepared for this World Cup you are my son is just a sign he's so into soccer right now so we've been paying so much attention to soccer and read about the teens and decent arm but soft so I'm embarrassed that I did not know that you know remain so that's I like I feel like I was prepare for the World Cup on the World Cup savvy and ask her doubts that had been working audio all Matt is like don't worry I don't not being sarcastic Matt sag award comes cyborg if I name a player and then I didn't know that factly yes that was go to players in house like ukulele he's like Belgium. I'll just net dollars are stacked it won nineteen games in a row ball nineteen games that are right guy for the seat right now is like who was a Siemens Mallon Nancy you are. This is on seamless I seem less famous rising Seamus and I say season as Pakistan I don't know there's another analyst thinks he. As Brothers and receivers and isn't sure how it because the yellow level games and he's a good friend trader and Allen let's take a quick breeder VWF Lindsay Twitter account on sent the vote out so. Vote for your favorite hall of Famer who should be in the hall of fame out of that group I when we come back we gotta get some panther offensive discussions go on we gotta get a low stand think tank going about this offense.