Mac Attack Hour 1: Panthers Gameday

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Friday, August 17th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chuck Howard discusses the Panthers home Preseason opener against Miami. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan that with the Mac obviously at general. Analysis sometimes with Tebow I keep my and yeah. Is doing yourself and Zack let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clean. You play great. Aretha Franklin we give the Mac attack off and rolling this morning may Aretha Franklin. Rest in peace the first female. Inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and if you're just joining us of course this is not Chris McLean. We are gonna have more hours of adult radio. Well maybe not this morning chuck Howard would be a good morning everybody and we have made it to Friday we survived Thursday without Mac here I'm gonna assume we'll do the same thing on this Friday morning and got hello friends just want to say that I AM your favorite houseguest chuck Howard again pinch hitting for Mac who's attending a wedding in Mexico no word she's been extradited by Mexican authorities are not yet but. There's still a few days to go before he's supposed to be back on US soil team. Own no top of the lord and my little buddy hole in my Gilligan. I I check out though I woke up today I am in a good mood and part of that is because it's Friday Friday Saturday day yet I've got. Charlotte taught persistence temperature read right here I'll tell me what it is what do you think it is shot I am gonna say it's 78. Floor degree. 73 degrees NAC teed up today for 89 dollars with Charlotte comer systems comedy good mood today. He's like come in again the other iPod backed Ahmadabad boot. A sort of feel better. I was sick all week but now sort of feel better we have to hit the game date we've got to get their news and we have a great contests today. Any 15 this morning I think people excited. Well do you want me to tell them what the contest is. Or do you wanna what do we do and we tease and then now that we have a pre show immediately exit the media about this provision so I so like I'll sit well today's Internet well go ahead what he's always doing. Since our. Now since high school. Already fits their it. 815 you can call in this morning. For your chance to win Panthers dolphins tickets to tonight's game. You can't just is not like caller for you when you got or between detail or email at Tebow W. Tebow WS in the on Twitter Tebow at W Evans he dot com email. Tell us your. All time favorite. Can't there're child moment whether you're the parent or your child it's based off of Kyle daily taken his dad to the Dodgers games this week what is your ultimate. Pay a terror. Child's story wait and what a year that's it we're gonna judge it may we're gonna take a winner waited until we want winners. Wait until you hear my. Is probably be my one and only. Father son going to a professor another two times we went to a pro game. Back in the day so I'll I'll hold it for tighter but that example like one of them actually might like. Both of them but you'll forgive us like if you're not appear to figure probably in order to win the contest but. The story about why you're standing eyeball your mom or dad or whatever to win the tick yes it's not your dad taking you see the Steelers in the car always banging Israel radio media. Always we need to need to collars at some point during the show people always wonder why my giants fan and a jets and it's a weird day. Rubber jets fan has a really young kid my dad was a giants fan. But this is going to be sensitive subject here the Buffalo Bills suitable. I start again the giants are now I was sixth rooted in that show normally Norwood goes wide right. My dad he's not carry me around the house all the way outside run a neighborhood you don't forget those moments sorry you just don't have always had a spot are for the giants because that moment. In emotions. This the most. So we're second nothing you can. All right so again though but to. Don't call in it until 815. Would your story if you like what you end any time. You can email Timonen WS and Z or calling in at age fifteen or right now tweeted T bone. At team at a T bone at WS NC. Air or you can now send him a direct message if you don't wanna put it out. Publicly so again panther tickets did not give it away. By us Zach the more amber other. Good morning chuckles at even though we had a little jabs thrown on us on 1990 Super Bowl is so good morning M having an honest guide to what I want governor real ice. Hopefully I've got a bill since it's quite a Mickey. A mile and a hundred and what else that tell us what's gonna be interesting was Zach is. Assuming. Hopefully he'll have a long fruitful career in stay here in Charlotte. I'm wondering. Win that you will have that. Teetering point. To like. Become a full fledged. Coming down in 95 after covering the bills for five straight years and growing up the bills stand. I started covering the Panthers from day one who is that the you know the expansion team. You know it was a big story in and I got ingrained into the city and I think it happens with a lot of people so. I may have told you this before. I now. My allegiances lie with the Panthers and have for some time now what I've always wondered. Had the bills. Won at least one Super Bowl record I don't serious side now I wonder is funny when he said that if that would have changed because I think when you get. You know a lot of us who are paid their fans and you get transplants down here especially steeler fans. Who just will never ever change their allegiances. Because. They've got. By Super Bowls in six or six C after I mean who's counting that it hit in the tuchman David ticks me off Stevens say that so. I kinda understand that or like our packer fan because of the tradition whereas the bills s.'s site. Generally it's been heart breaks so I think it's easier for some sand bases. To. I don't wanna say change allegiance is mine was kinda different because I was ingrained in the organization didn't. It'll plug out and blah blah blah blah but so you know having major 23 years saw I'm just don't you wanna let us know maybe that's a topic we can get in to win the juror allegiances change. From your hometown team. To now the Panthers I'm curious to see. If some of you from Pittsburg org Green Day or wherever. If that's why you can't let go. In truly make the Panthers your hometown team because. You can boasts about world championships which we can't all right here's what's coming up on today's show David archer ACC football network falcons radio network he's coming up at 8 o'clock I wanna take David's a brain a little bit the falcons. Got robbed it. By the Jackson pre season game number 117 to nothing felt they all don't they all does that mean the falcons are gonna stink this year. I doubt it no I think it's a fifth cup level last don't get out and also get his thoughts on the ACC. Again are at the ticket giveaway. We're ready to announce the winner of the ticket giveaway in the 9 o'clock hour. So the reason we do that in the radio world in the media world that way you have to listen to the entire showed today instead of turning it off. Unlike you did yesterday around 620. So cowboy you give a lot of credit rating now at the lax in the first break with his 612 GAAP this so and then at Beth. I Steve raid by longtime buddy our buddy a stroke lead the Associated Press Steve who's done a training camp each and every day and look forward to taken Steve's brain on the Carolina Panthers of course pre season game number two tonight at Bank of America Stadium as the Panthers host of falcons. It and I guess this simple is this all what are you all looking for tonight I'll just get it out there in the open right now in I think I'd probably say each and every pre season game each and every year. But I wanna see the panthers' first team offense. Put together a nine play drive. Capped off with a a 24 yard pass from Cam Newton to Greg Olsen. That's what I wanna see tonight. I want to 4040 our desks but it all seriously why why specifically Tony four yard I don't know that's what popped in the mine and I just was thinking all right there's an audience like an eleven yard touchdown I'll be furious double talk about it next week it's been just to ML for Reagan in protest and has added any darn fast they sent here ahead. Yeah and also. On the defensive side of the ball I think we all wanna see the secondary tighten things up a little bit and I also wanna see. Some edge rush tonight. From that first or second team unit in that attic SN I think that goes without saying generally in every pre season game but we kind of saw. You know sits in Starks last week I'd just I'd just kind of felt like. It should necessarily get into a slow when a pre season game but it'll last night Tom Brady went off odds shocking yeah. That the reason I bring that up is what I heard his stats this morning I was shocked that he would I think off the top of my and I am looking back public sixteen of 24 fur. 160 years something like I had so much I know but arduous surprised he threw that many passes and pre season game never to. Yeah not that is not a it is a surprise I'm looking for as you mentioned secondary. That that was an issue the first game I think that that that caught my guy it I guess buffalo. Was the running back rotation. How CJ Anderson was in in the fourth quarter how artist paint got in first L I chalk that up to this shock I thought a wise we know what CJ it's. We don't know what artist pain as we wanna see begets maybe some better competition we're gonna put him in their first see when we asked. If they put in its artist paint again first in CJ late. Then maybe there's something going on here with that learning to Akron to I don't think there is but he gave zero lights are the question what they do with CJ Anderson. All our our they'd once and I should say once and for all. Are they wanting to make. They know what they're getting CJ Anderson I am still not convinced they know what they're getting in Cameron artist and as a saint yet yet. So he said the accident were short yes illiterates that's an exact I said they're trying to figure out against some veteran politician grower in the gains our planes in the fifth third editor chuck Howard mistake of the guy I was sick I was trying to look up. Tom congratulations to Joyce rivers you had 611 UN rights around eight. It I'm delighted that all right feel like art and Joan eighties our eyes Soros and rolling out a pay others fried egg we don't care if it's pre season right died. The way I. I didn't need OK let's go bad they're so let us know here in the first hour of today's extravaganza walked. Are you looking for tonight on Thursday at a pay at their logo at midfield what are you wanna see from this team especially from the ones or author Roland on the Mac attack. I am jock Howard you blow hard but they say is WS Lindsay. Are welcome back to the Mac attack just coward with the UN. Yesterday I. Ass T bone could we maybe get a little biased Skaggs or some Bob Seger and so I just noticed on Twitter. That Steve Perry. Has a new album out and Tebow goes oh isn't funny guy that doesn't show with the kids. That I sent out. No I just made a good I don't. Got a flooding to hit he had not Serafin I got I don't think that comes at an ever took place as a matter of fact I. And Amir I don't remember both for small Bob sag it's in the building this morning and he's a funny one US Bob Saget tell the jokes. OK okay funnyman. Anyway. So Zach. You know Steve Perry it's I do now he's the lead singer of journey he won it doesn't stumble in my buddy was in the Wyndham championship this weekend. He made there may be is Steve Perry I'm sure there as anyway I'd I thought I just sauteed terrorist. Twelve people listening they're like oh cool Steve Perry has new album out is he just a city boy. Born and raised in south Detroit or is that not him. Well he's waiting for the lights to go down in the city OK gotcha what think about and now I have the sunshine on the bag I admire him because he's never choice double leaving the sees it. See we just still the entire segment with nonsense what you guys do pretty much every day yes all -- Friday that's what you said chuck good they'll be so serious on Friday show because we Lou we are a joke around a little more anyway yeah we are concerned you're going to be a serious journalists and committee here today I was at a after that was the biggest issue that we act the big hug the memo. The biggest issue ads for the show up. Well it's not show up today hit it. Was it a matter of whether I would get out of bed or just say to hell with that good my command Wi pod just Balata epithet. Very good glad to witness this morning chuck just filling in for Mac whose. At a wedding down in Mexico and if you're just joining us we currently have a panther. Dolphins. Ticket giveaway. Under way. Now here's how you can potentially win these tickets you can email the poster T bone at WFANC dot com. Or you can tweeted him at bone. WS frenzied on WF and CA I should know that. Yep that's it's my name and where I work well sing I put a team and they looked like a plus there are put it on my notes Tebow on WFANC. Oslo close above. Plus bone. Or you can direct message Jim and will we want to hear from you is your favorite. Asked father son mother son daughter father daughter. Trust enters game and you know does that to be super long just what it meant to you and were doing this because Kyle Bailey and his brother did a very cool things. There earlier this week taken their data onto a Dodgers game kind of a bucket list thing and it was a very cool and so. You can also win. By calling in at 815 and giving us your your thoughts on that and then will give the tickets away this is completely subjective and arbitrary. We're gonna did I guess the monsters gonna decide he's not gonna let me in on the decision but somewhere in the 9 o'clock hour we'll be given the tickets away. To dovetail with political analysts and let's ally either here but it was allies about our stories either what's nature these are truthful stories yeah yeah. I'll just be on the up and up here one orbit that no doubt a lot of people like ally let's not try to tell me go. The most somber storied history of mankind when I can't help but now let's let's levees be truthful stories anyone on the upbeat side here. Let's not let's not try to but when we on the saints can I am awed I you can Goodling may come on it was we double. Asked we have. Three and a half more hours. The battery a mosque and a lot of beautiful. Foley told a joke our you know what is at 940 already with the thought man are built on a beer yet no. So. Her previous segment talking about the Panthers tonight. Pre season game number two I know that we're not expecting this team to look like there in regular season form but week one I kind of felt like. And I wanted to see just a little bit more I'm I'm sure the rest of you did and it excuse me I wanna see this offense. You know don't wanna see. See the north turn our offense tonight. I felt like we just may be got at me just dip our toe in a little bit. I wanna see I don't know or let it go let it rip. LA and it is his life. Pre season such are saying is what he always seek camp for certain amount of time of the offense you're not gonna see everything as we go forward here tonight and next week you'll start deceit. What we call the softens the look like that starts tonight I think a little bit more just a more more that peace will happen tonight with a normal office. All right and again I was very surprised to see Tom Brady's numbers last night 1912672. Yards and two touchdowns. So. Used to be the pre season game number three was the dress rehearsal. I don't know is pre season game number two now the old three. Well we know we're doing when they seem to do whatever they wanna do so today changeup on that but themselves. Yeah I mean today got a news of that game that we need to mention was nick pulls getting hurt us right it was Greg knicks also has a shoulder strain they're calling it. This has been this is after the news this week. That Carson Wentz may not be ready for we number one iPad of five that they match assorted disagreed out with me on this to a certain extent. I don't think the Eagles. Are going to be as good. This season as they were last year and they're merely good team I don't think that they're going to win the NFC. In they're gonna take a little step back this year compared to where that war. Wind the patriots being the exception. Do you think the days are gone of a team all the quote unquote dynasty. Offer a number of reasons get a free agency is different I mean you go back to the bills in the cowboys back in the eighties the Redskins in the Bay Area on the bears even though they just one. One. But it. You know you just wonder twins. Just a psychological make up indeed you know just it's a different game than it was then and a and a lot of levels or do you think you know maybe. You know it's different obviously. Well they as imagine ASE is it's too England's dominance hasn't usually the storyline lesser. You don't know Peyton Manning bronco team gets a well usually it's a patriots dominance that dominates that conference. The end SE Whaley has banned teams that ride waits Pedersen twenties who team slogan not a whole year rode that wave didn't transition to next year. The falcons got hot at the end there early Ted a six year I think they get a big hug the right time road that way I do the Eagles similar to that. As a team that rode that wave last year they're very talented they added a lot of pieces even to the team last year I just wonder that cornerback situation it worked out last year. There's ultimately beginning of the year hurt them all. At once is what's is not ready to go. Any day any struggles are they cans and there's a watchdog on their backcourt situation. Well if we talked about it before we came on the air today we talk about it to further down the road today but what happens when both are healthy. Whence comes back when struggles. Then you know what happens in the locker room guys are to say I don't know maybe we should go back to the. Full skid in the city of Philadelphia is not gonna disappearing down. And not say anything about it that day to day role that that that honeymoon of the championship how Long Will last into the season two games. Two games in Philadelphia Chris good more or what do you look and sorted I Brothers. Well. They're huge Arab show. The city. Our back yard or Daria product thick dark but I can line nor about it. Will occur on how articulate he kept that. I hear yeah it. Doubt that edit to detonate you know but it sure Roberto outdoor art but by our. Hooked her up everything is kept it lets. Out completely audit. Are up diet you don't eat that day but appeared later. Jarrett around you know art that help people out. Cotchery did not it could get that just happen to order brought out. And so what you start there but he got what it. Now and that that had out at the L be greeted like three hours well. Oh let's get it back out about. And I mean the stadium by 50% Jarrett. Court coach art I want that you'll open up actors. And they're so proud that credential Yorker that you know get crippled. And that they beat out one bill. Forget it Jarrett did it traded at apple. Absolutely Chris appreciate it man good call and you know I almost said it adds a similar. Experience. When I went back back home to the bills Panthers game in 2014. And preppy I don't know side you've heard me tell this story before maybe you did but. We're back up with a bunch of friends from Charlotte hooked up a mild high school gang in everybody was giving me hell high school buddies say words your bills Jersey. By Charlotte friends were saying where's your pain at the Jersey. And I said no I'm just going neutral today. And my friends who wore their pay at their jerseys. Had to leave the game early because of the bill's mossy and so. If I forgot how obnoxious. Bills fans could be inside of I was gonna say rich stadium. Then Ralph Wilson Stadium now it's new wares to feel I was so it was Ralph Wilson brightness so. I've got it's similar experience to Chris where he forgot how obnoxious giants fans could be and so but a similar experience all right so Florida come we wanna hear from you folks up what made you become a panther fan if you are transplant or maybe you were born in char Britain didn't want to followed the team so we'll take calls on man or you can Texas on the building sent her text line. And also what do you wanna see from this football team tonight in pre season game at number two it's jock Howard pinch hitting Troy or a Mac it's the Mac attack on WFNC. Welcome back to the Mac attack Jeff Howard pinch hitting for our buddy Matt coup. Well I guess he'll be back Monday but I. Bonus I got to be on standby just in case our little buddy doesn't make it through customs. Yeah could be a problem there right so I'll be on standby though let me know old we're just call me if he needs. Me they're gonna think he's smuggling goods in his belly button. He's a drug mule I I try to fight it sounds that that would describe Max floating in the that India resort waters could there's a there's a swim up bar that he can slip to. I just looked in my sent a sex and I just found one but I can I guess this makes cents a Mac boot up all the moves all day I guess if there's. It ought to sing about this guy Max the guy. At the sandals resort or whatever it is the swim up bar. He's a guy he stays there for eight hours and p.'s. Well I don't guaranteed to have you have you not been doors or. Right and it is generally do wouldn't cut off jeans. In just sunburn to know and he did got an and that's going to be probably the guy who gets his hair braided up I doubt I hope blaze got have you seen that guy yes it's like tourists. You're right. And then he it is always in will and Sheila who's there will Sheila there all bellied up to be. Well bar. And you wanna go get a drink at the swim up bar but you say the hell with it because. Hey you know one of the speed and are told them and they didn't there's so long thought a lot about describing how because it's it ticks me off. Beak in then hit and then. The U gotta figure the the quotient between the urine and suntan oil in that area on doc I'll wrap own the soma bar is 5050. Got their beds or are they resort before that however. Do you like it take me in meg dog lie detector dolphins take a giveaway that's even WS I'd take upgrades. I'm resorts trade out maybe it was a take it that's right so I do once you know it's very it's a solid barked I wanna guilty in the water I I would. I wouldn't it. Predict the you wouldn't he swim up bar. All swim up bar he got another 'cause if you don't know me personally may not realize I am I got. That in a negative way I was very nervous person in general our personalities always sort of nervous like everything makes you kind of nervous even go to the post office again Dirk is the way I am. Erotic just nervous so a common waters but people I don't know at a resort it's just that I do Pete is probably out about 97%. It probably is gonna happen. On the board took no I'm nervous now desk as chuck is hosting and its had its you know it's not all single I am now in my against pool being. Hit it and kind I guess I'm not gonna say I never did are you cool. I I mean I put it this way ever remember the mats said this before and I'll say what he said I've never been an employed there and Ian. 100%. I remember there was a sign it well you lost the front of our neighbors that said. Don't pee in our cool we don't swimming you're toilet. That's true that's. That's sort of philosophy for life shuttle I don't mean to be offensive towards our new topic of somehow came up right now but devils possible alum like myself on fire right now it could that's all right we'll get back into some football donate here our eyes dead. And act like. Just be healed all the sudden we're talking about something you guys. Have been discussed before I. I'd listen you guys pretty much every day for a session all there are no problem broadcast journalist we don't talk about your dating him pull all of this you. Back you now you've just made me med diet you'll want my energy and that there. And here's ruin my energy is well I just went to get a cup costly attract it I just realized I'm not smarter than a caring. Are nuts that's Vic Keary dirt there it's there things that went in the likes father time wins. Our sex normally wins out mother nature mother nature normally Wentz and security always want Mike's a noise so I'm not the only one OK I want. Second to the largest cup. Him. True. Then it goes to menu. They it and then then at all I need water OK also the little thing up of water OK I did that put pick my cup. Not. Here's my coffee game because I'm also not Smart enough or some sank I'm also too early in the morning to go to Starbucks or place that's open let's outside about a lawful house no I'm not doing that early in the morning. So I have to go by the dot. The are ready made Starbucks on things at the grocery store that's what I use more I don't know how to make coffee. In it and I'm too early in the morning to go to Starbucks latitude at the Starbucks already. Are you done. You go to Starbucks because you think you have to do you stand in line starving dogs are all I don't idled on order there right there again I. I get nervous especially at Starbucks no I do not go to start I just go get into grocery store. The a ready made jog a Starbucks coffee. Little site global silos of coffee. One of the mysteries of life to me. Why do folks stand in line at a Starbucks when you could go. To the coffee spot right next door the cup is gonna taste the same. And this is nothing against olive gardens for food. Bloody job we see a line. I'm sure there are people waiting to get an olive garden. I'm not a big coffee personable when he worked with Mac like I do every day you better for solving a system. Yeah guys that didn't know coffee to do is go to the roof by coming here that coffee pretty much I'm probably detonate you're all talk radio show. Wear me out land the match call seat for is energy we had just wrapped in May yet are we early. Are taught for Alitalia mob at the series a little white thought it was 629. That's why I thought we are over the break we actually just four minutes ago I was kind of hoping in my night at the segment was over it just Merlin the momentum. All right sits out the problems so. Our pose the question. Earlier. To transplanted saints. Win. Did you become a printer fan. Or if you're transplanted. From a city that has won championships. Is that why. Your we just can't let your old team god now I haven't let the bills go. But here's my next question. Transplanted fan. Who becomes who who pledges there allegiance to the Panthers. If your old team wins. A Super Bowl. Are you allowed to boast and brag about. Says save for me for example aside as our outlook had a fancy I'm not saying that but I do you have the jets cells to Jack a fight lasted just completely and said or done. And the jets don't win one can I go back in kind and try to claim them back again based right. That's you know I mean. Will we if the bills in some millennia. Win a Super Bowl there and shark and in a guy come back on the radio. And hosting his show and start bragging about the bills what the hell am I allowed to do that. It's in I say aloud at Indy rolls of sports fan and. I think he's publicly. If you publicly come out and say. Pay. I'm still rooting for this team but I have. The tender summer SRC but I have a last stand behind and I'm still part of me still routes for remedy if you publicly say they're still attached to me. Edited that's OK if you probably come come out and say I no longer route for that team. And he no longer for that team Mac I'm pretty sure no longer original ravens whatsoever a Mac and the ravens go win one. I'll match that gonna go back and Clinton ravens again at Mac said they allocated a fan first but I still like the ravens. Then I think he could maybe go acclaimed album to be publicly sag are out on Don when they get better or they would Super Bowl you're out you can't eat your removed all. So it hears hi how will equate my eight. Panthers bills situation to this. I've the chance there's. My new girlfriend right after college but the bills. Are still my old girlfriend that I might have a couple costly with. At the coffee again just why was I could've said something else that's Annika but got saw Paul lo okay Al coffee area all right so when we come about black eyed I haven't left index yet because just in case they win a championship. Speaking of the knicks we've got Kemba Walker news we're gonna tell folks about at 7 o'clock. May change your tune is kemba changing his tune that's coming up at seven and yes we realize it's Panthers game day. We're gonna talk a lot more about the Panthers. For the next three and a half hours. You can say is not. Because. To. Sorry very good let's do a break it's just our pinch hitting for Mac much more on the other side you're listening to WF and. I will not tell you what we were discussing it between breaks. She east. It's not just some just some trail off it's just our equipment. I would Tebow didn't Zach is we're gearing up for painters pre season home opener tonight everybody wondering. If there will be a new pay at their logo at mid field tonight. But we do think. Bone stirred that we do know it's something new we aren't gonna see denied probably get a seat let everybody know what that may be. And it appears like the tap his lesson then and there might be a new uniform combination and I based off of what we saw a Twitter last night. The evil little tease a row and perhaps you have the video and having a Bradley but as the blue jerseys. With white pants. Yes it is and if you look at the past they've always warned you know if you think about the cowboys game on Thanksgiving when the 51 season they went. Arrive in a blue on blue was the color rushed. And then in the past have worn blue on silver pants but are you aware blue with white pants so I think what appears they only use. These silver prints with the black or it's a values why when they don't why don't. When white guy white hat and white white on white. The white the white haired said that Iran is beginning is that is that strike different I can tell by the if there is that a different stripes that they show on the side there too is that is that some and they were that. Are on strike I can tell on the video it kind of looks the same I'll have to do some more investigative work with the bank you preppy is that. At theaters on Twitter yes yes good deal. And but that Powell say that the suggestions that we have made in this suggested that the same basis clamored for whether it's midfield logo. Uniform changes. Ownership right now is willing to listen so maybe maybe maybe cities not far behind as we mentioned yesterday. Did I see also yesterday that you can order food and beer and certain sections from your phone yes. And what would you order. All right order it would be the number one thing you would order from your phone. More like go to when I go to games are like hot dogs ought. This cash but I Tom a big chicken tender guy that might be something that order that's allowed. Yeah. All right is he really cared indeed I Carol. I do care about you. That felt like you're just trying to mock me yourself. I was trying to sales two or three minutes I'll catch our right to be honest with you are coming up to a our guests for today at 8 o'clock David archer. ACC football network color analyst for the falcons and then at 830. Longtime buddy Steve freed from the Associated Press to get this more and more revved up short tonight's Panthers game and don't forget. If you're just joining us. I shouldn't say don't forget. I'll let you know in his yard heard this don't forget there we're giving away tickets to tonight's Panthers dawson's game. And here's how you can. Potentially win these tickets we wanna hear your best. Parent. Sibling or parent excusing parent. Son or daughter story. About going to the Panthers game father son mother's son daughter you know the combinations. The way to potentially win. You can send your story to. T bone at WS Lindsay dot com email it or you can. We hit T bone WS NC or you can direct message champ RNA sixteen. Call us and then in the 9 o'clock hour we will. Lets you know who's going tonight and the reason we're doing that how Bailey. And his father and brother nice trip out to LAX so. So there you have it. You can't I can't tell I got to move because axed heads. I'm still here are out sorry I was listening to Bob and weave and our viewers why don't wanna we wanna hear your story in doc. Make sure to truthful story is we will investigate we have a we have a staff here of our. Investigators we have as many investigators here as. Com bombard Chapel Hill every year in the NCAA investigators are due now lied to us we will eventually find out the truth. No it that investigation is overt way one million dollars later and that's all it's always a fun I'll tell adults like he had USC got a big basketball worker yesterday to five star. Topped 45 player back to be dukes of them. The center for next season outside Els a big time yet for you see our motto. The Coke but cot death. Take all the data five cents a really had a he had held a summer MVP of various tournaments so that's that's a big time yet as. As the investigation. Be further from that for North Carolina they're starting as of five stars and an ad that they did not have. Previously that some five SARS would lead the upper Echelon. Guys up more clamor to horse heels entities what number seven censure. In May be the number seven sender number 25 overall number five from floor both. I think that's the calibrate cinema five player report I think look at it that's and its excessive Florida's Virgil Barry came from. Building center text line in regard to when did you become a painter stand leaving your allegiance is behind the unnamed text her growing up. Our bunny ear TV only got the colts game so I still pull for the colts somewhat but on panther fan through and through. And another texture my friend does that with the Packers it's the worse so I'm assuming he's got a packer fan who just won't let. The Packers ago so you blame. Said stand. There. In San bases in sports that I don't it's. It's it is it's a it's a it's a wisely audits it's a lifestyle a packer fans are in their own little world so packer fans. Associates are from there and they're from Green Day and they drop packer fans it's going to be up there are certain fans are hard to convert that the cowboys fans here. As simply Groban and ninety's saw all the games on national TV and never been to Dallas that's an issue. If your from Green Day or the area in your life on packer fans and that's understanding but the ones that just root for a team because they're gonna they grew up. It was convenient right Laker fans are that way tip. Yet we see a lot of later transit Charlotte till we get to did it on transplants we'll get a lot like Laker transplants now they girl and 89. I didn't realize we have so many people from Cleveland. But when the so hope. Cavaliers come to town cotta warriors took a lot of people from San Francisco the moved Charlotte yeah raise it but to a I get to staph thing a little bit when it comes Napa where we're given as I did the 3000 miles Macy wonder orbit doesn't with the lawyers and likes but you know when it comes to hardcore fans. When I go back go my buddies still to this day some folks have come up say jokes or do you still follow the bills. Wells jab but I'm more repair understand you would think that I just said my mother runs a brothel you know the way they look at. So you're blessing because you you're saying why do these things come to chuck to nine I don't I don't want your mom's not run brothels. Edited out happening anywhere yet but you don't like toys some people just get it's like. Token you know let's do sort of girls I go I want the bills to do well. And I want the painters to do better idol live in Charlotte I've lived here for 23 years you don't get it. You've never left home after the is anything wrong with that. Yeah a lot of our listeners wasn't basements and the parents out and I'm just kidding I'm just kidding cowboys fans. I have are we still got a lot to get to today. Yesterday our main topic was rattled Acuna giving beam by Jose you re not your Rina has now been suspended civil given did that closer to home. UNC Charlotte will keep. Jerry Richards is name on the stadium will delve into that of course Panthers Searle are cantor talks still to come with David archer as well as Steve reed and also when we come back. All right. We're gonna just delve also into a little hornet talk as Kemba Walker spoke to the New York Times was at the New York not New York Post and I wanna Minnesota's out there may be kemba is changing his tune it. Slightly in regard to the knicks will delve into those topics and don't forget your chance to win printer tickets coming up by calling in the and 815. It's the Mac attack I'm chuck coward much more on the other side. Please please WFAN six. Unlucky. Your tablet on your Smartphone. WFAN she dot com is your source for the best sports talk get information and sharp. Interviews on demand with the biggest names in sports. Best of your favorite WNBC show us who lives in features promo. As a red for eighteen pages of fits contests in more. Check out WS busy dot com today the online home for Charlotte sports leader 10256. And WFAN easy. Summer's best fields ever Rick Hendrick city Chevrolet and Hendrick Chevrolet in Monroe save three go under new Chevy Silverado 15100 during truck month. 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