Mac Attack Hour 1: Panthers Draft prospects

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Tuesday, April 17th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks about the Panthers potential draft prospects. 


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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with Mac I'm just at general. Alice is sometimes with Tebow beat my. You do it yourself and Zack let's go drills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clean. Tyler's doing or saying you all are still happy to say it is time to love spend four hours talk sports seven a good time. Informing you entertaining hopefully this mission that's the goal though guarantees. But that is the goal for today's. Radio show couple NBA games last night he eats. Hold off say six or rally. And Dwyane Wade turns back to clock last night the Tony how many have 28 mostly about 28 points. Last night of the Golden State Warriors rolled of the spurs won sixteen of 210 long enough. Looking like eggs they will love. The crews and in this series although a series the snubbed again. In civil. The roads in and so I'm assuming the road team may not win separatists and had series title now come so anyway those sue we have three more series. Going on tonight I checked the schedule horse not an action tonight I checked the schedules say is there a way we got in mount an attack. So they're not in there were still coached coaching search and right now. We Antonio's stuff to talk about a lot of different cancer news they open the offseason workouts just today. They had one DD. In for a visit yes and Justin reed if they bring in another first round candidate DB gain cornerback Mike Hughes ominous Central Florida today. Com so that's going on we have our daily free agent and Dante and their fans want to make up and signed. So that's happening and as well cows fastball news' Wendell Carter goes pro. Amir your seven transfers to Georgetown from NC State's. Other great big Mubix. A legend in the ACC and on Tobacco Road former. Duke coach a guy that. Also was it stayed under every case he. Passes away yesterday some thoughts and prayers to him and would guess in my other football stuff scanned super delegates in college football star of little spring game notes. Com I'm not gonna lie I watched every play in the Clemson spring game. Don't know if I should be proud of that or not but I did that this weekend and I'm. I'm a little and dump about the Clemson Tigers this year. And moving forward match and tiger saying should be losing their minds over this. This thing's a machine so we and all that stuff closely track he will not sailing about Dez Bryant Fallujah move on from that situation yesterday. Value on does so we want Dez bona I suppose it just he just chants. He just changes today though when you shouldn't we want CJ all know is pushed. It is is going to be a new feature on the show the preppy cancer free agent suggestion of the dead and 47 year old running back before he starts came edited to have a jury please ask your gonna do that and and they've got a job to do here the Charlotte company on temperature that. But these these sharpened covered system's temperature right now 33 degrees it's Larry Bird Patrick Ewing. Ten years on parts and labor coverage is available for free which Charlotte Comfort Systems happy 46 birthday today tomorrow longtime friend Jennifer Garner. Long time that's a lame as birthday yet what have been it and any real ones are usually do admissible how excited are you try to get a real once he could be getting daily between need to report days even W and garner has as a sudden she sex Michelin ask you something yes what's in your wallet. That's classy like so has airline. When she says what's your wallet punch my TV I don't lie hedges and she annoys me on those as an iPhone go ahead and say happy birthday at a birthday Jennifer Garner their zeal later they're mad doc are you randomized SATA censored I can't really tell some odd if you like the right out of yeah I just wanna back. From the get from the Geico commercial jet so there is what they say they're saying your mom. Can't tell I couldn't take that one up I really have failed to Gus Johnson screaming 10 of course. Some qualities in pain itself to somebody cut his foot off for something you know is a science Max you know sometimes will play south and and we don't border are of the explain what that is. That is actual that's an actual human being as Gus Johnson. From the Chris Middleton shot on Sunday we'll play the full thing later that isolated up hard to show you. That Gus Johnson still has EA game when he wants to. Real human being like a real actual living humans not in pain he's actually enjoying themselves that's the amazing thing about it. Sounds like W and just got up and tapped him on shoulder so he sounds frighten the glory and complete pain and anger that's just an isolated once second clearly he's got about fifteen seconds of just. Crime vintage gust there at the box announcer or. Former local TV that's way that's why I'm little so. The yeah. I. It's your radio show done here let's see here okay NBA last night's. The heat even as series they win 113 at 2103. And Dwyane Wade was amazing I didn't know to do had discussed saying you know many more I gotta be honest. Tony six minutes eleven of sixteen from the floor Tony eight points in 21 of them. In the first ask you start and he he was one Z eight and nine that passed. I mean he was just remarkable in this game armed there's no doubt about it. Panel in the count a Taurus April we sought here a couple of years ago in the series against the hornets it was a great a regular season it mean he was pretty deadly wasn't. Vintage Dwayne there are occasions in the playoffs they'll today where vintage Dwyane shows up but he did last night. He's a ten DC Kessler last night in playoff points for career he's a tenth all time leading score. In play all history. Ms. Judy is an amazing career saw somebody tweet now after shooting guard rankings last I had a like fourth or something and don't allow your talking about somebody who'd just has put an unbelievable career together I'm personally annoyed by am so I like and I don't really enjoy raving about Dwyane -- the way some people do know. I signed him to be. Can obtain any gas. Well but I didn't execute it sir your Gabby you jokes there about dictated. And all I. Load YouTube does Johns is Bill Belichick does Johnson lowers gas the United. States. Mom loved that we have a guy stream that we also saw how did you nobody goes straight in the USA and onetime. I asked de dumb us bolster rice is telling Spoelstra made a lot of adjustments on defense. Com on this one in terms of the way they played the sixers they talked about it pastime the way they were trying to make Benson's score. Not let him hit other guys get other guys going and he did end up data sizzler one like fourteen like the other night and the shooters didn't make shots. And I'm sure and that has some do we Simmons you know be made it to finish and score. Mama 736. From three last night Covington one of seven Redick one. 17. And at some point here. Joel and beat it might be needed. His services might be helpful like I know bone they had won what was it like fourteen games in a row without him or wherever it more than that actually. Was a more than left with fifteen or sixteen affiliate might be made more 617 carries a playoff of the imminent 1617 yes I'm here until last night and they did make a nice round I didn't trend they cut it to two they're down double digits go to sue I think that's going to be a pretty good series and indeed it is taking to Twitter to gripe. He says I can't be baby anymore he wants to be out there. Made I don't bundle and I would like him to be stripped arsenal late. Because I like this like watching the sixers team play I'd like them to advance watching Dwyane Wade and the heat doesn't do much formula I and but watching the sixers is fun so I'd like Jim need to get back and play. There's a number of side national analysts that either pick the heat to win the series or afford to go six or seven games 'cause the sixers were at that stage one day. There there are fire we know the future is extremely bright for so adelphia that we you know the NBA works sometimes where it got to guiding your seat went a little bit. It's an assassin experienced playoff basketball NB a experience that there's like guys are not bend their before. Uneasy side you've got the leadership of the lightweight he's got Spoelstra you've got how. Hasn't still on the bench for what he can provide as a player type cuts there's a lot of experience on the heat side that's why do people predicted this in they go wild I think you saw that last. And you can't be count them out and a lot of people wanna count America's sixers are such a fun story and one must 500 the first game. But again they see eighteen cannot be Canada I do think it's like a six game. Maybe seven game series in the MD saying is a key factor I just say this glass here people are bitch in the band aids on Twitter so and I can't be maybe. Can I just say this can we get all the guys back at once applied. Coli letter appears to I don't. I don't know if he wants like best login in his life and honestly the exact guy appears so disinterested in his team and basketball can we ripped that guy and can we not Brit Joel NB. Because he went on Twitter and talked about wanting to play. Honestly can can you agree with real mistake. Yet here. Here did to circle to the core I wondered then briefly slipping on July so much percent also wants a date was granted but he just also plays a damn basketball I was tired and ticket I Lennar could at least you'll be supporting his basketball team was quite what are doing right I can't believe. In in a million years what does tablets why wondered if he told me this year will be a player in the league. That is employing terrorist team is causing issues I would of had quite Lenard white 900 on the west. Patrik gained I checkered and did they were tub before the show me when the in the trap man over here was. If you're internally as your LaMarcus Aldridge and Tony Parker you know boy these guys having to battle great warriors team if he's not even there. These are even with the tech as its way to tee this week that I I mean I can't wait is happening right now as evidence that was bursting and he would not expect this happen it would not even a pair of my knowledge he's up plane that's wanting right in the air assault saw how lobbyists off on the mortgage soldiers. He appears completely disinterested in everything that's happening his team the sport of basketball. The second Popovich is angered I don't put any any hasn't spoken and a nice I don't understand really what's going all this spirit we ordered but yet MB sends out a tweet and then again maybe he shouldn't tweaked as stuff. But Brett brown said hey we had a conversation I told the same stuff. You know but again I liked the stars to wanna play I don't know what's been going on with coli lantern that's what Bo when you were saying last week. Are you required to get in there and play our. A I was like I did the feeling don't literally disguised dominoes first will resurface next year what do nude scene. Like I dads that's the vibe I've gotten for a long period of time it's the weirdest standoff I've ever seen when there was a call their. A call from Steve Kerr last week. Mac or east and ask him about. Are you prepared for Kauai Leiter he said now. But it wasn't like coach speak right what we've got to make sure don't so obviously Steve cardinal because the top thirty got their bodies I don't know if the that's just knows there is that he does that now order a prepare for it is limited opposing coach says. Hour to prepare itself like this dude has taken the rest of the season off I just ensemble and I'm pretty much dread a feeling you could wrote him off months ago I beg to explain it's clear to him by the way. The spurs organizations gone through this which is rare. The pitchers organizations deal was in junk right now in both these organizations don't usually. Perfect they've got disk. A great leader then everybody follows. Man there's there was a story yes today. Arm. By who was it Tom curry is that is named Tommy Aaron OK he's a reporter in Boston it covers the patriot Comcast he was calling this eight Brady led revolts. Now again they seem to definitely we all jumped hyperbole in the media but I Daryn in northeast they really seem to do media hyperbole well. But does the ceiling is but just trainer saying. It there are people choosing sides there and Brady's got a pulling guys like grown over his side and it sounds like not always grunt or not there right now there was a report out of the one of the Boston radio stations. Think rob will be traded before season starts. And apparently Brady's not gonna show up at all it's not just his trip like overseas to do charity work. He is not going legalese in Boston he's not going to be in the voluntary work I'll. You know resort who's working out west Pereira is trainer who Bill Belichick is trying to get rid of and not want anybody you soak. There's these are two organizations that we kind of fault or. Controversy proves CR means friction proof and they both got friction right now don't give your all majors is still win thirteen games it doesn't seem to matter. What one quick note on both Mac and the patriots think he wondered just been so much success. But the patriots it's so much ego built up between Belichick and Brady were now what the point where. They're trying to figure out eternally who. Who gets the credit for all the stuff you've heard before. That Dallas set wouldn't be afraid to have also Tom Brady concedes they seek you which gives him with someone else accord breath he wants to peruse. That is not just Tom Brady it's uses some its its coaching to wonder just egos are not so much success for so long deals are sold are sold built up. It is now coming to act and then last led articles from ESPN last year wicker shales the road if they included craft in that. They see you guys to redo in stride and neglect and claimed credit could never really on on the store's point real quick was. Our our our red apiece or possibly watched your dog Gregg Popovich. Had to take Aldridge a mortgage holders to dinner last summer because Aldridge and butted heads last year part of that said offset. It's the first time. In his entire coaching career that any single player. As asked to be traded from the organization as all of the whole lot. He was like stunned by he couldn't believe that a player who took him to dinner and he worked it out a pop that's a deal Aldridge last year. Now Leonard this year is probably said before the show at what point does cop out. Had a nice run here in Dawkins gone now but these are changes he's. To get his presidential campaign also sat down since 2020 on the democratic ticket would occur by the way I said that there enduring the before the show and Trent he believes me that he was really running for President Karzai don't pay attention appalled to. I can tell me ready brain and random people pay attention to politics couldn't she does pay attention to sports and find out the Bob original I know he was right from Brazil he's outspoken about Paula and her side and know if you're actually serious us. Our crappy it's only eighteen now random people just can't be president and. I was sure. Gosh are you smash hits the view of Lindsay. Dot com is email address it deal wanna jump in building senator Texas 7045709. Success and it we gotta talk Panthers we better sells a new quarterback on the roster. We've got 02 offseason workouts getting going to. Bomb and we've got another free agents. Then for apparently tripped be another pain and did the fans are accompanying its all coming up on a Mac attack while. It's a great show and you know when you go in and today today. Com especially on a roll and you know you got people. Thank Kevin Hart's talking on the cell. You got the crowd of new you know going through is sent all the things they're saying there aren't a lot of things tonight and as always is used as motivation. Com and it's MBA with a hostile crowd. That's a great feelings on this the film and though muscle fills one day it's amazing stuff. Sorry he calls out Kevin Hart. Bomb. I wanted to play against for you now I know what it said try to tell me what it ended up saying but that is why don't go or are we talking about it and we were talking about I posted yesterday at team on WF and my freshman year. He's high school slowed out and got the haircuts night Erica and what's around me. Are bitter essay you targeted that discussions are Dwyane Wade is talking eighty got to talking about Barry's in boulder yeah I didn't Travis hair did not have gone on back and not just me Jesse got below Travis Leslie got blown. Both of you guys though had he bangs that just goes straight down. I don't know dumb and dumber. It'll kind of one of the guys are dumb and dumber had the bags just went straight dad Jim Carrey's character before you what do you what do you guys saw that photo as we get that Dwyane waited a second. I'll Wear you guys shocked that may be. I had trouble and high school. Tried to fight someone. Now you aggregate charmer Breaux a Dallas thought they would flock to you I would like him in basketball recruit early on and in the process. Trust a crossbow oh gosh that was it was good left now I got acted on WS I DC my high school 1999. So whacked. Was your senior year freshman year fresh in Europe got Sierra our senior I got a lot of grown up to do you have your house start the final would put like yearbook stuff for amaze you guys wouldn't find humor and it lands low Maine who but I urge you to do that the sag you're the guy William both had the bags got that look like bam the banks is that banned the banks gone on Alabama frat boy -- had these bags go American model Brooklyn in my senior year I yearbook I counted yes traders are pictures of me in the year. Total. It and it in that your book particularly junior section there's 540 pitchers Chris Paul now he did I just feel like god just a picture border crystal. Chris balls scrapbook. Com all right Mac it W concede that common yup cancer stuff to talk about we got a request. Hey yeah of something non sports talk about. I don't I don't even think to stick to sports guys could have a problem with us talking about this is in a minute but. Sores and cancers go and there's a lot of stuff to get into won't get into these free agents armed usual war and panther fans something had to translate dad's team and our Santa. It's a terrible idea at all on much but a couple of things with the Panthers are mice uses visiting today. Romney he is the corner we're talking about the least of the first round candidates. But as much as irate about Josh Jackson from Iowa he hasn't gotten a private visit yet in the panthers'. But after today might use in dire Alexander both blood and hearing project so I think we need to talk more about use I was listening Daniel Jeremiah talk this morning on the way in. To work on one of his podcast and he said Alexander and Hughes is one of the tide is battles in the first round in a position for him. Among anybody they're both smaller Jackson's a little bigger more zone corner these guys are a little smaller scene is a little more demand side guys. But Hughes suffered into the draft expert as we had on. But they almost who we have somebody on recently Bowman almost wrote him mall in the first round now because of anything on the field you see yes. But because of these legal trouble he's had he had no trouble at North Carolina are targeting as I don't even though. That might use a first corner played for UNC. And then got into a fight at a frat house and it was very ugly scene he was kicked also leaves kicked off the program he was out of school. And he is a least played one full year olds corner in college football because of the shortly here UNC. The transfer year and then last year he played ECS was amazing and boom he's also the NFL so. She's light on experience. The Alexander thinks he's bugging me though. So it's a great story in the hometown kid is the injuries but I just see your injury with him you know. We asked fours a private work out. Process goes. They didn't want it won't they still look at Josh Jackson despite not having a private work errors it does that does that make all of that was in the world youth all the sub every day I think. I think what's hurting. I think they were more apt to draft guys that they did not bring in for private work out kinda like right when Damien Lewis said last week. Maybe you guys your motion decisions sometimes you won't bring your strategy to our dad used to you know led to throw teams off dissent. Gentlemen it felt like gentleman had a run there where first few years where almost every guy he drafted he brought in for a visit. Mardy seemed like it wasn't that obvious again Josh Jackson could still be in play. I saw tweet from Josh Dorsey are the dead ahead Josh Jackson Eric Reed DJ Moore is a Dicey things. Are the biggest possibilities on this team. But who the heck knows but we'll accelerate needs you know like I feel like those three guys of the three guys are honed in on. But who the heck knows for sure he can do's and don'ts. This is an annual also how many of these guys are gonna be available 24 is an important question we don't know. Get a little also bring in a random people once in awhile like you memory rotted right massive. Sergi sec quarterback collided it was like work I get like a second ran great at the time or why does he bring his cigarette he did some weird. The deep Gray Davis Webaroo itemized much to get things wrong here I don't know I thought Davis Webb was involved in a work at one point to maybe I'm wrong but. He debris NASA for sure that was we are right why is that Sid and then on the west and then he had like four cam haters are we don't draft NASA and it'll take a look at how. I was really how is that working out really this guy you want to say go for you guys would want a dead body to take over for camp some you haters. Would you want Bernice from weekend at Bernie's feet propped up over illegals back under center. Instead of have Cam Newton a former MVP is quarterbacks and for that reason the I just despise you campaigning knuckle it's I just there's no rhyme or reason for whatsoever. Matter of fact the campaigning knuckle heads Bohn today. Ironically man go dig for Kim because we brought him. Taylor tiny key he was claimed off waivers from Houston and he's been a back up in this league it mainly third string in this league. But he's got ties to north curry was he was a third string quarterback in Minnesota for a couple of seasons under Norv Turner so. That seems to be a link there as some point here this hour we have to talk about the backup quarterback spot is anybody else start to feel a little uncomfortable about the backup quarterback situation here in Carolina I. Just shut out Taylor Heidi he was yesterday is a lawsuit to get the ladies that are going Davis spoke to hide again before the show Davis well. It worked out for the Panthers last year. OK I guess that's another one house kind of light a cigarette you know what a gentleman was looking at him because he knew he was gonna be fire Nigerian new GM job and you have Davis well as well let's go to rest up with a backup quarterback situation dobbs. This is not we talk about areas of need for the starters. But certainly backup quarterback with cams history of injuries are you look this that's not a good look right now I'm not happy that's there is this. I bone that's really mobile. And he's got a lot of experience he's cornerback did a Super Bowl Saudi man sell and he's out there. And no not down on not that want our movie about. Tim Tebow now Darren asked about visitors who works. There's this dude but you guys are annoying man I'm sitting here trying to set this up and they at all thing you guys are may and trying to do to comedy colleague Katherine I was gonna mess things. I've got to whatever they understand that said that I have a better chance. Of winning the lottery seven times in my life. And being struck by lightning fourteen times in my life than telecast it coming here but it would kind of pork. It actually woods is a source talk radio only when unity cabinet will get three phone calls now so perhaps man to some artillery are a senior UNC fans says. Hughes was used as a scapegoat in that incident UNC. Two UNC players are mainly involved uses strung them busing kicked out before the full and guest investigation played out. Yeah and Jay Stewart I think was the other one. It was in the incident. This dude says he's a UNC Sandra Hughes was not kicked out of UNC because of that incident. That was one incidental referencing apparently there was something else song with him as well. So your right to decide as a UNC fans might not even know when he was on the team was so quick and they're telling me now Mac here's the real story loser. So if Gil stands are full story set you straight match at WF and C dot com is the email address he's a talent. He likes to get low frisky up there and some press coverage installs. Com. Books. He has a lack of experience. Any also has the you know questions personal questions as well. All right let's take a quick break here trying to get their stories from the UNC sands. I've got gay non sports requests for somebody to talk about but it's a very good looking woman so I don't think getting annoying thing to stick to sports guys we'll have a problem with that. And we gotta get some more least answer sub the backup quarterback CJ Anderson on the market would Jill. Would you wouldn't shoot if you're Carolina wants answers to things. It is the Mac attack by down zag it is maggots X extend WS Wednesday. That's just act. Six set WS NC it's coming up ensue today is we still have spots available to you guys wanna get involved in this thing but tickets are selling quit. Where do we need a draft or roundtable pre draft round table all right we're a preview. On the catch draft ever which way you can be out therefore it hang out you get some great analysis. Attended why don't be replaced by his former coworker ESPN and scouts think Steve man she's been on all the shows he's tremendous. Garcia is gonna be out there Dray Bly. You're gonna have have Omar gays are out there and the whole essence he crew all those will be out there hanging out it's great information and it will be funny moments still be Garcia argue with people. And would you be entertaining and you get a chance to ask some questions Bono will be the roving reporter with semi can. You'll be able to ask some questions for 2999. UESPN draft guide which which I had seen. And it's awesome. You get the full bus say you're gonna corona. And more. And get my Burks dot com to sign up right now in order to be a part of the draft nights one of our best events we put on all year. I think this year are normally until Donna you this year I'm gonna be more Tom Arnold I think I'm getting your change and I try to get to that did did the stories of the people out there give people to cry I'm trying to find out here amassed in the got a brought up might use and sexual soccer side. In bone we both looked it up and all we can see is the incidents at the party. That's arm was misdemeanor assaults. And he was suspended brought back to it seemed and ended up moving on of course Larry is a door and say squad he said personal reasons. So but anyway teams this is what teams are doing their studying this background stuff might use who's visiting the Panthers today at a CAD since that incident though. I don't see any I hasn't seen what he saw a man another incident I haven't seen as so unless anybody has a crucial that in praying I'm they'll see it. Come all right couples thanks CJ Anderson prep he was talking about CJ Anderson right yes today it is all about Dez Bryant on the shelf. Today he's old house CJ Anderson bone and the sanctity Solio's IMAX CJ Anderson you want CJ Anderson. CJ Anderson is the titles back that we want on this football team. Writes the type of back to go with Christian maccast. He runs with power he can handle the in between the tackles styles. And he he is his style is perfect. He's 27 years old and he's taken some hits. In the NFL now for a handful of seasons. I just at running back I just wanna start fresh and young Allen go buy a new car take a new car off the lot knowing. That no one else has owned this car before he used an eight. In L analogy. And so that's that's not only opposition to CJ Anderson. Where I feel like it's a great draft a running backs. It won a second third even fourth round. You can get that sort of back but I don't blame you prep star or panther fans out there that are saying. CJ Anderson just help us because it does better facts would. It wasn't on Twitter yesterday did you see just waiting interview. Somebody suggested as some NFL insider nationally suggestions and answers yet retreated forgotten while I did soon I forgot who was facility there are people around the league's thinking this would be a match. You know skill set wise. Yeah I think I think you hit the nail on the head with that's exact type of back the Panthers need the kind of matters and the money again same thing with desert Alitalia share much money he's gonna want. But I say I agree with you I would rather actually have a young carry on Johnson's somebody like that then CJ Anderson but. If you don't wanna dress during like if you feel like that's exact guy you're looking for maybe pick him up for vet minimum one or two million years and the like down you can't be a bad thing. He got cut was made him look like for half a year or so so it's not going to be a huge salary or as swift as we're not sure yet what tomorrow is going to be I can't tell you though he's. Numbers wise yeah pretty good year last year was his first thousand yard season last year I that was carries long way I'll be at his previous high wasn't 4014179. Carries. He had 245 last year it averaged four point one yards per carry last year. Suck I don't think it's the war said he in the fluorescent would you rather have him the Sony Michelle I've got a guy I'd rather get younger. Yes it is 12748. And Tony seven has been taken some shots in the league. Com. I guess who erase a draft need for yet I think I just think it's an amazing. Class a running backs like the depth to this running back class is awesome a guy like John Kelly who still I just don't feel like enough people like at a Tennessee. This could be forced its round and potentially like. I just think we're shot Teddy sat and talked about enough. This guy is an unbelievable combination. Of you know movement and size and power and people are talking about him. I think it's a great draft class coded is awfully young back and he and McCaffrey will work together for years. OC OK CK OB a stopgap for a year or two then yes it is all organ that's got to find that Scott released a guide to guys that you mention in the draft. They can be Kolb but the McCaffery for hopefully for five years in the end it because CJ Anderson a year to for an aggregate ago. Always parts of thirty we got to fight another running back police in the draft go get your guy that compared McCaffrey for the foreseeable to tell you does. Mission bone that I look at the free aging guys are still out there and say you could go free agency. And then go there in the draft or not go there in the draft and eliminate that need for the time being is safety. You got dudes like the Carlo Tre Boston their breed just sitting there saying okay. Read bison football but these are solid safeties and notre Boston's own pros last week and said he had talked to Panthers but it was just a quick conversation nothing else has come out there. And and they and their goal was Irsay. But like they're you could go get another veteran safety and stroman a mix pretty cheap at this point. And clearly gonna get out once you start a whole hub bub but Eric Reid is the most talent of that group. But even if you staying away from the whole thing there. You've still got Boston and look horrible cars and got this got talent as a first round talent. That we should serious and I'm not talking about both safeties either. It would free agency starts a year for an in march of two Tony nineteen. We could be talking about both safety spots being a big need to a source he could just be one year stopgap wire Ed Dwight Adams is very old so. Yeah that that Democrats together for a year hopefully. But next year this will be a Major League you can add the Carlin still draft a safety and addressed the car as the ones of guys immediately your combo. The cars got a lot of ability. I mean it's that he still out there is intriguing to. Does span I know the saints weren't completely happy with a mean you can't tell me that you can come up and put pop on some money you know I just I'm not loving the Adams. Carla. Had a source sir see at this point in time. Let's see here this dude says it down magnolia after hearing we signed Taylor panicky. I thought of a great new business idea how bad an auto remember automotive repair shops slash bar. Now so what you have it's tiny T mufflers and then you sell high against is mighty mighty cnet's don't know Heidi you mighty. Well yeah I said Heidi you have hiking muffler yeah yeah yeah. I don't think a lot of law will get back to that idea and a huge kind of sell Heineken I don't know what's going on at mr. says he's a Broncos fan trust me. Pick up CJ he ran his butt off and did it with a horrible lie. Did get behind him. And they haven't even halfway decent line he can do wonders. I mean I think he's a type of back you look at what I would go to younger I would think it would be terrible those brought him and be way better than the Dez Bryant idea right the way better than the freaking day as I do. Disagree by the way did dancing has gotten so bad the browns notified everybody yes say yeah we don't want Dez Bryant. They're back it up luggage you bet it did seem like baggage you and say who were good. That's got to be blogs and you go like I'm not sure he wants the play there anyway that's got to just be a bit of a blow to the ego well. I mean if you're gonna look at any position on the Brown's words you say that their. Above average I would deathly B receiver though. You know Jarvis ledger in the industries are not a sure he has Landry went there to see political rematch come on Corey Coleman I did that guess I did got some wind out there. That's the only besides the point yeah. And it's a good point to receiving corps is it is a strength that he probably doesn't get quite good and throw the ball to those that I still can't believe landry's a fifteen million dollar item fifty million dollar a year deal. You're just moving chains for fifteen million dollars a year ago it's just crazy to me they're gonna. This for the browns perhaps is that Jarvis landry's routes go about the distance that Tyrod Taylor to Donald football so yeah. That's why you guys raised like that right there brought back nine yard rout Landry are I don't hasn't checked down Tyrod Taylor is going to be love and. Acted W Justin's dad dumbest it says there's already an auto shop bar it's called a Coca-Cola WS Lindsay dog house that's right but you'll not get what you but the problem is though. But you're not gonna get me or Tebow coming out while you're drinking a cold one get ready for I had the game and changing your oil that's not going down at the F and seek local dog L lo lo go. Think to yourself I got my Los Angeles Friday. And you've got to change gaffe which you do in Chicago now I want us. I'm not just Kelly you and I have the ability to draw eyes to the place and and give yours. They are just amazing we couldn't change it ourself CB some cried out what I want to argue that guy did OK you did you decide is not even a place aggregate data your cars we drive over the batted it to a 400 to card IE 60 lazy is when you're not crazy anyway easier to royalty and I am on selling either so many manly tasks I kinda wish I could still. But damn I just go back so like watching football or something in basketball and just forget about it but god I have so many manly test centers just. It's like you do it at my wife tells me though she'd be turned on if I could do these manly task but I still. Just don't try to learn how to do need I need you don't need I need a man coach and he got. There is an audience you give us an existence is that you can't change oil can't just attire I can't I need meter and James and tiger what else can editors are every comes up every week some to my wife is like do you think it now. On a guy. But I mow the lawn at least oh yes definitely. The hell out that long may be. I have people recommended a former. We get apartment yeah I don't I don't know what they won't tell you at all here's the deal well I need demand coach somebody in the audience and it's gonna take me under windows and the like dude OK you're really hurting a lot of these man areas. Because other watching sports drinking beer eating a lot of sorting. Goes I go the rest of demand stuff I don't do real well so somebody could come out life boat I needed a guy. You're talking to meet our rob I'm the same way you are you're definitely the same way we both could use a man coaching. I can watch TV united we ought. And my skills that stops accidents my wife wants me to China takes offense is starting a lean I would you know words are neck and run the treadmill pretty well right now rebels also yes. I thought well that's. Reuters skill I have anyway and the worse thing about it is there's only one guy that you know me in my life can count our guy JD can do everything I was doing I was just got your mind you see my neighbor moves then it'll be down streak of trust your hand stitching is you can't can't audit the same poor guy constantly I think we can do right now I knew the coach Ritchie to have life coach job you know interviews on the air India jet that -- and Americans are. Mayor coach Italy's call ended tells quietly of the mega Lotto millionaire Mac kids W doesn't he died down I got a man coaches out there every bone Needham and friendly I guarantee at some point in Bradley's lies he is going to need man coaching he does not shock me as a roll up the sleeves engaged greasy type of guy. Iowa tests where yeah you're right yeah previous guidance that there was it was I am an out more it was a man's got more. Obviously to go bail paid on Tuesday afternoon how are we don't like this the show that Garcia band is gonna sit and watch the show after us live Michael just trust Garcia Bailey Amanda show they're doing some manly work like Bailey says do's come over after the show or hang out and Oregon world take care my housing Italy's main problems and they all work on the so what does this trio do any man stuff around somebody scrimp between the voice in the appeared in just the president's daily hat he's tiger radio lumberjack is there's no doubt about it hybrids which could rig that was obtained their match at WS EC does count we gotta talk a little bit of spring football news including the Clemson spring game Samantha issues styles. On some rules change styles and we also are look. From and coach is John says Mac there is no way I'd be in done I would be secure enough to admit on live radio I need help. Being a man and I don't what is on the hill lie about who I am on the sat less. Be singing this about me if I could just figure out how to do silliness and he got stuff. I would just how bad car isn't cents a isn't. Men's I could just do that stopped a Daniel and I do I think that and then I guess it glanced back on the couch and you jus got another draft process. Just. I just don't have the motivation I need to be pushed to bow and I need somebody to deals. In manned by how to be a man motivation to push me as I think I need I was once saying with Mac and died you need to know if you're gonna be the man coach. You've got to have some patience. Just yelling at us is not gonna really get a dog with a square. I don't know the more I think about I might need that. Not me I guess I'm sensitive salt cried I don't you couldn't handle play you don't want a Bill Belichick from Bobby Knight Thomas Davis got to meet dot three days ago during dodge ball I just like to get the game right here. Brad says so on Nam let's see here Twitter us or they call us. At maximum veterans day. I can teach you how to run an exercise seriously yet another thing I need to do is a lot of things I need to do to make myself more balance rather than just sports. And then headsets I don't I don't I've got people that can help me with working out and running back I need to know like. Hey I need to go by a chainsaw. Tell me what the best rates ought to buy what you need a chainsaw for a just an example. You want right Santos says Matt we know you're not mentally I'd listen you for. Long time there is no hope coaches don't apply but how about those Clemson Tigers at did want to talk about Clemson. Before it gets the calls here I just want to mention you know watch the spring game. Trevor Lawrence Kelly Bryant looked terrible and I know Davos saying all the right things today so big deal listen that. Just based on serious legal talent and ability to get the ball down sealed Trevor Lawrence at some point we talk about this last week has to be the quarterback for the tigers in my opinion he's just. Beyond his years when it comes to poison a pocket pocket presence he moves way better than I thought that he gave when he came there I didn't realize that he moves that well. But again I just he brings you they were throwing the ball down field with him he brings another elements. Thank Kelly Brian that's what was missing last year Tebow without Watson. Kelly Bryant couldn't get the ball down field. And they couldn't stretch of field couldn't open up the box that way. They didn't have the dynamic plays that's something that Lawrence is gonna rain indicated is freaking amazing the defensive line they're already talking bound. Chris Fowler resume in the game already talking about this being one of the best deal lines. In the history of college football. And they start showing some of the other ones this group is right there that is not hyperbole to say that about these guys all four guys coming back. It's a crazy sits on what I heard in every with Christian Wilkins the other day and he was touting the three guys behind these guys. Not just the Ford got the name guys coming back but there's also more guys. As expected Clinton back. There's three guys right behind these guys raise that did so on his or at least they're deal final still be great. When these guys leads a sack during May only but I think at this point with the receivers. Taken a step up. Against AT and with the defense of wind coming back I believe Howard's rock could play quarterback next year for cause yeah. You're in a while Higgins went. False talk about deep ball Higgins went off the other day in spring game duke may be in trouble this year and I played my sisters and a is that I got a lot of bravado would do this how horrible war about psychic about a way Florida State hundreds Francoise secular legal problem of the all season a little weed I. Pop for we'd possessions. He's still not healthy Idec quarterback battle France slob like when asked looking good for France law. At this point did have a pretty well on a quarterback in tal no sort of spring yeah why is he gonna play there next year what. Cam Newton case. Jim it was washing their spring game right he was extra I let's go to certain zones Jersey Mike. Jersey frank rather Jersey Mike could help us do and I think that now Jersey's frank once that was become a man's man was a Jersey. All were sitting at a quarterback club in what today sir Lawrence is a young freshman right. Obligated tire. Back I don't know what he's got he got. CNN deputy managing our edit your car up first. Or is that you would need to spend three hours with me I'll teach you how to change outside light Victor. I hope he gets out of politics are Utley got to change tired. What Eric Bell dirt all there are all of those people would you do not need a chainsaw. It. You also think I don't believe it yelling. You'll divert your. Now I merger totals. It'd security act or about outdoor work in order to work. We're not there to yell or not they're green I have the other night people that like each count my out. And I are my out a bimbo saying. You know Hispanic prayer. Maybe if you get actually they're. Off the chair watching. Bring it went well well Kate is sort particular fire truck that I don't know how bright future I. That's a strong upper right here I was an assistant here. He would in my chainsaw Selig does being nice. I thought that was a good also right there now are very good ideas on how these states are getting Jason you'll die bone seriously if you fire teachings on hold it we will never see you again I don't bat off I'll be bad. I guess we got some people Jack continue to one mental just about mr. says if you bet I'll have the patience if you have the money a 150 dollars per hour. Guaranteed to make your woman Selig she married a man or your money back. This is an hour minimum trailer park Chad. And he says ten years' experience of turning wimps and attempts. Steve's great. Israel barge showed you got a call to show dude that is you gotta you gotta going on I don't like any part of it smack it page land says all talk you through those manly duties at the Metallica concert when I mean your crew going out strategies bribe trying to bribe put your application in. Madame pace that may go keep an eye out for you but yeah I don't know if I can. Can take bribes yes it's a show with integrity you not notice the integrity they show. Probably not hybrids take a quick break MacKey WF Susie I'd count standard bred dog question I am done Adobe institutes of France a nation.