Mac Attack Hour 1: Panthers-Bills recap

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Friday, August 10th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the positives & negatives from the Panthers first preseason game. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with Mac obviously at the federal. Analysis sometimes with T boat that he might have to yeah. You're doing yourself and Zack let's go drills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clinging. Those Panthers maybe they get a W the march to Swanee three and O is on and by that I mean for no. Pre season sixteen and no regular season three you know in a post season. It is underway. All right so we brag depravity now let's talk about reality a hole doubled to discourage that because that's the odds are about reality now. It was a good stuff but there was a stuff that was completely ugly as all get out in their game yesterday making Kelvin Benjamin looked like Randy Moss would be the top of my list. We've all so all have to discuss. These video of the biggest video since those intruder film back in 1963. This is KB. And cam and don't we will talk about that and that. Confrontation. On the field before the game made me even more angry when Kelvin Benjamin had four catches for 59 yards and a touchdown. In the first series we will discuss that change spread very. Because do you share. Bred birds gotta groin injury is just for cautionary by the way so we'll talk about all this stuff to pregame fireworks. What happened in in the game I mean there was. Truly some good someday it's what you expect from a pre season game there are some sloppy was four penalties. In the first quarter of the game is well by the Panthers didn't turnover. Sodium trends that the pre season game at feels like an accomplishment but we've gusting Salk about secondary needs to be talked about the. Thousands of lines there there were some some highs some lows. The special teams are told has some good moments return game coverage unit was good. Back up quarterback situation I don't feel a feeling kinda give played pretty darn well. Gilbert had a couple nice moments but Gilbert has some rough moments still. I still like to back up quarterback veteran. Acquisition Jones might be going on for Tampa fans today. So we will get in the first team offense it was one round series and one really nice series and I saw some things. In the Norv Turner offense. That. Is pretty pretty exciting to think about so we'll get into all lets us. Who was a highlight who's a low like Rory mad about even though the games don't count and we'll talk about cam vs KB. All coming up here today on the Mac attack an F and zero lidge with a couple things went around. On around the league last night you had Andrew Luck returning you had a debuts for a lot of rookie kicker Mason a two touchdown passes. Sake while Barkley 39 yard rawness first run from scrimmage. You're the Dallas cowboys' passing game the nice ripped to shreds yesterday going down the field on San Francisco so easily. On their first drive press got thirty yards to rookie Michael gallop for the touchdown. To start a series of global until a lot of these things that one around it is a football Friday this is a any a little practice football Friday everybody pitcher wrap seeing teacher calls in you takes on his text. And let us know what you think 704570. Nine's extent. The only senator text or call us up. Tebow and what's going on brother. What's the word of their bouncing what's happening macd Charlotte Comfort Systems temperature right now 71 degrees. Get an AC tune up today for 89 dollars. Where it's Charlotte Comfort Systems preppy do you feel like we should be allowed to talk trash about beating you guys yesterday having a double digit lead into you escorted garbage touchdown late you feel like we should be able to. If you think is that important Magda and you go right ahead out on those we're seventeen to seven at halftime whenever the first the second team played so you tell me what's more important the first and second team playing better you win in those. All pre the biggest victory Friday want to matter how we get. Misguided it's it W Baird got awarded on style points actually our second team defense I gotta be honest looked horrible. I mean a second team got abused in the second quarter. When it's who first teams left the field it was 77 to 10% and extra offensive possession for the first steamers the bills why would they wanna see anything else they went glad they went through us. Might not. Tight nice. Hot knife through butter in their first series he's Swedish so I don't know they did if you wanna be the type of standout worries Boras overly negative their stuff to find you would have been a type of fan that wants to be positive like this DJ Moore for example if you are jacked up and cranked up the bush said yesterday about DJ Moore yeah did you each false checked. Bony we talked about yet say how did you Mort some very quiet about DJ Moore from panther fans I don't think that's gonna continue. That cat after the catch is as advertised. I mean he is strong there was one catch he had bone where he pulled about three or four guys are about 56 yards. The one that he made into in the second half down their inside the red zone was a ridiculous run after the catch. He got deep and adjust it on a ball from tiny gain came back and got it. He ended up with four catches for 75 yards he looked legit. And another young receiver gives some lawsuit courtesy Israel made some place yesterday in a football game as well that was encouraging. Though the web the weapons came through bone Jerry's right. Made a nice play on a nice cam back shoulder throw the first quarter of a game so there were some weapons and and and it wasn't exactly. Olson and punches in the top weapons in your receiving corps it was down the line a little bit those guys produced. Well Samuel getting four catches for 43 yards at eleven a pop. Maxim me that's bonus territories roster all off season we said. Whatever Samuel can give you is a bonus every week counted all the weapons up McCaffrey and also an end. And DJ Moore and sergeants Samuels always to meet. A secondary piece that we said whenever this guy gives you if he stays healthy one of policy debate ought to be seen Santa won game one. Guess for some 43 not out of this world number it's a pre season and he's healthy to meet. Monitoring what courtesy able to give this football team takes them from a good offense to potentially are. Really really good also yet there's no doubt and for him first game back bone off injury that was pretty good guys got to stay healthy that's one of the things with him but I thought that was encouraging on the flip side of things. I did like to short passing game to the backs. With the first team in there yep that's fullback play action arm I. That was a nice one north Ter done in the past has light years in full backs Dini a little more maybe. Then the average coaching in this day and age and used our mom well there the McCaffery short passes I mean that's screenplay was beautifully executed. A bomb Mumbai McCaffery set up the blocks and his vision and by guys like van rodent and larceny got out front there. On the other tasks where McCaffrey's cross the field as a mismatch on the linebacker. So that was deftly cool style rant one Iverson to wide receiver screens bone. Two more one of them batted down. The other one caught the end nicely yards it's a catch before the flood just hold it really like we've been talking so much about Norv Turner is downfield passing game. I think you're gonna see a mix and I think he knows with this offensive line vote the screen game has to be involved if you're a little worried about Jonathan supplies are like sea and left. As far as are running backs ago once they know surprising was the rotation especially involving CJ Anderson. When he got into the game initially and also the fact that held CJ 292029. The fact that this dude in the first pre season games in the game in the fourth quarter. That was surprising to beat Utah due to send advance I was able CD is probably opt out at halftime guy not going to be around in the second half he was running the football in the fourth court I don't. Think about what he does that point nine year old only got to carry his second pass that that was too good it was weird why can't ours painted in Tennessee. I did get that either house we're what are you know what my god bring it Brendon manned. I hyped up and said this guy do we have another nor well situation. Not only bone did he not start at left guard they went with the veterans and rodent. But when the next left guard came in. It was rookie undrafted free agent Taylor heard at a close is she still got beat by the way probably but back Brendan man did that was like the third left guard is. So I that there were I doubt I'd zapped Gupta surprises that job god I started hyper bread and man up and I jinxed him immediately but he was from first or third on the depth chart. Up Mac are also have a new segment here it's called the Mac O we'll report it's brought to buy turnstiles dot com here of course ever at least once a gave a video will emerge. We all freak out over that some Alan ball's back Leo there's a wedding a player just go right by Abbott alas it happened again. I did mortality boat it's just one play. I think you're on my side. It's always just one polite but not to look that's the problem was like this is the first time this happened. How does during camp pre season games regular season games playoff games it's always just one play that Leo and it happens every single game. Well yes a little sore. There's say it's it is what idiots I hate to go foxy on you and actually it was going to be this just hit. You just hope he doesn't give police force a fumble when you lose a football game because it or use Toby and indeed I can't say he's a guy commenting Camden gets knocked out sort fur for lord knows how long like he's going to get beat. You know and we just got to live with it that that's stats. You know and and I can be honest other than that I can't really get back. Other than that play I can't really nitpick I thought he did a great job blocking on a McCaffery touchdown run and by the way how about my man the calf muscles muscles the Castro it was up. Join to tackle low. Real is that between the tackles baby Micah Hyde did Olsen lease on get off me and branded as just safety you know what do those guards are also. But I don't I really thought. The way they use McCaffery and the way they use CJ Anderson. Like it looks like. They wanna make McCaffrey a feature to a site like and I and I look McCaffery but I don't know I'll want CJ getting Kerry's CJ looked good so. Albeit against probably third stringers at that point but. I like the timeshare idea there I want McCaffery get more carries in last journal we have seven carries a game last year bloodied we really like all you hear out of camp. About the about the way it goes in practice and all we here from Ron in north liked. Bono I think McCaffery I think they intend fully gimmick after effort when he touches a game I think so too and I don't know if that's if that's good or bad. And I'm not sure how not I would drawn out outcry draw it up bone twelve Russia's. Five or six catches. For McCaffery suddenly closed its one me but I wouldn't be in at 25. Neighborhood to people are talking to see that sort of backbone to get that many hits. I wouldn't think so but I mean how they know more about it than we do so they'd think that made dodges as do I don't. IE on the service I would say no bottle and that guy I asked around and would cam was going to midfield to confront KB Max Leo walk with K. Instead I got your I got you westside but I got to play I can't say. Like today it did they come over here to bag goes are not under man I got I got your back camps like say over here for a walk. This dude says Mac I noticed you haven't brought up the the performance of the corners now I have not I Starwood against us. As your guy goes said Seymour should BC last team on Seymour that was a pathetic performance. So pathetic that Ron said excel. Once you get out there here wood eight minutes left in the fourth quarter shot to cover and you know what he got beat by some third strings across and a deep deep lucky they didn't catch that one. Man that was that was really just Harding like. I went in yesterday's game really rooting hard for Dante Jackson to win that second corner spot lived in radler was outs that threw things off a little bit with a groin injury. Now I am like. And like cutting off my form to get Seymour out of the starting lineup that's it like that seems extreme but I earlier saying god that was bad C don't like he was either back in a twelve yard Cushing given up the underneath stuff. And then he tried to press a one time and whisked so badly with leg bone in our home run derby out there. And doll personal shot and boom he was peace and bone he was he was beat on another one he definitely got thrown down on the offensive pass interference. But I'm not so sure he would've had that people covered either you know that was just a horrendous performance. By to see more is there any players that you all are more worried about after that. Game last night I can't imagine how Dante Jackson to be fair Tebow and Dante Jackson got beaten deep by some dude named Riley. The most just overthrown. I'd never heard of this guy in my life this Riley did. And ray rather out of Nebraska AMR got on had a congratulated your route and then bomb earlier Benjamin got a bonus third down play eventually got to let third down scramble drill. I must we love we have we have four hours talk about just. Only four hours to get into a 70457096. And one as you feeling good one as you ticked off we'll talk about it really got the NC. Soap operas kept as Kelvin in camp turned. Back on the Mac conjecture on Athens team and it is so nice to a football back our lives and I know it's ugly in its pre season football was just. You know she's seen it early guys backed out they're getting emotional again about it not regular season emotional but you know. I was screaming in my TV over keep on Seymour a natural to you at was that was definitely worry some Mac and WS NC dot com once your thoughts. What was it to hagee ticked off and what has you most worried and also on on the flip side what is the biggest positive because there's definitely a bunch of policy gene take Shaq Thompson has been diving interception. Shaq Thompson made a bunch of placed too on short stuff underneath one over wrapped up. And the weird thing was they didn't play him in the near glee still plagued TV in the nickel it's. Dubai is exiles has got to be taken. The dude suspended for the first four games and I still can't get run I would think at some point you're not pre season they wanna give him run in the nickel package like he's going get the first four games especially game three maybe that's a Shaq Thompson all sat Thompson game as some point in new thanks so they gotta do it magnate TD had a nice stuff too on a screen pass. An old dog still hot man there's no doubt about obesity TD had a busy night from the pregame to be out to be the actual again. The that's right CD was there are Benjamin when camp strolled over that they've done it all don't. I lose to some calls we will get into camp. Vs Benjamin B pregame festivities. It's just made me more angry Kelvin Benjamin there's no doubt about it may mean respect. I am even more tube and our respective a bunch so we'll talk about that you'll have thoughts on that 27045709. C stars drama. Ned who is batting lead off what do you think dead. Stage one and Mac I'm about a month late tells wonder where you were brought jump on me yeah man let's say a citizen that on the well you know in the work. Robyn a big fan. Brother. A rep Robin worked don't graduate unity Bonnie like I told you many many years. I'm almost certain weekend July. Garcia and Bailey and police closed. That I. So that's in my life and always remember that was your first we don't hear Charlotte. And I try to make it a tradition ecology you know you're the man and I appreciated as they congratulating you are a lot of work do you what you and people won't do. And the other they're both of us that pay attention to each channel radios specially talk radio. People come and and has been by my count you have completed fourteen years and now you are now rolling into the bookstore. Used. Adam do you former first match. Love I love that looks much forever baby appreciate it especially if you're in in your team a people own you know. You don't cave and it started at the bottom. And I remember everybody used to pick on and a lot and the other bitterest and a Lackey didn't it don't we ask you to work on profession just like you have been in. You know maybe he's just so comfortable now you know and a I'm would be. Brand X a little while ago before your short shows can moan don't you can. Will you are demanding what did you love BA anyway what's so what did you think about the Panthers what struck you. Well I enjoyed it. No I think what I liked was did the back I don't know bodies gather gonna get. But I'll like watch in the back at gas the ones that are really really really fighting for jobs Prius. And I'm coming out go at this for didn't. A problem quarterback can't really nice touch on the ball. But all of the mobility the other death so two you know that that's where our spectre of. Well clearly our back is not a way Ned your class act map thanks dad religious icon court's most listeners every year like damn these guys are still here net every year remembers say you guys started enthusiastically. The only listen Alex is right. Asked if he that'll be the only westerner ever never get a dog ever the backup quarterback thing to me clearly hi Nicky outplayed Gilbert it would I want really nice stroll dropping they're the most treasured for a touchdown. But I saw Gilbert has a really rough moments as well thrown balls behind Ian Thomas twice. Our Amman or a miss firing DJ Moore did you more wide open less I don't feel missed him so badly and how I think he also brings that mobility. Armed factors well. But I am very pure C good theater fans think about to back up quarterback spot. There's not I don't feel any better necessarily as we told Gilbert was the bet we were led to believe moan guilt or seven a better camp and we just they like to last year Arizona squad I just kind of felt Gilbert was the guy and he did not inspire a ton of confidence from me last. Here's how I did I went to backup quarterback situation I think both guys had moments lasso militarily get that throw by Gilbert. Tata Frazier was mostly asleep a replacement there was insane Heidi key and you look at the numbers what's really gonna this quarterback rating was 165 point eight. I think is just a Mac was this would have hypothetically speaking say cam has a hamstring in Dallas I am god blessed. Would you trust one of those who guides him in there and what do supplies right now I have like hybrids are gala Bridgewater you could say okay just don't mess it up. You gotta before going their you use a chance to win and beat these guys are regular season game. Do you trust that I don't yet know I don't need I say like say can't go south for two games. And just stay open the playoffs phrase you need those games. Do we trust those guys. Even even as Syrians me you know his theory nonsense is a perfect idea in Atlanta yet know what it can't somehow and you eat these guys a few series do you trust number I just don't do I think I could be wrong maybe these guys are OK I don't know it's a legit question for people today how do you see whether it back a spot 704570. Nice extent. Captain complain or makes his first radio calls it a Mac is that what's up brother. Out but to actually put up or that's Butte. Oh yeah. They way beat Marquette. Are out there about LP that's ridiculous that it went up we get out there like cap all. Allstate last year. Training camp entity takes cabin or like ready off. And it can't get all this but but topic as speaker audit papers up a slight bedie took a holiday here they B a did not let ridiculous. But anyways it's out at talk about cap. And about it yeah yeah yeah I got you. You know. Our output gap get paid but he's been here awhile. Are we too could help it but it at that book or a lot faster or flew it it looked like it better aunt Betty the respective. I depict you don't wrap or what we ate another pack get hurt and it cap it's more like. We're just the root of Patrick well. Yeah you feel against it I will citi's Cameron are Spanish over the past in pre season mode ability to catch down the back field make some plays there. Mom I Elijah good crazy thing is I never thought it was a got to catch is an out of Maxiell does that I didn't know that was in the readies its critical periods that don't take clearly Larry Fedora didn't let the door didn't think he was worth getting in touch inside the red zone and I would I don't understand. But put a brand that nice we'll Ralph has come and Heidi you put it right there on and so that was. An interesting development I know that had to be an unbelievable malls for him Charlotte Kidd scored a touchdown for all cancers so we'll see I mean camera are staying five carries one yard and not make an out to be his fault. The offensive line run blocking for the most horse pretty brutal last night every two yards a carry the whole game. Our diet I got a text from a friend when Jose Syria on column regular bright outside my theory is theory on CJ Anderson's role last. And cereal guy you got friend I don't see my friends say Warren's got a theory this guy Rick says mad when we go to Friday night at the fights what are you gonna break dance cam and Benjamin. We will be able takes herself slow pace ourselves we get into that. 70457096. And it's the Mac attack. Our item would get it detects lined emails keep on Seymour you would think that he did something personal just about everybody up and listening to take as look and he did do some good personal he had that big old tub would do. After the disrespectful way you treat Cam Newton not only in the comments but disrespectful way he acted towards camp in the pregame situation. And then let him go out there. And absolutely toast his tiny one of the catches is on Donte' eject you get beat. By that slope called deep like that's. Man that's a dang problem for keep on C MW there's no doubt about it a while the tweets from nick Wilson last night are new guy here Michael Nikki ball game while nick Wilson. He said last night the Panthers are really taken this ignoring Kelvin Benjamin they seriously. On the field. And we thought bone good teams got to know where he is there to be fired up they may send a message to him the message was literally you're right we're ignoring them we will not. Not play well Galvin you know what happened actually. The last eight months they told C Margo you got Benjamin he's all right he actually drove to the anchor good golf and access replica for KB at dinnertime. As it always on the field get months of the KB and that caller from earlier was right he was right tell mentioning came out this thing was like you're Super Bowl if it appeared. I have never seems shows such emotion as when he threw himself into the stands. And he's laying there and some old lady's lap when his legs spread for about a minute flight she was so happy have you guys ever seen it. That's sort of a motion from Kelvin Benjamin knowing this is what it took bone to bring out motivation and fire. In that dude who is just so. Although all that he doubted I mean just never seem to give a damn about anything except eating. When he was here in Carolina and he'll host sun goes out there he's got to game face on basic co host a cold blooded killer. Lag that's annoying as hell it's telling when De'Angelo went to Pittsburgh at all study shows a Tony five pounds lighter. It's like oh I see how it is in it's it's it's it's just ridiculous now your gonna get motivated and it takes some sort of back and forth with scam to get motivated. Here's announcing its annoying don't. As we go to this confrontation. Cam Newton walks out there because that's what a man does you got a problem and another man and you go and you walk out there you see them. And Kelvin Benjamin walls shake his hand. Dude you ain't got no reason be Manning camp camp should be mad you can't ride like I gotta get him all the credit in the world we'll all mention things about GM and immaturity. It takes a mature man to walk out there's abuse rip June nationally and it led to a whole week of Cam Newton bashing all of the hot take shows. And you go out there and to stay in your hand to shake it. Like that that takes a big man does that and Kelvin Benjamin did not act like a damn man would not literally not stand in one place and talk to him. That is ridiculous man seriously what an immature war. She old Kelvin Benjamin is and bone it's made even worse by the fact that he torched us it just makes it. Worse apparently you were telling that that CJ Charles Johnson. Editorial last indicating that KBK and it can really scrapped and hold zone when it comes so why it might say we run WBT this morning with both house and I asked. What kind of story what we have today is KB reacted viscerally as well. What does KB said let's go. What are they actually third down Mac amid seal of the pre season game number one could you imagine the heartache shows today did you imagine the national storewide abate at KB actually said you know what we're gonna do this. Like tax cut did you imagine that. Although cam had the hands behind his back he was showing everybody I'm not out your site and get my hands behind my back. It would have banned unbelievable is that if tonight is already amazing that it got to this point. On the negative I got my tees on the running backs period in my trending more pass oh yeah yeah the job they wanted to start bashing Benjamin again hey guys I got he thinks that. They know what they had been CJ. They wanted to give him some reps a way to get his legs don't they don't know for sure about artist paint. They wanted to see him before him against maybe better competition to see how we gonna hold up. So was like it a slight to CJ Anderson it was hey we got Etsy artist pain in the mold and here I guess maybe more second unit guys allies of course and I don't know what the reason I certainly don't expect terror are stained B had a CJ and irritation out because they got CJ for a reason and that reason is they didn't trust Cameron are stated that didn't. So it was just I just it's just very odd to see him come in late like that Mac did W things he does Tom and Jerry says Max. You sit near ribbon KB eight K these points was validated twice when Cam Newton threw balls that Greg Olsen goodness caught if he was a new bull. It was windy it was windy and he regrets they crap over their last a little prep over the hill Pennsylvania when god must act Gordon Nicosia that makes it a good save their interior Erie county Pennsylvania. But that's half hour on the plateau where and what's its upset there's no doubt it's upsetting to see Camden that's arms a multiple people are talking a cams accuracy on those two throws. Unfortunately that's who can't miss. We got to take a good there's more good than bad but we take to go with the bad but. It is frustrating and its second one run set until it was he it was one of those where he's like not stepping in is not stepping any straw and it was all all arm. And it ends up sailing on hand just can't ever again in the pre season we had this discussion every single year that can be either thrown balls or east. Can't I don't think that we ever body or be like Mary cam was spectacular in the pre season. He I'll make the case he I'll say this season in a deathly has had moments in pre season having great salad I'm worried about it I will say this he ended up six a nine we yes we -- touchdown the next drive he hit all at shortstop for the next drive I love the fact it north Scott all that short stuff in there with an offensive line you're questioning. Those little short things also why receiver screens and running back screens and dump offs and stuff are going to be our friend and my make cal alum may not make this team I want to admit that publicly you don't sag to get a 39 point five rating three point six rating I don't want. The 39 points or bring the how that he what do you do right like Don fumbled the snap how to get those 39 point IE I don't don't cuddle it exists importance behind it gives free points on perfect. What did it five point latest three points away from perfect don't tell my guys count Allen actually so let's go to the phone 704. 5709. C extent brutally deserve to be worried about it ticked about who deserves loves. And doesn't Kelvin Benjamin deserved to be blasted yet again let's go to Johnny Johnny what do you think man. Are that they have some very proud of how KO am though it's still have a new respect detailed. He act like a may have he can I don't think there was he didn't expect to pay import. I NJ he typically him behind his back when I have a whole new respect the gamut now you ever been there. No I do sue Ann I'm glad to hear there's a lot of national types Johnny and we often hear the national guys not just came credit Jamie what are you on ESPN this morning. Mike Freeman bleacher board Danny kanell there's a lot of guys saying hey man. Camp sucked it up went out there was a man about it tell the men's and made himself look terrible I think both sides I think when he seven mile bad. And I think he looks even worse now. If you look like itself is coming up on contract amount. He looked back at you look bad when you look good on. I thought that's what stinks that's a Sox today. Why do you keep last contract everytime someone Red Sox now bands in the middle of the field on the elaborate drama this is I've caught you earlier Sosa they're describing Benjamin legally Randy -- agendas big grin on your straight IE I cannot wait preppy until you meet the other Kelvin Benjamin. They tell the manager doesn't give a nude they commits some penalties that drops perfect throws it doesn't care like I just. I can't wait until you meet dad died by week's five you will be furious with Kelvin Benjamin. See that's why pre season perfect because he can go in one drive have a good drive than gets tired than he's done there. So the one driving is good for you made four catches good and then it's that we don't need to see the rest of the game you know should. Roy says Mac sounds lame bashing Kelvin Benjamin just because he's upset that he torched you all. Well that's part of it. It is important still but it adds to my anger that we couldn't just go out there and speak on the field knew he will do nothing. No he was on pace bone if you take out for a full game. In half a quarter he put. It's 159 yards basically sixty yards what would that be for a full game and putting up 480 yards honest I think he went below well past the hole Leo I look on us smiling. Oh gosh not he's just quiet on the I aquos Yonkers Burma would call Kelvin Benjamin my eyes after Russert performance Jerry fried rice. It's good to devote Matt wants to chime in Matt what's your thoughts on last night. I get our vote at. That little the book buyout we here at minute what I have. I did when he was trying to say successful books but somebody else came out first silicon. Air a little bit about this and make into a buck and they've. Out this. 88 you know area yet at the bit. You know there. Are. Navy brat or are we OK I am back. Or albeit. Willie eight. You know Jim -- I. It. I mean I. At the right out black I'm older I'm not at all you do don't call an avid big. Cannot then pat. No matter how what you are correct. Great permanent. End to get reports you know alt field. A lot of. Don't know you're right he he hits a damn hole now man there is no. Freak in doubt about it he does he gets the ball in your eyes decisiveness. It's not messing around thing that's a great point. I also like way to mess around a touchdown run right up the gut and did I mention Tebow between the tackles touchdown run by McCaffery. Damien Lewis and be back next week or bring up a touchdown run to light to attack I think dailies in buffalo right. That's more than Sergio is that where's inter should realize holy solve home I'll check on dabbling in acting as he can never watch or Seattle right a caddie no word god and I coaching I think it's busload we'll check on bottom went promotional Manson on the show this season unit to Damione Lewis Al works one on Tuesday one week holds on Friday on the Mac it's actually get a double dose compared to what we had last year. Are we come back we've got chairman Benjamin to talk about we've got a game to talk about yes he's in buffalo a guy I don't listen bill will have an opinion now all this mess. We'll talk we'll keep talking Panthers it is a football Friday say Kevin's on the Mac it's that. I. We are back it is the Mac attack Allen asked in my day I gotta go Brown's tax dominant someone very you should be excited about baker mayfield and you should be excited. About his duty Antonio Calloway out of Florida had made big plays big long touchdown rookie. The problem is though he also this is that this was a week. But is a microcosm of Antonio Callaway slice. Trouble with the law and then he goes out balls out on the field. That dude has tons of talent and he can be a player in this league but I'm not so shore bony gets to stay out of prison. I mean it's just that simple they've got to put him in a bubble away from the CS. While back they are not bitter tweet probable last night demoted doled for just ten seconds here all aside my asked. Sake what Barkley source Ron. Oh my god you don't love you talk about a mandate for football sands. I sourced I had dirty football thoughts are I was like is that a source rocks. First pairings are always touched 39 yards and he made it all himself oh my god he made it wasn't on there and he made it all himself he is going to be such a weapon strategize there's no doubt the giants are better. I can't get much worse in two wins. I know how much better but there's no doubt that Taylor Heidi became a player at face value they're that excited I am I think it's a Mac did WF and C dot com is email address. Com Casey says. Somehow Benjamin. You know was motivated now easy easy as to prove some of us now he's finally motivated for the first time and I said DeAngelo Williams. Went to Pittsburgh lost Tony five pounds and AC tells me Mac football players just like people and relationships get complacent. Just think about when your wife leaves you you'll probably lose all your weight and get Dan Gurney is sixth sense. It's like you are right it was that equivalent of you get in the marriage and you become complacent and then your wife leaves units like I gotta get myself looking good again. A that is exactly what happened to the hedge awaits us or tell the bench today by the way they seem to know bench was not a new player bound. Like let's not let's not just twisted Freddie. Is not a new player he was motive and a fire lit under is asked last night. Anyone out there and play that is not who you're going to see he will be the same old inconsistent under achieve ultimate. They see shows Summers that we've always watched around here. Com I think he just got Mac curse and that's why he's played so good that I just my take on about what do you think you guys. Do that I think everything in my life somehow involves a Mac person. What's what's up with the camera hours teams and clubs this morning I don't know says Rivera said its camera artist facetime what's so hard to understand. Jerry I love the way these Brodie he's on the air China still take shots a camera artist paint. Bottom line they brought in a guy to take his job. And CJ Anderson is below him on the depth chart he's not on he's not this guy says Rogers says Mac. You could keep doing yourself a camera artist painting a Boller but there's a reason why he was a second back in CJ Anderson already a bust for this team cup. You re my side CJ Anderson for that perhaps that's right twice a year exactly ran way better and CJ Anderson. I don't understand he says Cameron an artist paint fan club like they went outing got a guy to do what you guys said he could do because the coaches don't believe he can do it they've never shown a trust in him whatsoever. In his whole time here but yet you guys as staying on for some reason just know Cameron artist paint is just Walter Payton. Reincarnated if he just it's just I just I don't understand the caps fan club it's right up there with the revolution proof for. Last sauce so there's always one that's formed as kids club club captain of the advanced got mad doc got to retrieve your story this is from Joe's I had shots and I think he's eight. Comedy Central. Yet he was a show on Comedy Central he quoted the dock. The meeting between KB can't you see is what it says quote not big bro he got all wrong I was talking about Signet. Daddy talks about them often I would still ask. Stores or eat let's go to the phones are no say about KB can't gamble looks like the adult does somebody texted me and KB looks like a child did it looks that. That's how it looked last night now on the CO OK beetle with a good romance 70457. Organizer says Syracuse DJ wants to jump in what's a DJ. Oh are there for a global market and not mean they all JP being. If they're not super dollar but you know really liberal vote to elect. It would barely look our thought to be a look at corporate data and yet there's. Made motivated and he gets better at Citic I don't think they're ready bet it repaired and able to jump to expand. So if you're a dude or lady. Yeah oh yeah they can do that they are bad. Like. I got the which I don't but inaccurate that he thought. I mean gut thought it was it was dealt I don't. If we got. I'd that the local or Hebert at Nate and a drop or in the lead openly in middle bit Mort I. Element there was no doubt and a they don't want our purpose that in a bit of BP more. I would want him and thought lineup about and in a pretty pretty well people. No policy Donte' jacks or all of the ones I'm not saying he he would have a couple of moments venturing got him on that scramble to Panthers blitz TD. Quarterback flushed out Peterson flushed out in on the sideline management came back to get a that was a third down play the touchdown was a third down play to. But I just Seymour seem horse not the answer is he moan like if he starts. If he starts it's only because Dante Jackson as a rookie any scene is not ready. But I'm root like hell for Dante Jackson to prove that he's ready and because. I want to talent out there this experience Seymour knowing the system or whatever it is having a couple more years than Dante Jackson he's not a starting corner in this league Dante Jackson is a story quarters sleep it's only a matter of time and hope that comes quickly that we had some rookies ball in last night bone. On you if you look at you look at come you don't Jackson a couple moments as you look at DJ Moore was 73 yards receiving and run after the catch ability and a deep catch. You look at Jermaine Carter. This dudes won the unsung stars of the game last night rookie John linebacker out of Maryland he was flying around a football field blitz first sack. Had that play on. Josh Allen that led to him running backwards about seventy tea colored stone on that fort down three. Some key completely made that play he flew around in the run game the pass game only negative I could see bone. Was you know zone coverage you let one kind of get right past him but he was close again it. And the penalty but helmet to helmet penalty which was. Unfortunately a good call I think under the current rules but he was tremendous that he flies man that duke could sit here which paints. That there was some pre season freak out last night early with a defense tied up your hundred semi side I'm pretty sure I don't worry about that defense when the games get real. Health org about Dan I knows for sure Dallas week one. That defense is gonna be there that's I have no properly and second there is dozen questions I get that but the front seven will walled actually dominates a little more about. They will totally and that's the thing Alia we are getting people freaking out about the defense and I had to get into that here bone in neck in the 7 o'clock hour. Like are you really gonna sit here and worry that what is worth worrying about. The defense in general is not worth worry about Seymour and that number two corner specifically are worth worrying about but not the whole. Defense like it's going to give up touchdown drives like every tea yum I'm buying all that although the second team you. Coles looked pretty brutal. Mac it W and Z dot com is email address what can you cited last night's up and down game that she loved watching you'll find it drives you crazy and should we really start worrying about the defense it's a Mac attacks.