Mac Attack Hour 1: Hornets get pick 11 in Draft Lottery

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Wednesday, May 16th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Hornets getting pick 11 in the NBA Draft Lottery. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with the Mac obviously at the federal. Analysis sometimes with Tebow and keep my children yeah. Is doing yourself an exact. Let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clinging. I don't wanna speak at the flat spring ball off. Let's do wish you all good morning happy Wednesday welcome aboard it is smacked at tax time and we got to get asterisk. We have a young new owners for all intents and purposes. In Charlotte York Carolina panthers' David zapper this thing looks like it is. A done deal at this point except. Four David temporarily sell his 5% stake in the Steelers. And doll also soared the owners to prove it next week although ceasing seem pretty easy. Pretty quick so obviously talk about tempering some of the interesting story lines you know kind of common now. Our team being the owner we get an update on the Jerry Richardson NFL investigation even though he's basically no longer part of the NFL. Bombings. Prepped these bills going after our sloppy seconds again man. There's there's there's there's a twist is listed as one on Nick Saban and he finally says something that I like to hear the dude say. Key ways he was finally asked to weigh in on UC yes claiming a national title that does belong to Alabama. Thank god the discretion was finally ask Nick Saban. Let's see sheer. We've got to talk about LeBron and the chads in two Ole Ole hole. And the Charlotte hornets not getting lucky on lottery night about his predictable. As me. Mind not getting lucky well anyway aren't anywhere you don't talk about that about that's predictable corners well takes. Elevenths and are we destined for another players that. Is a role player at best at number eleven we will have that. Unfortunate and sad conversation Matt Carroll joins us later date total foreign exchange rate go cumin and take a number eleven and all that stuff we had hearings get join us in the 7 o'clock hour talk about David tepper. As well and much much more here on the Mac attacks radio show today we've got up crappy crappy is indeed. Production rooms are working his butt off for us man and when he comes back after working hard for us we will probably make fun of Limbaugh's some. T bone is in the house all decked out in this answered here in honor of David tapper what's up don't. I call him the tap. In its gonna stick that's gonna say about what personal stuff and I have to legally say that to dominate antigovernment called the tap and did you enjoy it last night. My marketing got featured idea that ascension always. Just a tap so. I don't know if that's the other guy all people do glories that they buy and Wear more from yesterday's city where Toledo's what it means but I just the tablet that I don't think. To hash tag just attempt com. It does one look that almost racial expression. That sums up the entire port it's Iran over the last couple years it's a what got me it's got six states that when they say. Would deal out of tech. It goes to a the Charlotte hornets if you just freeze that photo may it would make job on the mile wide what was running served its country's head when you realize. I'm not know item or am I think that the ping pong balls ping pong balls don't really bounced my way Marty that now no no no cops. This is her life now. They say you're gonna get take eleven in the lottery you're gonna get to go out. It's a worse feeling too you know your spot is coming up as the hornets fan and you're just praying please don't say her name they say our name. The rest of lottery idling pay attention so I mean you just go and you just start you know moped around on Twitter and woe is me on witnesses it's wash rinse repeat then we have another season where we barely missed a play else we do it all over again. Tebow on this will be the eighth time. In eleven years where we will have a drastic between eight and twelfth. This is eight of eleven years this is not necessarily where you gifts. These stunts to build your NBA franchise upon and when it is. Used you don't pitch them like Donna Mitchell I nieces. I feel bad bone sort of way I talk about the hornets on here I like the hornets organization Al there's a lot of good people over there great idol I wanna say good things you know me as a host I want to be on your rain and rain and about our team being good. And haven't positive things to say. But I I just I got nothing. I have free enough and Hugo's kind of cool I mean as lady my kid loves you know like I don't have much man. I'm just completely so tired of the Groundhog Day routine of the hornet's where we wake up. We just missed the play that we missed the playoffs we're drafting late lottery I'm just so damn tired out. And sure enough I just sit there and stared the players. That people have us taking an homage to have a number eleven and I'm so underwhelmed by a man. One of the analysts fossil fuels bill as I camera crew was one of homestead what a sock. This draft goes up probably about nighter tanner really solid dates high quality quarter a year that's Nordegren at all today. Inserted it's every year he goes. Blank deep and you just pick the number one lower than where were you can't expect every freaking air is so annoying my job. Jason we also add discuss the lottery show itself. It's gotten out of hand as you watch a whole hour I had it. On the TV because another TV reindeer. Because of the stupid baseball restrictions in our market I cannot watch yankees nationals last. I don't have massive. Classic could not once again must. So I was crazy least I would not want to let you besides aren't so I had it on or is it really zoned in the whole time on it. But the fact that it starts at what time disarm a 730 right don't water is just haven't drank we don't really know. Until like 820 H a lottery picks became the game itself soars at 830. We can't move this sub orbit we can't make it's quicker when I was growing obvious nobody is gonna NBC. Halftime of one of the conference finals games would be boom bang bang boom ten minutes we do was rate we didn't care wash it we thought that was it. They draw this thing up when needed doing. Deceit. Pierre Sox. Talking on draft night last year about what he wondered who want to fight against what are we doing what we do it so long and drawn out and boring and lame. And how about the fact that when they finally get so the lottery after fifteen minutes of waiting. They literally take two colossal breaks in the middle of announcing like fourteen decks. You say to commercial breaks to announce fourteen freak and names of loose. I mean it really is a ridiculously lame products like you really act. It could I get to be honest and you can't show us the actual drawing that one drives me crazy every year. You can't just she'll freak you think Tom ball coming up for some. Man all played only Peter shackled knows what the results. So the guys that I don't I'm not so that way you and I got you know what I mean only so Izzo knows that the results can we just. I will read it eliminates now folks. NCAA selection show. Draft lottery show women age where people want the information fast you lose people on this show we lose people sometimes you have. Have to get it up their fast 510 minutes banks that is a real event. You can no longer draw these things out you will get report and it's too long. You will get ripped for and that it said the NCAA this year there awful it was true what I'd be it's double light show was the worst one of the air and came on the draft lottery show that was horse and. The attention span of society in America has never been short. Exactly it is never read shorter like the day we talk about this all the time trying to keep blisters. Attention we already lost a listeners and I abound right now it's hard to keep attention. It is really hard to keep attention. A bomb our body on the text line told us that we are downer today and he will see us tomorrow but later I get to tell you how do you talks are about the corners and not be a downer I I I announce to you clearly. I feel guilt coming on here. And I shouldn't. Being negative about the hornets I am beaten down man I'm like get abused puppy. It's happening again mine owner is going to chase near the corner and he's going to hit me over to him what a newspaper like I just. I'm so tired of what is going on with the Charlotte hornets I can't help myself I need a pick me up. Mom and dad pick me up when I talk about David tepper 'cause I got a semi man crush this didn't. This dude is a bad manager Emma I'm telling you right now a bad man I cannot wait. For him to take over this football team but as far as horoscopes there's nothing about the lottery don't. When signing up did Jami Gertz is involved in Atlanta Hawks ownership the actress Jamie York's. When finding out that mama she is part of the hawks ownership is a highlight oval of the one hour broadcast. You got a little bit Brohm who would you one hour broadcasts. And by the way I looked it up there's ice it was curious why the impact how the heck is Jami Gertz. And part owner of the Atlanta Hawks her husband bought the Atlanta Hawks her husband is the majority owner of the Atlanta commercials and twister right story can supposedly twists are right you're not familiar with Jami Gertz Reza may not be a little. Older I gotta be Ozzie I don't really remember much about it ends up pretty good BC's I don't know less than zero. Swiss star and what stuck now I'm like no matter how blanking out yeah I don't know most popular stuff is her rom Sheehan unbelievable cameo on an unbelievable part time role odds are upset. Unbelievable she was dom was guys being ranger Klein the agent that was that got caught Hamdan was there. And he was trying to get Aaron Sorkin is a client you remember this you watch entourage are dealing I don't and when I don't I don't remember dom not easy he is she was a nasty Weis. That was just so mean whom she'd she'd burned his notes. Come for this meeting was there and sort and she just she just cuss him out Salman Al she was great in that role. As the scorned wife on entourage for like six episodes something but there's something we're leaving out. That was like her big whatever big roles and I can't remember what it is slowly I yes I would think bone mostly when you're at your age younger probably like Jamie dirt suit. Except you know lost boys. I am I don't look at it man mentioned it last night's. But she's like 52 at this point in time you know remains as it was just a tribute to an electricity to younger bucks like yourself Bo will not remember like you know some of her. Bigger roles but anyway yes she married her husband bought. The Atlanta Hawks and they get to stay in top three tanks it's we wanna send some freaking Hollywood's starlet will we have got the top three pick bulk. Instead resent Mitch and he was submitted to lose and bugs. And then we had nothing to show format is stupid eleven taken in the lottery T shirt. So we got agro acquitee Charlotte cover systems amateur right now is 69 degrees Charlie cover says was never sends a commission tech zero. I was are over yet. This guy wants positively to Gallagher we lost yeah he's the only senate that he gets a bone let's go bomb bomb what's going on tablet though well that got really fired up today because I want to discuss what is our favorite bridges. Are you miles bridges guy I ever tell bridges got its. Good would you do have a thick I am side. Up. I would be I wanna see here I don't know there's this other guy is that we're gonna break down miles per account that all along. Still though one. Let's see twenty episodes square pegs in the early eighties. Lost four episodes of sex Eliza one episode Stanley Tice. Oh she was in sign cell where she couldn't spare square I would never. Oh. I think that was horror and science and agenda for calm and steal our general on Alli McBeal Ally McBeal was deals they are sinking of the she was only on their like 85 episode she stopped active auto assembly episode to man she's seems to stop act. Sup acting a law allowed out. Still ahead one movie since 2000 since she's very busy right now making personnel decisions for the Atlanta Hawks just got saturated join our new Charlotte hornets got the last laugh Jeep I went up to mid season has ever union wouldn't quite work at half staff. I don't resent him do you guys. All right come on let's say hello Greg your Mac and WS Lindsay dot com is the email address if you guys want to get in building senator text us. Are we bombing you out I've had a Garrity leave us because we're down there because we're depressed about the hornets I can't say I can't fake the funk yell. I don't learn how to fake porn attacking us right now. Com now if we get this year's version Donovan Mitchell you know all bets are off we signed up next year we got this year's version Don Mitchell. I'll be all fired up but again here's the problem we don't get the right draft picks in the lottery and then we don't draft well where we are taking. It's an old issue 70457. Or an ice extent hit us up with some buildings that are taxed. David several other story lines with the ownership change. Then we will discuss is well David Jefferson got to get into that we'll take some calls me all you wanna jump in a reserve player in eleven. Am I wrong to seal like where were in role players central again we're at a spot where we're going to get a guys that this is just rotational role player. I think there's one guy that will's not fit that description that I think has star potential. But I feel like there's no way in hell we take this. I I'm just beat me in the submission by Dolores will talk paired thirst we'll talk LeBron and the cavs going down. 20 it is a Mac attack. We're back it is the magic zags here on task and Z we are really hard hitting saying we gotta get into the end of this hour. There is this audio pieces floating all around the Internet all around social media. And people all across the country are arguing and bickering about what they actually here I decided not Dario right look play. I just learn what it is this is that this is the dumbest thing ever been a part of before I was an audio all day aren't doing audio stuff there's no what what hell's going on year. This is stupid it's our members in my wife or my life it's that people are saying it's the audio version of that dress them the dress off and people are trying to say what color do you see. Apparently some people this year. Something difference. And am. And so anyway so we get against I guess all of us in the studio all here's the same thing but there are people tweeting the better hearing the other sex. So organ hats he will or to play the audio later this hour but wasn't errors in this listeners are hearing that bad order that like ourselves our shows on her corner what does that really hearing that they're they're cowards aren't maybe they hear my predictions being correct maybe that's failure. When they listen to Michelle. I mad at WF and Z dot com is the email address if you all want to jump in here I have to get into Nick Saban response to. When he was asked about UCF claimant and national titles finally. Something I wanted to Nick Saban talk about because I cannot stand you see asked and their claiming of the title. And their head coach from last year Scott Ross is now a Nebraska doesn't like it either says is I was there we wouldn't be doing that. It is so bush league and lame it is and error I'm embarrassed for them. You see yes but before he gets that lets let's do this real quick here I'll get into LeBron on the Celtics fan this Celtics team and they or it's eat. There is no doubt they are flat out seemed lose two saw Ers. And there's always somebody ready step up and do market Smart is a huge hub and a team player Mandy to put a guy you want to point fourteen. A bomb but given all that Brohm didn't all that stuff on security in this hour as well. But first let's stalwart a couple of answers things here all right sir David tepper. Signs a deal yesterday. All the all we have to do now mom is see him sell his 5% of the Steelers. And and have him approved which is a formality next week. Are much as the owners meetings in Atlanta so that's going to go through. And then after that I would expect some sort of introductory press conference I cannot wait to hear this man talk and answer questions this dude can be brash. This dude has a bit of the sense of humor. They did this I'm telling you this guy he is is it interest sting. Our character and I cannot wait to see him here in Charlotte we needed to change so. Badly after what went down when Jerry Richardson now speaking of Jerry Richardson. If Joseph person credit on the are reporting on this. He talked to folks from the NFL and they said that the matter is still being looked into when Jerry Richardson right now. The investigation bone has been going on I guess since the sports and original Sports Illustrated article. When the last SI piece came out one of the alleged victims of of Jerry's harassment. Done. Said that deep investigations of SARS. So we had to wait for this come around now bone the investigation's gonna be going on that while Jerry Richards is no longer even in the NFL in any capacity. Com am I wrong to just feel like nothing at all is going to come of this Jerry Richardson investigation. We will legalities are literally getting more EM ID one more on the service they say yeah our investigating but it really investigated there are there are there issues in the league dad that are. That's happened at a sect BI the upcoming c.'s upcoming seasons before. Diocese had to put on the back burner so why would why would Jerry's and that's while they stand Tyler this point investigated Jerry I don't I don't get it I guess maybe. For. The Sato involved. Did the visual that they're dead they care about what happened. And the NFL is what do they really NFL's all individuals. All about looking like they give a damn about exactly but I I think I think there are other reasons too late. Who else was involved. Was an organizational saying or just you know 11 man. Mom you know I think I think that's that's reason why you'd look into it seems it was bigger how many people in the organization were complicit. And it involves a sauce like but I do think I ginger Brandt said. That's a joke person in this article he says she's three SP and four from agent and former packer exact. And he said you can't sweep this under drugs you're the NFL you just can't do it a bomb not in these times and Bob Bob op and then there's very next comment is. But I wouldn't be surprised if they came out in said the investigations done and they'll be no no penalties and nothing further done on us. Like what you said they're not gonna sweep it under raw ugly does anybody think there will really be this huge announcement about it here's our findings were gonna do something about some things. I just feel like they're just going to move on bound. You don't know it doesn't get it still released the investigation. Findings at 5 o'clock on Friday and move on they don't want anything to do with the story any more Ryan why added to be fair why would they have Jerry's gone he's got would you outline what I'm saying about you you have to investigate to see if other people he organizational involvement similar behavior. Right yeah I'll have to see if this was an organizational. Problem. They're gonna find nothing thus they need a senator this article doesn't malice but what I'm saying is they should do real investigation. I think not not our listeners and I understand what you're sent out saying they won't go. They did they're not gonna do anything about this America and I consider why should dad I was just like well here's some reason why they don't like sit down through one investigate what I mean that it targeted direct connect commodity thing in terms of up on its current standards and whether it's this thing will dissing Wallace and his disappear. A somewhat disabled. They wanted to zoom and there's no doubt about it I have a feeling Gerri will disappear till. On this is not a guy who seeks attention obviously has not ended sadly three press conferences in his whole ten year. Running the pants thirst I wouldn't dot B shot drones we never heard from a man again really publicly. I know I know there's talk that he has an office our space. Over there in South Park he's gonna use or whatever. Bombs wherever he's involved in but. Don't you kind of have the ceiling that he goes away for the most part and just gets away from from any kind of attention. He was basically nonexistent figure for what we do anyway you know it was a decision the public got so why these daughter went through all these things in his. Had his whole reputation now question gets his behavior while will will teach major is going to be out there. It make immediate tours of being out there selling cars on TV commercials now he's just Gundy is gonna go. Yeah that's that's kind of what I see you insult sterling one off. We ever hear from him anymore. Now I just went way right and doesn't want to sue the heck are you that you don't like he disease can be out terrorists are not these. They're both come ashamed old man yet Yunel arms it's sad it's sad that Jerry is being used in the same census now is Donald Sterling it really is. But they're both at this point kind of shamed old man someone to lead city's gonna do amid pace segment was so IDR Kershaw. When Z is keep those series separated please please do that it's florist Hepburn goes some of this stuff that we're hearing. A bomb. You know about him as an owner is we're trying to figure out we've heard all about hedge fund success it's amazing. Com and we've heard about the balls he deals that he makes we've heard about the breast false. You know and all styles. But now now the next question is okay all of us also own good what kind of owner of the Carolina Panthers is he going to be. And you start to hear some of their stars or use our put together. On Jason locked in for talking about his desire to run this organization like to Pittsburg Steelers. Ingredients that later on the show Kazaa lite that. I hate to Pittsburg Steelers but I respect the Steelers so much and that organization's consistency. Is something that I would love to have here in Carolina. So I know some people are gonna have a beer by the Steelers are you don't. I hire a 100% think that's a great franchise to model after there also Jason locked in for reporting that he has. Confidence in Ron and in Marty and that the folks in Pittsburgh where it was minority owner. You rave reviews to Marty Iran and so these are good stuff about him. I think so you know the reports coming out saying he's not gonna do anything with a football operation. I don't think there was any chance you gonna coming your fire anybody anyway we get you we have training camp started a couple months. I think you don't have to be complete deuce this to come in fire coach. Right and I leading sire in GM is really would create a move that anything that would lame brain cells would go I think we knew all along. Then David tempers going to sit back and watch and observes this football sees it. And then depending on how the football season goes and don't then you'll see if they're changes but if he wants to run it like to Pittsburg Steelers state had three coaches insist. Years. That is out there so that's great news for Rivera or any future ahead tow truck tempers here that they. If he wants a runaway distillers I think if the Steelers idea that's the first thing that they got this. Coaching continuity. My lifetimes three coaches and probably I'd ever right. As I rallies yelling every coaches in fifty years there yet so I mean that's great for a barrel Webber eventually gets a job here also in terms of the GM. As a Kevin Colbert band they're for a long time as well since 2000 so he's been there since 2008 since they've made this Steelers the Steelers way is. Once once you get in there your stated for a vote as long as you do do do your work your state for. They wanna be consistent they wanna salvation that's the way they operate and if you look at their results and get ready get in this big time in the 7 o'clock hour. But it's a just give you a snippet of some of the stats are dug up on the Steelers. On the Tebow and they had been in the playoffs twelve of the seventeen years. The Pittsburg Steelers. They have not had a losing season in fourteen years while that's what I wanna make. And by the way in those fourteen years they want to Lombard X that's what I wanna be. I wanna beat out listen to log in page rich dad loved being patriots but you've got to assemble the one of the greatest coach in greatest quarterbacks together for like eighteen years from. This to me is a series is a goal that you that we should aspire to be do you like to Steelers the Steelers are never banked. You can go back to light in day. We got to go back to like the east where they had a couples few seasons in a robo when they were really good. Like the Steelers are consistently. In the mix and that to me is awesome. You know disorder in 1992 or 1990 through a built our got hired her to do that are well as real little they were very gut the Merrill Hodge because of the eighties right in tech bubble years basically presented some Knowles and I did just like our takes over Earl out early ninety's and they may not. They've been one of the great hours as the sports since that. Bomb goes into units was fourteen years had a losing record. That credits Iraq I can't stand to god but Ben Roethlisberger and they are for exactly fourteen years and he's brought his first ever had a losing season. Yeah it's a pretty remarkable seat notice a big part of it is well there's no doubt about it it's our about it that a quarterback there's a fourteen years they keep their coaches forever. They keep your GM forever that's it that's the way he wants to do it here. Is this should be a destination for coaches for GM's for players also because. That that's that's that's definitely or is it too modest about funerals. So indicate that Rivera Honiara on these hot seat so a lot of same seem to want and the deal on a lot of sands I sense ones we play also bust for these guys. You Greg Greg what else did temporary go mess around so. And I don't know I don't think that's the right way to do it especially to China modeled after Pittsburgh so we'll get in the that indeed 7 o'clock hour we saw a news. On the latest sloppy seconds the bills are trying to get off to the answers like this thing is just and it's just comedy at this point. Mac and WS Lindsay dot com Nick Saban I love. Thanks David today he retook a shot UCF those ridiculously lame closers. And LeBron James we we do we got to do it again LeBron James lost a playoff game at. Andy had forty points and a triple double but he is still getting criticism. That it does he deserve criticism and are we even sure he can have a concussion. In the second half of their game to its the Mac attack on mass Danzig. Thousand dollars. I hear go to our. So this hour is magnet and the KG and EC. I have always been a chick magnet I use in Houston a sense I didn't use it in an accurate sentence where was a lie doors now wire but I should use it in a sentence. Some text magnet to seven Su K date one ear shot to win a thousand dollars just for hanging out what do zero and FNC. On yet and so topped the Howard's experience in national contest message and data rates. Do apply OK so we're going to slide over to LeBron little bits bomb mom but a couple of so it's eight. Comes to answer loose ends together here and then will will move over LeBron a little bit and we got disk. Audio on what you hear controversy that we America really get swept up by things that are very important do we not. Do we really spend a lot of time on very important things what word are you hearing here. But a sordid and all that stuff John from Hickory wants to comment on Jerry Richardson jobless going wrong. Hey Mack polity and it's great but there are they I can't split that now not a technical. They opened up about another tier Richardson and I really had. Not much more about how I became the players that could order. Up but don't. These are allegations cry. Now dear lord we were really doing this are we really do and just act. I. Because I know because listen I know what you guys say these are okay he is saddled with four people pay gamble. Tons of money for different people at least. It's not just one person. What you at least. I don't know how Germany go ahead. Well. Our. Alone lures you lose your job tell me say it wrong. I understand. There are looking into how each other top and I don't know there's got. Then why did he do why they put a zero for sale like a day later two days later after they came out there is no slight there is no slight back on this on distorts. On the today at quarter two days later all of a sudden bam they cat was out. If you are I probably won't let it okay I'm just quit talking out of I don't I don't do that recognition of you automatically. Point here you can't just you and then they can really happy where we welcome. I hope that you stated. Yeah. Perhaps even. If it's a NEJ. They wanna do no no no no I'm saying. Now. I'm giving you my opinion that the NFL investigation is probably a sham it's been called such by one of the alleged there you go victims. In an SI article but I have no subpoena power know when speaking to them whatsoever they didn't even wanna hear her story. According to her listen dude I don't think I get to be honest I don't think it's worse than enough for real man I just don't. I don't need to tell you I'm just what is there not not staying in speech you'll be eating. I just staying away. He's got it he's lost just franchise and he is shame for the rest of his life. Great traders. Passing situation where people are already being I don't. Ten or any any came out they are we all understand why do you play. What has to play out he's going to he has given up this prized possession John I I can't hang up our disaster Jon dude my stress level I can't let this early Johnny. I honestly don't know what Girardi and that you haven't even followed the story you set don't even know all the details and you're trying to argue on behalf of Jerry Richardson. I just can we just move on you'll. I Jerry Richardson shamed himself for arrest this slice. Com and ends he has given up his prized possession. Do you settle lawsuits would like four different people I just put. I'm sorry man I don't wanna get into a fight about it Jerry Rich's and didn't really do and it sounded like I don't wanna get them fight man what I heard is disgusting. It's absolutely infuriating to me and I don't wanna deal would do is do it anymore man. He has screwed up his legacy royally here in Charlotte it's Sox I don't take any legally and that man it's a damn shame it was a Charlotte sports icon and hero. Again I know it's not the same thing. But buddy reminds me so much being a Penn State fans and love and Joseph Paterno. And now as an end and now just being disgusted every time Joseph Turner's name comes up like it she just is a damn shame and that this man but so many of us loved and respected we're so grateful to know. You know it's just a damn shame you I mean but it's more proof Tebow that when we put people on a pedestal that we don't really now. It's dangerous right when we do that with our sports heroes are more times than not this day and age what you put people on pedestals actually sought some point. I think having a subway and light they've seen a lot of people saw it's you accuse me. This is my opinion if you excuse me. Of the stuff that Jerry was accused of the racial stuff. In a sexual harassment sub if the attack came out and that's made it I didn't do you would be score I'd be scrutinized and about time. I really don't know whatever but I would be seller my team at two days later I would tell everybody out here how old I am. I don't care what might stat ID tell people what. Did not do it. Did not do it did IB's are we don't ever want to possibly yeah I mean the media I did notice your views say a sixty minutes I'd be a sixty minutes said I didn't duties sex. But now he he does he sold to anybody daylight trot or should be let out. It was literally that day the data report came out it took like five hours he was announcing on sell the team. It's just I'm not naive I'm just not gonna sit here and believed that there's no fire when there's all that smoke for different users are settled Wesley I senate right now. This is not should assist assist haven't that if I sit back your racist right now. Would you be pissed off I don't know a thing too was one worse things you can you can accuse somebody of being as a racist shouting racial slur discount. A the end war yelling it at one of your employees. And he doesn't ever won he's already been called races over all forty scandal back in the day not saying it was his fault that was one of his restaurants. But like you don't think that he would want to caliber by the bottle wed his racist stuff is BS especially when you have a legacy and day. Her reputation than he has in the city. This is not your average Joseph accuse us of this is a man. The as a statue outside the soap balls and care so much about his reputation. Right care so much he broke down crying when people said he tolerates domestic violence is Greg Hardy. He was accepting a ward here in Charlotte they broke down crying. It means so much storm what people think of them and so John deep sand if it's surely he's gonna get it world has got my little boy it was and I. I don't understand what jobless coming after me for. I was really not going after Jerry Richardson in that segment. When I was going F Jersey NFL investigation I believed to be a farce I believe everything the NFL does basically is a farce the PR stunt NPR show. And I just believe they're gonna come back we got nothing let's move on. I was open the NFL wasn't really ripping Jerry and to say he's gonna get it if he's guilty he's already gotten man imagine how that man feels right now. Is much as he cares Bono about his image and reputation. And I dyes lights off feel bad form I really worry too bad Jerry mentioned Seth feel bad for a because he brought on themselves. But I worry too you know Joseph Paterno died pretty darn quick after all that there I really Jerry's already got the heart transplant I really he's up there are days. I really wonder how long skinny girl I'm not wishing bad on him obviously. But how long to go with that stress. You know I'll say the same thing. So anyway it's all it's a horrible situation for these the people everybody involved there really isn't that what you take people out of it and what are people that age when they get into their seventies and eighties when you take away something that's all they've known. Afterwards just to something different and I really don't know but then they're shamed publicly like gossip thing I think's the worst about it. Joseph Paterno was shamed publicly heat you take a person was revered their whole adult life basically and then all the sudden they're a villain. And then they got to deal with it dad page in the and other health issues like I just you know you don't worry about that. Mac OW doesn't Z dot com all right we got by the way here's what I want to bring up the bills. Has talk to Russell Shepard about joined now you doing their fumbled it here's what I don't get crabby about the sloppy seconds this time. I understand all the guys and Dean Mcdermott were in the organization west and their like I I seen him work every day and nobody can deal. Russell Shepard they were not even still here when Russell Shepard joined the Panthers they literally are just saying the Panthers cut a player let's go look to bring a men. It's that's weird man what the hell's at all about. I think it's more of you know. You complained before DJ Moore is drafted by the centers are having that many weapons of those heavier less weapons at such as any wide receiver Kenny let me ask you what is the common open their dislike ROC to discuss all about his new word but that is true sign on but we have no weapons. We look like he's the greatest show on terror. Yeah started then you'll. There's good city. Worse our second man they just extended cheer for the new saw they got rid of the buffaloes are. Around before you are when we come back how calm down and called death gentlemen calm down manages w.s like all days John would you get me angry. Are we come back. We'll talk about LeBron downloads and nor are they done show should he bolts from Cleveland all these things we've got to play a clip of audio. And you must tell us what were you here because this is driving me crazy right now. I'm still on the buildings and exact slide and you are get a rose stated it like a Turkey may be on Thanksgiving morning you are getting roasted dried ground attacks like usually Tebow there. I get all worked up like that I get at least have to people same Mac com your rain down your wrong. Isn't like 99%. Approval. Against big John stunned to see big shots are what are what are you sick called what I used to call him RI's common nickname gonna jump start combing a big tossup to John Sutton I use a slight all the time exist in any column that. He really he called el woods on the volcano's been dormant Friday here we've got alone I. John I don't know where today with a chair shot to the show. I mean not on Donnie John if you're gonna be that way just be a while it's obvious reaction but I don't know words are nice as John's crusty old baby boomer. This due seselj see here ala also hold on here's one guy. You all act like you've never talked about a woman in a smaller way before. I have first off I'm not the boss of anybody around here you can't be a boss and you can't say. You can't rub against their moves Ager a straddling him in to your car and in. Seatbelt you can't. You know pulled her legs in between nurse you can't bomb not tell them you want to shave their legs honey come on man is it again I don't what's the deal man. I really don't want to talk about the old man other than to say David tepper. Bring this statue down please get rid of the statue and let's put a statue to celebrate one of our great players which is why so we'll talk about later. I'm actually very respectful of women Mac when it's merely Malone Elvis Presley lean more on. Success that's are just getting here and absorb any metal on track us talk about in my Mario mile dating like you got out there and I don't think that. Go out big Mac and I would would tree when in the way that Jerry gate that's not old oak sacks. Does that I I would hope we don't know nobody outside his accusers say no do we never talk about a woman that way or whatever on man. He says she never talked boulder battled a woman it's one thing sit there with your bodies and say something. This guy is the boss in work environment going up to them making creepy you know telling the creepy wish list. Write him love notes say do you think of me is a dollar figure a boyfriend I checked a box like he's just. Spanish side that she can do in the work environment may do just freaking can't. Com all right let's just wants a little about LeBron sue. I got just all ya wanna play other people are bickered about but we will get so much John Rambo and I had a first hour all set up and John. And it's just it's just no son I. Do you rail me he's got he's shaken and rattled shake rattle and rolled. I messed me up man on the derail or sounds like an old historical record. Let's go to trade wants about LeBron want to mention some stuff about him too would subtract. I was gone and and it's absolutely. I don't know I was wondering about that urge you not amount not the biggest are fair about a warning due to its way to meet Alberta triple double. Excuse bitch ratcheted up our attack are being scored way. I've already and retain their energy but BJ where they're leaders you don't score forty and need only to like Porsche Bennett who port. So I'll do what I understand what Mubarak there ought to be arrogant remark yeah Jordan. Or any of their breaks away I've seen without a superstar. They come game literally faced today or eight points and third quarter get out more you don't export well. And before. OK we did it mattered a great. And back to back to a bar and also your. It's. Ultimately my legs are always you restart better Jordan I'm with you on that but I'm glad you called up because I didn't wanna talk about the fact known as she is. Being criticized. Any put up 4212 or not. And yet he's only been criticized in the world Beckham put out 4212. Denied it he's a problem about this that. Amid Kevin Boss had 69 points combined. The rest of the starter for the cavaliers had eleven points last night how about the lack of help around him why aren't battles the issue JR Smith over 70 points. Arms shot 70% the last series gets wrapped slippery. Here's the thing I will say this. I was as the in the second half third quarter and a little bit the source I thought I thought I got a little more aggressive later in the fourth. I was upset he was not forcing the issue. I was on said he was not attacking Iraq. I will fully admit this but I want to see him attack Iraq Tebow because it became obvious that's the only chance they had. And Michael Jordan would have put us forty some shots in the game Kobe Bryant would have totaled forty some shots and game LeBron put a warning that. But ultimately. First of all he might have been playing a concussion. I'm not so sure you know discussion Timonen that shot I know me they announced an extreme or whatever but I don't know what happened there's a whole are hard shot. Bombs so I don't know status active and somehow he looked woozy after it happened. I would've liked to see him be more aggressive there's no doubt if it does drive me crazy sometimes even when he can be so aggressive. In one corner and then he'll go two quarters and it's different a different approach like you can do that when you got Tyreke would you say Kyra you've got this quarter maybe. You don't have anything like that right now. You know but with that said. I don't think you can sit here and say he's one of the greatest players vaults are just heating Gaudin shoot forty some shots I don't think that's fair either because he ultimately is a different sort of player than might have been Michael and Coby to. Instead of ripping. We'll abroad while we give credit to the team mindset of the Boston Celtics defensively. Offensively with the balance that game. That game was basically one in the second quarter when abroad who had a dollar first quarter at 25. And only two point violent past. They did a tremendous job the second half that momentum carried over the second half and that stretch there. There is your took the game over yours amazing it really as he was I don't know he was nonexistent in the first set he wants but he had an immediate yes fourteen in this. Or quotes a golf ball literally would throw sheared go for would we carry comes back to they try to trade him for some than. Well they keep on there like what we're still gonna couple years I don't think. I just wonder though I think what won't be any age trader Danny maybe don't trade tirade made it out of me to play his contract's up next year I'm by the way let me say this. People in there on the text lining emails agree with the caller. People are ripping LeBron shrewd strategy now floating bike I'll. I always say a man LeBron wiley and yelled at my TV brought attacked the basket baby attacked the basket police. But to come on they've act like he is overrated. When he became return of 4212 and nine. But I can't sign off with that I can't if there are Eric curry had the same numbers and a loss would they be ribbons there's no other player you nailed a bone there's no other player in the history of basketball but put up 4212 in nine. In a playoff game and would be blamed for a loss. It is the end and that is a sign of his greatness right there what is expected out of him has never been expecting out of any other player.