Mac Attack Hour 1: Hornets Draft & Panthers Madden Ranking

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Tuesday, June 19th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Hornets Draft & Panthers Madden 19 Ranking. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan that with the Mac obviously at general. Alice is sometimes with Tebow keep my hands yeah. Do you yourself can Zack let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clinging. Let's go man. Royals. Let's do this everybody. Teams apparently at least one team trying to get their hands on Kemba Walker we'll talk about bats we got DJ Moore sign it was your Carolina Panthers. We have so the Tar Heels postponing last because of rain no malt. Tar Heels Mississippi State is part of a triple header today after Nebraska for the college World Series 11 AM they will star we know were more World Cup. We got to those under achieving bombs from England trying to not under achieve all Mandy Harry Kahne bail them out yesterday. In Kerry came about them out what are late one LA had a bomb mud and they won in extra time against Tunisia. That was that was really does some good gains in the World Cup and only so many of you like it but there's been some real good games. In the World Cup three more games coming up today. And let's see here mention NBA drafts and speed of the NBA draft where to pull something from this act a little podcast Where him and NBA draft aficionados. Johnson devoting your telling a hornet's war room stores from last year we know the basic gist of it. But it's. We almost listen to how it is describes it. He hornets front office might not be highly regarded around the league by insiders it's us. It may they may even laughs at the war is front office MBA insiders around the league we got that going on we've gotten for. Actually took I should get the car yesterday. To research this T bone. More indications that the Panthers. The woman number one store let's go to the season the Panthers are being severely underrated. Severely underrated we had magazines amid a latest trip to distort just to see you magazines. We had Madden. Man rank and this is a seventeenth highest rated team. This is this is gonna bug me it might ultimately be for the best because there's every panther fans will recite between now on the season. We play our best ball when not much is expected Ellis. But it just feels like this team Alston has less expected of them and they should seek a fourth player also the last five years Tebow. I like. By the white first of all sub found the Charlotte cup persist a seven pitcher right now Mac is. 74 degrees right Saturday seats you know for 89 dollars with Charlotte Comfort Systems I like it. It reminds me of before that's 4015 cities. They got disrespect to no I was talking about a nationally they see you know bang bang boom there are fifteen in one. And their close to a championship so I don't mind when this franchise's all over what the world best mark Abrams did you is that to your beta dropped. It reminds me of every season. Don't point out there I mean except it's on Peter King picked us to win the Super Bowl Sports Illustrated had a salute and a super ball I was a year after they play the patriots I think was in 0405. That he did that. And Ottawa's doctor easy get it. Doctor Xena didn't Peter King had a speed dating had a six everybody has a theory Peter King face painters dog star to respected work out it was a year that's 86 study got carded the first game after that. Those a year assets of Peter King did it. It was I'm our members portals are thought there was a 2005. Season. Way and steady guy hurting his green jails enforcement he got hurt again you know what it might have been 2004. Because she doesn't bother actually good play I don't think I can get four might have been the year of housing in 2004 how sick in the Super Bowl was January 2000 work. Steady guy hurry as green day of September 2004 that dizzy. I'll say 2005. And the year we still almost made the playoffs that year moves one offers seen touchdowns. A 15100 yards sixty our yards or some ridiculous and they still they blew the saints game. The end of the season 2004 they still committed to tells it like fifteen guys on the I are still could've made the playoffs and they saw like one in six or one of seven or something ahead and a start the season brutal made rallied. That is this moment in Panthers history to exceed 2000 foot let's start doing some this moments in Panthers history or something and to get us to training camp on July 26 we needed tracked down somebody's I'll legends that maybe we don't talk to Juanita like Michael Bates. Whatever toss Michael bass did you Michael Bates agents are you nuts here's a problem this one. I sought us out of the other day on knobs on the line so why are sorry to talk about the email and I have realized. Need to do as a team soc US from Arizona is a legend there. This Jose Australian chiropractor and Michael Bay it's. I almost put us back to completely wrong guy to show let's not get that guy let's not get that guy but the other Michael Bay that's a notch but they'll do little unsung panther hero type thing or something like that. Well the problem that needs by that receive on call ready to rest some points. Had this guy says 2006 they repaired when they sign key Shawn Johnson I don't know Peter King. That's just as sure I remember seeing on his the only Sean Salisbury was on their after they sign key Shawnee picked on the commodity and a seated in the super. Peggy Shaw another move and I was also war and it worked out badly. It's I'm going to host removed batten down hagee Charlene storms to hit so there could be some turbulence. So anyway we'll talk a bunch of fans there's a DJ Moore signs his contract. So now every draft pick is signed we're sitting here five weeks that it can't ever dreamt they just signed don't have to worry about stats so I do worry about important things. Like what the football magazines and the Madden video game are saying about that that's I think about those important things. There was a bit part of Albert prayer speech yesterday on the Monday Morning Quarterback web site. That was a balance us is that we're talk with Scott turner quarterbacks coach now this year understand nor been. One of the things he talked about in there in this is the stuff we've heard about KM. This is a stuff we've heard about 18 am you know now three years is. Scott turner says we gotta get him to take more check details he's got to realize you don't have to make a big play downfield all the time. And allos cam. But at some point this message has to get across who I mean we're getting we're in pretty deep into an NFL career. Not to rule. You know note to take to check can't tell I'm already my son's eight years old Lamar scream at him to take the check down a flag football games. Somebody put apple back so why can't we got it checked out they'd McLean you've been here at eight likes aired it out so maybe like an air it out and but anyway. Tom Camden a civil. But that lessons got a sinking especially you have guys like McCaffrey and DJ Moore to make plays after the catch you got a guy CJ Anderson now to like to check down options short pass. Options are becoming an abundance this answers team Scott turner also talked about how he's got to get it out quick but there's going to be a bouncer because Norris offense also. Is going to make bigger place and chunk plays downfield so there's got to be a balance in now that's interesting if you wanna read that Europeans or not. The MM QB dot com this dude wants us to talk about Cam Newton going viral on Twitter. Prep the I was trying to figure out because I have to be honest I watch this like five times. I could barely make out what anybody was saying cam included. I didn't I couldn't really tell what was going on but he was getting harassed a job and seen this. Some little kid was like talking trash still something. And he came over and try to put its pretty much put did you just. Louis area I don't know it's indicates that some other super ball that was the whole thing hour after can turn back around some lady was like west Anniston. Some ladies guild local Seattle this thing was he was going on there no clue. It's got to be one of the many events he ends up doing jazz try to tamper sometimes. Once though it is a campers are. I don't tell you right now parents that do not be sending and do not send out from Sussex dramatic he's been does that do not send your kids they can new scam they're gonna be out there saying whatever they are saying I don't know which it probably made some remarks about the fumbled the Super Bowl some. But seems to be delaying saying the freaking can't haters are continuing to use a disappoint you know sometimes I saw some people re tweeting. I don't think it was anyone else know but I did see some retreats just of people that were using that as anti can't tear yesterday. One guy that calls itself sports and OS was working came to the way treated children asked. Oh yes there's a threatened so that's it takes gals take yet how about some some B going some Yahoo! Sports quotes sports and ourselves which I didn't wanna give the guy any Ron. I thought according to tweet into talking about it now that it's all this does is is. Emboldened the campaigner so I would like I go I here's a thing that one out to be honest is not as bad as last week's cam take. We really need to get a sponsor for the bad can take military response support what's thought we did a song jingles and I'm like how the song. Here's but last week somebody called trap be nicer than a straight face voters and as we don't know for shore. But it's the dude says depravity the because Cam Newton takes his cell phone out of practice to play the music. That that's a bad leader. Not a franchise core not a franchise could make the real leaders like Tom Brady would not take their cell phone out to Brad is a leave that the locker room because there's no left. Thackeray can't focus. Is ridiculous real leader its all time bad ones real leaders. Go on Oprah installed or Felix got it right you think that allows us if cam goes on Oprah. There'd be some criticism right just came spilling his suicidal plugged into it's it's it's the old classic what if cam did it. But Brady goes on over us and it you know it's whatever it can't goes on Oprah and spill says he'll ways to make jokes about probably don't that. Becomes an issue of drugs I'm guessing just again it's probably just came up in Ottawa camp does because is an. A first look Cayman Oprah might him wearing the same clothing. Then I had a good car lateral meniscus inside yeah I love you Medicare I love you but you might have been wearing the same giro Branagh. This time so it appears that big headline would Brady it's not really headline the Andy is coming sooner rather than later of course it is you played 98 season I mean as some points. I guess with him it's news though right. Because there's no drop here's the thing would radiate it's killing me. And for a topic are due later today about NBA careers of players who play Cal's pass on the state gram dose lost one topic maybe people start. You know loss in a better team and stuff like that but we're researching so many of these players have played basketball North Carolina played the NBA had great careers. But at the end you can tell they're kind of just hanging on his role players bench player stuff like that just collecting Jackson south Tom Brady. Is is is forty. Any still has nowhere near that he's still the man like the only quarterback you can make your case is better than him as it's forty years of age. Is Aaron Rodgers others laughed and he still put his team and assume Bullock does Brady thing bone and it must really annoy you on crappy. Being division rivals the patriots you don't say it's cold as hell isn't it isn't always tell somebody being the freaking great greatest quarterback. And again it got old in 2000 story yeah. Some as I I saw if you wanted to hold the young Bonzi before god and Brady but they sort this raw and what I was a senior in high school. I'll be 35 years old this year is still is getting better with age they might efforts that they've all this puts it on our side note. Mag I was in job. I watched UConn play. UNC. In Greensboro in the NCAA determined 1998. UNC led by Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter was an eighth grade but it's harder still play an NBA trays out and how are now approaching 35 years old I could. Portal like could have grandkids at some point before is that he's a quiet thing. Still get that check. When Brady doesn't respect for some donors Brady but as a fan that really doesn't like watching you'll win anymore except when you played a falcons. In the Super Bowl I think this is really stuck to be ridiculous side. Mac did WFZ dot com we are paying their stuff together Luke equally ranked wells. On the NFL. Best players list by his peers. I think he could be a little higher but I'm not gonna I'm gonna save my anger for the man and ratings teams bonus on the saved my pants are under rated angle and re real quick like I'm looking up. Brady's losses as a quarterback was in this since 2008. Six this first season 62344413. That's a loss is that he's had it's almost like he doesn't lose in Austin you know. No it almost as. I I. I hate so much we've got so let's seniors who got this going on we all got NBA draft notice we got to throw your way we have a fun topic to involves food. We gotta talk about today on the show. It is the Mac is secular who has cool again. I guess is this is weird for me each others see this happening here is gonna actually be cool it's a Mac attack on W offensive. Yes I'm back on the match attack on FNC a Mac it's a gift and Xena town here's comment troll house cookie all right this is nicknamed. We have this tax liability senate text line. And different people I don't think that's they named any of you all but. Different people to station will typing a name Martech systems for Yule. That you know is our guest hosting inside joke but downloading an outside so this guy is troll house goatee and he says her body channel heckling from a teenager what we'll do what he units are really. Tacit I believe he's done OK for himself he was testing college football he won a national title. As he wanted to be vigorous super Bono miles fortified a bit I think Camden does pass and testers like probably unlike you troll house got a look like what I mean what we only saw about three seconds of the video I wouldn't know what my cams actual demeanor wise in the whole exchange so we're. People they can't Nader's trying to judge by. Bad breaks reaction we announced it would be really think it was gonna go out there and just are predicated distance said the kids said he would not came out camp said you'll do what's. I mean he's hosts and Amanda said it was like one of the seven on seven and that's what she's Osasuna kid tells me don't knock him out. Mr. isolated. He's brother said those seven men and one of the kids says they don't knock him out and you want to got to say so they don't can't judge those who goes against event and talk by knocking them back I don't know how Mosul was actually had mega seven not six candidate get out of there just trying to falcons fans. I was reading yes it falcons are a little worried at Julio is BS that is this offseason did you see this piece I didn't say it falcons you know Toledo's been training with TO. So the falcons have seen the way Julio is is never acted this way about a contract before. And I don't blame on some contracts are signed this off season that are more than him you know Landry Watkins come in the minor yeah I don't blame them. But the falcons are now worried that the is new BF that's a bad in some seasoning and that would CO so real bad falcons out TO is a horrible influence. And by the way south did you did you sign CEO himself if you want sale TO round 443. Reportedly yes she's a stick tea to work out. I'll tell you zeal my good side before Dez Bryant yeah. Stepped back a so anyway T it was a ridiculous shape dealers has been especially never been his problem is the shape that he is banned in and that did he is running with that speed away from camp in August just as fast. As he can. All right let's see your Magid WS and Zito Johnson a lot of Alipay into stuff we try to work in here. Out of the gates a hornet's stuff with the draft won't get into that here in in a couple of minutes there is I will mention this. The latest senior always hear about audience are growing to 7 o'clock hour is. The report from I think it is Cleveland not town's main Cleveland plain dealer may newspaper. In Cleveland where Joseph Barden who covers the cavaliers. Is reporting it to cavs. Have interest in dealing for Kemba Walker on that draft night. They've also looked in the choir Leonard as well. I think the way this piece read Steve owning you send it to me initially guy you'd wanna brought it to my attention the way the peace raises the cavaliers. Don't know what the heck LeBron is going to do their they've been in contact with his agent but a bronze got a while to make a decision. So they feel like we might have to beef up this team. In hopes that LeBron looks that is like you'll brought jammed in ago brought letter or whatever. So it looks like they may be down we're trying to bringing Kemba Walker which stands presents a whole new situation how would you do you move enough. From eleven to eight. What are you got to give up but here's my thing with old and so 47 o'clock hour like who you would trade out for and stuff like that would you do this would you not do it. To give up at all star point guard the best player in franchise history I know he's only got one more year left on his deal and there's no guarantee signs with the team we trade and so. Well we better not have to give up eleven also Tebow. We either have to give up our greatest player ever. And number eleven to move up three spots the way this would be appealing to me is if we end up with eight and 112 lottery picks for the future. Yet or why would you give of that to go up to eight in a draft and we think it's six or seventy but you're not getting into the top 45 years so. Our Ryan were so Womack who is still kind of what ESPN I guess it was very walked into the NBA. He had some tweets up yesterday that relates it'll abroad james' plea was situation quote. Reports of the castle view for players on the Cleveland are not just about trying to help LeBron James is gaining the market. Its senior players want to join an inkling of what it's known was a come to Cleveland he's probably gone. Well this is why I said there's still a chance here basically what they have to try to build a roster. To entice LeBron that they can't just not doing it say otherwise is gone completely. Here's a thing or do they become desperate on Thursday night. And do they feel like dale we got to do something to take a stab that LeBron. And do they make HM the deal do they let us keep eleven because they feel the urgency of doing something we've already talked about Campbell would be the perfect player for them. Absolutely the perfect kind of it is also a poor man's kind rationing say poor man's got everybody played I re roll. That's what they were miss in this past all see the guy can create. Hey I'm go hang out hovering chill for a couple possessions don't arrest every defense in possession of the game you go take a first few minutes that would be the perfect teammate for the game. Rice kemba two EC is it is interactions after the games up out just what they are great assault Stephen Jay was saying yesterday that. Chris Paul's began tell people don't historical brought in east. Chris call saying he's gonna ally pass from Steve and I embarrassed all but you know I seem. They also seem to talk a he just a little boy years and LeBron all of us Stephen bass amp Stephen. I don't know that history is his strength as steely distress this screaming at the top of his lungs and hot to. You know so we imagine you have to be so like the are not the important thing necessarily don't come back from Cleveland so I would. Ken Buck. For George Hill in the Cleveland taxi get to two takes a George Hill. But then you need to I need to ship lamb to make contracts work out. I did add that to be dug the pick is the most valuable thing in that hole I usually keep the pick a W we don't we all did get number rates we have the ball players who only Jordan Clark since there in. I mean this is up players that you right of the depicts notably is the most dot can get to taste this lottery and then who knows they're gonna wanna give a George Hill they acquire Campbell they're gonna wanna give up ninety he's due 1918 million the next two years we had to take on next year's salary. But I would think that they would want to do that. Stories are also as he got to takes in the lottery we talked about Atlanta. Methodist. Dallas they're all trying to get the top slot if he got to takes below them did you sway some them back where you have to. As you've got to take there and maybe maybe say hey Dallas drop down for these two give us five or whatever question I will say this volatile watch the NBA drafts. Mock drafts less on EST yeah with a whoa a huge. And Mike Schmidt it's. And about the former philly's baseball player this I'll concern about a draft guys. And Wohlers was on the clock to number eight any pick Michael Porter junior at number eight. So what do Michael Porter junior bone. Is on the board at number rates and you can trade Cambodian Michael Porter junior and get my man Lonnie walker at number eleven. Over his toes and on Friday babies Max is they have settled. And Paris tell your bone there's moments in votes upon basketball draft where there's game changer is wherever guy goes a certain way are we don't know where a guy eight. Is gonna go to drought Michael Porter junior is the the shifty guy in this draft is going to Sacramento to see it go until it has taught us so Michael Porter junior were pretty goes back to sort of got to dictate. The rest of that area of the draft you don't mean I didn't want to be an interesting dude holds the cards here orbit the another one yesterday I started notices. Let's try to read up on his draft stock. Is Trey young potentially dropping. That same mock drafts had train young dropping past us and us taking shape guilders Alexander I just don't love. More than later on in the show and they're happier and I can't wait to hear what you see what is gals and about a year ago love Joshua fields is Alexander either so but as the train young possibly dropping into the eleven neighborhood. Seems like it's again this is all guesswork there's a lot of smoke screens a bad info being sent out and we don't know what to believe that we're past that that's all audio would you want hundreds are very young. An eleven Tebow are ya. I I artists are sauce that about him the other day. Are your big stat nerd back he had nineteen uncontested threes Oklahoma most of his threes were. Weighed down talent guys are so we had nineteen open looks from three he has fourteen of them this year. So there's no one on hand he has tough shots he's hit easy sixty minutes on shots that he had some loans and I think yeah. I mean for young Katie got over army heat was so good so early. That he could not live up the rest of the year at that current pace so you sell off already deep in a defensive thing with him as you see in this article or a double later. It'd it'd water playing defense as we is that SaaS embarrassing it was ridiculous I'd never standing like that Molly played the full game so their strategy was basically why aren't tournaments now trouble. That's that's all they're China doing it showed. But it's 62 at that size here's a little little dude I don't imagine him being a defense of machinists. Now at that size anyway but dad duty this guilt. The range he has a shot making he's got floaters stuff like dad did she do these guys got an attitude all Airgas. Still is an amazing pass or I'll take a like Trey is interesting to me. But to me if you get Porter junior and you get Lonnie walker bone or puppetry can champagne in his joint or break in at Tennessee. We're breaking gas freaking two dossier I don't know any of that stuff is I just mention we're breaking it. Out bone and we have been celebrate like that since the league. Formally bunker and I don't know those guidelines does little to bossy attitude about ZAM the ladies' man number ladies' man Michaels the regime is. Some women do vote I don't know and I never thought down I just do that oppression for what was his name pop. When I thought as a Muslim bass he had to Kentucky player a standalone style of this GA the they don't want to say littlest kid god I would go back in time it takes a busy and she. I'll bet until Adobe also we need to lottery picks and some LN double that was what that was my plan. All want to be get to lottery not not about the veteran players. Can you get to lottery picks in this particular draft and go from there is not only that give you potentially two players that I just mentioned it gives you assets. To try to make a move something else around as well when you get assets the other building him to make room debate moves. You get to lottery picks come almost didn't come call it for you. Upset when he had two lottery players other teams wanna move got to move up and then maybe get the one top fives and a two lotteries come. Mr. put those up Thursday needs to be Mitchell to lose Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mets Mets Mets. I must say to break him forever you relate to a party there may be back at WS NCAA dot com and we gotta talk some more so all we discuss this notion that. And I just I'm being called homer run multiple lol he is is if you lost we get to discuss the art the Panthers really being. Under rated and why we're gonna have that conversation it's a Mac attests. We're reaching half. A Tennessee. This hour's we've got Sula tell you how Ed werder sent Twitter ablaze yesterday. Ed werder I thought Ed werder is just a nice classy man and he had to go to Twitter all fired up more stuff yesterday. Before we get into any of them do so about when you read some Dellucci contents from modern news and observer. That his sources tell him the ACC network is going to. It's going to produce is could SARS next year. Gonna produce it least low conservative estimates ten million dollars of revenue for each ACC team that would be double the pac twelve network. We still somehow this many years later is still not on DirecTV I'd never watched. The pac twelve that were my life and sometimes they got some of those Saturday night late batters a wanna check out Tebow. Yeah I had until recently. I had to make a change I docs I cut that cord back as a kid says someone YouTube TV Dallek did have a dog spectrum for awhile. They also run a lot of box classic games on their tila pentium what determines the boy and so's. Al's got to go the only thing was ever someone came on. It wasn't like he Maria was like to put these on all. Us on many many deep playoff it's a Pakistani uncut but anyway so they won't be able blow away the pac twelve network but they come up short. Of the big twelve and SEC network which is do they expect that's where you would think. They would fall in if you can do this and produced ten million of revenue for school that's a win situation right there are some curious to see how that works out the Panthers saying. Tony. I mean are you seriously on their griping about what a video game says about the Panthers in 2007 seem like eleven preppy flight eleven has got. Because I mean it happens every year where a team is rated lower than. They should be and they don't do what they should you know what man says this is funny because everybody thinks they're an expert especially Madden Madden. You had the Redskins rated as like the tenth best team in the NFL or something like that and I just thought that was hilarious. What are hell's wrong with the math folks over there as those if it's any game as those being in the game at a Redskins beat a good really usually end in a game they're there but let me just listen to this episode is about to enter shelters there's there's discussion could be had here about the disconnect. Between moss and the national media when it comes just editing one is the obvious one is where thinks. That's the obvious once a week I want to think good things about our team. Imported into some short as the show goes on but the men think I just say this because I got bashed. By somebody on Twitter for why do you care same thing why do you care what a video game says 'cause what I try to do bone in Madden is role. We don't home squad. So when I play Madden are pretty much play 98% of Thomas the Panthers. So I don't want to be a bad team I'm a very good or bad and I need all the help I can get which DO rating points. So knowing where to seventeenth best team the ten best Tennessee team. Gonna make it harder. On a sub standard Madden player like myself to students arrived with the Panthers you that is a practical. Reason why the other reasons or just. Because of magazines also. Seem to be too low on the Panthers Athlon and does streets dismissed both had the Panthers missing the playoffs and third. In the NFC south which I have a feeling Tebow and that's going to be he standard. The magaw pre season magazines standards of the answers is going to be third place. Everybody's gonna have New Orleans and Atlanta ahead of us is gonna drive me insane and I think most people while the Panthers miss in the playoffs. In the Veritas and I've seen issues seems like the way it's just going to be. Where problem. What number what did add offenders act by Daschle overall rating number it's when you talk about the team's overall team number about manned yes man seventies. No I didn't number I Daschle like oh I don't know it's no I just a weird so get on trying to just hair it's always seventy something I think a techno trying to compare it to ought to pass and they were 84 and 2015 remedy to point. What Matt Doherty to look at dolphin it's a boy or a Tony fourteen point fit well year old there's 78 when he sixteenth. Carolina's gonna 78 rating like we don't seem like knowing Madden. And the ratings does not seem like we should be a seventy something to eat. Again not just realize an angry and video game dorks get greens that they were eighty to Super Bowl year. There were eighty before Jesse's death but let's it was the last until you're here's the thing where he gets their last respects. At this in one course one of urgency is treated as second to last group the giants the other. I don't really they Dario. Exercise I need there I tell you I do I'll boycott Madden this year I want Bob by that yeah I would any of these teams to root for voting got every team you root for severely downgraded vision unbelievable. Thank you don't fight it are they got the -- czar role in lady Eagles or somebody I was gonna say why are you had at the batted ratings out updates are there I went to bed what they are the jets does blow the browns on here. Yes the son of a beat the browns and the bills are you go through seven before rounds I dimly on Santa's browser didn't freaking overrated even out in Vegas they're 75 to one in Vegas. Like stay there is the bagels by the way are 125 the one. And the browns and nudges Vegas New Jersey also address all the cells sauls an article about New Jersey. Quite what dad and people you listen people talk about the browns are mayor Garcia says all are rare before this brown stain is browsing is only good just breath. And I can see a man there's just something toxic in a factory sadness but it doesn't really matter who goes there. They just become lesser man and lesser players who don't lesser human beings when they go to factory is sadness it just happens I started this segment my take was going to be Matt why do you care about the ratings of Matta now legitimately Matt. I've got questions about the stupid system. So to tear up your playing Madden. And you have O'Dell Beckham. And Barkley and emanating girl that's pretty officer roles and bad news or not different doctors say it isn't going to be improved second to last in that it doesn't it. That's miscues excuse my language that's what a horse manure there. Road. Abdomen know our. The offense is gonna be much better to tell me why is better off as a large there looks I don't soler Hernandez stupid rating system serious. By the way remember when will Hernandez is coming out a draft and there was some talk about him and the Panthers. Everybody talked about how nasty is it was already fight would have veteran who's he fighting with snacks Harrison here on sex airs at six years has got so bad. He took a helmet and shape and started does slowing. So are slowing and they'll let us hides it tiger says his goal media climate and then just beads people's past and six people lost man he's on me do what I Mercedes got the highest run blocking gray had 95 years only says crazy and anyway but back to your original point mark. Contenders in bad here is we've got off track oilman and even magazines under center by just watch out for us and some of you liked it. This guy he says I look at what right when more overlooked and it is worked out well the past there's no doubt it's gonna be some that we're gonna deal wit because they are not get into it later in the show. What is the disconnect other than us being their their fans and national media age his being in the national media. But they don't regard are all season the way we do here in Charlotte I think dad is the number one thing. On the sea here Linda says Mac I find it hilarious that you care this much about the video game. I've got a ten year old son was angry at the same thing yesterday. Level ten year old boy. Ten year old boy that level of anger is that I get mad about the same things as bullets or act as your where I've got a lot of I've got a lot more free time in my Kansas of all season what McEnroe my dad with you at some point oh come on over -- over me USA regular rotation gone in no you might get it you could definitely probably take a bone and a boost your confidence itself if you have. And don't play with your goatee too I don't want part of my teams this year and yes you know I'll let you know I don't I don't wanna lose to New York spots. Matt rated Dallas and 81 just to put that in perspectives. True man glad to change those ratings on a sly guy after weak ones also the last funerals that there's this Madden a ship chances every year. This it says you know we freak and this could always been an hour talking about mad and yeah. I had another sad that'll make it triggered about Madden assess third overall rated team New Orleans 83. Fourth overall rated team Atlanta 83. This is what's going to drive me crazy and then not to madness much but be locking in New Orleans and Atlanta and it won in two. I'm I'm I'm already close to taking the base. And spending a couple of segments on this NFC south here in the next couple of days Tebow like it's just I. We are not finishing in third in this division were beaten one of those teams my guess would be the Atlanta Falcons. Because I believe I just believe their offense was sort I don't believe also sort Asian turns and Kyle Shanahan. I just think some people think oh look what Kyle Shanahan did a second your Kyle Shanahan has a clue I don't think Steve so occasion is any good at ball as an NFL offensive coordinator. Yeah certainly 11 will salt let you compete to make a case on alana I could see. You know New Orleans I thought at times I mean is the warlords as good as they were last year we got to remember the years votes for. They they were seven and generated all the time reserve or are they more closer to. Indicted seven Tennessee strange then that Super Bowl team that I believe apple has a match and today I do agree that there are much closer to the and as a sockets and that. Indicted seven Tennessee is allotted five range and being a Super Bowl champion asks laudable act adorable fall back to the world that issue. As one put the minister will label it index is I'd be more apt to say were better than Atlanta Vogel an incident that sparked a Zamboni can be a good tomorrow's update also got a good rain stopped coming up at some point the next couple days we've got to make sure we talked NBA draft we talk Tennessee also Tennessee a lot of head I try to figure out what Tennessee it is I'd that a guy to be a good topic. We come back we gotta tell you world give back in the corners it's sop of the hour. At 7 o'clock but we gotta tell you about Ed werder creating a huge winter storm yes today. The result was a glorious Twitter battle between Britain cannery and Sarah Spain all that was entertaining it's the Mac it's act will reach out. I can see. Alright kids we are back it is the back it's actually an advanced stage of CS back is a man that's damn near fifty worried about video game rankings where do you get to where his parents go wrong. Don't let my parents and is it an amazing job OK all these issues now our current day issues but I have. But I'm not approaching fifty big Fella on our I watch yourself wash yourself would be 50. 44 years old Tebow that is six years away from fifty to do not use the 50 when it comes to me right now here I don't use it here's the issue. If you're approaching sixty. That needs. Local boat over here is approaching forty. You can nephews actors approaching thirty followed Hartnell for you guys wouldn't be terrible if he does the I'm a little scared of the off for a Matt because I feel I got there to 30 that's sort of like the half went what are your wife Cindy I wobbling back and but it all the day's other published in the light by Osama forty. I'm realizing now I've done nothing in my wife relate. So let's get real problem I just. I don't see much happening in the next five or six year. So I'm not really afford afford received that final legendary radio career he's got a family got. Wife and kids bomb. Above the right now is now you got to jets and giants it's a little tricky on that I needed divorce from those details have tried their. But I will tell you sir you can insult my parents let's find out insult on parents but not all. Heavy cloud Soledad imagine you just don't do that yeah. Art let's not get easier to Ed werder saying we are talking to this kind of funny on Twitter we're gonna get in Suk the report out of Cleveland about the cavs interest and to embark. And it is there an acceptable trade to get out to number rates and who we want it number eight whose were trading for all itself lead into at 7 o'clock. But first. Ed werder. I don't I don't ceremony was doing man I feel like sometimes don't press and don't present like Herman Edwards always says. A Charlotte wilder is a writer and editor for SI dot com. She. Send something out of bounds. You know I mean Sports Illustrated has a nice job entry level jobs for a writer open. And she'd been quoted dissuade insanity is stand sitting next to me any offices of cool opportunity so as you during woman trying to get in sports you should message mediums are open to she's offering to help women trying to get in the sports media. Armed it's not an easy industries for them to get into still it's still dominated. By men and she's trying to help assist draft rights well Ed werder had to go on their basic say what. You're not gonna help out any value or so men need not apply any others ineligible. And then that just set false. The mod the the absolute mob. Of sports media females on Twitter at can't let. Just attacked at werder I mean they went hat at him and then other people chimed in that. I don't really think what Ed said is necessary she's trying to help women get into a male dominated industry I don't think didn't he didn't need to be taken that seriously by guy that I thought like we've Adam on the show. I go to work just an ice is made. These are known as the nicest man Tim I thought it was a nice this mustache year old man in Dallas just. Really and also I think he's there are like needing to save this. And dumb anyway so we have resulted if people get fired up on Twitter. The end result though was kind of glorious because by the end of the day Sarah Spain from ESPN it. And Britain cannery. That they were just absolutely. Going off on each other on Twitter I mean this was a ditch your popcorn ready for duty bound you gotta admit. Some what are feuds are better than others that almost pretty good yes. That writes this is this is like a slight accident or road as the weeks and months in advance that's out that's Howell. Exciting despite truly wants went down because. We know does a back story of bread make Henry and I don't know they also are staying gets involved the loss of two a dime so. These sealock. These who have voted out it was gonna happen at some point in mandate entertained for the dollar was just Stasi was good stuff you have brick which Henry taken shots and it's at Sarah Spain looks each year. Okay what do brick got a ball she's never once in my parents say a flyer tryout because your girly so we don't like is I'm a hard worker she goes on on. To say that's you know base she mesa got headquarters back. Essentially writes. And does and that you know her cirrus things sorted into Britain Kendry was bashing ESP NW I I go to work I didn't. On sir you wanted to be what you wanna do just be courts and American mortgage ornament or Spain to standing up for all these virtues of ESP NW then -- then it got really nasty Brit regenerate says this or Spain you broke into the and you see by selling yourself as a date on social media to get Super Bowl tickets you literally sold your body to get attention and then all of the audacity to lecture women on feminism. That story is one a lot of people know you told me about you know about it. Our Sarah Spain will she she was like she's a die hard bear she's Chicago all right so was the bears before she was famous works is that this is so personality. This is sort of how she on the radar screen it was that 2006 Super Bowl colts bears. I don't remember what site. The issue was on at that time but err on the was it. Was a Craigslist wasn't I don't know I don't remember back then what it was but. To try to cost yourself off as a date for a super ball tattoos and pitcher you don't go to bears get and the picture she put up as the date pictures were blower deal. And yet sushi and now she seems to be completely different to that I need to make that observation is she did that and now she is this. You know yep paradigm senators virtue and all that stuff but anyway I feel like cirrus Spain got the best shot in hair. When she then says that I'd love to keep doing this but I've got a job to get to you remember what that was right writes for the generates seeks. So I feel like that was the best shot fire but this was a Twitter clash. Of the titans tooting it women. Basically sealed world completely different I just politically and just everything I will say this mom they're both getting good shots. I just find Britain can re going back to the whole video. With a tow truck situation in the open the woman the tow truck place I just find her to be one of the most disgusting. Human beings I have ever. Witnessed in my life like obviously not touch look slots. But it's just a mean nasty. Human angst I just got she really yes. But make Gregory sell offs about twelve Sarah Spain pitchers but Altima away. Her right out and at eight out of that I think satirist and get CI gets a strike all because of red streak in werder all because of Edward distances Mack how about changing it up and focusing on the overrated teams in the NFC rams Packers Atlanta. Now I would say ram ram is gonna held aroused coliseum it plays out and held a coach on both sides of the moment state coach in the offense and Phil's coaching defense they got a lot of talent Packers I do believe Aaron Rodgers can only take him so far. You know those other pieces around him have to be good they did us some corners on the draft two quarters we were looking at. I let's take a little breather here we come back 730 we'll get back to football Zach trailed joins us talk about some of the Rory rise just start which is going to be awesome for the fans and for this sand base. And when we come back no. The new domain newspaper in Cleveland reporting to tabs wanna put anyone improve the team on draft night to impress LeBron and keep LeBron. Kemba Walker is a guy they're desirable talk about it.