Mac Attack Hour 1: Home Run Derby, David Tepper's cool gesture

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Tuesday, July 17th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Home Run Derby, plus David Tepper's cool gesture. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with Mac obviously at general. Analysis sometimes with Tebow could keep my hands yeah. Do you yourself can Zack let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clinging. All right how. Good morning Charlotte welcome aboard. As soon as staring us so we are four hours to talk sports have a good time and are saying yeah. Attempt to inform you and trying not to make like six mistakes in one hour like I did yesterday and 6 o'clock hour all those things are goals. Of this radio show here coming up today we're glad to have you hang your wit us. Close to football closer training camp got more SEC media days today down there in Atlanta. Dates to a floor. Charlotte tomorrow the host of day one of two of the ACC media days training camp starts or painters reportedly strayed into camp in eight days. We've got done the home run derby last night's end this is something that often cause me to you on that but man that was a show put on mod Bryce Harper. Cows warmer. That was a hell of a home run derby how settles on the that was elbow of the show so we gotta give that a little bit below we have got to college football news. Coming out from SEC media days and elsewhere in the world of college football. So that's certainly good to see. And the Charlotte hornets on a loud you're jokes from the ABC crowds are commands. These Charlotte hornets Swiss. Three so our heels in the front office. Will. Have training camp in Chapel Hill so there you go allow the jokes and Timonen. NC state fans can get in on it right there are have fun with. They're giving you material melting about. Armed also play game against Boston there as well. Men and does so first training camp away from Charlotte. I need at least a few years I believe lady on bell this could be it with the Steelers he doesn't get is. Long term deal. And we'll talk about that as well who is the bad guy immediately beyond bell the Steelers and Steelers need to be ripped for this. It is all that and more we got a couple answered tidbits as well Dan Orlovsky said something. Yesterday. On the midday show. Then at least on what it was described on sweater DC this table when it was described on Twitter you see the reaction to it yes and people got very angry. And I said Dana we might have to talk about this and then I went back and listened to the actual audio. And I don't think she is saying what people think she is saying about Cam Newton got so we've got to sue we got to delve into that. Situation I button I'd say this. They are las he's pretty good talking football. Bad interview a dead dude isn't good listen talking football and generally just silence and don't network is an analyst. And it's just proves that. You know you don't like for example Isiah Thomas was an unbelievable basketball player and somebody realizing its Thomas and unbelievable basketball player that dude is brutal on TV. And what you look at a guy like Dan Orlovsky guy could not even tell where an airline was in the dang Enzo. It took a safety that run out the back of the end zone but I'm telling you man lit lists into that interview the two boys did them today yes today he's really good he really is. They are lost you strong. Connecticut. Just like I am yes those are are you sorry you want to claim Connecticut so it's all gonna. I'm playing Connecticut well below its four years I explained Connecticut over all the damn time I'll just tell me that he's a thirty portal from Connecticut are you surprised that a 34 year old. From that state would rise to the occasions are creator so you guys grow up together or is this going to be the next you don't tell us you want to like preschool of them in Connecticut or something he was from the other side of the state like that is going opposite that we may have crossed paths during a Basque what it was it was romance and it ended added some of my last school on the coolest story for regionals. Major it's funny I believe Major League Baseball some credit because a home run derby format seems to really work in Bryce Harper really made an event that stands and all that stuff. And then later in the show I'll be ripping grace hope at some point but it's our first. I need to give credit to my main intent David tepper school video the Panthers put out. Of David Samper. Handing out business cards. To rule among a long time employees and I really had not. Heard about some money is Johnny Anderson I had not heard it. About that I screwed up today Maury John Coleman John tall. Tires at the sports center anchor I'm already screw ups and again. Why did Bristol and out guarding me stuff 68 and deserves a John Anderson rob ms. must stupid notes or sit somewhere and imprint herself. Ridiculous now anyway gotten operating all right so anyway Timonen. John Coleman is a guy who's been there since the beginning of the franchise. He operates the front desk. Anti Panthers com spent at the stadium over there and Panthers offices. Just seems to be I was reading multiple articles about him there again did one years back like ten years ago. About a bounce John Coleman and the personality that he is and how how beloved he is there will David tepper I guess when he came through a month ago. Said has struggled conversation with him and said he will give him business cards. And yesterday they have their video of him presenting John Coleman with his business stars. They're duties so happy he's finally after all these years has been is his scars he showed a mall. Pretty goals and critical gesture by David tepper. I think they studied the story goes if I'm not mistaken I think there had a conversation a tapper asked him for business card initially. He didn't have any parents have said boy gotta we gotta change that area came back he did I didn't know Mac when I watched a video what he was getting. In based off his reaction has a list this guy must of got up. A gold watch or something new Leahy was the wedge so excited I'd have to sound on this watch it on what a sort of does what this guy received that made him so happy. And it was just a business card but it meant so much more of John Coleman then maybe what a gold watchers on the would have met us pretty special to say. I can't believe he has a business Garza along the beloved in the organization. First guy everybody sees when they walked in there to the stadium. And he had not a business cards and I think what was so I think he was I think was very surprised and happy to David tepper likes followed up on net. I think he thoughts. That he was just temper was just tell on that and you know I mean he never hear anything else about it. The man got his business cards after watts why am what does it's one some years yeah I organization 23 years and thanks. Like Amazon awake yet I hope that. The business cards that mr. Coleman received a better than their business cards that we received here the sport what the super ball to are those visits cars back you don't like yeah. Florida showed up. They don't have or phone number this is like the so I try tell our Twitter handles Windows Phone number so what he handed out yesterday and write down your phone number on the business. I sheer excellence botnet style assault last week that when I was there ask these are my business Carter had paper and write down my number on the business I just handed out at an even notice that goes on I'm more more more. There are people still will be more likely call you or communicated do you buy your solid round and tried to you what they need you so that's. I do have a job there but you could use a phone number on there as well all right let's never notice one never noticed that one Tebow. That's tat we need to business cards here. So we don't a number of business guardian news about that baby. My hard so anyway that was cool moments. Also something very cool is dare close is a guy that was one of Z minority owners who David tepper. Who got their David tepper money when the sale closed last week cried because. Tap wanted to buy the whole franchise he did not want to well you know let any of the minority owners say on board at all. So the money got beat up Jerry got his 48% of the sale money and the minority owners divvied up 62% amongst themselves. And don't dare close is one of those men and he made a donation to a local charity yes they've very sizable donation. Apparently that was the majority of the money he got from the sale. So that was kind of cool story as it relates to the Panthers being sold in in a good cause benefit here locally. So anyway do so we got cancer cells come out today lot of tells football stuff. Coming up today at the top five list again let's try to move around the today. Based on scheduling as guests got a lot of cows to vote yes we'll do that it's 7 o'clock hour is a cancer related to. Top five list or the week. Of Mac's top five list here on the Mac attacks we also are are holding the first ever Mac attack home run derby later today after the show her parents is going to be broadcast on FaceBook lives and how we're doing this steamrolled. Yeah probably in the back. Around 11:11 o'clock range or sudden guiding how batting track discuss because I got something to do is I gotta get out I get a beats you guys can't roll it out with my trophy. And I want like Bryce are brown will not be having my father throw the pitch as soon may do we have the pitcher with a home run call it. Supposed to be hit man but he has not ours the initial idea came on Saturday morning in my head death and he was always right you saw the text that he was fired up for. He has not responded to a single home run derby taxes I'd like 445. Like hey man you got. Get a pitch I created this he get so we may have to let some points find a pitcher out there but should be that man. Can we saw the pitcher was guns like Ron Harper Bryce Harper's dad. I mean serious they got dual PD test Albright's offers an act fast and I actually thought first to vault the Bryce Harper rally was un freaking unbelievable. He had about a minute warning left called that last T nobody every gullible as DO. And even had a hit nine home runs and about a minute fifteen or something to even I it up. But he got his extra thirty seconds and that's when he hit the winner to beach warmer in the final rounds. But she got on such a role I cannot believe he rallied. I saw the reason why I was gonna lose is because is damned bad start to get so why except I guess the old man was tire some that even with those guns. His his location was so false. As he can go home run derby and fans were starting to boo about the pitches. But it doesn't price could not even swing that it was not gonna be good if he would have lost at home run derby for dad was out of any third securely inside thank you try to walk come. A hobby all over the place at one point they make a comment on the broadcast. That I just every dead set is over the plate Bryce is getting out. The problem was I believe he went about six of eight pitches not getting on over. Blades I saw the lob she'll talk about it next couple semi I saw the event last night was great it was I don't normally I would guess eventually come on here whether slam dunk contest Roman derby. We talk about why it's failed and they need to keep doing it. They changed the format I thought it was great it was entertaining. I want to keep going last night I wanted to end. Also. There is a giant hairy sweaty bear Mac. No longer announcing the home run derby yet exactly at the Saturday that when you get two hours or three hours up back back back back. I'd expect that excuses it was there was that he took over the the event a lot of times last night the athletes the players took over the event annual sag. They zigzag you mark of the brewers either have a great year and your great story. Did he not realize now does he saw Murdoch he not realize that he was a no wonder he was going so slow it was like you said you guys are. They headed out there like this is his nose and armored derby. Or how about Freddie Freeman and you called ES aloe Freddie Freeman amazing underrated player for years for the Braves right legit MVP candidate. Once you mentioned yesterday that he does not. Tried to hit them out even him batting practice. Freddie Freeman is out there putting on a any hitting display of slapping the ball to the opposite field use and all the steel like he does did 315. In in this is in this season but it's like he clearly as you saw that. Was not really the best home run derby candidates if you know say moving runners over derby authorities are on the last but I'm also a visit magazine shift to get to go to the left side. I will say this real quick match the one thing I noticed Freddie Freeman is problem that I it is. He got the most votes. And watch when they introduced last night. Bryce Harper's reaction of Freddie Freeman whilst it is so there's a while there from other players at or Freddy Freddy so are permitted to DC fans made it like Bryce Harper seven so on with that he was passion he was fired up which was school. I still could do without at least a launching of the hair the Bryce Harper does bro we did it you got good locks. News you don't need to put the Bandana on I have the hair kind of droop over the bandanna lights put on your hat while you're hitting like I've I've got I don't know I may have. Bryce Harper hair and Bebo I'm very well might have it. Best Terrence sports period right now police closing I don't wanna see is flaunted you don't say don't wanna get a little more modest about his hair I got to act like the rest stumble I know he's I know he's cocky and they're gonna tie the body was great last night I thought that hair was on point. That was some thousand series you'd like to see the pair flaunts it in goddess wanna. You goddess wanna you know what I always thanks launcher Ayers even our argument or does that satellites sheer excellence less so when I see their hair cut that saw it they relocate here. Daughter's dog to watch what I read Bryce Harper goes to sheer excellence without that loss. Seriously he's got solves our rights of authors and under use word you all using work magnet ordinary awestruck worked at into a rebound we see that word was somebody's body refused. I'm killer couples and a person still can personally your vocabulary young bone. I would take a break here Max. And WS Lindsay got dumb only one mistake in the first leg but that's that's an improvement does today did you make one time we come back yes I did serve Mac and I. Hey dad gum kind of Mac attack on SA NC. This one goes out to the Hokies stance. Focuses it'll pick me up after losing all these these these during the off season and but I'm still seeing him get some love we have one would guess we had on yes today. Tommy Bowden I think it was was given Amazon a La Vazquez had a great chance still to win the division. On the ESP ass of their early topped fifteen I think during the I think there's fifteen of which Josh Jackson you know eligible and playing in the academic problems in the rearview mirror so even with those losses in the defensive backfield there are some of media entities still gimme some love I personally think. It seemed like duke has a shot to maybe get that second spot and divisional some soul the Hokies short. But I really think dead duke defense is gonna be something really really good this season and they got some bowlers. On that defense. All of that relate to censor what dots are. There's Robin at the defense was really special towards you know last year to analyze a theory was to get to a bowl game in dominate nor no and why we don't think of defense did a couple of teams. But I think this year I think they're more they're more questions on the also to duke football going it's one he eighteen and the deep idea that's. Defense has done Humphries errors while we talk about Joseph Giles Harrison more Gilbert of that Humphries is there are big DOS he's there there's a lot of known guys on that defense attorney got. I'd experienced players coming back by the way another ACC to advance for getting to some of these. Notes from the SEC media days Clemson and Georgia and the chick filet folks they're all in talks. To try to get Georgia and Clemson that bribery backs on the as one of the chase away to golf classic games are just trying to work out what year would be best. So that won't all apologies to the Tar Heels. Who we found that are gonna play all over in 2020 and it should blatant golf classic this one would have a little bit more sizzle you're talking about. I mean if you wanna include Ohio State in this because. Alabama certainly in their but I think moving forward Kirby Smart I mean I think you're talking about Clemson and Georgia. As two of these three probably preeminent programs if you wanna include the Buckeyes tools before preeminent programs in college football. I think sort of I'm not mistaken back at some more on Bob Sar I think Georgia's got Virginia also on one of these games. But Jordan's governs Alabama's got duke next shutting Georgia's got Virginia and one of these games that will not be a special game by no offense to stand the man door please but don't will not be as special game. By the way and that Georgia Clemson robberies to be great. They got it back on a few years back and played a couple of years played a little home in a moment. And down my guy Lawrence was hit we are all messenger last night and he he enjoyed the we did the list yesterday of the it's not you don't get a top five a day to get you don't want less dumb. Kind of skills on little you know topic starter each day or next week we start to go pretty much full bore Panthers and in college football. But so we get a list of the of my top fives bass SEC and ACC combination players ever from either conference. Among their lords a big Clemson fans. And he was talking about how when Georgia won the national title. I was a classic Kevin Butler hit a game winner from sixty yards out for Georgia. To be Clemson made this used to be a great robbery so anyway we can get that one back on. Especially where these programs around right now would be freaking awesome so that's pretty cool. Panama or these former Chicago bear oh yeah yeah a leg on him man a serious leg. Explorers the SEC media days like yesterday yes outcry watching good two hours of the coverage I eat. I I just love I love it and idol publicity skies on SEC network talk about the season talk about the these teams and it's just state it really is to media unofficial start to college football's I started. You know this is my compliment to still stealing it still steal here a look at it a listen to these guys break things down. I'm Jim both Fisher by the way more wins. Did he complete about face as you would expect him to do. Last year he was it ACC media days telling everybody to ACC had become the best conference in college football. Yesterday bone are you shocked by this. At SEC media days as coach of Texas say NM. He said BS EC is the invesco scripts in college football. Her. I don't know that. I know how unlikable Sabin is trust me I know book you'll feel about Urban Meyer although I don't hate remark or some people do have made the coast that drives me the most crazy when that annoys me the most. And I think he's pretty stake. Is Jim both Fisher. That's the one guy and that her as a deal with Florida state of course but he he just annoys me. Well yeah I did save it is silliest that is fixate. Tim both Fisher Khatami's about what's on sort of holiest I think he's a straw ladies' sake I can't stand him both veterans are records. And you even see you even don't hate what's the name Urban Meyer. And you're Gator fan urinate Urban Meyer wouldn't listen you right away I do like Albert and nick are who they are you can tell who they are general jerks yes it's an alternate juror she just what are big serves and tried to cover up my. I think Jamal did you try to cover up being a jerk sometimes when he's really just as bad as those guys. A I tell your story walking dumbo I'm definitely not but. Mean that that category of capability with herb and say minute. But obviously did Seamus saying that was not the greatest looks for him you know under the side. He's talking a big game he says are timetables now they get sixteen starters back. And he's talking about improving the toughness that seem AN am was soft under someone. I talked about this on the SEC broadcast the way they would start strong and say damn near every year the way they get their butts kicked in SEC games in the trenches. In the run game on offense and defense so. Jim both Michigan coach now don't get it twisted. You may not like him but so he can coach the problem is he's in the division with Nick Saban and Alabama. Why it's good coaches spread Dielman just got run out there may never coaching college football again T bone. That division series of up and spits them out less miles did some great things. Nick Saban shooting in my spare his ass out. Bad division just eats up coaches really done is still more it's gonna do some things at Mississippi State or want to get that program I continued our day this year I I think today. All policies all Vernon. I mean they're right there revolver I think. I think Mississippi State's data held a year and guess seventeen starters back they got to absolute starts including Richard Simmons on the defensive line. Fitzgerald's a bowler who is perfect for the morehead offense. That's but again good luck sustaining it against Nick Saban because Nick Saban will sustain it. Everybody else will have high moments. But you know I am. Yes staining in the last other than Alabama and Saban is not usually done by anybody ever went to heaven someone had jolly football they were the Belle of the ball early. She remote spin is rare and out. You can. Massive show update here too I do it now writes ease and we come back that we have dubbed it somewhere and so much fun talking college football my juices are flowing and you've got to be an annoying little troll is yards going over everything is a bigger stroller being a reporter slash journalists reporting on dates. How you. We come back I guess I well I will once don't know it's you don't is doing right now is isn't going to look at it definitely is where's Jim both Fisher to defend me against you on this we had staff meeting yesterday that you were a part off and they put me in charges this and I'm gonna take it seriously. Magid W opens he dug up by the way speaking of how good it say it is. Yes say they flashed a stat on the screen during the SEC media days Nick Saban has more national titles and all active coaches combined six to fives. She's I mean and the sad thing is Steve Mona it's not really that much of a surprise slowdown pry would have guessed that but can you imagine that and other sports. Where a coach has more titles than everybody else combined. Now active it's absurd. It's just he is the man we can all say oh we want about India and unlikable as all get out. But he very well I may be I I believe he's greatest college football coach ever he's very well may be the greatest coach I've ever seen in my life some of force also hadn't done. He's just freaking amazing all right so there you go in and John and you've been hammers out there take that take death all right I can't stay did you guys. But there's your due props armor and take a break we come back to you don't think he has some sort of stat about me. But he's gonna tell you all about we come back processors that he's got to do that. 704570. Nice extend tax us it's not Baylor in the SEC. Houda acting Canon Georgia can dogged him. Can somebody in the west get a like all over Mississippi State I'm not so sure about that it's a Mac attack on mass transit. Following yearlong review back in 2014. Of quite literally every possible scheduling option available. The 611 model was the clear preference of the SEC's. Member institutions. Has the FCC's approach worker. Let's just take a look at what's happened around the are football. We are the only conference. At least ten teams qualify for bowl games for four consecutive seasons. Which started in 2013 and extended through 2016 and last year we had nine bowl eligible teams. As a conference we've led the nation in football attendance for nineteen years. The conference is approach maintains. Our longstanding rivalries are both within divisions and across divisions where they exist our success is only. Should not be attributed simply to our scheduling philosophy. But year after year our best teams have produced the best team in the country. The facts candidly speak for themselves. Thank you commissioner of the ACC spoke Jesse kick off day as her SEC SEC media and race. Our best set of mistakes there was a slip of the tongue and I corrected right there or I want you to know that there's Buchanan knows everybody does at seventeen times back. But I just made one right there on my front was supposed find out how you do that fourteen times today it has soared to well like I am also doing two things at once your Osama I can't say on the entire time that does not counter mistakes. Just like a guy good good so that was saying he SEC commissioner. If I apologize if you like Ernie CC Danny you paid TSE seek is that must have just been nauseating to hear the commissioner just literally run down the list. Of their accomplishments but there's a point to be made there about this schedule. The media's all over like should be SEC makes schedule changes and there's two in particular that the media is really hot for one is. A nine game SEC schedule. That one's been talked about for years now and that's something a lot of people would like to see and then the other one is get rid of the FCS games. It annoys us in particular when you when they schedule and at CS game like before the Iron Bowl or something like that Alabama loves diplomat trick. And come back late in the season is very annoying to see NFC esteem pop up. On on a team's schedule and they do that that's on in that conference I think I'd call that week before rubber week via the SEC FCS challenged. Get so ridiculous. But it's the bottom line like it or not. From commissioners Anke is correct. Why would they change. Their schedule is producing these great results I think it's eleven the last twelve years and my said that in their paramedic team in the national title game. Armed twice they have had two teams in the national title game including last year there is no need it for the SEC to change scheduling would you agree with Baylor. Dull if it's not broken don't fix it. I understand why they're there is some cupcakes on a schedule like when we talked about last week a lot of Alabama has three this year. They have glossy yet citadel and Arkansas State this year in an N dot. In a sport where you don't play that many games they have 33 and I was on this budget but there's the way he schedules is producing national championship of sliders and it has just Orszag does what he said. I didn't really cut down they audio or bragging about the conference. Yet it's a great conference. You also up Alabama and that conference that debt. That is or national championship either win or contender every year he could've just said. We have Alabama knitted any group do I don't see. Does it feel like Maggie commissioner of the citizen commission of the NBA Western Conference we know the west is really gut but a guy bragging about the last. And because the warriors are there it's going to lawyers from the west always such a good conference but you don't have that title or title contender should be every single year yeah. Led obviously that helps to answer this is not like it was. A decade ago now when everybody was taken turns in that conference winning that was the most amazing role in my lifetime I've ever seen in a conference. This is more bail out and about anorexia right that's what this feels like. I just listen what those changes are good for the same illness. Nine SEC games and be good no more have CS games would be good right makes you play. Legit division you know one day seems. It ain't you know I instead of playing those SES is I just did Greg say he's point like. The T the conference isn't need to change how they scheduled bone or the ones that can't didian sort of play all four. You know they need to finally the big twelve and big twelve gets hurt at one year TCU Taylor both miss. Like they have added 88 conference championship game the burden is on these other conferences Tebow enough DS EC. I mean damn I'm convinced you know about four losses. So did in the playoffs the SEC gets the benefit of the doubt the playoffs until they don't. I don't blame the conference firfer not scheduling and different that's all I'm saying even those stands we would love to see those changes may. I take pride in knowing our listeners pretty well that how long to an email a tech story tweet comes in about Duke's basketball scheduling Andy bitch about Alabama schedule. Thought that happens. I don't know people and people unless they're gonna guard down if they have not already sent it and I know other state UNC fans. You duke haters out in a call and save now Alabama travel on the road go play golf player got knocked covers for a game that's robbed at Clarence says Alabama's Xena being college football C. This is there any email hundred GB Mel. But I must say they're non conference as a joke here in year out. Nick Saban is a bleak no tigers. They play one really tough game usually don't open the season every year. It made based enjoyment it's never tough games and a they take whoever's standing they schedule usually but they schedule USC your Wisconsin. Or bomb dude next year in West Virginia they played once on China's equities other opponents and they played opening week Florida State or Virginia Tech West Virginia Virginia Tech to his another one so. They do that and then they sit out these other three games I don't know if you're jealous you tiger saying can you afford to rip scheduling you guys lost Detroit last year. No declared I love you man elevate playlist itself. What is your seemed lost Detroit I would be also quiet a balance ripping scheduling did you guys stroke Nazis in city could team being one of last year in out. And it's time. Chasing histories I'll see. Oh my god just shows sound effects of those blanket and Casey missy edited show yesterday. The research department here at the Mac attack him with a number. That match as of yesterday was not eat away. From tying the all time W I've been easy mistakes record ten away from breaking it held by Jim's idea. This morning Mack made mistake number 3182. When he got John Coleman's name wrong Mac is now eight away from tying night away. They mortality. Eyes I have no idea where your coming up with these stats and who the heck does he stack Steve don't think he's going to be tried for decades we have bid for decades but I never heard until yesterday. Y zero while we talk about we had to you we want to bring this back you never even mentioned Jim miscellaneous had a record of mistakes and that was never mentioned before it has to match they have never a candidate that. But I mean why or why is Heidi is that this is your but this is your. This is your moment man that would be likes saying a quarterback who leads the league all time interceptions. By the way who is that as a Brett Favre for our viewers no doubt. That would be like asking him why not excited about that record Brett. Well you are happy about that record. I'm Max just a great staff and easy that conversation is embrace some brace that I have had the most turnovers and FNC history is that what you're gonna I don't organ at cal look at this thing to happen. Rogers says Mac I'm a die hard Alabama fans thank god you put dead do Clarence in his place. LSU's stance shut should damn mouth seriously. We already fired nickel already sire won coach LSU and he's come in first second one this season. That may be right like Alabama fans are definitely bone smug arrogant and Austin and annoying. But it's the man is preaching it right now and court your run C is so free get hot it's ridiculous it is and showed me. I. You think the same thing is not a doctor Alabama and though he's. No different stance on saying the doors and outfit where any given moment your couple meditated about it that's what I think there's crossover their bone Alabama sands in cowboys fans I'm gonna do a study. I wouldn't do a study people always say the cowboy and tar heel crossovers there I think there's a cowboy and Alabama crossover that wanna get to the bottom up are 70457096. Stand Jonas talks a college football bring it on kids somebody in the SEC east Alabama this year Georgia's got to be the number one candidate right. I think they have to be but I stayed lost so much also defense themselves I will talk more ball to talk answers today to. We come back come keep it going it is the Mac attack on WF transit. It is a back attack that sends a calm all week I'll be doing a top five list. Two it goes sometimes fun to kind of banter about debate about fans are still mad that I had Lawrence Taylor. On the ACC SEC illicit dude did had sixteen sacks was consensus all American his final year. At at and some at North Carolina so I would say stand down folks stand down. But that list is gonna go on line later today and get a fun list to do here at 7 o'clock. In in a few minutes cancer related. TI. Cam Newton related. This is go be a final list and this one is hard to break down into five. I assume get into that in a little bit here let's see Mac did WS and Z dot com email address. Tony. There are a bunch of bandwagon jumping glad Lal Mel loser works. All right there you go all the cowboys fans are really on the bandwagon now right leg after sticking now they're not on the bandwagon. But at some point in their lives. They probably jumped on the bandwagon. But they boarded that Boston and the ninety's and after riding it ever since it but that's a great question protects herself. Who oppose worse Emma fans are cowboy fans. That's an interesting question is and I would say damn it stands now because Baylor fans have the bragging rights like what'd I say to Alabama fan when they start talking trash. Davis had six forget titles Gloria lady had to be walked in a room for 2.4 hours of one of those fans a benefit or are. Cowboy fans are now he put it that way the cowboys fans are annoying and they just aren't because they have no substance and there's still be an arrogant. As it's so annoying about them at least Baylor fans like to just sit there a good seed old time yeah you try to do best coaches in the history is more. Yeah I think there's good since you get beaten SEC this year I mean so let's recap that just take both on died yeah dead or golf T bone in his events like doing this top five list with Cam Newton. But it will be to discuss it and 7 o'clock hour. Mac could WF Lindsay got John email address. If you all want to jump him by the way another thing that was interesting commissioner saying he and commissioner Bob bulls beat the big twelve media days most talked about this yesterday. Sounds like they both believed injury reports are coming to college football. And this is because of the legalize gambling. They probably should have had for a long time now. But that's why injury reports exist in the NFL Malone obviously is to make sure there's some transparency there. And everybody but the patriots I think it's pretty transparent when they're injured for so met they don't want any you know any funny this is going on with gamblers out there so that's something we might look for some college football and you know that's gonna kill is Larry freaking Fedora. Larry Fedora likes to give you zero information about injuries none whatsoever. He makes John Fox looks forthcoming with the injury information. I'd let us. Or does not handle for as good as at a press energetic as he has and has person was he is when he comes on Arabia sentenced. Not great with the media all the time well he does most games he's not good at explaining stuff. The injury stuff is not good with these just there's a lot there's a lot going on there. Doesn't like questions that he doesn't like what he doesn't handle I don't some coaches hate being you know asked about it Bryant probing ended stuff that they don't want people probing into. But some coaches can pull it off great. Let the door you must target it's like hey I picture him like he feels like he's being interrogated under hot lamp expire private detectives like he just he just is actually you're right his explanations when he's being asked about goofy play calls and oh there are a lot of them especially inside the ten yard line. And he is not handle that any injuries he sold and company don't wanna revealing that. All right let's go to a song 70457096. Standard anybody have anything for bam this year I feel like ultimately I do think Kirby Smart. It's gonna get himself a national title held Saban doesn't make the big time move to go to took I believe it would add one last year but. I'd this year does not feel like two years of mutated bam of the bulldogs fans may disagree let's go to damage done all that lead up to describe really obnoxious bales and and here comes barely John what's up brother and. All the cowboys. Without it does it cap or grant and battle that one is saying it out of there must. B other brands they set a football fan is generation. But it they go back weighty and Alabama and wore her out or France went LeRoy Jordan. Well allow backer. Pocket Manila. That being says. You had a little trouble remembering well I played opening up they play clamps. They've played Virginia Tech twice. They've played West Virginia they played with top. They've played Mischka and they play Southern California and interpreted it last year at this time. Where both have alt pop grated opening game of the days in Alabama or eight and then go where. And knowledge of certain local media groups. Are out all morning showed. Started questioning Alabama. Schedule where artists they spoke buying up and beat up but it ought to. How about your start you are scheduled to us wait. Noticed it was weak last year's tournament tell you and your schedule I gotta be honest looks kind of weak this year he Bulldog how well. I'll watch your elbow pads and costlier and it's not that we're really you don't boy there's a tenant that. Occurring there I think he just admitted that he solicited for morning ships now he was really is insinuating us policy and sorrow is going aria a guy and a month. I retired resource the Don Don you shouldn't have been done better your excitement in the morning we we have a dog reversal. News 81 of his mug shots at me because of course I. And I Stillman. But it's again I am double to get a bag on my face goes. Alabama gets healthier and goes out there and takes their body scanning and wins a national championship. But this year John this is the deal Johnny this year Clemson has the better squad less sure you obviously handled and the year before I even trade the moss. These serious Clemson stern to make it similar to game playoff matchups is I believe that will be the title game and I believe the Clemson tires are more complete team. And wait until you see by the end of the season I don't know what it's gonna happen but in a season Trevor don't call me Joey Lawrence is going to be dropping dimes deep. To T hooker and arrested those receivers but don't clemson's defensive line is better than than most it might be better any defensive line in football history. One half T Higgins. Oh team I don't T look. Or does it looker TJ hooker of the television. That's I. Reggie we did against Amanda is Steve Kagen says he works in order to set this record today at this current case though now at 3490. Stories of how many love. Hi this stake record your seven away from Soyuz Gregor Odyssey doubt I thought we were safer is an hour. I'm just not good which they combining a first name last name anymore I'm just not and I don't I just reached a point. Where I can't even pull that off I just we got the new numbered are gonna go to we have to get her cut back to W opens. God John this series is hate the cowboys cowboys fans are way worsened and the fans it's another tax. This guy building senate tax cowboys fans are way worse we have been done the last three times we played them and they have been trash for twenty years and they still talk like to win the Super Bowl every year. I can't wait for the first game of the season I can't wait for first game CC there's no doubt I read it take a break. We come back. How strikes you look cut down on a little miscues shut cut down that I wanna kind of assessed a state record for the show's over so much passion so much trash and that granted I. I was actually just listener licences to concerts are rental worry about one simple mistake are I don't answer the judge me that way. We come back I get a top five list it involves cam knew ninety panther fans to jump ball more where this.