Mac Attack Hour 1: Fedora's Comments at Media Day

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Thursday, July 19th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses Larry Fedora's comments at ACC Media Day. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with the Mac I'm used to it now there. Alice is sometimes with Tebow keep my hands yeah. Do yourself and Zack let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas claim. Like its next. I kids as soon as happy Thursday when. Welcome aboard. Right near the queen city it is sad Iraqi role we got some sports to discuss on today's radio show. We'll keep you up to date on the British Open and I have been so caught up with Larry Fedora I might have just realized that the British Open is underway. It may have taken us a good five minutes to sign the outside what channel it was on it is on the Golf Channel this morning. We'll update that throughout today Larry is a door we must discuss I mean Tar Heels fans. Yesterday were just tell miceli is better for Doral this is not going to help his job standing I would not think. The comments that he made yesterday and he had so many chances to just kind of you know welcome back a little bits including late in the day. On Garcia and Bailey those guys are there to Wesson Tracy CB today he would not walk it back. And that was man I still cannot believe the role he was on yes we will talk about it I mean is does he deserve it. The absolute ripping he has been getting from the media. Or some use sand saying it was a year old what's the big deal when won't get into that so we will discuss that on today's show. We've got so much more needed to news from SEC meeting today I can't really find a whole lot of ACC media day in day one news others Larry Fedora. Full talks and ACC is well on the show. Like a symbol the British Open going on that we have so eight NBA players disgruntled after the E. Coli Leonard and DeMar DeRozan trade. We will discuss that as well. And by the way pants or stand says tickets go on sale on Saturday at five dollars Ian this year. The on sale online at 10 AM on Saturday will try to. I'll let you know about that so we get a lot of good stuff coming up on the show today and other top five list is well. As we do top five week on the Mac attack. And we've got Cal's football guest David Glenz did the radio network gonna join us at 830 he's in town for media day James Bates is one of the ACC announcers on. The fox sports. Regional channels he joins us to talk to Macy's seek. Football is well and done Danny kanell has been one of the most. Outspoken. Critics of what he calls the war on football. And lurching towards dirt deemed it. And Danny kanell Mosul a few people I assaults we yesterday. In response to a comment by Larry Senora. In an affirmative you don't mean instead of teeing up Larry is a door he was basically saying right on your right about this attack also fall so any canals gonna join us. And 920 on today's match protect radio show to get that point of view to let him explain it we can. Decides yourselves and get all that stuff coming up. Today on the Mac it Zamboni is booked us a great show prep easier to ladies gentlemen he's gonna do something great as well I'm convinced on its. Voting what's going on man. And the first organ morning RB Charlotte's copper systems have been jerked 73 degrees Kennedy's seat you know for 89 dollars which Charlotte commerce systems. Number 73 on the Panthers is. Anybody. And we got this on MacKenzie Bernard LE SP 73 com many Michael Lawrence Greg Middleton. Greg they're road there you go very nice of backup center there. At Augusta where I think he's the only say never in the history Mac. Of guys that have stepped that it which is plenty in and whites in general guys that have stepped it or girls intercepted it. Had a more is more the chance to walk him back in one that you just get stuff and you're a media day you can walk that bad boy bad nine tied to you want to. He came back out about when he came back out their bodies like OK here's the moment he does what politicians don't ya what I really meant to say it was now. You say double down they went deeper. Oh my every time me every time we had a chance to walk it back he three steps it is Matt's a bit on Garcia and Bailey he says. Our stay based on paraphrasing noticed it was a big deal is about what I said. She's still like some money Bubba Cunningham was on Garcia Bailey media day and he was surprised as everybody was it Larry Fedora makes these comments. About not believing there's a link between CT a football even the NFL finally admitted that 2016. So Doris said basically the people who do the studies tweaked the results to sit what they wanna say he says he said I could take. There. Data and turnaround. So it's on my side as well. I gotta be honest certain there's none of the studies have revealed that they can you twist added Kamal was zero link between the CC's football you can argue about. You know how much do we know about the link how how strong is that Lincoln stuff like to ask but you can't just say there is no link whatsoever. And then on top of that then he really and I thought I love football and saw her letters indoors talked yesterday. When he started talking T bone about how it is football declines. And becomes a game that is not what it is down is so different what it is now America will be in decline. Like this will be America will drop down. Because of this and I listen I love football but I did that is free and hyperbole I thought I gave some football hyperbole on the shelf. You can't see beyond TV because or not where I until 7 this morning I'm doing the Alonzo Mourning name aggressors and Eminem Alonzo Mourning. Meanwhile maligned as I look we states is facing us today so that's what I'm doing right now two points up a doormat wrote quick. We said what I did it was yesterday Tony four hours ago we talked right here and is very in this very segment. About wires a Dora not being good at the media. Saying days all the time when trying to explain plays an analyst says he's not good. Nick Saban spoke that he won out six save is always to headline a mediators saves as as an agenda he once again his point across he gets angry Nick Saban. The day after he talks is always a national story. The doors and hold on a second here I will one up you say David I will one up view. I will make the headlines because on the only man in America. That doesn't realize the movie concussion was based on a true story three days because it is basically that's the future it's a fake so it's a statement of save it was. I'll I watched his whole media session I think she stepped up about. An hour after Fedora again and that area is at that time frame went down the and done Nick Saban cut the press off before they could start asking about the quarterback saying. He just said he basically a blank accused the media is making up contrite being a quarterback controversy. As if there's written but then he went on himself to say oh we don't know whoever's best players in camp is going to be our quarterback she's that's exactly what we're discussing there there is so you called quarterback controversy sickle quarterback competition. Whatever it is you have wind. So I thought that was definitely enter staying as well and the mom she also. Much talked again about the schedule and even though his schedule gets ripped specifically for playing it. NFC esteem before the Iron Bowl every year. He continues to say he wants to play nine SEC games and wants to play all power five teams to his credit. The schedule he wants is drawn what all fans want. You know now and had no. Taxis out of the power size. So we talked about that yesterday and he did actually one point start talking about Jalen hurts and like other roles he could play. But then quickly got back in the fact that this thing is not settled yet but he clearly has been thinking in you know he has. About that possible because I think everybody thinks. It's good to doesn't win the job and I'd be shocked if two I didn't win the jobs but it still doesn't win the job he can't help you anywhere else except as your backup quarterback. But obviously of jailer Souza when the job it gets speed get the football and that do scans in other ways right have a package where he comes in at quarterback. Has him doing some other things on the fields are clearly make savings already thinking about that. I have a question and maybe a dumb question but that sides why were here if he only wants to play power five teams does that take Tennessee up to schedule. Hi Seth that's. Yeah I didn't say guy he wants to play power five schools some of bumblebee bat right there as your examples of and then German pro Tennessee coach there's a whole hub bub with him when this former Georgia players. So we'll talk about that a little bit as well here on the show and deadly wanna get thoughts from people on Larry Fedora and play. What he said do you believe that is outrageous out there and he's been out there aborted gotten two emails from people who things. Larry Fedora is being over criticized. This dude says Larry is right that's the medal Larry is right. And this guy Roger says Mac I love the way the media pounce pounce what Larry Fedora said it's hardly a big deal. But everybody in July in media days needs a source. Here's a big field the we have both football coach. That is that out of touch with reality and what's going on in the world that's him he would bore me football coaching aside that a guy. Doesn't realize the problems going on in the sport. That to meat on the UNC fan and I'm not this job breaking news a body but just in general David Cutler put status there be an issue. Saban said of any coach said that is a problem with that coach at a at a high level school and college football doesn't realize what's going on just what. How can this Sunday that he she is charged with the safety of these student athletes exactly arms he tells parents I will protect and take care of you can't. How's this gonna work on recruiting when parents find out what he said about safety. Makes him seem like somebody. But thinks there's no risk whatsoever and then the weird thing to Obama got about his whole day of speaking it will play a bunch of the audio throughout today. The weird thing about it he bonus. He comes out and at times he talks about the safety measures being great for the game. And protecting kids but then he goes back into attack on football I don't believe all the studies and then they were asked which studies don't you believe. Couldn't tell you are I don't know I don't know specifics on things like he just came off quite honestly. As somebody who was talking out of his rear end but just subject that he doesn't completely know ballots. And he just started raining on it and once you start raiding everybody else wanted to ask more questions about it and he was too stubborn to give in yield and back down at all. And he got himself into a complete C. You knew you sacked or any he's not a great coach in general some guys got deep fans I want him gone already. He's not great with the media after in post games he's is not he's an act. He's an average football coaches as an Urban Meyer or aura as I said Sabin or hardball this is a guy that is. But as a football coach his future we don't know couple listened to that it's a double whammy you've got to football side of things now you've got the out of touch comments and that's when the story blows a beep. We got a national writer Dan Walters USA today calling for these fires these comments. And you're right like he is not Nick Saban to go out there and make getting comments and he lives in his job. You can go out there and tell you I'm plotting the murder of my athletic director. And he is not going to desire W sag is he right or wrong. Take out as part of a therapeutic EC would not be fired you can say what are you go out and spit in his athletic director space in public and he's got to be fired he should come out naked EU about naked spur game. AJ gyrate sits around on the other team and we gout. My game's fascinate just playing my games supplies come out Larry Fedora is not a guy that should necessarily. The giving his employers another reason to take issue with that and by the way the UNC day yesterday was just. A mask they also self reported. Are violations of the NCAA now we're back here again Tom a bunch of players sold deem more gear. And they had to reports that in the NCAA and the as a result I read in peace today at a rally. Talking about there could be over a dozen players that don't suit up at the beginning of the season so now arrested this again where you gotta sit guys out of the beginning and saying cease. You would see all most made it through the entire summer how much all most made and now they're back with the NCAA they couldn't stay away from each other their BSS it's every bit as I should say -- UNC NC double wide television rebuilt I had just like edges like when you buy your -- Roseanne and they brought him back satellites are chosen because he screwed up now learned that we've got to UNC NCAA scandal a series are just starting up again I've Mac did WS Lindsay -- comic is the email address if you wanna jump in here this dude says to get all Carolinas back just because he has an opinion doesn't even care about safety of his guys I'm sure there's onstage these guys it just doesn't sound totally like that's all I'm saying this does not play well indeed living rooms with parents who relied. This still doesn't think there's any. Risky at all. And he's the one Satan chairman kit that it's just it's not stuck there's reason why you haven't heard another coach. Do this full routine this would Dora did but we'll talk a lot of college football today we'll talks of pay at their stuff as well. Much Cam Newton ladies and gentleman up there was a picture of Cam Newton is already being sent to me by multiple listeners. People are excited about ten minutes physique Larry Page are set on Twitter were not mega do our number one without. Cans at. Have gains aren't getting bombarded people or send an email to us man hired Mac and WFANZ. Dot com is email address systematic attack on mass transit. Hi we are back it is the Mac it's acronym stands a maggot WF concede that job you wanna send us some emails in their arms and those buildings senator actually love those and you guys do an awesome job out of 704. 57096. And by the way Jordan speaks to wander through four as he tries to descended the British Open and kind of get his. A mom you know get his slow going again Danny Willett somebody in the names I know I heard stand there. Ruined I do not know him he's a leader 500 Danny Willett. Masters champ hood is off for a masters champ 370 Isner three under as well Kevin Chappell to wander. Those names I know I can pronounce tiger doesn't tee off until ten would you say perhaps around 1030 so the liked us at tiger 1021 eggs and Sony want a guy come our listeners we also air raid went right. As what I had asked how certain it is easy name in the golf circles of people out. I didn't didn't I say he's at 10% earlier this child was at the same got a pregnant and we're all cash and also leading the British Open apparently does catch. All right let's go world's go to silence here and see what people have to say we backed in all these college football stories from media day. And the Cam Newton picture that was tweeted out that even even guys are excited about to shirtless photo Cam Newton let's go to Kevin Kevin was go wrong. Good morning got a well great you know they say. You'd think I don't normally normally would even call about yet beat but audit you after. Last night and it actually watching again today this morning and com. I applaud. The lady women neck top and you know came forward and report that it UNN at the end Yorker app courage award. What that occur. And restraint and a YouTube app platform and I want that you'd I want you wait and get that out and you know I am gonna wait. Compare and what Larry did not repeat it may even buy. What happened we care about her nap I. Made a very you like that they. Outdoor carpet or or their speech are up neck corporate it Jerry in you know image. Image in protecting that is not important respecting what do app and that was wrong they'll. People that got called. Called in and year. They're called Ellington not under and why. You're down. You guys should you you got to be impaired and out at Portland based in a city to bring seem. All that that not change what he did an image. Should not. Out there in the forward and not trying to be other co op. It'd it'd be I don't don't look after game knowing that there and I under contract or whatever but. Jerry in debates. Keep that in other things are more or then what really happened. Absolutely not agree with you and that line calls that was a powerful display yesterday that a 140. Ladies who were victims. Of doctor Nasser getting up there together on stage LE race and was kind of like leading the charge former gym this. And that was a strong moment I thought to Jim Kelly speech was a tremendous moment as well. Arm and I had not heard him speak in a while and did not know blown his speech was so sect did it. By the cancer he's battling and may he got up there and was started just like he was when he played there is no bills jokes today trapeze there will be a moratorium on this show. For one day mind you on bills jokes because he was absolutely bad as. And I love the message still. About hey this isn't just about me in my life help somebody today everybody has it in them. To pick up somebody spirits to help somebody who is suffer from a disease or whatever. He knocked that out of the park yesterday bone and that's one thing about the yes these. Is is who seemed cheesy as some of it is and we will talk about Danica Patrick's monologue. At some point because I could not believe they sent her out there to do that I've felt bad for. Blocks are not they do there there are these moments don't every year. That are pretty cool how wasn't completely down to the gender thing I didn't know that Seagal forced me when they did at that here. But these Jimmy Dean Arthur Ashe awards are often powerful moments they are all on him credit for that. I was talking to my dad yesterday in house got to make it a joke about it being ESP di Nino can't miss that my dad's or Jim Kelly speaking about wanna watch. If we are your right we we also didn't give myself included we make quality espy's but then there are so many powerful moments that happen and I made sure last night to watch Jim Kelly. It is certainly wants young ladies Aussie you talk about Kurt all the way around too fast too. Deal with what you dealt west. With Larry das or it is the oldest stand up there. It's sort of millions of national city it does speak would you show your face or tell people I'm not a victim almost survivor that was so. Powerful last night on analyst Charles that was so strong kudos to all those ladies and do it and you know you're not gonna put me in hiding and that was a beautiful message. To anyone who is dealt with similar stuff to really won us. I'm I'll say this though what I watched the most last night's. Was the truck series race at el Dora speedway on the dirt track that was on the freak him believable they do it every year. Is that it's unbelievable if they would put the cup cars on the dark people would go crazy for sliding around out there man. That's a good show I don't know I have anybody out there with me to watch this. But that is an incredible show every year Mac great it's still photo finish at the end of the race we talk about that before you love that you of that and and that's one year one year yearly obviously it's huge man I'm telling you if they put a cup cars at held door it's a small little track you obviously won't be able to sell as many tickets but let's be on the Jay sodas they take it as used to anyway it's a big tracks. It would be an unbelievable TV is that man see to guys sliding around out there trying to handle the dark hallway just awesome. I have a new TV show recommendation for a matter asserted Beijing yesterday let's. Holds little show called mad men a new one of his very tonight what I saw I don't know why does it the first time around. Husbands are you talk about. Facilitates plays in the 1960s. About it ad agency that's in my wheel house I don't know how I I ignored this about a bunch of show would listen and add agency in nineteen C talk about a row L truly gun rights it's you probably need to it somewhat match candidates. Bono are you well lifeline it's been a funny my wife lives and I didn't really get into it now it's remarkable it really just the all right so Boehner has discovered mad men when he you discovered breaking bad about it some voice you'll discover breaking bad or you purposely not been watching breaking bad because you don't wanna give me the satisfaction. Are you asked really get the more you bring it up the mormons who watched every other show why guys aren't I would get around to it why is it took us. You shouted at me I'll watch it wants you don't wanna be forced to know. Do realize it's not just me like a lot of people are saying the show it's freaking amazing I understand how dumb when he's when he's forced breaking down on May idols horse madman back on mute. On the duty yeah. I don't know us one I could consider watchers got Christina Hendricks and I was commander I'm still trying to finish house cars man how much and trying to get through and just sort of season five which is bases last season on house of cards on tremendous show and is just damn shame he's a complete perverted mess. Because it does catch your watch you can't help but think about that tell what my hours tremendous man one of my all time favorite shows comes back I think I think it's next Friday I think. Orgy is a new black comes back. Next Friday I'll watch out for good seats. It was good for good seasons change looked and they lost me on that one homeland lost me till I was really in the homeland. But I'm not afraid don't like I don't feel like just as I started watching join need to finish it. If you betray me and if you're show becomes lesser quality it's hard to turn on your heart rail break up what do TV show and heartbreak. A hardy go to Jose hardy yes and I broke up with oranges into black ironic that stale moms same thing over and over again I got it back up again risen. I'm again I'll I don't spoiler if you thought it went down also. It's changed a little bit but it but it changed some things erratic got a they brought it to new people waited brought him back up again you should probably waksal takes an order spoil what doll. Well I don't if you're pushing shows on the on the I don't know I don't wanna spoil her out of national. There are still present amid an area that they're not getting along with the forty hours. Mac can W a things they've done dumb Sons of Anarchy is another one people always suggests that I've been stubborn haven't started. It's due says Yellowstone awesome new show. But I've I'm unlike bow and I'm still trying to get the old shows lost out a we go to sports life here that sometimes can can we get the football season did you becomes harder so Digi sees him probably for you guys probably April took. Pre season football that we get the football order to better got to shut down got to shut down got to go football only because likes Larry Fedora football is my life. The sad thing is like I'm with Larry on football being a life and all this stuff. But when he went as far as to say America. Will suffer if football is not the same game ten years now. That's just a bit of hyperbole mad and crazy we'll be back into that stuff. A distance is just discovered wire I'll watch the wire for like 45 episodes and really and gave up on it. I didn't like to have Friday night I saw the first season I wasn't that big into does it start slow because people swear by the wire does its large stay isn't it better prep fear my just missing something there. Yeah I've lost all these shows we're talking about the wire breaking bad man met nicks a Brad madman by yet another wires great nation doesn't lost the wire I guess state that I like that takes place in what your areas and in Baltimore he used. You're I would have watched this one already you know. Ramo what a long Meyer gets a lot of love two when we talk TV on the show a lot of people like no allow little long Larry has owned up our Barack model or knuckle. Barack myers' show that it's a lot of love on his long Meyer sure didn't guys umpires also Sarah Jessica Shaw. Yeah I say I. Of course say Meier but Barack Meyer gets a lot of love it is Hank Azaria playing that goofy play by play announcer that we gets a lot of Lebanon check that seated god are we gonna take a little breather here we come back to haunt my week alone doesn't show apparently bowed. You know what that is how it got saved for the cause I think. No I didn't make this thing I was reading what he saw its national institute shows confused. I'm just not done and that made easy for the next state are licensed to shut yes I did a very visible on mad about it we gotta get back to football here TV's Gregg every TV is Greg we get a soccer or football. College football news or media days. Cam Newton is working out was receivers in Baltimore. And all everybody can talk about. It's cam Newton's physique we'll discuss believe it or not you but I believe it's on the Mac to set. I were magnetic is Bubba Cunningham talked with Garcia and daily yeah he was surprised east well or surprised that Larry Fedora. Mason's role proclamations. Bounce CG year no link with football and I've lowered America will be in decline it's football changes the way I think it's gonna change I mean well big Fella. He also had a story a bar about a three star general. Who. Larry Fedora says he asked this general why is our military so great why are we to greatest in the world. And he says because of football. That's the general as a letter source says the general tells it is because we're the only football playing country in the world. And he says almost all the people in the military men in the military have played football. And that is what makes him great you learn lessons there that you'll fly in the military and it's just like I mean I again I love football. But this attitude like Larry Fedora actually said the reason why America will be in declined. It's football becomes a lesser game. Is because any less people play football is because the lessons that you learn in football cannot be learned anywhere else. And I just got to draw the line there I mean are you kidding me you mean we can't teach our kids about toughness and team work. And hard work and dedication we can't teach those lessons if they choose a player's Ford island football. And that's just a crazy ads in by the way what about women who don't grow up playing football Larry got three daughters. An ace I mean I added that they don't learn lessons by playing football so I guess because able football coach dad you teach him the football lessons. Liked it just is such freak in the hyperbole. It is absurd he kept repeating it he was a Garcia Bailey three and a half hours after his original press guards Eddie is still telling Franken Kyle. How America will be screwed. Indeed damn near damaged if football becomes a less worse or it's just. I can do and I know we work in the sports talk field. I don't I act like football is way more important and it probably should be acted like I understand all of that. This dude so all of that to another level adds 500. Each is set of war by the downfall of America Larry let's torture by the downfall of the ACC coastal division how about we focus on that first another downfall. Of all of the entire country the other thing that W to point out are you may have done already but I asked to be repeated multiple times in that. Wary if you wanna know more about concussions. It's a crazy thing here. Walk around campus you might find some crazy days go on that the second leading concussion expert in the field. For the stuff is right on your campus and latest poll go to watch might learn something. And that's another bad part of this so is that he is just completely neglecting. The great work that's being done there the research that's being done. It's and for these denying the stuff that they are signing at their very same school it's just crazy I received at least that what are Roy Williams put out yesterday. Now its passage says quote Dag gum it. Could expect that at all that's it's we're excited it's weird it's always that Roy must have been shaking his head little Larry has a diagonal arrow man Mac and WS Lindsay done can get into double leg rob back in here Larry is the email address by the way somebody said this to make. A screen shot. If you Google does it says a day it's made Google the training camp information. Training camp starts literally the first practice. Opening night is a week from tonight down there in Spartanburg. That but he Google look. The training camp information. And becomes a Malone says people also searched far panthers' best players. And the order of the other's best players goes like this the pictures that are there KM loop and Brad Mercer. I balked at that. Well what have you done blood but you're reliable it's. Just showed us people also deserves a bit there's been as players and Britain burst and as a third picture you see I also send you back. The it's a grand screen shot yesterday of the camp picture on the Graham. And who was The Who what name came up second as a person like us about the volume Brent Larson like Emerson was a second while he still. He's still John the same jail is good graces. Somebody's got a picture and it says this is Roy right now. And it's Roy it is bathing suit just chill and on a lounge Erica back back back. I'd like to thank me off even the NCAA look at the role like that but they we self reported. Football player selling game warned here Roy and any not to worry about the NCAA get back in Carolina's business that's all football. Sadistic humor and the river had my Clouseau. Test at that I 704 or five cents you know nice extent of damage John is up next. Com here on the Mac attack what's up baby John. Our update the door. Or is committed out. I'll play that probably never put it and in the dirt probably never looked like a ball but that being stared. What does he is going to explain explain. Slim does point yourself. What does that mitigated situation that I have I have by all how to cook all. All I don't know whether. You're being out all of that she sure is prepared if you're prepared and other not to be a better opponent is flat out. If you are up and don't give prepared a lot of all you do it not bad. Well well well acted aka. I played basketball for twelve years I learned all those lessons my Dow's best we'll go to learn all those lessons about fighting through adversity. Battling and you gotta put to work in a come on man I love free to football Douglas so I think the greatest country the world is gonna decline it's a good two hours. Or. But that's OK that's great odd but she also had injuries and other sports as well you have to battle stroke. And I know you're telling Egypt are you telling me damage done to his country is not great enough to withstand so it's football because has less contact. And the comes less appealing. To people don't like that we can't overcome that as a country you can. I don't know about you but not bad terrible like. I agree with you on that I really do by the way what else to join us he would say something else and I jumped Wilson. Did my app are a elevate. Dirt speck. Up until boot speed up our viewers are both sports say limited government army. Start if you mark. A I hit eight. Ali draw little local I'll hopefully I'll take that Tebow for some reason. I step up because your. Also don't understand up right now as a distant just to prove what dated like yourself here. You are. Oh pop it about Mac. About nobody out. We're talking about but wake up out there go my ear and not give out about it in a credit. I was Maine he's trying to rip me a bone didn't know he's trying to. Be great pain and play with Florida. Aware that we do. There's no. Funds can be an excellent business I mean how long is his call to go wants. What we've got to get to Bob handoff your ninth. If there's a new right where the rubber used to be immediate damage John as we start 2018. The Amazon vs Tebow is becoming the Robert you dunked him twice in a week. This is going to get ugly man back out mob paraphrasing slightly to my man on Twitter Mac order point something out here remember when Jordan made the ceiling is horror of combat. What pop figure was right now Simonyi said. As lawyers it was Larry Qatar Qatar as I did put your right down material for object I noticeably greatest leaders we Greider Selig is the you get an object ceiling is the roof here there's there's there's been a John sure does drive like a snow flakes Sony says the image John is right man's football football makes our country it is our game it's the one sport that is an American sport is but do we become a worse country it's football goes through some hardships I just don't understand the connection it seems over the top. And have but I. That we got people on your defendant. Arm that's what makes talk radio go around I will take a breather. Talk more about Fedora we've got to get some Panthers stuff out there tears well people are asking if one where's this camp photo we will explain but champs photo. There has men and women in panther nation talking it's the Mac attack. I were back it is a Mac it's don't have frenzy roles in the first hour of the show up people are asking hey I want to hear this. Larry Fedora audio there's a bunch of because he did multiple sessions like he came out so this piece. And they came out later we thought tasted good clarification here I'm not but these are the and are clarified how does anyone and on and on just dug in deeper doubled down. I'm Garcia and Bailey same sort of stuff so anyway I won't play. The initial goods or three minutes of the initial comments. That started a firestorm. It seems split between those you disagree with us that what he says is just he's irresponsible relief for Russell ball coach should be acting like this when you're in charge of the well being. Our student athletes and and ends that that's that's not TM believe man at least act like you don't beliefs it's good for the sake of recruiting and not turning parents all around the country. But we'll get into that at the top of the hour a little bit more here and people called in about it too we'll talk about that's. On the Camden. Picture of their bodies talking about because folks are now curious why it. Could this picture via Cam Newton Cam Newton is in Baltimore working out what is receivers. And Cam Newton is short list and he has been working out this sausages and I think it's necessary right. Odxa got on a world that yes. Holy smokes that. I mean ads for days man he looks freaking great easing good shaped. And there are as he's ready to go see this season. What. Was a target and prep something's little joke about it silly yes some things we do not. In this town trying to feel all right serious news release first you'll Fedora. I heard a story out there and that big guy. Big guy out good I'm gonna use what are your terms that he's also. Big guy's got a body made possible sad right now the first. False they're because he does does it not look good those ads that he is ready to take some shots run the football. Come on Norris. This guy Superman don't treat him like the other man you can be quarterbacks out there this dude is ready for designed runs ulcers ready for zone reads. He's ready to take shots if need be I am a big guy I just hope those shots don't come. Mostly from the left side of the offensive line when he's dropping back to pass. Arm but if you hear what can't get a name is next child and I did some research. Chiseled. Chiseled didn't. Oh man we got some jokes these. Observe that is good Hispanic IDS these last night Isaiah on air and water and all season solar plant between McCaffrey's biceps. Camps at. Arabs who's next. Is next exit. Let's say come on down maybe come on down next up. Here's the deal though were already dealing a Marty dealing in my emails with people that are trying to turn this into some sort of deal with cam. I'm Brian says oh it's great your quarterback has ads that is amazing how's that gonna help them when he's trying to read a defense. Joseph says Mac. Are you don't really don't get excited because your quarterback looks like mr. Olympia Seattle habits you get out of work out room and getting the damn film room there were so we knew this was common man we knew this was done and Cam Newton get themselves in amazing shape and have that just be a positive thing right. There's got to be free can haters shatters and doubters that have to try to twist this sense. Oh yeah that's not gone well you don't want your quarterback look like that not means he's not in the film room but you can't work out and also work on other parts of the quarterback craft. That's ridiculous absurd and quite frankly annoying as all get. Just cared Roger is or Russell Wilson or nick souls. Or someone yet and this is not hear me out here for those guys yesterday treated got to work out soda. They came was that ESP awards last. Not with the receivers he's working out what they say they all why would you Russell Wilson what is teammates on the air Roger with his teammates. He's Nicole says he was there when Nicole's what is teammates okay it was acting under armor area and Baltimore. It is wide receivers work or get out not a DSP awards it was reversed the order a canister. Boy it's almost like bone they want to find a way to rip can't it's almost what it makes me feel like what I wanna live cam who happens to be ripped himself listen. I'll be the first guy. I'll be the first guy who admit they're McCaffrey's arms and GM meetings ads only do so much they only do so much right. Item that might offer some people that's why I said she's got to settle down on this Karbala just email so what's in her not me that's why I set one bone Boehner actually I'm more excited about the arm so McCaffery denied it and I said man. A lower body is what needs to be strong those legs that's what you know he's got to be able. To run through tackles better. And then was Cam Newton so there is an element obviously OK there's other parts of quarterback play but just because somebody is in good shape and by the way if any quarterback needs several bodies they can take shots. And runs through shots and stuff like that it is Cam Newton. Why don't we have to turn it into a negative that this area of cams offseason preparation is upon us and just assume will be other area of offseason preparation was not done he's thrown this offseason a time like you said he strong right now. When his receivers. It's almost like you mentioned it's just feels to me. I do it doesn't matter what can and does he may get report now now may have Bennett now cam Matt for the haters is working out too much. Yeah mr. Derek says Khamis damned if you do damned if you don't he is the definition of that saying there's no doubt about it that's Russell Wilson they're going to look at that leaders have won only hereafter could have been at ESP awards but he's not he's there with his teammates Russell Wilson cares more than the average merry asset that we are it's true it's all about there is Tom Brady all the sudden he got himself gripped. Although I did see a side by side of Brady's body this offseason camps it looked like the media. And mr. Olympia sideline sacks but some Gabriel talks got himself in shape like that it would be nothing but a positive but we can't comes with this sort of jump. I'd here's the deal Chris Sale older and if he camera talk about the door and we once again in the Senora I think so called wanna get into that is well we'll play the original audio they've got everybody talking yesterday biggest stories from any. Media day SEC ACC anything going on yesterday is Larry Senora I don't I think he deserves the ripping he's been getting do you guys agree.