Mac Attack Hour 1: David Tepper's comments & Rockets even up WCF

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Wednesday, May 23rd
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the comments made by new Panthers Owner David Tepper, plus the Rockets winning game 4. 

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Welcome to the Mac attack on 102 point five the plan with the Mac obviously now under. Analysis sometimes with Tebow I keep my hands yeah. Originally yourself exactly. Let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clinging. Okay. Around somewhere we got ourselves a couple series in the NBA right now they're both tied it sue if it does stay up late last night grieving catch the high. Oh what happens at thank you C Webb what happened last night was on freaking unbelievable. Golden State through a couple of hay makers at don't. Had multiple twelve point leads including twelve nothing out of the gate but after another amazing. Typical Golden State third quarter were stiff curry we share Meehan and hitting threes. And you know they're down twelve Houston is early fourth and they come back again and they wind. This basketball game they hold Golden State to three field goals in the fourth quarter three of eighteen. Alison great deep from Mike and Tony team this LL the defensive effort right there toughness to do. I mean to lawyers had lost a game at home and apply also in sixteen tries a sixteen game home winning streak in the playoffs. Braga zero and seven in in that arena and yeah else and then one there Chris Paul was just remarkable. Is that a James Harden was pretty much missing in action second ante at six points in second half. After Tony score in the first. But so the dude dude that was the key figure was Chris Paul hit big shots. Absolutely big shots for them so while the rockets have tied the series it's somber day for warriors Mac. But I do recognize we got ourselves two series now bony. And you calm down on your NBA playoff frustrations now because we have to best of threes in the conference finals now blown. Yes we haven't seen Al thing we seen that have a game yet from the cavs and Celtics we know I mean maybe the next game is that last night though we. The frustrating part for me Mac was all year for the mode with the season began from the summertime on we knew basically. We were headed towards warriors rockets we kind of figured this was going to be to get that the series so we go lover just huge deal. It has it really terms of the games lived up to it until last night that's what we wanted all year that's what we got I think from here on out. You know it doesn't take much to turn a prominent. From a series that we we question to a great series was last at its very point from now on we now gonna get games like that the rest away I think we cut. I don't know I should do MBA player also doesn't it of the numbers yesterday bone they just have a tendency to have a lot of blowouts. For whatever reason you know adjustments being made and stuff like that a bomb you know shifted Daniel and all that stuff. But it's I notice the warriors are in a best of three series. And you can't really say that too often with his steam lately he's now if you cannot say that so the rockets are major kudos but toughness they displayed. Does that crowd was going crazy early fourth quarter after staff went off in the third and come back from twelve down to do it when defense into it and grinding fashion. I guess not what we would it would equate to be rockets basketball. It was ugly fourth quarter is ugly and nasty. But they found their way to roll up their sleeves. And toss it out on the road in the toughest environment hoops. That needs to be applauded and I give them all the credit in the world for that with that said. I thought Golden State did so many things on offense in the second half that we're just ridiculous and so out of character for them. I mean did they forget they were the team that's supposed to be about ball movement. I mean they turned in XUL get a ball screen at the top get a switch and then iso forever terrain curry whoever you know has the ball. Did they completely. Got out of the fourth quarter of what they normally do lives he's supposed to move the ball move people. And they didn't do that at all man but so this is for the best in terms of the big picture in terms of fans via an interest in greens being captivated. I am in total shock man I thought the warriors Adam as a matter of facts at least he notably there's evidence on Twitter about it that you saw her yeah. To prove it to may nineteen Charlie covers as the temperature right now seventy degrees at 70. Ten years old parts and labor code available for free with Charlotte Comfort Systems. Glad Sears are summarized an obvious. So bone until about how. Hot rockets bonus fired up today Zacks fired up today they're all excited because the evil empire went down last night and blew a twelve point lead in the fourth. But bone against fully enjoy it because he went on Twitter yesterday what was your exact week now that is made it made the big time around it's gone national while windows twelve nothing. Basically. Are treated out that the lawyers are not losing again on the exceeds. That's who I just had a stated that die at their dollars in that was in 'cause I. I had a vision of them that was in the rest of the series and then sweeping the finals and I said I did what we all do now what's the people. Waited out there put it up there. No reaction really because no one really everybody was thinking the same thing like here's the thing I will be honest with you bone I will Lama laughs at this this story and our HL but it's. I don't blame you everybody was tweeting this out when it was twelve nothing and then again in the fourth quarter ended on a meat so about midway through those four that actually a ballots for five minutes ago I went out. That's definitely. But there must be a problem I say this week's gone national because the Twitter account for freezing cold takes which is out which exists just to make fun of bad sports takes swings and misses. Somehow I haven't shown on their yellen. Which is amazing in itself I think I do most of my swing and miss it on the radio and I don't chancellor extra spots on team Sony's included Ford suites are included and that gave the game to the lawyers and he belongs included. The other three trailing go for me as the end. Bill Simmons. And lo big cats from Marcia Clark still sports. Her elbow did you get include it was such national media luminaries male act occurred for you first of all bill citizen are my heroes are followed his career before even got EST what are your organs were. Digital city bosses on bail while so I followed him from the is the beginning maybe not so much now he's gone big time little bit different but. I'm a huge fan so now what's going on back is he Boris Bonnie in the threat. To go to the wrong. Take just about takes guests now want to end with these guys so once said. He Vegas essay in. And now somehow I want to Adriano obviously did a blue check marks I don't but don't want that these guys. Now he also did you guys get reps did not let you gotta be like it. Just did they run out of patience looking for the fourth national well known name that's weeded out the game was over and they did some crab just throw this guy in there. I could we gotta get this Toledo immediately attempt find another well known guy you know how they did a number of people said don't be that's out again and they get these people Coleman. Sent undertakes they don't know the people that are ready people turning UN. Bob Bradley McGee baddest men holding a town was one that sent it said that's an Aaliyah those men can't be overlooked bound under police who you are thinking the same thing probably don't trap right eerily in the game was no we over my own god go to rockets and right here. And now. Actually kind of praying I was like can we please get a good game whatever is well nothing I was like are we really about to do this forty point thing again might come on guys really. And then James Harden dunked on German green and I'll Muster Russia and off like I was Hulk Hogan. I was the greatest moment in drain money haters history I personally am the only person outside his family and warriors say. License when it was sea level I did that was a nasty dunk dude and you and they went on Iran after that I think. I did you can't say enough team on about the punch isn't the rockets took on the road in that environment with their season on the line. And the way they responded man by the way Chris Paul's got bad ankle. And ball out like that late. That's that's one of the moments. I guess so much respect for Chris Paul. After that game man and I haven't I'm not the biggest Chris Paul stand and I feel like his play also moments are you know not exactly an abundance. Dude that was one of his best moments his career last night it's not deem best. And those here where there's Iraq has been that solid as well as a high school. I teach it. I didn't notice these things are gone last night there's an actually it's it's with a series for the rockets. When you use a term to describe the rockets in the past when James Hardy and resiliency has not been a term Munis now big appoints an amount as you mentioned they sold. Game one punch in the mouth lapin. They responded game Tim. Game three saying thank last night. They got clutch repeatedly early on and late they were down Norton normally the rockets don't. Win those games in the playoffs and they don't want as do the leaders of a Chris Paul else that has a lot to deal with. They're taught by the Saudi inside the NB after the game last night it's a rare saying but it does happen once in awhile where you saw the warriors panic. You see a lot of panic and yes there shot selection down the stretch was absolutely Doran had terrible shots. You don't need a three I into a bigger player to dumb college team minute and a half last and staff was involved array it was you're placing a bad stories. Attacked the basket. And like I said the way they went ten a high ball screen iso constantly in the fourth with an album that's not there that's not their Jane it was a ridiculous man they really was they completely got out of themselves. Armani no cents a sang as I was saying an Alley outside himself outsiders and insiders that they are there is a perfect game I had the thought today was a day for me. They got outside themselves and it's uncharacteristic. I will say this though because I sense. Some rockets lag do in here with you and Freddie. Are you guys now believing the rockets are gonna get this series again like you said if he reaches I still think the lawyers come out with furious vengeance and furious. Anger. Amman no I I don't think on thirsty well two out of three duet of the three games are used in now on the game zevil Bobby and domes they all states are wanting used. They have the black candidates it's game seven. Was an oracle. I'll probably say of dissent we have a games have a snorkel I don't think the rockets of women a game seven in Houston. I think the rockets do when the series that's that's not a sign in with say right now Chris Paul who want to my high school my dear. We'll get to the NBA final on May don't win they will win the image or even trapeze are jumping all prepping you seal. No I don't feel Orioles are one and I don't it doesn't even matter if the rockets when the next game I think that he's our Jose words you're inside scoop up. How long it's getting cold in here I think bonus just dropped another freezing cold take a look only at night you know addition what what makes the oil. Get a break bones heart I love it man they're gonna break bones are here's the deal to warriors want Mason unstoppable is they have three guys early level scores curry terrain and Thompson. Then lose three as a trio have not link click it all series curry had his moments early struggled. Don't look now the last three games Klay Thompson eight points thirteen points and points of White House is not contribute a third option. They're not the same T necessarily a but why would you expect us to continue for a whole selling anyways yeah last night personal automobile I guess he's all right. But that's not 1013 and eight that's normal Klay Thompson brush it goes out and always that's 48 game one. What's average we're is that the last regain is that makes them. All the little more portable would quite toss is not scoring that I just I think you're going to see a bust out game from him at some point. You know just like Monique you knew there were staff busts out games comment. I just like there's got to be a clay and on the city's daily said we do for a game in this series. Where James Harden just goes completely bonkers fifth. We did for those games pretty gets like 45 points and yes forty so already in this series he'd he'd give us up by our takeover game down the stretch of this I think we so Delaware's when those last. And it hardens gonna win one of these games CA is next next game really Netscape gators aren't gonna win next. Use you believe in hard and what you would normally the warriors who proven they can win championships like. I can't be honest phone in James Harden wasn't on Florida's if you don't we Mac James Harden in plain site and have I'd say. Narrow it and notice a mutt like I am telling you that dude. I guess they were riding Chris Paul. I just still don't believe James Harden is his big play all us. Clutch he was sensational in the second core us so we definitely wasn't even play defense and to forget steals back to back for God's sakes but like when it was crunch time. Like I wanted to Malta go to hard and so those are the warriors I wanted to longhorns' chance on him Paul's stance and I. Well maybe I will rue rue the day I said this maybe he'll prove me wrong Tony I just. I made sure to get a whole lot of help lossless and the other guy's name PJ Tucker not a normal score percent with four points Capellas then missing in action outside a rebounding numbers. It ought Eric Gordon had one of the biggest shots of the game yet it's huge straight and you put about five I think. And when needed it but Eric Gordon was once sorry from cows only 3-D game it was big though it once was on the they showed some moxie they did and credit they're deep sense man's 39% shooting from lawyers lawyers were nine of 27 from three. And the lawyers at sixteen turn over she got a trip to Houston defense on the we got a couple series gotta double to reduce series no matter which side. You are on if and when you mad when you take Iguodala. Out of the wind up there. And edit the depth of the warriors as in grand what do you mean I didn't give her some good players like bells could be good wire quick comes at a nice story. Forty take a doll out your badges bell cook. Living city Nicki on the only for the white also badge there's not a lot of depth we do that going in with the red signing. Now you're seeing a little bit of it'll hat they don't have they can't add much beyond. Did of the big as always I feel bad storm and it really good and David wasn't David west was taken once series and now he's not reported. They're not play enemy it's big he is one of those X-Factor guys set I think is way more important than the average fan would thing. A bomb but we got a lot more to talk but it's a shrewd on the heavy NFL data daily show. Ton of cancers because there's some cool stuff that was said yes they know CA is that we got to talk about we talk about some stuff going on routier's end. Obviously it was national tougher day yesterday. And when he held a press conference until you do is dude this dude is exciting to me we've got to talk about David tepper. As well it is an act its act right here on a frenzy. He's all fired up many sees how he's totally thinks that evil empires going down. Dream I got dunked on that. She paid me to be animated T bone. Had a rough rough night shoot the basketball. It's all good for Tebow in today but Obama and his lawyers team always comes back with a vengeance and that will happen on Thursday about it will. HM audio like damn Susie got so in the face last night disarm pointed out teeth zags during the highlights us an inside the NBA. On under his breath that they show the dog and Barkley went. You'll be talking now. Ernie he's regulatory now Charles subtle subtle shot at Dre Bob. Or at least annoying he's entertaining but he's annoying the crap out a major there's no other and our. There's no other announcer be able to have a personal CU would player in a championship series. And get away with imagine this going on Terry Bradshaw column have a guy during a playoffs. My dishonorable when he made throws and perceptions like this doesn't have any any other world other than Charles Barkley is world. Like he has his own set of rules. On how we can act and I get it. Because he's Barkley and he's been doing this for years and he's mr. entertainment. But it's in knowing I would love to drink mongering when punch in the face the problem is he would then get suspended. He doesn't so I just hardly it it's ridiculous eyes a little has gotten inside his psychic annoys me to reach out. Which movie that's his thing now man he did it once in theory guy every every every episode of the show now would you like Barkley bay -- like Barkley didn't say tough guy like general Clark but I want everything it is Charles you're going on sixty years old you'll get your butt kicked so badly as he got into a slightly dream on Green Zone is great and by the way Shaq Shaq would care Barkley status limb from limb and I can just you really zoom out. And I just listen I like Barclays added saying that some of this stuff. Is annoying manner I realize I'm the only person Charles a leg straight month bringing I understand that no one else is on my side through the demand now tournament bracket until today I just Google junior came up on freezing cold takes what a bad little. Zain and there's a deal with our radio showed up people think that when I get mocked for that divorce Albright we made it. I do shuttles finally got so bad it takes we made it its own. It's not match. What do you do to to pull it said which one of these holes tonight making a clinical takes equitable. And not. How old how old Bob Cousy elbows he made because I don't swing I made. I didn't tweet out any in game reactions you know I'm saying I just I saw what you tweeted I just didn't actually waited and I could have been just as guilty I had the same thought this game streak in over stepped his due in life still did the remake Shimmy last night. But that was an extra Shimmy man you are and I thought at that point it's a rat maybe I starred get mob pillow already housed at regular events like myself again mayor. There are. So it's we sirte is you've had that you know there's a grand chance there's gonna backfire that would I didn't I didn't think you never Morales just a regular tree in my eye disease over a know what would disagree. They get a lot of reaction all what do you go about dollar bill that would set a work I don't normally wouldn't look like today by the way up. Huge day opinions are news yesterday when you combine. VO CAAs and it was a day of the routier's this week there's only one day each week the next three weeks when the media is allowed in routier's that was today so. We have some really missing stuff to vote CA's. I mean an economic and when I say interesting I mean I get interest in when I read to DJ Moore caught a big Gainer over the middle against first team defense claims that the exact. It doesn't take much ballwind me in my enthusiasm. That is Panthers team this season to read dad and get pumped up about it also thought it was interesting but Curtis Samuel was out there he was limited. But he is out there catch some passes run some routes and softened. That's ahead of schedule. Armed that's definitely ahead of schedule where people thought he would be coming off the injury. Luke was limited. Pats on the sidelines. Hanging out and work with the trainers. But they do that would happen during the season I just do just I need sixteen days out of path. Practice doesn't really matter with that ridiculous freak of nature at this point scoring grab boards a similar schedule to strike Garcia sixty days a year that's all you have. Oh man it's it's it's just a way it goes so obviously didn't take Jesus camp coming off the shoulder surgery. On the temper press conference was so freaking cool. It was just really cold kind of hear it was only seven minutes and is only four questions are five questions. But it was an extended it. Listen to David tapper it was a first time we heard him talking about this football team. And there's just so much and there are like bone like I mean there was this there was a simple stuff in their light truck from his personality the self deprecating should. I just I don't know many guys that have been worse close to twelve million dollars at one point in their lives. But I would expect many of them aren't very good at self deprecating and they probably just love themselves so much. But David severed call himself stupid about two or three times in a seven minute presser. And made multiple jokes about how he doesn't have a pair has hair and beat of the reporters including Joseph person that we're covering the press conference. I just like that about him I just have a ceiling. Jerry Richardson doesn't crack does console stupid to also. You know I just I just really appreciate it down to earth. Like even after the press conference he was asked by tape pearls of the observers don't really good job covering this the ownership thing always throw. And she asked him DR you know celebrate this. And he set up already did a few days ago and she's and how he said I had a strawberry Leslie quick. And I had to. And I and I had some port crimes he said that's other right. Now the one thing I don't like is that strawberry Nestle's deathly not southern RIU reserves sweet tea and aired poor price but it's delicious. Our audit but it is ones and gasoline I was probably gonna I don't like war crimes and the import price Parker it's channeled some borderline play solid favorites actor and get down on it well bland for my needs it's like it it's like greasy hair. You know I mean it's you biting so it and then the port right dissolves really quickly like you just airing there. But in your Leisle grace. So I can't really greasy at all they don't for solid obviously angles for chips now and I'm not getting to the pork primer on what I did feel like if you like and it's always up there Omaha hi how much. Well here's a question okay guys what's poignant satellite goes up much either out us must first go to -- about its audience not allowed a run like those if you got a free maggots onions oratory and a free man of pork rinds pork export price which one you dig into first audience could well I just I'd rather have a Pringles or just a regular chips have a neither. You like an heroes now not a send us live under stacks up there why they're right where there is better snacks but it's. I'm not gonna throw away a free bag port cries somebody can send bam boy Timmy but anyway here's a question I was gonna ask. It's seen as a southern thing right four francs yes mom do people really liked it liked is our audience read do we have a lot of people really like pork rinds. I feel like it's not anybody's go to use Akamai wrong in saying that even in it and Charlotte. Besides the ties that Adam was because I bought on someone had a homer gave your hair to be a Bagger some that it ever. Never went to a to a convenience stores said you know what I could really go import price right now this is ever comes out I get a little hankering. A guy like what it once every six months a little port brine tank round grab the bag for brides at least jerk your two things I don't read like Arlen beef jerky. One of those things I'm not really that into these jerky not not all. The port franks is greasy hair about like Canada that's a dead man. On the distant says you have to get the hot pork rinds and cold beer that's good stops. I've never had a hot pork rinds doesn't do it again. An exciting game changer I haven't either it's greasy hot air apparel business as usual over Nestle's. We're not a team that's. I probably heard of debate now I would to a stage when I was younger Rouse a kid and I say it can't -- like 23 rows don't doubt he's who's edit enough I did you do while Eddie do addictions for awhile like you did not about what's readers I just can't. Once I have one. Allah may I may have more lighted ready to go to you react to you who Gagne Mountain -- rehab man under him so much Mountain Dew right now bony. It's not it's not good man but I can't help Andre got dogs and so much anymore is Tebow 2.0 years on they are diets are so guidance we tease about actual while. I just a water look at how seriously did she drink diet dull although what they say about diet soda lime wedges in his defense he's trying to say diet soda has sings my wife tells it is as things and it makes you more hungry. Jindal eating more some kind of taking a more calories my doctor even told me just labored water cells taken my propels that even said those are great for Atalanta I don't know what the drink out of the drink anymore I get David's Hepburn OT legally while it's good at 628 orders have the conversation go with. I'm just asking to 6 o'clock urged do you really like for crying systems has died dues nectar of the gods jenkins' brother. I just I took it easy bad taste man's. I guess right up there revered I don't say that to Austin about bad about any thing. But anyway I'm asking the question everybody I'm much more crimes in this part of the south Charlotte, North Carolina. Is it really the big deal as far as snacks go or is it not. Is this down my list of favorite snacks. But I did wanna mentioned from and won't get into the NFL by the way at some point boiled peanuts is another want to be somewhat I don't daddy and I don't either and it armies don't know not always thought that I can get an honoree. You know southern. You know citizen award. 'cause I spent you know fourteen years here. I spent a bunch years her hands full years in Jacksonville zoo which is basically just south basically it's north east are. South Georgia that's what it took to do that right but I don't dig on the boiled penis. And core crime some so soul and so that I don't know if I lose my southern card for that. I let's dig a little breather here we got more stuff to talk about north terse comments about Cam Newton yes they have me cranked up. And we'll talk about this is a show goes on I just. I think nor money go a little too far when he estimated cams completion percentage in the in the future. But man I think this is going to be a good marriage. And we also got to talk more about David separate we literally have I think like almost every answer he gave so throughout the show including coming up next. You'll hear from David tapper if you'll want to chime in on rockets and lawyers any lawyers haters feel like there's a chance now we'll talk about that 70457096. Cent Texas call us. Email us it's the Mac attack on SNC. We could say hi. I think that's a southern cuisine. That's got some awesome some does that as right there baby. Our swim marshmallows on eligible marshals artsy potato as a free competing. It was a marshmallows on Nazi content of Sears on the sweeps it isn't so must we did pot. Yeah your daddy taught double license at castle whatever right at Thanksgiving and like little cinnamon and brown sugar. Selling Steven and some brands jitters about male. I we're gonna you can't just say that and I didn't hold on your daughter about snacks now we're talking about southern dishes and are your favorites. Arm and honor I'd now required to Judas. Bulk mail also on the bill did this setup men who live rounds and it's an average. What cut that back plateau although I doubt what. Lisa smile is so silly I also smiling David tepper says we're to Carolina Tampa Charlotte's the place it is today. Now he did go on to give both Carolina's credit which you know I don't need that from him more on the act. But it's what I did South Carolina but. We just drilled home the point. For anybody there was still little you know has its and I think by now we know David tempers all that keep the team here. But it's never old to hear that sort of saying and I just managed stony gave good press conference just to name and I just loved his demeanor love the way he carried himself. And we're gonna you will talk about later on 7 o'clock hour wanna Tennessee who's feeling good about ten Bruce feeling good about the Chan Nora partnerships. But it's one of the things about Samper is. And he admitted yesterday hey I don't know much about distinct. You know I'm just I'm just getting here. So and he will not officially be on board until July or so when the whole thing closes. On so he basically said hey sometimes it's better not to make a change. Then to make a change. And he said that's the case swing years eerie sound stupid you know and he was joking and being self deprecating but the point is. I can't make a change and I don't really know what's going on. I've got to see this thing's for awhile and then reevaluated. And calm you know give it some saw the stuff like that so that's obviously what you wanna hear from the new owner. It's early as necklace and before the show army to get to the level that is that with his billions you have to have probably a little bit Dole's. What do they don't he can be and I don't even think eleven million dollars and be a nice to all the way through its orders by some business parts and that's probably not nicest men in the world to the artist but still Slorc. I'm fascinated by the Scott. A bigger regular guy. He's a he said he eagle group was named PC eleven doing a one of those type of a guy just to sit down to earth guy if you need dumb. You're not to know who exactly I didn't get much street sense from a man you know ideally your head a bar Jerry's at a bar where to sit in this scars. Gonna be our disguise got to be someone that's rich and famous or rich or direct. David tapper probably thirty minute conversation you walk away don't like god this guy he. Aims to be a regular guy who happens to have millions. And you know not just a regular guy and it felt like yesterday rather his support for signs or self deprivation or the balding jokes he's very good wins. You don't tell it jumps about you know hair envy and balding and stuff like that at one point I think he is envious of Ian Rapoport share from NFL network and Joseph persons there. But I like that stuff I didn't want to mention this bone as far as zero CA's cup. And then we'll get back into the southern statutes. Don't give Jackson a real conversation at 6 o'clock hour. But it's. Couple things from the OT Jason gets mad and use disclaimers it's Manny. But I cornerback it was Seymour and Brad Berry together its stock as a starter moral and as a nickel. At safety was sir see an Adams. And I shouldn't surprise us they want with the veterans at this point. You know wrote he's kind of just get acclimated grocers he had a day TX and torn artery was was only later on today mostly about he had like today standalone interception off a tip themselves. Let's see here in the left guard was split between Larson a moat and Silva told Lou. And to mere Byrd was full tilt full go come on off his injury so that's good news there because again lone bird and Samuel. Are the forgotten receivers the forgot the weapons. But those are the guys that have a little Jews that. In now could really give this receiving corps some real depth. If they can be healthy and and get back after itself could be just one of those guys I mean I mean he would be in one on swept up and the swing because we just get one of those guys to do it and that they were added I didn't like to be okay. I think whatever they provide you with sort of a bonus with a roster set up but if they do provide that that takes it to hold on a level altogether about this I sense some sarcasm dripping off this. In this. Email bound. MacKey was a great day yesterday can't even had a good Bal movement. Thank you for that and the I'll let out. I thought well I think it's about mightily over amaze. Practice. I think so I think Arizona's I think it's a shot at me getting excited over the littlest things in May bony. But I can't help myself man I live for Panthers look all I need care and I need to enter football in my life. Max excited for everything Panthers what are scheduled release drove mock drafts lead early on they would are actually the article already going to be cited erratic I don't turn don't let them handle what the men went disloyal lives for I don't sort of calls the armed this student says a hot pork rinds and a cold Yang Lang I agree with the other Texas a way to go. This dude says Charlayne southern never has been never will be winning northern invasion happening. I know just bothers me all those yankees coming down manage as soon I can't stand this takes me off ball works it really does care. Or go get go home go back home it's obviously were melting pot here. You know so there's much more southern parts in this state pure talk hard core southern natives and I say this all the time when I need somebody. And started asking them okay where you from all when somebody says they're from the queen city. I get taken aback I'm not expecting anyone around here to say there from readers is that a destination spot. And for a reason for the record I consider I consider myself southern not northern. Many years since 1996. I have now spent twenty years in the south I spent twelve years in the north I I eight. I've got more southern in the then I do you are but she got to get down port pricing damn man you gotta get deadpan look like for better or she's on your form of autism your sources are not. I'll see your salt and vinegar poured cry in salt roadside globe penis indeed oops and deep in South Carolina on the way to the beach. Arm that's what cures what ails ya. A lot of people are saying so even a report drives I'm never going flavored pork I just don't what to standard. Greasy airports. I'm big on bigger so I don't know I know you only salt vinegar ship's okay. Sorrow out and I cattle have been here on these subs. No woman now that I love the oil muscled man oil under our god is used to just dead Randy nice and juicy. Well and I went what did you just say or make that noise again you just Maryland I don't debate that interest level earlier Donna gander again. What I do well 010. When you see you around and I. And I played a lot more time to forgo regular place even talking to Tony Romo plays well there you go and. I. He's actually got no credit myself here's a guy throw hard Corey country glory says. Don't forget about crabs ships are months. Love me some Maryland crab ships manned love it and enact a dream there's a beer that has all day in and also there's a beard it's a little bacon cup. I want my favorite summer Beers right and I mix that with the crowd cheered so Steve Betsy Maryland. Kind of translate thing by I do love crab legs themselves. Tell us retarded daughter I let my eight. Crab legs over the border like my best but the Michael sell as different so you actually you like to non spicy crab exe act yeah okay guys let's see here just says no on pork rinds. Bone tried body armor drinks seriously tastes like power aid but healthier. No IIIIE it's a groundout in the dragon a problem I was like get a body armor or to weed it's terrible printing how did this conversation gets from great southern snacks and snacks in general till. Look let's get healthy drinks. I doubt that we get off the rails as the show I'm here for both you have your healthy drink show over somewhere else I don't do audio ads on former boss ought to weed out the other day Matt hash tag body by Bob. He found out I was a little breather here this just says Texas peak in your report grind your true southerner. I'm not one of those dudes that uses the Texas. I'll everything Lowell got on eggs put that on pizza you can put that on anything and it's amaze I'm not a sexist pig out. Hot sauce are Mac come on you to put on anything you put it on chicken tenders familiar and senators guy XP it is amazing distance with. The oil and vinegar a little on the roll bar make sub. Yeah when you take advice your life. That was just a wet bite of bread. I guess streets and also man. I'm hungry and I wanna die mountains you right now seriously and doing our Zell he is so intense about talking sounds a little. Or how many dudes right now pulled into a gas station grabs a snack foods and a drag on the way into work but we are killing people's diets. I won't we come back we may try something. Involving sports discussion. How about we talk about these NFL rule changes that are getting pushed through and today by the way there's expected to be a rule implemented an agreed upon deal owners' meetings. On that the National Anthem pro access I don't know there's a good idea mobile will hit you with us next thanks to all that I cited also Slough. Yeah. Also act like crap these Buffalo Bills hey I doubt opt out. Prep let me see this clash in order to get in these NFL rules change it's just. It wasn't just a temper McCain tapped her coronation at Atlanta and they did actually about the business you can tepid tape came sat on a pretty good parody to this team talks in depth aircraft pass and but anyway it's it there was on the stuff going on when just all about supper bunt a humble so you've others rules changes and then there's this thing with C. And in this more showbiz on how we had a conversation about this. The fact that they're about ready to make a rule it sounds like and some other ideas sound hokey is all get out they're gonna make a rule on the income protest. We got to mention that. But press I'm just curious did you like having one of the most annoying dudes in sports media. Chris Berman like tout your bills did you like data are now if somebody had to open guys use like the fact that somebody nationally. It's kind of fondly your squat. Yeah I mean he's loyal to me it is not been the best money year round for the bills I mean obviously so and theft means is a loyal guy. All meant load a full or somehow golf. No one puts a desolate like everybody. I've got no hot spot bump draft I can't fly high against the question I ask questions TDs get a refrain from talking bells went right to decay I know it's only that was on me everybody's like remark yesterday about strip clubs in question vice talking about atlas and they do a segment when on Orioles baseball. And marketing buzz and some good news Lee Lawson I'm not a lot. And right now and a lot more brace faced a bottle in a car seat got is there's four has five wins a season for instant the Phillies it's crazy. But it's. Arm and asked Ozzie out visas amazing don't act like that trip that could anyway and even at series up Baltimore radio appears a though that was sort of treasury here or there but here's the deal here's the deal. Mom. Wasn't as I don't know to get a signal materials on TV cold down on the farm. And that's what it is when it's about the minor league affiliates to see who's showing that the miners. Demo of the storm dusk is well we asked preppy about diablo intercept your blade of silly to muscle. Those eighteen games back though in the first two months of the season that's true very true. I was sorry about last and you out of your Mercedes funny I guess school's growing Twitter analysts that it comes up that Brady chest pain is now Mickey Rooney. All let's just say this is the worst or bust ever given to anybody going in any all the same looks like a dude and not even a good looking dude is brands as staying statue in the Bay Area also raise dot Nelson got his brutal but anyway Tom. Kick cultural change went through now there's trying to save to kick off special teams coach is apparently said we want to take offs and so they tried to make you more vote like a punt situation bowler guys aren't getting these this big. You know there's a to B to B collisions and he changed some rules there to kind of do away with stats they. Also look my. Talked about else. Injections. Now though will be a replay tied into rejections. When it comes a flagrant acts which seems like you know bring go to Jack somebody take a look at it and let the technology help you. And easy rule on the lowering your helmet. That rule is about going through and they said yesterday because people kind of thought they can't make this about the guys in the trenches. The NFL yes they said oh yeah we can. Anybody coming out they stance offensive linemen coming out there stance. All around play mode and just trying to drive dudes east they said they will have to get their helmet up. If they go helmet first come another stance on Iran play that is still something that could be a penalty. And could possibly be an injection that's crazy to me emails. That's just crazy trying to regulate guys in the trenches trying to lead blocker coming understands what do you think you're leaving whips right. You can't help Italy which your helmet in that situation sometime. Some rigorous it first right Garcia's take on that to this afternoon because. That's altering the way guys have played begin to retire Lott totally well you got to change the way you played a game. So that's that that's in these questionable or write down the crowd out of that's gonna get out of our unit forced out what does that do all these ones that sounds good innate. And that's how we get to November which literal exist but they're running back what is their tee right at the right message to Brad we have some called. Hardly ever know hardly ever. Podium we get in then we get worked up about those call these days holes like Eliot November we forget it's socially that's the way it ends up being good what are you Alter the way guys I played a whole position at the position that played lives. It Dino d.s injuries that happen now because they're trying to adjust the way guys are the injuries and also the wind I mean as well. Yeah yeah and there's an article sent to me read send it to me it's about one writer questioning gets a three point stance altogether is going to have to be out of what. So that your not just you know coming about that crouch and leading with your head. That's the last thing we want I don't run the football that you know although I heard Garcia say we were in two point stance is too much last year as this. Here in Carolina by the way just mentioned is full circle back to this later because there's warns of discussion the NFL. John Mara from the Tom ownership group the giant said that he expects a new rule. About the income protests by the end of today. Owners are coming up on all kind of scenarios here T bone and they include. The home team deciding whether or not you come out of the locker room for the anti. And at the home team decides yes we have to be on the sidelines for the handsome. Anybody then that does it deals in protest their team gets a fifteen yard penalty start to get. And it's like. Well you're making you wait who are wise to be that damn convoluted man either keep in the locker room. Or just allow them to do it at some point it will die down as long as it our president doesn't say anything about it again. And it's I don't know Biden guaranteed to happen at some point it will die down but if you wanna make a rule don't make peace rules and the home team chooses but when they had another rules to. Where it was on each team comes up their own role. What they want ace what any was a five thing that would date. We can't make this tough call on our own we don't know what to do with the situation so let's just pawn it off on each team individually. I guess crazy man and then what are they got a dude dude team votes and stuff. I just make a rule would do not include a fifteen yard penalty for someone trying to make a peaceful statement of protest is ridiculous. So I ask you months ago. If there's a waiting compromising comes to understanding us only him up with for both sides be happy. I did early I mean ace fifteen yard penalty being involved this whole night. It just sounds like his artists that terrible idea it's a terrible I don't like about it sounds like someday they would do in spring and on now on an episode of the office. By Michael Scott and white camel does this idea. And that's what they give up what where was the author's style based in Scranton Scranton Pia welcome. Why I liked what he says he said screen and the first on the way some people say new game. Let's first time when he says strain and mount it sounded a little bit are you knew how do you say Newton probably Newton OK you got. Solicited bids disappear thanks coming from dodger missile tests at the paper company is white and Michael worked here's a trot I don't notice you're one of those guys would prompt for a week. He never saw the office so that job in Iraq Oman lol I can look at. The great Intel Mac and what personality vehicles of all time all right but I to let you get a joke in about a TV show I never watch like I understand you may joked that a lot B we're gonna get I just noticed you said scratching and I didn't know you're one of those guys are Scranton. OK very good he got to Saturday spreads it. I'd like I did a good washing don't you want a vigil awesome stuff Mac go Osce office and things and I got this guy says that plus the office they said. Once again Don there's billions -- I'm on right now on showtime show billions and I can move on over to that I've we're gonna take a break here we come back we gonna talks in Carolina Panthers Norv Turner talking a big game about what do you do we Cam Newton are you fired up about this partnership. And David Samper we know more now about them or you excited now about the new owner.