Mac Attack Hour 1: Daryl Worley arrested, should Panthers target Dez?

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Monday, April 16th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses Daryl Worley being arrested & should the Panthers target Dez Bryant. 

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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with Mac I'm just at general. Ellis is sometimes with Tebow keep my hands yeah. Do yourself and Zach. Let's go drills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clean. The different galleries an apology from. Dot com and that's an area of the game don't go. Kids us do this happy modern day weekend over a bad news or weekends over good news though the Mac tax here to ease you win it. So your work week all right Mitchell a little bit of sports news sports opinions. Have a little bit of fun here you know we got to mix up the football and the hoops conversation on the show and that's what we will. Do rule on today's backed attack radio extravaganza. Our own quarterback Cam Newton. Audience to Graham saying pretty please in regards to Dez Bryant and the answers. Meanwhile Joseph person this is before camp started begging on the C Graham Joseph person said. I'm not likely to happen according to a couple sources we'll talk about it is if it was up to a lot of panther fans Dez Bryant would already be here. After the release of the cowboys get into that about Darryl Worley my lord I didn't take long for the Panthers to win that trade. Darryl were only released mom yesterday. After an overnight. Confrontation with police that you know led to him having to be taser you just passed out this car initially when he was found that. A bomb us so and any was released I mean literally about 5 o'clock yesterday. That one was pretty quick there and silly. And we get all ten other stuff to get into on today's Mac tech radio show Justin Reade is here today it looks like. For his visit I just saw some scuttlebutt in do we Marshall tweeted it out on Twitter and he was in Al. And you would saying that there would be. Easy is it attached to it. On this one of the thirty businesses answers are allowed to house that's pretty cool on the big Justin reed saying and it. We've guys MBA player also underway hornets coaching search under way they've already been three games that had been mentioned it. In reports that the hornets are interested in order setting up an interview west. That would be. On David's Tisdale. Who's the people's champ right now when it comes to hiring and he's the people's champ and I and again I definitely get it I wouldn't be opposed that. Jerry Stackhouse whose an up and coming coach in the G league ranks. But this one makes people so angry because he would be easy four million Tar Heels served. It is four million dollar yacht that would be working for Michael Jordan. And detour Messina who is an assistant coach well thought of around the league at San Antonio that little weird twist. Is Kim and his wife are like friends with my sister in San Antonio. And her husband really in a strange twist bounty to first time I've been connected. In NBA coaching circles what you're connected to Brian Billick at one point also more volume Brian Billick was. My brother Paul was leaving the job building his house and Merrill. So he had that Lil had little tight end and I get tied in the coaches stirs family about my family hangs out with all these calls folks. I hang out when bone MR trying to Estonia. Advantage then. That's like my sense though a lot of advantage that I hang out Markoff three times a week I think I feel about things but that's like my job my step my mom mom mom. My data my step mom lives in Columbia Missouri. And over the years my step mom taught Carl Edwards kids in school. She's now let's pull content Edwards from the hot tubs yeah Clark Edwards and Ernesto Edwards former driver she's become best friends with Carl Edwards. Wife yet so when asked before. They. Get emotional. It's what he was driving. Then he retired like a month later there might not very doubts is licensed doctor Mann gives us I'm looking I look down and die or was did well for himself may have been one of the reasons why he decided step what was that because she was like. Don't do this or because she's rich anyway because of what happened to junior's. Head injury doesn't hasn't got there he had the inside could show him. Various pictures of the brain and things data and then he thought for sure he become a back what is the second straight season he's been out by the way that he's done officially retire I don't rule that. Some say what you start to get out like I thought. You know again I thought he'd be back this season slump trying to say well. I thought to be a one year he'd be right back quickly gets them did you work in his second year to explain what's going to NASCAR another way that NASCAR was I know you've bone and a lot of people were hanging on pins and needles yesterday. NASCAR race called it was postponed yesterday. They were what I don't know about forty laps away from the saying being a done deal mom and Kyle Larson is leading this race. And postpone it. Because he couldn't get to pass away so now start today at Bristol. At 1 o'clock and the crowd at a Bristol yesterday was sad man and I got I know the weather was terrible. But this is Bristol Bay beat and it was so empty so anyway bone what we gonna say. It's called a -- crowd looked like a sort Amare are Miami Marlins game I'm narrowing why didn't you people it's the biggest news that happened late last night and I'd I eat. It's part attributed to say that it's as pretty as a K it's a pretty shook over the news welcome. And we send our fast. Do you WW WWE legend John xenon and his fiance Nikki balance mean. Who are no longer engaged they were engaged for six years beset the truth. Now they got engaged wrestle mania watcher they're ready they've been together for six here guys that I suds are either I read that wrong or somebody wrote that wrong yeah he proposed in the rank last or Russel maybe after after a six year relationship so. This is this is back for for those of us a follow wrestling a total leave us this is going to be a tough day to get. They have Brett appreciate it is and it's you mantra we sat over program. You see I'm holding back tears when. Minus the bone is playing today's game with a heavy heart ladies and gentlemen I have ER I mean first Jenny date of two weeks ago now Johnson you nominee Elena put on the -- bound all the studs are on the market. So I'll watch I'm there I mean I watched a bunch of the playoffs I mean I saw I would say this I saw all. Good dates of every game. Tom I could not make it up though the rockets timberwolves and being held the game I could not make it up past the I I lie to you I watched. The game and the coming interview are several allies Collison about those things and then we got to look. Starting the fourth quarter for the rockets and that was about it for my old eyes tired behind. James Harden went also 44 points they did not shoot the ball well at all by Iraqi standards they were 27%. From three. Ten of 37. Give the timberwolves credit they get eight stake in points and Carl's town's only eight points and they were right there. With a shot to tie the game late Jimmy Butler missed a three at what do tied it late but the rockets impress me mounting gray when James Harden is also 44 that's a key factor. But the rockets were able to win without really playing their games. You know I mean we're all the threes falls flat on down to Florida put a 120 points. I do it wasn't that sort of game and they were still able to win the game mom and Clint to tell us absolutely dominated. Tasks. Absolutely dominated and he would like to tell out. I want to say at one in the first half so it was so like daddy teetered toward yes urged forget that it did an open 2412. And three blocks that dude is interior energy personified and. Well they made us that moved off from Dwight Howard and gave him a chance he is a first round draft choice and he's he's a pride though when you draft well. And we don't always see that here in this city do we guide at progresses after being drafted gets better we don't seek. Did that not just gets better but gets to a point where he's one of the better players in the lead us look Appel is right now. Post position that the rockets shot three sorts 45 from three last night besides James Harden. Based in its won the game three for one. That is correct three for 45 Harden was seven of twelve from three of the residency was the read of its warning signs. This was one where they were able to win a game that didn't go the way they usually don't see them plus James Harden just say get off my back. Get on my back command. So that was impressive music James Harden as a beer gut. I was watching him closely last dynamite or something about his body heat. That is not like he's adamant complete chiseled actually do you greet me or are we can find assert it was photo a M on the Internet somewhere from a beach probably got a name I'd just be an illusion you say you don't think these town looks like he's kind of a little apology there is not I would like to find a hero in the NBA. That our skies we dear god skin champion and I was very hopeful that he's now they're winning streak and MVP Bradley with a beer gut that's what I wanna deal is that. Think he's just a little thicker which plays to his advantage on you know when every draws a lane you were bombed and so strong it's initiative seeks I still just got a lot of upper body strength and I don't think it's a bigger guy because. From what I've heard watching CP three documentary like bonus of before she only does is stay in the gym so. I can imagine Jim's arms up they're drank at all. I just saw no dead body embodies a little unconventional. Funerals I have got his body preppy doing got to search I got it right here while he's pretty ripped. And it was doesn't he look kind feels pressed hardest by eight out that a computer can turn the preppy could turn around for second year and a he's got some he's got some guns there's no doubt there and Israeli his chisel he's just missing I jury Dario wins later he doesn't look lie eight. Well I was there is not now I think what needed to do is a Jersey big if you were badger I don't know something's gone on their other goes out and may you always find me an athlete of the year got to nineteen champion now always tell Cologne maybe he was a deal last night they were talking on the broadcast laws that he's not a free gasoline. Like he's he gets by by ought to crafty miss it all his moost and they are asking guys who are committed to game wasserman past. Have we ever seen a guy like him. We talk about allergy to what he does and at the analysts had Ginobili I don't think we've ever seen the guy. BO to do what he is Gil. He's very heavily skill like that's a lot of stuff he's worked on. You don't remain a desolate or they were showing when he goes between LA mobile mobile Blum stepped back like that kind of shot but that's war command. Like all the moves in a basket euros stance it we your stats looks like he walks seventeen. Like all those things are things he has worked on man that it's. As impressive and his defense is at least not embarrassing anymore. Don't saying. Used to be considered the worst defensive player in the history of organized basketball including games at the Y. I sing it out so I'll bet you got to give credit now I think Chris Paul's help that'll lockers Chris Paul can play the point guard position to put pressure on the ball and the work. And James Harding and dust and also ball more. Bad guy that's really going to be different limited to other things on the play also another we'll have four hours we can work it and we definitely wants out of the Panthers are little chorus a lot today. Mom LeBron loses he has not lost. First round playoff game in any first round series in 41 games 820 games streak going. Mom I don't think he's lost a game one in a series Boehner like. What was the stats. He was tornado since 2011 well that was the one that was the in general round one games. There was also a game one stats don't screw it up right now. I don't know we will look at look at a preppy. I guess I should have known this before Obama also got out of broad james' body until he's got to be your got a LeBron James not that's a body series I don't wanna executed it is too much make guys uncomfortable when dad got there's no questions about that. But there is teams are it's really just there's sucks about. The way he looks out there but anyway let's get back to task and it LeBron James. And the tabs are not in serious trouble everybody calm the hell down they couldn't buy a three LeBron I was agreeing to stack. LeBron is set up in 193 point shots but passes yes and in 193 point shots bound. And they made five of them. Like once those shooters. Hit shots. This this thing's only difference but I am but I am telling you Obama without Tyree did later made a great point this morning. It's all up to LeBron. Like LeBron is still stand over there you sandwich for a while Tyree who go to town is nobody that they give the ball to induce that now. Nobody may access going to be a problem at some point I'm not predicting in the first round and I say this too. Is any other sports fans sealed lips like that port land. New Orleans game was great. When I watch Anthony Davis playing a play else's was his first game of the playoffs. Sony's first yes her daughter that's when I was winning play Golden State a couple of years ago and for our year that they barely even cat called him the generals and that Syria and alas it's 46 minutes. Oh I was watching Nancy Davis got lost. And I know we can win last night and he's got a foot injury but watching Donovan Mitchell started game on fire it's painful. Like it's been it's entertaining. But hornets fans is they're not still a slight bit of pain. When you watch either one of those guys bowling in the playoffs either one of those guys on the hornets bones. NB a different story Clifford are still be here with either one of those guys. Some days it's crazy that Mitchell is is still he's a rookie. The way he did quite he's quite a mean that. The guy that we saw Louisville to worry is now in the playoffs that is not even the same player seems like it he's made such a week and a year it's remarkable how source tomorrow. Three quick NBA points euphoria out of here before gonna bring LeBron James this year. Do assays overrated at the ridiculous thing. I was a soul things unless they're counting points and assists he was responsible for 49% of the points on the cavaliers. Two points and assess as crazy as like Cam Newton in Beirut then there's rushing yardage and total yardage stuff yesterday it was their first game together as a team the whole year. Just did this particular group that injuries this was the first time this year in it is it's a playoff game that that whole entire group played together as one. So it may take a few games here it's Indiana before they get don't want the other thing ought to point out was about a hornet's. We talk about trading Kemba Walker a lot. I'm sure the pacer fans had the same discussion last year about Paul George we can't trade told George he's a franchised. They got back old people once a bonus or what happened they're French or my gut it out there I went wrong unless it was from so out of floundering team eight seater whatnot. I deported Sar. To make improper trade got a deep well got some bonus. And now it appears for the foreseeable future the pacers are going to be. 3456. Seed they set up their team now for the next 567 years. Because they made the right trade and it worked out and an eight that's why you don't discount trading Campbell walked. He's a guy that made betrayed her former hornets executives. Was you can't bear to make a trade he's in the front office yet so. It's adding insult to injury. God I'd saw the hornets there's a lot of different things you can look at a lot of employers in Washington it's pressed. But he got it that's the thing that was so watch your back was oh my god what is the thunder do the pacers oh my god now you can do what they do it turns out. What Paula Jorge leads the thunder all the call a play up he was remarkable last night sort of called George at least for greener bastards and goes LA were ever. Indiana now we have nothing to show strength meant nothing to show sort a trade it looks like the Panthers have won. Is Darryl Worley Torrey Smith a lot of people didn't understand the trade didn't like to trade. Feels like we've won by default because Darryl Worley is also the Eagles cut by the Eagles we will tell you about that. And at some point during the Cam Newton and tons of panther fans wanting Dez Bryant on the answers it's the Mac attack. You're held the players and you are chiseled endure us our search for another sat Toledo let me use today about a man memory in my own back when you're you've gone Sam before you jump on the duke wagons. I don't mean and a bad way though he did not mean had a bad clearly didn't sound it. But Toledo Megan was at seventy is Boller their big play yourself do you know that he's skating app. Now I did not know he's also not balling now is not that it's really got in shape what he was no longer play and he's also chiseled out. I found my guys seriously that's a fun topic mark that down bound for July your favorite. You know chubby pudgy or sat athletes. You know Cologne had had no no gone for a while last night as it there's got to be a good listed easy exit overcome. The curse. You know so Bartolo Colon is 45 years a light year is he and he was. Was he he had to be around during the ot the McGwire Sosa home run chase Albany. He's going to be at the season around her that all petty was spared during the original steroid era and how does your guy. How does your body look like that like I understand Tom Brady like she is still gone because he takes such care of his body. This dude looks to take care whose body like I do any still playing and pitching well last night it's crazy speed dial he was motivated because they showed the on dot Tuesday HBO rent a documentary a Bartolo father Andre the Giant. They do their faces. Cal election is something going on there from our host talk about this Worley sang Darryl Worley. Bomb released by the Eagles yesterday sat 6 AM Sunday. There was a 911 call. He they called Basel on the hour warned him he was sleeping at the wheel anti intersection of broad street and Madison avenue and silly. This is his hometown he's strong he's a silly kidney went back home. And I didn't realize this but apparently that was a story line and silly is is this good for him to be coming back home. Com here in east he had some trouble. Add to our West Virginia got some trouble with the law and I never realized how much he was people were concerned. About Darryl Worley clearly the Panthers score that's part of why they traded him. Com but anyway so he tries to resist arrest he asked to be taser urged to be taken into custody Darryl Worley. And a gun was found in his call I mean this is like two Grand Slam of things you can do wrong to get yourself in trouble instead of waiting out. You know legal process or any of that. Philadelphia even though they just traded torsos forum said to hell with it. You know we don't want Cheney more now in fairness to Philly Torrey Smith was gonna be kind anyway. So there's basically is they don't have morally you know Torrey Smith anymore and on Torre's salary. But as far as the Panthers go they end up with Torrey Smith I know it's been polarizing what people think he's going to do I think he's gonna do it's Ed DNS job. As a speed receivers for us but Darryl Worley clearly looks like bone the Panthers made the right call on this and the thing is with Worrell you start listening to some of the stuff. Like I remember when folks over there to building on stadium were telling me Darryl Worley is is basically under coach bullies not. A guy that is easy to deal list. And value Saarloos eliciting some of the stuff that person Joseph person I guess I was reading it on Twitter not listening to it Joseph person says that he has a source. They told him when he was just traded the disk probably has to do with was stuff it's not just his performance on the field. That he does not have the ability to focus and that he likes the nightlife a little bit too much and it didn't take long. T bone for that to show itself sincerely and I don't listen I saw I saw some savage fans are fans just lay on Twitter. That we're doing the L a wealth saying that you remember when brio and Braylon yes fail the physical. And Darryl oral hearing just tight LOL the letters he likes spelled EH. Hell yeah how do you do it TH EL there how do you spell fellow well. It was DL I don't always IPO 08 I oh I don't I have no idea how to spell LOL EI LO HEL. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Sooners out of homestead. Is your dad I'm so bad mammoon dummy today man just not a way to yell until I get there under your level. That's two strikes and I'm confident you're not gonna get a third one arrest in Russia especially is usually always figure physical assailed. We might have to get that is a drop your asking dispel those three letters LO LI I was so that you Mikey I am yeah involved then I saw bone was doing a low wage I know Ohio saying first I think that deserves this early. He's so this is like our also graduate there so any. Some theater fans were tweeting right at him that LOL saying I'm not only that savage to do gets his life in order early this is serious stuff. I am I gonna go bust his chops and all that stuff Kobe gets his life in order bunt. The pants thirst made a right call they saw somebody has a beautiful problem. And now I think we completely understand why you would give up on a young quarters a lot of people around the league wondered I get a young corner cheap contract why you give up so quick. And I had a party of course gets credit for making the Traber to me this this comes from Rivera. Rivera telling Ernie as we've met sort of approachable I think Rivera probably had enough and say Demi someone else and you do what you gotta do get Roy out here is obviously. They saw maybe that last Syria had some. Some always complaining about playing time and almost ridiculous the way he was playing and then complain about playing time is it your Deion Sanders in your prime my dad that was it that was in the eight day noted that the staff and Ernie in the fraud they saw maybe the passing was headed out. You know they they envision I guess you could call with a guy all year we kind of see maybe started out as a rookie and new mine does business then does he got more to the league eat. Sort did their attitude started to wane in the behavior waned in the eight base Soledad and they they found the right time you're on supplemental health of that. And by the way on the flip side you criticize Dave Gelman for this move right. Dame gentleman of brings a man overlooks the says he has no problem everything's cleared. About the domestic violence sex and don't think it was domestic violence in situation at a bar. Where he says he was stand up for his girlfriend and got a little bit physical with another girl the bar. And the Panthers said hey we heard a story everything's all right well now you start wonder about a story like that but did get on and also drafted and they've been with Corey. Who was who they called unconscionable when he last year the war started getting out they do is do was a pain in the rear to coaches well also. Gelman it was some of these dudes in terms of coach ability and stuff like that swung and missed on a couple there must the Panthers made the right call on that one. Giraffes as got a Linear format coming drastically here. For five I'm wondering how many draftees have governments remain on this football team. And many years was easier for you came ends a 1012 draft star was the first one right 1213 fourteen. We've seen a little less here I'm older. Well let me see your twelve I got to write it down so slow today 1213 1415. Or Harry was here for twelve. It was thirteen 141516. And seventeen dress your right. I'm gonna go to our drafts I'm gonna go through during the break a ball slime draster figure out how many mistakes are still on this NFL are honest. It does make you wonder there's so I mean I liked a lot of what he did what you do sign yourself the longer we go on questioning more or more of his draft picks there's no doubt about it. Max at W and Z dot com is the email address. If you all wanna jump in here all right so we upcoming awards talk about today lot of folks got their wish Steve Clifford the end sent back in but who is the coach. That is certified to be better and Steve Clifford that that's what I'm curious to find out today from Lawrence fans talk about double talk about Disney has Panthers sustenance Mac attack. We're back. Welcome to the money back to check yo good to have you witnessed reprises there's a lot of sacks aren't completely forgot about you techsters and I apologize that will not happen again you all are amazing. But I do not open up the text line yes Macs and WS and Z eight asked. Let's see here this dude says he LOL thing was morally Lansing about a fellow player losing money and jobs. Had nothing to do with him getting traded carmody kicked him and I have no sympathy for him. No he was last thing I believe righted the sector that was indicted Panthers wanted to replace him west. Right like he was bitterly got booted I would think. And then they brought in somebody else and I'm sure he knows we all said man this guy's better and then that dude. You know bush on Braylon and had a problem with the foot it to cut some excellent nannies go on but. Yeah I mean I don't blame if you only seventy more I'm just I'm not gonna go on Twitter and laugh at somebody that was strong there's a skunk pass als. On the industry. Where it was taser by Kelly I'm just not going to jump late hours later I'm not going on Twitter. And they're you know make it fun led didn't. But with fed sets a lot of fans are fans were doing that yesterday. I didn't act at first I thought well what joke among missing I had for I didn't. I forgot that he had said there LL well debris when I. I didn't know what. OWS and you don't dump. I'm Joseph says are you guys finally figured out Dave gentlemen the guy you don't just actually the hogs father was terrible while. I'm gonna say terrible we will a lot of games with him here and I believe he made some nice moves. But when you look at the way over time his giraffes are holding up. I what's the what's going Soledad but what are the numbers you have in terms of guys. But it stuck on the roster from his draft. So is draft state suspenders like he does also a little bit upload up to its hefty shorts I try some numbers are Mexico and abroad. I just in this shouted at that could be dangerous all the way around. I did it thirteen to sixteen. Because I thought seventeen was too soon to really analyze a soul and a tragedy includes seventy argued those numbers in the second. Thirteen to sixteen Gammon draft picks actual draft picks. Ten of twenty to remain on the active roster. Not including this year reposition Jerrells who quit you know what does that Sanchez also who's not really necessarily out. Prominent player but he's in the west ten of 42 players remain if you cal last year it's sixteen of twenty yards and a six of those guys are. These are you can't count last year let us I didn't do us a call last year one it is at this point a draft class that has a lot of fruits yes right because other McCaffery you could argue Samuel little bit. In between injuries but nobody is really don's even Taylor mode we were waiting on that Taylor mode I think. I'm hoping he's a left guard on the scene this year and I think there's a chance he is one of tackle spots down the road. But in terms of Tayshaun hall basing that redshirt court elder mesa got Salazar now. Here is what is he going to be Tom did at 101 of the best rookies from the class was kicking sports Kansas City. And then we had to pay Graham you know a ton of money so bad draft class has so approved as well. And I get a jump on this game it was a bomb dome is terrible but there's no doubt all day you guys have said they say look at the dread it. It's starting to look worse and worse with some of these drastic speed. Good morning we appreciate that I did a day was here is this there incentives. So are dead or in play for the cowboys you would not make be making fun of him this morning. We've got a Wii and omitted from the cal wells more. I don't know about that one I mean and might it probably wouldn't be like the coolest thing to do but I might do it he was a cowboy. I don't know I just feel like the guy's life is in shambles I won't send out the el Gallo it's week. But to those you know perhaps you do it man and you be savaged Saturday July executed senate's exuded do you stellar right the first time that's it drafts folder but cowboys and maybe all bets are also the guy was a damn cowboy I don't have much sympathy for those guys. Mac at WS Lindsay dad can't. Is email address if you wanna jump in all season workouts begin today for the Panthers. What do you think moan about is dead is saying. Like Cam Newton on NC ramp. Our responded soon. A post from like or something right sank pretty please in regards to Dez on the Panthers. Panther fans are out the weekend where hit a lot of us up same bring him in to the Carolina Panthers we need receivers. I think you and I are on the same page that we might have one member of the show that. Once stands Ryan strip Panthers but I don't think it's either one of us bone to me I said this last year. I said last year does rise most overrated player in football. And I think people are finally catching up to where his skills are right now this dude gets less separation. Then need Daniel Graham ball would get a job CNET I mean you could literally sort of felt less solid citizen or less separation. Then you Kelvin Benjamin off I own life. We got rid of Benjamin because we didn't want all these dudes get no separation at the the post up and camp has to draw a perfect pass still because they're always covered by we wanna bring in another one. Because because 69 couple passes last year for 838 yards and six touchdowns you wouldn't take that conference and on the pad. I was just I was not asking you unleashes fury yet and I. Senior though would you take. It was him would you take it got to cut seventy balls for 838 yards 8830 eight's not really. Noted I mean that's good but it's not it's not 52 yards a game over sixteen you know how many guys get over a thousand yards now like Javier feels like thirty twos and 69 catches his four game just it was supposed to decent. This is supposed to be number one receiver according to themselves and I like I don't think he's a number one receiver anymore on any money squad and I don't think so either but I think defer if he's not asking for you know ten million dollars a year I think there's a bigot sunny for the Panthers there receiver corps this got to be address whether in the draft Serb and bring in and a guy like this and I think the Dow bigot that I really don't know that's. Argument bone that panther and as I go back to vote that it contributor sent my past all I had to I was trying to go. I was shining nobody heard it away from Dez Bryant here's a yeah. Even he was governed as beautifully with the boat here's what here's what it is I do it the panther fans then just wanna wide receiver. And seal like tape veteran receiver whatever let's put them in there that don't like our receiving corps. I'm selling you I just don't see the need for a guy like this like we're trying to go to get more quicker guys. They can get separation. He's a kind of wide receiver Bono when curry came back he's trying to move away from. Right. I was allowed Doug Farrar is he would Bleacher Report now America's might the writer in my PA might use BI SI believe is a Bleacher Report now I think he did a whole. 1520 tweet breakdown of how does his game has changed over the years now dad's passed to adapt now to what his body it's. Because now I Dez was never athletic freak. This was not Randy Moss but he had a good sockets he could sleep up there with the wood over different about a portable down then it once again the injuries he's lost just a little bit about leaping ability. In fairness to him some of those dollars related to what do you wonder what injury he had the Jones trash he had the same injury Olson's right Matalin through cells. We got to watch Olsen because that injury Sammy Watkins had to deal with that injury free multiples lessons. Why oh why did the giants put public everything that is O'Dell Beckham junior. Everything that he dies of O'Dell Beckham junior was a receiver now to Dez Bryan it is they would have gotten rid of O'Dell on how we want to put up with tear takes on the field. Off the field stuff they would settle down your bought. O'Dell is a nearly wide receiver T wanna bring in year bring any guy in here. That's thinks he's like I don't Beckham junior let's not buddies as the problem Dez is no longer the number one but he thinks he's Julio Jones if this is Antonio Brown. West does a realizes what he is and that he's not what used to be picketed GAAP consultants to what he is now I don't want any or near impossible to. I don't you I'd rather draft a receiver in in. In the draft was. I can Goldman term draft. I don't really get a guy in the draft whether it's DJ Moore first round or even a way around or to. On this dude says how could not be an upgrade. Coach Jeff Burton signed jazz to a one year troop deal I'm not saying I'm all in on dazzle why not. Yes thank you know do you want you plays special teams dancing going down there and govern punts and kicks that I already see a scenario were. I can seek him on the side cause this is not a knock on donors are you with the image came on the sidelines with a towel sand they're watching the deepest like. While people are holding day has backed behind him because dads is serious. He's not getting the football Ethiopia is gonna happen you have not watched Dez Bryant the last six or seven years by football. He will at some point democratic camp it becomes gonna get a go to post game press conference. They're gonna ask him about it the guys that's about it. All of a sudden we have a dust up hero. I it's it's the it's a baggage vs these skills and at this point I feel like things have tipped to where baggage is way higher. Then the skills. John says he's got core values of Southwest Airlines John says who is trying to Annan is currently trying to be Osborne junior. Coming in here trying to argue when it's not even his time to talk. You won't put a student is placed before him and other Osborne on your pain. I saw I got one quick scenario Mac and you tell me you went like this. Does tests out the free agent market ask for too much money the interstate back. At the end of that he's looking for a team to play for the get them on the cheap and they can throw one your DO you wouldn't be happy with the effort not ten million dollars a year. I don't want Dez Bryant on the team for one year veteran's minimum. And that number here's the deal though. You might have more fans on your side and when it comes to that I just. We don't need a man's first of all I feel like the whole wide receiver freaked out saying I'm not at the level of a lot of fans on the wide receiver freaked out like. I think this team has more important needs. And I think this team doesn't necessarily win games because of receivers and they're kind of designed to win games defense and running game and can make some plays. So I can't I don't feel as desperate as you and other panther fan this is this is mega TV show Mac now playing the role of Osborne his preppy McGee yeah. Guy our man he thinks it's a badge of honor look at him he's so proud of himself I don't think it's about deal I don't I don't think that's a bad thing I would do I call on do you think it's good deer being declared Osborne and you proud of that in whatever you know I don't care you're not a I guess I'd like dozens ask me in the glory like legendary ivory Osborne status OK okay and I didn't know that was a good thing I'm. Is great I'll take that is thank you. A cat died anyway I was gonna release preppy out of his cage later on this sub shop Guadalupe is simply be got right then mixed it up and also talk about that more later more prepared to fans wake up late do you guys really want jazz. Which by the way. Tweeters are bringing not tweeters techsters are bringing up producing points. Should the story here via Cam Newton is on there begging for help on instead Graham and social media we'll talk about that a little bit 70457096. Stand all season work I'll start today for the Panthers got some hoops to get into. Including who the heck should we want to coach the hornets now. Tebow bonus her stamina would not see since he's. China annoys me about playing country. My country music designed just country that's that's history Darius Rucker former member of will be the closest. You like is jam I do I feel I deserve. Not a country music man I'm just not try to when it's not a condescending to each is not try to mix up portal that I'll play I'll play what you like at some point years and and play whatever you want bell PJ brown stood in the head CJ both state and maybe don't worry about me don't we're really gallery over here Tony Seaver get him let's see it's gone awed by the way preppy stride dead says it's a step into our conversation and start pumping up Dez Bryant to the Panthers. And Tom somebody on and that he went on FaceBook. And says how about if it doesn't break the bank you guys reverend Dennis the Panthers as somebody shot you down in like seventeen seconds when the guy say to you. He says leave it already has a silly Mac at a college borrower relief. I thought I take your shot back at. Now this guy. Hi the Bosnian dude says that is not a real team instead grim account it was June you dissected and are saying it is a 24/7 sports is put out a whole again here's an article right here aren't your eye disorder Cinemax and you right 24/7 sports it was the NFL on instead grams. This and where we'll Diaz landed cycle we deal with Dez is headed the wagon wagon and values you're typing in here and it has all the you know much different suitors including the Panthers. Cam Newton. Let's see here. RG three older too well yeah I think Moreland Humphrey said something and then RG three set I second that they want him on the ravens so details are the only quarterback on their politicking I just really starting quarterback on there I just heard RG three's back in the NFL again to keep Texas Cam Newton said please pretty police and that looks like that is the real Cam Newton account. This student a couple of guys think that's the story line here this guy says the biggest question should be. And should be the biggest concern is why cams on social media advocating for the Panthers dependable wide receiver the guy obviously feels like he's not getting any help. That is not normal mom. He all this not the first time to on this all season. Remember when there was a question almost social media platforms about who should they bring in in the draft. As a launch receivers and cancer all of them he's here that's so this is not the first time that he has done this. This guy read there's a good fusion back and remember camp deleted all star office paycheck so there's no posters four million followers in the five following. It's it's true truck to camp found ages camp it's definitely that is can't look at it. I'm mr. Rogers says Macs it's this was any other cornerback in a league other than cam basically telling the team wants and everybody else on social media doesn't have enough help. You would rip that you would rip him for its Cam Newton being selfish once again these analysts on on there. I don't think this is some huge it's not a big RG three's doing it they might want to call out RG to re back up quarterback for raven suit is brand new team and he's asking for help at wide receiver please yet wait a minute timeout house arts three ask her album are bad he's already has -- very well clandestine war supporters all RG debuted big big I don't have to vaulting it usually just take this job about RG everywhere mile or anywhere with whoever's there will be gone by July I feel like other players have done this sort of thing don't isn't isn't this in the age of social media don't players try to recruit each other all the outside stuff like that. But this is becoming a pretty normal thing I wouldn't read too much into this make this out to be Cam Newton complaining about his weapons. As sinking you know guys wanna add players all the time on social media does this happen any NBA all the time definitely it is like also quietly and not going. You're supporting cancer is that now we just wanna get better. Do I not see why college are now at the folic produced a supplies when you see. Our recruits on its a Graham what's or what another won't post something and guess what sets coming here go to Kentucky go to do go to Carolina if this is the age we live in now. And they're not all say oh look like this not a commentary on I don't have enough here. We yeah I mean it's just had come here imply you could help our team now I disagree with cam on how much Dez Bryant would really help the team. Bias I don't think it's a big deal he's doing this. On this dude on com a building senate sex says it's very normal for players it is these days these old guys kill me but yeah I know guys for making the comments on cam shouldn't be doing this. Let me go into our world and in order coming up top of the hour we've got to replace Steve Clifford. Who is the coach that can excite distant this tale needs hope. Who can give you hope this there are coach that exists out there for a higher they can do that Spencer is man it makes Spencer was going off. Automatic. I think they. Can be quite. Now like I'm good enough anymore. I'm attitude and I hope. You can say it went indignant about. Very proud that it did it better be uncle purpose. I disagree I didn't I read DeVon staunch ascendant and then Dez Bryant just point it does is career. You'd figure Tibet you know that you stated it's crippled broke his school there. I've been very cool we can't. Yes. I think he's gonna get a head coaching job. Other cable or what you mean yeah I mean what weight when I mean ever it may not happen now maybe that's your limit maybe to see you're off Chris managed who's very very connected says he's gonna be candidate otherwise. Yeah we don't you build a big. I don't know and yet in that sense but I'm telling you Chris Manning saw the best NBA writers out there is tied it he's saying on Twitter. As Steve Clifford will be candidates rather head coaching job he's he's not saying early now I don't know will be a year from now here's the issue is with me saying it'll be this year. Tell your issues. I. I think he will get a head coaching job this offseason what are we betting on expense. Power. Cold apple won't put up. Began twelve pack of your choice and my choice I don't understand what you're weasel finally Spencer and in my Irish I can't get my beer when I needed all right. That's your money is what law only Trace amount. So I thought oh god bless you man I know it seems we're gonna call you Trace the this holiday strained smile hi Spencer it's all and I say this all season you say will not get a head coaching job the soft sees. I. I was a twelve pack of the beer of choice. There you go man that's a start today right there are going to be your bad bulk. And I just be close to get a job there is some risk and that's as good they are a lot of jobs out there there is some risk and that in that it's it's Steve Clifford doesn't want to issue but it's one next year. You aren't your grading the value today and I that I lose Tibet now I'm standing by admin and I I believe what Chris medics and others say of the waist on up around the league. So I'm gonna go with an almost say that he has an opportunity to get that you don't need to do the hawks gave this suns permission to interview might tunnels. I wonder if I went opens up with death can be a spot for about ninety does that affect your in my mouth but. I don't claim it was I think Orlando's a shot forum you know. I think it makes could be shot form the problem says the knicks have a list of 79 guys their interest in it including. Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson and by greens they can host those who'd they could post those those two interviews live during a broadcast. Us Tom had not decided I guess take you to watch Monty because it'll be during Nick's game right now they can interview moderate and a scary because I'm singing library whilst you're starting nuggets I don't that would involve an XP in them up and our office we take a quick breather here we come back. If you want to also Boeing go there we get a start to get into this though. Supported station many of you wanna cliffs gone who's the guy that's better than Clifford for the job give me an eight.