Mac Attack: Hornets Win, ACC Hoops, And MNF Drama

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Tuesday, November 21st

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It's time for the American attack on sixteen and that 102 point five the bad. Now here's your hopes to. Chris McLean. About it now the hornets seven winning streak buried they have a real lie about winning streak. At sea games and man that was a heck of a win last night to beat that team. In Minnesota by sixteen the way they did it to see the bench unit come in late third early fourth and pushed the margin up to double digits. To see good good good versions of frank and Dwight last night. That was fun man that was a reminder that this team a ten. Beef fond and it was good to see last night we'll talk about it today on the Mac attack and a fun NFL games. Stop me if you've heard this before Russell Wilson rallying it seems frantically. In a source tour of a game the falcons seeing their league decrease in authority to order a game it was a collision course. And Atlanta ended up hold on to win the game when the Blair Walsh misty 62 yard field goal. Right there at the end of the game that would have tied it would have sent an oversize thirty soared to 31 south can skip the winds of south into the sea hawks both six and four. Along would Detroit those three teams or game behind the cancers. In the wild card chase. And one of those six and fourteen I guess based on tiebreaker static in that. Spots right now in that six spots out of falcons I believe right Tebow from what he showed me. Falcons are the success right now Panthers is our lives if there's there's an F five slot and as of now the playoffs started today I don't think. Ernie games on the schedule but just to play also are today you would see Seattle and you see Detroit Dallas. On the outside looking in on it and see pictured is that rams have started today. Panthers rams and then it would be falcons and saints falcons and saints as a wildcard. And then you have com is obviously the Eagles and the vikings. We get to those spots but those lousy matchups may change that would sides outset he gets dull don't schedule you're. Outings faceoff those games I do see that welcome a lot of people are looking to buy tickets so some glare of the village shared that arms we've got all that stuff to talk about. Tar Heels win last night. In a game and that's we we say ninety bound to monitor the first task is asking and I did my job I was as society sit at 1230 to watch his favorite team the UNC Tar Heels. And die UNC wins 9670 soup Joseph Barry I think he's okay now he came back last week from the broken hand. Had a big brace on there when one of eleven from the floor and last night he hit a believes five threes last night's court's only nine points. So I guess he's feel pretty good now which is a good sign for tar heel fans and apparently Teddy Williams scored like the first 48 points what was it bone what is the actual tally. He had fourteen points in the first nine minutes of the game he had the source fourteen points for Carolina affiliates wanting in the first nine Mets are yet he had. Twenty the first tax. He had bought he might actually the first the F fourteen. It was fourteen nothing Kenny Williams 14014 a like for whatever it's said that he scored all twenty of his points in the first nine yes and every second Saturday he had attended a market source app heated up forty points yet we had sixty did have the force fourteen for Carol. So heels headed out now as well wood 260 heals pretty much out there now they'll just head over to calm. To Vegas for this big film night I determine. 218 tournaments going owner wants other duke on one side. Carolina the other side and see stay in the holiday tournament so be playing in the lead battle for Atlantis. In the Bahamas tomorrow is number two Arizona. Who said that some way they'll start dead baby out so. State since you've been lamenting that we're just like cupcakes policies seem slightly you don't get real senior don't get Arizona tomorrow I think it like a 530 chipped. Tomorrow it's hard to keep track of all these feast weeks' holiday it's hard to mislead you were telling me Wake Forest displayed five games. I was stuck back thinking they were always a rate nosair who wait force if you can which I got home when you care. I deacon Jerry. Wake Forest is now one in four. All the top of my head I believe they're now wanted for their football school anyway now they do it's that a day dawson's get it done niners last night played presbyterian gotta win they're now to into. As we try to track all these. Goings on in college basketball but today's won't be heavy football discussion oral disappoint this conversation in this mixes well. Rising Euronext LC just ignored to determine is fine don't org oh you do these army guys and I know a lot of hurt us wiles they needed here racing now has gone in a little slump post Michigan State hasn't shoot the basketball counts it will it he wasn't early foresee any sort of got the bigs involved last night after us. Wasn't faulty. Decided to pass the ball more. If he was two of nine last night Bagley just bag he's a man child he just looks amazing and it's great to watch thank you window caller doesn't get a lot of talk because Bagley place. Alongside him on the front line. That is pretty damn good as well Duvall had eighteen last night attacking Iraq. As bone that you're worse than Donald Trump asking for a thank you from Lamar ball moment I'll bury your boat news in addition he did Zach Zach is back again for us today and tomorrow as we try to locate Osborne as he hides from us so we don't talk cowboys don't seem they did does I just kind of like hey he tried to bag by not begging for little do coverage you yeah he's you know he wants credit for being determining you know. It's like Charlie bass confer thank you referred to as the day supposed to do. And also as a not to get too political and I don't. And we don't lead sue was to do that what's on bony. Yeah. Yeah since I hope you're thankful for him take care. There you go yeah it's a matter I don't think that interview last night was Chris Cuomo on on CNN was on a 10 o'clock. The he came on here at 100 one's. This segment of the interview is not over until ten Swanee three. And I don't know MI the only person who sat there for all 22 minutes and watch this thing a what does it say about my life. I'm right there with did you watch the whole thing is that train Iraqi. I couldn't flight. I knew it was absurd when I was watching but I could not stop watching it it was a very weird phenomenon that I feel like that's where Brad is America. A silly stuff where into the most in America nowadays are the train wrecks. And we probably feel guilty about it but there we are popcorn ready. Watch in this end and most of the interview Bono was a battle between Chris drum Cuomo and Lamar. All Chris Cuomo won it was a thank you for trump and all that's only 1 out of his evening last night and Lavar wasn't exactly budging he gave my happy Thanksgiving and sit. With these two these two characters involved tear do you guys feel this is over. Or do you think Adobe they'll be more our response coming up probably this morning I hope it's over I don't know. If I open I guess the census is probably died over there is going to be your response on Twitter probably about. Hour and a half from now yep probably as good ideas back on again between. An issue where where a very close to trump actually to clock you know where you exhibit a Morningstar stream but here's a deal -- responsive first enjoyable hardball CNN interview. But you also had momma lynch Marshawn Lynch is. Mom take a shot at trump Jesse you trumpet is is. Is all over Marshawn Lynch for kneeling during her sitting during the American fans some in the game in Mexico but when the Mexican anthem played he was standing. And he once the NFL to suspend him. Marshawn Lynch and marsh on mama came back into the shot at a moments when this is really this is so 2017. And she said. Oh what NFL seems the only yeah that's right they wouldn't let him all want. Burned so it but now all the sun are the president nine states in a feud with two sports parents of pro. Athletes if IE as vice city say you guys a daily without a name attached to a daily. Task go west and just it was set off what they're involved and you future you'd have trouble figuring out just skip Bayless or Donald. That is they're involved in very send more. The usual hardball mama always there's always a sport there there are involved in very similar. Rundown on a daily dance and you trouble make a great first take host Manny really what he would start out people would have to watch it would be amazing. It is far has okay supporters are gonna get into here momentarily. The T bone. Told me before the show right this is their number one win based on the record of opponent the and when you factor in the fact that they pulled away sort of in the fourth quarter which is not men are saying we've been the Atlanta Falcons in the NBA and some of these sports school orders. That that's extra impressive in Steve Clifford said after the game basically this is the best game we've played and it's not close. So cliff obviously felt good about the F for pay other ports of now one. Two in a row they closed out the clipper game as well extended that to a sixteen point victory so. You're starting to see some good size he got back home for two start to see some good signs frank Kaminsky when good frank shows up he is a treat to watch. He really is. It's just he is so hitter risk he was one of nine on Saturday night and they came out last night. And ended up having a hell of a game and I don't. How can look here how many finish with frank frank finish nine of fifteen or 24 points last night he hit four of five from three. And it really feels like it's all about confidence with that dude is crazy the. Among the only on the things whenever Greg there is a shot I'm like what are you know and 01 and one and I don't want to make you jealous friends here at Yale like there was something in the village bank sinners and that somehow I don't know how work there there are three you know this year when Kaminsky scores twenty points or more. All three times has gone over one meter three and on last time out again when the hornets win and they win. In impressive fashion always look right away to the bench totals and they were when branch plays well there's 52 last night fifty out of Kaminsky Zeller. In the why am when the bench gives can't are kemba help. It is so much better when they lose you'll see the vegetable really allow when they when I did last night the bench has provided us organized its staff. It's so true and it's issues so indicative of this team the bench can absolutely get outplayed and look terrible. And then the bench has the ability of playing like last night like when they first started substitute. Late third quarter. And this is where I often get nervous okay to digest of playing now late third early fourth they put Franken is a first off the bench or disrupt to attach point. When the bench unit was done the starters were coming back again always had a ten point lead. They won that game and I we've talked about this before a bad big bench performance bone in this spot Jeremy lamb doesn't get enough credit. The dude is one of the most consistent things we have and we have a lot of inconsistent. He had a solid night last night six of nine for sixteen Zeller had ten points off the bench even Michael Carter Williams. Is a guy who Steve Clifford praised last night big time. For the way he has played in his two games back here these last two games he's been back he was praising his defense of performance in the way it's out there and and and plays on that end as well. On he's studying for Shia globally multiple when he has to play the point that backed up unit it's not exactly standing. And we got again in two Dwight Howard because there's there is a good delighted there's a bad light. Includes light showed up last night in full effect he was even hitting a fair amount of free throws for to light last night including. When they tried to play. Pack a delight late in the game. He may sixth attempt. When they were you know Alan Hamel on her to stem stress. Or Denver Minnesota both it and it's seven now we looked at Memphis and Milwaukee is really good early wins in the world. Milwaukee's only Nate in Memphis is all off the seven and nine so Minnesota in Denver at ten and seven are the hornet's nest. Wins this year in terms of those teams win totals. So the hornets now it's seven and nine themselves and I guy I don't know how long I'm gonna play this game. But if you just look at the loss is big hat and if they won a couple of them between the knicks lost the Boston loss when Tyree Horford route. And get a big lead and Chicago loss which really is the ugliness of them all. If you just get to those games you're at nine and seven cent or seven a night. So I hate to be a downer but I that's the way I'm going to think here for a while until the laureates. Start you know endless awards keep winning and consistently get themselves over 500. When you have a bad loss he got the make up for those also along the way may being gained you do indeed you're gonna win against a quality opponent that you would definitely you know what. Corners may not win tonight that's a really good team last let's example of that. Making up for a loss narrower in the season he got it when they add up. You've got to make up for a lot of those the last as a good start try to get some of those back now that's a good point that's a good point to try to balance it out that way so we'll talk court it's. We've got Panthers injury updates we have. Have some real good news went to Charlotte with Dion Carolina Panthers. And the injuries it really feels like the first shuttle while we got some good news will tell you about daddy does to Mac its act on ASEAN. We are Baghdad is the maggots at one no suicide WS and Zain hang it out here on a Tuesday that feels like a Thursday. With a short week we got. Com our Friday show essentially tomorrow moving into the four day holiday weekend hopefully you guys get a four day weekend some time with families well. Tomorrow we want you to come down as. Hang outs and help out sure Afghans he sadly any chance you get it whether it's our show Weathers with Garcia in day earlier with drugs and crew. On six data sixty will be broadcast live their physical gold doghouse fifteen Daniel street Turkey's. This is then something has been one of my favorite things to be a part of at this station. Because. We are we are all teaming up together with folks out there I'm so thankful appreciable all you guys. That's you know tune in and support us but we all team up together to help some folks. And you know you were put smiles on faces. All the donations turkeys can goods. Monetary donations whatever may be. They're helping out second harvest food bank and loaves and fishes tomorrow come on now for street Turkey say a low. We'll have breakfast lunch and dinner meals down their from our sponsors you grab a bite when you come on down to we got Bo Zhang was out there. On tomorrow so. Host will see out there LC guys can help yesterday. Was last night rather was cam Newton's. Cam Newton Thanksgiving JAM. Where she exceeds. 800 kids here locally in Charlotte he ran an out. And he rented that out they had Thanksgiving dinner and can't had a Stanley out they're all pitching in helping out and that was the good side at Tim Newton and he does some very good pub for its. On ESPN's Scott van pelt has an interview with a it's oh this is on right now on sports center it aired last night to during halftime. On the Monday Night Football games so my wife came downstairs and saw that she it was on the CBC she looked at it. And she said. Is he dressed up as a pilgrim but I did expect. And that's not a that's not a press conference I said no that's actually the way he dressed he's so there's jailed for Thanksgiving. A predator didn't get evens out champs hat is so into seeing you can't tell if it's Thanksgiving seemed not at her I was ahead of the Kim Katzman. Yeah Amanda followed Santa individuality go out there and beat you then I mean I can pull it off the I don't mean neither I can't Wear a damn ranger ray caddies. Where whenever that is it looks. It was psyches. State patrolman is. That's just the glasses and hat on either that or a park ranger yeah we'll take you through to wildlife Charlotte wildlife at a park I was distracted while you guys were talking get at a clip of their exports and right now love. Sales are serving our mash potatoes to somebody served our pitching is our power. I was up there helping out doing his job very nice and that's not cool to see it's also cool to see Walid beckon towards here in a few minutes we actually also gonna talk about disk. Seahawks falcons game less like hell of a game and it's two teams that. As Panthers fans I feel like we can't stand either Obama I was pulling hard for Seahawks some little ticked off about some of the events I feel like this second straight day somebody let me down I invested three hours to pull really hard for a Redskins and Seahawks and other angry I feel like I'm a 12 today man I am angry but not as far as the pastor struts. Let's talk about. The injury situation we've guys. Olson who is. All but set to come back this week basically the way they're described in the Olson's situation has. If he doesn't have any set MacKey practice Jesse for the first time since the injury he has ever sat back she is expected to play on Sunday. Jameer Byrd was back out there had a soft cast that he was back out there. Was Olson and Byrd B and guys have been on the IR the new rule this year as you can bring back to people for mine are just a short term irony more easily designated just two guys from semi art can come back. You've got to give the NFL I notice of when they're gonna start practicing. At that point. You have two weeks where they've got a charity game or else their season is done so it seems like the plan is also in the sweet demeanor bird the following week. At New Orleans. And trying to Lille who I have to be honest I kind of mentally just right off I don't want to you know I mean I don't wanna get put stock in him coming back if he wanted to come back. Well he got out their practice yesterday says the best is neck has felt all year long. And now Larson was on the sidelines right abiding dump a little bit so. Cells and trying to illegals get a chance to play this week bone so enough sense it already feels light. It is soaring soon. Show the signs of life the running game shown signs of life and they might get you know two to two guys this week and a third guy next week to help the offense that's certainly good news Greg Olsen was in a. He by Stephanie ready during the hornets game wife sandy and you match in the he'll be playing Alessio as a setback so. It's also the best I would be surprised we didn't see Greg Olson playing on Sunday against the the jet skis yeah sounds like it's going to happen. Sadako boy and hopefully it will you had Rivera can't Olsen yesterday when they met with the media. Are both taking digs at those who believe that he shouldn't have done the football game. Ron Rivera say joked about the whole file of info that Greg brought back from Minnesota on the vikings. Olson made a similar joke as well so I got a little smarty. A little smarty mount. Do you think if the patriots had a guy in the blue donate those jokes. It would put Dallas I said analyst file of and so now back from the game because they may have a filed in all from the get most I'll have to admit they have some don't. And they don't already they already they've already got the info and you may summed everybody's practices and yeah definitely they've slowed drones over every practice facility. Every week so they're good they had everything in here ideas Thursday before our pregame handshake Belichick has ever said. You guys like Greg and practice who prey on the other coaches like played how do you see that. I have heard ever him and Barbara Starr asked I. Suffers Mac Ed W Lindsay dad Tom as the email address if you wanna get and Ryan says I heard Olson's narc was directed at Tebow who was doing some serious. Also the patent last let's dot that's watcher whatsoever I'd never said Olson was going to get insult that was in my big ones on situation Mark Dayton was. I had a question walk while I was a necessary during the season I do I need did a fantastic job I want to question if you do a great job. Do we want I just didn't know why we don't need that he had to do it now I just wanna say this and I save. This is somebody who will Alston. Gets fired up about something that might not be as big of a deals it feels like to Meet the Press not you I just wanna say this right now bounds. I feel like the world is still okay Greg Olsen called the game. Selig everything's okay. I saw so I feel like everybody including annual bet like you said why does he have to do is let's go late. Know what he did it. Life goes on in the world is completely fine I think that was an over reaction. A story that does not did not have to become as big is it you can't but what somebody did that my opinion that we bought from. Alan what how it's always our Greg also football player come back black. Why we shall talk about Greg also announcer O'Brien. Of that well because I well I was talking about it Bryan Texas about you what you're asking is why are we talking to your opinion about our Greg Olsen out he had to announce that gained as he would never have a chance ever do it again so I understand. He would never have a chance ever broadcast opponent do you not remember when you were breaking into broadcasting if you got an opportunity to do some how you would seize that opportunity. Donna I want hole. Did you. And I never senator don't you look at this guy brought it up came after me I'm responding right now I'm what I'm saying is bone the world is finally literally people freaked out over something that does not affect. Anything is what I'm trying to say right now. Copyright Mac you are correct answer alike cheered Metafile Weis would you say that at home I'm telling you know be a lot happier ending got his chance broadcasts and you know I'll never do it again he did a hell of a job he did do you gotta. I did I. Anyway what and when he gets higher by fox when he retires it might be a lot because of this op or this old guy whatsoever as a retired this season I told one of 2704. 57096. And we don't orders to get back in soup we talk about his game last night should we be tested to Seahawks and Pete Carroll. Jointly sterling from Paramount sports dot com each Friday at 7:45 AM on the Mac attack through his weekly NFL and college football handicapping it violence. 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It's filled the best it's felt all season and so still. So got a few days to make decisions CL a feels so I look forward to get back on Wednesday inland. You know girls. Oklahoma star quarterback maker mayfield will not start nor be a captain on senior day for their game vs West Virginia the Heisman Trophy front runner being disciplined for his actions against Kansas hornets win over the timberwolves 118 to 102 making him back to back wins led by Dwight Howard's 25 points and twenty rebounds. Celtics have won sixteen in a row carry Irving 47 points. And maybe the mavericks won ten and one or two in overtime cavaliers won their fifth in a row once sixteen aviator over Detroit Pistons top ranked duke over Furman 9263. Marvin Bagley 24 points. Dole very 129 number nine North Carolina beat Stanford 9672. Showed 49ers over presbyterian 8374. I'm Jim's Nokia maps of flash. Any other state. 256. Found common currency but again you know we're talking about wait until Lou the next day we'll see how is in the morning. So they were Gregory legacy do they both have good days but there's always ideal way to seek and there's hope what other things have to go on the process as far as rights concerns so we'll see how that is but it was encouraging to see him out there and if you worked very well. There is head coach Ron Rivera talking about some possibility of getting not just one not just Greg Olsen but to pro bowlers back. On Sunday. Against the jets Ryan Khalil is well again I think. I try to temper my enthusiasm there was a real be huge to have him for the stretch run. Last time we tried to play it some literally about what a series are true. And he was back out so I think you have to do you know I don't know temper your enthusiasm. But it would be nice there's no doubt about it Ben -- grave going to be Thanksgiving gravy. To be able to get ranked Khalil. I healthy for the stretch trouble see what happens but in general. The help is coming you throw into mere birdie throw in Olsen and may be row are mentally ill that stood to help this come it's good to see. About. Odd jobs I'm not you know I'm not trying to have a hot day here brown not a big guy. And a big Thanksgiving gravy say it clearly it's all right not my favorite thing I don't ever use gravy is that weird not to say that quite a solid lead biscuits and gravy. I got had a great evil like Thanksgiving gravy I'm not a bomber had data on that immediate Turkey stands on its own nine there's some people still drive the white meat to drop. But to me the Turkey can stand and so I saw Dominik salt of the Turkish Salter. Yet I don't albums but even the mashed potatoes they can stand on their own but I feel like I'm in the might not good when the minority -- most people I think need to supplement now I never date isn't totally gonna try to bring that up I got a great Hebrew anti Grady brother now maybe it was that now we're back on the -- vote at the moment they would Greg Olsen or got Dicey now we're back on this still matter I have always I always held that in about a great guy that you don't you could shouted proudly from the roof top spot. Did you. Zach you go gravy or no grow gravy all the are sizing data I had to be different sense that about shooting your gravy guidance that we that your buds got degrading no destiny we don't from North America I don't know you're not we should do a Twitter poll of that because aren't we in the extreme minority on this team on it literally may come back to where the only two people in Charlotte to don't use greatly how do you know put graveyard mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Water mashed potatoes are soft again butter the butter under international. Why why you need to greatest could put as much butter out as possible maybe in my mom's gravy is just so good that it you have to use it I think that's why would be what we did get these bodies and I use of butter and I say a. Oh man I was so let's get into this some must. Games from last night were way back so it'll hornet's Dwight Howard's gave up performance Tony 120 must be discussed. We have some college football getting sued in the adds 7 o'clock hour so word on where amounts around a little bit easier. Hmmm I do wanna bring up this game from last night obviously. The Pete Carroll Cecile dole still has me angry. And again this is so peak the cheerleader Carol this is so Seahawks I decide to root for them for the rare moments. In my world in my C alternating lice. Because I wanted to beat the falcons I want them to put the falcons back to five and vital want to Super Bowl hangover to be a real thing and I want him to miss the playoffs. So I sucked it up an average for the injury riddled. A Seahawks in fairness to them you know there secondaries amassed Sherman out. Chancellor's out Earl Thomas is still not a 100% although he played last night. The kid Shaq Christen the corner who rookie corner have been started he gets hurt early in the game last night so he was at says secondaries complete shell of themselves. But it's on great finish great game but I still cannot get past. The states freaking field goal at the end of the first half I just Dorsey and the solar seven seconds left on the clock. And they're kicking a 35 yard field goal and they decide to use to two. To try to fake it and not just. I don't use a bonding does it interest in point like they did try to should get a guy open and he ends on drugs and they try to get a guy that they would it. Snap the zoo and he would run the distance. Do you begin their undersized tight end I would bet you Luke Wilson the tide an when washing. And gray Jarrett makes an amazing claims tackle Sam. Why would you not take dose three points like they lose the game by 33 game points is is not gonna settle well with me that was such and our people our people tour I saw people on Twitter but we're saying that's aggressive I like my coach being aggressive. To me that's reckless you take a three points because the odds of you giving it to your site and and him getting the whole way seem very small rights because you don't have any extra time if you're in a minute and you get a first standing keep on chugging its one thing. But they have to literally scored a touchdown there or else writes. You head up than it was in by three at the end absolutely and death mr. toys contaminated at what did you do by the end of the game. There was seven seconds to go they have a kicker Blair Walsh whose. That is bad moments that we know of this period Washington. He missed three field goals in the first fresh yet he missed abide by very. He did on the stuff you tell us about much or tie the game do you think that enough time to run up why the embassy more yards with seven seconds ago. In the terminals like they're considerate to their first second knee high so I definitely right says that they how it should. How you don't get a run sideline routes and throw it there are now one of the problems we're a band I thought to tackles the Seattle tackles were getting abused all night and offensive line to do is be a mass and Russell Wilson made some bad enough to constantly. Like they're at their best play was Russell scrambles around and make supply. And it often is their best like quite honestly for the pocket I felt like they were better when the pocket brocail. Rust who went Russia's edit clean but I felt like it did not go well. But its arms so I don't know they're worried about a sacked there or a seven run around a runner mantel clock or something like that but clearly they needed more yards. Because the Blair Walsh project known the and I think it gives some the full 52 yards on that one that was a bomber way to end had game dame want nothing to go to overtime badly. And I say they should read a play because there's not a team it's a blow recede over the last handful of years that does a sideline plays better than the Seahawks. Those receivers as wells anybody get dusty down Doug Baldwin. All the other receivers as well they'd they'd do it so well getting their feet down with Russell runs around throws a quick. The down. Get out of balance yes but I thought that's odd thousand there the rest wanted doubled at all yeah I they hindsight dated yards there's no doubt about now that would about a one boat where you trust. Where you try something extra seven seconds left and don't kick a field goal. Yet it backwards instead of first half he didn't get the field though when you should take the field goal which is exactly what was Pete Carroll's quote after the game about the job. The head of the Google election he said dom stood at work to do would have been a great call thanks Pete. I really believe it or it and you don't want somebody out there's steak and you know life is my guess we can get divorced it would have been a good marriage like what. Hill is a point of that of course so what about a good college at work. But it did not work it got completely shut down and it cost you three points you needed the end of the game and the most important thing about this is. It cost us eighty cause pain and suffering from cancer say it's. It's a second straight I compare this to be back on a seal Balkans as root for other teams Geoff this is gonna tell you. Just sucks man because sit usually don't like Miley like to see our zone like to read is number reformed and did the end of the game after three hours of steel door because I'm rooting for teams I hate. They end up not even delivering me to help I want off problem I felt like editing a daily shower last night hey hey hey Pete if my dad I. Astrid as saying help me out earlier in my uncle had some that he be diet. Some the much difference if Google had balls yet you you're you're welcome I don't. That I don't know how to. Doesn't have those Syrians had ambivalence yeah beer on your and a diet you have to at a donut coffee uncle have. As domain I can't imagine what she'd be became very necessary you know we can't get back Obama I had a good. Is there to start around let's see here what do we have this dude says can somebody explain me why spiking the ball stop the clock is not intentional grounding. Was very simple it's written into the rules where you're allowed to do that without getting brown I mean I did drown out on you I mean it's just it's one of those things that is you know excluded from the grounding rules I would like someone explain to me how that Kirk cousins flag when clearly it looked like terrorism by a mix up when a receiver was drowning that's enough. Almost war that's what the heck I was myself but it cellmate of building senate's access another Billy Centex as you could put great deal that's hurt and I would devour it. And that is script say it but I love gravy but that's that's that's all there if I didn't have BI. At Tebow on WS Lindsay DePaul is up or you team gravy. Or are you team no need for great a guy yeah I just I. I when I'm trying to compliment to Turkey and mashed potatoes you know I think they are done correctly armed that well and up on their own Obama looks seat getting crushed by the wife and us when we did I didn't or starting your regular ones. I think is to be a popular opinion you know but she got to be you've got a T gotta keep it real well we emptied the 100 Jamie Dukes once told me I'll be helping more I'm sure on this ought to be more -- not take that next week for our Mac and WA SNC dad Tom whose email address if you don't wanna jump in here we gotta get back to Lawrence are we you have to have a discussion about the hornets. In this in this vein. What are didn't know what it was the number one team your minds to the good reported showing up. This team definitely has some symbol MMX sometimes abandon its shot to the fourth quarter that's all we need a loose. But what is the key so it'll hornets playing like they did the last two nights finishing ball games as the players are specific things what's the key and a good morning it's actually being there are for the end game it is the Mac attack on their fans it. It is the Mac it says here and FNC Matt Ryan after the game last night. The said he was trying not to let. The bad thoughts creep into his mind that are we blowing another double digit lead. And man that just makes even angrier got I would love to come off the tank and talk a Dem I have an eleven point lead what was the score around 34231. Point was the longest biggest lead Saturday at a bigger one and that there are fourteen ultimately an early in the game you guys have fourteen Nelson would have been our number I don't want more numbers to mosque which Atlanta and now we don't have a Minty Terrell I blame you for that what does he could mess with Matt Bryant had set it in -- years. I. Sorry I and then after the game he tells it media those thoughts for treatment and I don't lie ahead voices that I had to. Oh that would be good by the way Atlanta. Yes they had an interesting moment as they were detonating the Georgia Dome. The weather channel they they are based in Atlanta right weather channel. Yes they had a camera set up to show you for some reason I don't know why that's whether shrapnel flying through the air is that whether I thought. The weather is good if I can do is we got a conversation kids of shrapnel rained and and get away. That's a police stay it's odd thousand in downtown Atlanta but no armed so they were covering this com implosion of the Georgia Dome. And a while they're covering it live a Marta bus. Rides right enshrined it's generally arc that's bust out of Atlanta and Ager it rides right in front stops right there Charlotte Georgia Dome. And music ever about how 25 seconds and rolls away by the time the Marta bus leaves you miss pretty much all the fun to watch detonations stuff going on. Then on this show has its lawyers on this show we steal. That the Panthers. Twitter that is the deaths of pro sports rights we actually just worry about what the hawks though. Have an unbelievable our Twitter. Our our personnel department over there BC they did last night Mac and also dispersed so they took a bus thing that says our final score tonight. In at a bus was escorted to the bottom door you can see the store was at the hawks is the hawks are damn get on what are they or their. Very bad on the basketball floor but man they got their social media thing down rights. I am building senator sexier from a guy says to someone just ask you why spiking the ball is intentional grounding. Might as well explain why you can run with the ball and football but not a basket. Are right where we say goodies we're here to educate where it adds a decade as well as entertain. I saw last night bone let's talk about this. When the hornets pulled the borders have disability and I. So this is an MBA saying it's a long season and it. You've got you know you've got road trips you have back to backs is a lot of factors where you can't play your a game every night it's. The hornets are inconsistent they are part of adding consists NBA culture feels to me like they're worse than the average team Lama. What today's what is it what's a kiwi seen the last two games only finished out there while my double digits each of the last two times out and we start seeing the good lord's gonna get encouraged. What CU is the key sack you think is Kaminsky or some other early on what is key factor of the key players the key thing to do to ensure that the good hornets are out there Humphrey can floor. Well I think it's Kaminsky did giving them that option off the bench I said when the show began their three you know what Kaminsky goes over twenty points which is up. Which is an interesting sign it's Kaminsky. Contributing in his confidence level being high XP a two point gets a clippers he comes back as 24. Two nights later as very consist. We don't know some game against Wallace wasn't right game he is symbolic of origins right so there's also an inconsistency with white power no doubt the terms of certain nights are getting engaged ready to roll Dwight like you saw last night. Then there's nights when you look at the box or he watched the games you look companies got you know seven points at five rebounds whenever you need out how does that. How does he go for 2441. Night it's seven file another night. It Dwight Howard Dean engages Paramount in his team's success it is both those guys are importing U doesn't residing goods ranked last night you really live it's a white kids to Whiteside out there being a factor. What what are rebounding the basketball defending. What do Z and that's what good does it does take what's why is it's just if pizza place. The way it seems so obvious that he should be playing at this stage of his career he can make such an impact. Like when he does posts and you get re you get to a deep post position is good night and it is good night. Not when your posting fifteen feet from the basket trying to put it on the floor that is a turnover waiting waiting to have or shooting allied jumper midrange jumpers he is three of 321 midrange jumpers why does he shoot it. So ideally you shoot it he repeat that again and I saw this on Twitter I think it was Brian dice senior who has a great Twitter follow your voice as so many bands that he's tremendous. But three of 321 mid range jump shots Al avoiding option knows it's unbelievable appointee told the south shooting or maybe he's getting told maybe he's just not listening. So yeah it's like playing the right way setting hard screens when he does it. It works great but when their screens lazy. Bad thing you know good good things don't materialize and also you feel like I rather have kodi in and not forcing the ball to the white do you feel like you've got a one dolphins during the Q mean yes. I've got that they date try to get the ball on offense didn't make them happy. And and situations that he doesn't excel let him go get dusting on the glass you know or give when he gets really deep post position do or the lobs off pick and rolls those are all great use of zone and obviously when he hits the boards and he did last night which according board six offensive. He changed the game the putback baskets changed the game because it's our team that traditionally under Clifford. Hasn't gotten many putback baskets pollinate they usually. Send you know one got enough as the US everybody else is making sure they don't get a run out. On such a big sector pension general as we talked about earlier is a big factor right. Like when they. Often when they win a game and really perform well we're talking about the bench and ecstatic when they lose a game we're also talking about the stock here's one reason one benches okay. We have this fourth quarter falcons tied saying it happens to us right he's gone back to last year or who's on the floor to start the fourth quarter the bench. So when lead the bench is also deciding factor of a do we extend our keep our lead or do we start losing our lead to where the starters are putting it in a Dicey situation so. The bench at second stint as a bench play is so crucial I'm telling you Franken as he was amazing. And that late third quarter early fourth quarter staff last night amazing and when he hits his story. It opens up everything else does and they close out respected Kenny puts it on the floor. And what frank when frank was called for basketball demand the best cut it to the rim and didn't get sent a rock like when he is trying to go out of his way to get the ball that's when you have confidence frank and I love me some confident frank. And it's really do it's not even I game to game saying with frank sometimes it can be asked aft quarter recorder within a quarter. And I had a confidence just goes so far been down their engine and you'll see we does Wednesday against the wizards one surprise me if frank puts up all four points. It L I got but. Now that's what are you almost expected sadly but those guys more consistency from Frank Moore can so see from twice. John says I'll tell you when the good Norris job when Marvin and get many minutes. Marvin struggling man shoot the ball all 503 from three. I not to overlook he does provide things on the defense bad defense of versatility for you leadership on the defensive end but he is literally not shot the basketball well since his contract year I mean he puts it attracts. And it's like he had to hit the jump shot over what he got a contract is freaking crazy they're also two and out without mark's point. Only to play one minute to go a month dot the rotation this guy this guy says and guess who gonna keep montella rotation. Yes conversation we can have would you think we're a better team now mulled. Four G slide mole game for Macon who was struggling to shoot the basketball last night as well when old story. That will be the question I think fans would ask is could we just slide mr. bacon and keep the rest of the guys that were positive factors on that second unit in the in the game I never plays they can always always always go to make our here's the Hubble we got to. We got above what's called stalked two we have talks and sought a little hornet's. We get a college football topic or to toss out later it was 7 o'clock to our people are trying to change just play offs and I got to probably that will talk about that don't wanna hear from hornets fans on this one. They win two games decisively they finish him in the fourth quarter to get a good he will steam what CU is the number one thing that these happened pretty good orders to keep showing up 704570. Nice extent and does that include keep month down the rotation.