Mac Attack: Hornets Frustration Reaches Boiling Point

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Thursday, December 7th

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Welcome to another revision number American attack on 102 point five the thing. With Mac. T bone heal and let me just say a Wall Street and Osborne now. Did you detention now you're hosted caretaker of chaos. Charisma clean. Carlos rocket rose Michelle it is the Mac it's at 102 point five WS can't see were here on Thursday. Got to start talking about the vikings pass to start discuss in his big game at. And how the heck would pull this thing off we will get into that so during his radio show. Last night don't hornets on the national TV stage two stars out for the Golden State Warriors. And orders a one point or down by Tony some of the free can points in the middle second quarter. I just sucks man that game just last night was the early. And enjoyable and then there run to their credit but damn that was hard to watch we'll talk about bad got a 26 points or one point six right yes I saw I'd say they're a solid. I thought it was a 26 it was just. And and I'll say this is one for kemba don't want austerity in the second quarter I think would have been you know it was stayed ugly there for awhile he each. Kind of got us back to where it got respectable we'll talk about that we've got so other stuff to get into did we've. You know we talked a little bit after the interview which answer DuBois on the show yesterday from Charlotte from a listen back to his interview we're gonna play this interview back. Bombs. Do worse a ballots shortly NASA left I feel better I feel worse. If Charlotte sports fans should should be angrier after this interview. I think he'd literally made it worse during the interview. I give him credit for coming on but it really seems as guests there is a severe disconnect between the leadership Good Charlotte the stands at Charlotte. We'll talk about that a little bit Tennessee looks like they have their man looks like it's gonna be Jeremy Pruitt Alabama. Defense of coordinator cnet's search is over and stir 300. 28 days or how long it was bounced a 23 days solid out there was a short 1394. Day at a senate ethics. A 23 day search is over Chad Morris looks like he's going to he he is the man. An Arkansas. NFL looking to change rules due to some of the stuff that's been going on the last oh week or so in the league we get all that and more. Mecklenburg County giving packs and are refusing to pay the greens will be ransom where ransom and 23000 dollars good luck with that one. Hands we've got a lot of things KG Greco cells going to be here 830 we mentioned. Chancellors or we will replay that. And it's 6:36 o'clock is get a chance to hear it Dwight Howard at 8 o'clock on that is not lied not talk to yes it before the game. Are you at some point in late morning early afternoon you'll hear what he had to say but we do not talk about that. Mess against the Golden State Warriors I have to say this bony. And the obviously being awards fastballs and bobcats fans for awhile. But I've seen some ugly basketball. The first eight minutes of the second quarter I won't put up there with any ugly basketball does franchise has ever flooded. I mean I I've got to look up the number of turnovers they had the first eight minutes they could not keep the basketball in their possession. Could not score against four points in the first eight minutes of the second quarter when meanwhile swank EP. And Kevin Durant are going false on the other end of the floor that was a complete slots that effort on national television on so. Any levels it was like they were beaten just won a game started. By that date neither play in the lawyers despite the guys being out. In it would be process should be up listing you they want to cross they saw was the warriors still was some great players on the team they were beaten from the source score brought. And it was our early embarrassing from a basketball point of view it was embarrassing from my brain we'll talk about today for my breeds raising the amount of warriors fans in the crowd. It's embarrassing and every level last. It's embarrassing doesn't do just as it's beyond embarrassed and this is. The second time we've had sued dashed to a national TV games on ESP. And in both those games Mike Breen is called the game in both those games might marine has commented to the whole country. About the amount of stands rooting for the other team for the cavs in the first game and now for Golden State in this game as embarrassing. Just just embarrassing man it's unfortunately it's the way it is. In this town and I'm not saying it's not like dead another NBA sales but it just sucks I just sucks to have to hear that. Arms and that's part of it I I got I got sought please last night of people say multiple Davidson fans. Were were cheering for the warriors last except what are you implying that you all played in the game. So what do you what is and denied all we know it personal hornets for a night that's a novel concept isn't it. I just listen I like Seth Curry but did this is sergeant nor even make. But what I used to annoy everybody I'm sure do it again when our first after the play also an awards are no longer playing in a season. Our match. This thing where you wrote forced Jeff Greene against our own team. Is pissing me off for instance insists it's ridiculous it really is so so far we have to go is a market for the hornets. Panthers and it takes time Kansas made leaps and bounds bone in terms of protecting the house. In terms of more more. It stands converting the Panthers fans. Can't and just that whole mindset has been improved dramatically the hornet's now is the next few we need to work on here really has. But didn't let that stuff aside the basketball stuff that I saw last night's I mean this is I'm just tired of so many guys on this team. And the ads is whether it's fair amount to what what I'm saying I just. A Marvin Williams I only know he's out there has its timing and honestly this is such a nine bleed and factor. Half the time at least on our sense and on defense and leadership I know there are commodities he brings. You know you look at nick to make the tune. As it used other dude can dis a free can appear and I'm just tired of the damned disappearing act and I was glad. I. A voting yes or he might introduce superior speed. Dude got pain in reverted back to salt why he was before that moral choir repaid a 145 million dollars total to a role player. Or don't staff. And I know he's an upper Echelon role player on the agency is what what's president border call plays sometime he got us. Sometime he's got their performance and how does not like he had that they can't do that went 125 million dollars he had a big third quarter were put up ten points the rest of the game yes I ports you know it's a site. Any what you play the war years you're past due to have a chance to beat damn I believe you have to have. At least you guys go over forty point scorn us. If you're not gonna stop them on defense they're gonna pull a ton of points the got to have at least two players go over forty points last night kemba goes over. One he gets 44 not the most efficient 44 but nonetheless he point four. No one else was over one. But June 15 two Weis fourteen Jeremy lamb six points to have a chance someone else has to support kemba get at least one points that didn't happen. It's still kemba in the cabinets. And until it's not that anymore. You know were going to sit here can be friend strategist. Is mailing you lose a war is just one thing to be down by 26 in the first ethnicity without hurrying green. Just it just drives me crazy like I honestly they're delusional dummy that I am. Saw that this would be closed basket and thought that we could compete with them because they're missing those two guys. And Kevin Durant goes off hurled at the rink that's so many open looks early. Hell's that guy open man. All of them KGW fights hard and a couple times and KG was helping out elsewhere in to rant slide open. I just don't understand it Paul Pierce finishing point after the game so we're doubles. Would strap some Kevin Durant make him throw it to somebody else at some point. Bombed in the eighth. It's just it's just it's a sobering effect when you see how far away we are bound from the top of illegally we know or far away. But she takes steps and dream on away and see how far we are still. For the destiny NBA and we played game at home where we rating three don't and and actually playing some pretty good Agassi on the road escape our doors blown off. But at home we've been playing some good basketball is just frustrate and nothing has frustrated me to oak is the referees. Now though you're with me on this I don't QB browns with me because you can brown complained about the horror it's not getting calls. As he got the ball inside he must have complained about eight different times throughout the course of the game. I thought the officiating was brutal. From a standpoint of the hornets usually gets in us ally as much as anybody in the league. And did Mike Green couldn't figure out why we were commitments outlined will QB was tell them. There are tons of things that easily could have been Sal calls at the basket. When we got the ball in the paint bone an attempt to finish there were tons of times you could call the foul. And not until the very end when it didn't matter and I feel like we were in any of those samples would you agree a matter now. 100% death in that we talk about starts from it star treatment in the NBA the entire warriors team gets starts. I just want wired a hole by guest has a full source of the holds he gets written the treatment from the referee says it's magnate. And then at the end of the game needs he said eat it ought to be a close game technically did at the end. 8578. And CW Michael coral Williams has a chance at a point blank layup that would cut it to five. He misses when gets the rebound land gets Al no call they come down warriors do what they do the great team that they are. Put a white after that enable us it was a five straight up pour out yet. How does Michael Carter Williams missed two wide open my eyes are you how are you an NBA rotational player and you can't make too wide open him point blank layups. And of course on the one you're talking about Jeremy lamb gusts out Jimmy brown eyes of the Bobby Brown told the world against salad that's act out and -- -- got to put the body sports are frustrated too by the arrests are multiple times works QB was pointing had a Mike Grier pointing out that the players were frustrated lobbying for calls I do not blame them in that game listen I'll be the first got to tell you the NBA players are a bunch a whiners when it comes to south last night just felt like it was ridiculous and we were not getting rewarded for attacking the basket and getting the ball inside. And that was just freak and frustrating man it really was so. If you all would jump data talk about it that was a big emotional hornets last night and it just felt like they laid an egg man. And they are rallying they saw lots and give them credit for that but it's getting it's getting old saying band. The hornets fought let's give some credit that's she's starting to get old here in the city of Charlotte. And here's the difference between the the great teams in the league in the hornets. Without coli Leonard and Tony Parker the spurs beat the hornets twice. Without. Fiery plane most of the game Al Horford was out the Celtics rallied to beat the hornets. Without staffs and dream on despite other guys are there I get dabble about seven dream on the porters don't beat the warriors went kemba goes out. How did or it's. Don't terrible data easily anybody. You saw those numbers the other day with Kemba Walker. Also slower on defense we're sixteen points per hundred recession worse. And on offense we're six points worse. So it's a 22 point swing in a hundred possessions you know when you combine both sides of the ball so you're helpless we're freaking helpless man and you should just actually it really. Is tiresome I. I'm Larry is austerity kemba he deserved better than this Kemba Walker byways that are really good soldier he's got the Russell Wilson type contract that raw so glad when this just won their championship. Kemba Walker in this age of massive contracts does not have one. We have not taken advantage of having a star player I'll cheap yeah we're wasting any other way please go to get a 175200. Million dollars and then we're gonna see how we deal when we've got to do some money. Saving with a roster. Don't mean there's going to be a does that. Yeah yeah absolutely Mack and DL WS and Z dot com is email address your rights good analogy took a when you have that good cornerback on the first contractor buddies heals and he got to make tale Matt Prescott that's what we're doing here were freaked and that. We're struggling how Dallas doing right now with Jack on that rookie contracts are just isn't a more examples and Russell I don't mean I don't know honest John image on a Dallas Jack yeah you're supposed to do well how's that going right now. Because I'll tell you that conversation is coming soon on kemba Walker's contract what what is it going to be. Are we gonna given that much wages and wanna be here does he wanna go through this is heard someone could come as respected in the league right like guys love to embark. Our guys gonna tell you know what let's team up. Be careful that right we're at a market like. If I was Kemba Walker I'm not sure I'd wanna be here. I'm a dead just flat out honestly I'm Sharon wanna be here and it sucks to say that really does and it also sucks to have these songs like do. Other tankers right. It's very easy insane tank posse right on this one. Because bone feed sacks or are we going man I just our. I feel very defeated today would award is that really how would you donate magazines there's just general bubbly about things but today I tell you this is up. Hard to be part of each of Bernadette is frustrating 7045709. Season no wonder you don't resort lawyers all you guys out there. I it's much more healthy mentally all right we gotta talk about a quarter instant what bothered you less than about boards or are you not bothered by which lobotomy. We saw. I'd if it's yellow like me or like most of us do you probably dread doing any sort of Christmas shopping right like even so the wife of always like I don't know what to do it I don't wanna screw this gets stopped all that I am not asking her what she wants and then it just kind of boring because and I just go on it parenting get what she wants. I'm telling you adds details were due to guys night out on Friday if there's gonna hang would mean. Until blows methods Eagles stopped by ski tells us right Deere next to Carolina play small will be either side until seven on Friday night to cool thing about this is. You will get prizes for being there like we're gonna reward you for going Christmas shopping for your sweetheart. And you know it's 20% off all the jewelry that's in the this in the store. Everybody that's in the top first 45 people show up between five and seven just make sure you swing by UW SNC golf task. That's six rousing all six different Charlotte courses it's good until the end of the year and then you also. Have a shot aboard this thing though more tickets. Hundred dollar gift card to Paul almost 20% also store in your school part. Is an absolute best Scotch available we're gonna have their own and Scotch tasting so. This like makes. Five until seven us details on Friday night's Assad whose head negative by some stuff for us to towels are Kyle sort Byrd Joseph manager. Do you see it. The day while the head bands like the others I don't know in a single figure that out for you golf shortly before Friday night's. I'm let's see here the students says Max what you're telling me is the hornets had some missed opportunities. Yes that is the I believe that's another way to phrase it thanks Ron this dude says lords are straight garbage nobody wants refer to same sorry mess year after year. They're trash is in more embarrassing favorite cities idiots. I colossal idiot is you want to see me going a little further than me but I'm just frustrated it's all the frustrations mounted up for me to this point no word just. It feels like we are running quicksand. And it's just frustrating and I got to vent today man I just asked to. I still to come watching the same movie over and over again with a stick I feel like every game is basically ends the same for the most wanted us being upset yes. They get down early they rally and then lose light. When they lose and it's just. Any other team will be missing got a sale of part of this movie is the other teams always busy keep wire where he's missing a key player almost suddenly not there when the game at a seasonally. Two key players last night in this case. Eagle Manson is wondering lords I can't stand is they consumed. He does nothing for me he can score twenty points but 120 meaningful. They are not supporting meaningful points in eight games. I would not want him if he made five million a year but of course he makes a whole lot more. Com let's see here Mac and WAS NZ dot com our Ritchie says you have perfectly captured my feelings on the hornets in the 49ers the past two days. The little brother attitude was pervasive here in Charlotte I forgot how it used to be these fourteenth. Bombs this dude says great game by the hornets last night's. No true stars of the team but we hung with the best on various different route. What is wrong when that guy. I'll what does that Tony Robin sides. I don't know that I'd like to say demos since I'm I'm pretty positive Charlotte sport say like here really do positive today but I certainly can't do that. For the Batum. Haters Mac and is starting to get kind of allowed on the tomb here as well but soon makes this year in the next three years. This is what we talked about when they sign an adventure it's going to be a problem 42 mil this year. Twenties for next year to 45 to 201922. Warning. 42 point one he makes 27 million dollars. So after this series got three years of 444527. Million dollar. Not only is that deal brutal and hamstrings us and then we have the camera thing coming up. But it also seals on tradable so yeah. Nobody has read says we don't wonder that there's a sad thing is I sat there that day and said we have designed to assume because we have no choice who else are getting gets. That's what I hate about this league for a small market. Like Charlotte in this league. These seals liked it to indicate there's not going to really attract free agent starts. Is feels like we are doomed either way. Either we overpay for somebody like dead bone or we don't it's and then where reacts it's just I just don't like the way this league. Works. The NFL. You get good based on merit it doesn't matter what city you play and although you playing Cleveland apparently really hurt your chances when it. But Jose Ramon. Like you could be in green day's most market around Jacksonville swirl smalls Morris Italy and you can just drafts correctly and run a franchise correctly. And you can win some games. And I just feel like DM BA in a market like Charlotte there're so many things working against us and I know I sound like a white. An awesome guy you know last night was also an example some of the competitive balance issues in the league the warriors last night. Without a two time MVP when the greatest players ever Seth Curry without the reigning defensive player of the year could still trying to light a match last night of a league MVP slash finals MVP. Another finals MVP in eighty dollar in one of the greatest shooters of all comically doubts and think about the guys they lost in the guys think it's still put on the last night. And that does not is not the most competitively and that's why people got upset wondering what's the warriors because when a guy like seven's out now Kevin Durant takes over and goes a 35. Yeah but you also could say what other teams have taken a little more advantage of that. I mean why are we down guide to money six might or might 2.0 is well suited towards the hornets lose two of their best players what they're Ross are gonna look. Warriors lose in whatever guys and it's like it and I could want or what Dan has since I mean yes obviously the NBA as a big picture from today I'm more worried about our little picture from here bony. Ahmad this decision depressing me it's time to dance around now here I'm I'm gonna hear everybody cheer everybody up especially show forty niner fans getting yours answered your boss attempts to answer our questions yesterday. About Judy raised in the athletic department if you miss that yesterday losing to speak to the sands. You're gonna hear a bunch of what he had to say. Including my first question was about all be you know seen and it. Unrest is out there the signs on game day be banners flying you know the planes are flying around before games and a bomb stuff like damn what is what is his reaction when he sees that. We have seventeen sports and two of them are very very important to us ask our fan. And that's the that's. The lights in the NCAA instate college sports but if you look at the big picture our our athletic program and Judy is built. Over 27 years. We have 29 dollar million dollar budget we have. Hundreds of students going through a quality experience in getting excellent training and academics court. We've built over a hundred million dollars for that the Phillies. We we are governed very well like in terms of compliance for example we've never had a hint of a major violation. Much to Portland 93%. I'm the student athletes took. Completed their eligibility. And graduate got a college great. I've contrary to the narratives that are out there. Feeling. Our fundraising and actually very well. And we now have an eleven million dollar and Kaufman and I think they raised over five million dollars last year. Judy and I are both in positions of national leadership in the NCAA armament division one course she's on the national council. And so overall I would say we're very very do we hear the concerns about the two sports that are struggling yet we do. And we want those to get better and we'll take steps at appropriate times. To try to make them better but at every turn that oddly app path we we try to make the best judgments we couldn't. And when I look at baca Judy and her record of hiring coach. To pick them up standard fixed she doesn't get credit for picking. Bobby loops or am. Now open. There he is. But she didn't even though they were the inside candidate in soccer she picked Jeremy Gunn. You don't appreciate it Kevin Lang and we had a nationally competitive program. And she kept. Robbie church or women's soccer he went to Vanderbilt cheat that John upset he went to Kentucky. Chino I'm John Cullen and again I'm very content women's soccer program. And MIK fed. I just thank. You kind of at a very very solid job outstanding actually if you look of vote large arc of the program. Do you guys who shares your closings I hear from finance personal students say NRC's are now up to over 800. Dollars in student seizing go to athletics. But yet they don't get a chance to in these products they don't watch when they don't watch the football on the basketball games that makes them extremely angry. My being charged former not getting any better and then the alarm saying to me a lot of the guys in donate saying. Why should nineteen donate to smack. And they are today are just begging me not to donate so I've heard Judy say did she she said the observer last week we don't I that she doesn't days keeping coach on wins and losses and I heard you mention all these other things that are going well let's scroll but she got. I understand the students there 824 bucks they're spending they want. Winds and for the alarms that donates the money they're spending they won a better product right you have to answer to that. Well I certainly have to take this thing into consideration at these the fear is high of course because students want it what else. And we in imposed a 200 dollar. Operating fees over forty years and a 120 dollar debt service say. So that he would be much laughter we didn't have football. And the and it you know they can end in the case of football honestly. It was a very tough call no question about it coach Lambert is a very fine person. He joined it at considerable professional risks. For two years I have no program at all and then start out. Oh there's still the facilities helped or didn't build that fan base that so upset right now. And and you know we went two years we have the F. We must I didn't think in both ears and frankly I thought we over performed not based on where we were at a start up a program. And there's no question that we saw right away they're going to FBS would be a tough call but in the long runs that's going to be a good decision because. We're in one of that you you know the major conferences. Not one of the power five to be sure but certainly as high as we we were able to get as a startup program. Yeah I know. Although I will point out there's steel there's multiple schools and started up recently there and then two ball games you don't see in this period right I mean the other schools have shown that you can do lists. And others schools have shown you can throw out there I mean I don't think that the issue I think with Brad. We had to ask ourselves the question. As he wanted to lead the team yes of course he does. Do we believe he can make the changes that need it and staff and strategy yes we think he he can't. I'm willing to compromise. His values are our institutional integrity under the pressure to win he will not. It it would if we made the change I sweeping out all ten coaches this year. What would that mean for the next year and and how long would it take mr. rebuilt them they're there. Yeah thanks we we think just a little you know what I'm not patient that patient is in the right word but trying to get everyone if you don't support our team and let me go back to where you started I I fear that I hear that but I think the time that you're the champ. But people flying airplanes over the stadium in an attempt to publicly shamed or embarrassed our athletic director. I think. But that's it that's tragic. And it and shameful it isn't just passionate fans they care about the programs just voicing their opinion isn't Americans. Based also see people being able to voice their opinion their displeasure in sometimes. Yet but I mean you have to know you have to know Judy bros fifth. She wants to win as much as any of those stands and she's dedicated her entire adult life to this program. And you know just in the last ten years we've had a number of things don't go so well particularly in things like men's soccer and golf. So. We're gonna get these programs been going in the right direction but it is it is difficult right now I think I am. I I welcome their participation I am I you know there 49ers that they are supposed to be our passion. Lesson don't ask you about Junichi answer blob what is in Charlotte is it's not an and I. I don't take any newly sitting here saying someone to lose her job raising like Dan meanwhile. We're all humans and I think Judy from what I hear the as a great Clark but just get this business athletic director and that division one athletics like to show slice for a job 27 years is a long long time. A rotating people bringing in new people those decisions all the time is certain. They ceiling and all you know from you or anybody else in the administration border anybody like that may be doing it it's not fired Judy maybe Judy does something else and every capacity she's there it's certainly wish you guys for four years of this gold man she'd look she is a niner thrown strokes but maybe someone with fresh ideas but it comes from an athletic department where they've had a lot of success they've soared to import some fresh ideas that work. Well. Record that I guy wiggle my vice answers every year and when I look at just even the past ten years. And Judy tenure which included starting up football. And the success we've had in men's and women's soccer team with the number one school the conference in terms of attendance it's soccer. I'm not know a lot of people don't care about is this. Donate money says you know I mean like just recent days. Are we at the hands across the spectrum in those majors sports there's no question and and I know in college football there's been a struggle. I think I get you know and don't like me here that maybe your expectations have been to ice. But I do believe that and I think again will it will look and see Brad and able to turn this around but. And yes sir Judy if I look at sort of what did this athletic program looked like before she got here what does it look like I now there's no rhythm what I mean it's just. She's built a major program she's at a sport she added soccer she had a track and field she had to but thought she had it a women's golf. Until I had women's swimming and maybe another sport after that so this is non trivial stuff in terms of what an athletic director have to do. And that is truly athletic Berry director and doesn't recruit a student at Machida to recruit the coaches. And I like it that in many many cases chic chic so she got two great coaches. Based think about women's basketball than example. She hired Katie Katie Meier she went off to Miami she hired Amanda Butler she went off the Florida charge here is how in human architects. And Carrick and quake risk here and now. Part of it and I'm sure it's a it was about boisterous and those are things that listen to do you Judy is doing things and I think she's not getting credit for much the whole thing I would come back to is just knowing if the rabid Charlotte sports sailing to guide. And listen to this station. The course he does not care did you he's hiring those people in those sports. He once football and basketball to be better you know and that that's what it comes down to so I think for our audiences all these other sports you say it sounds maybe like Charlie Brown's teacher Gomes like look that's great but really you've got to be good and revenues forcing most division one athletic directors are judged I think you know more on their. There on the revenues may perform things. Well let's be clear about that term revenues sport I mean it's true that. Football brings that it in television contracts and in the gate. But. And a large mass of Barack brought. And the largest portion of our budget doesn't come from. I ticket receipt or even donations so obviously this student fees are important yeah and then the absolute confidence revenues so. Yeah I get it that people are concerned about these sports but like if and when here. Operating an athletic program you've got to be concerned about all seventeen sports and all the student athletes to wind in the two. Major sport and ask I think in military she's done a very good job. Mistakes certainly feel the pain around us to export as part of anybody's. But I don't know if they that this is. Stuff going on right now. I hope the band full well that step back and I'm in you know. Janet on those things after. The decision to turn out that's it I just don't think it is that the time to make a change in the eighties. There you go that she answer to why he ended the interview right there by backing June hero stuff I get a dodge your question about Judy's. Job status early he ended it by backing it's not time to change. The AD we'll talk about that we come back like if you're not a sand you heard that interview either yesterday today your both. Don't make it worse my feeling is the way he went about explaining. You know why Judy's NASA I swear I think it made it worse for nonessential talk about Dan Gillmor a jump in 704570. Nice extent on the phone lines and the only center text. We can't associated suited to its the Mac to tackle their fancy. Max and W have since he got down we want bumpy and so my Hendrick Dodd Gmail as you guys know the number to call in or building senate Texas 704. 5709. C sanction Israel Twitter at Mac WS Lindsay had Tebow W a frenzy at Osborne. WS and Z. All right we'll get back in the hornets in the 7 o'clock hour Al wolverines it will ramp up our frustrations of let it loose again from last night's game he's already battered out of the show's got along Jiri still angry state. I say I don't not it's still angry said he does it I got sold it off my chest but I think it's still angry I was I was winding down until I read that the team's future contract numbers are down 5% slanderous guards at different levels. The anger in niner nation I believe got stronger. Well did you answer to why interview that you just heard. This guy is this. Thanks thank you for not letting them pencil neck also hook. I'm not a niner stamina my chancellor gave an interview I doubt I'd go ballistic he was condescending and dismissive towards his fan base. He really was he really seemed that he did not really care much about nine understands issues in niner fans being frustrated. I also came away questioning how much he really cares about winning and losing your job Judy roses quotas literally saying arms of the observer last week about Brad Lambert. I don't base my firings also loves you know. Wins and losses. And it's just let's listen we can argue that big time college athletics has winning. Gotten to be too big of a deal where it's led to so much corruption and stuff like that. But I believe firmly that they're not treating it with the importance that it should be treated over there and you know I got a calm buildings that are Texan guy yesterday says he sent an email that she answered to law. And she answered a while responded by saying would you rather be Louisville. And I was like that's interesting comment. And it did I heard his interview he talked about. I really see Ole. Likes he might feel like bone there's two alternatives with your athletic department either you do the right way don't cheat and graduate kids or you win. I almost feel like that's the way he views Athlon. Ex us yeah I would when I listen to the interview yesterday. It was one thing was very parent I use a cliche. He doesn't want detailed elected dog. He wants it to be a university first and athletic department sector it and he sees other programs that they're drawn out of control because they would sold are sold have a football team but at the same time he said it is still disputed seas were so high because the students wanted football and I think that that is complete. Bull crap they wanted football over there because everybody knows how much money a university can make if they have a successful. All programmed into every point exactly knows that and here's the thing you have to own and you have to own it get a chance or that university. In one breath he's giving Judy rose credit for bringing football there which. I believe niner fans will tell you how many years she spent kind of funny football you know before they gave is not too good to students before donors got behind it. And but so in one breath he's given Judy credit in another breath he's kind of saying well the U wanna football everybody student she won a football some pain here 824 dollars. No they wanted to football team that was going to grow. And become competitive so when they see you guys in declined. And then this comment too about well how would stand steal a police fired all ten of our football coaches and had to start over. Actually might feel pretty darn good like he got got for Brady you win one game next year that's what I say this I was thinking about he said how long's it gonna take us to rebuild and build back. You're a lot of free can win the surge cut sakes how. I would building needs to happen to get to this point. You know he had a chance yes yes thought to come on and the understanding and sympathetic towards a Soriano fancy was not to act now we could have said it sees things and maybe that they would like to hear that they can take away a net from that every day you know what. I don't like a guy but he said this a nest I like what he said about that no he came on defiant almost defensive. About SARS going all and not understanding and not sympathetic. I think it made it worse right made it worst sort of feels like to me and I talked to a person that knows a program very well yesterday and this person rob us. A great point. Judy Souter retired the first year after football is there is that what's her legacy. Her legacy is not the last couple years has said she was there and pour LB football process not saints he had a ton to do with the boy what a feeling there that. It would have been great timing for somebody yesterday on Twitter said she integration as a retire when he got to the conference USA that's another lake there a point here where she could retire she's been in the AD for 27 years. I don't feel like this is an unfair which shot I feel like it's time for a fresh view in that athletic department David. Is up next David how you feel Matusz. Well I bet did not feel better the ba yes. And you know. We actually shortly until we we have been great action at liberty and stating it would ever salute you. Call preparing our aren't so I'd probably not let the bank to spot you know call someone yet art but we dispute we cap though shall I. And you know how that in day out what doubtful and stop them out Gary it's you know. We we email we've written into that speak hundred spot is we have gotten. Probably chancellor it's arbitrators don't you got one ought to be here. The power pop culture let's say they're no Rick Maher Bob interpret pop opportunistic we. Except. For incompetence we. Yeah no I agree dads or dads well said I do and it just it's a dismissive tone of his fans and this is what a lot of that night or alarms and fans tell me they get when they email the leadership is kind of a dismissive tone. And that's that's just frustrating to me because. At end and for him to say it's tragic. And shameful. But the way the niner fans entry Judy rose knows this is America. They it's freedom of speech they want to get a point across they are paying customers do you and they're trying to voice their opinions about the product pitcher giving them in return. This is college athletics Brock. I mean skews our thoughts couple tenths or Brock but imagine being in the SEC what they deal led of those schools and those coaches those eighties what they go oh this is not that disable a separate. This is nothing compared seeded Tennessee things okay you kidding hey. I we get a good break your methods WS they. Dot com is the email address niner fans were here for you if he's wanna bet you wanna keep bet we are here for you you've heard the interview and have comments. We've got a T bone and I've got to ramp up the hornets venting is anybody else just kind of in a state of anger and frustration with the hornets after last night's game it's the Mac attack.