Mac Attack: Hornets beat Nets

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Friday, February 23rd

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks about the Hornets win over Brooklyn. 


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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with Mac obviously at general. Analysis sometimes with Tebow I keep my hands yeah. Is doing yourself an exact. Let's go drills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clean. Let's do it as maybe that's not this Friday out its Mac exact time. Always Friday. At a B this week and as a preview my we can tell enough Tebow just loves it. Fat bastard sound effects so Sloan emerged. Good good food oops I mean. Bode well you lately don't go out on him a big heart strong. Taken way too much joy bone going in Megan sodomy lately become like out there like I'm skating that's that that's the funniest part about it I'm loss now free yourself over there maybe a lot of people don't know our rights of its time to rock and roll here on this Friday we've got some. Good stuff going on the show day horse get a W I'm not fully convinced I really want them to get that W but he did last night. Against Brooklyn tech they had two more games eggs each it's Brooklyn coming up before the season's over. We'll talk about bad ass first how about this one from an I'm trying so hard I was trying so hard yesterday to give Marty a second chance. And not be a judgmental jacked. But Saddam Ian Rapoport NFL network reports yesterday the Panthers are more likely to use the franchise tag on Graham good no. As for point eight million than Andrew nor well all pro offensive lineman albeit that would be a fourteen point three million. So we will talk about that this concept of franchise tagging Graham you know seem to a noise some cancer fans yesterday. Don't know if that would make me too happy when you're trying when your city your money crunch. So we'll talk about stats and there's news all the potential price tag of this panther team it sounds like there's more. There's more bidders then maybe people imagined for this cancer Tina could drive that price up so we will talk about stats is well. And the injured Orwell thing man I continued to test a Twitter war waters. It seems like no one gives a damn if internal Orwell stays or goes. I just it's a weird thing to guys and all pro guard one of the best two guards in football last year. And agencies. Rely you asked as front too much money so we won't get into that today as I tried to drive. Mode to pay nor okay ward nor well wagon which is off to a very slow start we'll see if I need some folks care about stats. And we all that and more coming up here on the Mac attacks on SNC and Tiger Woods is four shots off the pace after one round. I'm telling you people wanna get excited people want to get excited every seat is dude dude for for free can rounds and the rodeo four rounds in a row. So cedars there's a chance that Tiger Woods might be back. You don't do you know what else came back awhile ago Mac sexy came back. Because Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. In 8 AM this morning we have a giveaway here for Justin Timberlake tickets how valve that that's a big price that is a real big prize in order. Make people workforce program fun contest. Many people have to do something to try to compete with each other win the east take it's we can't just say for caller just goes to know Timberlake. You know remain you can't do that man note this is not farmer no sense of Boehner. This is JT there's dude is huge right now and I imagine the points that you would score with your lady. If you call her today and say. Man on the Mac attack today how one Timberlake tickets you and are going to girl a imagine. Where that would get you folks to. My my old friend and former colleague a great poet Nikki ECB that's some serious or not conduct. That's I. I think even a marriage doesn't get some that night I mean as extremists would pay us just I was just having the power to give away the tickets. May Cecile white special man doesn't it say we have something here in our hands that the dead dead at the ladies are quite you know made. Yeah it's really weird how it's really weird to have that now our two countries although I thought I was so cool. And melanoma so my life and she didn't really seem to care about what Timberlake are wives does. Auditors say she can't win the prize issued a call open charges she is she married she was practicing last night so she may actually call I think that would be correct and algebra. Censure because she wants to she does not understand you get when the props. Juice come publicly at the immediate family of the house employee and we try to go save named semi you can't win the prize. You can't be Estelle Getty called the shelf and we'll figure out. The best part was when he borrowed told her we would have to get divorced and she said let me think about that get back to you hypoxia. Considered. He's calling it over I thought she was getting the last time I got asked sir Kazmir watched in the finale of the Amazing Race and I said do you. You think we could give notice she say no how now. As that she said last time we couldn't make it through Concord mills without an argument with how we gonna make it all and Hong Kong. 'cause it's reasonable fair points almost a sort amazing race artery here are some points. A you gotta be a strong coupled merely goes through SA without your only job those you're married you've yell at each other all it's like Jeremy I don't well. I think you give on an amnesty would be a good couple on the amazing Izzo Rizzo who who decency about a percentage gets winded by putting up a tweaked it and how's he gonna make it always a life for ourselves for our goods remark got resorted to words we're doing nothing entry walk out you know nugget I. Access our full pay some people you go watch the Amazing Race and you want silk. I LeBron watch us and I don't DVR all full disclosure to our finale buffs let me tell you this right now I was watching the amazing hornets last night instead W balanced scoring all five starters in double digits amazing disgrace him would result for 31 last night. Dwight Howard 24 boards one short of the team record. Mom they did some good things last night's. Mound but it was the Brooklyn nets ladies and gentlemen so we'll see it's. I don't know you gotta get credit for winning. I want don't wanna I wanna high draft pick man I just want a high draft pick I'm sorry I noted I don't like being that guy I'm usually not that guy like. You don't talking about the on the guy that roots against his team. Constantly. Like you got it once his coach fired even though the coach's seat isn't warm and is stood determine the root against his own team he has coached violate their people to take rooting against their own team to an extreme. A mom I believe extreme situations though duke calls for that sort of saying. And that's kind of format now so I'll watch dumb and dumbest it was amazing don't get me wrong the running win on the fourth quarter put a game with a bench was actually on the floor with Campbell. The fourth quarter when they. Might dagger to nets but then again it's a damn nets. I just I don't know bone there's a sort of steam is really frustrating and disappointing many. Big time and it's just I don't know how to feel watching him play basketball I just don't. I told you yesterday what I saw was gonna happen they are gonna come back from the break you win some games. We've introduced go to Mayo and are not out there just because cam was gonna come back with fresh legs ready to go out never gets a little worn down during those long stretches without. Extended break of the so much on his plate Sony gets a few days to get his eyes already some ten was gonna come back almost forty point game to present so cam was not gonna give and the white came back out of fresh last night. They're gonna win games they're not gonna take. There are good outwardly. Just give up these guys do try to win games I'm glad I'm with the one where you stand on that. But would it shock you tonight if they beat the wizards. Was there is coming off a big win over Cleveland last night. Another horse foot of our site as well but that's an emotion all. Wins for the wizards lasso dogs on wall. Wizards could double what Antonio right now the hornets are gonna win enough games back to probably annoy us all of. I think it's gonna I agree with you Alex do you think we're gonna like I think we're gonna draft around ten or eleven. We're Levitt's right now I don't think we're moving up like I drink like you and I would wanna see us do. Are you stated it in the draft goes like you see the prospects probably like a solid. Eight or nine deep probably what were your guy in something really high quality. 89 and then it probably going to be general haven't but we normally are always on the costs. Aboard the talent drop off today but people thought there's a talent drop all last year and Donna Mitchell is maybe the best rookie in league so maybe will be the one that drafts this year's Donovan Mitchell wells. What do I you know company cut but there. You laugh that I didn't exactly you know if you visitors I mean obviously as they do one of these times I don't know new GM I just don't know how to feel about the hornets. But here's the thing. I I am being as big guy I hate I hate negative say hands aid over the top negativity amongst fans and have. The hornets should be you guys hear me here we talk about the home teams and stuff like that. Arm held college basketball I love everybody does do I get excited about everybody. But here's the deal this hornets team and his MBA purgatory has just driven me to extreme frustration. Issues on out of place I don't like be a man and I'll like myself. A look at my hornets stand sultan Amir Tebow and I hate that guy but I am sorry this is a horrid so maybe in two Fords and the way the MBA finance. And contract system works have made me incidence is feels like we're stuck in freaking quicksand and can't get it feels a world watch NBA Groundhog Day bounds. Oh here we are we're winning games late in the season when we should alarm earlier in the season you know guy. We should introduce and a new game show this part of the season as we get closer to June. Can you guess Baghdad's. Main bad player and what player all the hornets miss on 12018 NBA draft. Consensus forecast that the hornets are digging number I didn't who'll be the thirteenth pick in the draft it's that we complain about for a full year as. And moral America. Hey we got to give credit to go to MCW last night. He had an offensive explosions hit three of four from the field and had six points closing on a layup he had hit a layup finish and everything Manson he's on fire right now don't MCW. He might have pulled his shooting percentage up to 30% last night when a performance. Willie got in the game by all Willie earning goma's got a minute are probably now Cisco mobility thome got. Really thought that we had a source we RW the first guest here. Fool the hornets pass odd. It's a bloody walk error from Miami. Fuel averaged 22 points a game next year for the Denver Nuggets. That hello Ali walk America's Got Talent though not an easy easy we don't wanna miss Automator McDonald's all American freshman retains island see hear and see WO. Name that shooting percentage amount MCW is on fire must feel my early release of the 33%. Oh man he must he owns in slay no lately mound he's going to be in the three point contest and it got back. Are all right let's some let's see your survey reported Swindon. This team has just taken me to a dark place and turn me in new human being that I'm not proud of and I will seek their before because of the Charlotte hornets I will probably seek. Therapy for them magically. Imagine you decide this is just some started out there what do you loose for two teams. It's for example Bob those teams we're the knicks in the hornets. How would you feel about your anyone of those scenes and actually by Lee pass to watch. How would you feel about how that person's. They knew I mean never once the NBA again bound and learn how long gloves how do you blogs I am very close. All right Mac heads up yet been Z dot com is email address if you guys want to get in I mean if you're up their listeners this and I don't know what you're doing the last enemy scoff at a gala what would like do you are you at this point re watch a Warner's senior like we make a basket near upset so I mean it's just. It's just it's just an odd spot to be in late in the NBA season I will say this they are sides. Games outs. Of the wild card spot. Hutchison while Michael's arts I'm still outscored the Steelers football mode man always in football mode. Are most five games out of the eight spot in the east and at least now we're closer to the eighth spot that we are the last spot in the league. Thank Rex seven and a pass out of the last spot in the league so. I don't know you make the call Mandy referral Warner's C one also was seen schemes what's best for us I don't even know anymore all right Miguel says that. We have the holy Grail of knocking today Arturo. Justin Timberlake tickets were the most powerful man in the world right now here's what's gonna happen so it's going to be a double blue marker. As well are. They're gonna have happen is tonight after you tell your sweetie you won the ticket. Concert you get the boot darker. And then that with a nine of the concert you're getting a second move locker. This is a key commodity especially for married men these Justin Timberlake tickets fellas like you guys should be. I wish we do it like steel cage match least anticipated this is something that I should fight for a day declined zero single guy also trying to core one basketball might keep you win these thinks. It doesn't matter what you look like no matter what your bank account as you have one. You have one that's a good point you could be as ugly as we are and you could get to you can you have these tickets and get a date when the night. Maybe even a tent absolutely so it's easy just to go to CJ took care of some ten or so men you're adding yet does lovely letter and are now busy day yesterday we do at the concert I can be a problem. What could go oh so yeah I actually had double Justin Timberlake actually I it's our backstage. Yeah he's happily married to Jessica Biel all right happily married Al. I would buy tickets to see just Nabil do any thing man I just by two to see your dual crossword puzzle seriously. I anyway Max and WFANZ. Dot com is the email address we got cancer news we got to get into despair at their news franchise tag Graham you know. On how about the price of Charlotte Observer mentioned to some experts in the industry. Are taking a stab that sandy Panthers might be worth will tell you about that we come back. Act its act one and two boys five. WFAZ did have you noticed on a Friday by the way if you wanna have. Some laughs today checked out we did couple's FaceBook like Jesse we headed to other gas out yesterday Estonia. To do these FaceBook lies to you this was a place to meet some real folks and to have some fun. So while we started at DR Wal-Mart I was on a mission to find out. What do all these ABC years talk about Wal-Mart heels fans and I'll where he'll say is that they're not call on all their Wal-Mart today. Is it really true. Then a high number of heels fans hang out at wal marts on check out that video it's up on the EWS Lindsay FaceBook page in the video section. We also. The end of that we realize marks and Estonia had located us a it is ridiculous NASCAR deal junior outfit so then we tried to convince people at Sam's Club because you get kicked out of wal mart's kicked off the premises at Wal-Mart and not one is doing that's. Arms so that we had to go to C news Sam's Club rent the road and we were trying to see if people. Wanted it. Marks on a grass a we told him he was a former NASCAR driver name stompie McGregor. He's wearing this fire suit and where's all the time. And we went about polls for twelve and then packed it up and drove back to Charlotte we call it dead butts other so amusement they're checked out the videos you'll wanna work today anyway it's Friday. Check amount. SNC page. Oh FaceBook check dead baby out. Umpire can we get into this grand you know stops Graham can no minerals circle back to porous to get emotions. Texts and emails about the hornets and what are people are with this team right now what they're frustrated with the most. Even though of course they win a game last night's come over Brooklyn but just you know saying okay Sunni and Rappaport. Has a report An NFL network to says the Panthers are more likely to tag. Graham didn't know with the franchise tag on grand to know that injury nor well. And Domino's tag number before point eight million it's a combination of the five highest paid partner's antics average salary of five high state donors and kickers. And done well now here's the thing I'm not necessarily saying I'm in love with the idea of tagging nor well. Nora wells tag numbers fourteen point three million it's pulled up because they don't break it down the five high stake guards average salary. It's a sigh hi stay offensive linemen so that tackles pull that number up bone or guards and centers you're gonna have to pay them more on the. That's a thing that's got to be there ready to be mentioned is that it's not just darts. That's why did the franchise number that's why tag is like fourteen million if it was a highest. I paid guards it would probably be. More like ten million probably. So instead makes it a little tougher to franchise nor well. Here's a saying it's not the worst tag the kicker and paying him four point eight million dollars this year isn't. We pay no wonder his last contract any news or three or four year deals worth four million dollars a year. And he adds a hundred years and some good moments and he had some very shaky moments last year he was tremendous amount trying to take any anything away from him. But when you're a salary cap crunch you've got an all pro guard that you're trying to sign or at least I would like them to try to Salomon the rusty all. When you've got a need at wide receiver and secondary needs and pass rushing needs. Bechtel money is precious I'm not in love with the idea bona paying Graham did O four point eight million for one year or giving him. Four million a year because if you if he's got the tag of four point eight. You're not gonna get him to settle for three million a year right. He's gonna say I'll just ride this tagged out. You got to give him four million plus she tried to give him a raise off his old contract which already was one of the highest paid ticker contracts. It's also a market right now was kickers where you start mentioned some of the guys just say Tebow. It's a market where I feel like there's a good amount of kickers that are out there right now elect. Bomb Cairo Santos lost his job because he got hurt and Harrison bunker kicked well. Santos a solid kicker Caleb Sturgis same thing happened with him. Lost his job because a rookie kicker Jay Elliot. When he was hurt did a great job there was no place for Sturgis again. Guys like tied for Matt are chances narrower Cody party these are all solid kickers or I don't feel like we're screwed bone if we sign them for three million a year as opposed to you know. For like four point eight million over one year. By the way did notice fantastic here there's no guarantee that you know was gonna replicate what he did last season he's not a cereal so members it was a big question mark yet he had a great years we will bag now go look you know was great. We we don't know what you know we're getting into what the eighteenth the. I would surely kicking by nature. Is it pretty volatile position right there's a lot of ups and downs at that position. Armed Helena does house he has some issues. You know this year reason he's on the most consisting guys out there so I mean you'll have a better stereotype obviously is a freak of nature so don't strongest 45. But it's a position where. How much money you'll sink into the guy went by nature it's an open opposition Graham you know at times has been up and down his career. I would also say this bone if they want to sign a real cheap guy. And give him some competition through the draft I wouldn't be against that. I just mentions the names above the name but Kirk and the name of and they Grasso studs to the best kickers in the league. So if we use a seventh round pick on a ticker again. I just Florida bone you know him that's what your says seventeen teams and any continue aero. Answer already don't like hit it though the word is a dead zubaydah 77 yarder in practice one day. Like you can't tell me you can't go out and have a chance where if you get a cheaper veteran and a guy like to adding you let him compete. I mean this is more and more religious and Mardy messed up I'm not gonna make a huge point of it. But again this is where you wish you had Harrison but you're under contract are very cheap seventh round contract for three more years in now. Absolutely. And you have a guy Doug why those little brother Herbert Joan was little brother who is actually you know reversals on the team Russia drizzle Brothers lawyers say it's one of the better kickers out there too are you staying away from him because his troubles and. No doubt want no part of McGuire no there is no way I want any and while my squad member would take to it would take to go to the bigger while up at one point this year pat him on a practice globs curfew waste fears of things you don't iso one to harp on it. I'm going back to god this is not our drinks. Is is not harping you off on the Marty knew he had something Harrison bunker because that's why he tried to keep them on the active roster for awhile he knew we had some. It's you know we have something younger cheaper guy why did you not err on the side of the younger cheaper guy. I just feel exact tech hat mismanagement situation. And I just feel like Mardy will Alston cat mismanaged. But I'm not Clark and bone there is no harping going on here so I knew him well suited with a ticker but I'm not in favor of grand you know getting. Are getting cut distant says Dave Gelman would have cut you know last year we learned she kicker right now it's true I don't want to harp. But it's definitely true. Mr. says he knows a Joker mr. kicking a player also made a cent to get a touchdown sort of a field goal wins. It does seem also like when he mrs. Jackson really missed one field goal the regular season this year but when he misses kicks it does seem like they're very big. Any implications are very big. This dude said I will never watch a panther game again if we franchise tag a ticker. I sell at all I guy's glove yes I'm telling you right now they sell you will be there with bells on Manson and expand their game. Let's not get crazy here are we don't need to boycott a team. Over a franchise tag it ticker but we could express our. You don't mean our our. Opposition to that idea we could certainly do that. Now to receive a little distracted right now Yahoo! has Ruiz. Are a bunch of stuff the sporting on the college basketball corruption scandal and it falls. A lot of local interest here names have been released and so trying to work through some of the stuff here but this is our. This is a massive massive breaking news story is more so what are they saying these are the players that have been this is all about did that there's this Andy Miller sports agent in investigation. So this one today is all about that once he starts it what that agencies tied to. So wool we'll talk about some of the names that some current guys in year there's some names that go back. Fifteen years like Brendan Haywood in this thing. Brenda Haywood numbered and he got was only reporter dollars go to some numbers here that don't like needles and stuff there and there are some like Dennis junior. We go this can be a problem. Wendell corners and in this. I can't figure out what way I don't see one window dots but Dennis junior his family's tied to 43000 dollars the flight NC state. That's out about a new work Colin Colin sex in miles bridges. Malcolm Brock did and Dan out of bio. Kevin Knox PJ dough juror mark health Fultz I say a white head. It is not just don't this year is geysers guides are Coburn passed Stephen Virginia started this thing about one thing that but there are dealt sort of did a snag over. And you have to pay players to get him their play in that boring system let's and they had to do what this decision is so boring but it. What does it mean he's a Heisman what does this mean short window Carter and sexson and bridges and these guys I don't know I don't know what these guys dot. I don't know. There residents aren't so seems like we're still limited knowledge yeah it was easy to players that are being nice city Andy Miller investigation they set about land SO. What the Atlanta based guys Wendell order. In dollar and rockets from that area to wanting. Well broadens out now as for forgive all the mysterious pain and Maya and this only bodes the only player Virginia is worth money drawn off that day has had doubts Iran blossom game cedars all Andy Miller sports that a lot of classic hearts. Jauron blossomed gang task. There's a lot of guys not just recently bus blast. Ten to fifteen year I'd so Donald Booker that doesn't go with your morning coffee local basketball fans and you heard your team names mentioned. Players have played for your team mention is that thing. God it's going suited to stand at some point here I Mac and WS they would this Diana west they it was a regular brick that was teams off. That are affected in the article it says. Com. Duke North Carolina Texas Kentucky Michigan State's southern cal Alabama among others on those are caddy Brendan Haywood as as one ones on here but I don't. So a sort of do this thing Brenda was 400 dollars and they're gonna hit the heels hard right now bonus they are going to come looks like lieutenant Roy like. I think he's been giving the players lately that you would pay to get it's that's a early wanted to do insiders just tweeting me and said Carter and back in. Order got a free meal. That's all ya but bumps some he's got to read through it for me right now so when Joseph Cox the 43000 dollar one Fredette is the junior that's got. And Kevin Keats satellite said two days ago yeah we are not involved they think yeah. As to why these coaches nods went to high or not say a word in just got to keep saying look he slows and lonely and he's now. But it's his program so. That's sucks man it really does size really does soft money doesn't surprise any of us right. Match at WF frenzy that Tom is email address. If you wanna get in here on the Mac attack I'd we come back mobile touch on that as he known as a team own investigation. Continues over their feces gaining more in this job and got papers why everywhere that is solely this FBI stuff armed if there's anything more signs out we will let us know go back to the hornets sure hornets frustrations. Will get back into that want and they're so limited there's no real discussion. Because of the money Kemba Walker can make it. When he's a free agent 2019. Like. Can we even really pay that money it's the Mac attacks. We're back citizen maggots at 2.5 WS and zany. More get a consume more answers here at 7 o'clock gonna get in some banter stuff. The nor well discussion has to be had I need to see. Is there literally any supporting Charlotte for paying and journal well paying the white buffalo won't get into that's. I do tournaments this is I teased at the number did he observe her. Thank you George Rodrique in the Catherine corals I think what is who had a reporter on this the number that it's you know an industry source was estimating the Panthers could end up selling Slorc. Where is that there was a range. It seems like there's more bidders may be then the industry experts expected more bidders means obviously higher price. Arm so as they had mentioned Orleans street experts and an article mentioned. They range of 2.3 million up to as high as two point eight. Billion dollars to buy the Carolina Panthers they were valued at two point one billion just last year by Forbes. Two point eight billion dollar could be as much as two point 88 and you know what are out of my price range and I don't birdie it's 21 you are anything but now you hear consolidated slightly kids I don't try to work over. Can't do you know Zacks bills though he didn't quite get this money didn't. There's about a one point seven how. Did backlight is again not quite as much going on in buffalo they're making the franchise worth any Irish but I can't I can't. Is stories this goes Tebow I read something from Jason locked in for a the other data usage of no it notes column. About our guy David tepper the you know. Do lose wars over eleven million dollar yes hedge fund mogul but also some very quirky details which we've gone over about him. But are locked for seem to think of the bidding went to 2.5 million or more. But he may not do it he such a shrewd dude in terms of not you know what Ian. What what he invests all wives. The ad blocking for so there's a ceiling that he would not go that I would not get into a bidding war over the Panthers. He would sandal made that badly. So. I don't know if that's the case are not allowed to board did say something interesting American and blur. He did say that David tepper is very locked in on park avenue. People on park avenue that are also very tied in the NFL folks. To corporate level and he did seem to think. That he would have no problem getting approved by the NFL as an owner. Now I don't know that was before or after he was made aware. Of all these goofy things he's doing and also say this about the goofy things that we are thought was I'm right it just makes firm. Torre it also lease. But a little subplot of this cancer ownership story. And we're talking about grass testicles Seattle on wall or whatever rubbed in for good luck. But that's how I mean my early twenties I was eight years ago. Articles written eight years ago about how well they'll. As a good chance it may be as he's gotten up into his fifties and he's like 55% now maybe he's realized there. Gotta put does the rest falls away got to put silicone implants and a juror or maybe you know remain so it's not like he said just last week. I'm doing these things that the off all it also becomes highly respected franchise. But the NFL loves it the steelers' franchise guys stand for the release. So if he comes from that franchise at all so. Is something that's that's very much on his socks now there's no doubt about it snowed out by the way and that are true dream that it yeah same article drugs are both ran well most. It seems like she's. Kind of team temper like Diane or a lot of people are saying dude in this climate you can't mess would've got his doings of this crazy stuff coming off to Jerry Richardson. You know fiasco. But you know some of his comments about business doom. Chill a little excited for a panther standpoint. About you know not be afraid and be willing to take risks because I feel like Jerry Richardson is very unwilling to take risk in a lot of areas. Like rats woods David tepper BA we you know would would he be more willing to take on the guy that has had some issues and Jerry Richardson would run from. You know and done he also talked so in that article about not make an emotional decisions right. You can't make decisions emotionally so even though that same article it's talked about employees saying oh yeah he'll go off on you I've had stuff thrown at me in a fit of rage in the off this. But it's not like this dude David tempers and using that emotion in making a rash decision. He realizes. I need to take time analyze and stuff like that so. This dude is a sharp dude man any interest in he's just in interest being Erik Dirk involved in the dating we will see what ends up you know you don't become worth eleven billion dollars by the you know rash decisions yet but be an idiot. By making rash decisions. And he had the ultimate guts back in the about ten years ago during a recession. Went everybody else was bailing and not investing in the banks he invested in those banks because his reasoning was simple. There is no way the government less dump all this government assistance they will see him throw. And we'll come out on the other side absolutely called it's so well we'll see what happens this will be a high price tag. Armed is what it sounds like a lot of dinners this what's this thing wrapped up relatively quickly I am just Joseph easing you know who the boss is. And know everything about him is hard to try to figure out what we have our hands what type Oreo to have. It's exciting it's a bit nerve wracking 'cause you don't know. What's new owners going to be like bugs from the man I just wanna get that done and really don't want to new owner it because. I just want a new mindset in here I really do man armed Jerry Rich's and I thought was a pretty good owner all intents and purposes. By its I have hopes that this next owner may be could be even better. Our Mac at W Athens he got Thomas did says the real question is will temper let the Panthers where the black pants. Not to be outdone Tariq sends in an email. And says Mac all I want and they don't know the new owner goes to black helmets and all black uniforms and can they take their shirts off against this is all we care about this is all we care about man are we gonna get that day a black helmet we could see it on the Internet for about seven years right now at this point. I'm mad at WS EC I don't but right now reading this Yahoo! article and it is a blockbuster article these are federal documents they Yahoo!. Got a hold of and that's LA and the names of all these players are received payments this stuff but bonus like my wife when she was reading fifty shades of drag. Like I could walk in the room and scream and my wife for not break stride and she knows I don't see what's going on you Tzipi voting is in the bad things against the latest Tom Clancy novel. Tony La Tony Bradley is named in this but apparently he only got like half a mile sultan yeah. And so trying to find out before say it on the year I don't know does it seems like there's a different levels off box. There's a dentist his junior which says 43000 dollars. Then there's window Carter had once great net. So there's different what Brendan Haywood got 371. Dot I there's there's different levels of trying to do as we talk a nearby different subjects. Trying to work through on my work check it out for if you're seeing a state Carolina duke it's it's worth checking out because your schools are mentioned in the air Bradley card receipt might they may have had their meals paid like a once great force owners. But there but what what's gonna grab headlines south is a guy like. On problem. Prince I bought from Texas gonna grab the headlines or when they'll order Tony rallies or you know already lashing out against Yahoo! that it put Karzai saw myself like is is is Monta more this horror. These are guys in the report as Monta Morissette I was state or Wendell corder. And Tony Bradley gonna grab you more than yeah it's going to be dozed. I -- same rejected if you have some time check this article out. Yahoo! Sports all right. We come back we'll get back into the hornet's Rick Bedell had a really you know interesting article about OK here's the money Campbell can make when he's a free agent. We all look at debt money and say we would pay. That Max contract without a doubt we'll talk about that some Mac attacks while 2.5 WS NC. We're back it's a Mac it's action WFAZ now I'm feverishly reading this thing. From Yahoo! Sports. A mouse. The pay to tells basketball players some that are currently playing. Some that have played recently Intel's basketball and they name names and programs whose players are involved in all the styles. Com am trying to sift through this baby won't get into more cancer stuff. As soon as I try to rally white buffalo a support. In the 7 o'clock now given all that's up Justin Timberlake tickets at 8 o'clock were to make you guys compete for Emanuel win these days to impress your lady. You're gonna have to get peak form here on the Mac attack. At 8 o'clock. Umps weight ladies welcome also what I am gill that's true that's sure what I am deciphering your team around is this is this particular report from Yahoo!. Is not a balance is not related to the indeed as saying it's not related to a deal is being considered surrogate there. Players you know players for their schools and stuff like that this is all about Andy Miller former NBA agent. And his associate Christian Dawkins and his agency. Through or paying guys money up front. And in any in hopes that they would sign with him when they left school. So that's who paid Denis been juniors and actually game a 73000 dollar loan. And he's supposed to pay it back at DN although if you sign with Sammy not gonna ask so many money you don't sign limiting your payback type saying. So this is different bone than the old stuff. That he's really not old which is we haven't heard it ladies' shoes the pun intended on choose and indeed us we haven't heard the latest indeed issues drop on their previous day. The investigation still going on so it makes me wonder bone how much the schools are installed in this thing. When it was an agent doing the paying him just a dirty slimy agent in this tax. You know. Yet this is a DI like you said this is a DI the Adidas store the night here they are the schools aren't involved in the payment are. As either they or their families having a meal paid for meals paid for. I mean with the agents so there's that as the junior one seems like that's a that's a lot of money that exchanged. Or was loaned Denis Lejeune where again do you hold that against us. I discarded assassin Bradley when I don't Carter different levels so. I don't take I don't think this is going to be one that doc terror sound a UNC banner era this is a different. Lately like here's the deal do you hold it against NC State's. You could argue they played against any played a player that was ineligible last year what do you don't do they take a horrendous got three final season. Should take the winds. All four of them in the ACC just take off they want that seat and responds that's what I'm trying to think through here right. Why does this have impact on these schools. That's what I'm really trying to think through here so. I don't really know I could they called Bradley in Belgium player and take the battered her 400 dollars held in people's or did their academic fraud on free dinners and in this NCAA sent out we can't do anything about that. So I don't know I don't know but here's the thing bone this is just be part of a big stick. Yeah there's so much more coming the sanctity FBI is in your sport Cal's basketball gods best ball fans there's more common this is just the latest. And the articles on Yahoo! this morning and it is interesting Carolina state and duke players involved. I don't you don't have an exact answer from that territory by the Sussex housing NCAA get a part is all these schools are once but they're they're USC investigation took a decade. How they get us to how they get out like we assume there's like fifty schools involved maybe maybe a 180 holes that. How the hell are they get out dole up what they do have to factor of this how much money. CBS and turner paste abroad were gonna billions but did pay billions of dollars. To broadcast NCAA tournament you can't afford programs on probate so there is pressure there as well work do you have to stagger punishments. When you go to your daddy do it would be interest in view of the disease which read up. The program's got to punish how do you do that because that he thought his forty teams that want both CBS and turner guys is make our paying rock. Billions of dollar easier to get some tees and here are dead and I feel like that you don't would you would say you received his first full all Ivy League final floor. Whatever you call for all and it appears that here's the thing back to. Someone was talking last week I was read about would this be applied to steroids in baseball remember that they look the other way. And became a baseball problem but Seaway. Is this and then so what did people do get punished but a lot more people got punished after it came the white so just get you situation NCAA goes. If you do would again. If your name comes up again you'll get in this in this in this in this in this site. With steroids it was like if you get caught out a good 88200 games they gonna have to do a thing where they say were taken were taken. Well take is on our hands down a little up punish this is crazy is it Dan Mitchell report from our. You know it is in this is what we said last like college basketball Mitchell report is just now. Have to be the biggest names in college basketball ceremony today it's like. Isaiah white has a good player. But he's not just seat hall. That's not the source guy he would've thought of in the program that would be linked to something like best buy deliberate idols from Texas is not a player he thought don't be linked. Two when investigation so it eagle it could be anybody at any program by the way our south Carolina's involved to adjust for game got fans or listen PJ don't jerk. At least 6000 dollars when ensco. All the rhymed though indicate they took on but it appears like it and they took on a tip that was being paid. I can't imagine you would take on a kid but they caught payment being given to my Louisville and then you say your organs idea. It's like to keep this your little on the heels I can't imagine you pay the guys but they caught getting paid somewhere else. Don't mean like that just if they did its complete arrogance and also besides get a match the same goes for do what what's this investigation came the white they're that is four or five more players. But they're investigating and that is so if he had do you joints of the nefarious and you added 45 more players. Or UNC gets this little. Part of the investigation that's complete utter period and you deserve whatever punishment you get to that this is this why does this seem so much more prevalent in basketball and football. I don't know the FBI is involved in basketball a secular cells and act like this thing happen in football or even more monies staples goals. So I don't I don't even know man I want to make of it but I really would like to see our schools here locally not on probation that's a selfish statement. If they cheated they deserve it again this is an agent situation this is different standard arranging payment to come to our school so. And that's got to be kept in mind to discuss a blockbuster no doubt about our Mac it WS NC dot com. I have attempted on Twitter. And on the radio. I have attempted email sent an email debates to try to start a movement for pay in the white buffalo. It has not been met with much accompaniment from fellow panther fans we will get into that next on the Mac it's that.