Mac Attack: Have The Panthers Underachieved With Cam?

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Friday, January 12th

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And as a good guy on this topic right like I'm standing up national media guy Connor or Sports Illustrated asked. On the Panthers. The Panthers under achieving out of did you Michael announced at a glance there's underachieving. With with Cam Newton and Cam Newton Ron Rivera Eric and I say no we're not. We're one of the best five franchises of football over the last five years. Because we got the fifth most winds were one of talk only five teams go play else four out of five years so this is not under achievement is a nice run. We just need to get a little better but Lou more help around camp. Hopefully not goal would north can make an impact on cam and a way plays but also on us now the bad guy ambient thought of like you obviously that got people. Think I'm a mate knowing Cam Newton. Brent says Mac sounds like I can't hater today of course we haven't done enough for Cam Newton Cam Newton should have to. Marty's right now I'll DV cam hate not a disease it's a candidate YC you know it's so we can draw I stark contrast between what is campaign and what you're doing which is not okay I see you have an opinion using tables and even more yes look at. Can't this I know I mean I'll just do it some people can hear it. Because I want people to actually hear Davis and ended difference between what you're doing and what can he really is. This franchise will never go anywhere with Cam Newton is quarterback you'll never win anything meaningful can isn't it is a slightly above average quarterback at best. He is a poor leader. That's cam hey guys that that's canned hate this is me trying to spread the blame around as to why we haven't won the Super Bowl just yet like this is closer stupid. This is usually the tennis champ Nancy I'll Gorzelanny should take right now you can see how does. Air this out seven it's not allow them a job everybody loves show but he's great don't Twitter but he says Mac sounds like Howard of college style we have all the scenes of call home gardening I'll tell I'm saying we are half. I'm said that's not usually here comes saying that we have not gotten camp the receivers the weapons the offensive line all the time but we also what I'm trying to say is we gave him. Five top ten defenses in the last six years makes his job a lot easier gonna put up 32 win all the time so. Just like you say we gotta be fair about it it just because Cam Newton. Has not gotten help in this series doesn't think Jim can't shoulder some of the blame too as to why we haven't gotten you know to the holy Grail just yet. I only go to phones are have we wasted cam Newton's career at this point re underachieving we can't I thought I was defendant. The home team 70457096. Stand glory what do you make of all this. Are all act or you're not at all arts so just how come all outed by. I have a group that bill like you know if disparate it. I thought we had Eric are out like here we started 48 what we could do that aren't quite. And you know as. So what weapon an. I ordered they spent about it. Well yeah OK don't op bit tea yet again nuts there are bad we won't be dinner woke me up can you can't let given mentally unfit. Instead of saying let's beat OK I want peace and continue and surround him with wet been. And cockpit yet where we scored they are. Now that's that's fair is they played the wrong way and gets there is they kind of yeah we saw just what they've got to lose your mail like Dave gentlemen mostly I think I'm much you know I. There's more good than bad but there is a ten game decision and there is this feeling ours I feel like with the offensive line general men's. I think one of the things he kind of thought was jailed with cam may be we can hold up wouldn't we don't have to put the resource is into the offensive line. Because GM will make a play Campbell be able to hold up he'll be able to to get out those of trouble and and and still make a play out of so. I just think there's some of that going on let's say in your organization been perfect I'm also saying they have been pretty good team. Like this team being in the playoffs a pretty you know is many times in the last five years as they were the first eighteen. Is something that we should care about and a lot of banter fans I you know. I don't care about that is much as I do they don't feel the same way I do about it we go to Marco who is up next Marco what are you sir. I Jacob what are. Our. All they are all yeah it away it's at in orbit from this summer are. Already use it yourself all because they get bigger but I don't what didn't let yes because there. Because so I'm not the pet owners as all the you stroke. And their care we are not really bring. Coach you typically. You don't go into that special little. I have pets are BO. Shot worked pretty Rose Garden we borrow nobody has the sport so you don't. Looming green got utterly almost took a real political trap. What you are our guys are here now I have a storm because no matter we're going away. They look at seeks no regard to what do we Martha debt you're not out there and. Markers so the boys and I was thinking about dish yesterday this leads me right sue on Jimmy getting Jimmy helped it's helped Porsche because there's no way we consider what the receivers are on the field and ended at this season. And argued he came had enough Tel plus I'm not I'm not disputing that. And if he did have a little bit more help we got a W I completely seal that way Campbell the heck out. Arms about Mark Davis Bryant or Josh Gordon's. Can we get somebody over there I still think it's a long shot as long as Marty attorneys in charge because I feel like Marty. Kind of thinks the same way is Jerry. Maybe not about the moral morality of not brain which is kind of ironic that Jerry you know now blames morality for I want to bring some of these guys and when we now know what he might have been doing. But dumb. You know same boat I feel it more he's kind of safe in that lets not go out there we go after Josh orders an exclusive rights freeagent. Make a trade for a guy like Bryant if it backfires we have nothing to show for our investment. But I just wonder if they would would Geri Allen picks I've been wondering about those two guys just sort of Norv Turner were together one year and Josh Cornell over sixteen are. Yards and fourteen freaking games he is an orderly tantalizing. Gotta talk about visiting I don't swing set offenses they want to have cluster size it's how it's also charted as we know they're so it's a goes into how about the fact that that daily had a 16100 yard receiving season. In Cleveland where he missed two games. And he was high according to him the entire. It's a remarkable things don't argue trying to help his case to come here hurt his case offset of these fifties clean desk and he's good good good imagine that you'd be not hybrids is it's like Lawrence Taylor imaginable Laurence Taylor was a choir boy at night that hotel room. Got a full night's sleep what the tally would have done the cooker acts he broke our guys Joey did his leg. I mean I'm glad they might be best days as a player but if he was a 100% on game day about the same thing for Gordon right the problem is if he does get his head on straight you've blown your voice and investment. And there was another wide receiver you neglected to bring in because your banking on that diet yes right speed good news is that he may he probably can't go places were Wheaties Lee Al legalized. So it's twice as may not be a Seattle woman in the California teams are all the tables only lose the cause I'll push us toward Denver can I get picked and we definitely don't which would gel would W part of Josh Gordon Mark Davis Bryant meant. But Davis trying to feel like you can trade in mid round pick him maybe get a hold him his final year of the deal. All right let me let's do this with SARS spread was up next real quick Freddy got like thirty seconds what's your take on that. And that's about all aren't out anyway. The trip but expense you know. We have not than. Ever and who would you know. And we are not always spinning just didn't somebody to get the bulk did not great these are revenue don't get back. God bless you brother I loved him too and that's what makes me so many young people call on the towel murder intimidator. How soon it the best thing since snuff you as a bear faces and asked what is the process of you put it noses are there is a stunt where it that's for the the name comes but people. You know people Q yes it's like it's almost like dipped. But people used to put it up they're no I put it up my nose in high school at a party one time and I barely survive these things. It was horrible what I want I don't rush to my head and I never felt before when our definite line so many old people love snuff and are asks does seem some nasty like it's it's itching your nose or between the seeking dummy just. Why is everything he alt. I don't understand I don't want to do it man I don't I don't get that they Josh chords severed on now guys tried done at all. I said Mike Foreman right now iron. I go out there for the browns and I'll get a hundred to the RTC because you know Marty. Given a shot man Joseph says are just cornea most irresponsible move ever Mardy is trying to keep his job. That's a point to is Marty and err on the side of Washington's and he blows up what a horrible move like that new owner says what was this idiot Dylan. Thank you very good or Marty says it cares Megan moves that maybe you do get a new owner at some point Boehner comes in years like choir boy. Don't give a damn glad to give ballplayers may be that Barca made a point I would keep the momentum go we bring in gyms OK we'll talk to him about the Panthers exit exit interview with Jim so. You on the season. Well Matthew stuffing his face with free popcorn and sending out a way to many tweets in the press box. This man is busy calling the action on the Panthers radio network. Teargas at Mac's great it's the view from the vote. With Jim's silky. One insight into my mind yeah I suggest you still hear you don't. Cook. C audiences like in my closet bluntly he's. Clearly the go to still here you with a windows closed it is oriented is so fast you for the business Clarke Matt Howard. Simon mile to a start to build up to start. Just net ons I didn't want to I want this to be the Panthers vikings breakdown usually. I wanna see the new stadium but it's an ounce soda and no one is counted out in advance of this are Super Bowl trip there but that's not yet you don't go to church some cancers there now I'm looking back they did before you talk about what stuff kind of moving forward. You were there obvious he called little Panthers network. They're making that drive late like right for the grounding did you think they're real pull it off. It felt that way did that and because we said the saints' defense is improved but is it's not special this year so it felt like until the credit is set like this is gonna gradually garage of a great finish whether we would've won the game or not I hate that they called them. Borderline grounding just to see how that might have turned out just the drama at the into the game with a Santa's gonna pulled out a third or fourth down play but tough not to be and a pay the saints are good team is no question about it so I'll take anything away from them winning the game of the Panthers that's a missed opportunities. That aspect era and what makes you think you should opportunities humble that I wanna say oh here's the thing used I am I missing about this last night because an unhealthy fashion so I kept thinking about this game throughout the holiest. By its. Imagine if the pass protection just held up for a couple extra plays there should grounding into the game ending sacked. But it's a silly cameras Valerie when Ned Beatty in notices it just goes to show how differently. With the TM merited being nationally. If he came all the way back and won that game you play great but I feel like many are still not giving him credit for how great he played. And it's like instant offensive line just did their job a couple extra times I think him on a wanted so it's just. It's very fragile you know the goal narratives about players and quarterbacks this stuff like that. It is interesting how old. That is the case in mass. It's all camera it's not cam as far as when it goes orally it's all camp when he does well it's a sentinels because he's worked limited with the receivers obviously with the injuries in the KB trade off in July and mostly did a very good job but as you said the other moments where they weren't so good and I came at critical times for New Orleans beat dump. Up front so but it all doesn't go to camp. It is mechanics where your mechanics of the authors are being knocked to the ground backwards track to a sellout every guy who's you know your size trying to tackle you lawyers or the football's same time. And I'm not and the other side I'm not saying cam doesn't. And deserves some share of the blame. But is not a 100% diss them you know the biggest factor I would say but you've got to factor in receivers blocking plays called into it and you know the defense being pretty good things like Beckel and on an addition to his side just your quarterbacks mechanics on every play and. Here's my game I have a hard time blaming him for anything and the owners here and it was amazing with the stakes that were there are getting down early this on our ideal way of playing the game is from behind by. A couple of scores. Come up defense like if you'll start talking about blame. Have a defense so it just was not the same at the end of the year as it was earlier in the season. Those NFC south those three and C south quarterbacks average surrender 53 yards passing against us the last three weeks. India you Eugene talks about a solid time to your only as good as the back cast your defense and secondary I think our front seven continues to be dominant. The Ted Ginn played for example first quarter you've given up four yards in their first two series two and a half series four yards ending its eighty yards and a touchdown. A lot of good that does to be very good for couples series and then you give up an eighty yard you know basically three run home run out of the gate there in the first quarter changes everything's all that hard work you put in. You don't have coverage downfield on Ted Ginn some switched isn't made or whatever and he's he's ADRs later in the hands of. What do you think about this Steve will saying because he interviewed with the giants he interview with Arizona yesterday to colts. The report is that there's no interview anymore with the colts because their focus on offensive guys. On the giants and New York tabloids are kind of seemed to be saying that the giants are looking at the other guys and maybe not as much about wells which are more veteran guys are giants who looks like it's starting to get into maybe they think he needs one more season which which could be truce is first here's a coordinator. Ice I went from beginning of the week thinking that Wilkes was gone to now thinking man's it's not Arizona. He very well might be back to could be. And in no one else has emerged as a definite fourth interview with if he gets the colts and then beyond would love to have Steve folks back Purcell I would say. I don't think she needs more seasoning I remember when Jack Del Rio was one years of coordinator here under John foxy was not a coordinated for him to Carolina Obama to Jacksonville step Alice alien nine year run in Jacksonville. A spiritual ejector Rio Oakland Raiders but I mean two years two seasons ago they won twelve. Other subject Orioles had a fairly successful career. So I don't think he necessarily needs more time I think she's ready to be a head coach but would love to have him back in and not have to change out because I thought the defense. Throughout the season was very good is approached doing their defense is great. I think just like the author and these may be some help at wide receivers a skill position Nicholas secondary kind of the skill position of defense to some more help at safety and other corner. Back there and Steve looks relieved continue to gamble would blitzing and do the things he wants to do. Well that that's the thing too is he wants if he comes back and wants to play that way again. Then you probably do need to be thought that back and those guys to hold up I think young pass rushers something to that obviously is up there and let's talk widget so did you see the root of the radio network. Do you think it's possible to panthers' offense or defense kind of slumping a little bit are regressing a little bit down the stretch is affecting his job search. Do you think they're looking into like well it wasn't you know I mean I didn't finish strong. I don't know I mean it's hard to say because each team's got its own concept of what they want their next head coach to be so I don't know that this necessarily something he's done as much as what's the good stage for each organization and you look at the personnel structure. Style of play what they've got in terms of personnel. And where they want to head with a rampant. I sixty world will be a head coach. I told CNN are tied ideas and John McDermott every year we reduce some kind of function Sean McDermott would be there I was a future NFL head coach John McDermott and in the you know it's just a matter of time so coach Wilkes is young so we'll get that opportunity here if not this year remains bonus there is gonna. How would you and I don't exactly about McDermott who I just didn't do any and sing in any luncheons with the best I can do that's clever motives of that title. Vice where they could use that do you what do you think to bounce Norv Turner looks at a sings a done deal turned Norman at turner clan will be running this offense. So god knows him get a shot you've fans on social media have been angry about the north's dire. What do you think about nor. What's your feel first of all the best author airline was that I came in the day after the shall announcements of the MacKey just lost half your phone calls it lived only call and complain about crucially does own other Ari bashing Norv Turner. We have yet to have an interview for the job and it's especially if not event I liked it from the standpoint of a couple things one obviously seamless chemistry transition with coach Ron Rivera I think it's a four neighbors on the same page sometimes you get the shotgun marriages whether it's GM coach coach coordinator and these are people like go back long time with coach B and on his staff in San Diego for four years. Sony's been consulting with throughout the years talking football with him anyways. Scott turner have been here before. And so I think it's very seamless in terms of that and then the pedigree to guys were prince Philip Rivers and Drew Brees is Troy Aikman and always very quarterbacks through the years and who wouldn't want to listen to that knowledge that he brings to the quarterback position along with the sun Sai I think it's going to be enough in the great sides because it didn't we know what the glossary is which America six to one run the ball so it's not all about salmon or economic Canucks and this and that means is still a team that wants to be heavy in the run game in the balance and off. I'll say this you know trying to totals are his wooden door I'm not like angry about it. But I'm not completely young ho a little concerned about the way his offense is the last four years as a coordinator of the vikings wonder don't work out vikings yeah grounds but then again can you hold the browns had just slipped into hold it against on the blame somebody for the the tells our nose is awkward to Suzuki sitting down here comes Damien look at for a seat de Leon. Just came and found the best tennis I think and Damian and arm wrestle for our domestic. Let's see and my arm broke left us wondering this will be the last time you hear Jim's Tokyo on this radio station until 8 AM this morning peninsula yeah. That was always liven impromptu also don't want you know and once he confused about this a guy. This is the final used in the Booth segments. But it's something big were to happen and we come across the hall begging you to come back on against us like we're we are with us we're still gonna do my Monday for example are you free on Monday that a -- Monday. That it had an ideal lived ten feet away from whether showed takes place and it is very difficult and I visit the usual pay scale is my question to ask colonial budget properly I think we are sick of the same budget -- budget air America and -- fifty -- Jack in the Box still prominent front. Shaq cannot Wednesday let's ask breakfast platters so you got to get yourself ready to splatter and owners are Brothers thanks for Somalia goodness. You will see you every other day but work. Saying good bye for summaries bigger named Damien Lewis are now that's right that's right out of Jim's okay panther radio network that was used in the Booth dealer always hear he's ready you know he's start tell the truth early you know he didn't get done on drugs Monday but he didn't get the salt to radio shows and you know. I had a system he's got a lot to say that's coming up here a few minutes we got that going on what's going on over there about a slim buys them well I think you're considered most intimate I got to deal with the I don't say professionally single I don't cause here's your head sit over here. Contact guy and I got to ask. Point jump back out right. Should we be written so we got to recycle that topic at some point NC state who deserves some alone after that win last night they're barely hung on and Damione Lewis answer all you to answer questions. You miss the Mac attack on Thursday you missed the Mac bugging run. Vera about missed opportunities. Lasted exactly you always say missed opportunities and enter sands are always upset while you're saying it NEC so let's send us even more you know Mac. Opportunity that I really do about it. Another shameless move by Mac on the Mac attack on W. And easy. Voice guy I. I was curious if coach are very literal. But the sands. Cringed everytime he said missed opportunities. So I gave it right back to may with a witty little one liner you know he did given actual explanation I thought was interesting no one ever really asked him about that. Our minds and now what the hell and he explained. Damione Lewis in the building ladies and gentlemen so wouldn't Alou extended Damione Lewis tells the truth Wednesday. Our except it's only price of just trying to now. Sunni Luke welcome it could say the US. Doors today or run said the reason he says missed opportunities is it's just kind of he is. Thing to buy himself time to watch the tape so instead of saying what fox used to say which is good Jesse takes first and would. Would answering questions he just says well we miss an opportunity but he wouldn't blame anybody until he watches the tape and knows who's bald. Let's face it because you can't catch everything so you know you sit there and Washington feel manure comes truly evaluate our aging brain. Then you know those missed opportunities organic you know exactly who miss the opportunity for us they missed opportunity that's a great way to cut a segue into eye. I haven't seen anything yet he saw no we missed opportunities because we didn't win today so. Now we know what to at least thinking when he same and I just a little dealer to sort of very at like one we missed opportunities and actually would loosen chances you know just a different ways and I missed opportunities are much better clear. His opportunity he did say if we sent him a missed opportunity I hate missed opportunities T shirt he wouldn't Wear it and can't ever station logo on it. He would let us do our little marketing in Allen put like our station running on adrenaline now apparently not I guess armament. Let's get into this dealer we artisan there's the fans lined up inexcusable take your calls hear your questions for Damian Lewis. Com additional saying man that had not that happened while you were out of town so this is fresh for you on these airwaves talking about it. Let's start first with a sack did Shula is gone before we get to the north higher which looks like it'll become official today. Do you did you feel like that was a good bills like did you flawed Rivera and an attorney for making a move. Well you personally you hate to see you know gas who put the merits our mentor program as armed. Shula did here you know he's able to take a team to the Super Bowl you know they are good ones you own your work I was MVP. You hate to see him yeah. Without you know region atop mountain. And our solar soft and they're also would you endorse involvement and you notice personal meaning Kim played college ball together yet in so you hate to see a guy have to move on in that way but at the end of the day when you look at the progression of all fears. You gotta say right while like are just I just felt like we were lacking ultralight were let during game plans relied were electing an execution. It ultimately to have Charles regatta Scarlett plays in a fall guy this worker with a yard in the are arranged quarterbacks old you know in this world so far sing your disable reveals what he has this game is always you know we've always people always movement of the supported jobs so our new orders an opportunity. For Rivera regular guy you don't feel like you can get this all fringe over. And you move in the direction that he envisions. Him being and you know so long. Is it is there's gotta be all for better or you won't think that you hold that so he norm excited about and also we know we easily armed guru when it comes offense and working with quarterbacks all going to be exciting to see artists are gonna turn to what it looks like for gale Gordon. Search also it is a good born in north aspect of this here moving forward butts. The Schultz firing like. I don't want to make it out to be like every year every play every game Shula was terrible on the alert he wasn't my favorite. But 2015 was amazing. I thought he had a lot of things that were you know tough to handle this year offensively in the kind of fought through it got on nice run for a while didn't really hold a blade. But some I just think Ron could could not did not wanna look back at the end of his pants a ten year and wonder. Let me change on offense and we've got. More attitude and good we have won the Super Bowl birdie I mean like to we've got to the next level if I just made this change so I respect the fact that he did that. You know to what I mean you really sit there and look at the opportunity to. You know hole took to control the clock and gaming you don't necessarily take it you know you abandoned or early on in a football game. You know you have a big one to reconcile our who you know got eleven carries far you don't you're she wants she's due to your it's any other day that's a great day for a bag what. Here's a guy who used the ball poorly charms to impossibly you know. Or polish or Russian Russian date we don't know that we'll call you integrate digital opportunities you always just you're just way in the words of armed. Omar girls vs although. I missed opportunity. She you know. Seriously are you getting. Greg is our annual passageway is resolved to lose but definitely wonderful dogs felt like the dedication to what really works for a game just was not dare you only look at the average of cameo in a ball off on the server opposed to more than zone read is way higher you don't get much better run and a ball we don't go from 1% of what are you know you'll add Ned teams your team down the road you don't give your team reps a game that you know we just not. Not taking advantage of what you do well you're more try to force feed something that you envision your quarterbacks should be doing instead of taken what we're doing well and what the team has given us in building golf pretzel you know we talk about that garments are millions or is just just career being on the show so hard to imagine. We're told Joseph Rivera was CNN you know what he was wanna do and that's on a step only he told the last guys to come on you don't move dolphins and the rich and they wanna do so when you do that. At the end of today it was not you know Hewitt and results and ultimately the. Also knew you don't remove all now our usual talk about that game the things that there's a reason why we're sitting here are not talking about eight cancers vikings games you know we'll talk about that wakes you lord brought up going away from the run not given skew more carries a talk about that. The north turner conversation we got to bring you in on it. People by the way do you Lou bomb all are acting like we re hired Shula days later I mean there's pressure there's a lot of folks can't stand the north hire more kind of in the middle. You sit it's a good hire so listen we we've got to get a dialogue only. Did you and your new car. Louis cardinals they are good Reynolds is bad I feel I don't wanna see what he doesn't care Communist interest in just a game time our own logos and double quarterbacks so you know let's. Okay let's talk more about Nora and how the C it is here in Carolina with camp lead to severe calls it gets a bed of fans wanna jump in. Called dealer or text them right now it's the tell the truth Friday segment today 745. I had 7096. Stent Telus are building senate tax us more Damione Lewis Olin clocked out would be Lou coming up next.