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Friday, January 12th

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Do they saw some contest you get a trip to New Orleans for super dorks. Get a trip to Minneapolis for snow. Pharma and saints in my head band. And tickets to see the night for concert with Dave Matthews tonight for the big game. Two take your shots text the word band beat AMD. 270881. Right now for your chance to win text band to seven to 81 message and data rates may apply. And Entercom contest dot com find out all the details it's a national. Contests. All right let's some let's we'll get to the stance here on the phone lines in the second send you text in. To Damian Lewis were tell the truth on Friday this week instead of Wednesday 70457096. And a got an he's got an email paraphrasing an email from a guy named John it says. Please tell me Damien Lewis doesn't love this higher he says what is there to loan about a guy does bring in his whole damn family could sit on our coaching staff. The assembly thing do you Lou worries us how much does this stuff go around around the league I mean. Every bit of Kim's support cast is our Turner's its north. His son's got a video you see in his other son Cameron's W assist error is going to be the on quarterbacks coach and his son guarantee assistant quarterbacks go. She is not. Awkward to say you know for our coaches that there's so our own stash you know I know Pete Carroll asked who was born as a staff opens Seattle. Build build I guess two of his mortal special renewing missile is not a weird thing to your book I mean. This is one of those things where you know these these guys are getting into the game and they're giving to regain her father you always got a great job over the years a coach in the NBA coach and also scored later you know soul they're gonna learn form. One of the best in the business than you don't is just one of those that is what ideas ideals you don't know but you're not you say we shouldn't freak out that I forgot about an issue like you know. At this point. You have to know the difference between dad being dad and dad BM balls yes it is an end for in their care is dead his balls. So you gotta you gotta understand and know how to draw as far as there are you gonna be held accountable. For you know being productive or not being productive I think you know your calendars on characters like everybody else's lives yet. All right let's not let's hear some so some stand down this one questions Randy Lewis. We had to wait all went four days we know truth be told displeased Minnesota thank god really all the events does not so glad to be Brett are you ready you know so so president Beasley yeah. The physicals go. Love doing this and this has responded and it's so you know or 5709. Season Jersey Frank's been wait a while Jersey year old would mean Damien was going wrong. Jordanian Lou good morning quit and now. We are about the Super Bowl where they they ended the patriot groups that we handed him the best if we can't kick the ball. Out of the like yet the thirty I don't know what that spot right but think about it too wide or were we gave. Oh yeah great guy we gave them. And we gave you a demagogue it to a quiet partly out of that I'd ever ever but aren't supported fifteen people well. Jericho Cotchery. And I don't know well. Nobody. Here who doubt even open document you'd you'd hear what you let they would give. I don't even know everybody. Oh. So we got a would you say credit. Right now it's. What he'd met A have dropped you know what happened he went up and got app happy and don't wanna pop up happening and so we would be talking about go to Minnesota and good why you're if there are more straight maybe practice squad receiver Bernard empty no doubt about it they're quarterback's. It out any thought that I thought our go to college. I don't go to. No I don't sit listen I don't disagree man obviously a wide receivers have not been up to snuff. The whole year adult career for Cam Newton not much so I'm saying what I'm saying is we have not under achieved it. In the Cam Newton Rivera error that I see a I feel like we had a hell of a row we don't want the best teams in the NFL there and there. This year but that does not matter into oh you've got door where. You know there's no consolation bras and industrial you can your champion or you're not nobody really cares you know how good overall and you pay. Head Italy and London. That's not done your little more so you're saying we have under achieved with cam because he is such a talented if we don't have a ring. Over a seven yeah we aren't she would get. I say we knew we under achieved as they football team because we have not you don't rate its promise whereas this is so good bowl caliber football coaching you don't you have. There have been saying is we have. He best quarterback in NF thrilled that you could possibly have rain especially from winning game is are on the day you know Tom Brady is great he's also he's the best early what does all. Drew Brees is just unbelievable lead are six guys like no other but when you look at the way the league is set up today we gotta gotta compare. Rockport running back and throw the ball like Drew Brees on Brady hit it don't get no better than that. No I don't know I love him I just don't feel just because we've had camp for seven years we should be guaranteed a Lombardi to put a Delaware and Portugal fail. You don't put a supportive care through and you go to call center is absolutely right. We have to fire guys get our plea magazine put her Moreira Caron to elevate his game and allow. Allowed taken to the next level and has been a big difference Drew Brees is that guy Tom Brady is bad guys you know we look dumb rated receiver corps say well you know the America they're they're mad dog. The whirlwind guy. I was bush Dick they're consistent a consistent every year they consistently gets bigger Sicily dual great job of running routes if we can get that from jail. All of this is some days we give him full receivers but he gored and run Rouse the perfect weight and gliding kids balls and turnover give what they can do it will be a lot better off they're receiving corps. EL there's no doubt we need a wide receiver that's one of our biggest yeah. Arnold is it was a little more natural for 2000 sister who is not the same position I think what we normal Mardi trophies Mike Shula. I think I felt Wade Phillips took I mean played the song didn't ambush (%expletive) this it is I mean that was just a beat don't here's a green here's a here's a sequence and series of green dog blitzes. And you won't be prosecuted damn thing out for sixty straight freak in minutes there you know I just don't like it coaches' clinic. And that Mike Shula got used and abused their game not enough help forever tonight game either. All right in the ghetto Marshall is sort of some grace there has not mean he also is important he is just walking normal face on this planet. That would have been Abraham. Humble way wade phillips' defense after the two relay off yes. You know he is wanted to best mass tomorrow and design and blitzes in the lead you know marriages that he is also he's one. The bit others are down about dad he is amazing I don't let's go. We hear from Steve reed of the AP quote. While the people jumping the gun on the north tartar situation with the Panthers. He has not signed the contract with the printers become offensive coordinator he flew back to California. Who are there will be no press conference today it still possible guild that it's done but nothing signed yet. Plot thickens the plot thickens so what's going on is he trying to get a fifth of the six Stanley member understands it is OK there's there are not budging. Like what's going on here are normal. This is very interesting man I would love to see more candidates being interviewed and if he just just opened this up just you're out some different people's ideals maybe it's almost there with a normal. Did you lose like five other coaches now is the whole. We don't give it doesn't sound too good morning Kelly did you get her play this man could just pray committed sag my dad's daughter I just like your dad. That's progress and the oh man four is enough until you know be a great sitcom though Ford Turner's there's enough good will to. Or are married W Lindsey downtown is email address let me ask you this dealer who do you want when you hear this news it didn't dawn backs California. Best interest of the Panthers do you want north to still get a job or. G is or someone else you look at and say they would be better like I really love what Sean did here man. I was a young Cam Newton his first two years he's a wanna put in the blueprint for using cam the way you were talking about as a runner and passer. I would love the look at a guy like China and there's guys outside until you're there Rabelo was in Seattle. And I know he's not the favorite person out there right now murder but they had five top ten offenses and his seven years and he did a pretty good job Russell Wilson's. Yes he did not mean around. Also according to position his party won most delicate hires you could make an error or some younger. That doesn't know Charlie did you go look at but you know old when you're looking at Robert Byrd is the defense of Mark McGwire is. One thing defense like we like consistency we like to know what we're getting when we're getting it. And for nor turn him there's a special relationship there are in as a trust factor fewer keach was wrong guitar mutual's long enough to bring in forty year old. I'm about to a net so our Otellini. Ultimately what are your coach here and don't go around he wants to go viewers if you feel stroke when Norv Turner a figure far as the guy did you know going to take into the mix levels we got a he's comfortable with is god you know would chairman. Owns his quarterback in John Breaux Frist did. Colorado would an arm Og sitter and say did you know our number jumped bringing in dogs are Christians are the judge over screaming Arlo you never say that. Wanna take. Our head coach is word thwart he's been good at this he's been good a Bob bringing his stuff and he's been good to keep listening consistently. As one Madonna teams in the league and if you stay in their rail link continue to get better you. And have a chance to win national historic. Lean on his expertise they can be an agreement on what she's doing here. You know we have had people say I trusted around a trust his does and that's exactly. Just what an easier European exchange you drive around you listen to show you CNET news ignore Sloan backcourt of Steve reed California that people jump the gun reporting that it was a done deal. And that who knows where this is now or you're out there Panthers fans like excited like man maybe this guy or that guy to beat a higher. Com or or US the point where you had become you know happy with the war it was norm is a higher I'm curious to see. What discoveries made me focus like I'm extremely focused on everything we're gonna do move into all season you all are alike turned it around to me. On our own tune in turn you'll turn toward the Carolina prepare to return Donovan did not tell I know. On this like I'm watching you'll is that number. Unplug and what the deficit doors from the sport. How can you not be is going to be a fascinating all of my are my rules so much Jeanne alteration and ownership sales. When they're in don't want this guy. Which is why dealer we will still be bugging you during this off season all right we may not do an hour long roads I've told you Wednesday but we will still be bothering you OK this all season can be saucy and this is all new owner. Just in the new stadium talked to a dad's hawks stadium down state long islanders you don't fill some modest and local group which by the way has now added to NASCAR a name NASCAR drivers to their last. They don't dismiss on board to release it I don't speedway. And he's talking a lot about hey the only way to make this worth the investment. Is this week then get in new stadium is well and they apparently had land already marked out the Nolan got this guy all looted 220 acres or so the land. Down there by Carol wins by the state lines so. That's only his ownership group obviously we don't know who the other ownership groups that are gonna bar so there's there's so much total pay the thing instead he's been. It's we come back once your thoughts on this. Comrades he Lou is what does Damione Lewis it's a special till truce Friday. And we also got to talk about the type of players deal Lou that we need to add in the offseason what positions need one players specifically are needed so let's. I'll go to certain sense just says this and traditional look back here rehired doesn't act I don't know Mehdi. Got the two candidates yet maybe is actually get to JS interview Soledad bills would assure comes back in Wilkes comes back it is to get a job elsewhere some winnable. Wasting a lot of time here that will sing is and looks like Thursday eighty chance now they get him back. I was so I talked to some fans Damione Lewis is in your she got questions. You've got to issues concern joy to bring up to dealer we can Steve reed is reporting that turner went back to California with how to deal. And that the other reports from ESPN Charlotte Observer NFL network premature to Steve reed AP is currently reporting. Mom died a six goals and got to get into. Okay we're discussing every under she would out can't had a we get more out of camp what type what positions do we need an influx that it was title player specifically. Would sit debt needs 704 or 57096. And text us or call us Johnny is up next hey Johnny your own Damien. You are right nobody. Oh wait much too but you know you don't error. Yeah yelled pat get it out or get on top or right. Oh this is even the guys this is terrible just you won't go actor Troy right on all the quarterback. I got my own Ralph. Abdullah Johnny a debate about how you. Okay Osbourne never lords anybody got this guys on the phone now no I didn't I thought just. There there he's arsonists pull up their everyday moves about his day does say hey by the light you might wanna get to dog ready because this guy is on the line whatever I was put cal boy Johnny a line and went out of the room. So we've yeah yeah 'cause you know high level security alert data security alerts government so different orange red. The code red security alert when cowboys Jerry is all on the merger or oh you did. And everything insulted to do with the devils got got. I don't know why I got something to do with the doubles doubles gold awards here's what I can't figure aging Brooklyn playoffs this year I don't aiming to cowboys that's what I can't figure out. The pens are norm turner. Assets that's his side and John you are shameless and Osborne I'm convinced is interludes 'cause Osborne's cowboy fans are so I think he does it on purpose bone where he doesn't he sets us up like yours. You don't wanna share your views are more grim the sheriff. Live callers the point of callers this to move the show law and make the show back. Not one single time as Johnny song called move the show along or made to chart its. Usually donors got to do is build a cement and have to talk about. How we all go like to double. I've read and I. Unless I'm missing the point examines what got my hatred cowboys although I could be honesty Lou this week my case for the saints and falcons is front and center my. How do you feel matters I am really searing. Then it's going to be an all NFC south championship game and that's the legs look what you been to I. I don't think you're gonna suck I wanted to be Arianna she sounds gym to Sudan because if we don't we sit in the car. Large and TV Phillies Liz why extremely curious they're mobile. There are carpet. What better way to have our problems represented in our mobile home they're you know there was a lot of years ago and those two things in the in NC chairman seditious. SEC football where we're gonna do we can do it NFC south chant do you really think people should care about our division. Being represented and what else we're seeing as we arrive as you married and see me get your team's. He says you should care you still want your girlfriend or your our division to rip dessert. You know our conference in the Super Bowl while this is one come on stand you need help me has just divide between us as regular the end didn't he lose a player but he's just players thinking like K we lost to add to that team three times we lost in Atlanta wants. I like to see them do well because it would prove and we we had you know a tough road this year you know I mean we lost two good teams. Yeah we do good things about the end of the day our policy itself represented in the Super Bowl week darn it disagreed three years general do you have south prior. I just felt. I listener we have the best division in football. Can't they don't if you come out of his division being used to be an unstoppable and I agree that's why I think it's going to be and in a season. I can't understand it. Look I cannot stand your book in how and why we hate the New Orleans Saints but when it comes to me is if we are. What team does anybody insulin blood rather be an Aussie social Baltic does that make. Since any money out their list I now place I'd rather cowboys Johnny went. It's an. And I don't argue with me on this life as a fan I hate doesn't so much I don't want to know the Super Bowl their resonate that's another thing their fans can argue against us. And god forbid we have to stop making 28 to three jumps for Atlantic already trying to. Our game but we gotta get us who aren't available where about. Symposium or don't have we got to get our arms around me but at the end of the day are much rather see NFC sound team represented the hole in unison. I'm not trying to taint a jury albums and I guess I'll ask a question panther fans journalists in this. Or any of you saying the dealer right on tell Mac the way it is man division probably the best decision both for you like me and you just jeans daily Sean Payton I don't wanna see him smile when a punch him every time we smiles. Matt Bryant I can't ever forget you complete all farm field you know remain. I don't also don't score socket 7096. Standard pales in Denver argument incursion the Castro did differ one are we go to Chris. Who's up next take Chris we thank. They got our Bruce. Good book but it it people like it's well worth it if they backed off but. Agree with. You know what it's being poor spell it is the ball because it really is legitimize that. You don't you play and it's up to debate it in that's what championships up well at your debate in his black right away. That it spoke so you wouldn't really competed you have made it. Now I get. I just don't sing but here's a thing you do not hate those teams so Chris is it like how shall you guys sit there every department comes out and root for these entities that we battle with twice a year. Well look it up in the sweetest prepared that the but we did that get better and and it may well be back well. We. I think it's a market that we do get Pampers. I think we. Let this don't allow you got there I just can't but it's not at the commode. There radio because. When you get. Being in the sport. Yeah I was just flat in record you're ridicule. We will be back the date bubble in 2008. Where I boat in about our that they were pretty. While there's no no there's no doubt what is that about flora a now there's no doubt about it and by the way we will send out your penalty for not listening to show all right you need to you know listens. Had you made straight huh. I'd guess of the show this listen I don't like Silicon Image would people say we'd be better off when I can't teams a problem. But you know we got a unfortunate knuckle heads in Australia faces we've got to try to straighten him out there educate you know so. Don't let these knuckle heads keep you away from listening to show you love all right just isn't limited influence where that where you get your information for now this is competent and I just rumor has it exactly do a little too. Actually we do an allergy illusions studio only to cam haters when and that's what that's all I would ask your views and not let the ten meters wind Brian says he's angry at Damione Lewis right now Brian what do you were. Now without no no no outdoor venue this big be representing a conference and all the object is to we will adopt the I'm a bill there and it or other reasons are any particular. Act the playoff. You don't want the patriot the patriots are so there you go why. Another two division. You know lead paint you or you go to other. Point is predicting that are gonna wanna poke player but I. Because there aren't always. Now that's a brilliant point right there isn't it don't you become nearly a patient of where it his fault it is not the dolphins well. It is not digits fault that this is the first round buffalo has been to a playoff since you know. What Q is nowadays seniors. In high school to the vest on the window within ten years that is not their division's salt bed is their fault they've not done a good job draft or. Did not do a good job of army goes into all coalition as full do you think when the patriots in the Super Bowl bills and jets and should root for doing little consumer mall for the division. At this point I doubt it because they've been. Our work sixteen year on seventeen year old or should I can understand. They wanted to be tired and get their scenes are at a what are the same term IE where you are doing it. You know you got what four years girl you're happy about two division the net but you know shares were 2000 but nineteen. Does not obligatory I want. I just think sports hate I get so much loans like it's so much enjoyment out of sports trading. But I can't turn off who I can't stand we'll. We hated all your I hated the saints in America and terrible all season. No I don't women playoffs and see our division represent us in the super bombs aren't doing our does is offer. Man Damione Lewis John I would shots from around the studio but that is not good and well that is definitely confirmation art OK to go do you lose hope to build an interesting discussion went to saint the sad thing is I do think they're both gonna win this week we'll talk about 7457096. And and we got all kind of wide receiver suggestions your fans one. Decisions are wide receiver hundred there's other positions that need to be able talk about him. Israel day's golf we now dog org cubic. I. The sound man ever since you gotta represent there to third let me ask you this if Florida State and easier to college football playoff are you root for them because they're already present in the ACC now. That's different. Because first you know what we're now. What they did winners when you're in there on the message here Michelle idea pool float they don't really know NIC you're just act. That's your thing everybody's got their own way of rooting panel right I'm just I guess there you know I ACC champions you know beat the dog style. I was Erica mom dad you know who I was cheering for you're in Brooklyn I was doing and Clemson is headed in Oregon doing. I am pleased indeed I did Clemson and they are locked up the win and all the loser industry unit didn't work out Shockey now Mac may have been off its I have been out there and miss. Understood says could see many be talked into making Iran in 2008 team. I asked him what percentage. What does it you know it is does not. Six. Yeah you don't even run your. C at the podium to about. OK this guy say yes this. How long do people ask about before how many years. Five years I resilience and hall of fame once he goes and all very well embody a backup they're still asking about bill calorie as a coach to 2006 I will be honest. A table Smith was not only can't mostly don't have an early goal in Italy he deserves he's. He's a virtual event. I don't think you spread it. There's says ask do you know about just ordinary guys a supreme talent. And a free agent do you take a chance on him what do you think exclusive or agent. Unload tickets Ansonia. This one guy did I would really argue know what this guy has been to a lot he's gonna get an opportunity somewhere. I'll feel like she's a guy who massively Richard. Since you always wonder he's been tool bodies grew up to a lot that I feel like he's taken this seriously that is definitely a guy I want playing near to the seated a seat if we can get the best that them because you can't. Lord have mercy dismantle crystal ball. You're talking about a guy that has that physical potential to be their best receiver in the NFL anyways Cris Carter mayor Chris corner of the get out of Philly won the Minnesota remains rodeo jacket gives us got opportunities makes. Also support NATO led the kings it's here here's the problem it doesn't seem like a Marty tourney move it's ineffective Jerry Richardson will be out of the picture makes you want your. That's changed is the deal more but. Jersey had good reason for being in the way he's doing it. You know what does what did you depressed you know. And this bill Roy's been things loan you know for years you know just different things have a different players that he's given jazz up the chance of jurist. So you understand that book is garner this is different. You know is not legislators were calls other accountable where yields on December because what he's been through it he still understand. And I feel like this guy looks that good people born to women in dorm over the last few years and I think it's gonna play off there's gonna distrust our. I guy he is man CCR yards enforced in our games are browns quarterbacks and has Tebow said he told urban air Dorsey was high in every day. Had to be Cleveland series against me. I put a whole bottle at Tebow on WS Lindsay asking sands would you take a chance on Josh court yes I don't know what about marte was front. Egypt to Trace them to get into one year left and his deal but they've already got shoes stern and may be honest I think you get the crowd elusive ruled that you get for mid round pick and a frustrated little. I'm sure this is definitely look what our two lead adjust your name and you gotta spend that no let you know I think eagle beautiful multi you don't nothing does does worst Gharib. I think money matters to have a gambling what's at the money you're. Isabella got a lot of element of Hollywood known it would normally they're gonna do with a roster movement for you know we we can expect that there's definitely normally so massive changes you know losses and does not going to be an uplifting uniformly. More but would what they have on the table right now are just enormous got to be mostly for your book. We got sixty million dollars camper right now according to spot track sixty. But there's there's moves you can make it to get ready guy like Russell Shepard you can say like three million dollars but got Russell Shepard studies have been done yesterday. I accidentally is an easy Lake Charles Johnson. Along with CJ he's done for us. You can say three and a million dollars by same by by the seizure absorb brother you've been awesome but it's a business. Up cap numbers yes chip had just sort of the middle of the pack in the lead the terms of how much money to spend. How about Cleveland San Francisco Cleveland has a 111 million dollars to spend. The 49ers have a 116 million dollars today to see the whole her family does so much damn muscle skirt. Dress her friend that you started winning a deer in the new year and yet it's come. Don't tell you off there a danger FC west yet another signature agents and rarely is Seattle you're number three now as I guess I think Jimmy. They're not three as part of regular sings the great job there. Our roster this really did not turn upside down soon as the bill a lot of pools open Laura. We're sad errors overnight legion of boom Mara looks to be over million Robert. Who I think as a wide receiver suggestion for you all season we say Iraq. Hey we're so close so. Hey woody start thinking about jobless where entry and I and I and I are like ordered a lot but I don't think that the Carolina which are so where do you cook the Null. The number this here's put all four years with Rudy marginally count quarterback. He would automatically be the best. Receiver in his prime became Democrats. And and and battle and eat and and vice Versa so I don't wanna note guys think about them if you're if you look at the numbers. Here's from. He averaged seven yards a catch them as a wide receiver. Like he's just a possession guy and he fights he gets them all these fights for every yard he's a tough dude. I'm not saying I'll light some of the stuff he does. But we need more of a guy that can we you know Maureen to big win the number one and I don't view him as really. Is he a legit number one or should he be a number two. Possession guy opposite a more dangerous number one what how what do you average last year about. Eight point eight yards per catch here's the interesting part about him points and twelve catches. It didn't over a thousand yards. 112 catches he had 987 yards you would think that I did it's got that many catches will be well over the arts. This tournament are and what we need more big play element like marte was Bryant. That's a big play do your weight and how there on the field got any good on every route from around trees in our desk desk or things that when you look at receivers. If your gonna go out and get a free agent receiver you've got to bring some reroute or reasonably go to you know of Burson is pundits were wrong. On their roster right now and that's not yet. Not a problem yeah. It is it is sold you yet undefined is dead horse to reassure the farm guys that below the ground. Our football that you are far does this sacrifice an indoor and urged to get better. We ought to be to run great routes and be able to help our quarterback job in that aspect so it is not a studious guy is not a guy who's dedicate his life. I'm good to be the best he can beat you can't move on from. Let's let's see here JT is up next JT what are you sex. Our first of all anybody who want blue route for the state or. The problem goes and also people out of studio. But what I see is a former NFL defensive line now. Don't that would did not go goes. Soon to tell when he's in the army over to help us out on. That would soon. According to earlier I think notebook won't work fire there ought to do it epic anchor so well but are no longer era bringing somebody. They're hired who. You play calling is but you know. But it. Are all Brothers years. They do great somewhere near government camp but we clearly MB. Yeah when there's no doubt cams got to be number one consideration would coordinator is how we get him that next level he's got so much talent he's inconsistent. You know how do you get more out of them. Norv Turner doesn't knock my socks off I don't think it's terrible and I don't know can you call I wouldn't call Ron selfish what are these coaches are selfless about it. We're comfortable exactly and he's very comfortable with the north he trusts nor are so he's not swinging for the fences like a lot of people said what about the QB coach in Philly just. This cat John. Meta tag jets tried to interview western silly blocked at least your source contracts so he's kind of seems that young guys work with flights that might be that young up and comer. Another big they tied the army earlier related. Today in these familiar with the cellphone while we playbook goes off Phillies started just taken withdrew a lot of grip on in implement and consider alternate grant totally BR this war we look at these. They don't all these guys the door to take torture. The president nor care loom in regular work for a quarterback that's it so so you look at his guy yeah it would definitely be a good option jolt. He's fresh he's got new ideas you absolutely. Obviously a guy like Dick only that but does that mess would hold schools stay out an old school police there were Rivera hasn't. It has found the problem there I'd but it not eight. Almost Ron. If there's a problem with Ron which showed last year there was a feeling inside that building. But it showed got really cute that's second year because he was auditioning for a job he knew his name was right Darien amazing first year. Pentium is a rookie and the offense what you said she was the one that started this whole this whole thing that. Washing got into RG three would enhance always have a link we kind of we laid out there would that there so so it was a got a did it I still I don't know if there was friction with the way that last year when the fortunate got to Cleveland job. But man I would love to see the guy that started with can't come back because now camp is an improved quarterback a smarter quarterback. We do know it's good news is there's a campus dormitories that as little as is our troops will be explosive as it can be and we know he would embrace came as a runner I don't want our coming year and 'cause he's never had a quarterback like camp. Not one run in because I still feel like she is he's not Kim knew if we're not random 8910 times a day salute mr. very does that have an. Are good that did that meal last night not agree with nor Rihanna slip all the way home to California. A couple of just take it as a Mexican. People excited so I would not do NASDAQ got that many New Zealand as I have a lot of time it's got to be about David said there in the bright what does he get only no. Home and get it all look back on the golf course yeah those guys always plays OK I want to go to homeless are yeah. I didn't think you don't you don't like big meal you don't like them as it and coach K mouse they can only go at home tangled on a road home. No it doesn't it's not. Why would come out. It's a good plus why this why literally we are also got the same same guy makes a person. It was right yeah we don't goes I don't citizens regroup everybody gets harmony back that's. And when we come back players in positions need to be added in the off season and who needs to do unto you look at and say we can save money with that guy to. I was actually my room but it's yeah. This goes out to Josh nor you're willing to give you or not a second chance I feel like it's about the 38 chance yeah my own funeral and Internet goods and do. I was. Yeah considering there are limits they. I was gonna run the slant but then I got. No return until we run a deep dig but then I guess it's. Hey I was only saw the blogs I guess I'm hooked. Well I would bet it won't be hired during game Josh gore cans passes. Could could. Oh dear lord man we got your back hello rigs say is go broke my. What do you think I had like good luck to Josh sort of like Josh come in bed and I love to have you here we want to present drill and get. Out of that merger idea do you Lou running back Tuesday have to do some Stewart if they cut Stewart they say three point 75 million do you think your big student Sam do you think you're deported his career where we'd be better off using a third round pick her second round pick on a back. That has some power you don't really good job or Royce free now organ or something like that. Our agreement between the last remark does it work this this year's draft is deep. And run and then it is so you can you can suspected easily bring in Lancashire Arnold's only sick around a third rare but he also say that during the whole. Authority has lied out. And they have to get better I'm back in the defense to Seoul. This is gonna be askew was this brought a draft in all along the way of doing Google we look at short small drama and pass rush. Noting noting how far some gathering it's an quarterback. They're willing to wait. Are a couple of years or got a beautifully all three downs but if you can rush to pass on a college W growing community has been. Not a bad yeah today and I I would argues right again they have the best thing you're and you got shallow here you have are hard core Q your short you have your arm you have stolen totally. India you have on murder and you have to figure out. What are you are due to the defense starting position as a Democrat or roll your four guys that you wrote in this whale oil sold or you don't allow starlet truly the walk out to build and because you have Bernard Butler Intel what has been great as a back what you want to bring you leave north cheaper but you were fools got to put into that rotation usually assume there are some brutal. Answers are positioned to address in the Susan great. You play. Do you I just view him as well as not a guy that is a necessity then extortion the other day he wants to be one highest paid nose tackles in the game. I just don't feel like we need to go that high on him like. Ryan and I mean anything if you look at it and when you say no host our whole right now are you not play in those who planned these visits are or you're terrible the three technique and wanted me or you are going to be covering your plan and they get. And our you know in this stout defense where you have don't be get our Alabama GAAP presents the new kid who got. That is not necessarily always been a strong national forum so we'll Amin is going to be urgency what decisions they make you don't want Ford is using Izzy looked weary as easy. Disruptive ads are just CEOs but is also entirely where he's been you know a liability and not being main goal is get out you know special channels. Arms and you know weeks Iran's bubbles out RR yeah you know he's given up some plays so you know is this is an evaluation process skinny and very easy to get better yes but is that gonna happen here's one that some. Or else we'll be doing James is up next Damione Lewis go to James. Cordero got the turns. Looked normal audio prevalent so that we all of them comparable to but I don't go to the other satellite. I want to missed the boat commerce we represent just Super Bowl. But latched to a betray him pitch live but you get there and then you develop our book our outlook is and try hopefully we'll be right there and they're just give us the last let. Oh so you're okay here's the. Well welcome started well. But expect some Altidore pro patrol in the Super Bowl took it and give disgusted. I introduce the no movement. On message easing angle did you imagine. But the best of both were not yet besides new FC south reputation not like you were saying good run any sign a rip their heart out at the end in the Super Bowl that is I. I respect that I do I just a more master recruiter and I'm just like I could you imagine the falcons if they blew a lead the Super Bowl second straight year ago and we also when they're now one Leon. And they are good there let's let's see all the teams from Georgia doing that again you know to me like doesn't add some muscle last. Pilots Eva Georgia bullied I don't while. The fire as we're okay. I'll Nancy I'm just more of an every day he nearly got what does that mean to lose every game I don't waited and pre season game below covering the minute. Every day you. Every single I wanna. And 360 follow Obama's desalination you all so I just don't get the data can say yet what should fans simply as a test and train and Super Bowl I don't have that India. And visited the toughest of football and we you know there's a shortage everywhere I like you know one window to the players already and she's self almost all this these are playing to win it but. Only a division into a playoff just what that means we're best team. Believe we are the best the vision. And we win the best division and we go to muscle the ball from this disease Doug is that we should be awarded a total bull hook all while we are the best division. I understand that but don't you get when they keep winning like crazy that we don't you act like given the we all boy you're really more. Thank you psyche SEC man. And everybody is proud to be an anti Vanderbilt is proud to be idiocy city and I think. So I don't. And it is easy because they season got to a bowl games it absolutely dominant but it doesn't mean usually you don't know. Another you're rivers and my girlfriend so they wounded. And she's not there one another we're represented to me is an annual out of business the beat of Beirut are. When you're a saints to win all the games this year that one of those games they won kept us out of eight division lead and home play on grass. Glad that we want to Chicago and lost a game we had no business rules which would have put us in item before I do I started going to help here and actually we all. That's a few women are supposed to win I don't care about destiny and south south south. South south south. Myself being shown a lot of museums and a Brunette today what any good and yeah. When you go to willow Rosenberg goes are now only the leg. That they are real force in New Orleans. For purely on the radio giant tree she choose division I got crap and I am trying to get some real. Isn't isn't here where we. What I did isn't rebels and ask you know we're the best we guess. About a dealer here answer this question daily before he stepped out. Multiple Carolina and duke fans are saying is dealer trying to say we should root for the other wanna do say is saying does do you think we should root for Carolina and championship game last year. Like in the basketball championship game last year a dukes and said under dealers rolls to CD I should have rooted for North Carolina to win the national championship in basketball as. I'm really you know I was a link yes oh my dad because. Are you better in mesa writer Betty Carlisle on a Mac you are in the face and we're gonna do saying are you Oz morally. I always say if you're not in it you want your rivals to win because you can hate them bulwark you know you want to Larry examine make no. They say all are you good. Stay and do I do not like Nash tomorrow. Barbara early then yeah I. They're. I'm not a match I'm not a smacked his mom. Get a flat out the song here are dealing with a the man's awesome season and you'll tell your players. Juicy and also. He enters dumpsters that's. Throughout all season they really should amend our prisons guys that not a serious Leona hosting column down the whole thing about root for your rivals this weekend has. Lucy van. It is the magic Jack on offensive.